Deadly Possessions (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Bella Lugosis Mirror and Charles Mansons TV

KRICK: These are letters th watere written by Charles Manson.
Did anything ever happen to you? Only once.
ZAK: These objects are powerful.
It's a cursed name.
It should never be talked about.
What happens when you turn the TV on? If I wanted to kill somebody, I'd take this book and beat you to death with it.
Did the killer look into that mirror? Ro[ ars ] ZAK: Since I was a young boy, I've been collecting haunteard tifacts, drawn to the dark and mysterious energy they carry.
The Manson murders will go down as one of the most heinous crimes of all time.
Through my career as a paranormal investigator, I've been able to build my collection.
Now I'm building a museum.
MAN: The Conjure Chest is one of the deadliest haunted artifacts in existence.
WOMAN: Robert the Doll.
He has affected thousands of people.
ZAK: and providing a place for people to bring their haunted items and hear their stories.
We aid people into coming into the world.
Why can't we aid them in exiting the world? These are my deadly possessions.
My name Cisindy Lee.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona.
I am the owner of a horrifically haunted object that once belonged to the man that played Dracula, Bela Lugosi.
This item has caused my mifaly so much anguish that I no longer feel safe with it.
So I'm traveling to Las Vegas to donate it to Zak's museum.
ZAK: Hello.
Hi! Wow, you have a big mirror.
And, of course, the mirror is gonna get aimed right at me? Good.
It's an angry mirror.
This is really cool.
I'm guessing the mirro rhas a story.
The mirror used to be in Bela Lugosi's house.
Bela Lugosi? Yes.
My uncle lived in there when I was a child.
We used to visit.
Oh, huge Bela Lugosi fan.
So, your uncle We called him Uncle Bob.
His name is Frank Robert Celetri.
And he produced films.
He did "Blackenstein.
" Old horror films, huh? Uh-huh.
He, in 1982, was murdered.
It speculated like a mob hit.
Are you serious? Yeah.
And it was pretty gruesome.
[ Screaming, groaning ] Can I -- and I hate to ask you these details.
You can ask me whatever you want.
Please .
do Okay.
The details.
Was your uncle shot or was he strangled? How was he killed? My uncle was in his bedroom.
[ Groaning ] He was found on his knees, with his head over the end of the bed.
And somebody took a screwdriver to his kne aesnd elbows.
[Screaming ] And they shot him, and then they tried to digut o the bullet with the screwdriver.
And he wasn't found for a few days.
ZAK: Cindy Lee's uncle was killed inside Bella Lugosi's old house, with the mirror watching.
Did they ever capture your uncle's killer? No.
They never did.
They never had any idea? I have a personal idea.
It had to be somebody close that let him in.
'Cause it wasn't a forced entry.
I think it was a close friend.
And whatever else went on, who knows? [ Groaning ] It's interesting, 'cause a lot of mirrors in general, a lot of ancient cultures believe that the reflections were from another realm.
Many people said that they could divine the past, present, the future, and that they were portals to the spirit world.
Then there is a Scrying.
You stare into a mirror, many people believe that you can see gods, devils, spirits, even your own psychic mind.
Actually, Nostradamus -- he did Scrying and predicted his own death.
And what's interesting to me is that I do know a little bit about Bela Lugosi.
He was into the occult.
Very much so.
And when he filmed "Count Dracula," he would often have dreams where he was dead.
[ Choking ] He said this in an interview, actually, in the 1930s.
So it's interesting to me that someone like Bela Lugosi that was involved in the occult -- Did he use this mirror in his own occult rituals And possibly capture that killer that's never been captured? Did the killer look into that mirror? And did that mirror capture that killer's energy, that killer's soul? Possibly your uncle.
Are you okay? Yeah.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's just emotional.
I'm sorry.
It can get really deep when you start theorizing the possibilities of these objects.
And these objects are powerful.
I have a lot of apprehension about that mirror.
You should.
[ Laughs ] Ye.
Why do you think that this mirror has a figure -- It saw something.
It saw something? I tend to believe that this mirror was used by Bela Lugosi, that he was doing Scrying rituals with it, knowing his past in the occult.
And if he did, then this would be a portal.
And if the portal was left open and it captured the reflection of this murder, then that energy would still be consumed in it and possibly the killer -- the killer's soul.
Who is the killer? They never caught the killer.
Aside from it being from Bela Lugosi's house, does the mirror have something bad attached to it? ryVe much so.
I have an older daughter, who -- I'm sorry -- did not want to come on-camera becae us-- Why? She went through so much trauma Trauma connected to the mirror? To the mirror.
She lived on her own, and when she would be curling hehar ir, whatever, and she could see, like, a dark entity, but she could feel the teeth, like, bite.
She could fe teleeth? Like, bite her neck.
The figure would come through the mirror Mm-hmm.
and attack her.
She could feel whatever was in it.
[ Crying ] Energy, it -- whatever.
Now, you're talking about trauma.
What happened to your daughter? How severe was the trauma? She moved init wh us, and she shared a room with my other daughter.
How you doing? Good, thank you.
So, I know it took a little bit for you to want to do this interview.
Are you comfortable now? I want you to be comfortable with me.
Yes, I'm okay.
I just have a couple questions for you.
Your mother was telling me that your sister had some experiences with the mirror.
Just take me back and tell me what it was like to be in the room with your sister when these events started.
I was about 14.
She was staying in my bedroom 'cause she didn't want to be at home.
So she didn't give me a whole lot of details at first.
But whenhe s would sleep at my house, she wouldn't want to be by herself almost ever.
When she stayed at your house, did she ever tell you actual events? She did one time talk to me about seeing a figure, and it terrified me.
And she just kind of described the hand as very -- almost the reaching.
And the hand would come out of the mirror and grab her? Yes.
If your uncle's killer did look into this mirror after the murder, did this mirror take a part of him into it? This is starting to get really deep now.
ZAK: I am talking to Irene about a mirror that was inherited by her family that once belonged to Bela Lugosi.
We're talking about Irene's sister, who was so traumatized by this mirror that she no longer talks about it and would not come to the museum to talk to me.
We get more of those details now.
She just kind of described the hand as almost the reaching.
And the hand would come out of the mirror and grab her? Yes.
Did you beevlie your sister? Oh, of course.
You did? Of course.
It terrified me.
But just the look in her face -- She was very serious.
She was terrified.
It was a big deal to her.
So it was hard to not take that seriously.
Did she start losing her own personality? Shgoe t where she was second-guessing things -- where you think you see thgsin and, are you psychotic or is that real? Did she ever go to, like, a place to get help? She did? Yes, a few.
Talked to a priest -- and this was like every day.
And that was the focus? Yeah.
The mirror.
The mirror.
[ Screams ] My bedroom, where the mirror was up until a couple of days ago -- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I moved out.
Hold on.
And my room was then the spare bedroom.
And it stayed in the corner.
When you slept in that room, did anything ever happen to you? Only once.
It was very creepy to be in that room.
But then I just thought it was because I had moved out.
And at this time, you didn't know the mirror was there? No.
I didn't know.
Which -- There was no psychosomatic going on? I just was very uncomfortable.
I associated it with, you know, "I moved out.
This isn't my room anymore.
" But then one night, I went to sleep in my old room.
[ Screams ] Woke up from this awful dream of something attacngki me, scratching me, holding me down.
What? I just remember this vision of hands, this very dark face.
And I woke up, and I had scratch marks.
Are you serious? Chest, arms, even the middle of my back, whe erI was not able to reach.
Even some of them where they broke skin.
It was so surreal.
I just -- I couldn't explain it.
That's incredible.
So you dream about this figure, you wake up, and you have scratches all over your body? And I thought it was just a bad dream.
I'm very black-and-white, more scientific than I love when this happens to a skeptic.
I don't like when it attacks you and scratches you, but I love the moment of a hard-core skeptic having the experience and seeing this transformation.
I couldn't justify how I reached parts of my back, and it just -- it didn't add up.
When was the moment that you realized that you just slept in the room with the Bela Lugosi mirror? Not too long after.
I just thought it was a pretty antueiq mirror in the corner of that room.
What do you want to do with the mirror now? I can't sell it.
I can't give it.
But if it kind of gets left behind You want to get rid of it.
It's that serious? If it has caused this much harm in your family with your daughter, who couldn't be here today to speak about this Right.
because it was so traumatic, I'll definitely give it a good home.
God have mercy onou yr soul.
I mean, I really respect it.
[ Sighs ] For real.
I will.
I hate to ask this question.
If this mirror was an open portal, do you think that your uncle's -- and this is a tough question -- do you believe that your uncle's killer could have looked into this mirror? Oh, yeah.
If your uncle's killer did look into this mirror after the murder, did this mirror take a part of him into it? This is starting to get really deep now.
And I don't know if you can feel the energy off oft, i but I don't -- It likes it, and I don't like it.
Yeah, I don't think it's -- You know, the one thing that we do here a lot, that d Io here a lot is we get these objects right here, and then within inches, we talk about these objects and we theorize, and we don't know if the objects like it.
This likes it, and it's an angry mirror today.
ZAK: The history of this mirror absolutely fascinates me.
Hearing the firsthand paranormal attacks makes me believe this artifact can be used as a dangerous portal into the spirit realm.
I believe this mirror has the power to do some serious harm and needs to be handled with caution.
Well, I am the new owner of Bela Lugosi's haunted mirror.
You know, I just look in here trying to see if somebody will appear behind me.
It's crazy -- You hear, just, the stories that come from these families of people that are just so affected by these objects.
[ Groaning ] [ Screaming ] To me, it's just so fascinating to know that an inanimate object like a mirror could be a doorway to a world -- that is so mysterious, dangerous.
And coming from the house of Bela Lugosi, this may be my favorite possession to date.
What is inside of you? Are you the killer? Bela Lugosi do something with you? Did he use you for rituals? Are you a portal? Handwritten letters from Charles Manson.
With the television? Yes.
ZAK: I've just been given a mirror that once belonged to Bela Lugosi.
After learning about the dark history attached to this item, I want to conduct an experiment in the isolation room to see if it holds the power we think it does.
I have an experiment that I'd like to do with all three of you.
Ashley, our still photographer, works on "Ghost Adventures.
" Aaro n? Yes.
What's your name? Jackie.
You're a production assistant on the show here.
and this is your first day? Yep.
Did you ever think that you would be on-camera doing something? Uhh, no.
[ Laughs ] Welcome to our world.
[ Laughs ] Down in the isolation chamber, we like to isolate people with interesting objects.
One at a time, I want you to go downstairs.
You're gonna see a mirror.
I want you to stare into this mirror, and I want you to look at yourself in this mirror until I callou y up.
That's all I'm gonna say.
So, everybody, right hand up.
I TOGETHER: I give permission TOGETHER: give permission that I can be used in this isolation experiment.
[ Groans ] I'm serious.
I need to arhe that.
And I approve.
It's okay.
ZAK: While my brave volunteers take turns sitting in this isolation chamber, I'll be here in nerve center with Billy, where I can monitor them closely and be ready in case this cursed mirror has a negative effect on them.
Close on her face.
This is really weird.
I almost feel like I'm looking at somebody else.
The belief is, is that if you stare into this mirror long enough, this Scrying process that you can connect with your own psychic mi,nd even if you never thought you had one.
You almost go into sta ate of hypnosis.
You start seeing into the spirit world.
You see into the afterlife using this mirror.
ZAK: As I send them downstairs one by one, they all appear to have different experiences, depending on how they choose to interact with the mirror.
Come out and show yourself.
Is there something in the mirror that wants to come out? Oh, weird.
What'd he say? [ Exhales deeply ] Dude, I just saw myself old -- really old.
Aaron apparently had a reaction to the mirror.
Sometimes it just takes the right energy to unlock.
All right.
Now let me see you.
I saw me.
Let me see you.
What was that look? I don't know.
I just sawom sething.
ZAK: Ashley sees an unexplained light in the mirror.
And what makes this interesting is that while Aaron is alone in the isotilaon chamber, he too sees the same mysterious light.
Like a light.
It's not a shadow.
It's like a light.
[ Groans softly ] It's a weird feeling in here, guys.
I heard something right here -- just, like, scuffle, and I just got ice-cold.
If you're in the room here with me, which I believe you are, can you show yourself in this mirror? Should we get her out? ZAK: I decide to conclude our peexriment and gather everyone in order to analyze their separate experiences.
And then also I saw this light, like someone came in.
I thought the cam, like someone came in the back.
I saw the light, too! ZAK: What did you see? It was on the right? Ye.
ahAnd I looked over, and there's nothing there.
So, you guys thought that the experiment just ended? The experiment just began.
Round 2 happens in your bed -- tonight.
So, tomorrow morning, when you wake up, I want you to tell me what you dreamed about.
And I want to see if there's any mar oksn you.
You would've gone down there, right, still? No.
It's too late.
I already did it.
I will continue to monitor the effects this mirror may have left on my volunteers and will be watching the rest of my museum under heavy surveillance for the next 24 hours.
I captured some very disturbing evidence on my phone.
Basement Looks like we have a mannequin drowning.
As you can see it's all water right there -- about 12 inches.
Spirits can cause floods, I believe.
Oh, my God! What the [bleep] Holy [bleep] Just heard sounds coming from right here.
Hear that? [ Rattling ] A loud noise is coming from in here.
Just capturing it.
All this water, you don't want to touch that.
That's enough for me.
There is no history of flooding in this basement, and the fact that it's just less than 12 hours after our experiment, it is hard to believe this is coincidental.
At this point, I beevlie this mirror to be the most dangerous possession I own.
This is called murderabilia.
KLOSTER: I'd never heard of murderabilia until I got Charles Manson's TV.
Charles Manson's television.
I'm Nick, and I've bought Charles Manson's TV.
When that happened, bad things started happening.
My life just started to go downhill and spiral out of control.
My mother died.
I was out of work for four months.
And a guy died in my driveway.
And I need to get it away from me before anything worse happens.
Hey, how's it going? Good.
Come on in.
You want to set it there.
Put it here? Yeah.
Are we gonna watch a video? I don't know if you want to watch a video on this TV.
Is that right? I'm Nick.
Have a seat.
Nice to meet you.
How are you doing? Good.
So, you've -- you've brought a TV? Yes.
This is, uh, Charles Manson's TV.
Charles Manson's television? It was.
Okay, how did you acquire Charles Manson's television? I buy and sell cars, and this car sat in a field in Tuscola, Texas.
It's a real small town.
And the guy I bought it from told me Charles Manson's TV was inhe t back, and I thought, "Yeah, okay, sure.
" So, I get it home and start cleaning it out.
And, sure enough, in theac bk is this little black-and-white TV.
It says "Pelican Bay Prison," it's got his name on the back, and next to the TV is a box with some letters in it -- from Manson.
Handwritten letters from Charles Manson? Yeah.
With the television? Yes.
Why is this stuff in this car? Apparently, the guy that owned the car was corresponding with him.
Was correspoinndg with Charles Manson? Yes.
This is already a crazy story.
This is called murderabilia.
I'd never heard of murderabilia until I got this item.
Let me ask you something, Nick.
When you set it down, I said, "Are you gonna play a video?" and you go, "Well, I don't think you want to watch anything on this.
" And I can tell by the way you said that, it sounds like other things started happening to you once you took possession of this.
Okay, please.
I've had the TV, I want to say since about 2012, maybe 2013.
And for the most part, I kept it in the garage outside.
We sold the house, kept it in our bedroom area.
You brought the TV into your bedroom? Yes.
When that happened, bad things started happening.
[ Static ] Was out of work for four months.
And my mother died in 2015.
Sorry to hear that.
She was real young.
That was pretty hard.
Just, random things would happen.
I live on the highway.
[ Sirens wailing ] There's not a lot of houses where I'm at.
A guy got hit by a car on a motorcycle and died in my driveway.
This guy knocks on my door, and he says, "Can I use your phone?" I said, "Who are you? What?" He say "s,I hit a man on a motorcycle.
I think he's dead.
" And I look down, and there is a man in my driveway laying there.
There's a motorcycle in pieces.
Dead? He's laying dead? So, all this started happening -- all this bad stuff started happening when you put this in your room? Yes.
I would call myself a skeptic when it came to this type of a deal.
But I have a good buddy, and anytime something bad would happen, he'd say, "It's the TV.
" Really? Yeah.
When did you start thinking that, "This TV that I brought into my room has bad energy to it"? When so many bad things had happened and I'd gone through so much, I got to a point where I said, "Yeah, I believe it's the TV.
" Where's the TV beinstg ored now? I have a good friend named Ashley, and I shipped it to her.
When you shipped it to her, how did things start feeling? Better -- much better.
Really? Yeah.
So it happened that soon? Yes.
So, I want to know a little bit more about this TV.
Nick, your friend -- he went through a lot of bad luck, bad stuff in a short time period after he decided to put this TV in his bedroom.
And so, what I'm trying to do is, I'm trying to see whether or not this TV really does have some type of energy that was infused in it by Charles Manson.
So, when you gothe t TV, did you feel anything from it? Well, you can definitely, like you can feel a weird energy from it.
It's the kind of thing you don't really want to have around.
I didn't really want to keep it inside.
So I didn't keep it directly in my apartment, just in case.
'Cause I didn't really want to be that close to it.
It's interesting -- I've heard a lot of objects that are affiliated with death are haunted by people that have put the curse on the objects, like the Conjuring Chest.
It's interesting to me to have a television set owned by Charles Manson, who was able to get in to the minds of people- his Manson family -- to literally brainwash them to go kill people.
I'm trying to grasp my mind around how would Charles Manson, who is still alive, curse an object that he had possession of.
Does he imprint some of his electrical mental impressions into these objects, ships them to other people knowing that they are cursed and that his energy or whatever he inflicted on these objects is now being released onto people that own them? I'm just trying to theoretically think - How would this TV be cursed and do bad things to somebody like you? I think when you have someinthg like this around you, the bad vibe of who Charles Manson is and what he's done Absolutely.
may have an effect on you by keeping it close to you.
Do you feel that these events are connected to this? They have to be.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to interview Chars leManson's grandson.
ZAK: Nick Kloster is the owner of a television that belonged to Charles Manso We're discussing the possibility of Manson's evil energy being transferred to this TV.
The baggage that comes with sometnghi like this -- the spookiness of it, I guess you could say -- that gs etto you.
And, like I said, I fought it for a long time and thought, "No, that's not true.
That can't be true.
I don't believe in that kind of things.
" But it got so bad where I thought, "There's nothing else it could be.
It's got to be this kind of stuff.
And I need to get it away from me before anything worse happens.
" What do you have with you? These are letters that were found in the car with the TV.
And they're all written by Charles Manson.
Are you serious? If they had a relationship They did.
They wrote for years.
"You send me something [bleep], you little something [bleep]" So, a lot of cussing.
A lot.
So, were you able to do any research on the guy who sold Nick the car? Yes.
Why would this guy sell this car to Nick with all this stuff in it? Did Charles Manson start getting inside the mind of this guy and writing him all these letters and cussing him out and then sent him a TV th patossibly cursed the guy to just want to just take it, put it in a car, and "Let me sell the whole damn thing.
" Yeah, I believe he was a criminology major.
He started writing to all these people.
And there's letters not just froMam nson.
There's letters from Ramirez, the Son of Sam.
But the Manson letters, are they directed to this guy? Yes.
They are.
Every single letter he has is directed to him.
So there was a relationship there? Absolutely.
There's even a letter I think in the back of here, that allows him a visit.
I don't know if he ever took it.
Do you know if his life just fell apart? I know he's in prison now.
He's what?! I don't know exactly what happened.
I'm still trying to figure it all out.
But I've heard he hired people to break into his stepdad's house and rob and murder him.
He's currently in prison.
He convinced people to kill his stepfather? No, it didn't work.
It didn't go through.
But he did this? Yeah.
Holy [bleep] That's what he's in prison for, yeah.
What did Charles Manson used to do? He got inside thmie nds of people and had them do his dirty work.
This story just took a big turn.
Do you think that Charles Manson got inside the mind of him while they were corresponding? I could see that.
Yeah, I mean, the stuff in here is really dark.
They mayav he talked, even.
It may even gone further than evelen tters.
in Locked up in prison, Manson -- he's not out on the streets.
But his belongings are, and his belongings are still having the same effect.
What do you want to do with the TV now? Would you like to get rid of it today? I'm offering to take this off your hands for the simple fact that, to me, how it's cursed.
I study these things.
I research these things.
So I want to do some studies on it.
I want to do some investigating of the television set.
Thank you for coming out here and sharing your story.
I appreciate it.
Nick Kloster believes thites levision is the cause for his life to make a terrible turn and wanted to get rid of it.
So I am now the owner of a possession that belonged to perhaps the most heinous killer of all time.
Could this TV, that has Manson's name on it, could he have imprinted his energy into this TV? ThTVe still works.
I'm more curious as to know what happens when you turn the TV on and you watch the screen.
There's only one way to find out.
[ Click ] Oh.
All right, it's on.
[ Crackling ] Ooh.
Hear that? Just felt the static electricity come from the TV to my hand.
Never thought about that -- the static electricity that these TVs generate when you touch the screen.
All I do know is that I just added another interesting object to my collection here at the museum.
Ladies and gentlemen, I interview a lot of interesting people.
I've interviewed satanic priests.
I've interviewed "Dracula's" Vlad Tepes.
I've interviewed his ancestor, a princess.
But right now I'm about to interview Charles Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman.
And I believe that he is about to tell us that he wants to make a change today.
And I want to ask him if his grandfather has the ability to infuse dark energy into objects, like this TV, and affect others, like Nick.
How you indog, buddy? Good, man.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming out here.
You know, I just have some questions for you.
You can go as deep as you want.
You don't have to give me your whole biography.
But everybody wants to know, you know, what it was like, what it is like.
What it is like? What it is like being Charles Manson's grandson.
You know, if I wanted to kill somebody, I'd take this book and beat you to death with it.
And I wouldn't feel a thing.
It'd be just like walking to the drugstore.
Well growing up, I was, uh which I understood what my mom and dad did, you know.
They didn't want that Manson name to haunt me or haunt my childhood to where I couldn't have a childhood.
My mom and my grandma just said to never talk about it, never bring it up, you know? It's a cursed name that should never be talked about.
And she was married to your grandfather, Charles Manson? Yeah.
Him and I, we've been speaking on and off for the last 3 1/2 years.
You have? Yeah.
What was that like? After so long of not having so many questions not answered and just being left in the dark with the whole situation of knowing who my grafandther was -- Nobody would tkal to me about it, and I wasn't allowed to speak about it.
Andit felt great.
Have you visited him in prison? No.
Before he does pass, we have to be face-to-face.
I've got to see him.
The'ers no getting around it.
What would you tell him? I would give him a hug.
That's what I would start with.
And how do you correspond with him? Phone and letters.
Can you tell me about your father? Yeah -- Charles Manson Jr.
that lived on the streets.
He didn't have protection, like they would behind bars.
He was 11 or 12 when my grandfather was involved with those murders.
How did he deal with that? I think the way he dealt with it finally when he was 37 is he killed himself.
That's how he dealt with it.
I just want to show the world changes within us.
And I want to lift this curse off our name.
ZAK: I'm talking to Jason Freeman, who is the grandson of Charl Mesanson.
How are you doing now? Great.
I wrote a book about fourea yrs ago called "Knocking Out the Devil.
" What is this book about? Just my life story.
You know, just -- just -- just going through struggles.
Sitting in jail, I had to find change.
I was on a path to -- when you look at my grandfather -- life in prison.
You look at my fathe--r dead.
I'm a third-generation.
What's gonna happen to me? I'm gonna end up -- I'll be dead.
I'll be dead or locked up for the rest of my life.
Do you think a lot of the hardships -- just the affiliation of your grandfather and what he's done and trying to cope with that -- did you havess iues just trying to accept that? I've got a personality that's just -- like my mind's overwhelmed with, um Thoughts.
We're alike.
[ Laughs ] Yeah.
We're definitely alike.
Let me ask you a question, okay? To your right, there's a lilett TV sitting there.
Apparently, this is your grandfather's television set.
There's a manual here with some writing on it.
Can you tell if that's your grandfather's writing? Oh, yeah.
For sure.
Is it? Yeah.
That is? Okay.
You've authenticated Charles Manson's writing on there, and you didn't get up and look at it.
This is an old TV.
Do you think that your grandfather infuses his energy into his objects? Yeah.
When you get his letters, can you feel something from the letters? Oh, I feel energy.
Mental power? Yeah.
Yeah, on both sides.
You know, it's good and evil.
I mean, we're all made up of good and evil.
Really powerful, man, to hear your story what you've overcome, how you are now.
I want to lift that curse off my family name.
I want to be baptized.
I just want to show the world that change is whiitn us.
I want people to see that if I can change, with my family roots, that everybody's got the opportunity to make a change in your lives and if they can build their energy off the positive energy that I carry and that I have, even though I've been through the gauntlet.
Well, being here right now, this is your first step.
We're gonna be a part of it 'cause we've arranged for this baptism, and we're gonna do it.
Really? Yeah.
All right? I want to put on a shirt that my grandfather sent to me.
And I want to wear that shirt in the baptism.
And I want to lift this curse off our name.
All right.
So you're ready? I'm ready.
Let's do it.
Let's rock.
All right, brother.
[ Both laugh ] Good job, man.
Let's go do it.
Jason came to me looking for a way to cleanse his past, so I have arranged for a local pastor to perform a baptism.
As a symbol, Jason wants to wear a shirt that was a gift from Charles Manson, his grandfather.
This shirt that I'll be wearing in the baptism is a gift straight from my grandfather.
Ready? I'm always ready.
I definitely want to be baptized to lift this curse from my family's name, to lift the burden off my shoulders and just give the family name a new start, a fresh start, starting with me.
Oh, Pastor Doug.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you for meeting us.
This is Jason.
Nice to meet you, sir.
All right, shall we begin? Let's do it.
Go ahead and sit down, if you would.
[ Exhales deeply ] Jason, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
[ Roars ] [ Laughs ] Right on, man! Cool! ZAK: Hopefully, this will give Jason a fresh start and lift the curse off his family's name.
All right, here's to new beginnings.
New beginnings, brother.
PASTOR DOUG: Right on.