DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Star City 2046

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to: the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" We're in the Temporal Zone.
I don't understand.
No one should be able to A scan of the vessel suggests that it is the bounty hunter, Kronos.
- Argh! - A crash landing in both place and time.
[eerie music.]
Gideon, camouflage the ship.
This doesn't look like the type of place we want to linger out in the open.
That looks a lot like a Palmer Tech building, but why does it have a Smoak logo on it? Wait, this is Star City.
I thought you said the timeline was safe.
Yes, Star City was intact in 2016.
This this is 2046.
Don't move! Thank God.
I said don't move.
It's me.
It's Sara.
Hey, Oliver, look.
I know it's been a long time.
But don't you remember that Rip Hunter recruited us to become legends? [dramatic music.]
I never heard of any Legends.
Get back! This guy a friend of yours? I don't like him.
[gun blasting.]
What are you doing? It's called shooting back.
Can't be the Green Arrow.
That's not Oliver Queen.
Sure dresses like him.
Shoots arrows like him.
Well, whoever he is, I don't plan on sticking around to get shish kebabbed by this dude.
Kid's right.
Let's stay behind and kill him.
We need you in charge of the ship.
[exciting music.]
[dramatic music.]
All right, Rip.
Tell us the truth.
You've all seen how the timeline is malleable in flux until it is set.
Well, this future is not set.
Remember when I told you it was dangerous for any of you to know too much about your own futures? Well, the events that you dread could very well come to be due to your actions to prevent them.
You know what I think? I think you think too much.
Believe me when I tell you that the best thing for yourselves and for this mission is to make the repairs to the Waverider here in 2046 then head back to your own time and make sure that none of this ever comes to be.
Looks like the whole propulsion system's jacked.
How do you even know what we're looking at here? Doesn't matter if it takes you down the road or through time.
An engine's still an engine.
How long will it take you to make repairs? I'm not too sure, but it would go a lot faster if I had some help.
Maybe Kendra could lend me a hand? Enlist whoever is free to help, I have this to contend with.
This is the Neuromorphic Interface for Gideon's logic and navigation matrix.
Without it, Gideon cannot function.
Well, that explains how we got stranded here in the future.
Palmer Tech was working on a self-learning, Neuromorphic Cortex.
They surely would have gone to prototype by 2046.
We are going to need that prototype.
Ah, Palmer Tech is now Smoak Technologies, but, uh, I'm sure I can still get us in.
As I said, we must keep you and Ms.
Lance separate from your future homes.
In any case, there's a reason why I recruited individuals adept at misappropriating others' property.
It's not money.
It's not jewels.
It's not a valuable artifact.
You're just lucky I'll steal anything right about now.
- As I suspected.
- We'll get your gizmo.
You just get this bucket flying again.
- I'm coming with.
- No, no you are not.
You're too emotionally connected to the city.
- We've been over this.
- I'm over you.
You got us on a mission to change the timeline for yourself.
And you won't even let us look at our futures? Now, I know this city better than anyone else, and you're gonna need me out there.
So, either I'm coming with, or we can find out if the Time Masters are as good at teaching people to fight as the League of Assassins.
[tense music.]
So the rest of the team's on a field trip to Palmer Tech, now Smoak Technologies.
Palmer Tech sounds better, right? Be honest.
Honestly, they sound about the same.
Even assuming our compatriots return with a Neuromorphic prototype, we'll still need to prepare Gideon for the new device.
And the engines could definitely use some loving.
Actually, I could use an extra pair of hands.
Well, Raymond, why don't you and Ms.
Saunders continue repairing Gideon, and I'll assist Jefferson with the engines? [sighs.]
This is just a potential future.
It doesn't matter if we kill anyone here, right? Well, to avoid the risk of a paradox, it's probably best to refrain from killing anyone.
I'm not gonna promise anything.
My sister's apartment used to be over here.
I seem to remember something about your father being a police captain.
- Your point? - Did one hell of a job.
My father and everyone else would never have let this happen unless they were all dead.
[foreboding music.]
You really are pretty good at this.
Yeah, I was a shipyard welder in 1944.
No way.
A real life Rosie the Riveter? [laughing.]
Is there anything you can't manage to put a positive spin on? Uh, no, I got it: the DMV.
So you do have a dark side.
You making fun of me? Little bit.
Doesn't mean I don't find your unwavering optimism enjoyable.
I find watching you weld enjoyable.
Palmer, in case you weren't aware, you are on an open channel, and we can hear everything you're saying.
Is it too much to ask for some professionalism around here, and why am I getting so upset? One moment, please.
[earpiece clicks.]
I'm not upset.
You're upset.
- [earpiece clicks.]
- No, I'm not.
My elevated blood pressure confirms that you are.
I'm just I'm just getting annoyed that those two are talking instead of working.
I mean [sighs.]
- You like her.
- Dude, you're being crazy.
You do remember that we share a psychic connection.
I can sense what you're feeling.
If that were true, then you would shut up.
Hey, it's no day at the beach for me, either.
Believe me.
Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause I don't stand a chance with her anyway.
Now, why would you say that? Because right now, my competition is a billionaire genius who built his own super-suit and some other dude she's known for 4,000 years who she is destined to be with.
If I may offer one word of advice I really wish you wouldn't.
That word would be "confidence.
" [gentle music.]
You met my younger self.
I was quite the ladies' man.
Put yourself out there.
Good things will happen.
Palmer Tech's just two blocks up this way.
Or at least it used to be.
Take cover in there! [suspenseful music.]
It's like World War III out there.
It's beautiful.
[engine revs.]
We need to find another route.
Argh! Ms.
Lance, don't.
Sara! Damn it! You two don't move.
We'll be right back.
We're not gonna sit here, right? Imagine all the looting we can do in this chaos.
Why don't we stretch our legs at that bank we passed three blocks back? [gunfire, yelling.]
[engines revving.]
Drop your weapons, and hand over your wallets.
Wait, are you actually trying to mug us? What is this, amateur hour? If you don't do what my man says, we're gonna crush you into the pavement like a couple of ants.
Really? What do you say we teach these fellas a lesson? Yeah.
That's what you get when you don't follow directions.
Hold this.
Second thoughts - Argh! - [crowd exclaims.]
Whoa! Where did you get that? eBay.
[overlapping chatter.]
Now, your boss will not be needing this.
Well, this has been fun, but I think it's time to leave.
Leave? Why would we leave? Ah! Come on, sweetheart.
[engines gunning.]
Don't move.
[dramatic music.]
You you are persistent.
I saw you get shot point-blank.
It's high-density Kevlar, now who the hell are you? - Who are you? - I'm the Green Arrow.
Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.
No, he's not.
Oliver Queen is dead.
How did Oliver die? I don't know.
No one does.
No one's seen him since - Well, since the Uprising.
- Uprising? Is just what people called it when Well, when all this happened.
15 years ago, he brought an army with him.
- Who brought an army? - I did.
[ominous music.]
No, it's not possible.
[ominous music.]
How did you get off Lian Yu? Say something, damn it! Ms.
Lance? Who is this? Somebody very dangerous.
Then now is not the right time for me to say it but please, remind me later to tell you that I told you so.
How are you still alive, Slade? Slade.
That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
How do you know my father? He called you Ms.
Any relation to the late Captain Lance? If so, you must have heard stories about my father.
I knew your father.
He was insane.
Seems to run in the family.
I'm going to enjoy killing you or we will.
[dramatic music.]
Okay, bad idea.
Come on.
[exciting music.]
All right.
Grey and I have got the mains back online.
Uh, Ray's working on something called the quantum manifold.
But I can't seem to get this to cooperate.
Let me give it a try.
[romantic music.]
Hey, you actually seem to know what you're doing here.
Uh, yeah, machines are kind of my thing.
Plus, I've been looking at the instruction manual in my downtime, so [laughing.]
Most people can't follow the instructions to build their new bookcase, and here you are working on a spaceship.
A time-traveling spaceship from the future, no less.
Well, when you put it like that, I am kind of amazing.
- And humble.
- [laughs.]
Hey, if you ever have any bookcases need putting together I'll know who to call.
So, Raymond, you were working with Kendra earlier.
I couldn't help but notice there might've been a little spark.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
It was quite apparent and if I'm not mistaken, I've noticed her throwing one or two glances your way.
- Huh.
- Mm-hmm.
Wow, that's that's surprising.
- Is it? - Well, yeah.
I don't know, I hadn't really considered her in that way.
Why are you bringing this up? [chuckles.]
Jeez, I feel like I'm back in high school.
I honestly wouldn't know.
I skipped 10th grade.
And 11th.
I haven't really spent that much time with Kendra.
You know, other than time that we shared with her and her reincarnated soulmate, or people trying to kill us.
All the more reason to avoid personal attachments.
This ship may be large, but our group is small.
Preaching to the choir, Professor.
We're onboard the Waverider to save the world not hook up.
Yes, quite right.
[club music.]
Hey, you, I'm terrible with names.
- I'm gonna call you Fonzie.
- Yeah! - I'm gonna call you Kenickie.
- Yeah! Anyone else here need a name? Your highness, can I get a moment of your time, please? Sure.
Ah, isn't the future great? We really should be getting back to Rip and Sara.
Why? 'Cause I'm not looking to put down roots here.
Why not? It's everything we've ever wanted.
I got a gang that does everything I tell them to.
I got a fur coat.
I got a chalice.
Speaking of.
- What about stopping Savage? - What about it? You're the one who said we're in this for the score, remember? We could live like kings here.
No cops, no heroes just some fool in a green hoodie.
It's Christmas every day.
Ah, my sweet.
Slade had a son? Look, Oliver tried.
He tried to raise an army to fight Deathstroke, but everyone just wanted to evacuate.
How can you save a city that doesn't want to be saved? [somber music.]
A moment.
Sara, I know what you must be thinking, but none of what has transpired here is your fault, nor do you have the means to change it, but Vandal Savage's future is preventable.
I implore you, please stay focused on our mission.
We're very grateful for your assistance, but we really must be moving along - to Smoak Technologies.
- What for? That place has been cleared out for years, but a lot of Felicity Smoak's projects got relocated.
Where? Come on.
You didn't say that Felicity's equipment would be here.
Well, where else would you think it'd be? [foreboding music.]
Queen's base of operations appears to have seen better days.
Yeah, well the place got attacked after Grant Wilson outed Queen as the Green Arrow.
Let's just find what we're looking for and get out of here.
Whoever's there, get out.
I said get out! [gun cocks.]
Whoever you are, get out.
[dramatic music.]
Oliver? Hello, Sara.
Long time, no see.
- Is that - Oliver Queen.
[dramatic music.]
Everyone thinks that you're dead.
They're not wrong.
Put the arrow down, John.
You're embarrassing yourself.
- John? - John Diggle Junior.
My dad is dead because I couldn't save him.
I don't deserve his name.
I'm Connor Hawke.
So you won't take his name, but it's all right to parade around in someone else's outfit? Well, someone has to, because last time that I checked, you were dead.
Everyone thought you were dead.
I've been trying to hold this city by myself because I thought you were gone.
What happened to you? To Laurel, to my dad - Felicity - They're gone.
- All of them.
- What do you mean? - Ollie - [whispers.]
What do you want me to say, Sara? 30 years ago, you and Ray hopped on a spaceship, - and you never came back.
- We will.
I don't want to say that things would have ended differently if you and Ray had been here, but But if we were, it could've made the difference.
You thought I was dead.
What are you doing here? We were looking for a Neuromorphic Prototype that Felicity Smoak was working on.
Felicity left after everything that happened.
Everything her company was working on is being kept in a warehouse at Adams and O'Neil.
- Entry code is 4-5-8-7.
- Thank you, Mr You found your way in find your way out.
[somber music.]
I got to admit, that wasn't bad advice, Grey.
So things went well with Ms.
Saunders? Oh, yeah.
Well, I have more good news.
I was able to very subtly confirm that Raymond has no romantic inclinations towards your crush object.
Okay, well, once we've sorted out my love life, we need to update your vocabulary.
Can't wait.
I'm gonna go check on Kendra.
- Hey confidence.
- Yeah.
I got the initial dampeners back online.
Once the rest of the team returns with the Neuromorphic Prototype, Gideon will be good to go.
Sooner we get out of here, the better.
- And thank you, by the way.
- Whatever for? Well, till you mentioned it, I hadn't really thought about Kendra in that way, because, you know, she and Carter were destined to be together in this lifetime, but it's all changed and, uh, you know, she's quirky and funny and beautiful and a pretty good welder.
So you know, what about all those things we were talking about? The mission and so forth? Oh, well, we're all adults here, right? Getting to know each other a little bit better, it's not gonna stop us from saving the world.
Oh, boy.
[club music.]
[indistinct shouting.]
- [door slams.]
- [glass shattering.]
- Who invited them? - [music stops.]
Word on the street is Deathstroke is pissed about something.
Deathstroke what kind of name's that? [suspenseful music.]
Party's over.
Everyone hit the streets.
Hit everybody on them.
I want Green Arrow dead by morning.
Listen, pal, this is my gang.
The only orders they take are from me.
Hmm, might be your gang, but it's my city.
Green Arrow is running with a female assassin in white and a Brit in a brown coat.
Kill them all.
Heard the man.
Let's go.
Looks like your new minions are about to go on a citywide manhunt - for Rip and Sara.
- So what? They're gonna kill our friends.
Since when did they become our friends? You tell me.
You and Raymond seemed to get pretty tight back in Russia.
I've never been tight with anyone.
Mick, it's time to go.
- You're not the boss of me.
- Actually, I am.
[laser charging.]
Okay, let's both take a deep breath.
And we'll make ourselves a deal.
You help me get to Rip and Sara.
Once they're safe, we can have this conversation.
Fair? [groans.]
Thank you for agreeing to accompany us, Mr.
It's Connor.
It's not like I needed to stick around Oliver Queen for anything.
- Did you know? - Know what? That this is what would happen in my city? Oliver said that the only reason that things got so bad was because Ray and I weren't there to help.
I suspected that might be the case, but that's actually a good thing.
Hm? Now, once our mission is complete and you and Dr.
Palmer are returned to Star City in 2016, you will both be present to stop Grant Wilson's Uprising.
This future is only a potential timeline.
So this this version of Star City this doesn't have to happen? Correct.
The future is always in flux.
Hopefully, this will never come to pass.
This world isn't real.
Let's split up.
We'll cover more ground.
[dramatic music.]
Hello, beautiful.
[indistinct shouting.]
[dramatic music.]
[metal clinking.]
There's too many of them! [electricity whines.]
Gentlemen, your timing is exemplary.
Where's Connor? He's been taken.
These are Grant Wilson's men.
The guy with the half face and the body armor has a real mad-on for the kid in the hoodie.
- Can I have a word? - Rip I know what you're going to say.
- We have to get him back.
- Yes, that.
You're forgetting this future is only a potential timeline.
Yeah, where Grant Wilson kills Connor.
Wilson's not going to murder Connor, because once you're returned to 2016, there won't be a Wilson or a Connor, at least not as we know them both right now.
Now that we rescued them, let's have that chat.
You want to stay here.
Thought I made that pretty clear.
What I'm less clear on is why you don't.
A city of thieves and criminals Sounds like a lot of competition.
Then we wipe them out.
What I did to that other guy, we do the same thing to this Grant Wilson and anyone else stupid enough to get in our way.
Take a look around, Snart.
We're living the dream.
Speaking of which Sleep tight, buddy.
What happened to him? Difference of opinion.
We need to get this and Mr.
Rory back to the Waverider.
[tense music.]
- [electricity zaps.]
- Ugh! Oh, Jefferson, perfect timing.
I'm in need of your mechanical acumen.
Okay, let's do it.
[gentle music.]
- What? - What did you do? I don't know what you're talking about.
You did something.
What did you do? Nothing, nothing.
You know, this psychic connection thing, it goes both ways and the moment that I walked in here, I started feeling really anxious and guilty.
You feel guilty, so what did you do? In my defense, I was only acting in your best interests.
What did you do? It's possible in my attempt to discern whether Dr.
Palmer had competing feelings for Ms.
Saunders Oh, you didn't I may have inadvertently prompted him to think of her in ways in which he hadn't.
- Ugh, Grey! - I'm sorry.
- My intentions were honorable.
- [sighs.]
Ah, it's cool.
- Is it? - Yeah.
I mean, nothing's really changed apart from the fact that now I got competition I didn't have before, but I should still have confidence in myself.
Right? Right.
Oh, they're back.
Where's Mr.
Rory? Sleeping it off.
We have the Neuromorphic Prototype.
Any luck with the ship's engines? Yeah, it's all good.
Is there something wrong, Ms.
Lance? Well, all my friends and family are dead, except for Oliver Queen, who happens to be dead inside and missing his left arm.
Sara, I have told you That this is just a potential future and that it's all gonna go back when we return to 2016 if we return.
But what if we don't? We all know Carter's not coming back.
It's not like we have the safest line of work.
I think if Sara wants to stay and help that then we should.
I mean, that's what we signed up for: - to be heroes.
- I agree with Jefferson.
Yes, of course you both do, because neither of you understand the pitfalls of changing the timeline.
Meddling with the future is arguably more dangerous than changing the past, because it is still in flux.
Your wife and son's death are in the future.
- You want us to change that.
- Don't play that card with me.
So what? Are you only willing to risk the timeline if it's your own family? I am not just trying to save my family and I'm not just trying to save one city, but the entire world! I'm not the one being selfish, Sara.
Go to hell.
Most likely.
If you want to go and save Mr.
Hawke, then be my guest.
I'll keep the ship here for one hour, then we're leaving.
With you on board or without.
[dramatic music.]
Hello, Mick.
You son of a bitch.
Just calm down.
You lied to me! [electricity surges.]
Wouldn't be the first time.
Remember the Del Ray Currency Exchange? The Black Hawk Armored Car job? If I hadn't lied to you on those scores, we'd both be in prison or dead.
I'm the brains.
You're the muscle.
That's how it's always been.
And on occasion, I've had to call some audibles.
You have a habit of getting in your own way, Mick.
You're right.
You've lied to me about jobs before, but then again, you lied to me about this being a job.
It's not about the score anymore for you.
You'd rather save the world than be my partner.
A real team player.
'Cause that's what it's gonna take to defeat Savage.
Then what? More money? More power? A life of leisure and sin? Don't you get it, Mick? If we take out Savage, this immortal monster, can't you see what that gets us? No, tell me.
We'd be the two baddest sons of bitches of all time.
I don't want a ticker tape parade.
You know what I want from this world.
Yes to see it burn.
You lay a hand on me again, you'll burn too.
[tense music.]
Oliver! [footsteps.]
Thought I told you to go.
Grant Wilson has Connor.
They're gonna kill him.
He knew what he was signing up for and you know there's nothing I can do to help him.
That's not the Oliver Queen that I know.
Maybe I'm not that person anymore.
Look at me, Sara.
I'm literally half the man I used to be.
Then that's the half this city needs.
He's got too many men, Ollie.
I can't do this by myself.
What about your friends? I'm on my own unless I'm not.
[dramatic music.]
Come on, Sara.
I never got the chance to ask Connor why he wears the hood, but I know why.
It's because this city will always need a Green Arrow.
Is the ship ready for departure? No, Ms.
Lance is not yet onboard.
I gave her an hour.
Hardly enough time for And she's been 90 minutes.
How much longer are we supposed to wait? It doesn't matter that this is a potential future.
It doesn't matter that this may never come to pass may never be real.
For Sara, this is very real.
I know, which is why I gave her an extra 30 minutes.
Gideon, what's our status? The Waverider is operational, Captain, but I can't guarantee for how long.
- Explain.
- We are cloaked, but positioned dangerously close to where the city's criminal element is gathering to witness the execution of Connor Hawke.
The longer we wait, the greater the risk of detection and further damage to the ship.
Do you really want to risk being marooned in this version of 2046 forever? Certainly more than I want to maroon Sara here.
She's our friend.
Our teammate.
What's the point of stopping Savage if we only become as immoral as he is in the process? - [indistinct shouting.]
- [Connor grunting.]
[ominous music.]
You should be honored.
This is hallowed ground.
I took Oliver Queen's arm in this very spot.
Well, then let me go, and we'll see which one of us is tougher: me or Queen.
I already know the answer to that.
Ready the prisoner.
[dramatic music.]
We saw her trying to sneak past the perimeter.
The League of Assassins would be embarrassed.
What was your strategy here? You really think you could just turn up tonight - kill me? - [laughter.]
It was just my job to distract you.
[exciting music.]
You're not Green Arrow.
You're just a punk in a Halloween costume.
Funny, I was gonna say the same thing about you.
You want to fight the Green Arrow? I'm right here.
[dramatic music.]
[both grunting.]
How did you convinced Rip to stay? Actually, sending in the cavalry was his idea.
Where's Mr.
Queen? Connor! Ugh! Cowards, all! [dramatic music.]
Oliver? It's good to see you again, Ray.
Thanks for the assist.
So who's that? His name is Grant Wilson.
Once upon a time, his father, Slade, tried to ruin my life.
- That's not a nice family.
- [sighs.]
That's good shooting, John.
It's Connor.
Either way, it's Green Arrow.
[triumphant music.]
We have a lot of work to do.
Grant Wilson did a good job of keeping the criminal element in the city together.
Now, there will be plenty of people to fill the vacuum.
I feel like I should stay.
Before Ray left, he told me why Rip brought all of you together.
It's important, Sara.
I just hate the idea of leaving you here to fix it alone.
I'm not alone.
[dramatic music.]
Just just be careful, all right? Well, you should know better than most I rarely ever am.
You watch his back.
Copy that.
Let's get to work.
All right, confidence.
So, uh, I think Rip might have some of that vodka left in his cabinet.
And? And maybe we could get a drink? Are you asking me out? Yes? No.
I think so.
Is that okay? Yeah, that that's totally okay, except that three months ago, I was a completely normal person and now I'm a hawk goddess traveling through time, trying to avoid being killed by an immortal psychopath who murdered the man I was destined to be with.
So I'm sorry, Ray.
I I think my life's complicated enough without throwing whatever this is into the mix.
[somber music.]
Yeah, totally understand.
If I was a reincarnated Egyptian priestess, I'd probably feel the same way.
[clears throat.]
I'm gonna go check on Professor Stein.
Mm-hmm, yup.
All good here.
- Absolutely no problems.
- Everything okay here? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, fine.
You? Oh, yeah, good.
It's good.
Uh how much of that did you hear? Uh, enough.
I'm sorry.
Sorry too.
Wait, you knew that I - Yeah.
- [defeated.]
- You're not that subtle.
- [sighs.]
She would've picked me, by the way.
Keep telling yourself that.
She would've.
[dramatic music.]
I'm just working on determining our next destination.
I've considered your suggestion of hell, but I think I'll give it a miss for the time being.
I just wanted to say thank you for sending the team to back me up.
As it turns out, you were right.
That must've been hard to say.
Of late I've discovered that I still have a lot to learn, I admit.
Including the fact that every future is worth fighting for.
That said this mission is going to continue to present us with difficult choices, and I need to know that you are a member of this team.
I guess so.
All right, Gideon, let's see if these repairs that Martin, Ray, and Jax made are up to scratch.
As far as I can tell, Ms.
Saunders did most of the work, while the two gentlemen - competed for - Just get us out of here.
Please, Gideon.
I'm gonna miss this place.
Yeah, they really seemed like your kind of people.
I don't know who my people are anymore.
So where to next, Captain? Well, the beauty of this mission is that the real question is not where, but when.
In which case, I suggest that we next hit Savage when he least expects it.
[electricity whines.]
[dramatic music.]

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