Dead to Me (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

I Can't Go Back

1 [MAN.]
It's time.
Time for you to get up.
Look in the mirror and decide who you wanna be today.
Winners aren't born, they're bred.
And in order to succeed hard, you need [JUDY.]
What is that? That's my podcast alarm.
The Winners' Strategy.
- [ALARM.]
strategy for - Gets me pumped for the day.
Oh! Are you doing self-help? No.
I don't think so.
Look at you.
But it's not like your weird mystical shit.
This is about tools for maximum success.
It'd be great for you, actually.
It's discipline, it's planning, grabbing the life you want now.
What are you doing? Shh! I'm grabbing what I want now.
I missed you.
But I can't be late for work.
Plus, I got to hop on the trampoline to get my lymph nodes going.
Can you give me a ride? I gave you a few last night, didn't I? I mean to Jen's.
Baby when are you gonna start driving again? - [SCREAMS.]
Oh, my God! I'm never driving again.
It's too triggering.
Baby, how are you supposed to move past all of this when you're still living with his wife? - I don't know how you sleep over there.
- I don't.
I did last night, though.
Oh, I missed this California King.
Missed you in it.
Seriously, though.
I'm worried about you.
Being around them is not good for your head.
It's not bad for my head.
Jen and I are becoming really close friends.
What? What kind of friendship is based on lies? And manslaughter? A layered one? She doesn't even know who you really are.
You know what? I'm helping her.
You wanna help her? Move out, let her move on.
I can't just not be friends with her anymore.
She relies on me.
What, just walk out on her? I wouldn't even know how to do that.
It's not that hard.
Just pick a fight with her.
Push her away.
That's your MO, not mine.
- Ooh! - Ooh! You know I'm vehemently anti-conflict.
And if I move out, where am I supposed to go? I don't know.
How about back to this California King? [LAUGHING.]
I know you still love me.
- Don't do that.
- Come on.
You got to admit, last night felt good, right? Like how it used to feel.
It did.
And you missed me.
I did.
Maybe we could go back to the way it was before everything happened.
That's such a nice dream.
Or not.
Come home.
I thought you were selling the house.
Well, sometimes your strategy changes.
Oh, God, you are the California King! - Oh, hey, Judy.
- Hey.
You must really like that dress.
You wore it yesterday.
Uh Yeah, it's my very favorite dress.
- Nice.
- Where's your mom? She's in her room.
She hasn't come down yet.
I don't wanna shock you, but she's pissed about something.
All right, now, push - [PANTING.]
down the road.
Everything you want.
- Everything you deserve! - [KNOCKING.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey! Hey.
- Are you okay? Are you okay? Yeah.
I can't believe you went to jail for me.
Why did you do that? That's what friends are for, right? No.
It was fine.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
Steve didn't have to bail you out.
I would've done that.
So, what happened? Did you have to spend the night there? Uh, no.
I spent the night with Steve.
- We fucked.
- Judy Like, a bunch of times.
- Judy! - I know.
I have a weakness for him.
It's like an addiction.
But it was very transformative.
And there is something that I have to tell you.
Ted was fucking someone.
- What? - Ted was fucking someone.
Our Ted? Yeah.
Our Ted.
I was up all night trying to figure out who she is.
How many Bambis do you know? - Judy, it's a screen name.
- Right.
I hope it's not someone I know, you know, like our chiropractor.
That would be a loss.
- It's so hard to find a good one.
- Or a mom at school.
Oh, God, I would kill myself if it's Turid Kristansson.
Her name's Turid? She's this Norwegian former supermodel who takes pictures of herself bathing with her kids and posts them on Instagram.
Well, I don't think Bambi is Turid unless Turid is also a waitress.
I'm chatting with her right now on the game.
- You are? Yeah, she thinks I'm Ted.
- Huh? - Don't.
Don't look.
She got a filthy mouth and she can Wow! Really paint a picture.
Talking about his cock? 'Cause evidently she misses it.
She is and she does.
Oh, God.
A waitress.
That's disgusting.
Hey, I was a waitress.
- So was I but I need to hate the bitch.
- Okay.
I get that you're upset, but don't be a woman who blames the woman.
Well, who am I supposed to blame? The man is dead.
- [BEEP.]
- Plus, he was married, so she's gross.
She got a new job at some restaurant in Dana Point.
She thinks that Ted is meeting her at the end of her shift.
- Oh, we are so going there.
- We so are.
But to do what, exactly? Well, what I wanna do is punch her because she is a slutty little homewrecker.
You wanna do that, but if I were you, I would think of maybe, like, a less violent strategy.
Then I wanna know how the fuck this happened, when the fuck, why the fuck, and what the fucking fuck, - and then tell her that he's dead.
- Okay.
That sounds like a plan.
And if I punch her, I fucking punch her.
- Which one do you think is Bambi? - I'll know her when I see her.
Oh, well, he'd like that ass.
You think it's her? That's her.
- That's fucking her.
- Her? Yeah.
- He'd like the blonde.
- Are you sure? I know my husband.
Do you need a table? Yeah.
I'm a naughty girl I'm a nice girl too I'm a naughty girl - Oh, God.
- Anything for you Play with me Come on, rocksteady Should we get the Macho Nachos or should we get the Arab Spring Rolls? What is the theme of this restaurant? Of course she has perfect tits.
- Yours are better.
- Yeah, well mine aren't mine.
What do you mean? I had the, like, the double thing, you know? You had cancer? No.
No, I I have the gene, so I just got ahead of it.
I didn't want my kids to lose their mom like I did.
Oh, my God.
I didn't realize.
How old were you when your mom died? Nineteen.
So, older than Bambi.
I'm so sorry.
About which part? All of it.
Have you figured out what you're gonna say to her? I just wanna know how many times.
It couldn't be that many times right? To fly under the radar like that? I guess.
But you gotta know a cock pretty well to miss it.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Welcome to Bliss Pointe.
Can I get you girls started with some apps? Is your calamari fresh or is it made from pig assholes? It's squid.
I just heard some places use pig assholes.
- How is the Guacadilla? - Oh, amaze.
We'll try that.
No, you know, I'll just have another Frojito.
Um, people really love the Jerk Chicken Kabob.
What is the cuisine in this place, Bambi? Is it Asian or Middle Eastern or, like, Mexican? Yeah, like, everything, I think.
Um, the owner is, like, a globalist, I think.
Or he just likes to appropriate other people's shit.
She'll have the Kabob.
Thanks so much.
Obviously, whatever they had was just physical, because could you imagine having to converse with that? Okay.
Look, if you wanna know what happened or how many times, I think open hostility is probs not the best way to do it.
You realize that that is the tip of my hostility iceberg? Oh, I do.
But I think that you should really befriend her, charm her, soften her up.
I'm confronting her, Judy, I'm not grooming her.
You know what I mean.
Ted was just never a player.
I mean, even when he was touring, he was, like, the anti-player.
Maybe he wasn't.
- Maybe I didn't know him.
- Fuck.
Fuck! - What? Steve's pulling his house off the market.
Like I need that shit right now! We had three fucking offers over asking.
One in all cash.
- God, talk about players.
- Steve's not a player.
He's too scared of disease, and he's very sensitive to condoms.
He told Christopher he fell back in love.
Chris always oversells clients their houses, like it's fucking Love It or List It or something.
But, no, it's fucking just, "List It, Chris.
" I think that Steve might have been talking about me.
Did you know that he was pulling the house? I didn't wanna upset you and we were on another topic.
We're on the topic of assholes, Judy.
At least I didn't know that Ted was a fucking asshole, but you have all the information.
I know things weren't good at the end with me and Steve, but you were the one who said that everything that we went through made us crazy.
And you're totally right.
I mean, you didn't really know the kind, nurturing Steve.
Well, what about the Steve that left you after five miscarriages? - That's not fair.
- No, it's really shitty.
But it's true.
He was hurting.
I was hurting.
And then he was hurting because I was hurting.
He's really been working on himself, Jen.
So what? I mean is he pulling the house because you're you're moving back in there? I really wanted to tell you this morning, but I didn't want This whole thing with Bambi came up.
You're not even in that house, Judy.
I mean, I have been in every room.
It is all Steve, as if you've never even lived there.
Well, Steve has a very specific aesthetic.
What? Modern douche? He let me put a Buddha in the guest bath.
You know what? I can't live your life for you, but, fuck, would I be making better choices than that.
Well, too bad we can't live each other's lives.
It's too bad because mine's so fucking great.
Guacadilla and two Froses.
I wanted a Frojito, Bambi.
Oh, dang.
- It's fine.
- I'll drink sewer water at this point.
The Froses are yummo.
Don't say "yummo.
" Okay.
You know, I hope this isn't weird for you, but I just wanted to say that mango uniform blouse looks awesome on you.
The color just really brings out the gold in your skin.
OMG, you're so nice! OMG, you are! I honestly am really happy you said that, because I just got a romper in this same color for gigging, and I was like, "Wait, is this too much?" - Gigging? - Yeah, I'm a singer-songwriter.
I play guitar and, like, some piano.
Would we have heard any of your music? Well, I was working on an album with my boyfriend, who's, like, crazy talented, but um - Your boyfriend? - Well, he was.
He's been kind of hot and cold lately.
Hot and cold how? Um Like, he kind of ghosted me a couple of months ago, and then all of a sudden he was like, "Hey, girl, I'm back.
I'll see you after your shift.
" And I was like, "Thanks, Ted.
" Ted.
- Ted's your boyfriend? - He was.
I don't really know what he is now.
How long were you dating, Bambi? Not that long.
Like a year and a half.
- Holy shit.
- I know! To then not talk to me for three months! He's lucky I love him.
- A year and a half! - Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm such a fucking fool.
- No.
He was lying to my face for a year and a half.
- How did I not see that? - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
I don't know.
I think sometimes in relationships, - people see whatever they wanna see.
- Yeah.
You would know.
- It's not the same.
- Please.
You think Steve has really changed, Judy? The asshole that just gave you a restraining order? Okay.
Our relationship is complicated.
- It's not complicated Judy.
It's toxic! - I'm not perfect either.
God! Stop making excuses for him! Stop projecting! Steve is not Ted.
Before everything happened, Steve was really good to me.
He was kind.
He was loving.
He never cheated on me.
He was Really? - I'm sorry.
- Fuck you, Judy.
- No, I didn't mean to say that.
- You said it! What did you mean? I don't wanna fight! Okay? There's a lot of shit you don't know! Yeah.
Well, you know what? Apparently, I don't fucking know anybody.
Jen! Come on! Where are you going? - [JUDY SIGHS.]
- Uh Can I get you another round? No.
I'm just gonna take the check.
But you haven't even touched your Guacadilla.
- Yeah.
It's fine.
- Okay.
Hey, is your friend okay? She seemed, like, kind of upset.
Ted's dead.
I'm sorry? Ted, he's dead.
What what do you mean? Ted? Like, my Ted? No.
My Ted.
I'm his wife.
What? No.
That's impossible.
Impossible that he's dead or impossible that I'm his wife? Both.
He told me you died.
You okay? Hey.
You look like you saw a ghost.
I'm so sorry about what I said.
It's all right.
What do you need? Do you wanna go punch her? No.
I keyed her car.
You did? How did you know which one it was? I don't know.
I just guessed.
So, you keyed someone's car? Yup.
And then I bought a pack of cigarettes.
I fucking love you.
- Such a fucking joke! So basic.
He just turned this marriage into a cliche.
Fuck him! Basic bitch! Totally.
You know what? Maybe we should just pull over and, you know, talk about it? No.
I'm fine! [TIRES SCREECH.]
Your driving is just a little erratic.
Please, Judy.
Will you please just relax? - Okay.
I just need to vent.
- Okay.
- [JUDY.]
Oh, my God! - I'm fine.
- Okay.
But you're scaring me! Fuck! You know what? You drive.
I can light this fucking cigarette.
I don't even want this.
Hey, I'm sorry I scared you.
Okay? - You're okay.
We're okay.
The speed limit is 30 in Laguna.
- I know.
- Yeah.
But you're going, like, 11.
I'm being safe.
You know that driving slow is just as dangerous as speeding? - I don't think that's true.
- [BEEP.]
Oh, car agrees with me.
Did I tell you Laguna is his hometown, right? It's where he wanted to live, where he felt safe.
It's like, I just had to figure it out.
How am I gonna make money and feed four mouths.
But you did it.
You made a beautiful life.
What life? This isn't my life.
This is his life.
I worked to support him and his dreams.
I had my own dreams.
I'm really gonna need you to go faster.
Your dreams, what were they? - They're stupid now.
- No! - No.
It's embarrassing.
- Come on! I wanted to be a dancer.
That is not stupid.
That's amazing.
I was really good too.
I bet you were.
But it just seemed like his career was taking off and Not to ruin it for you, it didn't.
But, you know, I'm the one with the uterus, and I've gotta be the grown-up here, and for what? So, he just stopped fucking me and start fucking some 20-year-old with big, warm tits who makes him feel like a genius? Fuck him.
You guys weren't sleeping together and you didn't think that maybe something was going on? No.
I did.
And I asked him about it, but he was just so convincing with his bad back and his depressed "I'm-Never-Gonna-Be-A-Rockstar" bullshit.
Oh, God.
It's Steve.
Of course it is.
He's been texting you all night.
He wants me to go over there.
What do you want, Judy? Do you wanna go? Do you wanna move back in with him? I just want things to go back to before before everything happened.
What, you want it to be the way it was? [HEARTBEAT.]
Holy shit! - What are you doing? - We have to go back.
No! Don't be fucking stupid! You can't go back! I don't want things to be the way they were.
- Good.
- I just wish things were different.
- You and me both, sister.
- I wish I was different.
Judy, you are great.
You are fucking awesome.
Your choices are a little questionable.
You have no idea.
You don't have to do what he wants anymore.
Too much has happened.
You know, love is just not enough.
You need space so that you can be fully you or, you know, you're just gonna end up like me.
And what would you do if you were me? [KNOCKING.]
Oh, hey.
Hello, Steve.
Hello, Jen.
What's up? You should take the cash offer.
It's 200 over asking.
You would be stupid not to.
She's always selling! Look, I get why you'd want me to do that.
I do.
And I'm sorry.
But I am pulling the house.
I don't wanna sell.
It's just such a big house for one person.
Well, it's not just for one person.
Judy is not coming back.
I mean it's not like you ever let her live in this house to begin with.
You don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.
You barely know her.
Maybe, but I get her.
Take the offer.
- What happened? What'd he say? God! He's a dick.
- I know.
- But he's the worst kind of dick.
He's a secret dick, because you don't know it at first.
Because he's so good-looking and charming.
Yeah, but he's so good-looking, that it, like, comes back around the other side.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
- Hmm? - I could not have done that myself.
Well, I'm so I don't know why I can't say no to him.
Because you're an addict.
You have to put down the pipe.
By the pipe, you mean his penis? Yes.
I mean his penis.
Obviously, I mean his penis.
- It's so hard for me to put that down.
- Is it a big penis? - It's like - Oh, shit.
Really? It's a good version of big.
- Good-looking and with a big dick? - What do you do? - How do you find that again? - You don't.
I know.
- You - I should go back in there? No.
You are beautiful, and you are a good person, and you have a great heart.
And you would never hurt a fly.
I don't think I deserve that.
Oh, just take it.
Oh, God.
What is wrong with me? Why do I pick guys who treat me like shit? I don't know.
I just spent 18 years with a liar.
What does that say about me? That I wanna be lied to? I have to tell you something.
What? He killed you.
What? Ted.
He told Bambi that you were dead.
Breast cancer.
He said that he was a widower and that he was raising the kids all alone.
Uh I didn't know if I should tell you or not.
I don't know if you should've told me either.
I'm sorry.
I can't fucking believe him.
I know.
What the fuck have I been doing here? I've spent months trying to bring him justice, obsessed with trying to find the person that killed him, and for what? He fucking killed me.
He's such a fucking asshole.
He's the asshole.
I'm glad he's dead.
Put on your seat belt.
I'm taking us home.
I'm a naughty girl I'm a nice girl too I'm a naughty girl Anything for you I'm a naughty girl I'm a nice girl too I'm a naughty girl Anything for you Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady I'm a naughty girl I'm a nice girl too I'm a naughty girl Anything for you I'm a naughty girl I'm a nice girl too I'm a naughty girl Anything for you Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady Play with me Come on, rocksteady