DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Night of the Hawk

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to: the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
[dramatic music.]
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Ray! Ray, I need you! Please! I thought you were dead.
Well, not only did you fail to capture Savage.
You also exposed yourselves and your powers to him, giving away the element of surprise for now and all time.
I let you go, you'll deliver the Waverider.
Boys, ship's all yours.
You're a liability to the team.
Only one of us is walking out of here alive.
One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock rock Nine, ten, eleven o'clock Tommy, promise me you won't go too fast.
You got to hold on to something, honey.
- Preferably me.
- Remember.
Just 'cause you stole your grandma's wheels don't mean you got to drive like her.
You run your mouth pretty fast.
Let's see if your car can keep up.
[engines revving.]
- Whoo! - Let's go! - [laughter.]
- Whoo! [tire pops.]
Tommy, watch it! [screams.]
When it's eight, nine, ten, eleven too I'll be going strong and so will you We're gonna rock around the clock tonight We're gonna rock, rock, rock till broad daylight We're gonna rock, gonna rock Around the clock tonight Yo, James Dean! Are you What's that? I think that's a comet or something.
It's a meteorite, in point of fact.
I was drawn to it as well.
Your presence out here was unexpected.
Or perhaps that's just another word for destiny.
[exciting music.]
I'm not the only one whose vision is blurry in their left eye, am I? - Oh.
- Seeing three of everything? That's normal, right? Yes, as I mentioned before, the effect of time travel on the human body increases with the length of each jaunt.
So where are we? Harmony Falls, Oregon.
According to Captain Baxter's intel, Savage makes an appearance in this quaint little hamlet.
What the hell is Savage doing in Pleasantville? Murder, apparently.
Several denizens of Harmony Falls have been brutally slain, and others have gone missing.
Kind of like Rory.
Reports are vague, but it seems like the killer is an expert with knives.
That sounds like Savage's MO.
Yeah, but serial killing isn't.
Sounds pretty small-time for a guy who's had coffee with Hitler.
Yeah, well, clearly we have to assume that Savage has a larger, more nefarious plan.
But since we've jumped back in time, Savage isn't expecting us here.
Savage is pretty good at hiding, even in a small town, so how do you plan to find him? By investigating these murders.
Now, there has to be a common link between the victims, starting with the first.
A piano teacher was found slain in her home, which is now on the market.
There is, of course, crown molding.
All original floors.
Stucco ceiling.
There's a small room above the garage, suitable for live-in help.
Oh, well, we don't need a maid.
My husband and I get along just fine on our own.
You know, I have a lovely Tudor style in another town.
A more accepting one.
No, that's that's fine.
I like my towns backward.
Matt Miller was found murdered on the grounds of the asylum where he worked.
The sanitarium is in need of a replacement.
It's a very impressive facility.
I did my doctoral thesis on socio-pathology in relationship to serial murder, actually.
Well, that'll certainly come in handy around here.
We've been short-staffed ever since Dr.
Miller's sudden demise.
Of course, I could never consider accepting a position here without my faithful nurse/assistant.
Yes, well, she looks like she'll fit right in.
Meanwhile, Jefferson is the perfect age to discern the facts behind the disappearance of three teenagers who went missing a week before these murders began.
So Raymond and Kendra are shacking up, Sara's Nurse Ratched, and Jax's the new kid in town.
Where does that leave me? [dramatic music.]
We're looking for the sheriff.
Well, you found him.
Bud Ellison.
How can I help you, folks? Special Agent Rip Hunter.
This is my partner, Leonard.
We are here to investigate the serial murders which have plagued this sleepy old town of yours.
Now, slow down there, buddy.
There ain't no serial killer anywhere.
All we got is some unexplained accidents is all.
How about you hand over those case files so we can decide for ourselves? Or we can come back with a court order and a really nasty disposition.
Anything for our friends at the bureau.
Nice work, partner.
You're not my partner.
There's only one person I ever trusted on this job, and we all know how that turned out.
['50s rock music playing.]
Schwinn Hornets.
I had the very same one when I was their age.
Seeing white picket fences and perfect family houses, it's enough to make one nostalgic.
Or nauseated.
Oh, come on, Ms.
Even someone as jaded as yourself can't deny how idyllic this time was.
If you're white.
And a man.
And straight.
And Okay, okay.
I get the point.
Dude, even if this town wasn't full of small-minded idiots, it'd still be creepy as hell.
I used to watch all these old horror movies with my mom, and they all started off in places like this.
See, first it's all perfect, and then, boom, some alien monster beast thing starts killing kids on Lovers' Lane.
- Ooh.
- I'm telling you, man.
What is it? An unhappy cheerleader.
Now, that is scary.
That girl was from the newspaper articles Rip showed us.
She knows the guys that went missing.
Perhaps she can illuminate us as to their whereabouts.
Dude, can you not just say, "Hey, Jax, why don't you go talk to her and find out what she knows?" Like a normal person.
Hey, Jax, why don't you just go do that? All right.
We mustn't dawdle.
I believe our lunch hour is nearly at an end.
Come along, Nurse.
Just so you know, Ra's al Ghul taught me how to kill someone slowly, over the course of days.
Hey, you mind if I sit? [gasps.]
You can't sit with him.
What is up with them? Um I-I don't think they've seen anyone Dip their fries in their milk shake before? Oh.
Mm-mm, don't knock it till you tried it, girl.
- Okay, that's really good.
- Right? Yeah.
- I'm Jax.
- Betty.
Nice to meet you, Betty.
Hey, Betty.
Just because your boyfriend went AWOL doesn't mean you have to slum it with this loser.
Why don't you do yourself a favor, Biff? Keep walking before you really, really embarrass yourself.
What? You want to take a swing at me? Hey.
Let's go.
This isn't over.
I am so sorry about that.
- Uh, where were we? - No, that was amazing.
Do you want to hang out tomorrow night? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - It's a date.
- Okay.
[slow music playing.]
I was caught by your kisses Well, now that we're done moving in, care to dance? Sure.
Locked in your arms There's no mistake So yesterday we kissed, and now today we're married.
Okay, I know it seems like we're moving fast, but this is all pretend.
Soon as we get a divorce, we'll figure us out.
In the meantime, doesn't mean we can't have fun with it.
This is a waste of time.
We should be out there looking for Savage, not playing doctor.
You know what I mean.
I'd like to think that in a town with multiple murders and missing teenagers, the local insane asylum would be fertile ground for clues.
Let's start by reviewing the files of every inmate with a history of violence.
If you wouldn't mind getting me those files, Nurse? Literally for days.
[mischievous music.]
Is that a new perfume I smell? You know, if you're trying to drive everyone crazy, I have to tell you, it's working.
I'm very busy right now.
You know what your problem is? You don't know how to have a good time.
Now, what you need is a man who can show you one.
- [grunts.]
- Oops.
Thank you.
That was incredible.
Well, maybe next time, he'll take no for an answer.
Uh, it's not just him.
Most of the doctors here are looking for a good time, and most of the nurses all say yes, 'cause they're looking to get married.
Not you, though.
I'm not really looking for a husband.
Today's my first day.
Care to give the new girl a tour? The files you asked for, Doctor.
Excellent, Nurse.
I could also go for a cup of coffee.
Me too.
Two sugars.
And the cafeteria's over there.
It's better than what we serve the patients but not by much.
- Mmm.
- Oh.
What's down there? Oh, that's Hall H, the restricted ward.
It's for Dr.
Knox's patients.
Violent psychotics.
That part of the tour is worth skipping.
[dramatic music.]
[doorbell rings.]
Coming! I'm coming.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Miss Mrs.
Gail Knox, and this is my husband, Curtis.
Lovely to meet you.
[suspenseful music.]
[wind whooshing.]
[wings flapping.]
[wings flapping.]
I'm sorry, have have we met before? I-I doubt it.
I we just moved in from way out of town.
I hope you like tuna surprise.
Are you kidding? I love tuna surpri - Oh, my God - Raymond! These are our new neighbors, Curtis and Gail.
What a surprise.
Tuna surprise.
So many surprises.
Well, another reason why we dropped by was to let you know that we are having a soiree tonight.
Stop by anytime after 8:00.
We're just across the street.
Don't bother to ring the bell.
No, you just walk right on in.
It's that kind of neighborhood.
Savage doesn't think I recognize him, which means he won't try to kill me.
He can't steal my powers before I've found them.
Don't forget, we also have to figure out why he's killing the townsfolk.
Are you really eating that? Say what you want about Savage.
He makes one hell of a casserole.
Yes, well, Mr.
Snart and I have been analyzing these forensic files.
Which reveal nothing except Savage is very good at making people disappear.
Hmm, something you both have in common.
[dramatic music.]
Are we just gonna pretend like none of this happened? That Mick Rory wasn't a part of our team? If you can just ice your best friend like that, I hate to think what you could do to us.
Right now, we need to stay focused on the mission.
Look, Savage is going to be busy with this little cocktail party.
Whilst you two keep an eye on him, Sara and Martin have the opportunity to find out what he's doing in the secret wing of that asylum.
If you're looking for booze, you're in the wrong office.
Knox doesn't drink.
But I know where Dr.
Enbom keeps the good stuff.
Bop-bop-bop, bop-ba-dop-bop It seems like everyone's in love Everyone but me I can't find a doggone soul To share my company Oh, there you are, dear.
I could go for another glass of bubbly.
Then I suggest you find a waitress.
Well, I-I just assumed You assumed wrong.
So why don't you go ahead and get your own champagne? Wow, I guess this whole interracial marriage thing really is a novelty.
Well, go ahead and let them stare.
I've got the most beautiful woman in the room on my arm.
I couldn't agree with you more.
Oh, hello.
Uh, thank you for inviting us.
Your home, is, um, very normal.
Oh, we are just glad that you could attend.
Let me fix you a drink.
Okay, we need to split up.
You check the back rooms, and I'll see what I can find up here.
Uh, you sure that's a good idea? Leaving you up here by yourself with Savage? I'm pretty sure he's not gonna kill me next to the canapés, Ray.
I'll let you know if I need help.
Fall in love with me [sighs.]
You've been so many places.
It's like you've had three lives.
Me, I've never left Harmony Falls.
That's your first mistake.
This town sucks.
Wow, you do not hold back.
I've learned life's too short.
So you have a girlfriend? I just mean, seems pretty obvious you're not into guys.
Uh, I, uh I don't know what you're talking about.
We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.
But just so you know, I'm really good at keeping secrets.
[soft music.]
Funny you should say that.
I did kiss a girl once.
I didn't think that made me a - You know.
- A lesbian? What? It's not a bad word.
Well, it is around here.
Well, good thing I'm not from around here.
[clears throat.]
Uh, Nurse Lance, may I have a word with you, please? Well, now I see what's been going on.
While I've been busy working, you were busy seducing that young woman.
Actually, I was liberating her.
With an option to seduce her later.
Then what? This poor young woman will have to remain in the sexually repressive 1950s long after you've returned to a timeship and disappeared from her life forever.
You know what, Doc? I would love for someone to drop into my life and tell me that the future's gonna be a better place.
[bell ringing.]
Get to Hall H! [ominous music.]
Your husband must be a fool to leave a woman such as yourself alone at a party.
He doesn't seem like your type.
That's a rather interesting thing to say.
You hardly know me.
And yet I feel like I do.
Let me ask you a question, Kendra.
Do you believe in past lives? [suspenseful music.]
Do you believe in fate? Fate is a prison.
When free will is gone, what's left? Destiny.
[phone rings.]
I understand.
Of course.
I'm on my way.
Looks like we have to finish our discussion later.
One of my patients needs attention.
Enjoy the party.
[dramatic music.]
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.
I-I thought the two of us had an understanding.
I've allowed you and your cohorts the occasional freedom to run free and to feed your thirst, and then then you do something like this.
I'm sorry, Mr.
I'm unfamiliar with the term "man cave.
" Oh, it's a room in a basement where a dude goes to be alone or watch football.
In Savage's case, it's kill people.
So Ray and I break in and find out what Savage is doing in Harmony Falls.
- Ho, ho, ho! - Ooh.
Is tonight the Enchantment Under the Sea dance? [chuckles.]
I got a date tonight with Tommy Fuller's cheerleader girlfriend.
Turns out Betty's boyfriend was one of the missing high school kids.
I think she knows more than she's letting on.
Mm, she's also a white girl in a very, uh, unenlightened community.
So please, be careful when you're out in public with her.
An immortal psychopath and racists.
I'm beginning to like this quaint little town less and less.
[dramatic music.]
[exhales deeply.]
How's it going over there? I'm in.
What do you see? Uh nothing all that hideous.
Except for a terrible collection of golf pants.
Hang on.
[suspenseful music.]
Ray? Ray, it's Savage.
He's back.
Did you hear me, Ray? You need to get out of there! I think I found something.
No, no, no, no.
You don't have time.
[door clicks open.]
He's already inside.
[mischievous music.]
Don't you ever get freaked out? I mean, being in an insane asylum by yourself in the middle of the night? Freaked out? No.
Lonely? Yes.
Actually, there is one place in the hospital that scares me.
Knox's restricted wing.
Do you know what he's doing to the patients down there? No.
I don't like to think about it.
What do you like to think about? [dramatic music.]
What's wrong? - Nothing.
- I thought you said I-I just I have to get back to work.
[slow music playing.]
You look great tonight.
Don't have to tell me Mm whoa.
- Uh - I'm sorry.
I thought that No, don't be sorry.
It's just, uh, I thought girls from 1958 moved a little bit slower.
Girls from 1958? I mean, uh, I think we should get to know each other a little bit better first.
What do you want to know? Those guys back at the soda shop, they mentioned something about your boyfriend going AWOL? Tommy.
What happened to him? It's kind of a long story.
Well, I got all the time in the world.
We were drag racing down on Route 7 with Davis and Billy when Tommy's car went into a ditch.
That's when they found it.
Found what? This Been looking all over for you.
- Get out! - No! Get out of the car! Hey, get the hell off me, man! Stop it! Stop it! [shrieking.]
both: Ah! Get in! Get in! Ah! Go! - [snarls.]
- [gasps.]
Oh, come on! [shrieking.]
Tommy? [screaming.]
[engine turns over.]
I am not playing anymore! [engine revving.]
[dramatic music.]
Don't worry, Betty.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Nice driving.
Hang in there.
Gideon's gonna fix you.
Who's Gideon? Uh, a doctor, of sorts.
[siren wailing.]
You need to pull over, Jax.
Yeah, 'cause it's not like I'm a black kid in a small town with a white girl bleeding all over my seat.
You were driving to beat the devil back there.
That explain why your car looks like hell? I need to get my friend to a hospital.
- Friend? - Yeah.
And there's more wounded on Lovers' Lane.
Some some kind of attack.
What were you doing with this girl on Lovers' Lane, boy? There are kids back there that could really use your help, and she needs medical attention right now.
Put your hands on the car and spread 'em.
Listen, you can play Boss Hogg all you want, but I'm not gonna let that girl bleed to death, so I tell you what: I'm gonna get back in my car, and I'm gonna take her to the hospital.
Gideon traced Jax's last biosignature to this location.
[dramatic music.]
Well, it seems you had good reason to be concerned for Mr.
Jackson's safety.
Yeah, sucks being right all the time.
She has suffered several severe lacerations.
I am attempting to cauterize the wound.
- What happened? - I don't know.
But I'm guessing Jax and Peggy Sue had a pretty lousy first date.
Where is Jefferson? There was no sign of him in the car.
These wounds don't appear consistent with a knife.
I believe these lacerations were made by talons.
It was Tommy.
Tommy Fuller, one of the missing teenagers.
He was like a bird.
He he was like a bird monster.
Captain, analysis of Miss Seavers' blood reveals traces of silicate minerals.
Miss Seavers, do you recall Tommy coming into contact with a meteor of some kind? The car crash it was it was glowing.
She's talking about an Nth Metal meteorite.
Say something that makes sense.
It seems Mr.
Fuller has come into contact with a meteorite with mutagenic properties.
Try again.
Apparently, Miss Seavers' boyfriend has been exposed to the same type of meteor that Kendra came into contact with.
Me? Well, you and Carter.
4,000 years ago.
The meteorite which gave you your powers appears to be of the same variety that mutated Tommy Fuller.
And I'm guessing it's not curable.
Well, I-I suppose, if the talons which lacerated her left some mutagenic residue, I could Yes or no? Perhaps.
Why don't you get to work on that, Martin? Okay, so if Savage isn't the one doing the killing, what is he doing in town? Doesn't matter.
We can take him down.
The Amon Dagger.
Where did you Savage's house.
All right, we need to proceed on two fronts: locate Jefferson and make an all-out assault on Savage.
A full-on attack only plays to Savage's strengths.
If we want to get him We need to target his weaknesses.
Sadly, very few come to mind.
I can think of one.
He wants me, and he always has.
So if I can get close enough to him, then Then he'll kill you.
Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I don't need your protection.
There's no reason to go alone.
We're part of a team for a reason.
Yes, and the team seems comfortable with me doing this, so that makes it about you and me.
- Any updates? - We're making progress.
In the meantime, we need to get ready to back Kendra up.
She's going into the asylum to meet Savage tonight.
Another opportunity for you to see Nurse Carlisle.
Yeah, and apologize.
I warned you, Ms.
Rushing a repressed woman from the 1950s into the freewheeling sexual mores of the 21st century Actually, I was the one who freaked out.
Ever since I got brought back to life, I haven't really [sighs.]
Experienced much in the way of feelings.
And then when Lindsey kissed me It was like you were being kissed for the first time.
How romantic.
It was more like terrifying.
That's the thing that sucks about feelings is, you realize how much you can hurt someone or get hurt.
- Ah.
- Wakey, wakey.
Do the words "police brutality" mean anything to you? You think this is brutal? You'll be begging for me after he gets through with you.
That's enough, Sheriff.
Thank you.
Leave us be.
This young man and I have a lot to discuss.
Forgive my friend for his ignorance.
You will learn that I'm much more enlightened.
Well, I'll take racist over crazy any day.
Oh, I would hardly describe what I'm doing here as as "crazy.
" Therapy is nothing more than a process of self-discovery.
You're about to experience an extraterrestrial power.
Shall we begin? [grunting.]
Shh, shh.
Ah! Ah! [shrieking.]
[dramatic music.]
What a piece of work is man.
When I was exposed to a meteorite, I was blessed with eternal life, immortality.
But sadly, the effect of this meteorite turned out quite different.
But no less advantageous.
Doc, you have a visitor.
What a pleasant surprise.
Is it a surprise or fate? We didn't get to finish our discussion the other night.
What of your square-jawed husband, Raymond? I didn't come here to talk about my husband, Doctor.
May I? May I take your coat? Make yourself comfortable.
Nurse? Nurse, I keep hearing voices in my head.
My wife with another man, and it's driving me crazy.
Well, maybe you should learn to trust your wife a little bit more.
Orderly? Show our new patient to his room.
And don't hesitate to give him a sedative if he doesn't calm down.
Right away, Nurse.
I'm sure the kid is fine.
Jefferson and I, as you know, share a psychic connection, but for some inexplicable reason, I can't seem to reach him.
I've grown so accustomed to our partnership, to suddenly be without him is disquieting.
I know the feeling.
So have you tried psychoanalysis before? No.
My husband thinks it's baloney.
Oh, is that so? Well, my specialty is interpreting dreams.
What do you dream, Kendra? To be honest, I've dreamt of you before and me together.
Well, that's interesting.
And what do we do in those dreams? I'm afraid you'll think me forward.
Oh, but you are forward.
Coming here in that dress? Perhaps you should learn to embrace your desires so the two of us can finally be together.
Did you lose something? [gasps.]
I was wondering how long you could play out this little charade.
Ah! You show up on my doorstep, and then my dagger goes missing? You must think me stupid not to suspect that your powers had emerged.
Well, well, well.
An FBI agent moonlighting at the loony bin.
I'm afraid both of you boys have some explaining to do down at the station.
Who else have you brought to the asylum tonight? No one.
No one! It's just me.
I hope you're better at lying in your next life.
[intercom buzzes.]
[alarm ringing.]
Oh, boy.
Just when you think you've seen everything.
Guess those missing kids are no longer missing.
[people screaming.]
What have you done? Ah! I released my test subjects.
The energy from the meteorite has changed them.
I set out to build an army as powerful as you.
Pity they didn't turn out nearly as beautiful.
[both grunting.]
[guttural growling.]
Oh, my God.
It's Jefferson.
Jefferson, it's it's us! [snarls.]
Jax, don't make me do this.
Ah! I'll deal with this lot.
Find Kendra now.
[people screaming.]
I can explain.
Just not now.
Perhaps it will turn out better in our next life, my love.
Are you okay? [shrieking.]
It's time to go.
Not without Jefferson.
Or whatever's left of him.
Gideon was able to help me devise a gene therapy that will hopefully restore Jefferson and those at the asylum to their former selves.
If genome bonding occurs, we should know right away.
Course, we would never have had the slightest chance of saving him were it not for you.
Let's not get sentimental.
Another minute, and things might have gone down very differently.
Despite your bravado, Mr.
Snart, the actions that I witnessed last night were nothing short of heroic.
[computer beeping.]
[soft music.]
It's working.
How are our friends doing over in Hall H? Whatever Dr.
Stein gave those creatures seemed to have worked.
They're back to normal.
And you? Not sure if I'm ever gonna get fully back to normal.
Thank you for rescuing me.
Well, you rescued me first, so now we're even.
You have to go, don't you? - [sighs.]
- I get it.
Should've known better than to fall for a ninja.
[both chuckle.]
Who knows? Maybe I'll be back one day.
And if so You know where to find me.
So I felt bad about trashing your dad's.
I thought this might make up for it.
You bought me a car? I souped it up too.
In case of future monster attacks.
[both laugh.]
I wish you didn't have to go.
I don't belong here.
And neither do you.
Promise me you'll get out of this town.
The both of you.
Tommy! It's a great big world out there, Betty.
And it's changing fast.
Maybe we'll catch up down the road somewhere.
I was just packing up.
I thought you were back at the Waverider.
I just forgot something.
I forgot to say I'm sorry.
Look, I was wrong to think that I could actually end Savage by myself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just slow down.
I made a mistake too.
I got so caught up playing house that I forgot about why we were really here.
And you will end Savage someday.
I guess the last thing a 4,000-year-old demigoddess needs is an overprotective husband.
What she needs is a partner.
What do you say? Partner.
Well, look who's up and around.
Mm, yeah.
I guess I owe you an apology.
Grey told me about what happened back at the asylum.
You had the chance to kill me, and you didn't.
After last night, I know enough about being a monster to know that you're not one.
I'm getting misty-eyed.
I just want you to know about what happened with Rory? I get it.
You were protecting us.
And that doesn't make you a murderer.
It makes you a part of this team.
Jefferson, you should be resting.
Aw, man, I'm I'm done laying around.
I just want to get the hell out of Mayberry.
Agreed we're still waiting on Sara and the two lovebirds to get back.
Seems they've taken quite a shine to 1958.
What on earth? Gideon? Not this guy again.
Captain, Chronos has breached the starboard hatch.
How is that possible? Clearly, he's received some new toys from his Time Master friends since our last encounter.
Gideon, seal the bulkheads from here until [dramatic music.]
Grey, come on! Let's do this! If we merge on the Waverider, we could destroy the entire ship! Um, are you not paying attention to what Chronos is doing? Fall back! Get to the jump ship! 1958's swell and all, but I miss the Internet and cell phones.
Uh what are they doing? - Hey.
- Hey! Where did they go? Better question: why did they leave us?
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