DCI Banks Aftermath s06e05 Episode Script

Undertow Part One

1 I just need you to get down here now.
(ON PHONE) 'What are you doing?' (GRUNTS) 'Annie? Annie, what's happening? Hold on, I'm coming to you! I'm coming to you right now!' (ON RADIO) '8-7-2 from Control.
Please confirm exact location.
' (ON RADIO) 'Control from 8-7-2.
The casualty is in the alley between Howsden Street and Barstock Road.
Alley's been cordoned off but request more units to assist.
' '8-7-2 from Control.
You have Units 45, 78 and 56 on the way.
Go ahead, 49.
' Request status of casualty.
'Unit 49, ambulance is on scene and casualty is being assessed.
' Is she alive? Central Control from Unit 49, can you confirm casualty (HORN HONKING) Alan! (TYRES SCREECHING, HORN BLARING) (EXHALES) (SIREN WAILING) (PANTING) Hold on.
Let him through.
Excuse me.
Oh! Oh! (SNIFFLING) Annie, you need to get up.
(SOBBING) Annie, can you hear me? You need to get up now.
(SOBBING) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Alan, you have to come away now.
People need to work.
Helen, where is she? Is she all right? Jesus Christ.
What happened? The paramedics say she was stabbed.
Her bag's missing and her purse She was mugged? Have we got a suspect? Not yet.
Witnesses? Uniform are canvassing now.
What about the boss? He hasn't said a word.
I came as soon as I heard.
I'm sorry, it's a shocking thing to happen.
Yes, sir.
Where is he? Alan, I want you to know that we will get whoever did this.
That's a promise.
I've arranged for another team to pick this up.
They're on their way.
Are you OK to hand everything over to them? We're not handing this over.
This is our case.
Can you give us a moment? Sir.
You too.
I understand.
Really, I do.
You're angry, and you should be.
But that's exactly why we have to pass this on.
There isn't time.
They're already on their way.
Even if they start tonight, it'll take them two days to get up and running.
And I can live with that if it means doing this properly.
What about them out there? The public get anxious when coppers get killed and the press know that.
They'll give you some grace, a week at the most, but if you don't get a quick result, they will turn on you.
This happened to our team, sir.
We're here and we're ready to go.
We're picking this one up.
What? Right.
Come on, gather round, listen up.
I don't need to tell you what this case means to us.
Annie was our friend.
So that means none of us stop until we catch whoever killed her.
So that means any witnesses interviewed, all CCTV within half a mile of this crime scene gets collected.
We get her phone checked out.
Ken, find her car.
It's been less than an hour since Annie was attacked, let's get moving.
We have to tell David.
ErIsla and I were playing vets.
Panda's got a very sore throat.
Where's Annie? How did it happen? We don't have the full picture yet.
Well, what do you have? Well, we think Annie may have been the victim of a street robbery .
and she sustained a fatal knife wound.
"Sustained a fatal knife wound"? Yes.
"Sustained a fatal You're saying my wife was stabbed? I don't understand.
I spoke with her.
When? When she called, a couple of hours ago.
She said that she had to work late .
and that I was to kiss Isla goodnight for her.
Then did she say anything else? I asked her to bring home some milk.
The last thing I said to her was to make sure to pick up milk.
(SOBS) (SNIFFLES) KEN: I don't care how long it takes, just find her bloody car, will you? All right, what about height? Age? Hair? Did you see what he was wearing? Dark and he had a hood.
Right, Jason here was smoking a cigarette outside the pub across the way.
He saw a man running from the alley down Barstock Road.
I didn't think anything of it until the police showed up.
Sure there's enough of you? There's been a serious incident.
A police officer's been attacked.
That explains it, then.
What does it explain? You lot, pulling out all the stops cos it's one of your own.
Watch your mouth, son.
All right.
Get a grip.
Watch your mouth, son.
Ken, calm down, he's just a kid.
All right, I need these two down at the station for their statements tonight, please.
Oh, you're joking.
You'll be in and out, boys, it's all right.
Thank you.
Come on.
Are you OK? How's David? He's arranging for his sister to come over to take care of Isla.
He wants to see Annie tonight.
COLIN: 'Tonight, the life of a brave and dedicated officer was taken in an act of senseless violence.
' Not only was Detective Sergeant Cabbot an exemplary officer .
she was also a wife and a mother.
Our thoughts tonight are with her husband and daughter.
OK, thanks for that.
The tech boys are sending Annie's call history over.
What about her car? Silk Street, multi-storey.
CCTV has her parking up about 8:30.
It's my fault, boss.
Yeah, I should have insisted.
I should've made her take me with her, but she said she'd be fine, so I What are you talking about? Last night at the station, I was there when Annie took the call.
What call? It sounded like someone was upset.
Annie said she'd be right there.
Well, who was it? I dunno.
Then you better find out.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Cause of death was a single penetrating wound to the upper torso on the left side.
The blade entered just below her ribcage and was thrust upwards.
It travelled four inches before it finally penetrated her heart.
No other wounds present save for some grazing on her left cheek, possibly sustained when she fell.
Some alcohol in her bloodstream.
Stomach showed red wine along with bread and olives.
And the blade? Unusual.
Large incision.
Wide, too.
Kitchen knife? More likely a hunting knife.
This is a Buckrock K-47, a top-of-the-range hunting knife and very similar to the weapon that our killer used.
It's a specialist weapon.
It's expensive, too.
So we need to talk to the hunting and fishing clubs, see if any of their members have anything like this or have reported something similar missing.
Where are we with forensics? The report should be coming in later this morning.
Vince, CCTV? No cameras in the alley, obviously, but pretty good coverage on the main drag.
Erwitness claims he saw a hooded male running from the scene.
We took this from a camera situated about 500 metres from the alley.
Timecode has it at 21:20.
Now, it's not the greatest image, I admit that, but this guy here, this could be our suspect.
Ken, where are we with Annie's phone records? The last three calls she made all check out.
The last three calls Last one was to the boss at 21:09.
She said that she had something important.
She never got to tell me exactly what that was.
Apart from the boss, the last call Annie received was from a pay-as-you-go mobile.
Ken witnessed that call - someone asked to meet Annie.
I've no idea who it was.
But we have an idea where that meeting was gonna take place, somewhere around Howsden Street.
Obviously, this person has become a vital witness and we need to find them.
Howsden Street was busy last night.
There's lots of student bars and so far we haven't found anyone who remembers seeing Annie.
Our pathologist said that the last things Annie consumed were red wine, bread and olives.
You won't get that in a student bar.
But we might find it here cos there's a new restaurant that's opened just opposite the alley.
It's called the Andalusian.
Yeah, I remember her.
Her and her mate.
Her mate? Well, another woman, anyway.
Did you recognise this woman? I've never seen her before.
Can you describe her? About 35, rich.
How did you know she was rich? Her clothes - all designer labels.
How long were they in here? No more than an hour.
Your friend left first.
Then Prada woman paid up ten minutes later.
How did she pay? Credit card.
One of the black ones.
(ON PHONE) The woman in the bar was Tamsin Richards.
Tamsin Richards? 'Credit card receipt has her paying at 9:12.
Waiter says Annie left the bar ten minutes earlier.
' So why was Annie meeting Tamsin? 'That's what we're gonna find out.
' Do you think Tamsin was involved? 'I don't think it's a coincidence.
' I need to talk to you.
Have you read the forensics report? Not yet.
Right, well, let me save you the trouble.
Any physical evidence from the body and the crime scene is worthless.
The chief forensics officer said the scene was compromised before his team could process it.
Helen, I'm getting reports that he touched the body.
That he laid his jacket over her, for God's sake.
He was in shock.
I knew it was a mistake.
I should've made him stand down.
Right, we need to work together on this, Helen.
Sir? The man's grieving but we can't let him jeopardise this investigation.
From now on, I want you reporting back to me on Banks.
You're to be my eyes and ears.
Understood? You're asking me to spy on him? I'm asking you to look out for him.
You're asking me to spy on him? Think of it as a training exercise.
Monitoring your colleagues will be part of your job when you're a DCI.
Can I help you with something? I don't think so.
How long before we start? As soon as we get permission.
Barge right in, why don't you? I need to speak to your wife, Mr Richards.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Plans for our next development.
We're building a luxury apartment complex.
Well, we will be when we get it past city council tomorrow.
Where's Tamsin? Ercould be London.
Likes to go there three or four times a year.
Or maybe at some spa, up to her eyeballs in mud baths and facials.
See, Tamsin likes to do these little vanishing acts every now and again, keep me on my toes.
Her way of reminding me she's still her own woman.
What do you want with her, anyway? She met with DS Cabbot last night.
Oh, yeah, the one who was mugged? Who says she was mugged? The news.
As the last person to see DS Cabbot alive, Tamsin's a vital witness.
I'm sure if she'd seen anything, she would've come forward.
But when she gets home, I'll get her to give you a call.
Did you know she was meeting with DS Cabbot last night? No, erTamsin never mentioned it.
Doesn't bother you? Your wife meeting up with a police officer? Why would that bother me? You might want to slow down, boss.
(TYRES SCREECH) It was Richards.
What? He might not have stuck the knife in himself but he was behind it.
Oh, it was him, the robbery was just a smokescreen.
Richards had Annie murdered.
Why would he do that? I dunno yet, but it must have had something to do with Annie meeting Tamsin.
Someone used Annie's credit card this morning.
It's gotta be our man.
I'm outside the delivery address now.
He tried to buy £200's worth of baby equipment online.
OK, let's do it.
Police! Stay where you are! Clear.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Do you not think he's got enough problems without you lot giving him an heart attack? State of that door! I'm sorry, we forced access because your uncle wouldn't open up for us.
Of course he wouldn't open up, he's in a wheelchair for God's sake.
Not to mention the fact he's got dementia.
Poor sod doesn't even know what day it is.
OK, I'm really sorry.
Is he all right? He's a bit shaken up but he'll be fine.
smashing his door down, no respect His niece, she's not very happy.
How can you tell? Well, he doesn't look like your typical credit card fraudster.
He doesn't even have Internet.
Any chance it was the niece? Well, we'll check her out but I doubt it.
Did you speak to Tamsin? Not yet.
Steven Richards killed Annie.
He set it up, it was on his orders.
Come on, £150 specialist hunting knife.
It's not your average mugger's weapon of choice, is it? And I don't think it was a random stab to the heart, I think it was right on target.
It doesn't fit with Richards, he's far too smart to go after police.
What if he had no choice? What if he was desperate, angry? About what? That his wife had arranged a meeting with a copper.
What if Tamsin had given Annie something on Richards? Something that could hurt him? No, Annie would have told us.
She did, she phoned me.
She said, "I've got something big.
" I'm starting to believe it was Steven Richards.
And if Richards found out that Tamsin was talking to Annie, he'd have to act fast.
That's exactly what he did.
So what's our next move? Find Tamsin.
Ken! Alan, wait.
Go after Richards too soon and you risk tipping him off.
Leave it any longer and he has the chance to cover his tracks.
But you don't have any proof.
I'll find some.
They've searched the house, nothing.
Well, whoever used Annie's card must have access to this address.
The niece said he's housebound, barely sees a soul.
Find out who's doing his garden.
KEN: I'm guessing there wasn't a surveillance team available, then? She might not even come home.
She'll come home.
I remember me and Annie pulled an all-nighter once.
We were watching this warehouse out in Wetherby, I don't remember why exactly .
but I remember it was freezing.
Anyway, around two in the morning .
Annie announces she's starving and pulls rank.
I had to walk two miles before I found a 24-hour garage.
She was asleep when I got back.
(SNIFFLES) That's him.
Anthony Tinsley? Yeah? I'm DI Morton, this is DC Grady.
We're here to talk about your relationship with Victor Yardley.
I've never heard of him.
Yeah, apparently you do his garden.
Vince! (WORKERS JEERING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) A baby monitor, changing bag, steriliser and six bottles, Moses basket and assorted baby clothes.
Do you recognise these items, Anthony? Someone tried to purchase them this morning using a stolen credit card.
And the delivery address given was the house belonging to Victor Yardley.
Victor's niece says that you and your mates did Victor's garden as part of your community service.
And she told us that you took a shine to Victor and that you came back on your own to do his garden in your spare time for free.
So, how come Victor got the special treatment? Have you ever used Victor's address for your own correspondence? No comment.
Did you attempt to use a stolen credit card this morning? No comment.
It'll only take us a few hours to trace the IP address back to you.
You need to talk to us, Anthony because that credit card belonged to DS Annie Cabbot, and it was stolen last night when she was stabbed.
That's right.
Anything you want to tell us? When we link this transaction to your computer .
we'll be one step closer to charging you with murder.
All right.
(CLEARS THROAT) All right.
He found it? Hm.
On a patch of waste ground about half a mile from his flat in Chapeltown, which is here.
Tinsley said he was on his way home around midnight, saw the bag had been dumped.
Took the cards, left the rest.
Where was he before that? He's got an alibi for the time of the murder.
Tinsley was visiting his girlfriend in hospital.
She'd just given birth to their daughter.
Half the maternity ward can vouch for him.
So the bag might still be there? Well, we'll soon find out.
We're taking a search party out there now.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Where's Banks? Erhe's bringing in Tamsin Richards.
Not something he could delegate? Apparently not.
Here we go.
So much for London.
STEVE: What the hell is this? Oi! I need you to come with me, Tamsin.
There's no need for that.
Steven? It's all right, you don't have to say a word, Tamsin, not a word.
I just think a street stabbing is a bit small-time for Richards.
And you think killing a police officer, that's more in his league, do you? Banks's instinct's usually right.
Well, maybe he's letting his feelings cloud his judgement on this one.
Well, I might be new but I'm not stupid.
I know he was in love with Annie, he didn't exactly hide it.
Look, I'm not trying to do him down but the pressure's on with this case.
It might be better if we have someone that wasn't so close to the victim.
I was close to Annie, Vince.
Yeah, you worked with her.
And we were friends.
Anyway, what I mean is, we need someone with a bit of distance.
Ma'am? Oh, that's it.
That's it, thank you.
Tinsley wasn't lying, then.
From the crime scene to here, how far? Four, five miles.
I wouldn't walk it, would you? Check the ANPR log when we get back, see if anything comes up.
TAMSIN: Annie turned up about 8:30.
We had a couple of glasses of wine and then she had to get home.
And what did you do then? Finished my wine, paid the bill and then a cab picked me up from outside.
And, no, I didn't see what happened.
First I knew she was dead was when I turned on the news this morning.
Why did you meet with DS Cabbot? I wanted some advice.
On what? If you must know, on my marriage.
Is that so hard to believe? That you sought out DS Cabbot for marriage counselling? Yes, it is.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Tamsin.
Better than the truth? What did you tell her? Nothing.
We just chatted.
But you and DS Cabbot weren't friends.
So? Well, you don't discuss your marriage with someone you don't know well.
When I found out Kat was dead .
I wanted to scream.
I wanted to tear the skin off my face.
The worst part was I had nobody to talk to.
All you had was questions.
Steven was too angry and .
well, everyone else is too scared of him to go near me.
I'd just lost my only daughter .
and I was alone.
Until Annie.
She spoke to me, she understood.
She was the only one.
So, no, we weren't friends .
but I called her because I trusted her and because I knew she'd listen.
And don't you think it's strange, Annie dying shortly after meeting you? Strange? It's bloody tragic.
Could there be a connection? I had nothing to do with her death.
What about your husband? Well, why don't you go and ask him? Cab company confirms they picked up Tamsin around 9:30.
Richards owns the cab company.
We have to consider the possibility that she wasn't involved.
If she wasn't involved, why was she hiding out at her house? I don't know, but what I do know is that she has been cooperative.
We have to release her.
We've got nothing to hold her on.
Richards is here with his lawyer.
Is everything all right? Are you sure? So, we're done here? We need to talk to Tamsin again.
We'll see about that.
Come on.
Oh, Alan.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Dad, what are you doing here? I just came to see if you were all right.
You need to go.
I want you to know I'm not angry with you.
I know how much you loved her.
Come on.
Go home, please.
I'll call you.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, OK.
We've got him.
Morning, everyone.
Yes, Helen.
Stuart Colvin.
49 years old, unemployed.
Current address is a property north of Aysgarth.
Colvin's car, it's a Mondeo.
Registration K-U-O-2-E-F-J.
ANPR clocked it near this patch of waste ground at 10:48pm on the night DS Cabbot was killed, where we recovered DS Cabbot's bag.
We cross-referenced the same car with the ANPR from the crime scene.
And guess what? We got a match.
The Mondeo was near the alley at the time DS Cabbot was killed, and then later, near the waste ground.
What else do we know about Colvin? Had a history of violence and addiction.
Served three years for assault with a knife in 2002.
Any connection to Richards? None that we know of.
Right, we need to locate and arrest Stuart Colvin.
We'll start at Aysgarth.
Colvin also has a rented lock-up near Allerton.
Be worth taking a look.
Two teams, then.
Helen and I will go to Aysgarth.
Ken, Vince, get a search team over to the lock-up.
Let's move.
Clear, boss! (HUFFS) Oh, God.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) There's nothing like sliced-up defenceless animals to help you relax, is there? Let's get it all bagged up.
Will you give me a hand here? I need this open, please.
We've got a silver Mondeo in the lock-up.
'Anything?' Forensics are checking it now.
Thanks, Ken, keep me posted.
(GRUNTS) (SIGHS) Colvin has another vehicle.
We've got registration docs for a Citroen van, licence plate A-A Look, this is our connection, the Crosslands Clinic, a rehab centre that operated in Leeds until 2007.
Colvin must've passed through there.
So? So? Richards' file.
Richards was in rehab for alcohol addiction in 2006.
He did three stints in all.
One of the clinics was the Crosslands.
I'll bet you that's where he and Colvin met.
We can check it out, but even if they were there at the same time, it could just be a coincidence.
That Citroen van of Colvin's, does it say what colour it was? Green.
(SIREN WAILING) Control from 49.
We're in pursuit of suspect heading west at speed on the Aysgarth Road.
Green Citroen van.
Papa-Three- One-Six-Papa-Yankee-Uniform.
Alan! (ENGINE REVS) Slow down! He's not getting away.
(ENGINE HISSING) Call an ambulance.
Control from 49, this is DI Morton.
I need an ambulance at (INDISTINCT) (GROANS) Get me out of here.
(SIREN WAILING) Well? It could have been a lot worse.
Hey, hey, hold up! No, I just need to question him.
After we get him to hospital.
I just need a word.
We have you at the scene, we have your car and we're going over your house as we speak.
We've got you.
I know you murdered her.
This is where you get to save your skin.
I know Richards was behind this, I just need you to confirm it.
And now you're done.
Where are you going? Alan! What (SIGHS) .
environmental impact report (GASPS) You'll see we've made efforts You barge into my home, you haul my wife in for questioning and now you're disrupting my business.
and now you're disrupting Colvin's in custody.
Who's Colvin? He'll hold out for a while but we both know he's weak.
He'll give me the truth in the end.
The truth being? That you ordered him to kill one of my officers - DS Annie Cabbot.
(SNICKERS) Really? (CHUCKLES) Can you hear yourself? What I don't understand is, why.
What did she do? What was so bad that you had to have her killed? Did she get too close to Tamsin? What has your wife been saying about you? It's only a matter of time before I find out, but I will find out.
Tamsin reckons you were in love with this copper.
I didn't buy it at first.
I didn't see you as the type to go sniffing around the underlings, a bit too upstanding for that.
But now, seeing you here .
I'm beginning to think Tamsin was right.
I know what it feels like to lose someone you love.
All that guilt burning away at you.
Even when you know it wasn't your fault, you still blame yourself, and that's where you are right now.
But what you really need to do is face the truth .
when she needed you most .
you weren't there.
(GRUNTING) Alan! (SNIGGERS) Touched a nerve, did I, eh? (PANTING) What the hell were you thinking? Oh, let's not make a thing of this.
Yes, well, it is a thing, you just assaulted him.
You really have to try and control - Why aren't you angry about this? What? This is Annie we're talking about.
And he had her slaughtered in the street, left to bleed to death in an alleyway, Helen.
I don't how you do it.
I don't know how you can be so cold.
But I do know that no copper wants to work under a DCI who doesn't feel it, and that's always gonna be your problem, Helen, and that's always you don't feel it! (PHONE CHIMES) (SNIFFLES) It's Anderson, he wants to see us.
It was reckless.
You had no business pursuing Stuart Colvin.
I'm the lead on this case.
For God's sake, we have pursuit drivers and they're better trained for it than you are.
I caught him, didn't I? You almost killed him! Right, that's it, I'm handing this over.
Clearly, you need time to process DS Cabbot's death.
You can't do that and lead her murder investigation.
I'm not done here.
I still have to question Colvin.
I need him to confirm the link to Richards.
Richards? DI Morton will take over the case.
What? She'll be made acting DCI.
With respect, sir It's done, Banks.
Go home.
(DOOR OPENS) Alan, wait.
What's going on, boss? You best ask acting DCI Morton.