DCI Banks Aftermath s02e02 Episode Script

Playing With Fire (2)

(SCREAMS) Crime scene guys found this hidden in Whittaker's boat.
Well, it looks like a Turner.
If it's real, or can be passed off as real, how much? Millions.
What are you doing, Morrison? I'm not Morrison.
Christina Aspern.
She was on the second boat.
This is Miranda, my wife.
So, you're saying Christina was going to report her father, Dr Patrick Aspern, to the police? It were eating away at her, like really messing up her head.
17 minutes past midnight, matches the time of the murder.
License plate? Miranda Aspern.
Would you mind keeping your filthy, black face out of my business? We've got another fire and another body.
Jake McMahon.
Look, I've been thinking erm about us and, erm this is really hard, Annie.
It's not me it's you.
(PHONE RINGS) Shit, work.
IMITATES TAGGART: There's been a murder.
I'll be right there.
I suppose a cheerio shag's out of the question.
So what's happened to the hiking boots? The dog ate them.
I think laughing boy's ready.
Morning, Mr Hamilton.
I'd say the fire was started between 9:00 and 10:00pm last night.
Seat of the fire, definitely accelerant use.
Glass and a bottle he was drinking.
And again, face down.
No sign he'd made any effort to escape.
Alan! Chief Superintendent.
You too, Jackman.
Patrick Aspern is considering an official complaint against you.
About? Wagons in a circle, is it, Alan? I never saw nothing, Guv.
If DCI Banks had struck Dr Aspern, it was because Dr Aspern made an explicitly racist remark.
To me, Sir.
If he had hit Dr Aspern, it would have been a misguided response, if you don't mind me saying so.
Not that you necessarily did hit him.
But, I don't think Dr Aspern is racist.
I think he was deliberately trying to provoke us, Sir.
He's hiding something.
Something about his relationship with his daughter.
He wants to get us off his back.
It seems his strategy's working.
I think you'd better get back.
All the evidence tells us, Leslie Whittaker was the intended victim.
I thought I had operational command of this enquiry.
Not when you're punching bereaved fathers.
The way he spoke to Winsome - It's professional misconduct, Alan.
We've got another hidden safe under McMahon's floor.
Stay away from Patrick Aspern.
I can't do that.
We've tied Aspern's wife's car to the crime scene.
Watercolours, done on paper, old paper, probably supplied by Leslie Whittaker.
Plus 29 grand in cash.
All in Jake McMahon's possession.
McMahon thought that I was someone called Morrison.
And he was scared, I mean, really scared but then he tried to laugh it off.
Gary Morrison? Gary Morrison is the registered owner of Leslie Whittaker's boat.
I actioned an address check but it came back blank.
Go through Whittaker and McMahon's phone calls, e-mails and texts.
We need to get a lead to Gary Morrison.
Yeah, thanks, Annie.
So the tyre tracks from your car match these that were found near the canal.
It was me, I went to the canal.
So, you weren't at home all night? You lied? I didn't want Patrick to know.
I went to talk to Christina but when I got there, the boat was on fire so I went home.
You saw the fire but you didn't call the police? Why not? I don't know.
Why did you want to talk to Christina? Because I'm nice.
Because you're nice or because Christina was upsetting Patrick? Because she was threatening to report him to the police? Why would she do that? You tell me.
I don't know.
I heard them arguing on the phone.
When? The afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon? Yes.
The day she died? Yes.
What were they arguing about? I don't know.
Why was she going to report him to the police? Stop it! You bloody stop this! I love Patrick.
Our love is special.
You leave us alone! Patrick thinks you're trying to destroy him because you're jealous of him.
Patrick thinks you're lonely and disappointed Patrick thinks, Patrick thinks.
Don't you have a mind of your own? You know why they were arguing, don't you, Miranda? No.
What seems to be the problem? You lied to me, Doc.
So, hit me.
I'm considering an official complaint against you.
Did you know your daughter was on heroin? Now, I think she was self-medicating because something was troubling her.
Something do to with you.
Now, you told me you last spoke to Christina a week before she died.
When she was working here.
Phone log.
Christina called you at 3:18pm on Tuesday, the day she died.
A nine-minute phone call, a nine-minute argument, according to Miranda.
A nine-minute argument about Miranda.
Miranda she was jealous of Christina.
She was, sort of, stalking her, threatening her.
Which is why I lied to you.
And that's why I supported Miranda's alibi.
I thought she might have taken it all a bit too far and I I didn't know what to do.
And why would your wife be jealous of your daughter? I'm not saying that she set fire to Christina's boat - She didn't.
No, you called it right, Doc.
And I agree with you.
Christina was not the intended victim of the fire.
What? Then, why are you questioning me? OK, I don't recognise these as existing paintings but I do recognise the style.
It's a coterie of mid-19th Century artists that lived and worked in the Yorkshire area.
These two are Joshua Rae.
This, Matthew Niven.
And this, Thomas Thurborn.
Sorry, I've never heard of them.
If you're going to run a long-form art fraud, you concentrate on minor, but collectable, artists.
Five grand here, five grand there.
Low key, low scrutiny.
So, genuine or fake? That's hard to say.
I'll need to run chemical and pigment analysis, X-ray, computer image processing.
What about the Turner? OK.
Right All the hallmarks of Turner's style are here.
You've the brushwork, the vortex composition.
And, see this? It's the use of a thumbnail to scrape at the paint and get that light effect.
But, frankly this is about as convincing as a Blackpool drag queen.
You might want to be a bit less rock-and-roll here, Mark.
This is a murder enquiry.
What was that about? Sorry? You were rude to Mark.
In certain situations, I don't appreciate people making glib jokes Why? Are you having some kind of relationship with him? I don't think that's any of your - It is my business, Annie! If a defense counsel sniffs out that a senior officer is having a liaison with an expert witness, the whole case could be compromised.
Do you understand? Yes.
So, are you having an inappropriate relationship - No.
The crime locus schedules, which have been sitting on your desk for some time now - Yeah, I haven't had time to look SOCOs have established significant traces of candle wax, close to the scene of both fires, despite Whittaker's boat and McMahon's house having working electricity supplies.
What does that mean? Well, I don't know for sure.
Give Geoff 'Mr Happy' Hamilton a ring, see what he makes of it.
In fact, you can do it on the way.
Come on.
Where are we going? To interview the person that forged the Turner.
Give me your hand.
What? Your hand.
Where you staying, Gerry? It's my mate Declan's place.
Where else am I supposed to go? My house is at the bottom of the canal.
Read that.
It is known that Turner that Turner cultivated a long fingernail which he used to scratch the surface of his paintings, revealing the white canvas underneath, to achieve his unique light effects.
It's recovered from a safe stashed under Whittaker's boat.
Your work? We can run DNA tests! Why didn't you tell us this before? You didn't ask.
Not good enough.
Makes us think that maybe you killed Whittaker.
I didn't set that fire.
Not with Christina on the next boat.
You thought Christina was at her dad's.
I've got an alibi.
I told you.
I was here, with Declan.
All night.
What about Saturday night? When Jake McMahon was burnt to death.
McMahon's dead? Saturday night.
Weren't me.
I told you, I were Morrison.
Gary Morrison? He killed him.
Come on! Come on! Good girl.
Come on, come on! There you go.
Patrick! What's wrong? If they took me away you'd lose Aylsa.
You know that, don't you? Why would they take you away? Banks.
He has issues with me.
We need to stop him or he'll tear us apart.
Can I depend on you, Miranda? Yes.
Oh, help me, Miranda.
Help me.
Me and Christina were squatting on the boat.
That's how I met Leslie Whittaker.
Then he saw some of my work and him and McMahon said I had a talent.
Jack McMahon did these? Yeah.
And loads more.
They were making a shit-load of money.
They got all excited when they saw I could do Turner.
Gary Morrison.
I need a detailed description.
I never met him.
But you've heard of him? Yeah, because Whittaker and McMahon were paranoid about keeping the Turner secret from him.
That's all I know.
I'm scared.
Christina's gone and I'm really scared.
Gary Morrison.
You never saw him with Whittaker.
He never visited his boat? No, I-I dunno, I I mean, Whittaker was a drinker, drinkers like to talk.
He must have said something.
An exhibition opening.
He met Morrison at an exhibition opening.
That's all I know.
A couple of years ago, the the Haliburton Gallery.
Gary Morrison? No.
Have you not heard that name at all? No, sorry.
Haliburton Gallery, do you know that place? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it's closed down now, it's a shame.
Ever go to any exhibition openings there? Now and again.
We think that Morrison might have been at one of those openings, a couple of years ago.
In the company of this man.
His name's Leslie Whittaker.
Does that mean anything to you? No.
Is he the second victim? How do you know there's a second victim? I must have heard it on the news.
Nothing's been released to the press about a second victim.
The night this man, Leslie Whittaker, died, last Tuesday night, where were you, Mark? I was at a reception at the Henry Moore suite.
What time? 8:30 til 10:30.
And after that? A bunch of us went for a meal at Nick's Diner on Empire Road, erm bit of a night.
We didn't leave until after 2:30 in the morning.
What about Friday night, between 9:00pm and 3:00am? The night the second victim was murdered? Erm Friday night, erm I was at home.
Erm alone.
He's lying.
I told Mark about the second murder.
Friday night, Mark was with me.
From 8:00pm.
All night.
You lied to me.
I know.
Can I trust you, Annie? Can I trust you? All right, where are we and where are we going? Bring us up to date, will you, Ken.
Gary Morrison communicated with Whittaker and only Whittaker, by e-mail.
Whittaker provides the paper, McMahon paints the pictures.
Whittaker sends it to Morrison.
Morrison handles the auction sale and pays Whittaker and McMahon their share of the profits in cash.
Morrison discovers Whittaker and McMahon are going behind his back, trying to flog a Turner, forged by Siddons, for a few million quid.
That's gonna create a lot of noise and blow up his scam.
So, he kills Whittaker then McMahon.
So, our Gary Morrison, where is he? That's the problem.
E-mails are all sent to Whittaker from 20 different cafe computers, the paintings sent to PO boxes.
Morrison's run this whole operation without leaving any footprint.
So, it's bad enough that he's killed two of his crooked mates but there's an innocent girl dead, too.
Come on, Ken, where is he? Many places and many faces.
22 Gary Morrisons, aged 25 plus, resident, according to the passport details, in the Yorkshire area.
22 more suspects.
Yeah, but if he's running the whole scam electronically 427 UK passport holders called Gary Morrison.
Get pictures of this lot circulated.
I want all of Whittaker and McMahon's neighbours and known associates re-interviewed.
Do they recognise any of these men? Come on, people, let's get to it.
Thanks, Ken.
Forged paintings selling on the open market.
There's a missing link, here, isn't there? Is there? What did your friend, Mark, say? The fakes that McMahon did they weren't copies of existing pictures they were in the style of minor artists.
So if they were passing these pictures off as genuine, someone else has to be authenticating them, right? Yeah.
How do we find out who it is? Auction house sales records.
Sir, you've got a visitor.
Find me this bugger, Morrison, Annie and all is forgiven.
She won't come inside.
I think she's having some kind of breakdown.
(BABY CRIES) Your fault.
Patrick hates me.
I talk too much.
Or you know too much.
Why was Christina going to report Patrick to the police? Why can't you leave us alone? We're not like you, we're different Why was Christina going to report her father to the police? Hate you.
Yeah, you hated Christina, too, didn't you? Is it because Patrick loved her? Yes.
The same way he loves you? Yes.
They're ready at the mortuary.
Christina Aspern's post-mortem.
Can you handle it, Kevin? I'm kinda busy here.
All right.
Look, erm sorry about yesterday with your boss and all.
Christ, he's a right - I've got a problem, Mark.
OK? The fake paintings found at Jake McMahon's house What? Jake's fakes.
Obviously, they were ready to go to auction, so I traced the sales records of other paintings by the same group of artists you told us about.
Over 700 grand's worth of business in the past 18 months.
47 pictures in total.
Each one of those 47 pictures was authenticated by someone at the Northern Art Gallery.
Erm Look, erm I'm-I'm scared, Annie.
Of what? Gary Morrison.
I'm gonna win this time.
What do you want now? Where's your wife? Miranda came to see me this morning.
Miranda is misguided and confused.
And you sniff that out, don't you Paddy, like some randy, old dog.
It's what you feed on.
Oh, that's it, Alan, get it all out.
All that ordinary bloke envy and anger and bitterness Miranda told me about you and your daughter.
Oh, look at you, all judgemental and outraged.
As if you can make any difference.
Natural justice it's all superstition, old son.
Bad stuff happens.
People do bad things.
Sometimes they get punished, sometimes they don't.
Go on, prove it.
But if you can't I win, you lose, Alan.
End of story.
Gary Morrison.
Sure? 100%.
How did it work? Morrison would send me a photo of a fake done by McMahon.
I'd photoshop it onto a page of an old exhibition catalogue.
Then I'd replace the catalogue, in the file, at the gallery.
Oh, so you didn't just fake the paintings, you faked the provenance.
You and Gary Morrison.
We were at school together.
I hadn't seen him in years and then out of the blue, I get a phone call, asking me to help him.
Why didn't you refuse? I was scared, Annie.
The guy's a psycho, he's killed two people.
An innocent girl is dead, too.
It was about the money, wasn't it? It's all you care about, isn't it, Mark? Things.
Not people.
I I'm a material boy.
Call him.
Now! Get him over here.
Yeah, Gary, it's erm it's Mark.
I need to talk to you now.
Erm I, erm I think the police are onto me.
Yeah, w-w-we'd better shut it down.
Yeah, well, I'm scared, Gary.
I'm I'm really scared and I need to see you.
He's on his way.
You're an obsessive fantasist, who's stalking him and harassing him.
Aspern's words, not mine.
You also smacked him across the chops.
If this goes to court, your word against Dr Aspern's, I don't think so, Alan.
His wife clearly His wife is borderline OCD.
She's been diagnosed with post-natal depression.
The only credible witness in the case you're alleging, Christina is dead.
And since he didn't kill her, Patrick Aspern has no case to answer to.
End of story.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Come in.
Sir, this is pretty urgent.
Well, let's here it then.
I've been trying to get DS Cabbot on the phone.
She mentioned about candle residue at both fire scenes.
So, I've been back over both crime scenes I've heard of this before in cases of arson.
A candle used as a time delay device.
The killer knocks his victims unconscious, using Rohypnol, douses the place in accelerant, lights a candle knowing it will burn down in a set amount of time and ignite the place, leaving plenty of time for him, or her, to get away.
All alibis for the time the fire started are null and void.
OK, so who have we got? Gerry Siddons.
I'll go bring her in.
Someone else.
Mark Keane.
Gary Morrison.
I'll call for back-up.
I erm quite liked you, you know.
In another life, eh, Annie? Things not people.
Do what you're told.
Stay there.
Going somewhere, Mark? Alan.
That's Annie's car.
So, where Gary Morrison.
Main door, mortise to my flat.
It's round the back.
You used the candle as a time delay.
You're really gonna take a chance on that? Hold me here until back-up arrives? Oh, you're a big man.
Yeah, you can probably take me.
But I will fight you like a wild cat, Alan.
And all that time, what's Annie doing up there? On her own, comatosed on Rohypnol frying.
She didn't behave herself.
Neither did Whittaker or McMahon and there's the other innocent victim Yeah, yeah, yeah, some girl.
I don't care.
It's things, it's not people.
Oh, come on! Annie! Oh, no, no, no, no! It's OK, Annie.
It's OK, I've got you.
OK, Annie, come on.
Annie, Annie.
Annie, come on, breathe for me, come on.
Annie, come on, breathe.
(COUGHS) There we go.
(COUGHS) OK, easy, easy, that's it.
(PHONE RINGS) Yes, Kevin.
Sir, I'm at Christina Aspern's PM.
(POLICE SIRENS) All right, Kevin, listen to me.
Let me see.
Right, come on.
Oh, sorry, bingo's cancelled tonight, Paddy.
You been on the sauce again, Alan? You've been lying to me, both of you.
Patrick loved Christina the same way he loved you.
That was a lie, wasn't it? Why would you do that? Patrick, why would you get your wife to allege that you sexually abused your daughter? Because Miranda as key witness, that's a none starter, isn't it? Because Miranda was jealous of Christina, emotionally unstable and because the victim and the only credible witness to this alleged crime is dead.
Case doesn't even go to court, does it? My enquiry into your activities is blocked, for good.
Apart from this.
Christina was working for you, getting some admin experience.
I think she got a bit nosey, went through medical records.
Obstetrician's case notes into Miranda's pregnancy, recovered from Christina's clothes, inside her sleeping bag.
This is why Christina was arguing with you on the day she died.
This is why she was threatening to report you to the police.
Miranda had a termination when she was just 15 years old.
Miranda has always refused to reveal the father of that child.
Haven't you, Miranda? It's in the past.
I've drawn a line under it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Is this you speaking or is it Patrick? Patrick's world, thinking Patrick's thoughts.
(BABY CRIES) Miranda.
The baby's crying.
Lie for me, Miranda, because if I go to prison, they'll take the baby away.
No! Is that what he's told you? No, Miranda Because that's simply not true.
No-one is going to take your child away from you.
Men like Patrick control by fear.
Little men, preying on weakness and insecurity.
Manipulating, controlling, abusing.
You're not 15 anymore.
You and Aylsa can survive, without him.
I promise you, Miranda.
You're not gonna lose this baby.
She's mentally unstable! She's not a fit mother! She can't cope! No-one's going to listen to - Patrick was the father.
Patrick Aspern, I'm placing you under arrest on suspicion of child sexual abuse.
You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say, may be used in evidence against you.
I thought they were keeping you in overnight.
Yeah, well, I wanted to go home to my own bed.
Shame you didn't think of that when Mark asked you to stay at his place.
I'm not ill and they look rubbish.
Thanks for saving my life, Alan, you shouldn't have bothered (!) Yeah, thanks.
Have you got people on train stations, airports? Yes, Annie.
CCTV? Yes, Annie.
But, Mark Keane I'm not very hopeful we'll catch him.
He's young, smart, sharp, cunning, charming, good-looking Everything you're not? Including a sociopath.
Mark Keane.
I hate men.