DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Time travel is real.
And all of history is vulnerable to the attack of rogue time travelers.
But one group travels throughout time to stop the spread of these so-called Time Aberrations and erase their damage to history.
A group of outcasts and misfits.
These individuals aren't heroes, they're something else, they're Legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Heywood, Dr.
Nate Heywood.
I'm a historian.
I specialize in deductive historical reconstruction.
In layman's terms, I'm a time detective.
Ingestible translator.
You'll be able to speak and understand any language spoken to you.
You know how fragile we historians can be.
I know my cuts and bruises.
You're a hemophiliac.
You can bleed to death.
So your superpower is wearing the suit.
Without that fancy suit, you're nothing but a self-righteous rich guy.
[plane engines droning, bombs whistling.]
Heywood's vitals are dropping.
I think I can save him.
I did a little tinkering to the formula.
- Hello, Rex.
- [groans.]
Rex! - Time traveler.
- Rex! - So how's our patient? - Still stable.
Gideon has him under sedation.
Any side effects from the Nazi super-serum you injected him with? No, but that may have a little something to do with the work I did altering the serum to remove the Nazi parts.
Yes, it would be a tad inconvenient to have a monster roaming the ship.
[all grunting.]
Gideon, can you pilot for a little bit? I need a break.
[dramatic music.]
[door opens.]
Where are all the knives? Oh, there's one.
Look, if this is about me taking all the mayonnaise, you might be slightly overreacting.
You killed him! Killed him? I've killed lots of people.
You're gonna have to be a bit more specific.
[both grunting.]
[ape growls.]
[exciting music.]
[both grunting.]
What the hell happened to you? [dramatic music.]
I really don't know.
You injected me with Nazi serum? Which I'd redesigned to quintuple my own strength and transform my skin into an alloy a hundred times stronger than steel.
Steel, that's a cool name.
Yeah, especially since my grandfather was called Commander Steel.
But what does that make me? Corporal Steel? Mr.
Steel? Citizen Steel? Who cares? You got superpowers now, dude.
Except I don't know how I turned to steel - in the first place.
- Ray'll teach you.
- He will? - You said it yourself, - you redesigned the serum.
- Which I did beautifully, but it's not like I have some sort of instruction manual.
Guess you'll have to wing it.
Now, I'm gonna go have a chat with our stowaway.
This is gonna be so much fun! Hm.
[door opens.]
You stowed away before we time-jumped from 1942.
I'm gonna get out of here, and I'm gonna finish what I started.
You mean, killing Mick? Not that I haven't thought of it myself, but why? He killed Rex.
What? Rex Tyler? As in Hourman? His killer stole the Askaran Amulet.
Look, I'm sorry.
I am.
But Mick didn't do it.
He is a thief and a murderer.
He's also a Legend, and Mick hasn't been off the ship since we dropped your team off at the JSA.
With his last words, he told me his killer was a time traveler.
You know, we've been tracking someone who's been trying to alter history.
We think it's the same person that gave Krieger the super-serum.
This might be your time traveler.
Look, if I let you out of here, you promise not to hurt Mick unless he really deserves it? Sorry for knocking you out.
Sorry for locking you up.
Call it even? When I was a kid, I used to play JSA versus Nazis with my dolls.
Well, they were action figures, really.
But it doesn't matter 'cause I got superpowers now and it's awesome.
Your powers manifested as a result of a heightened adrenal response.
Basically, Amaya threatened you and you reacted.
So now what we need to do is duplicate the conditions which caused you to, you know, steel on? Wait, so you want to threaten me? - Not exactly.
- Wait, let's discuss this.
[gauntlet charges and fires.]
I thought this was a time machine.
You saved the Justice Society.
Why can't you save Rex? Because we're dealing with another time traveler.
If we go back and save Rex, the time traveler will just go back before then and kill Rex again, so instead of chasing our own tails, we need to identify who we're up against.
I don't understand any of this.
Look, I just need you to trust us.
We're gonna find who do this.
I promise you.
In the meantime, Gideon will fly you home.
I'm not going back until Rex's killer is brought to justice.
We don't know how long that will take.
Don't worry, we're professionals.
We know what we're doing.
[weapon blasts.]
[weapon blasting.]
Yeah, come on! If Grandpa Heywood could see me now.
- Professional? - Ish.
I know you not gonna take that, Ray.
Go crush this Tin Man.
[playful dramatic music.]
- Nice try.
- Come on.
[dramatic music.]
Hold on, I'll close it! Ah! Nate! Ray, get inside! We have to close the door.
No, I got to go after him.
Gideon, shut the cargo door.
[alarm blaring.]
What's happening to the ship? Jax, what's our status? I've rerouted power from the secondary manifolds.
Where are Dr.
Palmer and Dr.
Heywood? - Did you check out the window? - What? How is it you people haven't managed to kill yourselves yet? The day is still young.
- Jax? - Yeah, I'm working on it.
Gideon, I need you to track down Ray and Nate - and take us to their position.
- The explosive decompression caused us to lose corrective altitude, which put too much strain on the station-keeping thrusters.
For God's sake, say it how it is.
We're screwed.
We're screwed.
[suit beeping.]
Edo Period.
Mid-17th century Japan.
That's cool.
Well I'm still alive.
So far, so good.
[groans and coughs.]
Whoa, Samurais.
Oh right, almost forgot.
[dramatic music.]
Can you understand me now? I'm looking for a friend of mine.
Okay, he fell from the sky.
He's about yea tall.
Made out of metal.
No? [groans.]
You're alive.
Um, hi.
How did I get here? I found you lying at the bottom of a crater like you had been dropped from the sky.
- Dropped from the sky? - [stammers.]
That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
Yeah, I sailed here, you know, across the ocean with some friends.
Who hopefully are gonna find me.
By the looks of it, I'm gonna say we're on the island of Honshu, in the vicinity of Kyoto? Yes.
How did you learn to speak my language? I studied it for many years.
You know, so I could trade with your countrymen.
Yep, feudal Japan is my jam.
[playful dramatic music.]
Masako, what are you doing talking to this gaijin? He was hurt, Father.
I brought him home so you could care for him.
And who would care for us when the Shogun finds out - we're aiding a foreigner? - Please, Father.
You know what they would do to him.
[soft dramatic music.]
Very well.
Get him inside quickly.
My name is Nate, by the way.
- My name is Masako.
- Masako.
That's a pretty name.
[both grunt.]
The Shogun asked you a question.
Where did you find your armor? I made it.
[dramatic music.]
Your armor is mine now.
[exhales sharply.]
You don't understand.
I designed the suit specifically for my body.
Take the armor away.
You're making a big mistake.
It could kill you! Too hot? Are you, um, sure your old man's cool with you giving me a bath? - Mm.
- My father is not home.
I'm only giving you a bath because you are dirty and injured.
About that.
I'm, uh I'm more durable than it looks.
You still have not told where you are from.
The United States, which you've never heard of because it doesn't exist for another 200 years.
You are a strange man.
You have no idea.
Enough about me, I overheard your father talk about the Shogun.
Is that Tokugawa lemitsu, by any chance? Historians view him as a particularly brutal warlord and Did I say something? Tomorrow I'm to be married to Tokugawa lemitsu.
Then my life is over.
[door opens.]
How can you bring a thug on a rescue mission? I've known men like you.
Men who take and prey on the weak.
Listen, girly, I'm risking my neck for two morons who fell out of a ship.
Why? 'Cause they'd do the same for me.
Why are you on the ship? 'Cause I'm a member of the Justice Society of America.
- It's my job to protect everyone.
- Except for me.
You snuck up behind me and sliced my throat like a ninja.
There's no such thing as ninjas, you idiot.
- Tell that to Chuck Norris.
- Who's that? - And I'm the idiot.
- And by the way, - I'm not your girly.
- All right, if you two don't quit your squabbling, I am going to maroon you in a time period of my choosing.
Not to brag, but [exhales.]
Between the docking stabilizers and the blast doors, I think this might be my best patchwork ever.
Well, charming as your confidence is, I think we better consult the expert.
Gideon, would you be so kind as to run a diagnostic report? Mr.
Jackson's work has done the trick.
A scan has revealed that all 36 compartments of the ship are in optimal condition.
That's weird.
Actually, I think it's astonishing given the considerable abuse we've been under No, no, not not that.
Gideon, did you say 36 compartments? Correct.
The entirety of the ship.
Before Rip, you know, disappeared, he made me learn every inch of the Waverider, and of those inches, 35 compartments.
So either I miscalculated or Captain Hunter had a secret compartment he failed to tell you about.
Gideon, please pull up the schematics of the ship.
No, we still have to fix the time drive.
And we will.
- After.
- [scoffs.]
Please, don't tell me you're not intrigued.
Masako, san, a word please.
What's wrong? The Shogun's men are here.
Please come outside.
[soft dramatic music.]
How can I help you? We found a gaijin in the forest.
The Shogun wants to make sure there are not any other foreigners around to bother you.
Oh, that is very kind of him, but you are the only visitor we've had today.
The last thing the Shogun wants before his wedding is surprises.
- Too late! - [gasps.]
What are you doing? Relax, I got this.
- Who are you? - I'm the guy telling you that your Shogun's wedding has been canceled on account that he's an asshat.
[dramatic music.]
[both laugh.]
But seriously.
Why don't you boys mosey on back to your big bad boss and tell him the news? Or what? Or it's gonna get ugly.
I am wearing a Samurai's armor.
You are not.
I wear my armor on the inside.
Nate, stop insulting him.
I beg of you.
Relax, I got this.
[both grunt.]
He caught me off guard.
Ah, he caught me off guard.
He caught me off guard.
[groans and breathes deeply.]
Come at me now.
- [grunts.]
- [screams.]
It's not turning on.
Stop! Stop! Please! You're going to kill him.
That is entirely up to him.
Stay down, gaijin.
She doesn't want to marry him.
- [both grunt.]
- [gasps.]
We will return tomorrow to take you to the castle.
I trust there will be no more surprises.
[speaking Japanese.]
The sword did not cut any vital organs but the blood loss [exhales.]
Tell me about it.
What were you thinking? I didn't mean to cause you any more trouble.
I was just trying to help.
No one can help me.
We have that in common.
Nate? Nate! The Signal from Ray's ATOM suit is getting stronger.
Doesn't exactly look inviting, does it? It's like "Ninja III: The Domination.
" Never took you for a cinephile.
All I know is ninjas like to hide in trees.
- I don't see anything.
- Exactly.
You don't find them, they find you.
Just because you saw ninjas in a movie, that doesn't make them real.
I have to side with Mick on this one.
They're real.
You think there's a secret brotherhood of men trained in the art of assassination? I hate to break it to you, Amaya, but I'm basically a ninja.
I miss the JSA.
Compartment 36 should be right about here.
What are you doing, Grey? I'm looking for any hidden doors.
[exhales sharply.]
We don't have time for this.
Nate and Ray are lost in Feudal Japan.
Let's just fix the ship and go.
[echoing thump.]
Shh, did you hear that, Jefferson? Move.
- Oh my god.
- Secret hatch.
With a sequencing lock.
Clearly, Captain Hunter didn't want anyone getting in.
Or maybe he was trying to keep something from getting out.
If I've learned one thing from "Lost," it's you don't go opening secret hatches.
Ray's close.
Look sharp.
Haircut, let's get out of here.
We're saving your ass, again.
It is you who need rescuing.
Fellas, getting a little cold in here without my suit.
[all grunting.]
You are already defeated before you have even begun.
I have been trained in the art of war by Shimura himself.
League of Assassins, class of '09.
Don't take it easy on me.
[both grunting.]
- [lion growls.]
- [grunts.]
[power charging.]
We got to go.
Oh, hey, guys! - Wrong way, Haircut.
- What about my suit? We can get it later.
My friend's serum, it's cured my hemophilia.
Uh, long story.
Short version, my blood didn't clot like normal people, so if I were to cut myself shaving or get a paper cut, I could die.
So every day, you were afraid to live? Pretty much.
In the Samurai tradition, a warrior is always prepared for death.
A woman celebrates when her husband dies with honor.
That's hardcore.
A Samurai who fights without armor, that is hardcore.
Nate, you're alive.
Oh, hey, guys! You found me.
- Bad timing? - Nope.
Masako, these are, uh, my friends I was telling you about.
Can I get you something to drink? Sake, lots of it.
What he meant to say is thanks for your hospitality, but we must be going.
- No, I didn't.
- Amaya's right.
Nate, let's go.
I can't.
We can't leave.
Masako's supposed to marry the Shogun Tokugawa lemitsu.
Yeah, met him.
Not a fan.
Well, the reason he sticks out in the history books is because he likes to murder his wives, and I can't leave Masako to his mercy.
Especially since he stole my ATOM suit.
Wait, what? You let the Shogun steal a 21st century super-suit? After I crash-landed trying to rescue you.
How does the Shogun even know how to operate your ATOM suit? I designed it so an idiot could use it.
An idiot does.
Guys, bottom line is, if the Shogun has the ATOM suit, it's not just Masako and the village we have to protect.
He can use it to conquer the whole region.
You said the Shogun's coming for your new girlfriend.
- Uh-huh.
- Easier to defend a village - than to attack a castle.
- But anyone who tries to fight the Shogun will be cut down.
Except if that person - is made of steel.
- About that, I'm having a little problem accessing my powers.
Sounds like you're having performance issues, and it looks like you're not done training him yet.
Now the rest of us need to figure out how we can defend a village.
Not me.
Wake me up when the action starts.
Whoa, what is this place? It appears to be some sort of armory.
There's a reason why Rip didn't want us in here.
Some things you can't un-see.
But why the big secret? Rip didn't trust us to know that there were heavy-duty weapons on board? Well, would you? Look, Jefferson, our old friend has hailed the Waverider.
Let's play it.
Sorry to contact you like this, Captain Hunter.
But I can't risk putting any more lives in danger.
Thought this was from Barry Allen? It is.
Only from 40 years in the future.
- And neither can this.
- Fascinating.
Which is why you'll keep what I'm about to tell you a secret.
Even from the rest of your team.
The ATOM suit is made of and powered by dwarf star alloy.
It's strong enough to withstand bullets, arrows, and explosives.
- So it's impenetrable? - Not quite.
Underneath the left thruster is the alpha-stabilizer.
- Alpha-stabilizer, got it.
- If you destroy it, the photons that stream from suit's weapons systems will overheat, theoretically causing somatic overload.
Theoretically, that's that's comforting.
You have to get close to the Shogun, and in order to do that, you have to be able to harden.
Well, when you're putting it in those terms it isn't helping.
Ow! Neither is that.
It worked the last time.
- [grunts.]
- Ow.
Come on.
My serum is flawless.
Your lack of focus is the problem.
You think I'm not focusing? Like enough! - I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.
You don't think I don't want to save the girl, spare the village, and be a hero for once in my damn life? I spent half of my childhood in the hospital where it didn't even occur to me to dream about having superpowers.
But guess what? I got 'em, I lost 'em, now I really, really need 'em, and I can't get 'em back.
This isn't all about you.
I worked for years, spent billions of dollars to develop the ATOM suit.
I nearly died learning to shrink, and now, I have to teach you to destroy the very thing, the only thing, that makes me a hero.
Wait? "Somatic overload" means destroy the suit? Yeah, Nate.
We can't beat the Shogun while he's wearing the suit, so we have to blow the suit up.
Your powers are within you.
After today, I'll have nothing left.
Ray You should all be safe here.
They've never seen foreigners before.
I was once just like them.
My village was also small and isolated.
Some would say that my people were superstitious, but in truth, we were protected.
Protected by that? Legend has it that this totem was one of five created by the gods and given to the five great tribes of Zambesi.
This totem harnesses the ashe, or the the life force, of the animal kingdom.
It was passed down to me from my mother and from hers before that.
And why did you leave? I was recruited by the JSA, and I realized that the world was much larger than just my village, and that there were people beyond its borders who also needed protection.
Sometimes I can't help but worry that with me gone, there's no one left to guard my home.
From people like Mr.
At the end of the day, Mick does the right thing.
You remind me of my son.
Why? Was he a terrible teacher, too? [chuckles.]
He was a great Samurai.
I built him the strongest and most formidable armor in all of Japan.
Forged him a sword fit for an Emperor.
What happened to him? My son was popular with the men who served under him, and the Shogun resented him for it.
So he ordered Oda to commit seppuku.
We will make sure that the Shogun pays for what he's done to your family.
Maybe not.
But I ask you, would I rather hold my son again or his armor? Your son, obviously.
An armor is nothing but iron, leather, and silk.
It can be replaced, but the man who wears the armor is I get it.
You're saying I don't need a suit of armor to defeat the Shogun.
Don't be ridiculous.
He'll kill you in seconds.
Follow me.
I'm gonna die.
Yeah, probably.
That was actually your cue to cheer me up.
Oh, if you accept death you have nothing to fear.
I'm more afraid of what's gonna happen to you if I die.
I know I have these powers inside me.
I just can't figure out how to use them.
Does a child learn to laugh? Does he sit and practice laughing? No.
He just laughs.
"Do or do not, there is no try.
" Exactly.
Where did you learn that? From a great sensei from where I'm from.
Ah, this Master Yoda is very wise.
[horse whinnies.]
[horses approaching.]
The Shogun approaches.
Get to the temple.
[dramatic music.]
Where is my bride? She's not leaving.
Not with you.
[both speaking Japanese.]
I'm just gonna need a second.
[exciting music.]
Find the villagers.
Kill them.
[high-pitch whirring.]
Your form is all wrong.
I ordered Ichiro to destroy that blade after the death of his son.
Very well.
I will destroy it myself.
[high-pitch whirring.]
Konnichiwa, scumbag.
[speaking Japanese.]
Go get him.
I will kill you with your own armor.
Check the temple.
Rematch? - Who is your master? - I have no master.
A ronin.
You're not worthy of the effort.
[speaking Japanese.]
[all grunting.]
You have fought with honor.
Now you will die with it.
About that.
[animal roars.]
This village is under our protection.
Leave now and we'll spare your lives.
[all shout.]
[both grunting.]
A sword is only as deadly as the man who wields it.
And armor is only as strong as the man who wears it.
I don't want to shoot you guys.
I love ninjas.
[both grunting.]
That was the armature relay.
It enhances the limbs' reaction time.
[all grunting.]
Where the hell is Mick? Probably ransacking the village himself.
[all grunting.]
Told you ninjas were real.
That's the cooling system.
Trust me, it gets hot in there.
I know.
You think you are clever.
You dishonor my family and torture my village.
I will enjoy killing you.
Your family will be extinguished from history.
We haven't been introduced.
Name's Steel.
[both grunting.]
- Remember, you got to hit - I remember! [all grunting.]
[dramatic music.]
Do it! [screams.]
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- You did it.
- I did it.
Yeah you blew up the ATOM suit.
I am so sorry.
It's okay.
You steeled on.
Kind of proud of you.
Master Yoda taught you well.
[laughs softly.]
Right, uh, Yoda.
Well, thank you.
Um I was thinking now that, uh, your wedding is canceled [soft dramatic music.]
You come from the sky.
Something tells me you have to return.
I, um I'm glad the katana sword found a worthy owner.
Me too.
Don't think I didn't see how you stood up to the Shogun.
Even though he's gone, your village still needs a protector.
That sword, what did you say your family name was? Yamashiro.
Thank you for loaning me your son's armor.
I'm sorry it got a bit dinged up in the battle.
Then it served its purpose.
Sara says we got to clear out.
- Good-bye, Masako.
- Good-bye, Nate.
What an amazing time period.
Definitely my favorite, besides the Old West.
Why are you two goofy bastards so happy? You lost your damn suit, the food sucks, and I've got no proof ninjas exist.
What are you staring at? I've figured you out.
You act like this selfish meathead, but secretly, you're not so bad.
You know, you might even have the makings of a hero.
Well, that proves one thing.
You don't know me.
Perhaps not.
Trying to kill me again? Trying to give you a present.
In case you ever need proof you met an actual ninja.
All right.
What's your secret? What on earth do you mean? Well, you two must be magicians considering how badly damaged the Waverider was - before we left.
- Oh, that.
Well, Jefferson and I went over the ship top to bottom.
And safe to say there are no surprises left on the Waverider.
I'll go prep for takeoff.
So are we gonna say something about future-Barry's message or not? Barry was very clear about the team not knowing what he told Captain Hunter.
Except now we know.
You were right, Jefferson.
Some things you just can't un-see.
I think it's time we said sayonara to Feudal Japan.
Now, where to next? I could always open the hatch, jump out, and see where I land.
I say we just sit back and see where the timestream takes us.
Aren't you forgetting that Rex's killer is still at-large? Not my problem.
I mean, we should find the bastard and kill him.
Perhaps we can enjoy a little takeoff music.
[Irma Thomas's "Time is On My Side playing".]
Ah, nice one, Gideon.
Captain Hunter always enjoyed this song.
- Time - Speaking of problems.
Don't worry.
We're gonna find Rip and Hourman's killer.
In the meantime, everyone just shut up and let me do the flying.
- Is on my side - It's on my side Yes, it is
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