DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Meet the Cheetah

1 When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! If you keep vaulting like that, we might actually win gold this year.
Well, it wasn't me who fell on the uneven bars.
Nice work, Barbi.
Maybe your cleanest vault yet.
Then, if it's settled, and I'm captain again, let's get one thing clear Hang on.
I think there's one more girl.
Diana Prince.
Ugh, the new girl.
Lift me, Boreas.
Let your wintery breath keep me aloft.
Prince! Maybe we should have co-captains this year.
What? Absolutely not! Okay.
Congratulations, Prince! You're the new team captain.
Oh, yay! Nice job, Barbi.
Not too often you see a hundred percent in AP Calculus, is what I'd be saying if it weren't for Diana over here.
A hundred and two percent.
Incredible! That's a new school record.
Hello, everyone! Pool party at my house! Sorry, Barbi, we're gonna stay and help Diana decorate for the dance.
Join us.
There will be camaraderie and merriment.
Diana's the best at merriment.
And she's totally gonna show us her dance moves.
And she's bringing Oh, my gosh! Diana's so great! Nice try, Daddy.
Too quick.
Too humane.
Too humorous.
Diana Prince, little miss perfect, well, I've got the perfect curse for the perfect girl.
Woe to she in Cheetah's path, for she shall feel the Cheetah's wrath, by claw and fang, and with spite and hate, swift as wind, she'll seal your fate! Useless thing.
It is with great excitement I anticipate sharing what the decorating committee has done.
And it is with great excitement I anticipate the dance! But I don't know how to dance.
Fear not, young Karen, for I possess dance moves that are rich with fleek.
You're welcome to study them.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah We're gonna tear it up On Friday night Looks like someone already "tore it up.
" That isn't funny, Kara.
Instead of cutting a rug, they cut the posters.
No, I mean, it's literally not funny.
Maybe Maybe the dance shouldn't have booked a band that shreds so hard.
- Hmm.
- Kara! Guys, we better hurry before people think they've slashed the ticket prices.
Kara! Diana? What happened? Who did this to you? I don't know.
Something knocked into me.
It came from nowhere.
Don't you see? Clearly, someone is suffering from having their status quo upended by Diana's arrival in Metropolis, and their crippling insecurity most likely caused by absentee parenting, and a lack of proper modeling in childhood, has unleashed a horrible ancient curse that has manifested itself in the form of some weird cat beast that's now stalking the perceived enemy which is Diana! There's a monster on the loose! Then we have to get you somewhere safe.
It ain't Diana that needs protecting.
Whatever it is could be perilous to everyone here.
We must find a way to evacuate our fellow students without causing them distress.
What happened to "no distress"? Worked, didn't it? Come, girls.
Let the hunt begin.
We have much territory to cover.
Let us split ourselves.
- Split up.
- Yes, that.
Oh, thank goodness.
It's only a cat.
Come on out, kitty-kitty.
That's weird.
Forget it, whatever you are.
I have infrared vision, sucka.
You think you're fast? Well, I'm fast, too.
Ha! Oh! Oh.
Zatanna? Oh, no.
Phew! Okay.
Okay, okay.
Phew! Hero time! Get away from her, you Cheetah? Well, Cheetah, it appears cats don't always land on their Diana, stay away.
The monster The Cheetah is gone, Barbi.
You're safe now.
Oh, Diana, this is all my fault.
I released the Cheetah.
You, why? Because I was jealous of you.
You needn't be.
One person's success does not preclude another's.
Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that will consume you if you do not let it go.
You're right, Diana.
I'm sorry.
- The Cheetah.
- Go, Diana.
I'm fine.
Just go.
Supergirl? - She can't hear you.
- She'll be fine.
In about seven hours.
What about the monster? She's escaped, for now, but surely, we will face her another day.
Let go of the green-eyed monster, eh, Diana? And why would I ever want to let go of this?
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