DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e06 Episode Script

Bishop's Gambit

But I just killed you.
It's a delicious little mystery for you to turn over in that pretty little head, isn't it, Sara Lance? No, you're dead.
You're not the only one who has flirted with death.
How? [singing.]
You'll never guess In a billion years You're a clone.
Okay, yes, you got it.
Just like the Avas.
No, no, not like the Avas.
There's only one of me, one at a time.
We're all just coding, Sara.
DNA can be mapped and cloned, and each and every data point in our brain can be mapped, and cloned.
You can recreate yourself, body, and mind? Mind is just impulses, synapses and memory.
No different from any computer.
Look, science has evolved quite a bit beyond your comprehension.
You're like a caveman to me, like a monkey, like a cave monkey.
Imagine what you could have done, if you'd used that knowledge for good, instead of this.
I am using it for good.
I am restarting the doomed human race, and you will see that eventually.
You will see it my way in time.
And you've got Nothing but time Because no one's coming to save you You drank all the booze.
Not my fault you couldn't keep up.
I can only hold two glasses at a time, unlike you, who can hold eight with your tentacle things.
- Or you're just a lightweight.
- Oxygen mask.
Atmosphere is Earth-like.
Bishop's terraforming the place.
As long as you don't go past his electrostatic barrier, you'll be fine.
- [Mick.]
What if Sara's past the barrier? - [Kayla.]
Then she's already dead.
The air out there would kill most creatures and you don't want to meet the native ones who could survive it.
You seem scared.
I'm not scared.
I'm smart.
Let's go find my ship.
Then we find Sara.
[creature snarling.]
[doorbell ringing.]
What the hell? That's me! Hello there, twelve pizzas for a Beh Bernard - Twelve pizzas, really? - No fabricator.
You got to plan ahead, right? Really don't think Gideon's gonna appreciate being installed on a cathode ray tube from 1974, John.
TV rots your brains, love.
Oh, cripes, I'm hungover.
At least she can track down aliens so we can do our job, until Rory returns with Sara.
Ow! [electricity crackling.]
Um, is anything in this room, by chance, flammable? I need some bloody tea.
- What the hell is this, eh? - Ah, the anti-alien security system.
You know those greenies are gonna try to make a move on us here.
- We'll be ready.
- That's what took my tea? Zari said they'd make a good skincare treatment.
You know, I got these roadside caffeine pills, though.
Stay off the black tiles, unless you like pumiliotoxin-tipped darts.
Zari! See, names and nomenclature imply we aren't all the same organism, living and breathing as one.
So I'm also Behrad Tarazi.
Everyone is, and they aren't.
Ah, bro Johnny! This guitar is sick.
Can I pluck a little "Stairway"? Oh, yeah, sure, mate.
You and your Legend cohorts - can do anything you like, apparently.
- Ah, thanks, gorg.
Grant me the flame of knowledge.
- Ooh! - Making progress.
That's great, love.
That's really great.
You carry on, go on.
- Oh, my head! - [Zari.]
Oh, John, John! They've turned this place into a bloody insane asylum.
I know.
Let's go out and find you some breakfast.
Black pudding, baked beans and bubble and squeak.
- I love bubble and squeak.
- I know.
[Kayla sighs.]
The thing's in rough shape, and it needs a whole new fuel cell.
Damn it.
My mother got me that ship for my 300th rotation.
Where's Sara? Judging by the presence of that trooper, she's already captured.
Time for a chat.
[gun powering up.]
Drop it.
Where's Sara? I need backup.
Little help here! Scared, huh? Not scared.
Hey! I was going to steal that.
[discordant guitar notes playing.]
Thank you, Captain Sharpe.
It's good to be back.
What is that noise? It's just the sound of everybody trying to get comfortable here.
So, any time anomalies? What do you got for me, Gideon? [archaic modem noise.]
It seems there was a massacre by a patient of the alien variety at Endless Meadows Asylum in 1956.
Anything to keep my mind off Sara's rescue mission.
Um "Um"? What's "um"? Gideon, you don't "um.
" When admitted to the hospital, the patient gave the name Sara Lance.
[banging and clattering.]
I'm okay! Don't tell John.
[theme music playing.]
According to records, the patient flew into a manic episode during a procedure, causing the massacre.
Victims were found with sting marks and exploded hearts.
We never meet the chill aliens.
Okay, so we need to find out what it knows and why it's using Sara's name.
We should probably also make sure this thing doesn't kill a bunch of people.
You could, and please, believe me, I am not trying to get you all massacred, bring it back here.
Speaking purely as a house guest, is bringing a rampaging alien back to John's house something we should run by him first? No, definitely not.
You know, sanitariums, not really my thing.
Keep that antenna going, Spooner.
Let me know if you get any weird vibes.
Oh, I got weird vibes.
Checking in your wife? Hysteria or the blues? Oh, no.
We're here to pick up my sister.
Yes, she used the name Sara Lance.
Oh, yes, of course.
She was in a frenzy when she arrived and had to be sedated.
But don't worry.
She's scheduled for a very effective electric shock treatment later today.
That must be what set her off to kill.
I'm getting some weird alien vibes behind those doors.
We are just glad we have someone here to give us the real story.
She said that she flew here in a spaceship.
Could you imagine? Sara, your brother is here.
Don't be alarmed.
Sometimes she goes by different names in the moment.
Mary Pickford, uh, Marion Davies.
Her favorite, though, is Amelia Earhart.
Yes? Are we going somewhere? Could you imagine if it was the real Amelia? She'd be 60 by now.
What's her secret, am I right? Yeah.
What is her secret? [Constantine.]
Oh, nice one, love.
You know, I thought I was gonna go batty in this madhouse.
What in the bloody blazes has happened now? Astra! [all.]
Shh! Who is that woman on my telly? Is that Amelia Earhart? It's an alien shaped like Amelia Earhart that also uses the name Sara Lance.
And she's also totally knocked out on some pretty gnarly '50s 'ludes.
We're waiting to see if she's gonna freak out and try to murder us when she detoxes.
Did you guys eat all the gluten-free mushroom? For the record, Captain, this plan is stupid.
Look, I say we go right in there and talk to it.
Yeah, that's right, turned a new leaf.
Maybe I'm not a shoot first, ask questions kind of girl.
- Hmm.
- That's great, Spooner.
You're working on yourself.
I am impressed.
Why just splat them when you can find out their deepest fears and exploit them? Mmm.
Spooner now I'm impressed.
That was dark.
B, why don't you and Spooner go and play a little bad cop, Behrad cop, and see if we get this Amelia talking.
- I like your style, chief.
- What? It's gonna be fine, trust me.
Well, I'm off.
Something about watching a prisoner interrogated makes me nostalgic for the good old days back in hell.
Please just Please, please, tell us where Sara is.
Are you spying on me? [sighs.]
There! Finally alone.
What the Ugh.
I finally found you.
I searched through every sewage pipe in the facility.
Ugh! - You were in the pipes? - Yeah.
You ever see an octopus squeeze through a hole? My body's like that.
Necrians take great pride in our scrunching.
Too bad you can't ride the pipes with me because I discovered where the fuel cells are kept.
We can fly Kayla's ship out of here.
Gary, get back in that toilet and get the fuel cell to the ship.
I'll find my own way out.
Can I count on you? I'm your man.
Alien man.
Happy trails.
[toilet flushing.]
Rise and shine, Mia.
Baby steps.
Maybe we can get you those easy-wake lamps.
For now, there's tea.
We're taking this nice and easy.
Where am I? You're at Shady Acres.
It's the chillest sanitarium there is.
Spooner, you picking up any alien brainwaves? No.
There's something going on, but it's still too quiet.
I'm thinking she's still feeling the Quaaludes.
Oh, don't mind her.
We're just here to ask you a few questions.
- What kind of questions? - Easy ones.
Do you ever get the urge to freak out and attack people? What she meant to ask is, why do you use the name Sara Lance? Sara Lance.
Doesn't ring a bell.
I don't think I like you very much.
You're not very nice.
May I have some more? [Behrad.]
Say, how did you end up at Endless Meadows? [Amelia.]
Wish I had an answer for you.
Last thing I remember, I was soaring over the Pacific.
Me and my navigator, Fred, almost done our flight around the globe.
That does sound like something the actual Amelia Earhart would say.
Or she's just a very good shapeshifter.
Well, the important thing is you're back in one piece, right? Don't know if I can say that about my plane back.
She's got to be talking about the pod.
- Right? - Yeah.
Hey, find out where its pod is.
Do you remember where you landed it? Landed it right by my old house.
37 Locust Street, Rye, New York.
I love when aliens give - exact addresses.
- Yeah.
Okay, keep it calm and friendly.
We're gonna go check out the pod.
All right, there are the cells.
Now all I need is a distraction.
Biggest in the galaxy.
Intruder by the cells! [gasps.]
- [Ava clone shouts indistinctly.]
- Whoa.
[Ava clone.]
Hey, stay where you are.
Hey, you're the freak that ate D squad.
Put it back.
I have regrets about that.
I just need one little battery.
And then I'll be [chuckles.]
Damn, those clones are handy.
Getting a radiation reading, but I don't see a crash site.
[Geiger counter clicking.]
Gotta be here somewhere.
If it can help Amelia to talk, maybe we can get an idea of when Rory and Sara are coming back, right? Then do I hear wedding bells? No.
[key fob chirps.]
Amelia Earhart was talking about the Waverider? It's impossible.
Sara, are you there? Rory? Sara? Hey, Bishop.
[clears throat.]
Yoo-hoo! [singing.]
Hey, man What you doing out there? Want to come check If you dare I love it.
Oh, it thrills me to see you're in a good mood.
I am.
And you know what, I have been thinking.
Oh About what? You.
I can't deny the fact that what you've done here, it is astonishing.
And I didn't want to admit it at first.
But it's true.
You are humanity's best hope.
Can I just say, "Thank you, for seeing me"? I do, and I want to be a part of it.
So I'm hoping that we could just put the past behind us.
Put the past behind us.
I am listening.
I am interested.
Well, I can forget about the fact that you imprisoned me, if you forget about me snapping your neck? Bygones? Bygones.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
I love this new turn of events.
I love it, too [both vocalizing.]
Tonight, we'll make a fresh start.
Dinner at 8:00.
Choose something groovy from the wardrobe.
Of course.
Oh! But it It might be kind of hard to get dressed with these.
Oh Yeah, of course.
Aw! [both laughing.]
Oh, you.
Me and my navigator, Fred, almost done our flight around the globe.
I thought the tea was herbal.
I may have snuck a few caffeine pills in there.
At least she's not freaking out, right? I can try to read her mind once she settles down.
Blacked out.
Strangest plane I have ever seen.
You can never know what a person is really thinking, even if you open up their brain.
That is technically true, Amelia, yes.
Just keep her calm, right? She's under no threat.
You! Drop the pretense and start talking.
Whoa! I thought we weren't supposed to rile up the residents.
She stole the Waverider.
She is from the planet where Rory took the ship.
Ava, I wouldn't do that.
She's pretty awake now.
[high-pitched ringing.]
- She's definitely awake.
- How the hell did you get our ship? Tell me where Rory and Sara are, huh? Where the hell is Sara? [growling.]
Get tranq'd, Greeny.
Weird, she looks like a human again.
I mean, it feels like a human, too.
I know that's an alien but I just can't sense it.
Well, she knows where Mick and Sara are and we don't, so we need to get her talking.
There is a spell I use on a non-cooperative person to rip a memory they didn't wish to share.
I've only done it on humans, though.
Okay, fine.
But we'll do it back at the Waverider where Gideon can help us if anything goes wrong.
But first I would like to enlist the services of my new apprentice.
[Constantine clears throat.]
What? [mellow jazz music playing.]
This cannoli would make God himself weep.
It is perfection.
So happy to hear you say that, sir.
Here you go.
Oh! Sorry.
- I owe you everything.
- Mmm.
Sugary carbs.
One of the true pleasures of having replacement bodies to spare.
Sir, Ava troops from Sector 12 have apprehended an intruder.
His name's Mick Rory.
He seems to know Sara Lance.
Apparently, he's very belligerent and may be intoxicated.
It's a rescue attempt.
He doesn't know Sara has joined us.
We're gonna have to take down the barrier.
Sir? Just for an hour, to let in enough toxic atmosphere to kill anything living out there [singing.]
And we'll be safe And sound in here But, sir Sorry.
The troopers are still out in the field.
They've already apprehended the intruder, so we can How do you know he's alone? I don't.
I'm not risking it.
Don't worry.
Your clone sisters are well-trained.
They'll survive, or, you know, be replaced.
[snaps fingers.]
Lower the barrier.
Good girl.
Keep moving.
Huh? Are they lowering the barrier? Is this a drill? No, it's real.
Have fun choking to death.
Now? Mmm-mmm.
I am not dying on this planet.
When you mine the depths of another psyche, move swiftly and deliberately.
A little space, John.
If your concentration wanders, distracted by some fleeting memory of an ancient alien world, then you'll do irreparable damage to her mind and yours.
The only person distracting me right now is you.
Apologies, love, yeah.
I can do this.
Got the greatest magic tutor in the world.
Seems like a big deal.
Why don't you just handle it yourself, John? Yeah.
No offense, Astra.
But if this can go bad, rather let the expert do it.
John? No danger.
None at all.
How else is Astra gonna learn, anyway? All right, showtime.
Tortured mind with secrets hidden.
Show me that which is forbidden.
It feels like a real Amelia Earhart memory.
She's setting off on a journey around the world, the thrill of defying the odds.
I'm I'm confused.
It's an alien, ain't it? Well, then shouldn't its memory be about its home planet? In the clouds, she's perfectly free.
Then a bright light, unconsciousness.
She's on an operating table against her will.
They're experimenting, altering her.
She's escaped.
She's ostracized, she doesn't know.
She's alone, intensely alone.
She does what she can to survive.
Where's Sara? Astra, we need to know if she's seen her.
Oh, this creature, Amelia, she's exhausted.
We should end this right now.
John We need to know.
She has a visitor.
Sara Lance.
Did you say Sara? Is she okay? What is she doing? [grunts.]
Trying There's some sort of divide in her memories.
- Her firewall I can't cross - Push through, Astra, please.
We need more.
I'm trying to push past I'm fighting Bound Breaking free Anger Attack! Sever the link! Sever the link! [snarling.]
Seal it off! Seal it off! Word to the wise.
Gideon's mezcal is high-grade toilet water.
I never drink it.
Mezcal, I mean.
Or toilet water.
You seem down, bad cop.
You want to talk? Look, you don't wanna be friends with me.
It'll make killing me that much harder.
Figured out my secret plan to kill the Legends? No.
That thing started out human.
Something took it out, and now Hey, Spooner? You're not like Amelia.
Okay? We did the scan.
I spoke its language today.
I've never done that before.
My powers have been growing ever since I joined y'all.
What are you gonna do if I don't just talk like them anymore? What if I start to fight like them? Sting like them? Let me tell you a secret.
It's the only way I survived in this job.
Don't think about your past.
Don't think about your future.
You have to live in the now.
I know it seems crazy to say on a time machine, but the past and the future don't really exist.
There's only right here and right now.
Thanks, B.
Oh, and word to the wise, Gideon's blueberry kush is [Zaguron Amelia.]
Spooner Suckers.
[banging on door.]
[Gary speaking alien language.]
Wait a minute.
You're that thing that ate D squad.
Let's get him.
Stop! He's a hero.
He saved my life.
I'm so sorry about D squad, no matter how delicious they were, but I never would have knowingly eaten an Ava.
You're the most remarkable women I've ever met.
The Ava I know, she's a great leader, has amazing hair just like you, and still has time for her one true pairing, Sara.
Avas lead? No, Avas serve.
You don't have to.
I served her.
She must be a great leader to have a great servant like you.
Well, I wouldn't say I'm the best assistant, but, um yeah.
Is Astra okay? Seemed like a lot for a beginner.
She'll recover.
What about you? Are you okay? John, you know you can talk to me.
I'm sorry, love.
It's just that, they nearly destroyed my house.
There's dart holes all over the plaster.
Nate rendered my guitar practically unplayable.
I'm sure that it's afflicted by a tone-deaf banshee.
Okay, enough.
I know you wouldn't have put Astra in that position if you could do it.
I may not know magic, but I do know people.
It's just not even remotely true.
You know, I am in complete command of all of my power.
Give it up, John.
She knows.
You're not gonna tell her? Fine.
I will.
John owed me and I was tired of playing second fiddle, so, I took the lead.
So everything is perfectly normal with you.
Everything is perfectly normal with me.
[reciting a spell.]
See? Now, what good would John Constantine be without magic, eh? You know, I'd still find use for you.
Well, that is good.
That is more than good.
That is great.
Nice one.
Can't have everyone in this world and below knowing that I'm disarmed.
Yeah, well, now you really owe me.
[Kayla gasping and choking.]
[inhales deeply.]
Why? It's heavy.
A battery missing? What? Why are you telling me? I'm not the inventory, Ava.
Everything okay? [singing.]
Everything is perfect Oh.
I'm so glad we can finally get together like this.
Yeah, me, too.
My Ava assistant has prepared something truly transcendent for us.
Ava, bring on the appes.
She's probably just putting final touches on the appes.
I can't wait.
To you To you When I heard about the great Sara Lance, I thought [singing.]
She's gonna be A tough cookie to crack But after our little chat today, I think we're finally on the same page.
The same page.
Wonderful! To new beginnings.
[thunder rumbling.]
That's some storm.
Oh, well, your friend Rory arrived.
I had to drop the artificial atmosphere, killing every humanoid creature outside of this compound.
- Rory's here? - Here on this planet? Yes.
Here in the sense of being alive and breathing? No.
Honestly, I don't see why it matters.
We're putting our pasts behind us.
Fresh start.
I meant let's get to know each other, not let's kill each other's friends.
Oh! Well Look, there seems to have been some miscommunication on this.
He's dead.
Best thing now is if we don't let this ruin the appes.
Why are you fighting me? You know struggling against me is useless.
Kill me all you want, Sara Lance.
I'll be back.
Unlike your friend.
You said you'd help me rescue Sara.
I got you here, didn't I? Where'd you run off to? Steal the Waverider.
Always gotta have a backup plan.
Someone got there first.
Backup plan.
Necrians have to be smart.
You humans are stupid.
It was inevitable you'd be the authors of your own extinction.
What? You don't defend your species? No.
They're cowards, liars, cheats.
They betray you.
Lock you up.
Sara's different.
That's why I have to find her.
[creature snarling.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
Spoons, you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Everyone's being weird today.
[Zaguron Amelia.]
Come to me.
We could've at least gotten to the entrees before you desecrated my face.
Why don't you feel more pain? I modified my pain receptors.
I wasn't born yesterday, you know.
Whoa! Actually, technically, I was born yesterday.
You get my meaning.
So what's your hopeless plan? I am gonna put an end to you.
For good this time.
Oh! [chuckles.]
All this violence when I was planning on showing you all this for dessert.
What do you think? [Zaguron screeching.]
They hide from the light, they hunt at night.
Come on.
Door's open.
It's stuck.
They outnumber us.
Then we fight.
Foolish humans and your heroics.
[both breathing heavily.]
You're shaking.
I know I've always said I'm not scared, I'm smart.
But I was definitely scared back there.
Maybe, now, we should do something not smart.
Well, no one's ever accused me of being smart.
Yeah! Ow.
Ow! [Zaguron Amelia snarling.]
Welcome, Spooner.
Who are you? Where do you come from? Look, if you help us, we can help you.
[Zaguron Amelia screeches.]
Drop your weapon.
Come inside.
Are you Amelia Earhart? I was fused with this human.
But she just made me weak.
You fought Amelia from inside her? There is a struggle inside you as well.
That is your fear.
Fear can be a gift.
Sara Lance did not fear me.
Sara Humans are weak.
You killed Sara? [chuckles.]
What did it tell you? I'm so sorry.
He killed her.
Avas Still holding on to all that anger.
Not healthy.
How are we going to start fresh? I don't start fresh.
Now, see, this is what you got wrong about me.
Every scar on my body is a memory, a lesson that I learned in blood.
And it's what makes me who I am.
And I don't forget any of it.
Now, we've both faced death.
We've both died before.
The difference is, I learned from my scars.
And you You've just forgotten yours.
But, Sara, I don't see any scars on you.
Oh, there are those scars, on the dead body of the real Sara Lance.
[theme music playing.]

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