Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Crow Claw

1 Shiro! Ssslice! Necro Macro.
So they finally reactivated you, huh? About damn time.
I owed you one.
I've returned the favor.
Now we're even.
He's the Red Man The Red Man Ganta-kun! Wait Is he Woodpecker? Guess you don't wanna wait till tomorrow.
That was A sword made of blood Branch of Sin, Crow Claws.
YEAH YEAH Strip the bound of reason and reality Cut myself and scream for their insanity Wake up to this nightmare that will never end Main attraction of this twisted master plan YEAH YEAH I will be your Deadman with nothing but this blood on my hands Stuck in your Wonderland I wanna make you bleed just like me So make me your Deadman with only poison in my veins Stuck in your Wonderland Stagnated by the passivity I'm gonna make you bleed like me! The other day's Corpse Carnival was quite a show, wasn't it? I started getting nervous because I raised my bets too high.
Me too.
And tomorrow, there'll finally be a new player in the fray, right? Yes.
Our new contestant, Woodpecker, will be up against Crow.
Oh, I can't wait to see that.
My wife's a Crow fan.
Well, by all means, enjoy the show together.
What kind of Deadman is this Woodpecker? Well, it'll be more interesting if you see for yourself.
Now I'm excited.
You get excited easily.
You never change.
Emergency Ah, excuse me.
Offline What? I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting, sir, but we've got a situation.
Crow's on a rampage outside the old G-block shelter.
It's like he's cutting a pizza Is he that same Just as you asked for, let's have a warm-up round before tomorrow, Woodpecker.
I, for one, don't mind if we get serious about this.
He's dressed differently from that time in the courtyard.
Hey, what're you standing around for? I'm gonna get killed Hey, hey Don't do this to me, man.
You're Woodpecker, aren't you? Wood Are you that up kid from Nagano who massacred his whole class at school? How long are you gonna wait to use your Branch of Sin? Especially with all that blood.
Blood? That's right, he I get it.
It was blood I need blood to use that power.
Now I can I was expecting something, man What a letdown.
What a boring kid.
Hold it.
This is for my friends For Yamakatsu and Mimi! Red Man! It was no good? What the hell was that again?! And why the hell didn't it work?! You sliced straight through to my heart! I have no idea what you mean by friends or Red Man or whatever, but you've got some good stuff! You don't know? He's not You're not the Red Man Which part of me is red? But that power The one that killed my friends Aren't you the one who killed your friends? The hell are you rambling about? It wasn't me! I didn't do it! See, I thought you were the criminal from that day I'm Crow, Senji Kiyomasa.
I have no idea who you thought I was, but you can use the Branch of Sin, too.
Oh, come on You thought you and this Red Man were the only Deadmen out there? Deadmen? Just what type of people do you think they keep here in G-block, right in the heart of Deadman Wonderland? No way You don't know anything, do you? Only frustrated adults and naïve kids believe themselves to be special.
You're the latter.
Well, then Let's slice up some fun, Woodpecker! Don't pick on Ganta! A-A w-w-woman?! Don't.
Ganta! O-Okay Okay! Just put this on, damn it! Why? Why what?! You can't just walk around in a bodysuit! That's dangerous! 'C-Cause What's with this guy? After Ganta, now you're picking on Shiro too?! Damn it! They're bouncing around! They're bouncing around! He's really not the Red Man G-Ganta? Y-You bastards Don't interrupt a fight Ganta Ganta! Shiro-chan! Cleanup in G-block complete.
We have them all in custody.
Okay! Oh, right, 9061 is excused.
You can let him go.
She's putting up quite a fight, isn't she? No, sir.
This is just C'mon, you! Ganta! Um promoter, one of them doesn't have an identification code.
Oh? Must be a server error.
Looks like I'll get Makina-san angry again Nothing? No, ma'am.
Not even a trace of Necro Macro's wreckage.
Plus, there isn't a trace of the prisoners anywhere.
Is this that damn weasel's doing? What's he up to? Where are you going, Makina-san? I'm meeting the director.
But the rules say you have to go through the promoter I don't care if they discipline or fire me.
But I won't be satisfied until I see him in person! I'm here to maintain order, not follow rules.
Hey, where's Ganta? I told you we're taking you to him.
Just don't go crazy again! Sheesh Watching over those guys is tough enough already.
Hey, why is G-block kept secret? Why do you think? Because those guys are dangerous.
Everyone in here's a Branch of Sin carrier.
Sin carrier? Is it some kind of disease? No idea.
I don't know those things.
Exactly Deadmen Blood manipulation powers What is this prison? Hey, where's Ganta? Find him yourself.
Don't come back here again.
And it's pointless talking about this place too.
We'll take these as payment for the trouble you caused.
Those are my casts! Give them back! See ya.
Ganta! Ganta What is this?! Hey, let me go! Hey! You're right in the middle of an examination.
Please don't move so much, Igarashi Ganta-kun.
Y-You're Sheesh Serves you right for being reckless.
Shut up.
Oh, your face looks flushed.
Leave me alone.
Don't come over here.
Do you have a fever too? I'm still messed up from the tranqs.
Uh Hey! Ignore me and go change your clothes! Huh? What's wrong with a doctor wearing a white coat? Get over yourself already.
White coats are dangerous! Somehow! There you go again A cracked sternum and two broken ribs.
Clean breaks all around.
I figured he got a good slice in I like him.
You're in no shape for the experiment tomorrow.
I'll tell the promoter to cancel it, 'kay? Bullshit.
My bones might be broken, but I'm not.
This is one of Senji Kiyomasa fights.
Don't ever mess with it.
Court-appointed attorney? Oh, yes.
I do wear that hat sometimes.
My main job is promoter here at Deadman Wonderland.
Wh-What are you talking about? Well, I have to use every trick in the book to get those branch users here.
Although my main method is False accusations.
Then that was Oh I have someone who's very good at those things, so I had that made.
You can't be too careful, you know? Those things aren't usually difficult.
The most important thing is- You bastard! Don't give me that bullshit, you four-eyed shit! Let me go! I said let me go now, you piece of shit! You bastard I'll kill you! I'll friggin' kill you! Don't do that.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Will you continue resisting? Be polite, say "Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
" Got that? "Yes, sir.
" "Thank you, sir!" P-Promoter Tamaki, if you overdo it, we won't be able to experiment tomorrow! Are you curious about the experiment? You'll be starring in a show tomorrow.
Codename Woodpecker.
That's you, Igarashi Ganta-kun versus Crow, Senji Kiyomasa.
Two Branch of Sin carriers Or should I say, wielders will fight it out.
No! No! These experiments go on every day, here in G-block.
Win, and you'll get so many cast points that the Dog Race won't compare.
Candy too.
You think I'll quietly follow your orders?! Oh, right.
And if you win continuously, you might eventually meet that person you've been wanting to meet so badly.
That person? Yes, from the Nagano incident.
The one that killed everyone in class.
But it's not exactly everyone.
It's important you understand that, Igarashi Ganta-kun.
It's a fact that you were the only one left alive.
Somehow, you caught the eye of that insane freak.
Yes, the one you call the Red Man.
Source of all the Branch of Sin infections, and the most dangerous Deadman Wonderland inmate, Wretched Egg.
I knew it.
He's here The Red Man Let me go! I'll kill him! I'll kill you too! You're both dead! But first, you'll have to take the stage at tomorrow's Corpse Carnival.
Corpse Carnival? I'm sure it'll be so fun you'll be dying for more.
Everything's ready.
It's the circus of cadavers, the Corpse Carnival! It's the greatest show in Deadman Wonderland! The Deadmen Carriers of the Branch of Sin infection who began appearing ten years ago after the Red Hole.
This is an experiment in which their disease and their special powers can be released to their limits! Capped off with a battle to the death between fellow Deadmen! A never-before-seen spectacle, an unprecedented form of entertainment! This will develop right before your very eyes! Got it, newbie? Well then Let's watch it again.
No! No more! The latest Master Monthly is here.
Leave it on the bench.
That kid I don't care if he's a fluke or the real deal Either way, this will be interesting, Woodpecker! Longing for a normal, everyday life cannot sustain anyone for long.
Within an unreasonable cage, two will use their violent powers and kill each other in an entertainment match.
This is a fight between Deadmen.