DCI Banks Aftermath s03e04 Episode Script

Dry Bones That Dream (2)

Keith Andrew Rothwell.
Blowing someone's head off with a shotgun is not as easy as it looks.
We need to find out who Keith Rothwell was and who benefits from his death.
- When's your son back? - Tomorrow for the funeral.
Rothwell's computer files have been unlocked.
There's one code that appears on most of them.
There's a solicitor in Leeds, LS1.
His name's Norcliffe.
Martin Fleming.
Subject of a two-year investigation into fraud.
Seems Mr.
Fleming was at Cambridge with Daniel Norcliffe.
Norcliffe would have needed certain expertise.
A nonentity like Rothwell was perfect.
That's why I'm here to make sure you stay away from Martin Fleming.
Rothwell and Norcliffe are working happily together then Rothwell starts creaming money off the top.
Norcliffe finds out he's being ripped off, decides he doesn't need a partner anymore.
So he hires someone to kill Rothwell.
They've had a call about the photograph - in the first edition of the Post.
- Keith Rothwell.
Not according to a woman in Leeds.
- Yeah, it's him.
- Robert Calvert? Yeah.
We were in a relationship for six months.
Treat me like I'm stupid! Where is he! Where is he! Please! DCI BANKS Dry Bones That Dream Season 3 - Episode 04 Part 2 - Do you want this or not? - Ah, thanks.
What have they said? She's taken some heavy blows to the head.
I'm waiting to speak to the consultant.
Calvert's flat, Norcliffe's office, and then Pamela Jeffries.
Somebody has to have been following us.
Who'd want to take that risk? Somebody who needs to find Daniel Norcliffe before we do.
We have to teach new skills to those left behind by the death of traditional industry.
We want to retrain Yorkshire people and reinvigorate Yorkshire's economy.
Ken still chained to a computer? Intelligence gathering? Yes.
You managed to make them laugh yet? I wasn't brought in for my clowning skills, DCI Banks.
- You been listening to Johnny Cash? - No.
Black suits you.
I'll make a note to attend more funerals then.
Will Tom Rothwell be going to his father's funeral? If he's not, we'll be asking why.
He landed two hours ago.
You will remember that it is still a funeral? Be sensitive.
My phone will be off during the service.
Leave a message if she dies or anything.
Let us commend Keith Andrew Rothwell to the mercy of God.
We therefore commit his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.
Let us pray.
Suffer us not at our last hour through any pains of death to fall from thee.
Lord Have mercy upon us.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Good timing, eh? Much missing? Looks pretty professional if it wasn't for the mess.
We're through here.
DCI Banks, perhaps you can explain why we need him to come with us.
For pity's sake! We've just buried my husband and come back to find we've been burgled.
Can't it wait? Have you seen this before, Mrs.
Rothwell? Tom? Anna? I'm sorry, boss.
We need to get him away from her if he's going to talk honestly.
This is out of place.
What is? It wasn't him.
He was so controlled.
What if one life bled into another? I don't understand.
We need to focus on the son.
Tom? We're going to get our way eventually.
And probably upset your mother even more in the process.
We need to speak to people who knew this other Keith Rothwell.
You all know me.
Not one for long speeches.
We Yorkshiremen prefer action to words.
Which is why I'm delighted to be launching this initiative today.
To give those who've been made redundant an opportunity to retrain and learn new skills for a new generation of business in the north.
Thank you very much.
Anything? Have I matched a name from these endless weird porn databases with one from Norcliffe's endless criminal referrals? - Yeah.
- No.
I tell you what I have found out.
The number of websites for fans of gun porn is dwarfed by those for connoisseurs of well, dwarves for a start, not to mention nylon, bubble wrap, puppets.
Puppets? Puppets.
And I thought men were after no strings sex! Ladies, thank you for coming.
See you next time.
- Hi.
- Great speech, Mr.
- Martin.
Thank you.
- You speak from your heart as well as your head and that's rare.
I appreciate that, Inspector.
So, if you're not interested in retraining, how can I help? Well, I'm investigating the murder of Keith Rothwell.
- Did you hear about it? - Only what I saw in the newspaper.
I'm going to be candid with you in the hope that you'll do the same.
This is just an informal chat and it will remain strictly between us.
It seems there was another side to Keith Rothwell that his family knew nothing about.
A man who liked a drink, a bet.
The company of women.
I suppose we all have a public and a private face to some extent.
Well, I'm keen to talk to people who knew that other Keith Rothwell.
- Like I said, Inspector - I believe he was a close associate of Daniel Norcliffe, who you were at university with.
Danny? That's right but I haven't seen him for years.
Didn't even know he was still local.
Well, he's missing at present.
Look, Mr.
Fl Martin.
Someone has left a local family without a father and a husband and an innocent woman in hospital with serious injuries.
Now, I believe you to be a man of integrity.
So anything that you can tell me about Keith Rothwell might prove incredibly useful.
I'm only interested in the murder.
I'd really like to help you, DCI Banks, but but I lost touch with Danny years ago and I've never to my knowledge met Mr.
But I wish you the best of luck.
- Yes? - Get back to the office now.
This isn't where you want to be today, we understand that, so I'll get to the point.
We know you and your dad argued a lot.
What we don't know is what you argued about.
- Don't all families argue? - Probably, - but we're interested in yours.
- Why? What's it got to do with anything? - It's not really anyone's business.
- Everything's our business, Tom.
I've been away for three months.
- I honestly can't remember.
- Really? It must have been fairly serious.
A man famously careful with money sends a son he doesn't seem to like much halfway across the world.
I'm guessing it wasn't a row about tidying your bedroom.
I'm gay.
- All right? - And? And your dad wasn't very understanding? He couldn't even look at me.
Hang on, you say he found out you're gay and banished you abroad? I was glad to get out of there.
How did your mum feel about him driving you away? Not a lot she could do.
He brought the money in so we put up with him.
That's the way it's always been.
Surely she could have divorced him and still been comfortable? She would never have been comfortable again.
Worrying what people were saying about her.
About us.
Ever heard of Daniel Norcliffe? Why? There's two possible answers to that.
And "Why" isn't one of them.
No, then, I haven't.
I think I'd like to go home now, please.
He's hiding something.
I think he wants to talk.
- Why don't - Why don't I You take over then.
Alan, you were clearly told to stay away from Martin Fleming.
You'll have heard from SOCA then? The director of operational delivery, to be precise.
Several times.
Seems anything Fleming hadn't already buried he has now.
Fleming is part of this.
I had to speak to him.
I was following my instinct.
But maybe my instincts are wrong.
What do you mean? Everything moves on.
The job I signed up for relied on intuition not orders.
And if that's the way it is going, perhaps it's time I was too.
- Is this about Helen? - No, no.
Annie? It's about me.
- Sorry.
- What is it, DI Morton? It's Pamela Jeffries.
She's come round.
- What? - I think I've found our shooter.
One name came up on the databases I was cross referencing.
He met Norcliffe years ago.
He was tall, six foot at least.
He had long greasy hair.
Sounded Irish.
What exactly did he want to know? Every question you asked me about Keith Rothwell and He wanted to know where you were looking and I didn't know.
Then he lost his temper.
Did you give this to Keith Rothwell? No.
So what did the specialist say? Well, if nothing unexpected happens in the next 24 hours, I should still be free to travel.
- That's great news.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's good, yeah.
As long as you don't need me for anything.
I must see about getting your record back to you.
You could just give it to me next time we see each other if you want.
You said you always kept it with you when you play.
Then you'll have to come and hear me.
- In Budapest? - Yeah, why not? You could come with me.
Listen, I've got a description of the man who attacked Pamela Jeffries.
And we've got his name.
You're way ahead of me.
Same man who subscribes to a sex meets war website was also referred to a criminal lawyer by Norcliffe.
Still a long shot but we're on our way there now.
Arthur Jameson, 42.
Kicked out the army for glassing someone in a pub.
Since then a few prison sentences for theft and one for ABH.
DC Blackstone spoke to the arresting officer.
He reckons Jameson's into survivalism and mad about weapons.
Great work, well done.
We've got an officer on Fleming's staff.
You were seen.
I know.
He's our only link to a Keith Rothwell that very few And do you really think he'd admit that? Do you understand what he has to lose? Listen to yourself.
Look at yourself.
Not the Banksy I know.
Do you fancy a drink? I'm really sorry to have kept you waiting.
There's been some developments.
You're here voluntarily Tom.
You can leave any time you like.
Except that'd make me look guilty, wouldn't it? What exactly are you worried about? - What developments, exactly? - Why? Would that have some bearing on what you're going to tell me? People might think that we should be more upset.
But what you've got to understand is that we lost Dad a long time ago.
What happened, Tom? I followed him.
Not long after I decided that I was going to be myself, no matter what.
He was supposed to be in York but I saw him and I followed him.
And I watched him pick up a woman.
She was coming out of a primary school and he laughed with her like I've never seen him laugh with anyone.
Was this in Leeds? I never told Hannah or Mum but next time he looked at me like I was disgusting, I told him that I knew.
Things got out of hand and I hit him.
Knocked him down.
And that was it for us.
Never fight your dad and win.
- Shouldn't we wait? - What for? Men with guns and bulletproof vests? Probably.
I'll check round the back.
Did you get anything? From Fleming.
Please tell me you got something.
I'm not sure that my instinct counts for anything these days but for what it's worth, I think you're right.
He's a complete fraud.
No, he's not a fraud.
He's no different to the vast majority of people.
He's out for himself.
Yes, all right, I'd know.
Perhaps I've been wrong all along.
About Fleming.
You just swam with the tide, whereas I didn't, couldn't, whatever.
Therefore I have to accept getting left behind.
I just did the best with what I've got.
That's all.
Exactly the same as you.
We're going to need a chaser.
Window was open.
I don't think he's worried about anyone nicking anything.
Doesn't look as if anyone's here.
Right, thanks, Win.
I'll see you.
DS Jackman.
It seems Tom Rothwell got a glimpse of his dad behaving like a lovesick teenager.
No man over the age of 45 should allow himself to succumb that.
It's one of the few compensations of growing old and cynical.
You haven't met Pamela Jeffries.
That's true.
She wants me to go with her.
She's playing the clarinet in a concert in Budapest and she wants me to go too.
And You're obviously thinking about it.
So what's stopping you? Where do you want me to start? My age, my job, my house, my whole life! You said yourself that no man over the age of 45 She's not asking you to marry her.
This looks like a match to the shotgun wadding used to kill Rothwell.
I'll check it out.
DI Morton! DI Morton! I think he's taken his gun.
MAN: Don't move.
DI Morton! What? I think he's taken his gun.
We agreed.
Ten grand before, ten grand after.
- He promised me.
- Who promised you? Where's Norcliffe? Ken! Ken! - I said an orange juice.
- I know.
Feels good acting out of character once in a while.
You mean like Keith Rothwell? You have to admire his bravery if nothing else.
Didn't do him much good, did it? Better to die a hero than live like a coward.
She must be quite something, this Miss Jeffries.
She's herself.
I never knew how much I admired that until I met her.
Sometimes you've got to admit there are things you're not in control of.
What? What if that's what made one life bleed into another? I don't follow.
What if Keith Rothwell fell in love? - You all right, ma'am? - Course I am.
I'm heading back to coordinate to the press office.
I need you to brief the other search teams.
Focus on outbuildings, wooded areas.
Any sightings, make it clear he's not to be approached.
Jameson leads us to Norcliffe and the truth and we're close.
So let's get him.
I assume you heard I went to see Fleming.
Superintendent McLaughlin said.
You've been avoiding us.
Well, there might be repercussions and I didn't see the point in us both You didn't tell me because you don't trust me.
That's not tr You're obviously an excellent detective.
But you'd have told DS Cabbot.
Maybe we should talk in my office.
Check your voicemail, DCI Banks.
There's a gunman running around West Riding.
I know who Annie Cabbot is.
We have to trust each other and I know nothing about you.
Well, not really.
You said what we do here is all about connections.
We don't just find them and make sense of them, we also form them occasionally.
Some people don't find that as easy as others.
Just be yourself.
That's all.
I play poker.
- What? - You want to know something about me? Thursday nights, I play poker.
I honestly can't tell whether or not you're being serious.
That's why I'm good at poker.
Jameson's on foot.
Last seen heading north west.
Armed and dangerous.
Win? Just looking at Tom Rothwell's statement.
If Pamela Jeffries was the woman he saw his dad with, why was she coming out of a school? - What you thinking? - It must have been a different woman.
DI Morton, we might have something.
- Going in for a closer look.
- Understood.
It's very faint on infrared but it's definitely there.
What GPS? Latitude 4054.
Longitude 07 OK, looks like he's going to ground.
- Her.
- Definitely? - That's who he picked up.
- Miss Mullen? We need to speak to her, please.
I'm afraid she's away.
Can you tell us where she's gone? I'll have to ask the school secretary but I don't think she said.
We're going to need her home address.
Get down there.
I want four covering DI Morton! You two, higher ground! Take higher ground! Looks like she's gone.
You check upstairs.
All right.
" here is the adress your post will be redirected to:" Found you.
Win! Jameson, you're under arrest for the murder of Keith Rothwell.
Lower the weapon and turn around.
Arthur, there's nowhere else to go.
Lower the weapon now.
Turn around now! It ends here, Arthur.
Please, let us help you.
Suspect is down.
Repeat, suspect is down.
Just listen to me, Helen.
It's important.
You do realise what's happened here? Jameson's just shot himself.
Jameson knew nothing.
He was just the hired gun.
The real criminals are Fleming, Norcliffe and Keith Rothwell.
I'm sending you the address now.
I'll explain when you get there.
You have to leave now.
Trust me.
Hello, Mr.
Propaganda Francesca's? She's a music teacher, I believe.
Yeah, yeah, I got it for both of us.
I'm learning.
Bit of a step up from the one that she got you.
The one you couldn't resist keeping in your study at Arkbeck.
I knew it would come, the the the knock on the door.
I thought it would be years rather than days.
I think I understand everything.
You made sure the Leeds flat was covered in Norcliffe's fingerprints to match those on the corpse, picked your wedding anniversary because that's the only night you and Mary go out together.
You chose Italian to match Norcliffe's regular restaurant, even picked his favourite dish, carbonara, to match the stomach contents.
Meanwhile, Daniel Norcliffe's abducted on his doorstep by Arthur Jameson.
He drove to Arkbeck, probably left Norcliffe in the garage, overpowered your daughter.
Waited for you and your wife to return home.
Tied her up.
And then dragged you outside and into the garage.
Then he let you go so that you could finish the set-up together.
You were involved in a money laundering scheme with Martin Fleming and Norcliffe from which you made thousands.
Then you wanted out.
So you dressed Norcliffe in your clothes and stood and watched while Jameson blew his head off.
The only thing that I don't understand is why didn't you pay Jameson the rest of his money? What was he going to do, go to the police? You can change your name but not who you are.
Arthur Jameson's not going anywhere.
I took that two hours ago.
He decided going back to prison wasn't an option.
He shot himself.
Just another one of your victims in this whole mess.
All so you could have a fresh start on the Yorkshire coast with your girlfriend and as much money as you could get away with.
No, no, no.
I had to go.
I couldn't stay another minute.
Wasn't as if anybody wanted me there.
I was a bank, nothing more.
- It was the only way.
- To do what? Rip off Norcliffe and Fleming? You knew we'd find out about the money laundering, didn't you? It gave Norcliffe a motive and whatever happened to Fleming, you'd be out the picture.
This isn't about money.
This is about what happened when you fell in love.
Probably for the first time.
I think your feelings for Francesca are probably the only genuine thing about you.
Which is why you'll give us everything that you have on Martin Fleming.
That's the only way you'll get to spend any time with her after you're released.
He told her he wanted them to start completely afresh so she wasn't to tell anyone where they were going.
And she believed him.
Well done, both of you.
You pulled this one out of the flames.
Thanks, sir.
Old technology? This is why you're needed.
You can keep your flipchart for now.
I'm going to follow Rothwell.
I don't think even Martin Fleming can talk his way out of this one.
See you again, Banksy.
And thanks.
No, it's OK.
It's not that he's alive.
Obviously I'm glad about that, but This means none of it's real, doesn't it? This place, the money.
We'll lose it all, won't we? We can start again.
I bet you volunteered for this one, didn't you? I'm truly sorry.
Pamela, it's Alan.
I won't be coming to Budapest.
It seems I can still rely on my instinct and sadly it's telling me it would be a mistake, for us both.
It's not who I am.
I'll post the record.
Good luck.
MP Martin Fleming denies the money laundering charges he's facing since the arrest of Yorkshire accountant Keith Rothwell.
Steven, James, Ben, MJ.
The super's laid on the refreshments you requested.
I for one am in need of some serious refreshing.
I still don't know what gave you such an insight into the mind of such a dull man having a mid-life crisis.
What? - You coming? - In a sec.
What do you say? Shut up and deal?