Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Relief (Grateful Dead)

1 Here I thought that this pointless inspection was finally over with, and now it's all back at square one.
Damn, you sure have lined up a lot of pretty things for us Deadman Wonderland is a place that is neither good or bad, a microcosm of society.
Just a box that copies that system in the most straightforward way.
Behind the beautiful music rages the ugliest of people.
You're the one behind all the bloodshed.
That is absurd.
I'm merely a facilitator, paving the path for those insane people to earn their freedom.
YEAH YEAH Slit the throat of reason and reality Cut myself and scream for their insanity Wake up to this nightmare that will never end Main attraction of this twisted master plan YEAH YEAH I will be your Deadman with nothing but this blood on my hands Stuck in your Wonderland I wanna make you bleed just like me So make me your Deadman with only poison in my veins Stuck in your Wonderland Stagnated by the passivity I'm gonna make you bleed like me! C-Captain! Karako-san! Nagi-san He was so kind and strong No, he was weak.
I couldn't protect him I thought that I'd help him escape this world! Hey, he's killing all of our people! Genkaku? Because he is weak? That's why I said that you can only keep quiet and go insane here.
Why are all of you alive?! What are you doing, Ganta? I won't forgive you, even if you do this! Please stop, Nagi-sa- I don't want you to save me, Ganta! Go away! Hits like that won't hurt Shiro at all! Ganta! You know you're a weakling Why? No no! Stupid Ganta! Move! Hey! Nagi, stop Why Nagi-san? Even I feel like shit when I see all my friends killed! But weren't you the one who told me that there's no time for revenge!? As long as we had hope, right? My child my light no longer exists This place is darkness And hatred! Ganta! How can you say that? I'm still just a kid.
I can't truly understand your pain, Nagi-san But the sadness in knowing that the dead, the murdered, will never come back The loneliness, the regret I do know that.
Ganta But, still isn't there still light all around you?! There is nothing like that You can't see what's important because you're too ashamed to see it! Do you really not understand that anymore?! Isn't it right in front of you?! My light? But my hopes are already That sound My light still exists Because of my stupidity, I did a terrible thing.
But even still I definitely do not want to lose it! It doesn't matter how weak I am, or how twisted this place is! I I will protect my best friends! I Ganta? Ganta! Anemia? No that's not it What's going on? My body's going numb When When was the last time I had a piece of candy? Hey, Owl! Karako Snap out of it, Nagi! You're our leader, aintcha? The sound of that bell is proof that my precious friends are by my side, isn't it? But Karako, I If you want to cry or compensate, do it after we escape.
Don't touch my demon, you bitch.
Karako-san! Karako! Quit your whining.
After all, I gave her her salvation.
Why? He only wished to see his chilid Why? They only gave everything they had for someone but God damn you!!! One more! Ganta, you'll die! It didn't work? You must be suffering.
Shall I save you? Karako? I avoided her heart and lungs.
Nailed the bones, though.
That woman's fallen for you.
Kill her, and make it clean.
She'll be the first one that you save am I right? You're supposed to be a demon who loathes everyone, and saves them through death! Bullshit.
I'm just another weak human.
As if death could save anyone! My saviors are right here with me! Our friends are fighting for our freedom, even as we speak! You're sane aren't you, Owl? You were so exquisite in your madness.
Gorgeous in your murderous rage.
I loved you.
But if you're reverting to a stinking hypocrite who can't save anyone, then all I can do is save you, myself.
W-What are you doing, Genka? Stop it!!! Hey, Genkaku.
It's time for charity work.
Namo amitabha.
[ "Namo amitabha" or "Praise be to the great Buddha.
" ] You got into another fight in town, didn't you? I thought you were the quiet, gentle type.
Those who reap evil will only sow evil, Genkaku.
I bear no hatred.
They must be suffering.
They are weak, unfortunate, and foolish people living this twisted life.
Master Is there no way to lead mankind to salvation? Can enlightenment not free them of the four sufferings: birth, aging, illness, and death? Why did Buddha deem death and suffering, having never experienced it for himself? I see Ugh ow Please help me Ekishin, Gohan, are you all okay? Ah, Master.
I've found the way to save mankind.
I'm right, am I not? Silence is death.
Peace is death.
Calm is death.
Rock is death.
Beauty is death.
Enlightenment is death.
The answer is death! Death is salvation! Matayoshi! Harumi! These are Deadmen that tried to escape! They died while worshiping the outside.
Isn't this a fine grave?! Ganta! The poison must be excruciating as it circulates eh, kid? This hole will be your grave.
Remain frozen in fear, and live in madness.
Die, covered in sin and guts.
And then you will see salvation.
This ultra-monk will bestow a grateful death upon you! What was that? I don't want to do this anymore You found me? Who are you?! Invisible Black.
Ow It rips from just that? I'm still too fragile Why did they have to be killed? Why do they have to cry? Why can't I do anything?! Ganta! It's more merciful to kill a wounded, suffering kitten.
I'll continue saving people until someone saves me.
This world consists of nothing but terror, oppression, betrayal, despair, contempt, regret, sadness, suffering, madness, and pain! Nothing else! I'll save everyone from all of that fucking stuff Shiro? You're? I knew it.
Move, Shiro.
This time, I'll be Ace Man! You shitty monk.
I know that everything you've said is true.
But I still have hope because I have friends, so I don't have time to die!!! I'm your guide to hell.
So you're my salvation.
Shiro? Nagi? Nagi-san Igarashi-kun Where are you? Nagi-san Eat this quickly.
I no longer need it.
It's okay You really are full of hope Karako Thank you.
This rain is warm.
I'm sure there'll be a beautiful rainbow afterward.
It's sparkly.
Ganta? Shiro! Are you okay? Yup.
Ganta, aren't you going outside? You said that you wanted to.
I can't leave my friends behind.
Umm I'm sorry that I hit you before.
And also I was mean to you It doesn't hurt anymore.
I got to see the sparkly thing too.
Let's ride it together someday, 'kay? Ganta, are you still hurting somewhere? No This candy is just really bitter.
Right, we'll talk more about that later.
All right, I'll be in contact.
I can't believe how useless Genkaku's gang was.
You don't look so good, promoter.
Did a few of our death row inmates escape? Don't be silly, Makina-san.
No one under your watch has gone missing, have they? I'm just getting used to being the new warden.
The poor man died, never even naming a successor.
Indeed, everyone on my list is accounted for.
Even 5580, Igarashi Ganta, and 9061, Takami Yoh, have returned.
Both with some serious wounds, I might add.
I'll interrogate them as to their location, and actions, over the past eleven days.
That is, unless they refuse to cooperate I trust you won't mind? That isn't like you at all.
Do as you wish.
I don't mind.
As always Understood.
I'm sure that they'll tell you quite a tale Come.
Yes, ma'am.
Would you like a back rub, Makina-san? Did you pick a good one? Yes, ma'am.
I picked the one that I believe is most suitable from the promoter's list of normal prisoners.
Time to set the trap.
This kid really is interesting I didn't know that he had that kind of Branch of Sin.
I wonder how it tastes One mischievous little woodpecker Today, poking your holes too, ruining the woods.
The angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poisoned knife.
Poor little woodpecker, your nesting holes are all tainted Your food, with toxins rife.
If you touch your friends, they all will die.
Oh, sad little woodpecker.
Poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks.
I know that song.
Yup! That's because your mom thought it up.
It's nostalgic, but please stop.
He Because on that day, the Red Man was singing it.
But why does he know this song?