Deadloch (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[DULCIE] Sam O'Dwyer
is our first victim.
[EDDIE] Photos of your injuries:
cracked pelvis, fractured
wrist, broken elbow.
[DULCIE] Someone knew
what Sam did to Victoria,
and they murdered him because of it.
I don't want Margaret's money, Aleyna,
I want her to give us our land back.
[MARGARET] I know this
is Miranda's earring,
which means she's been
trespassing on my land.
[DULCIE] Last night, six bodies
were recovered from Deadloch Lake.
[ABBY] They just pulled
a car out of the lake.
The bobbing bodies car
belongs to William Carruthers.
[DULCIE] Margaret's brother?
[ABBY] I found this under the seat.
It's Victoria O'Dwyer's missing shoe.
This town is full of
man-hating lesbians.
I'm bringing those psycho bitches in.
[HASTINGS] it's amazing what
you find when you actually look.
Tongues, in all your mates' freezers.
[ALEYNA] They're taking every remaining
Deadloch man over the age of 17
to some secure, undisclosed location.
[ABBY] The killer is
targeting cunts, James.
You're the biggest cunt I've ever met!
You should get on the bus!
[EDDIE] Female killers
don't kill for notoriety.
It's a fucking man.

- [DULCIE] OK. Yes Yes
Can everybody just quieten down, please?
I've already confessed
to the murder, Dulcie.
- God, it's a fucking aviary in here.
I know that this is not ideal,
but there's not enough room for
you all in the cells at the station.
I uninvite you to Mardi Gras, Dulcie.
Fern and Angela will be starving.
[GASPS] Her children are starving!
- Oh, they're not children, they're dogs.
See, Nadiyah's worried sick.
Darling, my lawyer is going to fix this.
I'm sick because I'm pregnant, Cath.
I don't want your gubba lawyer.
Wait, what? You're pregnant?
- Mm-hm.
- Oh, my God!
Can everyone just shut up?
Thank you. Thanks.
- [MARGARET] Dulcie.
- Yes.
What is going on?
Hastings thinks that you
are killing the men together,
like a netball team of serial killers.
- [SHARELLE] What? Us?
- That's ridiculous.
[EDDIE] Yeah, yeah. No,
come on, relax your tits.
We know none of you did it, OK?
Vic, Abby found the shoe that
you lost the night of Sam's death.
It was in the same car the killer
used to store the lake bodies.
We think the killer picked you up
when you were walking into town.
They drove you to Aleyna's.
And then they went
back and murdered Sam.
[EDDIE] Do you remember who drove you?
Anything at all? Clothing,
smell, their voice?
The last thing I remember was
Sam falling into the water at the shack,
and then, suddenly, it was the next day
and the nurse was trying
to feed me a sandwich.
Dulcie, darling, I mean,
surely you can work out
the identity of the
person who drove Victoria
from the car's registration.
The car was registered to your brother.
[DULCIE] When was the last time
you saw your brother, Margaret?
Yeah. Or his schmicko four-wheel drive?
[MARGARET] It has to
be, oh, five, six
Yes. Six years ago.
We had a row about Carruthers
Island and he moved to Ubud.
I assumed he'd sold
the car before he left.
There's been no contact since then?
He is in Ubud, isn't he?
Oh, Sven's checking that with
the Indonesian embassy now.
[MARGARET] OK, darling, thank you.
[DULCIE] Hang on, where's Skye?
[SHARELLE] If she's been
bailed, I'll be fucking furious.
- [NADIYAH] She's gone.
- What?
Yeah, after she was released,
she decided that Tom, Vic and I
should leave Deadloch
and never come back.
And when we said maybe not, she
cracked it and drove of without us.
It was the best night ever.
- Oh, fuck. Real smart move.
- [WOMAN] I saw her drive off in her Subaru.
Fucking Hastings has probably got
a sniper trained on her as we speak.
- Abby, see if you can get in contact with Skye.
- Yes, ma'am.
What about you, Doctor Mayor?
Remember who dropped Vic
off the night Sam died?
I told you, I thought she'd walked.
Also, I'm night-blind, so I need
to see with my ears, like a bat.
OK. Margaret, do you remember anything?
I wasn't there for long.
Sharelle, what about you?
Fuck the cops.
- OK. Alright, yep.
- Fair.
[VIC] There was a song.
What was that, Vic?
I do remember being in the car
and there was a song playing.

Baik, baik.
Bisa tanya
apakah ada pria yang bernama William
Carruthers yang tinggal di Ubud?
[WHISPERS] No, no, no, no
Ya, ya. Saya bisa tunggu.
Saya bisa tunggu.
[WHISPERS] Shit, shit, shit, shit
OK, was it that Robbie
Williams and Kylie Minogue song?
- What's that called?
- "Kids"!
- "Kids"! "Kids", yes. Was it "Kids"?
- No, no, it wasn't that song.
OK, OK Another Kylie one.
Was it, um, "Locomotion"?
"I Should Be So Lucky"?
Uh, uh "Can't Get
You Out Of My Head"?
Um Uh, "Step Back In Time"?
Ooh, ooh! "Confide In Me"?
That's an underrated banger.
Can you stop? Stop. Stop
shouting songs at her.
She is not a DJ at a wedding.
- Yeah, I've lost it now.
- Ugh
- [HASTINGS] Radcliffe! Connell!
Get the fuck out!
- Sir, we just wanted to talk to
- Out!
Before I arrest you for improper
relationship with criminals.
[CATH] Excuse me, that's homophobic!
There's nothing improper
about Dulcie and I.
I mean, we are in the
process of breaking up, but
Cath, shush it! This is not helping!
- [HASTINGS] Get out! Now!
- [DULCIE] Yes, we're going, Shane.
Uh, Commissioner, I'm
Margaret Carruthers.
How long do you think
this is going to take?
Commissioner, we reckon Sam
O'Dwyer was assaulting his wife
and that the killer knew about it and
Yeah, of course she did. 'Cause
the killer is Skye fucking O'Dwyer,
and now she's done a fucking runner.
Connell, did you tip
her off about the raids?
What? No, of course I didn't, sir.
You've probably got
O'Dwyer on speed-dial.
Ugh. Mate, her phone barely works.
Look, she's got one fucking bar!
- [DULCIE] Sir, I didn't
- Nah!
I should have done
this fucking weeks ago.
You've got your head
so far up these women
you can't see the puss for the bush.
Connell, I'm suspending you from duties.
- You fucking what?
- Sir
- Sir, no. You cannot do this.
- End of discussion.
Get out of here. Go home!
Go colour-code your
Birkenstocks or some shit.
Which one of you's the killer?
They're gonna want to
put me away for this,
and I am not taking the rap for you lot.
I've got a kid at home.
- We've all got kids, Sharelle.
- I don't.
[CATH] Well, I don't have kids either,
but the bond I have
with my dogs is maternal.
I mean, I didn't birth
them, physically
Fuck's sake! Cath, stop inserting
yourself into everything,
you emotional truffle-pig!
I'm sorry Excuse me?
[NADIYAH] The whole time these
murders have been happening,
you have only been concerned
with how they affect you.
Well, that's not true. I love Deadloch.
Really? Because all Dulcie
has been trying to do
is stop people from dying,
and you broke up with her because of it.
[MARGARET] Darlings, come on.
Women have to support other women.
Oh, fuck up, cunt.
My mum is in jail because you
made up some bullshit story
about her stealing an antique gun.
Now my kid is growing up
without her nanna because of you.
[CATH] Oh, my God, is
that true, Margaret?
Sharelle, what can I do to help?
Well, you can move.
Thanks to all you tree-changers
that I have to work five jobs
just to afford to live here.
Mm-hm. Deadloch's gone to the dogs
since all you lesbians arrived.
Fuck, Nessa! Shut up!
You can't say that shit.
- What if your son hears?
- So?
So he's gay.
Dolphie's not gay.
What? Of course he is.
Oh, did none of you know?
See, this is what I'm talking about.
All that civility and no actual
community amongst you cunts.
Like you, dog-mum. You're a cunt.
Yes-mayor, you're a cunt.
Morning-sickness, you're borderline.
And you, Margaret fucking Carruthers,
I hate you the most, you
supercharged fucking cunt.
I'll just say it.
If we're looking for a killer,
Sharelle's the only one
with a criminal record.
I don't have a record, I'm just black.
And when would I have
the time to murder?
If I had free time, I would
take my kid to the pool,
not kill her fucking dad.
[ALEYNA] Exactly.
Who has the time to
tranquilise all these men,
strip them naked and then
drag them around everywhere?
Because I know I don't.
I don't have time to shit.
[CATH] Ooh! What was that?
Tammy, I'm already in jail!
Don't make it fucking worse!
My bad. Here's some Cheezels.
Sharelle, Auntie Fay's on the
phone with the legal service,
and she wants to know what the
toilet situation is in there.
Tammy, Miranda?
- It's just chips, Abby.
- Everyone deserves chips.
Uh, it's not about chips.
Margaret found this over on the island.
Wow, that's a cool earring, eh?
Yeah. I've never seen an
earring like that before.
OK, well, you have, because you
were wearing one exactly like it
the morning you discovered Trent's body.
Fuck! You know what's happened there?
It was that massive kelp gull.
Yeah. He must have flown
it over to the island.
Look, I don't care if
you ever go over there,
but if Margaret finds
out it's happening again,
she's going to do more than
just give you a warning.
Listen, have either of you ever
seen anyone else over on the island?
No, because we never
even been out there.
Oh, my God, whatever. Um, just go home.
I'll leave you some
chips. They're shit chicken
Thank you.
- [MIRANDA] Fuck, Tammy!
- [TAMMY] We'll be OK.
Let's just go for a walk.
Johnson, we got a KLOF
out on Skye O'Dwyer?
- [MAN] Yes, sir.
- Commissioner, I am telling you it's not her.
Connell, get out of here.
- Jesus! Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Fuck me dead!
- Fucking hell!
Jesus. Oh, my God. Someone get
Dr Rahme out of the locker cell!
[HASTINGS] Jesus, Phil!
What happened, mate?
- He's bleeding!
- Why is he not on the bus?
- I don't know.
- Or something's happened to the fucking bus!
- Abby, get hold of that passenger list.
- Yes, ma'am.
- He's been shot! It's a chest wound!
The blood is from his tongue, Shane.
[GROANS] His fucking
tongue's been cut out!
- [DULCIE] Phil, you're OK. Don't try and talk.
- That psycho fucking bitch!
Don't try and talk, just nod.
Did you walk from the bus?
Get back, Connell. You're not
part of this investigation.
Shane, if he walked from the bus,
then it's probably still nearby!
- Which bitch did this to you, mate?
The killer could be on the bus, Shane!
- [ALEYNA] Coming through, please.
- Stay with me, Phil. Get her out of here!
She'll try and finish
the job her mate started.
I'm a doctor.
I have a duty of care even
to Phil fucking McGangus.
Tip your head forward,
Phil, and keep breathing.
Commissioner, the bus hasn't
arrived at its destination.
- Phil, mate, has Skye O'Dwyer hijacked the bus?
- Call Ray.
- Detective, call Ray!
- Yeah.
- Is it Skye O'Dwyer?
- The killer is a man, Shane!
He was probably on the bus already.
Was she on the fucking bus, mate?
- He can't talk, Shane!
- Agh! [SCREAMS]
Davo, get him to type
on your phone. Hurry up!
[MAN] I don't know how! Work
just switched us over to Galaxies.
Oh, shit! I switched it off!
Phil, Phil, just fucking type into mine.
- Where is the bus, Phil?
- [ALEYNA] Fuck!
- Is she executing the men?
Come on, Tom, come on, come on.
- Come on!
- Wake up, you pigeon-chested fuck!
- It's Tom. Just text me.
Oh, my God!
- [HASTINGS] Where's the bus?!
- G'day, it's Ray. Well, um
It's me on my voicemail.
He's unconscious. Has someone
called a fucking ambulance?
[HASTINGS] We need to
find that fucking bus!
- [ALEYNA] Stay with me.
- Come on.
Come on, Ray.
[HASTINGS] Listen up.
At 1930 hours, 18 men and boys
boarded a bus out of Deadloch,
headed for safety.
In the intervening hours, our
prime suspect, Skye O'Dwyer,
has hijacked that bus.
Digital are pulling a location from
the phones as we speak, but, men
we need to prepare
ourselves for the worst.
We're gonna need to nut-up.
We don't know what we're
going to find on that bus.
This could be the Geeveston
Party Bus disaster all over again.
I want everyone fully armed.
Who knows what that
psycho bitch is capable of?
[MAN] Shit.
OK, fellas, we need to move out
when their location comes in.
So get yourselves ready, 'cause
it's gonna get fucking ugly.
What the fuck are you doing? You're
gonna get fucking caught in here.
Oh, none of them are
going to come in here.
They're all terrified of female urine.
Well, what if I want to do a shit?
I don't want you fucking listening.
Well, then I will pop on a song.
- [MURMURS] Ugh My God
- Come on, Tom, answer your phone.
- What the fuck is this fucking bus psycho up to?
I don't know, but he's not
taking them on a hop-on,
hop-off winery tour, is he?
- Oh
- [ABBY] Just me, ma'ams.
Here's a list of all the
passengers on the bus.
I also stole Nadiyah's phone
from the police station.
Abby, you cannot just steal a phone.
OK, yes, but, also, you can't
just run an illegal investigation
out of a toilet cubicle, ma'am.
Well, OK, then.
I just thought that Nadiyah
might have a tracking app for Tom,
just like James used to have for me.
- Oh!
[SVEN] Oh, whoops, this
is the ladies' bathroom.
Oh, no, I had no idea.
OK, so, William Carruthers'
passport hasn't been used since 2016.
- What?
- Yeah. It's super weird.
Big Eyes, you're absolutely sure that
William Carruthers isn't
one of the bobbing bodies?
Very sure. He disappeared before
the killer started killing.
OK. OK. Uh
You two find out whatever you can
about William Carruthers' whereabouts.
Our priority right now is
finding the people on the bus.
- Oh, give me that phone.
- No.
You're not going to
guess Nadiyah's password.
Let's start with the classics, 69 69 69.
- It's Tom's birthday.
- Oh, that's so sweet.
Nadiyah's such a nice lady, isn't she?
- [SVEN] She is.
- Yeah, she is.
I doubt she would have
a tracking app on
Ah, no. OK. She does. There is it.
[SVEN] Mm. Anxious-attachment style.
Oh, my God, the reception
in here is terrible!
[EDDIE] Alright. Let's
look at this passenger list.
What have we got here?
Mike, Hunter, Dolph
We've got Ray Ah
- I got a location on Tom's phone.
[HASTINGS] Right, fellas, listen up.
Hurry up, Collins,
something's going on out there.
What? Wait. No, that can't be right.
Telco coordinates show
the men are in the middle of
the ocean, headed to Melbourne.
And, as suspected, so is Skye O'Dwyer.
Her phone is on the boat too.
- [MAN] Shit.
- That's right.
Man-hijacker Skye fucking O'Dwyer
has the bus on the Bass Strait ferry.
- Jesus fucking Christ!
- What a fucking bitch.
- [HASTINGS] I know.
She's fucking diabolical.
Helicopters are standing
by to chopper us out to sea
to rescue the men from that woman.
OK, fellas, let's move out.
Oh, no. No, I don't want this, thanks.
- I do I don't want any of this.
- Go, Sven.
- [HASTINGS] Come on, fellas!
- Call me, call me.
- [SVEN] Oh Um
- Go, go.
- OK.
[EDDIE] So, according
to Skye's phone data,
she left Deadloch and drove inland.
And then she called Tom and
backtracked towards the coast.
Right. And somewhere
along Settler Highway,
her mobile started pinging
off the same phone towers
as the phones on the bus.
So, what? Skye's Subaru
just intercepted the bus
and then she just started
travelling with the men?
It looks that way.
So, Skye did hijack the bus?
No, no!
Maybe. Uh
No. No.
Skye is a hothead. She
She drove off angry,
came to her senses,
called Tom to apologise,
and then went to wherever the bus was.
But why would she get on the bus?
Look, maybe sh I don't know.
Let's just hope that the interception
point answers that question,
because right now, it
makes no bumming sense.
No. What's that tune?
That's Happy Birthday again, hun.
- Ah.
- Keep going. You're doing really well.
You've been released. You're free to go.
No. Just you.
No, darling, it's
supposed to be everyone.
Well, my goodness, I don't know how
This This is a mistake.
- Oh, bullshit.
- Darlings, I'll get you out of here.
I won't rest until it happens.
That fucking cunt.
[ABBY] So, no sign of him?
OK, thanks.
- [MARGARET] I'm fine. I can see my car waiting.
[ABBY] Excuse me, Mrs Carruthers?
Mrs Carruthers, William's not in Ubud.
Is there any chance
he never left Deadloch?
Well, I I don't see how.
Abby, is he a victim of
the serial killer too?
- Um
- Is he in the lake?
It's possible.
My poor William.
Thank you. Thank you for telling me.
Yeah, hm.
Um, sorry, ma'am,
unfortunately, we don't have enough
resources to search the entire
Of course not. Of course.
No, I assumed as much.
- the lake fully to locate William's body.
- Don't apologise.
But if you would like
to fund a search, then
I think that, um, the
lake, it's so deep,
and, um, the resources that
it would take to search,
and then, even then, it's likely
we'd never find him, would we?
Well, obviously, it's up to you.
Um, but if you'd
So, Collins, this bit of the road
is where Skye met the
men and hijacked the bus?
[DULCIE] Yeah, according to the telcos.
Agh, my reception is
So, where the fuck's her car, then?
That's a good question.
You can't take a bus on
the Bass Strait ferry.
What? OK, look, see, you can
- Hey, wh Hold still!
- Yeah, OK, you can take
You can horse floats,
jet skis, amphibious cars,
but you cannot take a full-sized bus.
The bus isn't on the boat.
What have you got for me, Sven?
OK, my phone battery's about
to die, but super quick:
Hastings' men stormed
the Bass Strait ferry,
and you'll never believe it
The bus isn't on the boat?
The bus isn't on the boat. Yeah.
- [SOFTLY] Hey, you got a phone charger?
- [WOMAN] No, sorry, it's in the car.
Uh, anyway, everyone seems
genuinely shocked by that.
One of the cops punched
the side of a truck,
which was, like, very masc of him.
They did manage to
find Skye's car, though.
Guess what was in the boot.
Was it 19 mobile phones?
It absolutely was, yes.
So where the fuck are the men, then?
Um, they're searching
the ship for them now.
They're currently doing a
sweep of the onboard cinema.
[DULCIE] Oh. Oh, the cinema?
So, where does Hastings
think they're hiding,
under the seats like
a bunch of old Jaffas?
[BOTH] Sven?
- Sven?
- His battery's dead.
Oh, fuck. Fuck, no!
We fucked it, Collins.
Oh, we fucked it!
I knew I should have stayed with Ray.
It's just like fucking
Bushy all over again!
No, hey, it's not like Bushy.
The killer's thrown him overboard.
Ray's body will be fucking shark chum,
just like Bushy's body
was fucking croc chum!
- Ray is not going to be chum.
- He will be! He will be.
The sharks will be fucking chumming it
up over my man's tight little
bod and his tight little butt,
and his beautiful fucking
Stay away from me, Collins.
You'll get chummed too.
Everyone I fucking care
about turns into fucking chum!
- Stop saying "chum".
- Chum!
- Stop it!
- Chum!
Do you really think
that 18 men were smuggled onto
the ferry in Skye's Subaru?
I don't know. Maybe she got
the fucking boot involved!
Oh, come on. Subarus are
roomy. They're not that roomy.
Look at me.
The phones are in Skye's car.
The people are on the bus.
And the bus is not on the boat.
Phil made it back to town
on foot and completely nude.
Bus can't be that far away.
Mona's is right up there. It's a servo.
I'm too sad for a second pie, Collins.
They might have vision of
the road from last night.
Come on, chop-chop.
- I need a grank.
- Yeah, well, grank at home.
If you're gonna arrest me too,
you're gonna have to babysit Indi,
'cause there's no-one else to do it.
Fay, I'm not here to arrest you.
I need to ask you some questions
about Margaret's brother.
The walk didn't work at
all. I'm stressing out.
Margaret's going me because I
rejected her scholarship, right?
- She's going to ruin my life!
Margaret's not going to do anything
right now, sis. She's in jail.
Let's just watch the
2019 AFLW grand final.
- It'll help you relax.
- [ABBY] found Miranda's earring on the island
- Crows vs Carlton.
- Shh!
- [ABBY] I know the girls have been out there.
- I'm dead meat, you see?
[FAY] No, Abby. My kids
didn't go out there.
That would be that kelp gull.
Gets all about.
Look, if anyone's been out at
the island, we need to know,
because we're trying to find William.
Fay, when was the last time
you saw William Carruthers?
I don't know. I reckon I
haven't seen him since
That meeting about the
island six years ago.
Abby, is he the one doing these
murders? Did he attack Phil?
Ted saw Phil running
past the glamping tents.
He said he looked
like a human sacrifice.
OK. Um
We think that the killer
may have hijacked the bus.
- Shit! Tom's on that bus!
Tam, fuck!
What if the dude we saw pissing
on the island that night Trent died
is William Carruthers?
No, it was probably just
a dodge abalone diver.
Aunty Fay said the killer
was keeping a boat out there.
Nah, that wasn't That was just
We saw a murderer piss, didn't we?!
Shit! Come on!
He could have 'em at the island!
Where are you going? Tammy!
Fay, can I ask, was it Carruthers Island
that caused the fight
between William and Margaret?
Yeah. According to Margaret,
he wouldn't let us mob
anywhere near the island,
and wouldn't sign it over.
Why are you asking?
I found this beanie in
William Carruthers' car.
That's one of Aunty Joy's.
But why would William Carruthers
have owned one of her beanies?
Margaret said he didn't like us.
I think William wanted to give
back the island, not his sister.
I reckon Margaret's been lying
her ring off about it for years.
You don't say?
This is Dulcie Collins. Leave a message.
- [BEEP]
- Hi, ma'ams.
I really feel like William Carruthers
doesn't have anything
to do with these murders.
I don't know where he is,
but Margaret does, and
she really doesn't want him coming back.
Wherever he is, he's not our guy.
[EDDIE] Just answer the question, OK?
Are there any security
cameras around this joint?
I don't know anything
about security cameras.
OK, Mona, well, have you seen any buses
leaving Deadloch in the last 15 hours,
specifically a white
bus with a blue trim?
- A blue bus with white trim?
- No, a white bus with a blue trim.
Are you sure it was white?
That's be very hard to keep clean.
I am. I am incredibly sure, Mona, yep.
No, I didn't see any buses last night.
- OK. OK.
- [WHISPERS] Fuck.
Except for that white bus that whizzed
by last night, towards Deadloch.
- Wait, towards?
- Shit a brick, Mona!
I remember because the
driver was in a costume.
What kind of costume?
Ah, sorry, Ruth.
I'll just serve Ruth.
- Um, no, no. Stay back, Ruth.
- No, not now.
[MONA] Ruth, how are you?
Just have the petrol, thanks, Mona.
Also, do you sell Fruit Tingles?
Look, I've ordered some,
but last week the lolly
truck went over in a hairpin.
- What about Clinkers, do you have Clinkers?
- OK, alright. Shush up, Ruth.
What do you mean that the
driver was in a costume?
Well, they were wearing
a mask, weren't they?
- You tell us, Mona.
- What kind of mask?
Fucking animal mask?
A fucking "Point Break"
fucking Richard Nixon mask?
A mask from the movie "The Mask" mask?
What kind of mask?
It was a gas mask.
You don't see many of them.
You don't, Ruth.
He's gassed the men. That'd be
the fastest way to knock them out.
Petrol lady, the the
passengers on the bus,
did they look awake when
you saw them, or or
or not awake?
I don't know. I was chasing
after the kindling sign.
It blew halfway to Hobart.
Do you want me to check
our security cameras?
- You said you didn't know anything
- Do we want you to check the se ?
about security cameras.
- Oh, fuck.
- [RUTH] Well, I don't.
My husband Alan knows how
to take out the cassettes.
But he's staying with his sister,
because of the serial
killer in Deadloch.
Have you heard about that?
Abby, get to the Gas and Milk.
I need you to look at
Mona's security footage.
Rescuing a bunch of white boys.
How has this become my fucking day?
Should we just tell the
cops? Let them deal with it.
No! We've got too much at stake
to get done for trespassing.
And, at this point, I only trust
you, all the aunties, and
Kevin the seal.
True. Plus, we're saving
the dudes now, anyway.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Yeah, so everyone can shut up.
This is actually pretty big of us.
[DULCIE] OK, so if he's gassed the
men, they're probably still alive.
There's only one road
in and out of town,
so, where's he taken them?
Now, the bus that Mona saw
was headed towards Deadloch.
So, obviously, somewhere, it
turned around and backtracked.
- What does that mean?
- I don't know! OK?
I am very fucking stressed.
Well, there's been no sight
of the bus in Deadloch,
so I think it's still in the
area between town and Mona's.
[EDDIE] Yeah, but where, Collins?
It's bush on one side and fucking
vertical cliff and ocean on the other.
Hi. OK, lovely woman
lent me her charger.
- Thank you so much!
- [WOMAN] Not a problem at all!
So, Hastings' men couldn't find
a single trace of Skye or the men
on the Bass Strait ferry.
Hastings now says that the
men are still on the bus.
- Mm.
- Yeah. Fuck. Duh.
I can give you a lift.
- No, I'm driving that way anyway.
Sorry. Yeah,
they realised that you couldn't
even take a bus on the ferry,
which, like, feels like a conversation
you'd have beforehand, but, um
Hastings is briefing the men now.
They're sourcing infrared cameras.
[EDDIE] What the fuck's happened there?
sniffer dogs.
They're bringing in bees, those
biosecurity bees from the airport.
Oh, and, yeah, Dulce, uh,
Hastings and the task force
are now going to do an aerial search.
They're going to search the
entire coastline for the bus.
They're just starting it now.
Yeah, so, um

"Born in 1987, I released
my first rap album at 13 "
Lil' Bow Wow.
[SHARELLE] How the
fuck did you know that?
A little bit of food
helps my animal patients
with their nausea sometimes.
I'm sorry. No worries
if if you don't want one.
That'd be great. Thank, Cath.
I can probably have more than one.
Oh, sorry! [LAUGHS]
I forgot you're not a cat.
No. [LAUGHS] Thanks.
[HASTINGS] If you two interfere
on my investigation again,
I will melt your badges
down into a cock ring!
Now, get back to Deadloch!
Can you please just
give us a minute, Shane?
- We have to go.
- No.
- No, I'm staying till they find Ray.
I want to see the body this time.
Abby's found something on
Mona's security footage.
Or what's left of it
after the fucking
hammerheads have had a
big, old fucking chomp.
Eddie, the bus drove
past Mona's twice. Look.
The first time, it had a busload of men.
You can see their heads
slumped against the window.
And then, half an hour later
it drives past again,
and, look, it's just him.
There's no passengers.
He's dropped the
passengers off somewhere.
He's driven back here. He's jumped out.
He's sent an empty bus over the edge.
This is all just another decoy!
He's taken them up into the hills.
Like "The Sound Of Music".
[DULCIE] Yeah. Sure.
It's the only place they could be.
Abby, Sven, I think that
your calls are merged now.
Can you hear me?
- [ABBY] Yes, ma'am.
- [SVEN] Dulcie, you did it!
OK, we're heading to Mt Mountain
barbecue area on Grim Hill Road.
We'll coordinate a
search from there. OK.
[ABBY] Copy that, ma'am.
I'm headed there now.
[SVEN] OK, I'll be there
as soon as I can, OK?
I'm just doing a drop-off.
[SIGHS] Sorry about that, folks.
No, no, no. That's OK, Sven. That
sounded a bit stressful, though.
Oh, my G It's just
It's just too much, you know? And I
It'd be fine if I loved
the work, but I just don't.
And I'm beginning to
realise that I never will.
- Mm-hm.
- And I just think it's time.
It's just time. It's
just time to move on.
Mm-hm. Mm.

[DULCIE] According to the time
stamp on Mona's security footage,
the killer had a 30-minute window
to drop off the men then dump the bus.
Now, most of the roads around here
are completely inaccessible by bus,
so he has to be keeping them
close to this one, Grim Hill Road.
- OK.
[ABBY] Ma'ams!
It's James's bike.
I was driving from Mona's,
and I found it on the side
of the Settler Highway.
James's phone was with
the others on the ferry.
So, what? Smart-watch
has got on the bus too?
Oh, my gosh, ma'ams, what if it's James?
What if he stole the Loch
Nessie mast from the lock-up?
I mean, he's botched
so much evidence already
I just thought he was failing upwards
until he became prime minister,
but what if he's the killer?
Oh, my gosh, ma'am, I am so sorry
that my ex-boyfriend is trying
to kill your current boyfriend.
- No. No, no. No, you're all good.
- It's OK, Abby. Stop.
That's alright, Big Eyes.
He probably just realised
that he was a sitting duck,
and he flagged the bus down.
Because I called him a
cunt, because he is one.
- OK.
- Yes, he is.
But if I didn't do that, then maybe
he wouldn't have gotten on the bus.
And now if he survives, he's going to
guilt me into getting back with him.
Abby, if he does that, I
will kill him myself, OK?
That's very nice of you, ma'am,
but you don't have to
do that. That's a lot.
So, the killer's got to be
in a location that he knows.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Somewhere that he can control the space.
Yeah. Alright. So, what?
He's keeping them at one of these
properties on Grim Hill Road?
- [DULCIE] I think so.
- [EDDIE] We've got Blood Ridge Winery.
We've got Broken Neck Microbrewery.
We've got Casket Fillers Cidery
These fucking names! What the fuck?
Collins, what do we do?
- OK, do we search 'em all?
- Uh
That'll take fucking hours. We're
running out of fucking time, Collins!
Uh, I I have an idea.
But I will need to tether
off one of your phones.
[TAMMY] Just for the record, even
though I'm saving Tom at the moment
does not mean that
I've forgiven that dog.
[MIRANDA] Yeah, Tam, so, what
if we find William? Then what?
[TAMMY] Well, we'll create a
diversion and we'll jump him, won't we?
Come on.
A masters in marine biology?
Yeah. Yeah. I loved every minute of it.
Well, that's the key, Sven.
- You gotta do what you love.
- Yeah.
That's why I airtask, isn't it, Nick?
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- That's nice.
Yeah, so why were you guys, um,
heading off to Naarm on the ferry?
- Oh, we were booked to take a car over.
- Mm-hm?
We were meant to just
take a bag full of stuff.
And then, yesterday, the
customer's added a car to the job.
So we just went and
picked up the whole lot,
down on, you know, the side
of the road, down your way.
Hang on. Um
Are you OK, darl?
[STAMMERS] What sort of car was it?
[BOTH] A Subaru.
Hello. Is this Blood Ridge Winery?
Casket Fillers?
Broken Neck Microbrewery?
[ABBY] I'm looking for 18 men and boys.
No, they didn't make a booking.
Fuck you.
It is a white bus with a blue trim.
A mask. No, not a mouse!
Just check behind your
fucking kegs, mate.
Is there anyone else there
that I can talk to, please?
No. I don't want to
speak to your sommelier.
Yes, I am interested
in your IPA sampler,
but not right now, OK?
I'm trying to find my fucking boyfriend!
No, I I don't want to sign up
for your gin-making course next weekend.
That's not
Yeah, yeah, sure. OK,
you know what? Sign me up.
I would absolutely love
that. My name is Garth.
Thank you for your help. Thanks.
Thank you.
There's been no sight of them. I
I have no idea where else
they could be. I've
I've run out of ideas.
I think that we need to
rethink it, that maybe
maybe Hastings was
right and we were wrong,
maybe the men were on the bus
and we just didn't see them.
Bushy wasn't chum.
They, uh
They found his body. He wasn't
He wasn't eaten by a croc. He was
He was
shot in the head.
Eddie, I'm so sorry.
I fucking called it, Collins.
I I knew, when he went missing,
there was something
suss about it, but
those boys up in Darwin, they
said I was fucking off on one.
But I wasn't off on one!
That's why they sent me down here.
They They just didn't want me
sniffing around 'cause I was right.
And we're fucking right now too.
I don't know if we are. No, no, no, no.
You shut your white
hole, OK? You do know.
And what you know, I know,
because I have been listening to you.
this motherfucker, he likes to
he likes to keep them alive
before he he kills them,
just to have a bit of
fun with them, doesn't he?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
And, in your professional opinion,
do you think he would be satisfied
with driving 18 men off a fucking cliff?
- No.
- No.
No, he'd want to do something bigger
so he could present it to us
like some weird, human cat.
Yeah. And why is that?
- Because he is an egotistical narcissist.
- He is a cunt.
- A big one, yes.
- Yes. Alright?
Now, those men are alive, and
they are out there, Collins.
Yeah. Yeah, alright.
Ma'ams, Sven's been trying to call you!
Sven, you're on speaker.
The killer used an airtasker, Dulce!
What's that? What's he say? "Airbasket"?
- What's a fucking airbasket?
- Airtasker. "Tasker". What?
OK, I can't really hear you very
well, so I'm just going to keep going.
Uh, the killer booked an
airtasker to pick up Skye's Subaru
and the phones at the intercept
point, and drive them onto the ferry.
Well, who booked the airtasker?
Yeah, so I asked the
airtasker who booked her,
and she said it was someone
by the name of Louise McEwan.
Oh, God. I muscle-memory
drove myself back to Deadloch,
not the Mt Mountain picnic area.
Sorry, guys, my bad.
Sorry, Sven, did you say Louise McEwan?
So I googled Louise
McEwan, and I found out
She was murdered.
she was murdered, in Sydney,
like, seven years ago.
And the investigating officer
was a Detective Hannah Chambers.
Do you know her, Dulce?
Uh, I Uh, yes, I do. I
I do know Hannah. Uh-huh.
I can't hear you, but I
think you know her, Dulce.
- [TAMMY] Any kidnapping happening out here?
- [MIRANDA] Mike?
Other dudes?
[TAMMY] Come on. There's no-one here.
Let's go before an
old-timey ghost possesses us.
- Shit.
- Mrs Carruthers?
- [TAMMY] Sis, sis, look!
Fuck! She's been bitten!
Has your phone got reception?
[TAMMY] Nup. Nothing.
OK, go on, suck the poison out!
- No, I'm not sucking the poison out.
- Well, I'm not sucking it out!
You don't suck poison out!
So, what? We piss on her?
No, we immobilise her until help comes.
Who's gonna help us?
- This dude?
- Um
Mrs Carruthers, you've been
bitten by a tiger snake.
So stay calm.
How are we gonna get
her back to the boat?
I'll get her down.
- [TAMMY] Come on!
I'll carry you down to
the tinny like a dead ball.
- Tammy, you can't!
- Yes, I can!
Because I'm cut as shit.
And I'm a fucking
exceptional young lady!
Aren't I, Mrs Carruthers?
Those runners
Those are from the
painting at her house.
Those are
William Carruthers' runners.
What exactly are you
doing out here, Margaret?
[TAMMY] What the fuck?
She's digging him up!
Fucking shame job, Margaret!
It wasn't him that didn't
want us coming out here.
It was you.
You killed your own brother
instead of giving back our land?
We didn't even want the whole thing!
I mean, of course we fucking did, but
We were willing to share!
- Look out!
Is Is she ?
Yeah, sis.
That racist is dead.
Ah, yeah, thanks, Hannah.
You said that was Louise McEwan. W
What's going on over there?
I don't know, ma'am.
[QUIETLY] Is that the
one that Collins
Um, I think so.
OK, thanks.
Uh Uh, thank you. Bye. Bye.
- Um
- Oh, the new Adele album!
Yeah! Is that right?
- Very good.
- OK.
Uh, so, my friend Hannah, who
Yes, yes, she is the woman
that I had an affair with, OK?
Let's move on.
Uh, so, Louise McEwan was a sex worker.
And she was tranquilised and
strangled just like our victims.
So, I thought the case had gone cold.
But, apparently, a few years ago,
another sex worker came forward,
and she'd been attacked around the
same time, and in the same manner.
But she managed to fend him off
and provide a description
of the attacker.
Maybe the name Louise
McEwan is just a coincidence,
but Hannah's sending through
an Identikit image now.
To your phone, Abby, because
my reception is really crappy.
But, listen, our killer isn't
targeting female sex workers
like Jacko the Bondi
Ripperoo in Sydney, is he?
He's targeting dog-shit men.
What? What?
They're still undesirables.
Exactly, ma'am.
Oi, psychic twins,
let me in. Involve me.
Serial killers who target sex workers
often believe they have a mission
to eliminate society's undesirables,
people who are
who are traditionally deemed
to be morally reprehensible:
sex workers, gay people.
But society's changing.
Maybe our killer got
himself a new mission.
- Shitbags.
- Dog-shit men.
When did this, um
When did this Sydney stuff happen?
Oh, look, it was years ago,
and I was in a really bad
- The murders, not the fucking affair.
- vulnerable place, and I
Right, uh Uh, OK.
So, that was That
The last attack was five
and a half years ago.
- OK, well, that fits the timeline.
- Mm-hm.
- OK.
- So, what are we thinking, the
the Sydney killer, he
moved to Deadloch, he
he got a new MO,
had a little bit of a fucking revamp?
Is that what we're thinking?
I mean, Deadloch is a
place to reinvent yourself.
What did you say?
What was that?
Collins, grab your torch.
- Grab your torch!
- Yeah.
[ABBY] Oh, ma'ams! The identikit
image is coming through.
[EDDIE] Collins!
He said she was dead.
Cath gave him the pentobarbital.
[SINGS] I'm here ♪
I'm here ♪
To remind you ♪
[ALL SING] Of the mess
you left when you went away ♪
[SINGS] It's not fair ♪
To deny me ♪
Of the cross I bear
that you gave to me ♪
You, you, you ought to know. ♪
Great song, yeah?
Apparently, she wrote that
about Joey from "Full House".
- Mike, did you know that?
- Came out in '95. Yeah.
Have a look at this woman, guys.
She's the reason I'm here today.
No, Skye, in Sydney, when
I was your pastry chef,
you taught me about feminism
and about toxic masculinity,
and it changed my whole outlook.
You could see that I was
struggling with my faith,
and with my purpose.
You said, "Move to Deadloch,
Ray. Have a little tree-change."
You know, "Come in and work
with Mum." Do you remember? Eh?
It's just so funny
how it all turned out.
And then your dad was my first
mission, which was just so special.
Because, like, you O'Dwyers
are not just my friends,
you're my chosen family.
Oh! That's better!
How good is it to talk
about stuff, right? [LAUGHS]
Us men, we've got to
talk more, yeah, guys?
Got to get real!
Brené Brown.
Gez knows Brené Brown.
She says that vulnerability
is the birthplace of innovation,
creativity and change.
And us men, we gotta change, yeah?
I mean, not you lot.
You're all too far gone.
I've got to bin all of youse.
[DULCIE] He probably used poison
as some sick tribute to women.
Yes, I agree, it's very, very naff.
Listen, Sven, I need you
to go to the football club
- and talk to the women.
- Collins.
See if they know where Ray
might have taken the men.
- Collins!
- Yeah?
Lou, she's headed off.
Ray said that he got her from
some, uh, widow with a farm.
She couldn't look after her anymore.
Maybe Maybe she's headed home?
Ma'am, what about this farm?
It's next to the Mt
Mountain National Park
and it backs onto Grim Hill Road.
- Jesus Christ.
- What?
[DULCIE] Sven, we're
going to need your help.
OK, Dulce, where am I meeting you?
Geoff Haddick's farm.
Oh, my God, I hate this fucking job.
Ugh. Um
Hey, uh, F Fay?
Ray, don't do this!
Skye, mate, you know more than
anyone what young men are capable of.
- They're monsters.
- They're just kids!
[RAY] No, no, no, but
the damage is done.
It's too late for them, even for
Tom. He's joined the footy club.
He wants to be a little
Sam, don't you, Tombo?
Don't talk to my son!
- James, mate, I'm talking to Skye.
You've got to let women
have the floor, mate.
- Open wide.
James. James.
I've got to shut you up, buddy.
Calm your farm, mate.
This is very, very fiddly.
- [SOBS]
- OK?

[RAY] I know this is hard to hear, guys,
but we need to keep each
other accountable, yeah?
Stand up, speak out.
- Ugh!
- Skye!
Mate, just chill.
Such a hothead!
Your dad was the same.
Stay the fuck away!
[EDDIE] Drop the knife!
Oh, awesome! Hi, babe!
So, Phil did reach you?
I was a bit worried he'd bleed out.
Guys, this is my girlfriend, Eddie.
Ray, stay where you are.
[RAY] Abby! Wow.
Look at you, coming into your own power.
Hey, I've got something for you.
That's pretty neat, isn't it?
Knew you wouldn't break up with
James, so I fixed it for you.
What? I did break up with him, Ray.
You did?
Oh. OK.
[EDDIE] Collins!
- Fuck.
- [RAY] Sorry, Dulce.
- That'll probably be fatal.
[EDDIE] Fuck, Collins!
Your fucking guts!
No, bugger off, bugger off!
No. I'm not leaving you.
I'm fine! Go after him!

[CHOIR SINGS] All the things
she said, all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
Running through my head ♪
All the things she said,
all the things she said
[VANESSA] Dolphie!
OK, airway, breathing,
circulation, dehydration.
OK, come on!
Yes, I've lost my mind ♪
Daddy looking at me ♪
Will I ever be free ♪
[RECORDING] Welcome to the Mt
Mountain National Park Glow Worm Trail.
I'm Wendy Worm.
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
Running through my head ♪
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head ♪
This is not enough ♪
How beautiful is this place?
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
All the things she
said, all the things ♪
Should have brought a picnic.
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
Running through my head ♪
[RAY] Come on, mate. I've
got something to show you.
[EDDIE SHOUTS] Fuck my arse!
[RECORDING] Did you know a
glow worm is a type of gnat?
Don't die. Don't die.
No, do die. Do die.
You're your own woman.
So you want me to die?
[SOBS] No. No, please don't die!
This is all my fault.
Cath, no.
I knew Ray had the
tranquiliser for the donkey.
But I didn't tell you because I
thought I knew better than you.
I thought Ray was a good guy.
I always think I'm right.
A lot of the time, I am
right. Like, a lot of the time.
But sometimes, it
turns out that I'm not.
I'm so sorry for taking
over the Google calendar,
and I'm so sorry for
making you join choir.
And I'm so sorry that I
bought this murder farm.
And I'm sorry about
that ugly fucking dog.
Cath, this is all really positive,
and I love you so much.
But, right now, I am bleeding out.
And I'm I'm hearing
you 100%, I'm hearing you.
But, just quickly,
just one more thing
Let's leave Deadloch.
You hate it here, sexy.
Let's just leave.
My home is wherever you are.
- OK. OK.
OK. Let's have a look.
Is that it?
No, I can deal with that.
All mammals are basically the same.
The only difference
is the amount of tits.
There you are.
God, you look so beautiful.
You can swim.
Yeah, I'm not bad at it, actually.
And you made up that story
about Lou to get close to me.
Oh, babe, no, you really
needed to talk about Bushy.
Hey, I was thinking,
we should move away from Deadloch.
Like, I'll miss our
friends and everything,
but just after how
stressful it's been for you
and how busy it's been for me,
it might be nice just to
get a fresh start, you know?
In a new town, less baggage.
Get dog, start a family, maybe.
[FAINTLY] Start a fa
You're a fucking serial killer, mate!
Babe, I'm actually making
Deadloch better for women.
This place has come so far
since I started getting
rid of all those toxic men.
Look, Skye and Vic are
thriving, Aleyna's the mayor.
Did any of the women actually
ask you to do this, Ray?
'Cause I'm pretty sure if you
had asked them what they wanted,
they wouldn't have said, "Oh, yeah, Ray,
"butcher half the town, mate.
"That's what Granny burnt
her fucking bra for."
No, I know they wouldn't have said that.
Because women are victims of
the patriarchy, babe, right?
They're oppressed and helpless,
and they need male allies
like me, men with vision,
who can lead the charge.
- This isn't about you!
- No, I know it's not about me, Eddie.
That's why I'm killing men
now. I've stopped killing women.
I don't have to do all this murder!
Yeah, everyone knows that, mate!
Everyone knows that except fucking you!
My life is actually harder
if yours gets easier,
but I'm still putting in the work
to make a perfect world for you
women, by myself, for no credit.
Oh, yeah, sounds like
you want fucking credit.
No, I don't want credit.
But, you know, a little
credit for not wanting credit
for this cool thing I'm doing for
you for no credit might be nice.
- Oh, so you do want credit, then?
- No, I am just an ally, Eddie.
I am the best ally.
Say it.
Say I'm your best ally!
You were fucking murdering
women six years ago, ya cunt!
I have been on a feminist journey.
I have female friends now.
I go down on women. I have changed.
No, you haven't, alright?
Your answer to everything is
still murder, you psychopath!
Let's just reset there.
Why don't we forget about this,
just go have a cuddle on
the couch and watch a Buffy?
Stay the fuck back.
Babe, look, you're upset. Yeah?
Trust me, you do not want
another man's death on your hands.
- What?
- Yep, that's right.
You should have been
with Bushy that night.
He'd still be alive.
But you couldn't think clearly,
and so Bushy died because of it.
Nah. That's not how it happened.
Now, I've got a mum,
and a kid too, somewhere.
Imagine if you do something to me now,
imagine how they might feel.
Come on, babe. Just put the gun down.

- Shh, shh, shh.
- [DULCIE SHOUTS] Let her go!
Drop the knife! Drop it!
Yeah, g'day, Dulce!
How's it going? [CHUCKLES]
Drop the knife, Ray.
Oh, can't, mate, sorry.
Keep your hands where I can see them!
[DULCIE] No, no, no.
No, don't, Ray.
Just get out of the water!
Ray that current is dangerous.
[LAUGHS] Come on, Dulce.
I'm an excellent swimmer
[BOTH] Oh!
[EDDIE] Oh, where'd he go?
Where'd he go? Did he go under?
I don't know. I don't
know. I don't know.

- [HASTINGS] Attention, all units.
The men are not on the bus.
Repeat, the men are not on the bus.
Skye O'Dwyer is swimming
the men out to sea.
[DULCIE] Are you OK?
[EDDIE] Yeah.
Nah. Probably
gonna need to unpack all of this
in some professional-type
therapy setting.
Nuh, you're right, Collins,
you're you're hurt.
[DULCIE] I'm in shock.
I can't feel a thing.
Alright, OK, let's get you out of here.
Come on. Chuck your arm over me.
Come on.
- So, Collins
- Yeah?
[EDDIE] Were you always into women,
or was it something you had to work on,
like a muscle?
[DULCIE] I recommend everyone
give it a try at least once,
see how you go.
[EDDIE] Ah, yeah? I've done stuff.
[DULCIE] Oh, that's good.
You're halfway there.

And now for our team
captain, Tammy Hampson!
Hey, everyone.
Remember to grab a
sausage from Bakery Vic.
We're raising money for the
Milaythina-ta Community Centre
so we can get our island back.
OK, cool.
- Uh, go the Pademelons!
[CHOIR SINGS] We belong to the
light, we belong to the thunder ♪
We belong ♪
That's my rainbow family.
Have you heard that term before, Sven?
No, I haven't heard that
before, Vanessa. That's great.
Hello. What are your pronouns?
We belong ♪
We belong, we belong together ♪
Maybe it's a sign of weakness ♪
When I don't know what to say ♪
Maybe I just wouldn't know what
to do with my strength anyway ♪
Have we become a habit? ♪
Do we distort the facts ♪
[ABBY] Hi, Kate. I'm
headed to forensics now.
Yeah, so, judging by
the size of the maggots,
I think the victim's been
dead for at least 24 hours.
Oh, am I right?
[LAUGHS] Yeah. I knew I would be.
thunder ♪
We belong. ♪
[EDDIE] How do you like your sandals?
[DULCIE] My feet feel naked. [LAUGHS]
- [CATH CALLS LOUDLY] Hey, you two!
I'm just heading in to town.
The humidity in Darwin's
doing my head in.
And the Airbnb host, Tarneen,
she gave me a good lead on a
thrush cream and it comes in bulk,
so I'm going to get
enough for all of us.
Oh, my God.
There's, like, a swamp under my boobs.
- Anyway, I'll pick you up in halfa!
- Alright.
- I love you, sexy!
- Love you. Thanks, love.
[SHOUTS] Love you, Eddie!
Yeah, that's Mm. OK.
What was that?
I love you too.
- [SHOUTS] Bye!
- Bye, love.
You ready?
Let's go.
Uh Yeah. G'day,
Um, this is my mate Duleese.
And, uh, we're here to
help solve Bushy's murder.
- Aren't we? Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, we are.
Uh, would you just excuse
us for one moment, Holly?
Do you not know my name?

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