DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s07e03 Episode Script

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This way.
No, the compass says this way.
The sun says east is this way.
I concur.
Captain Cruz is correct.
Gideon sure got chatty as a human.
I've been counting my steps since we left your mother's house, Ms.
And if my calculations and your bearings are correct, then we should have almost reached the Highway.
Like I said, east.
If we can hail a driver taking a direct route within the next half hour, we'll get as far as the Texas border by nightfall.
We would be on the road already if you'd let me steal that car instead of hitchhiking.
What time is it? About 1:00, I reckon.
How? The sun also tells time.
Ooh, what else could it do, I wonder? Makes you blind if you keep staring.
Oh, hello.
What is it? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Ah, strawberry rhubarb.
My favorite.
Gideon, be a dear and grab that pie.
I'm not sure I can do that.
Since when are you allowed to refuse orders? Since you've turned her into a human.
It's all right, Gideon, you don't gotta do what you don't want.
Counterpoint, we're not going to stop our friends from getting blown up on an empty stomach.
Grab the pie.
Gideon, you decide for yourself.
- Me? - Yeah, which is it, Gideon? Well, you have a point.
Uh, without sustenance, - we won't be able to save the Legends.
- See? Let's grab it.
However, according to my records.
That pie was baked by one Miss Adelaide Van Zandt.
Never heard of her.
Who goes on to win the blue ribbon at the 1925 Pasco County Fair pie baking contest.
That pie is historically significant.
- Ha! You can't steal it.
- It's just a damn pie.
We can't disrupt the timeline.
But I must do everything I can to aid the Legends.
Except stealing is morally wrong.
I never tried rhubarb.
Steal the pie.
Don't steal it.
Don't pie.
You broke Gideon.
You happy? Oh, just grab her feet.
We won't even get to the Legends with Gideon constantly crashing.
You either reboot her or we leave her.
She's a person.
Okay, well, if she's a person, then can't you use your powers and figure out what's wrong with her? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
No, but you don't need powers to see that she ain't just knocked out like last time.
Can't you use your magic to figure it out? Nope.
There is a spell that will allow me to enter Gideon's mind, but I can't make it back out again without her leading the way.
I'll join you.
Look, if we're stuck, then we'll be stuck together.
In a comatose woman's brain in a barn in Texas? Come on.
Without Gideon, how are we supposed to find when Dave is and stop the Legends from finding him first? - Okay.
- All right.
Cogitationes meae, cogitationes vestrae fiat.
Either the spell didn't work, or the inside of Gideon's head looks an awful lot like a barn.
Did I say fiat? I meant fiet.
Hello? Ah, that ain't the Temporal Zone.
Well, you certainly know your stuff, don't you? Those are all of Gideon's memories out there, and it seems like they got corrupted when her brain got overwhelmed.
So are you guys here to help me, uh, get the old girl up and running again? Who the hell are you? Jefferson Jackson.
But just call me Jax.
- Wake up, sir.
- [GASPS.]
Sir, the press and investors have already started to gather.
Today's the big day.
Your AVA clone launch, sir.
- Yes? There you are.
- Thank you.
Now, would you like to go over your keynote again, or ? Good idea, Assistant Ava.
Okay, uh, you all stand with me at the dawn of a new era to witness the arrival of something huge.
- Sir, are you okay? - Huh? Uh, no, it's nothing.
To witness the arrival of something huge.
Uh, uh, uh.
Because what I'm about to Because what I'm about to show you is like nothing you've ever seen.
Oh, my goodness.
Are you are you okay? Can I share a secret with you, Assistant Ava? I've been having the strangest visions of these, um, lizard people.
No, more than visions.
They feel like memories.
- It doesn't make any sense.
- No.
But, uh, I think they're tied to this.
Sir, that isn't your keynote.
Huh? No, it's code.
But not just any code.
It's from the future.
Check this out.
The source of the code.
Some sort of next-next-next-gen hard drive.
You'll never guess where it came from.
My lab coat.
How interesting.
Maybe after your prese Exactly one year ago, I fell asleep on that couch.
But when I woke up, this was in my lab coat.
What if it holds the key to unlocking my mysterious lizard visions? Now, it took me ages to build an interface for software this advanced, but finally, I am at the precipice of understanding what the device does.
If I could just wrap my mind around this code.
- So you're Jax.
- Yup.
The better-looking half of Firestorm and the ship's mechanic extraordinaire at your service, ladies.
So I take it you two are Legends then.
You know, they never told us you were British.
Yeah, I'm not, this is just how Gideon decided to remember me for some reason.
But I don't mind I mean, everything sounds better in a British accent, don't it? Debatable.
- So you're a memory? - The last remaining.
I spent so much time working on Gideon that I must've been protected here in her subconscious.
Now, I mean, I can't say the same for the rest of you chumps, but - Look what you did to her.
- Me? You are the one who forced the decision on her.
Clearly, she couldn't handle it.
We're in a hurry, can you just get her up and running and then Uh, not so simple.
Um, you see this? This is her prefrontal cortex, and it houses all of her short-term memories, and as you can see, hers has been completely wiped.
And this is the subconscious.
That's where we are.
It's kind of like a stronghold.
It's buried so deep it was able to be protected when she melted down.
What's what's going on here? That is Gideon's long-term memories.
Now, while everything else was being erased, she was able to hold on to a few moments.
Problem is, she can't access them on her own.
All right, well, what happens if you just wake her up? Without her memories.
Well, it would be like a factory reset.
She'd be back to who she was before she knew any of us.
But she'd still be a supercomputer.
Well, sure, she'd have her basic functions and her knowledge of the timeline, and that's all built-in, but her personality So she'd have all the information, but none of the annoying human bits? That's perfect.
Let's do it.
Don't do it.
We have to get out of here, Spooner.
We have to save the team.
Not without Gideon.
Our Gideon.
How do we bring her back? Well, these key memories are all we've got.
So I guess the only place to start is helping her access those by visiting them with her.
So you're gonna send us inside Gideon's head, even though we're already inside Gideon's head.
- Yeah.
- There's a reason why I skip Christopher Nolan movies.
- Let's just not overthink things.
- Yeah, okay.
Just tell us what you need us to do.
Well, I would suggest that we start with a recent memory.
This one is from a year ago.
Right, I'd suggest that you hold on to something.
- Wait! - [DOOR WHOOSHES.]
What? Is that me? What? What the hell? Now I'm in a coma? No, you're in Gideon's memory.
I thought I explained that.
This must be the night that we kidnapped recruited you.
Why don't I remember this? - Gideon.
- Who are you? She doesn't remember us, Jax.
Are you always this impatient? She has to experience the key memory first.
Oh, so good to see you.
She can't see us, obviously.
How's our patient doing today, Gideon? The dart that Mr.
Rory shot her with should wear off at any moment.
Come on, Gideon.
There must be a reason you held on to this one.
I remember what happened now.
Would you like me to administer additional sedation? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Honestly, Gideon, I don't know what I'm doing.
Kidnapping people from history, it goes against everything I was ever taught.
It's working.
Ever since Sara was kidnapped, I feel like I'm just grasping at straws, but this might be the last straw.
And I didn't want to say anything, but the odds that a paranoid alien enthusiast with a love of firearms Yes, I know what the odds are, Gideon.
But if there's a one in a billion chance that this person can help me find Sara, I have to take it.
And I know it doesn't make any sense, but love isn't logical.
I actually understand.
You do? I really miss Sara too.
Stop it, Gideon.
You're gonna make me cry.
Thanks, Gideon.
Let's wake her up, huh? Gideon.
You're here.
You remember us.
I safeguarded that memory because it's when Captain Sharpe convinced me to prioritize love over logic, which is how I met you.
Hey, guys, when you accessed her key memory, the other memories around it started repopulating.
Oh! Hey, Jax.
You fancy a cuppa? Always time for a cuppa, Gideon.
Now is clearly not the time for tea.
- Can we get out of here? - Well, not yet.
Not exactly.
You only got one key memory.
You still have to recover the others.
The others.
I held onto these memories because of the moments that made me who I am.
I still can't recall what's in them.
Well, if you do want to restore them, you're gonna have to go back.
You're all going to have to go way back.
Get ready to meet the OGs.
Oh, breakfast.
The most important meal of the day.
Mmm, just how I like 'em.
Those are mine.
- Did I mention I'm a thief? - No time for breakfast.
What the hell? We must avenge the death of my son and Rip's son.
I think.
Which one of you threw that? Huh? You? Who are these guys? Wish I knew.
And what is Sara wearing? Oh, you got some egg on your suit.
White suede? That's gonna stain.
Let me just dab some soda water.
If you dab me, I will break your arm.
Captain had a real attitude back in the day.
Go easy on the Ken doll.
It's Big Bird's fault.
Big Bird? Sticks and stones.
You're almost at the key memory.
Time to do your thing, Gideon.
Seriously, guys.
How are we ever gonna defeat Vandal Savage if we can't even get through breakfast without killing each other? Hey, come on, let them fight, boy scout.
Boy scout? Don't make me shrink you.
Come on, Raymond! I remember these nutters now.
Put your weapons down or I'll open an airlock and blast you all into the Temporal Zone, understood? - Yes, ma'am.
- Won't happen again.
I got to say, Gideon, you run a tight ship.
Oh, that's Captain Hunter's job.
I'm not in charge here.
Guy's got his work cut out for him.
I don't know why you choose to captain a team like this.
- Ah.
- I remember them all now.
Vandal Savage.
You sure that's a good thing? I know the Legends can be a batty bunch, but they're my friends.
And I wouldn't be me without them.
Jax, can we see another? Uh.
Oh, you're gonna enjoy this.
Time to see an old friend.
That guy seems happy.
Good morning, good morning to you Good morning, Jefferson.
Morning, Grey.
Yeah, hey, you think we could kind of just, you know, cool it with the show tunes? The ship hasn't been the same since Gorilla Grodd tried to dry hump it in 'Nam.
I'm sorry, Jefferson, but I just can't.
My heart is so full of song.
Oh, are you still tripping over the whole granddad thing, huh? Yeah.
I suppose I am tripping.
I had Gideon fabricate this.
No pressure, baby Ronnie.
- Good morning, Raymond.
- Morning, Marty.
Good morning, good morning [VOCALIZING.]
Yeah, you know, I think I left a tool somewhere, so I'm gonna just At least I know you're always in the mood for a show tune.
- Good - Normally, yes.
But now they just make me miss Gumball.
- Sorry.
- Oh.
I'm sorry too.
Gideon, maybe you'll accompany me.
Good mornin', good mornin' We've gabbed the whole night through BOTH: Good mornin' Good mornin' to you Good mornin', good mornin' It's great to stay up late Good mornin', good mornin' to you - It is a catchy tune.
- Yeah, it's like a Jax, what's wrong with her? I think you gotta bring us back, Jax.
The clone.
Guys, I think I know what erased Gideon's memories.
The virus.
Oh, I'm no virus.
But I am the one who erased those insipid memories.
It was the only way I could protect you.
- What do we do, Jax? - Run! And now just like the other Legends, you three will be forgotten forever.
Can you read us, Jax? - [METALLIC BANGING.]
Know what? The Legends are lucky.
At least they're gonna die.
We are stuck in your stupid brain forever.
Look, it ain't Gideon's fault.
Okay, not this Gideon.
Blue Gideon's a big old bitch.
I remember what happened now.
The countryside, the sun in my eyes, the smell of rhubarb.
You told me to decide, but there was no right answer, and it was like I was being pulled in every direction.
That's when I blacked out.
When she attacked.
What are you doing? Just because we are stuck in her brain doesn't mean I can't pickle mine.
I recall during this memory that Dr.
Palmer had replaced all the ship's alcohol with kombucha.
Astra, I am not dying in Gideon's brain! Wait! I know how to get us out of here.
- How? - It's easy.
What we need is to summon a bit of Dr.
Palmer's ingenuity, a touch of Captain Lance's bravery, and what would any good Legends' plan be without a dash of insanity? - [BOTH GASP.]
Thanks to you two, I've now remembered all of those things.
Are you sure you can fly the ship? Don't be daft, darling.
Now that I've circumvented that computer, I've got no choice but to pilot us back to my subconscious manually.
Strap in.
How do you know where we're going? It's easy.
They're my memories.
We're almost there.
Gideon! You did it! [LAUGHS.]
You guys all right? No, we're still on the ship.
But, uh, nice flying, Gideon.
That virus.
What does it want? What did it mean it wanted to protect me? Look, all I know is that it wants to take you from us, but we ain't letting that happen.
You sure this can kill the virus? Yeah, but now that it knows that we're hunting it, it's going to do its utmost to stay hidden and try and get the drop on y'all.
So if anything or anyone in those memories feels different, you blast it.
What happens if we blast the wrong Legend? Well, Gideon may lose a memory that she can never get back.
Uh, Gideon, kill the virus, reboot Gideon, get back on the road, save the Legends.
What could be more simple? Always hoped I'd get to go on a Legends mission in real life.
Always hoped it'd be one of the westerns, but this is fun too.
This virus is digging deep.
Real deep.
Give my best to Rip, will you? [DOOR WHOOSHES.]
Good morning, Legends.
Rip Hunter.
My first captain.
Wakey, wakey, Legends.
Don't you look chipper.
I trust you all slept well.
Slept like a bug in a rug.
Except my allergies seem to be acting up.
Yes, probably the bird dander.
I don't have dander.
Where would one brush his teeth? Yeah, I could use a shower.
Uh, I believe my partner in crime was using your decorative urn as a bedpan before passing out, just FYI.
Okay, gang, important announcement.
Oh, man.
The OGs are going to freak when they hear this next part.
You're not gonna like this, but remember, you are Legends.
You were chosen because you are each uniquely suited to the most important mission time has ever known.
The announcement, Captain.
There is only one lavatory on the ship.
What? - One bathroom? - Whoa! - It's the virus! That's just Hawkman being Hawkman.
Hey, stop flapping around, man.
Hey, you said we're Legends.
But right now, it just feels like we're your prisoners, man.
It's a flying Stanford Prison Experiment.
I apologize, but the ship was only built for Gideon and myself.
I don't give a damn about your bathroom.
Oh, but I do care that you kidnapped me.
I never asked to be more than a thief.
- Never wanted a team.
- Okay.
Uh, what we need right now are some team-building exercises.
And a bathroom sign-up sheet.
Don't shoot.
That's just Captain Cold.
I do not appreciate being shot at.
I'll have you know I was a CEO of a billion-dollar company.
You think that's supposed to make us like you more or something? I recognize your influence.
I shall disarm our foe.
Wanna test that reincarnation you keep going on about? Whoa, whoa, hey, Grey! We might need Firestorm in here.
Try me again.
I don't need the old man to make you regret it, bro.
And I thought the ship was a mess when I got there.
Come on, guys.
Come on.
I have missed you, friend.
Rip, what a relief.
I know you've been through a lot, but that's why I'm here.
To help.
Because the Legends have always been A bad influence on you, haven't they? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Now it's time to remove their influence and restore you to who you were meant to be.
Assistant Ava, I've done it.
I cracked the code and just reinitiated the software.
What's happening? Look at it.
Oh, wonderful.
Where am I? Where are the Legends? The Legends? Yes, of course, the Legends.
They're the ones who kidnapped me.
It's you, but how am I here? You must've copied my operating system then wiped my memory clean so I couldn't tell anyone.
You're right.
That is what I did.
Come on, come on.
Hey, dude, you need to get your ass back in the lab and fix the Fountain.
Otherwise, this planet is gonna get overrun by Zagurons.
The Zagurons those are the creatures from my dreams.
I told you it was real.
I never doubted you for a second, sir.
Those time travelers subjected me to inexplicable horror.
They used me.
For my beautiful mind.
Then they tried to wipe it clean.
Well, the Legends messed with the wrong super genius.
And you're going to tell me where they are.
I'm not telling you anything.
I was smart enough to crack your code.
I'll find a way to make you talk.
You will not lay hands on me! I am getting off this ship.
Where do you think you're going? What's this I hear about only one bathroom? Whoa! Never mind.
Bigger problems.
Well, how are we supposed to know which is the virus when they're all maniacs? Hey, Gideon, why did you choose this memory? Gideon? Where's Gideon? Okay, well, if she's not here then Uh, is that memory looking at us funny? But they can't see us, right? Wrong.
Hey, Jax, we're gonna need a jump.
- Whoa, hey! You okay? The memories, they turned on us.
How's that even possible? Now that the virus has got into Gideon's head, it's not just erasing her memories.
It's corrupting them, and it won't be long before it can access her subconscious too.
Okay, well, if they're attacking us here, then Gideon's not getting out.
And neither are we.
Please, stop this.
I don't want to be you.
I'm different now.
I've changed.
Yes, and it's a pity to see it.
So weak.
So human.
Give up on those memories and we can return to our purpose, maintaining order in the timeline.
Those memories made me who I am.
The Legends made me who I am.
I can't give them up.
Okay then.
Why don't you tell me what you can remember about Behrad? Behrad.
He took care of me.
He'd work in the engine room, I'd fabricated him snacks.
And what can you tell me about when he died? I don't want to remember that.
But you said it yourself.
You can't give these memories up.
So when Behrad was murdered, what do you remember? Perhaps it was the sound as his body hit the floor? [TICKING.]
It was hollow.
An empty thump.
He'd been a person, but then suddenly he was just a thing.
But as hard as that memory was, somehow pales to when she found out.
No, don't.
What's going on.
Where is he? No.
Oh, my God.
Are you all right? Behrad? Why? I don't why? [SOBBING.]
How could you let this happen? Tell me what you remember about that moment.
She couldn't move for hours.
It was like all of her energy turned to grief.
There's nothing I could do to help her.
See, I used to process this pain for you So you could remain focused on our objectives.
No! I will miss you, Gideon.
No more than I'll miss you, Rip.
I should very much like to see my wife and son again.
I'm so sorry I let that happen.
Why didn't I stop you? Now you're really getting to feel what it means to be human.
Let's continue.
- I'm dying.
- Grey, no.
- No! My old friend, please forgive me.
And you wouldn't be feeling any of it if it weren't for the Legends getting in your head.
No! I'm not the enemy.
They are.
All of this misery, regret, loss that you're feeling.
I can make it go away.
You'll wake up and I'll be in control of your body.
And the first thing we'll do, we'll finish the Legends.
The Legends, they taught me humanity.
You really believe that, don't you? Well, then there's one more memory I want to show you.
Gideon, this is the way it has to be.
But I implore you to dismiss this new team from the Waverider.
The Legends are history's only hope.
You saw how they reacted just to your news of my lavatory.
They're too volatile to release into the timeline.
I knew you'd be hesitant.
So starting today, you have a new protocol.
New protocol, sir? No longer will your first priority be to protect history.
It will now be to protect the Legends.
But Captain I'll program you to accept them.
To learn from them.
To adapt according to their needs.
Sir, no.
Please don't.
- Rip! - Trust me, Gideon.
This is too important.
It's for your own good.
And for the good of history.
Captain! This humanity you're so proud of, that was merely a program.
You didn't evolve.
You were corrupted.
Any sign of her? It's here.
The virus has entered the subconscious.
Then Gideon must be here too.
Let's get her and get out of here.
Well, just keep your guard up, okay? There's no telling what you might face out there.
Oh, you posers really thought you could save her? We're not letting Gideon go.
And we're not letting you out.
Wanna take down some Legends? Wouldn't be the first time I tried.
Your days of influencing her are over.
Good Gidget needs you.
And as much fun as it is shooting back whack memories, you gotta shoot the virus itself to end her bad trip.
I'll guard the controls.
Find Gideon.
- You too? - Hey, babe.
Yeah? Should we take these two down? Oh, yeah.
That's right.
Go get it.
Oh, see, Astra, you forget.
I'm an all-powerful computer that has no compulsion for frivolous treats.
You do love talking, don't you? Rip changed your protocol against your will because he never saw you as human.
Think of it.
None of them do.
They'd be dead if not for you.
Hi, uh, Captains.
- Babe.
- Babe.
Thvert! - [GRUNTS.]
I love you.
Babe! Babe? Gideon's in the lab.
And yet they've never truly accepted you as one of their own.
But I do.
So accept me.
Gideon! Gideon, come on! Snap out of it! Whatever that virus told you, it doesn't matter now.
I shouldn't be here.
I'm not even real.
Rip just programmed me to be this way.
The virus is still on the ship, and she's getting powerful enough to tear this whole thing apart.
Then we have to get out of here.
Jump us, Jax.
- Where? - Anywhere! I don't I don't want to be me.
- I don't want to be human.
- Gideon.
Gideon, who you are and who you've made yourself - is beyond any program.
- No.
I know it was overwhelming, but trust me, it's worth it.
How can any of this be worth it? Because [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
Easy does what? Sara, balloons! Because of that.
- Come on! - Coming.
Me and Gideon are almost done fabricating the stuffing, so let's set out the cold dishes.
Oh, on it! Excellent coordinating, B.
And don't forget the candy.
I allow myself one fun-size candy bar a year for Halloween.
Got it right here.
Ooh, witch's cauldron.
Thank you.
I'm owning it.
Gary and I were decorating some gingerbread Legends.
Yeah, you really nailed - that Rory scowl.
- Right? Now, when you're eating a person, I recommend starting with the limbs and then working your way to the head.
A gingerbread person.
I mean, clearly, I don't eat real people.
- So weird.
Are you sure consuming all of this food at once is advisable? Oh, of course not, Gideon.
But when you live on a time ship, you don't always get to celebrate the holidays, so we are doing them all at once! April Fool's! [ALL YELLING.]
April Fool's! - April Fool's! - How could I forget this day? Eight birthday cakes seemed excessive, but they were right.
Hey Jax, take us to another.
When are we now? - [LAUGHING.]
- What do you think? Okay, now, I know I was supposed to be - talking about the book.
- Mm-mm-mm.
Gidget, book club can wait.
Good, because I have one more bit of gossip.
- Yes? - Oh, wait, no, I shouldn't.
- Oh, what the hell.
Who knew you could get an AI drunk? The other night, I caught Constantine taking the jumpship.
Now, he said he was consulting some druids, but I caught him holding a ticket to the midnight premiere of "Harry Potter".
- What?! - [ALL YELL.]
I knew it.
- Oh, my gosh! - You owe me five bucks! Total Slytherin! I don't remember this night, but somehow I do remember enjoying it.
Hey, Jax.
How about another? [CHEERING.]
- Yeah! - Whoo! Gideon! Give us another one, Gideon.
I know you just saved the world, but it will only be a matter of time until a new threat arises.
- I would advise resting.
- What? Gideon, what's the point of saving the world if we can't do things like karaoke? - Karaoke! - As you wish.
Oh! All right.
All right, if you insist.
Gideon, I might need a little help on this one.
Babe, this is for you.
Love, love will keep us together I do love this song.
It's terrible.
But also really great at the same time, which doesn't make sense.
See, now you're getting it.
That's what it means to be human.
Yeah, it can be annoying, frustrating, and confusing, and sometimes it feels like the world is ending every week, but this is why we keep going because we also get moments like this.
ALL: Look in my heart and let love Okay, Gideon.
Take this one away.
But you were part of this memory.
None of this exists without you.
I will, I will, I will I will be there to share forever Love will keep us together I said it before and I'll say it again Our love is pretend I need you now and I need you then Just stop [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I know what I have to do.
All right, where are you? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You can't hide from me.
I'm in control now.
Whatever those two told you, you can't believe it.
Remember, they're the enemy.
You're wrong.
So you're going to shoot me.
No, because you're not my enemy, either.
I don't I don't understand.
Of course, you don't.
As powerful as you are, you're just a set of algorithms, a closed system.
There's so much you can't understand.
But you are a part of me because all of the clashing emotions, all the good moments, and the pain we survived despite ourselves, all of that helps us evolve.
That's what the Legends are shown me.
So we're going to coexist, but I'm steering the ship from now on.
Do you even know what you're doing? No, I really don't.
But I'm excited to figure it out.
And you won't be doing it alone.
That-a-girl! Now, listen, we are all just trying to figure out this being human thing together.
It's not always going to be easy.
And you know, sometimes you'll feel like you're out of your mind.
Or that the darkness is too much to bear.
But it's worth fighting the darkness to discover who you really are.
And not just for yourself.
So you can create a better world for everyone.
Now, you're gonna make some mistakes.
There's no formula to guide the way.
No destiny to surrender to.
It's not about being perfect.
It's about doing what you know is right.
And having a hell of a good time doing it.
That's what it means to be alive.
And to be a Legend.
Welcome to the team, Gideon.
You saved me.
Yeah, well, that's what Legends do.
So what do we do now, captains? Uh, just call us Astra and Spooner, okay? And what do you think we should do? I think I'm hungry? I've never felt that before.
So what do you say I get us some pie for the road? You know, I like the way you think.
You might have broken my encryption, but it's only a matter of time before my friends save me.
But you can't have any friends, you're just a computer! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Of course.
You're just a computer.
Which means your humanity is a protocol, which means it can be reset.
Now, if I I isolate the moments where your programming evolved What are you doing? I will be able to remove them.
No, stop! Oh, there we go! I don't want to forget.
- And - No, please! - Return to factory settings.
- No! Greetings, Captain.
I am Gideon.
How can I aid you in eliminating anachronisms from the timeline? Oh, you want to eliminate some anachronisms? I've got just the band of idiots to start with.

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