DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e08 Episode Script

Stressed Western

All of Sara's favorite things, double espresso, bacon not-too-crispy Hang on.
Greek finishing salt.
Did a grocery run to the agora in ancient Athens.
- Just heard her alarm.
It's go time.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
- [sighs.]
- [Behrad.]
Not yet.
Can't skip the garnish.
We eat with our eyes first.
- Is that all of it? Okay.
- Ava, wait.
Passion Dragon Ash.
Enhances vitality and endurance.
Sara really doesn't like smoothies, but Ooh, nice flourish, Nate.
[Mick snoring.]
We didn't forget about you, gorgeous.
Seriously, Mick, thank you so, so much for everything.
Recovery Dragon Ash, usually for hangovers, but also probably good if you've been lost in space.
And A5 Kobe beef.
I dry-aged it for 15 years this morning.
Yeah, we seriously need to talk about your portal use.
So, the rest of the team is hooking up the gizmo we jacked from Kayla's ship.
Okay, once that happens, Gideon can help us pinpoint the rest of the alien pods.
And we will find the perfect mish to welcome the captain back.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Ava, relax.
I know we've been through a lot, but things are finally back to normal.
- Are they? - Talk, talk, talk.
Can't a man just eat in peace? See? If you don't hold it, I won't be able to connect the wire.
If I keep holding it, I won't be able to feel my arms.
Could you keep it down out there? I am trying to study magic, but I cannot concentrate over your constant toiling.
Okay, how about you memorize your nursery rhymes when we're done with the real work over here? Tua curtis fiat ignite! [groans.]
- What the hell was that supposed to do? - Must have the pronunciation wrong.
All right.
Let's get back at it.
And Gary, my alien chum, let's have a chat, eh? Is this about us parking Kayla's ship at your place? - Because we were kind of in a hurry.
- Not that.
What do you know about the Fountain of Imperium? - Where'd you hear about that? - [thuds.]
I I mean, no.
The fountain of what? - All right.
Just let him be.
- Thank you, Spooner.
No, it's just that when you're stressed, I got to feel it too.
Okay? This whole alien empath thing was hard enough before we had an actual alien on the ship.
- Back to the books, then.
- [Gary.]
Good luck.
All right.
Come on, let's get back at it.
Come on.
And quieter this time.
God, this is so much better than waking up on an alien planet.
Right? - Here you go, my love.
- Thanks.
And I'm just going to say this, okay? Whenever you're ready to talk about what happened out there, I am here.
Who wants to talk about space when we have Legends gossip to catch up on? Oh! Hot and juicy.
Um So, Spooner is great.
Well, once she put away her rail gun.
- Sounds like my kind of girl.
- Yes.
Um, oh, and I was a binder, and actually I think I turned into a cartoon.
- That's a new one.
- Yeah.
Babe, something wrong with the food? Come on.
Oh, babe, no.
The food, it looks amazing.
I just think I'm jet lagged.
- I get it.
- But what's with the smoothie? That is from Zari.
It's for passion, which Why are we wasting time talking about gossip and aliens when we could be focusing on you and me? I'm an alien-human hybrid clone.
What? [theme music playing.]
[Agent Sharpe sighs.]
So, you're an alien-human hybrid clone who can regenerate? [sighs.]
Babe, it sounds so crazy.
I mean, yes, obviously, but Okay, babe You're Sara Lance.
You're still the same beautiful, tough, and, yes, sometimes very surprising woman that I fell in love with.
And you're here with me.
Okay? So, that's all that matters.
Captains, you're needed on the bridge.
An alien pod has been detected.
We have to go.
Babe, wait.
Can we just maybe not tell the team about the whole hybrid thing? Just for the first mission back, I kind of want to feel normal.
Yeah, I get it.
And you know what? After everything we've been through, they could use a little normalcy, too.
- Yeah, okay.
- We have to go though.
[all cheering.]
All right, all right, all right.
That's enough.
Okay, we get it, we get it.
- Gideon, what have we got? - Welcome back, Captain.
I've detected a pod in the Oklahoma territory, 1891, near an encampment known as Fist City.
Oof, that can't be good.
The outpost at Fist City was the wildest of the West.
Countless outlaws passed through.
Butch Cassidy, Belle Starr, Wild Bill.
Sounds like a bad scene on its best days.
Hate to see the kind of havoc an alien could wreak out there.
Hey, Spoons, you okay? Yeah, just alien mind meld's been flaring up since the space cadets got back.
- It's coming from - Gary, obviously.
If my read is right, Gary is hiding something big from us.
That's okay, whatever it is, right? I mean, Gary, you're an alien, but you're also one of us, and I think we should all be more accepting of Gary.
Okay, but now my read says Gary wants to jump Ava's bones.
- [Astra.]
That sounds about right.
- What? No.
I do not Okay, well, I feel like getting back in the saddle.
Who's coming with me? [imitates gunfire.]
Hey, Nate.
Just with everything Sara's been through, I think she could use a nice, smooth mission, okay? - So, a classic Legends romp.
On it.
- Yeah, but easy.
All right, gang, be on watch.
The pod has already landed.
So, the alien could be anywhere.
Try to keep a low profile.
I don't know what's more dangerous, the alien or the locals.
- Sounds like my kind of place.
- Yeah, mine too.
My dad put me through a cowboy phase as a kid when he was trying to lean into American culture.
- Some of it stuck.
- Cute.
But I was talking about the lawlessness.
Hell, I might know some of these people from Hell.
You want to talk line dancing or lassos, try Spooner.
I was raised in Texas, not Hee Haw.
I don't know what that is, but it looks like your hat does, partner.
Well, I had to put this back on to dim my alien radar.
So far, getting nothing but Gary.
[Zari clears throat.]
Couldn't help but notice you flirting with Astra.
I wasn't flirting.
I was just trying to connect, person-to-person, soul-to-soul.
Yeah, that's called flirting.
Listen, I know it's hard to have a social life on a time ship.
So, I wanted to offer my help as someone who has recently learned how to balance work with a healthy and fulfilling love life.
Oh, don't need to hear about that.
And if this is your way of finding another test subject for your passion smoothies, I'm good.
Hey, I promised Ava a classic Legends romp, okay? So, no getting captured.
No personal drama.
Bet we'd find the alien quicker if Spooner wasn't afraid of her brain.
You mean you can't find it by bungling some Latin phrase? Okay, tension.
Got it.
You know what this calls for? The buddy system.
You two, starting now, are buddies.
By the end of the mission, you will be friends, okay? Big smiles.
[saloon piano playing.]
[music stops.]
Remember, don't make waves.
They won't take kind to outsiders around here.
Can you just find this alien so we can get out of here? Getting nothing new.
And you're not going to if you keep wearing this thing.
- Guys! - [man.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, partner, let us Let us get you another.
Yeah, that ain't happenin'.
Look, we really don't want no trouble.
Aw, shucks! Come on, neither do I.
'Cause I should be the one treatin' you.
Barkeep, may I please have a round for our new guests? Guys, is that a swear jar? - Is this root beer? - Yup.
What'd you say about this place being dangerous? Well, folks, seems by my sights, we have outsiders come into our modest municipal.
So, how about we make these newcomers neighbors by letting them in on our ways around here? [singing.]
Well, other towns get you down I don't know where to start There's rifle play And fights all day It breaks my cowboy heart But don't you fear 'cause over here We offer the reverse Yes, welcome to Fist City The gladdest place on Earth Welcome to Fist City The gladdest place on Earth [all cheering.]
I've seen weird before, but this is weird.
Gary, mate, I found something that might jog your memory.
This fountain, it's an ancient alien artifact said to amp up magic.
Are you sure you haven't heard anything about it? Why would you need this? You're already the most powerful magician there is.
Yeah, see, that's the thing.
While you were away, the Legends got into a bit of a scrape, and in order to set it right I had to surrender my power.
You lost your magic? All right, all right, don't cry about it.
But you can help me.
This Fountain of Imperium, it's my one shot at getting my magic back.
Fountain Right, right, right, right.
Yes, yes.
I have heard of it.
It's a total myth.
I'm sorry.
There's just nothing out there.
You should give it up.
I'm telling you, these people should be low-down, dirty, probably diseased sons of - Ma'am.
- [Behrad.]
Happy trails.
- [man.]
Good day.
- Something big must have happened to turn this place from Deadwood to Disneyland.
Yeah, it must be our alien.
Or gentrification.
Either way, we should stop it.
Let's blend in, spread out, figure out exactly when things changed.
I'd thank you for another soda, my lady.
Deal me in.
Is this your way of nabbing the alien? No, this is my way of nabbing that jerk's gold.
But you're right.
It could be the alien.
So, could you sense what cards he has? I can barely control my powers as it is.
I ain't gonna tap into 'em just to help you cheat at cards.
The game's Go Fish.
- You know it? - What's your wager? Ain't no gambling around here.
That just leads to bad blood.
Besides, we'd be breaking rule number three.
So, got any jacks? Maybe we should check out the card tables.
I'm sorry.
I cannot let you make the same mistake again.
You always go for the bad girls.
What we need is to find you a woman who appreciates you for the nice, sweet boy you are.
I don't only go out for the bad girls, and I don't need a matchmaker.
See, she looks nice.
Oh, no, bro, bro, bro.
This is a saloon.
It is her profession to be interested in you.
We don't offer that sort of business.
It's one of the rules.
What has gotten into these people? [woman clears throat.]
- You're new in town, ain't ya? - Reckon I am.
That just means I need someone to show me around.
Say, what's with all these here rules? Ugh, Sheriff's got lots of dos and don'ts.
There ain't no rule against playing a girl a tune.
Forgive my forward nature.
I'm Irma Rose.
Why, if that ain't the sweetest sounding name in the whole wide world.
You got a song in mind? Something to put a smile on my face.
- Think you can manage that? - You think you can manage that? I guess we'll find out.
[playing upbeat music.]
Hey, uh, barkeep, have you noticed anything weird around here lately? Weird? Not at all.
Now, what can I get you ladies? Got sarsaparilla, phosphates, milkshakes.
- Make it a milkshake, extra cherries.
- [bartender.]
Yes, ma'am.
Another one? [Sara.]
Well Guess I'm finally getting my appetite back.
Over here.
I ain't never seen no one down 'em like that.
"Bass Reeves.
" Reeves was the first Black deputy marshal west of the Mississippi.
He's a hero, not a wanted man.
The alien's changing history.
"Contact Sheriff Levi Stapleton.
" Hmm.
Oh, I know that name.
Stapleton was a criminal famous for terrorizing the Oklahoma territory.
But how did a outlaw end up a sheriff, and how did a marshal end up an outlaw? Hey, barkeep, what can you tell me about Levi Stapleton? Well, just that he's about the finest law man around.
[eagle screeches.]
I heard we had some visitors come in.
[guitar playing.]
Oh, Stapleton Stapleton fills us with awe Restoring us order and laying down law The Sheriff of sheriffs He's fair and he's firm Brings peace to our streets And we hail him in turn I'd say "Let me be the first to bid you welcome," but I see my fine citizenry's beat me to it.
It is a fine town y'all have here.
In fact, we was just wondering How you made this place such a haven.
Now, don't you worry about that.
You just enjoy yourself.
Oh, barkeep, fill our guests some drink and vittles so they can be on their way.
Guess we know who scared this town straight.
Think he's our alien? We'll have Spooner get a read.
Speaking of Where are Spooner and Astra? Spoons? [whistling.]
If you won't let me win your gold, then tell me where you got it.
She gets hot under the collar.
You know? But what we do have a question about what's happening around here.
I don't know what you're aiming at, but you'd be wise to stop asking and get like a good little girl.
What is that? Fight's going outside! [people clamoring.]
Okay, Astra, it's getting closer.
Not now, Spooner.
And even if I was gonna say where I got my gold, the last one I'd tell is a girl with the looks of you.
Don't try me.
- Hell if I let you touch me! - Look out! [screeching.]
[dissonant whistling.]
[dissonant whistling continues.]
Shame to see.
But let that remind y'all why we keep our tempers in check here.
So, how about you all go back inside and get back to having a good time? Go on, get.
As for you I think you've seen just about enough of Fist City.
So, y'all don't come back now, you hear? [Sara.]
Hey, Gary.
Do you know any alien species that live underground, look like a worm and swallow people whole? Oh.
That sounds like a Haverack.
Haverack translates into "rage eater.
" It's drawn to the chemicals we release when we're angry and then it eats us.
That's why I felt it gaining when that guy got all riled up.
Its outer shell is impenetrable, so the only way to stop it is to tame it.
There's this whistle Yeah, that's the thing Stapleton used.
It must have been loaded with the pod.
So we get the sheriff to give it up.
I was looking for a reason to wipe that smile off his face.
Whoa, but we need to avoid a fight, especially if the worm's drawn to anger.
So we gotta sneak it off Stapleton.
And I know the perfect way to get close to him.
Square dancing contest.
High noon.
There is no way I'm square dancing.
Yeah, we can't have you two triggering the worm again.
Are you benching us? Do you even have that authority? I don't know.
It did feel weird.
But he's right.
If this thing is attracted to hot tempers, then you two are definitely staying here, while the rest of us dance.
All right, everybody, find the whistle.
Everybody, elbow swing! Square up! Hey, babe, this is our first dance since we've been engaged.
Oh, yeah.
I didn't expect it to have so much fiddle, but I'm into it.
And tunnel going, one more time! I might just go grab another milkshake.
- Again? - Yeah.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, it's just you've already had Ava, I've missed this.
- I've missed us.
- Yeah.
So, this might be a really weird question, but is there any species of alien that loves cherries? [Gary.]
It could be a Wafter.
You're worried about sharing the ship with an alien.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
That's not what I said - [Gary.]
No, don't worry.
I haven't wanted to eat a human in years.
Well, thank you, Gary.
Appreciate it.
Grab your partner Right hand through Travel over, by two-by-two [gasps.]
I've missed this.
I've missed us.
- Have you, Gary? - Yeah.
Well, you can see why I'm struggling to believe a word you say after you lied to me all those years about being a human being.
Well, you know, those days are over now.
Yeah, are they? So, you're telling me the whole truth about the Fountain of Imperium then? [caller.]
Everybody, change partner! Oh! Listen to that, I gotta go.
Come on down.
Let's shoot the stars! I'm almost in position to grab the whistle.
And I'm almost in position to make my move with Irma Rose.
Listen, I believe long-distance relationships can work, but the 1800's? That's a bit of a stretch.
Two hands up, make lines on the side! [Zari.]
I'm going in.
Everybody, two-hand balance.
Strange, y'all don't strike me as the square-dancing type.
No? I thought I told y'all to get.
But, Sheriff, we just love dancing so much.
Don't think I'm unaware as why you're all really here, but that worm is mine.
- You're hurting my arm.
- Take your hands off her, you bastard.
Is this one yours? Rude! [rumbling.]
It's coming.
Well, go on.
You know you want to get a good hit in.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- [Sara.]
Hey! Stapleton! [hocking.]
[people gasping.]
You just broke rule number six.
Well, I don't give a damn about your rules.
And your reign here is about to end.
I challenge you to a duel.
Winner gets your whistle.
Loser gets out of town.
You want to fight? You got it.
Are you sure about this? The Sheriff's one thing, - but we've seen what that worm can do.
- Babe.
I'm Sara Lance.
I always keep my cool.
You passed this spot twice already.
But then, I can see your navigation skill's ain't for much.
Wait, you're following me? I knew you wouldn't last a minute out here alone.
What the hell are you doing hiking in alien-infested territories? Prospecting.
I'm going to find that gold.
Well, if it's gold you're after, you should follow the waterflow.
Why don't you just concentrate on using your radar in case that thing decides to attack again? Yeah, well, I ain't your tool.
And, you know, I'm pretty sure the ship can make all the gold you want.
It's not about the gold.
Or not just about the gold.
It's about showing everyone in that town that I get what I want.
Ugh, seems like a lot of work just to prove a point.
Yeah, well, it figures you'd say that, but I've had to fight for every bit of power that I have.
And you think I've had it easy? I think you've spent your life creating your own kind of hell.
Hiding and alone, letting aliens mess with your head when you could harness that power.
Yeah, well, I wasn't hiding.
I was keeping my head down.
And, you know, I wasn't always alone either.
You know, when I lost my mom, they put me in foster care.
Your mom? Yeah.
You know, people tried their best with me, but some kid who, you know, hears aliens all the time, they couldn't deal.
Well, where I'm from, you have to use whatever power you have to tip the scales in your favor.
You know, we're not in Hell anymore.
And you're not in Texas.
So, which way do we go? [leaves rustling.]
What's up, babe? You know I've never lost a shootout.
Yes, I know.
And I would tell you if I didn't feel up for this.
It's like you said.
Nothing's changed.
And I meant it.
But with everything that you've been through With everything I've been through, a Wild West shootout is exactly what I need.
All right.
Let's go win ourselves a standoff, shall we? [singing.]
We don't know Where she came from But know that she ain't going back 'Cause there ain't no one faces Stapleton's guns And walks away looking intact If she shoots, the worm will eat her If she don't She'll fall from his lead You can do what you can To prove you're a man Can it, cowboy.
Godspeed, Sara Lance [Sara.]
You done playing with your pistol yet? [chuckles.]
Ten paces.
Then we draw.
One, two - Gary! - [Nate.]
Would you shut up? [mouthing.]
- Sara! - Hold on, hold on.
What the bloody hell happened on that planet, hey? That That ain't normal.
You must be some kind of monster.
No, not a monster.
But you're right about the other thing.
I'm definitely not normal.
The deal is off.
You ain't getting this.
Why Won't You Die! [screeching.]
[dissonant whistling.]
Oh! [dissonant whistling continues.]
[Irma Rose.]
Would you look at that? Looks like y'all did it.
I guess we did.
We found it.
Not bad, Spooner.
What? Is the alien nearby? Yeah.
And I'm looking at it.
Looks like we both found what we were looking for.
Did gold just come out of that alien's But if that's the deposit, then That guy, he's not just protecting the gold.
He's protecting the alien.
Well, y'all figured it out.
That there worm made Fist City a boomtown, but don't come between those folks and their gold.
Deputy Marshal.
Bass Reeves.
We'll take it from here, my lady.
Like hell you will.
Ain't nobody taking our little worm.
That thing's a literal goldmine, you know? [gasps.]
And the thing about us shooting y'all, well Actually, we're happy to do it.
What's that? [gunshots ringing out.]
[exclaims in frustration.]
What happened out there? Okay.
So, maybe not everything is back to normal.
[Irma Rose yelling.]
Ain't no hiding! Come on out now! Don't want the worm coming for you.
Besides, they ain't gonna be cooping up in there too long before they lose it.
Once they do [chuckles.]
- Worm will get 'em.
- [sighs.]
So you're bulletproof now? Yeah.
Welcome to the club.
Okay, it's a long story.
I was going to tell you guys, I just I wanted to have a normal mission first.
And on a normal mission, I would be out there fighting.
If we fight, we attract the worm, and I cannot see you take another bullet.
Babe, I don't know what you want me to do.
Look, I'm sorry, but this is who I am now.
All right, so let's focus on getting the whistle so we can squash this worm for good.
Ooh, I have an idea.
How about Behrad just flirts it away from his girlfriend? Hey, just because she's evil doesn't mean she's not into me, okay? [Zari.]
You are dumb.
You know, magic would be really useful about now.
Guess I'm not getting that back any time soon, am I, Gary? [rumbling.]
Oh! Milkshakes are ten cents.
Look, we'll come up with a new plan.
The important thing is that we keep our cool.
Gang, remember, we're romping.
Huh? [piano key plinks.]
All right, we cannot stay in here forever.
So, let's brainstorm.
No bad ideas.
I don't need to hear your "I told you so's.
" Listen, I wish you crazy kids could have worked things out, but, I don't know, maybe there's a lesson here.
You pick these unattainable girls, you pine away silently for years, when maybe that's easier than being in a real relationship.
I know you assume everybody needs your lifestyle advice, but I'm actually good.
Ignore me like you always do.
Even though, I don't know, maybe as the older sibling, I would have some wisdom to offer.
It's fine.
You know what we need? We need We need a sing-along.
You guys remember "Sweet Baby James"? "Thong Song"? We love the "Thong Song.
" [Constantine.]
Oi, Gary.
Take a seat.
Look, I know that the Fountain is real, mate.
Come on, old son.
Give it up.
Aliens have known about the Fountain for ages.
Once I even found a lead in your library, but, um Anyone who's gone after it has ended in ruin.
You know, so I only lied to you because it's too dangerous, especially without your magic.
I don't need the likes of you to protect me, even without my magic.
Just Just tell me where to find it, Gary.
There's a, uh, map to the Fountain of Imperium out there, and, um, humans could never really figure out how to read it 'cause they thought it was a map of the heavens.
But aliens we know it's a map of your planet.
So you're telling me that I could be out there right now searching for this map, but thanks to you, I'm stuck in a bloody saloon! [rumbling.]
Oh, no.
That can't be good.
Wait, the town's that way.
I know a way we can cut 'em off.
Follow me.
Hey, speaking of magic, you guys like card tricks? That That sounds like fun.
[all chuckling.]
Babe, look, I know that was hard for you to watch, but look at me now.
All right, look, I'm fine.
I know you're still you, but seeing it in action, I don't know, it made me realize we can't just pretend that everything's normal.
- You know, I was talking to Gary - Yeah, obviously Why are you talking to Gary about this before you're talking to me? - I wasn't talking - Guys, have a drink.
God, what is with the cherries? I don't know, okay? Stay out of it.
Guys? Guys? [grunts.]
First, you're mad I'm lying, now you're mad I'm telling the truth? - [all arguing.]
- [rumbling.]
[glasses rattling.]
[vase smashes.]
How annoying! [Behrad.]
I was six! [all continue arguing.]
Enough! Can't you just hold it together till we get the job done? I mean, I don't know what's harder.
Fighting the alien or keeping the peace between you people.
Um, Nate, the worm, remember? Just You might wanna simmer it down.
[rumbling stops.]
You know what? I won't simmer down.
I've been having a lot of big feelings too lately, and now is the exact right time to share them.
[objects rattling.]
When Mick left the ship, it wasn't easy being the O-est G, but did any of you check in on my existential crisis? No, because Nate's so chill, isn't he? Dude, you're right.
We should talk, but maybe not while the worm's coming.
I used to have Zari to talk to, right? And while all of you are hooking up, getting engaged, I guess she's just stuck in the totem forever.
No offense.
I think you're great.
It's not really an either/or type of thing.
And don't get me started about life on the ship! Six roommates, and I'm the only one that replaces the cartridges in the fabricators? I didn't know they took cartridges.
Well, they do, genius.
They do.
And I know one of you changes the thermostat every night, so don't blame it on Gideon.
Well, since none of you can hold it together, guess I'll draw the worm to me so you don't get eaten alive because I'm so chill.
So come and get me, you alien slug.
I got your romp right here! That white boy's a goner.
Spooner, you have to do something.
You don't know what it feels like when they get in my head.
So get into theirs.
Let them feel what you're feeling.
Don't do it for me or for Nate.
Do it for you.
And another thing! I asked for a chair at the Hall of Justice.
Big surprise, no response! [cracking.]
And this is where my plan stops.
Stop! [high-pitched ringing.]
That's right.
It's my power now.
[gun cocks.]
It's Reeves! [shots firing.]
Dig? Yes, ma'am, I definitely do dig.
Bass Reeves.
I'm glad to see you can join the fight.
[worm screeching.]
[high-pitched ringing fading.]
I can't I can't hold it much longer.
I got you.
Tua cutis fiat ignite! [worm groaning.]
[both panting.]
I feel so much better.
Me too.
Eh? [all.]
Yay! - [Agent Sharpe.]
Gary! - Whoo! [ragtime piano music playing.]
Now that is better.
This whole place looks better.
How are you even able to keep your head down here? Worm would have gotten me in a minute if I was stuck with these people.
Well, I was plenty angry.
But I decided if these folks want to underestimate me, well, I'll just use it against them.
That's how I put most of these bastards away.
You made it your power.
See? This one gets it.
[soft guitar music playing.]
You're probably wondering what happened to that band of outsiders.
Well, from what I heard tell [singing.]
They cleaned up the town Got it back to itself There was beer at the bar And poker hands dealt They got on their ship Bein' sure no one's seen 'em The only fights left Were the ones between 'em You here to shower me with pity, Gary Green? No.
I, uh I know how you can get a map to the Fountain.
Shouldn't be much trouble actually, 'cause the man who found it lives in your attic.
Aleister Crowley.
If anyone can find that Fountain and live to tell of it, it's you.
So I'll be seeing you, John Constantine.
Well, the magic man's Heading off for the unknown Bid his lady goodbye Then he set off alone She told him she trusted That he'd dodge any doom Now, what of the captains Let's cut to their room - [sighs.]
- [Agent Sharpe.]
Hey, babe.
- Made you something.
- Thank you.
I think my normal appetite is finally starting to come back.
- Good.
- But this does look good.
Well, dig in.
Mmm! Mmm-hmm.
You know what? I I think I've been trying way too hard to pretend that things around here could be normal.
Babe, we both were.
Right? Ugh.
I wanted so badly for everything to just feel like it was before.
But after everything we've been through, there's no going back.
But does that have to be a bad thing? Maybe we can be something new, something better.
I mean, let's be honest, we were never normal to begin with.
So why start now? [inhales sharply.]
Whew! What? - Was that - I've no idea what you're talking about.
- Passion Dragon Ash? - Yes! - Mmm-hmm.
- [Agent Sharpe giggling.]
[bluegrass music playing.]
I saw John on his way out.
- [clears throat.]
- You doing okay? Yeah.
Well, I'm here if you need me, but I know you'll be fine.
You are the wise one, after all.
Okay, look, I know I can be a bit overbearing at times, but I just want you to be happy.
I actually know who could use both our help.
Can I, uh, borrow your totem? [Behrad.]
Yo, yo.
Hey, man.
You want a doughnut? Uh, thanks, dude, but I actually came to give you something.
What? No, no, no.
No, I cannot be a totem master.
Maybe with some training.
- But at this point - No, no, no.
It's so you can visit her.
So you can see Zari.
That's possible? I'm sure it's been tough, and I should've noticed.
But now you can take a totem trip to her, and do what you do together.
[inhales sharply.]
Just, uh, let me know when you're done.
[bluegrass music continues playing.]
Now the Guy of Steel's Off to see his girl Sure it's weird But then so is the world So I leave you now with this takeaway That there might not be a normal But that might be okay [music ends.]
I told you guys, we can't keep the cowboy narrator.
Sorry, sorry.
Hey, man, we'll drop you off.
Happy trails, Legends.
[guitar strings twang.]
[theme music playing.]

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