DCI Banks Aftermath s06e03 Episode Script

A Little Bit of Heart (Part 1)

1 You and Jess, why don't we get together? Go somewhere nice for dinner.
There isn't really an "us", is there? I hope you two work it out somehow.
I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our team.
DC Vince Grady.
I know from personal experience, you'll make him feel welcome.
I'm thinking of putting in for DCI.
- Who's Steve Richards? - Officially, a property developer, unofficially, he's involved in prostitution, drugs, protection rackets, money laundering, the works.
We may have found your daughter, Mrs Richards.
If you'd have done your job properly, Kat'd still be alive.
Her death is on you.
For too long, the people of China have been denied basic human rights.
Some of you know that I, myself, escaped persecution .
but my brother Chang and his wife An did not.
Tragically, she died in prison.
But Chang and his daughter Wei are here with us tonight.
There are still so many others who are suffering, like An, who are behind bars.
Tonight, everyone involved with us at Lantern Light is here to say they are never forgotten.
I've just left the office.
- When will you be home? - About 20 minutes, I'd have thought.
I'll pick up a bottle on the way.
- Love you.
- You too.
Ah! I should've called sooner.
If I had, maybe I mean, whatever's happened -- We don't know anything has happened yet.
Can you think of any reason why your husband might leave? - Of course not.
- No problems at home? Did we row? Is that what you mean? No more than anyone else, and he wasn't having an affair either.
It's what you were thinking.
I know all the arguments.
He's an adult, he can leave home, he can go wherever he wants, except he hasn't.
I know my husband.
I know he wouldn't just leave not like that.
Forgive me, but how? He has chronic asthma.
He needs this, morning and night.
Xun Li, 42.
Came here as a refugee from China just over ten years ago.
Landlord, philanthropist, and according to his wife, all-round good guy.
She reported him missing a little after one o'clock this morning.
- Is he minted? - Judging from his house, he does OK.
- What, so this a kidnap? - We don't know what this is yet, and until we do, we keep a low profile.
We don't wanna scare them.
That's when they'll do something stupid.
How do we know he hasn't done a runner with some mistress he's got stashed away? That's a bit elaborate, isn't it? It happens.
Of course, he might just be dead.
At this stage, all we know is, he's left his passport at home.
His bank accounts don't show any big withdrawals, and he's an asthmatic who kept his medication at home.
So all of which would indicate this wasn't planned.
Besides his wife, any other family? A son Bo from his first marriage, and a younger brother Chang.
Let's find out what they know.
Plus, Xun's car, we need to track it down.
Also, his phone.
At the moment, there's nothing, so it's either switched off or broken.
Get onto the provider, see who he spoke to in the last week.
Messages sent and received.
- Have you got a minute? - If you talk very quickly.
Er, I've got my board date.
- My DCI Board.
- Of course.
Spanish Inquisition.
Well, only at the start, and then it gets worse.
- When? - The day after tomorrow.
Just so as you know.
Well, fingers crossed.
Erm They're gonna throw all kinds of things at you.
Just make sure you're ready.
Yeah, well, I've swotted up on jargon, goals, operational procedures, and I've made these flash cards.
Do you think I'm prepped enough? It's a distinct possibility.
42 flats in all.
Mostly affordable housing.
That's very important to Mr Li, because of his background, I suppose.
- As a refugee? - He came with nothing, and now look.
How long have you worked for him? Er, about nine years, the last three as Head of Finance.
I've seen all this grow .
seen how hard he's worked.
Who knew Mr Li was gonna be here last night? I've no idea.
But anyone could've known he was going to that rally.
The Lantern Light demonstration? He's very involved in the charity.
He's on their Board of Trustees.
Is Xun Li under any kind of pressure? - Not that I'm aware of.
- Financial worries, that kind of thing? Not at all.
I'd know.
Anything else? Anything out of the ordinary? There's been a bit of vandalism.
Petty stuff.
- Recently? - Last couple of weeks.
- Broken windows, that sort of thing.
- Have you reported it? Some officers came down, took a statement, but said it was probably just kids.
My brother helped when we first arrived.
- Which was when? - Eight years ago.
I came with Wei, my daughter.
After her mother died, there was just us.
- We couldn't stay in China.
- Why not? Me and my wife An .
we were in prison.
I was released.
She wasn't so fortunate.
They were teachers, Mum and Dad.
In the village.
They weren't important, but they believed the wrong things.
Like? Not everything the State does is for the best.
The Party isn't infallible, stuff like that.
Hardly the Gunpowder Plot.
They were sentenced to two years.
Mum lasted six months.
It was a long time ago.
When I got out .
I knew there was nothing for us there.
Xun had already made a new life here.
So your brother fled China, too? Before he could be arrested.
He paid for our tickets, brought us here, put me back on my feet.
Xun saved us.
We owe him everything.
She's got flashcards? Well, you know our Helen.
Never knowingly under-prepared.
- This way, Boss.
- Thanks.
You know, she's always had her eye on your office.
Yeah, well, tough, it's occupied.
Until they pension you off.
- What about you? - Me? I always had you pegged as a future Chief Super.
So did I, once upon a time.
David's always working.
When he's not, he's training for his bloody marathons, and I want to be there for Isla.
- When did they find it? - An hour ago.
- Thanks.
- You think Xun abandoned it? - Or just never got here.
- Boss? - Thank you.
This says it was open.
Who leaves a nice motor like this unlocked? He didn't.
Car keys.
Evidence suggests there was a second vehicle.
Reversed at speed .
stopped here, and then there was a lot of wheel spin.
So they drove off in a hurry.
Maybe someone even saw something from the trains.
Anyone who was travelling between the time Xun phoned his wife and his phone going offline.
So he left the office, walked to the car, unlocked it when he was close, but before he got in -- Another car comes up, and he was taken.
So what next? A ransom note? Or a body.
Chang Li thinks his brother's some sort of saint, but it seems his son doesn't agree.
They hardly speak.
There was a family meal to celebrate Xun's birthday three weeks ago.
- Xun and Bo got into a massive row, and Bo stormed out.
- What's Bo's story? We haven't spoken to him.
He's not at his flat.
No-one's seen him since yesterday.
- We need to find him, talk to him.
- Yeah, I know.
We're on it.
- Boss.
- How's the canvass going? - Nothing from the trains.
- OK.
- But erm, we have got this.
It's inside Xun Li's office.
That's him leaving at 9:43, - and we know from his phone records he's calling his missus.
- OK.
That's Xun Li walking towards the camera.
Now watch the car.
- The kidnappers? - It could be.
Number plate's unreadable.
- Is that the best we can get it? - Yeah, with this camera, it is.
Keep at it.
- Mr Li? - Yes.
DI Morton.
Have you got a few minutes? - What's this about? - Your father.
Rachel didn't tell me.
We don't really get on.
And your father? - What's your relationship like with him? - It's OK.
But you had a row on his birthday.
We disagreed.
About what? Dad doesn't .
approve of me working here.
In a hospital? I'm a Data Co-ordinator for the Trauma and Orthopaedic Department.
But he thinks I'm a failure even though what I do is important and useful.
He's ashamed that .
I don't earn a shed load of money like he does.
My dad thinks I've let him down after everything he's been through.
And was that the last time you saw him? At his birthday? It's not like we're close.
Where were you last night? At home.
On the Xbox.
- Passed out on the sofa.
- Alone? Yes.
Keep thinking he's gonna come through that door.
I mean, he still could, couldn't he? With some excuse why he hasn't called, or .
if he's done something stupid .
or wrong, I don't care.
Just as long as he's safe.
That's all that matters.
I just want him to be OK.
It's Xun.
Rachel? Someone's using his phone.
Where is she? Through here.
- How's she doing? - As you'd expect.
Her husband's been kidnapped.
- Any more messages? - One more.
"Unmarked, low denomination.
" - Are we finding out where they were when they sent this? - Already on it.
- Mrs Li.
- What's happening? - We're doing everything we can.
- What exactly? Well, the situation's changing very quickly.
Right now, we have to concentrate on raising the money.
I can raise maybe 50.
And we can get the rest out the business.
It's gonna be fine.
How do we know he's even still alive? They don't want to kill your husband, Mrs Li.
They want to sell him back to you.
Hold onto that.
Oh, God.
Help! Somebody help me! Help! Please! Night-night, princess.
- Love you.
- Night-night.
- What you doing? - 'Working.
' Did you know that Lantern Light were going after the protection gangs that target migrants? They're threatening to name and shame.
I don't suppose the gangs like that too much.
No, so they might want revenge as well as the ransom money.
You called me.
David's out.
Dinner with a client.
- Isla's sparko, so - You're bored.
Just alone.
Well, so does that make me your consolation prize? - Do you want to be? - Not especially.
Just as well.
Who'd want to win you, anyway? Probably shouldn't, you know What? Call me.
It was a mistake.
- OK.
- I thought I was ordering pizza.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
We are.
That's right.
We were targeting those gangs.
Offering support to migrants just isn't enough.
Going after criminals is usually best left to the police.
We're simply highlighting a problem.
If it gets you a bit of publicity, that's what? Just an unfortunate by-product.
This isn't a stunt.
These people cause real misery.
And they can do you real harm.
It was Xun's idea.
I was against it.
- Couldn't you overrule him? - Not easily.
At first, we offered migrants legal advice, taught a little English, dealt with the Home Office on their behalf.
And Xun was one of those we helped, and when we got into trouble, it was Xun that stepped in and bailed us out.
If it hadn't been for him -- - You'd have gone under.
- We were days from shutting down.
He turned us around.
But he wanted to go after the gangs.
Migrants are vulnerable.
New home, new language We try to help them set up new businesses, but then these gangs move in.
Chinese gangs attacking Chinese immigrants.
Xun was gathering information, evidence, and then we planned to take it to the police.
Did he say why he wanted to do this? He said we needed to up our profile.
Help raise funds.
But it was more than that.
Going after the gangs, doing good, was like his .
Xun was going after two gangs that are targeting Chinese businesses.
That's got to put them in the frame.
Who are they? Where do they operate? Do they know or have links to anyone who's been nicked for extortion, or false imprisonment, or have that as their MO? I'll put some feelers out.
- Yeah, watch and learn, my friend.
- All right.
Annie's at the house waiting for the kidnappers to get in touch again, so in the meantime Anything else? Yeah, forensics are back from the car park.
Traces of capsaicin were found near Xun's car.
Pepper spray.
We traced the mast that was pinged when the ransom text was sent.
It covers most of Chapel Allerton.
Right, get some bodies down there, but the smart money is on that being the one place Xun Li isn't.
Waiting for news is killing her.
You've known Xun a long time.
Since before he met Rachel.
How would you describe their marriage? I know what you're thinking, but you're way off.
Xun is Rachel's life.
They love each other very much.
What is it? - Annie? - 'We're on.
' OK.
Posted yesterday.
It went through the Moortown sorting office.
I'll get this and the envelope off to Forensics.
I bought an identical bag for life - and sent the original off to be tested.
- Good work.
Not sure I can do it.
We'll be listening to your phone and we've put a mike and tracking device in your car.
You'll be under constant surveillance.
After you've made the drop, we'll be watching for the kidnappers to retrieve the ransom.
They'll have to come out into the open, and that gives us the advantage.
We'll be with you every step of the way.
Let's go and get your husband back.
All units, stand by.
Everybody keeps their distance.
'We need to make sure the kidnappers don't see us.
' Even after the drop, we let the kidnappers think they're in charge.
She's on the move.
Charlie-1 is on the move.
Silver Mercedes.
She's heading North A61 towards Harrogate.
I say we find 'em and scare the crap out of 'em.
- Just like that? - Yeah.
Show 'em who's boss.
And if they panic, kill Xun Li, and bury the evidence? Who's the boss then? She just got a text.
Charlie-1 is turning left onto Stainbeck Lane.
- Following now.
- Heading west.
Ken, please confirm position.
600 yards back.
Standing by to take over.
'Ken, it's all yours.
' Charlie-1 approaching roundabout.
Exiting to the right.
Right, right on roundabout.
She's turning south.
I'm telling you, there's such a thing as over-thinking.
- Is that so? - All this psychological crap.
Work the case.
Lean on your suspect.
Get it done.
- You won't catch me over-thinking stuff.
- No, I can see that.
Charlie-1 reducing speed.
Turning right into a car park.
All eyes on Charlie-1 at a distance.
'This must be the drop.
Ken, make sure you aren't seen.
The kidnappers could be watching.
' Charlie-1 is stationary in the car park.
Another text.
'Charlie-1 is out of the car.
Charlie-1 is out of the car.
' 'She's getting the money out of the boot.
' 'She's crossing the car park.
' 'She's approaching another car, a red Golf.
' Charlie-1 has opened the boot of the red Golf.
She's put the money in there.
'She's getting in the car.
Charlie-1 has switched cars.
' Hello? But Her phone's gone dead.
They've given her another one.
They can talk to her, and we won't know a thing about it.
She's reversing.
'They're trying to give us the run around.
Ken, stay with her.
' Charlie-1 is now heading north in a red Golf.
Registration, Sierra 186.
Whisky, Oscar, Lima.
Running the number.
'Charlie-1 on the City Road, heading back into the city centre.
Charlie-1 heading back into the city centre.
' 'She's entering the Trinity Centre.
' 'I'm following.
' She's exiting the Golf.
She's going for the money.
' Everything's just got more complicated.
What do you mean? She's got multiple bags.
What?! Multiple bags, and they're all identical.
Eyes on Charlie-1.
'Charlie-1 has dropped a bag in a bin.
She's just dropped another bag.
' What're we supposed to do, watch every bin in the place? 'Yes! We need eyes on her and all the bags.
' - Annie, I need you to wait here.
- What? Well, they may use the Golf to get away.
- What if they don't? - Well, then they don't.
Update? 'Charlie-1 has made a third drop.
We need back-up.
What shall we do, Boss?' 'The money's in one of those bags.
We need to keep on top of this.
' Charlie-1's being directed on a phone.
'She's being watched.
' 'The kidnappers must be in here.
' - Stay with her.
- Vince.
- Don't lose her.
'Vince, watch that bin.
Ken, keep following.
' 'I either follow her, or stick with the bag.
I can't do both.
What do you want me to do, boss?' 'We can't contain this.
We need backup now.
' 'There's no time.
I'm losing sight of her.
' Location, Charlie-1, please.
Location, Charlie-1, please.
'Charlie-1 has only one bag left.
' What? I thought I said to stay with the car.
'Charlie-1 is heading to the ladies' toilet.
' All units.
Stay where you are.
Nobody move.
Nobody move until I instruct you.
'Annie, report back.
' Where's the money? Which bin has the money? None of them.
It's in the car.
It was always in the boot of the car.
Done us up like a kipper.
- Boss.
- Car's registered to a John Flynn.
Address in Bradford.
Get Bradford CID to check it out, but tell them to be careful.
If Xun Li's there, we don't want them bursting in with their size tens.
In the meantime, circulate the Golf.
We might get lucky.
The driver's door was unlocked, so I put my work phone under the seat.
- They're currently heading out of the city.
- Let's go.
They're at an industrial site.
Why didn't you stay put like I told you? I thought you could do with some extra help.
What do you think the rules are there for, Annie? The signal's gone.
They must've found the phone.
Vince, secure the car till the SOCOs get here.
In here.
Looks like someone legged it in a hurry.
They managed to grab some of the money by the looks of things.
- What's that? - Sh-shh! Back through here.
Come on.
Do you hear that? It's through here.
We're police.
You're safe.
Thank God.
Thank God! Still got fresh motorbike tracks.
Seems they escaped over the fields.
SOCOs are taking a mould now.
How's Xun Li? Mild hypothermia.
They're gonna run some tests.
They put five gallons of water down there with him and 50 individually wrapped cheese slices.
So starving wasn't on the agenda, then.
No, I don't think dying was either.
We found this.
- I thought he'd left his at home.
- He did.
He said his kidnappers gave him this.
Who knew he had asthma? Lots of people.
- Friends, family.
- People at work? - Of course.
- How many kidnappers were there? - At least two.
- I'm not 100% sure.
- You didn't hear them speak? They put me in the boot of a car.
We drove, and then, when we stopped -- - They put you underground? - Yeah.
I didn't know where I was at first, but they left me a torch and .
I didn't hear another voice until yours.
And can you think of anyone who might've done this? No.
What about the protection gangs you wanted to expose? It wasn't them.
How can you be sure? Because I'm still alive.
Bradford CID checked out the owner of the Golf.
He says he sold it for 300 quid, cash in hand, a couple of weeks ago.
- Who to? - He's pretty vague.
Some woman.
- Well, that's it? Bradford Uniform reckon he must've blown the entire 300 on skunk.
He can barely remember his own name.
They think he's legit, though.
- How did she get in touch with him? - Phone.
Nothing to trace.
Boss, I've been digging into Xun Li's business, like you asked.
There was a case a couple of years ago.
A heater in one of Xun's flats was faulty, and one of the tenants got carbon monoxide poisoning.
Pretty nasty.
He went to court, but they lost.
- Name? - Mark Rundle brought the case.
Address in Beeston.
So he tries to sue, fails, and then goes after Xun himself? Helen, you and Ken, go and check him out.
He's certainly got motive.
Mark Rundle? - Yes.
- DI Morton.
This is DC Blackstone.
Can we have a word? - What about? - Mr Xun Li.
- Can you spare me for a couple of hours? - Now? I just got a call from a cop shop in Thirsk.
They've nicked Tamsin Richards for drink driving.
- So? - So she wants to see me.
Why would the wife of a villain like Richards wanna see you? It might be something.
We haven't got the time.
- Boss? - Yeah.
Those protection gangs, I've got some intel back.
They're just small-time thugs, but they're both run by this lady.
Wendy Xiao.
Has a legit dry-cleaning business.
Her boyfriend used to run the gangs, but he was also up to his neck in robbery, illegal gambling, all sorts.
Currently doing time for murder.
Some bloke tried to cross him and ended up in a skip.
Someone had set him alight, but only after putting a plastic bag over his head.
- Nice boyfriend.
- Yeah.
Seems Wendy's filling in while he's away, and she has taken to it like a duck to water.
Let's go and pay her a visit, shall we? He destroyed us.
- That's not what the court decided.
- It's the truth.
That heater was dodgy.
I told them that at the beginning when they were putting it in.
They said the heater was dodgy because you'd tried to mend it.
It was a death-trap, and he knew it.
I tried to fix it because he wouldn't, but in court, they tried to make out that it was my fault.
That I was responsible for what happened.
Your wife was poisoned by carbon monoxide from that heater.
I went out with some mates.
Five-a-side football.
Jenny had gone to bed, saying she felt tired.
When I came home .
she wouldn't wake up.
And where's your wife now? This is Lilly, our daughter.
We look after Jenny together.
Do you live here too? Over towards Headingley.
Hospital tomorrow, Mum.
Bit of physio.
You'll like that.
Need to replace this.
Catastrophic brain damage is how they described it.
She can't do anything for herself.
She just lies there with tubes going in and out of her, carrying God knows what.
I kid myself that she knows it's me, but 25 years we've been together.
Xun Li's offices were vandalised recently.
Do you know anything about that? I don't even know where his offices are.
I've got better things to do with my time.
Well, how about demanding a ransom? £250,000 would make your lives easier.
Where were you on Sunday night? Here.
Looking after Jenny.
- Alone? - Yes, alone.
You don't know anything about a protection racket? Of course not.
Xun Li had two gangs in his sights, both of them linked to you.
Someone kidnapped him.
Were you trying to warn him off? I don't know who this Xun Li is.
I just run a business.
I try and make ends meet.
I'm sorry.
Couple of years ago, you were arrested for protection and two counts of ABH.
But not charged.
Mistaken identity.
Probably because, well, you know .
we all look alike.
That coat could do with a clean.
She were brought in about two this morning.
We put her in a cell to sleep it off, and when she woke, she demanded to speak to you.
- Did she say why? - Just that it were important.
I'd like to speak to her on my own.
Good luck with that.
Miss Cabbot.
I were just leaving.
You asked to see me.
That was er a mistake.
My wife's tired and emotionally overwrought.
Tamsin? I just wanna go home.
I have your custody record here, Mrs Richards.
I see you never made a phone call.
- That's right.
- I'm confused.
How did you know she was here? If there is nothing further .
I would like to take my wife home .
What do you mean, you went anyway? She asked to see me and I wanted to know why.
- And? - I still don't know.
Richards got to her first.
Or she was so drunk she hadn't a clue what she was doing.
No, you didn't see her.
And you shouldn't have done either.
You disobeyed a direct order for the second time today.
- I followed a lead.
- I told you not to go and you ignored me.
- You wouldn't be saying that if I'd got something.
- You didn't! And we've got more important things to do than get mixed up in a domestic.
I'm your Senior Officer.
Don't do it again.
Are you really pulling rank? I'm saying, 'Don't take advantage.
' I'm sorry.
Long day.
Helen? What is it? His wife found him.
Why wasn't he in hospital? He discharged himself about nine o'clock this evening.
Are we linking this to the kidnap, or is Xun Li just the world's unluckiest man? You'd say if there was something wrong at home.
Course, but nothing is.
You lied to us.
So, where were you? Tell us about Xun Li's murder, it'll make things a lot better for you later.
I can't see him opening the door to Wendy or any of her thugs.
I didn't have anything to do with my uncle's death.
I lied.
Everything isn't fine.
Alan? It's me.
I've got something.
It's big.
Trust me.