Deadly Possessions (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Conjure Chest and St. Valentines Day Masacre Wall

1 ZAK: There was a massacre.
That's very abnormal.
Oh, that's great to hear.
17 people have been killed.
This will literally wake up the dead.
KIENZLE: One of us is going to die.
[ Exhales deeply ] MURPHY: My life has become a living hell.
This is awesome.
It a'slive! ZAK: Since I was a young boy, I've been collecting haunted tiarfacts, drawn to the dark and mysterious energy they carry.
MAN #1: The Manson murders will go down as one the most heinous crimes of all time.
Through my career as a paranormal investigator, I've been able to build my collection.
Now I'm building a museum.
MAN #2: The Conjure Chest is one of the deadliest haunted artifacts in existence.
WOMAN: Robert the Doll has affected thousandofs people.
And provingdi a place for people to bring their haunted items and hear their stories.
We aid people into coming into the world.
Why can't we aid them in exiting the world? ZAK: These are my deadly possessions.
Since opening the museum, more people are coming in from all over the world with items that have been creating chaos in their lives, too dangerous to throw away.
So they bring them here for help.
-How are you doing, man? -Hey, how are you? -What's uryo name? -Eric.
What's going on? I bought this last rites box at a auction.
I took it home.
And two days later, my life has become a living helwil th it.
When you got it back home, how did you start connecting two and two together that this item is the source of bad things that started happening in your life? Everything was fine.
I brought isth home.
Two days later, I was asleep in the middle of the night.
I was awoken.
I heard something dra-- It sounded like something was dragging across the floor.
-In your house? -Yes, sir.
I went upstairs, looked around, didn't see anything.
Nothing was out of the ordinary.
Nothing had been moved.
I shrugged it off, turned the light off, went back to bed.
-Was this upstairs? -Yes, sir.
-It was? -It was.
Later that night, I heard something that sounded like somebody was talking.
Did it ever climax into something more severe? A shadow.
Shadow figure? It was a humanoid-type figure.
As I came up the stairs, I immediatelyI mean, just froze me in my tracks.
I didn't know what it was.
I couldn't explain it.
And all this stuff happened how long after y gouot this? -Two days.
-Two days? -Two days.
So why are you bringing this here right now? Because I want to get rid of it.
I don't want it in my house.
I can't sleep.
Are you okay if we open it right now just so I can inspect it? Yes.
Mom, do you want to open it? -Sure.
-Just slowly.
h,-O it's lovely.
Holy cow.
Do you know any background about this, Mom? Like you mentioned, it's a last rites box, correct? That's what was explained to me.
ZAK: What is a last rites box? When someone's dying, they will bring it in.
And the priest will come in.
And they'll put the candles in and at their bedside.
It m'sore like a portable altar coming over to the bedside.
Well, it's intriguing enough that I want to observe it, you know? -I appreciate it.
Okay, transferring it over to us, I think that's it was a smart thing.
So thank you very much.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, man.
I'm Trevor Jones.
m I'Director of Historical Resources at the Kentucky Historical Society here in Frankfort, Kentucky.
This is home of the Conjure Chest, allegedly one of the most deadly haunted artifacts in the world.
This is rea al Kentucky story.
These were really Kentuckians.
We heard about Zak's museum.
And we're interested in taking this chest out to Las Vegas to learn what he can tell us about the paranormal aspects of this story and maybe provide some answers about this iconic item.
ZAK: Welcome.
A chest of drawers.
Is this the Conjure Chest? This is the Conjure Chest.
Holy cow.
Let me -- let me absorb this for a moment.
I know a little bit about this chest.
So I'm hoping that you can fill me in on the history and why it does have the reputation as being one of the most deadliest objects in the world.
I'll tell you the story.
There was a slave owner named Jacob Cooley.
He had a slave who he commissioned to make this chest between 1830 and 1840 for the occasion of his son's birth.
Cooley was a cruel man.
And he wasn't happy with the construction of this piece.
And he beat the slave [ Man grunting ] to death.
And in revenge, the rest of the slaves on his plantation put a curse on the chest so that the family would be forever cursed.
This goes back pre-Civil War in the 1800s? This is probably made about between 1830 and 1840.
Even without c aurse, this is a very nice piece of Kentucky -Even without a curse? -Even without a curse, This is a very nice piece of Kentu It feel like I'm on "Antiques Roadshow.
" -Kentucky-made furniture.
-I'm on the evil version of -Yeah! -Of "Antiques Roadshow" here.
So even though he kills this slave, beats him to death just because he didn't like this, he still displayed the chest in his house? Yes.
The chest stayed in the house.
And the son's newborn baby clothes were put inside it.
And the sopen rished.
How long after he was born? That's unclear from the story.
But fairly shortly, it sounds like, in the story, yeah.
So from that death, 17 people have either been killed, seriously juinred -Mm-hmm.
-because of this chest? Okay.
So this chest has been at your museum for how long? So it was given to us by the family in 1976.
In 1976? It came into the museum at that time.
All right, right now, we're gonna be bringing out a member of the family.
it was her mother that donated the chest to the historical museum.
So I felt it was right to cover the chest before she comes out just because of the curse that this chest carried through her family.
Soet l's bring her out.
ZAK: Don't be afraid.
Come on in.
Please watch your step there.
-I will.
-Hi, how are you? -Hi.
-Please sit down.
Beverly, we recovered the chest.
Oh, it's trehe? Oh, God.
[ Laughing ] Okay.
-Is that okay? -Yeah.
When is the last time you saw -- seen the chest? saI w it in the mid-'70s.
Do you believe that this chest killed members of your family? Yes.
I was always afraid of it.
I mean, before I understood exactly what the story was, I was afraid of it as a child because I knew that it was associated with death in my family.
So your family told you this as a child? -Yes, my mother, yeah.
-She did? -Yeah.
Why did she keep it nexto tyour room, down the hall? I think her reasons were complex.
It's certainly historical.
It goes back to sometime in the ear 1ly800s.
And someone she loved died in order to take off the conjure.
I don't think she wanted to discard that piece of it, Because of the loved one's sacrifice, their life Yes, exactly.
She did.
To reverse the curse? Yes.
And also, I don't think she would turnt iloose.
I mean, imagine putting it out on the curb, knowing that someone might put items in it and then die.
She felt that it needed to be preserved but to be kept away from innocent people in a place that would make it very clear that it wasn't to be used.
Sally said, "One of us is going to die.
" [ Exhales deeply ] ZAK: The Conreju Chest is one of the most deadly objects in the world.
Beverly Kienzle, a Harvard professor, is giving me intimate details about her family's history with this cursed antique.
This person that lost her life aas sacrifice trying to reverse the curse of this chest, did that person participate in the ritual? Oh, yes, she did it.
That would be Sally who worked for the family and my mother and my aunt.
And Sally's holding tight to them, as she always did.
After 16 victims, my grandmother said, "Sally, do you know how to take off a conjure?" And she said, "Why, yes, I do.
" And so she went through the instructions.
The first thing was, they needed an owl.
But the owl had to be brought by f ariend.
And then they needed leaves from a willow tree.
But again, the willow tree had to have been planted by a friend.
There had to be a leaf for every victim.
And then they were boiled.
And that liquid was poured into a jug.
And the jug was planted underneath a flowering tree with the handle pointed to the east Jeez.
Because the east is hope in Christianity.
It's resurrection.
So they planted the jug.
And then Sally said to my grandmother, "One of us is going to die when the leaves fall off the flowering lilac.
" ZAK: In October 1946, Sally suddenly died, and the Conjure Chest claimed its 17th victim.
What you can't do is put the possession of anyone who's living inside the chest.
So you wouldn't put your jacket in No.
This chest? No.
I would expect to be dead if I did.
I mean, not dead on the spot.
Usually I'm really, really, really freaked out by dolls and stuff.
But a piece of furniture -- like, this is taking the cake right now.
If you're gonna put this in a real historical perspective, whether or not you believe the curse is real or not Right.
This piece comes out of a time when White Kentuckians were very, very afraid of their slaves because they could rise up against them.
You're oppressing these people.
So this fear of a voodoo curse or a hoodoo curs.
or whatever you want to call it, is a really standard fear that 19th century white Americans have of the power of African American slaves.
ZAK: As I'm listening to Trevor talk, I can't help thinking that I should put him on the spot and test his own fear of this object.
If this chest has truly killed as many people as he and Beverly say, then let's see how he'll react.
Would you take your jacket off, put it in this chest? No.
You ulwodn't? No.
This is typically the moment where I ask you permission to perform some type of investigation or experiment on here.
But for once, I can't say anything.
Knowing the family's testimony for the things that happened, it's just too real, u yoknow? It's just too real.
I was especially increasingly, shall we say, freaked out when I found the accounts of the deaths of three people that matched exactly what my granotdmher said.
And if I could tell you one more thing.
There were things that my father said.
I can remember this conversation, him talking about my mother, saying over the chest, "I see them coming out of there.
" -The deceased family members? -Yes! -Their spirits? -Yes! -Oh, jeez.
-I know.
[ Laughs ] So it's as if the curse ofhe t chest has trapped them to the chest.
Do you believe that when Sally, the conjurer that reversed the curse, when she sacrificed her life, the spirits of your ancestors, your family members, were free? That's what she wanted to happen.
Do you want stoee it? I'll look at it, but I won't open the drawer myself.
Is tt haokay? Yeah, let me start with something that I know I will do.
Is that -- that's okay? -Mm-hmm.
-You sure? -Sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
KIENZLE: Oh, God, there it is.
Ah! Yes.
Oh, my.
I remember it well.
So what my mother would do would be to turn those handles -Beverly, don't touch it.
-Oh, no, I won't.
I'm just gonna gesture to the inside.
I would discourage anybody from opening it.
Let's get -- can we get Trer voback? Theodore, can you get Trevor, please? Trevor, we neither of us want to open the drawer.
JONES: Okay.
Okay, so can you please open the drawer? Sure.
ZAK: As the drawers opened, the owl feathers that are part of the ritual that killed Sally are visible.
Trevor, if you could please step aside.
Beverly, please go have a look.
Oh, yeah, that's where it was.
This is my mother's writing here.
This is, I think, my grandmother'sri wting.
That would hold up from your mother's letter to uins 1976.
-Is that what she said? -Yes.
ZAK: How do u yofeel, looking and reading the writing of your grandmother and mother and -- Well, it's eerie.
Do you feel anything with the drawer open? Well, it -- it's a little creepy, yeah.
-Do you feel wind? -Wind? -It got cold in here.
-Do you feel that coldness? -I do, yeah.
It's moving.
-The air is, like -- -I do feel cold air.
I felt, like, wind.
Why don't you please close the drawer? Okay.
Happy to do so.
-Um, Beverly, um -Yes? -Thank you for coming out here.
-Oh, you're welcome.
-I have one more question -Mm-hmm.
One more request, if you will.
Um, you gave me a detail about all these spirits being seen coming up out of it.
Would we be able to do, like, a mini investigation with the chest, do some measurements of electromagnetic fields? If you even wanted to be a part of it, I'd like you to be a part of it, if you would like.
Well, I have to think about it for a minute.
ZAK: We're testing for electromagnetic energy.
Oh, whoa.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! -Oh, no! ZAK: The Conjure Chest is rpoesnsible for killing several of Beverly's family members and someone very close to the family.
Today is the first time she has seen the deadly antique in over 40 years.
Due to its horrific history, she's hesitant to participate in an investigation.
All right, Beverly.
You decided to participate.
-No hesitation? -No.
-Okay, good.
It's not every day that we have the Conjure Chest here.
So we just want to take advantage of this situation and see if there is any energy around it, see if the spirit of Sally is trapped within it -- which I really hope she's not -- or any spirits of your past family members.
ZAK: I ask Aaron and Jay to assist with the investigation.
To do this investigation, I think we should open the top drawer up.
Jay, you'll open it.
-Why not? -Go ahead, Jay.
AARON: There's a lot of reasons why not.
[ Laughter ] Why don't you open the top drawer? All right.
And let's begin.
That's good.
[ Buzzing ] Real alpha there.
Okay, I need a camera over here to see the screen of this.
KIENZLE: What's it doing? We're testing for electromagnetic energy.
ZAK: High, unexplained spikes of electromagnetic energy could indicate the presence of spirits.
On the feathers? No.
Over towards this side specifically.
But the readings are normal until I move the device near Beverly.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, no! Oh, my goodness.
That's very abnormal.
Oh, that's great to hear.
I mean [ Laughs ] That shouldn't be doing that.
There's a very high level of electromagnetic energy around Beverly.
The device should not be spiking like this.
I now ask her to communicate with the spirit to find out if this energy will react.
Beverly, can you ask if there is sometnghi here? Is there a spirit here? [ High-pitched buzzing ] This energy, which we believe is a spirit, is directly responding to Beverly's questions.
Who is it? Eliza? Say a different name.
Sally? [ Buzzing decreases ] It really reacted.
Say the other one before.
Eliza? [ Buzzing intensifies ] -Yeah.
This is reacting every time you say, "Eliza.
" Who's Eliza? Eliza was my grandmother's grandmother.
And there were six people whose clothes went in the chest while it was in her possession who died, including herself.
She took her own life.
ZAK: I now move the device over Jay, and the readings vanish.
Beverly, look at this.
Do you see how around Jay, there's snopikes? Do you see that? I do.
Mike, you getting that? That's baseline.
Now, watch what happens when I go around you.
[ Buzzing intensifies ] [ Chuckles nervously ] -Whoa-ho.
Well, I hope this doesn't mean that Eliza will be talking to me tonight.
Look at that.
That's pegged.
I will now try to collect visual evidence of this spirit that is interacting with Beverly.
What I'd like to do now is -- I think I should get away from it.
I don't want to invoke fear.
I don't want to invoke more fear.
But the drawer is open.
We have done some things to try to wake it up, if you will.
Can you stand near it? And I just want to take some pictures of you by yourself With the full-spectrum camera.
-Jay, come here.
Can you maybe read some of the writing that your grandmother and your mother wrote? And we're gonna take some photos with the full ecsptrum.
"Owl's feathers to scare away spirits, so let's hope they're still doing it.
This is going to the Kentucky Historical Society at the old capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky.
" Whoa, what was that? ZAK: As Jay rapidly snaps full-spectrum photos, I notice a strange anomaly on the far right-hand side.
There's you, you, you What's the yellow? We don't know.
ZAK: This oddly shaped anomaly hovers over Beverly's right shoulder.
And it only appears in one of the photos.
[ Tap in distance ] What was that? AARON: Yeah, right? What was that? It was this That's where this thing is.
ZAK: As we are viewing an unexplainable image captured on the full-spectrucam mera, we all hear a tapping sound from the metal candelabra right where this unexplained light anomaly manifested.
What was that? Yeah, right? What was that? Yeah, right? ZAK: Is there a connection between the anomaly we just captured and the unexplainable sound that we all heard with our own ears? It sounded like that was being tapped.
I heard that tap.
Is this what you heard? [ Taps ] Something like that.
That would have been right over your left shoulder.
Where's the candles? Was it -- AARON: You're in front of the candle, actually.
ZAK: So just watch over right here, right beneath the six.
Watch there.
You see, there's nothing there.
There's nothing there, nothing there, And then something shows up right there.
See that? Good lord.
[ Laughs ] AARON: Uh-oh.
What? -Uh -It looks like -It -- it looks -It does look like an owl! AARON: It has the body roundness, and that's the head.
It looks like an owl.
It looks like an owl.
Oh, jeez.
Dude, I got chills.
-Oh, yeah.
-It does.
ZAK: The curse was broken by owl feathers, which remain in a top drawer of the chest.
Is this anomaly an owl? Or are we just matrixing it to be? Could it be a spirit of one of the victims that was giving us strong EMF spikes around Beverly? ZAK: Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, no! What we do have to realize is that we took a succession of several other photos in that same spot, and this anomaly never appeared again.
Why don't we open it up and see what i'snside? I'm not gonna open it.
You open it.
Why can't you open it, sir? Don't ask me that question.
I'm not gonna open it.
ZAK: A strange man carrying a briefcase shows up at the museum and asks if he can speak with me.
I have no idea what this is about.
And the exciting part is I never know.
How you doing? -Hey.
How are you? Good.
Please put the object on the table and have a seat.
-Yeah, sure.
-You're Zak? -Yes.
-How you doing? Yeah, good.
So what's the story with the briefcase? What I have is, I have a little something in the case.
Now, the case is not haunted.
But what is inside Well, why don't we open it up and see what's inside? I'm not gonna open it.
You open it.
Why can't you open it, sir? Don't ask me that question.
I'm not gonna open it.
Theodore, can you please open the case, please? What w'srong? What's in it? Pictures, sir.
That's it? ROBERT: It's what's in the picture.
Looks like mobsters, ready to kill a bunch of people.
Can I see? Yes.
Oh, cool.
Looks like the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
Matter of fact, it is the Saint Valentine's Day ssMaacre.
So is there a gun in there or something? No, no, no, don't worry about anything else.
Just, the photo's enough for you right now.
Now, listen to me.
Actual photo of what happened back then at the time in Chicago.
I'm familiar with that.
Yeah, well, you should be.
And I'm gonna familiarize you a little bit more.
Over at the Mob Museum here in Las Vegas, we have a piece of the wall from the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
The actual wall? What, did I stutter? I just said we had a piece of the wall.
Not only that, there's bullet holes that are in it from the shooting.
So it's the acaltu wall? What, are you gonna interrupt me? Yeah, the actual wall.
And there's also the gun that was used in the crime.
The gun that was used to kill people? And the only reason I brought this over to you today is because there's some paranormal activity going on at the Mob Museum.
And I think it has to do with this photo, with that wall atha tt museum.
And I think it's something you need to check out.
Do we have permission to go there? Don't worry about it.
It's taken care of.
You just tell 'em Bobby sent you.
It's fine.
You go.
You see.
You will feel what's going on.
You check it out for yourself.
All right.
Thank you.
It's been a pleasure.
Yeah, yeah, all right.
Thank you.
[ Exhales deeply ] ZAK: I'm usually scared of objects, but I was terrified of this man.
I'm trying to figure out if he's the real thing or if he's an actor from the Mob Museum.
Was this planned? ZAK: Even if Bobby is an actor, the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre was very real.
I've always been fascinated with mob history.
So I'm excited to investigate -- one museum to the other.
ZAK: Wow.
What's your name, sir? Geoff.
Geoff, is this the original bckri wall from the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre? Yes.
[ Gunfire ] These are the bricks that were in the wall, against which the guys were shot down.
These are actual examples of where bullets hit the wall.
How many mobsters got killed? Seven.
[ Gun cocks ] [ Gunfire ] And wasn't this arranged by Al Capone? Al Capone was never convicted of it.
and neither were any of his men.
But historians widely believe that he was behind it.
We investigated Eastern State Penitentiary, and Al Capone was incarcerated there.
The guards claimed that Al Capone was haunted by one of the victims that was shot against this wall.
It's amazing, in our journeys, how everything connects together from our investigations.
You can just feel the energy around this wall.
This is Yeah.
This is absolutely awesome.
Al Capone controlled most of the bootlegging in Chicago and much of the upper Midwest, getting alcohol and then selling it during Prohibition.
But he had this foe, this enemy, this rival named Bugs Moran.
Al Capone's gang and Bugs Moran's gang were constantly at each other's throats.
They were rivals? They were rivals.
And the newspapers called it the Beer Wars.
What happened is esthe guys dressed up as police officers.
Who did? The assailants.
They came to the scene in a police car, so these guys What? thought it was a typical shakedown, right? They agreed to line up against the wall Oh-ho.
so that, presumably, th ceyould be shaken down for whatever.
They whip out the tommy guns, and they blast away.
[ Gunfire ] One guy actually survived the massacre for a short time.
So when the authorities came to the scene, he can barely talk, he d'sying.
But he's -- long enough to say that cops killed them 'cause he believed they were cops.
They got away with it? They got away with it.
No one was ever convicted of that crime.
There was a ssmaacre.
And all of that is just a memory right now.
It's history.
But standing right next to us is a brick wall that still has all that energy stored into isth wall.
Does that gun have anything to do with the massacre? That tommy gun is believed to have been owned by Machine Gun Jack McGurn, Al Capone's right-hand man.
It was suspected that he had masterminded the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
Wait, the guy who owned that gun masterminded this massacre? That is a leading theory.
Can you take the gun out? I can ta iket out.
And we can set it down on a table and take a look at it.
Really? This is just incredibly awesome.
I can't really hold it very long.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Gunfire ] Whoa! It's just -- Yeah, you don't want to I just realized I was standing in the line of fire.
Can you imagine that? Zak Bagans You see, I'm not an expert.
Gone! But you can see that this was a brutal weapon.
I mean, it was not intended to be a weapon that was accurate.
It was mass carnage.
So can I -- can I hold it? You cannot hold it unfortunately.
I can't.
That's fine.
Can I put a glove on and touch it with a finger? You can touch it with f ainger.
Can I touch the trigger? You can.
You ready? Get this.
Zoom in, guys.
Zoom in.
Ready? ZAK: While I'm not allowed to hold Jack McGurn's gun Wow.
I am allowed to touch the very trigger where his finger may have sent countless mobsters to the girraves.
Can I keep the gun -- no, I mean [ Chuckles nervously ] Can I keep the glove? Sure.
Man, how you been? I haven't seen you for a little while.
You're gonna love what I did with this car.
Yeah, I got McLovin wiping it down for you.
Boom! Holy [blp]ee Look at that! Exactly.
ZAK: We're at the Mob Museum in L Vasegas, learning about the dark history surrounding the actual brick wall that seven men were shot to death in front of during the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
We are told apparitions of the massacre are seen near the wall frueeqntly.
The museum had just closed.
So I was walking through to make sure everybody was out.
And nobody was here.
As soon as I continued following him and went around the corner just like he did, he disappeared.
This is the first time anyone has investigated at the Mob Museum.
And I'm extremely curious to see if there's any residual negative energy.
Okay, right now, we are going to begin our investigation.
And I have two different recorders.
And these have little microphones on them with suction cups.
Oh, cool.
So I want to put the suction cups on the Plexiglass over the wall and over Jack McGurn's gun.
Because you have seen apparitions, I want to see if this is just a residual haunting or if there are intelligent spirits here.
Place the suction cup on the Plexiglass over one of the bullet holes.
Aaron, while dweo this, take readings with the EMF detector AARON: Okay.
and see if we get any spikes near us.
If you rustle any clothing, whispers, or anything like that, say it out loud so we mark the recorder.
I'm now gonna take the other one and put it right here, right over Jack McGurn's gun.
All right, on the count of three, I want you to hit record.
One, two, three.
[ EMF beeps ] And we're gonna alternate.
You're gonna ask a question.
I'm gonna ask a question.
Jack McGurn, are you here? Are you the man that many people have seen here? Is any one of the seven men that died on this wall here with us? Do you have anything to say about whatap hpened? How's the EMF? Nothing's happening.
Baseline? Base.
I don't feel ytanhing.
And while I'm trying to get intelligent responses from spirits, these microphones could be picking up stored information, stored emotions into these items.
So we may be getting voices, scream ws,hatever, that we may not be hearing.
Did you haunt Al Capone in his jail cell at Eastern State Penitentiary? Are you here now? Was one of these bullet holes the ones that killed you? Can you please come to us in this room if you are a victim of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre? Anything that you can do to give us a sign that you hear us and see us? I feel, like, pretty cold right now, right here.
Are you? Mm-hmm.
On your ftle side? Aaron, go do EMF on her left shoulder.
It's at a 0.
And it did jump to 0.
3 real quick.
Did it? But now it's back to 0.
So you had a little spike.
Little spike.
Ask if somebody is there and if they touched you.
Is somebody here? Did you just touch my arm? Are you angry that your killers were never caught? Jack McGurn, are you here, wanting your gun back? All right.
Let's stop.
So can you tell me real quick, what did you feel in that moment that it -- You said your shoulder went cold or something.
It felt like somebody was just petting me on the arm like this and saying, like, "I'm here.
" Really? But it didn't feel negative.
It didn't feel, like, demonic or negative energy.
Well, it was interesting.
We did get a spike on the EMF detector in the same exact area.
So we'll check the recordings and see if you got a message In that moment as well.
So thank you.
Good job.
ZAK: Although there didn't appear to be severe paranormal activity here at the Mob Museum, we won't knofow r sure until we get to analyze our EVP session.
While Billy goes through the evidence, I'm taking Aaron to check out something my buddy, S.
, has been wkiorng on.
We're at my friend S.
's, body shop, Elite Audio and Customs.
All these people are bringing us all these haunted objects.
It's time to showcase one of my haunted objects.
So right here, I have not seen this object since I bought it about three months ago.
It's been here What is it? at the body shop, getting completely redone.
It is haunted.
And I figured with all these interviews that we have, and we're running around town heren iVegas, meeting other people, further enhancing our interviews, we need an official car.
Ooh! We need an official car for this show.
Oo If something ever happens to me, I want this thing to take me to my funeral.
What? I'm just saying.
It's a clue.
You got it? You got it? Come here.
Follow me.
What's up, man? Zak, what's up, man? How you been? Haven't seen you for a little while.
You're gonna love what I did with this car.
Yeah, I got McLovin wiping it down for you.
-Boom! -Oh! Holy [bleep] Look at that! Exactly how you wanted it, my man.
Yes! -Awesome! -Yes, yes, yes! Do you see other dead people? ZAK: This is me! S.
: Got the matte black paint, a custom interior.
Damn! Got the red velvet.
Man, that is sick.
When I bought this thing, this dash was completely destroyed -- holes in it, tears.
ZAK: Why is it smoking? Why's there smoke coming out? Well, we got the fog machine coming in there for you, so You got a fog machine in here? You can't have a Deathmobile without the fog.
Without the fog -- matching the coffin sub box.
Holy [bleep] This will literally wake up the dead.
Looking good.
That is a coffin with speakers in it.
I'm gonna hire this thing out.
If you or a loved one need a funeral, call me.
And I will take you.
And you will ride We'll put the body on top of the speakers.
: Best part is when you pull up, and you lay this thing flat [ Engine starts ] [ Hydraulics hiss ] Whoa! [bleep] Yeah, I hear that.
Okay, yeah.
-Do you? -Yeah.
That is creepy! That is sick! ZAK: I'm at my buddy S.
's body shop picking up the newest piece of my coeclltion, a customized hearse.
[ Hydraulics hiss ] Whoa! [bleep] [ Laughs ] Jesus Christ, dude! Dude! Dude, that just scared the [bleep] out of me! For sure.
This thing has hydraulics.
That's cool -- a hearse that will give you a heart attack.
-Can I try it? -Yeah.
-Oh-ho-ho! -Whoa, sh -It's like Disneyland! -Is it supposed to do that? Whoa! Yeah! Make it go up and down.
-Whoa! [ Bleep ] -Whoa, look at that! -[ Laughs ] Now bounce.
-It's alive! -Bounce.
-It's alive! -Dang.
-It's sick, dude.
It's like a possseesd car.
, you arthe e man.
Zak, man, thank you again.
You always do me right.
We appreciate everything.
You turned this 1966 Pontiac Hearse into a beast.
Did McLovin help you? With my trusty guy, McLovin.
Without McLovin, we wouldn't have had juice for the fog machine, wiped down wheels, and clean glass.
McLovin, therere a times that I may need a driver for this.
Would you be able to drive Yes, sir.
Drive me around in this, McLovin? I would love to drive you in this car.
This is sick.
I love it, S.
You've done a good job.
All right, We got to get back to the musm,eu dude.
We got somebody on their way right now.
But the most dangerous part about thisar c is AARON: Zak's behind the wheel! I'm behind t wheheel.
[ Laughs ] And I'm co-pilot! Watch out, Vegas! [ Laughs ] Hey [ Engine revs ] You sure you should be driving this thing? [ Engine revs ] Oh, God.
This is awesome.
Hit it! ZAK: Everybody on the road, watch out, 'cause this car's about to eat your soul.
ZAK: Aaron and I head back to the museum to meet with Teresa to show her the evidence Billy has found from our Mob Museum investigation.
-All right.
-How are you? Good.
How are you? So Teresa, it's good to see you again.
Good to see you, too.
You know, we did some EVP sessions with you.
Honestly, I didn't tnkhi that we would walk away with anything.
I was a bit skeptical of that.
But after Billy reviewed the audio, we received EVPs, electronic voice phenomena.
This was being picked up by the suction-cup microphone listening beyond that glass.
This was absolutely insane.
The moment that this was ptcaured, we were being absolutely still.
Jack McGurn, are you here wanting your gun back? Billy, I want you to go ahead and play it as it was captured and then explain to us what you did in the enhanced version.
ZAK: Jack McGurn.
BILLY: So here's what I did to enhance it.
I slowed it down so we can hear the enunciation of whatever's being said.
All of this is EV Yeah, all of these, you know, different spikes of the waveform is the EVP in question.
This is me saying, "Jack McGurn.
" Maybe you can understand this sentence and tell us what you think.
Yeah, do you hear, like, "What is happening to" Something.
Play that again.
Okay, "Help, I'm," cutting.
"What is happening to," or something.
I just don't know what the word after help is.
" I hear, like, "Help -- help, I'm," something.
"What is happening to.
" It says, "Help, I'mnj iured.
What's happening to me?" Let me hear it.
[ Gasps ] What if it says, "Help, I'm dying.
What is happening to me?" When they t goshot, your last thoughts, maybe your last breath, is, "Help, I'm dying.
What is happening to me?" Right.
I hear that.
Yeah, I arhe that.
-Do you? -Yeah.
-That is creepy! [ Groans ] -That is sick! -[ Groans ] This may be one of the thoughts of one of the victims that is stored in that wall.
I'm happy.
I'm excited for this.
This was a great capture.
So I would just keep an eye on that area and keep us informed if this spirit manifests himself now that you've heard his voice.
That's exciting.
Are you okay? Yeah.
[ Laughs ] ZAK: After reviewing this, I believe this is place memory evidence, meaning the residue of that deadly massacre has stored itself into the bricks.
And at the right moment, audio and visual presentations can be heard and even seen.
However, because this response also seemed to have answered our questions, it lends to the theory that it could also be an intelligent spirit haunting the museum.
I'd love to do a second, more thorough investigation of the Mob Museum in the near future.