Death In Paradise (2011) s05e06 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 6

1 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Le Calmar Saint-Marie.
I know that many of you have been to our place in London so we're absolutely delighted that you've made the trip over here to share in this next exciting step of Le Calmar's journey here on this gorgeous gem of an island.
It promises to be a truly special experience.
Robert Holt, everyone.
Now, as you're aware, this is our first soft opening, so we're operating a limited menu albeit one with a Caribbean twist.
But the thing that won't be limited is the quality that you've come to expect from Le Calmar and the chance to be a part of Robert Holt's unique vision.
Thank you.
Let the food do the talking.
Come on, come on! Service! Jim, we need you now! Service! I thought you said we'd cut the list in half.
- I did my best but I couldn't get hold of anyone.
- Two calamari.
Kim, how are the desserts? Kim, desserts for table five.
Kim, keep it together.
- Oh, for God's sake! - Kim! - I knew I should have left.
- Well, it's too late for that now.
It's just a normal night, OK? It's just a normal night.
I'm sorry, there are no photo opportunities.
You know what Robert's like, monastic discipline and no distractions.
Thank you.
Forget Robert.
All right? Just follow me.
- Follow my lead, OK? - Kim? What the hell is going on? You have to get back in there! No photographs! I'm sorry, I did say.
Desserts for table five.
Matt, get me the plates.
We'll save you a gin and tonic? Yeah, I might just kip here tonight.
Oh, all right, darling.
Thank you.
Hello! Sorry about this.
I thought you were coming after nine.
Follow me.
Come in, come in.
Robert? Robert? What is this? Oh, my God.
Freezer door's open In here! Oh, my God.
Hey! You little Out of breath, grandad? Toerag! - Ah, Morning! - Chief! What have you got there? My next lesson in the art of courtship? - Absolutely.
- Really? See how the world's leading men put theory into practice.
Good morning, everyone! Morning! Earth calling JP.
He's in lurve.
Man, Rosey's amazing.
You know, last night she cooked this wonderful meal and then we went down to the beach and ate under the stars.
And then she gave me an envelope.
"Got you a present," she said.
So why she get you a present? Our two month anniversary.
It's a weekend away in Guadeloupe! And then this morning, she made me my lunch! - This is bad news.
- Hmm? How are you going to top all that? Er, er, what, what do you mean, "Top all that"? - It's your three month anniversary coming up, right? - Yes.
Then you'll have the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, not to mention Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and oh, Lordy, lest you forget, her birthday.
You're in big, big trouble man.
- Well, when you put it like that, Dwayne.
- I did.
Men! Why is everything a competition? Ah, well, Florence, to be fair, you must remember what the ancients said about the art of love -- once you have secured the battlefield, you must then massacre the enemy.
Or was that the art of war? Yeah, sorry, that's the art of war.
Carry on.
Oh, I'll tell you what, JP.
Erm, you, me tonight, my place, beers, popcorn, all of these.
Give you some ideas.
Yes, yes, OK, yes.
- Good.
- Honore Police Station.
Chief? There's been a murder up at that new restaurant.
Minor stab wound in upper back, major stab wound in the chest.
Robert Holt, 48.
Michelin-starred chef of Le Calmar, London.
About to open the hotly anticipated Le Calmar Saint-Marie.
Last night was the first soft opening -- official one next week.
From the positioning I'd say definitely attacked from behind, er, turned round and then boobump! Murder weapon? Don't tell me, handle's been wiped.
Sure looks like it.
Kitchen knife.
It's personalised, I think, his initials carved on the handle.
Danish, set you back a small fortune.
- Time of death? - Hard to pinpoint as he's been in a freezer.
Can't measure accurate body temperature and can't tell when rigor mortis set in.
I mean, maybe postmortem might be able to narrow it down? Indeed.
Last seen? 11:30pm, when his staff left.
Found this morning when they reopened.
His partner, also the manager, his son and two other chefs all spent the night in the villa they're renting on the other side of the island.
How long are they here for? Well, they are the core team so they're setting it up with the intention other staff will take over and they'll go back to London.
Robert said he was staying the night here, but apparently the sofa bed's not been opened.
Anything missing? Well, his partner says there's £4,000 taken from the safe.
Also his smartphone is gone.
I've got details of the make and model.
Very nice.
These cost around 40 grand, I'd say.
Personalised Danish knives, £40,000 watches, he liked his little luxuries.
- Chief? - Yeah? - Over here - Yeah! Set of ten personalised knives, one missing.
Gosh, look at that! This knife has been sharpened with a bias to the right-hand side.
Our victim was a sinistral.
Left-handed, Dwayne.
Did you know, 10% of all people are left-handed? But can you guess how many Mensa members are? 20%! Isn't it fascinating? Isn't it just?! Yes! Apparently, most parrots are left-footed.
Or is that left-clawed? - Chief? - Yes? - Have a look at this! Back and front doors were locked, no sign of forced entry anywhere.
The burglar must have got in through there.
Where are the CCTV cameras? They're not working, believe it or not.
- Mmm.
- Teething problems.
This is zinc, isn't it? Ah-ha! No footprints.
You see, zinc gets marked and stained very easily.
And it won't fade, you have to wipe it off.
See? Nothing there.
So the intruder must've wiped them off after they got inside? Maybe.
But he couldn't have done that on the way out, could he? Anyway, who said there was an intruder? A struggle in the kitchen, money gone from the safe, looks like a botched burglary to me.
But there was no sign of a struggle in the corridor or in the office where the money was taken? And what was Robert doing in the freezer? Maybe he fought back.
Then how come he was stabbed in the back first? That suggests someone creeping up on him from behind.
But someone stole the money AND his phone.
So we're dealing with a thief who's clever enough not to leave fingerprints and levitate above a worktop, but dumb enough to leave behind a watch worth a fortune? Hmmm.
So a botched burglary is what it looks like.
But that's exactly what it is not.
I think it's time we met the kitchen crew, don't you? So the last time you all saw Robert was when you left here in a taxi at 11:30pm? Yes.
He wanted to stay here.
At busy times, he'd often sleep over.
He couldn't wait to plan the menu, and prepare for the following day.
And would he have stayed up all night? Preparing? No, not all night, no, but certainly well into the night.
He was a total workaholic.
And who else did he know on the island? Er, er suppliers? Decorators? No.
Dexter deals with suppliers and I deal with everyone else.
And your waiting staff? Well, they didn't even know him.
I mean, they only arrived yesterday afternoon and I briefed them.
They didn't even speak to Robert.
What about socially, in the evening? Did he go to bars or other restaurants? Are you joking? He was like a monk.
Strict routine and no deviation, just swim, power yoga and here.
Robert didn't do socialising.
Man was a genius.
It was complete and utter dedication to the kitchen.
And during the evening service, was anything unusual? Anything untoward? It was seamless.
And you all left together at 11:30, went directly to the villa, and no-one had any contact or saw Robert until the body was discovered at 8:35 this morning? That's right.
So you were together in the villa all night? None of you left to go anywhere? We were exhausted.
And I dropped like a stone.
I crashed almost straight away.
What? Yeah, yeah, same here.
Anything to confirm that? There are, there are CCTV cameras up at the villa.
- You're welcome to have a look.
- Yes, we will, thank you.
Sorry, but I have to ask, will this take much longer? Only my wife and daughter will be landing in half an hour.
Well, I assure you that we won't keep you longer than necessary.
Yes, talking about the CCTV, I meant to ask, the CCTV here -- teething problems? Yes, it was a It was a complicated system to set up.
Robert wanted it everywhere.
He liked to be on top of things.
I just wish we .
hadn't left him here with all that money on his own.
Yes, unfortunately, that would've made no difference because no-one broke in.
I mean, you unlocked the door this morning, correct? - Yes.
- But the window - The money in the safe.
Yes, well, someone definitely tried to make it look that way, that's for sure.
I'm sorry but if this wasn't a break-in then what was it? Murder?! That's ridiculous.
What's ridiculous? - What's going on? Where's Robert? - Sorry, who are you? I'm Gary, Robert's brother.
Who are you? I can't believe it.
I only saw him yesterday morning.
How long have you been on Saint-Marie? Er, came last Friday to help out.
Help? As in? You know, carry deliveries, do bits and bobs round the place.
I mean, I'm a businessman not a chef, but, you know we all need moral support and the pressure was on.
But, er you weren't here last night for the first soft opening? Yeah, he didn't like people getting under his feet.
- And you're not staying at the villa? - I wish I was now.
Certainly wouldn't have let him stay here on his own.
No, I've rented a little place by the beach.
And last night? - Er, stayed in.
Went to bed early.
- On your own? Yeah, sadly, yes.
- I see.
- Not by choice.
So, you were saying -- you, you, you think it was someone he knew? But, but he didn't know anyone on the island.
Yeah, well we're yet to establish that.
Look at that poor kid.
To lose both parents so young.
Oh, his mother Yes, she died in a car crash when he was ten.
- Sorry, if you'll excuse me he needs me.
- Yes, of course.
Strange, isn't it? He came to help but wasn't staying at the villa or helping at the restaurant? Yes.
He's also short of an alibi.
Let's find out everything we can about the two brothers.
Right, JP, last night's diners track them down, see if anyone spotted anything unusual.
Also ask around the town if anyone knew Robert, saw Robert, or can tell us anything about the victim's last day.
Dwayne, search the villa and get CCTV.
Also put the feelers out for the phone, see if anything turns up.
Er, Florence, background checks and all mobile phone logs.
Cos Robert was murdered by someone he knew.
And if it is as they all say and he knows no-one on the island .
well, then, it must be one of them.
OK, so there are two CCTV cameras at the villa, both set at diagonals.
One covering the whole of the front, the other the whole of the back.
Now, they went in at 11:50pm and came out at 8:00 the following morning.
And there's no other way in or out of there? Not unless they dug a tunnel.
This is a new build.
There are no cellars and no trap doors.
OK, let's make sure we go through every frame of this footage.
Yes, Chief.
Coroner just confirmed there's no fingerprints on the knife.
The postmortem preliminary report's just come back.
Determining time of death is tricky due to the body's exposure to extreme cold as we thought.
They're looking to come back to us with more specifics within the next day or so.
Anything else from the restaurant? Not really.
No sign of his phone yet.
The washing machine had his chef whites in -- all washed.
There was nothing significant on his desk -- paperwork, accounts, different drafts of menus.
Ah, but there was one thing, Chief! WED and a reference number.
WED, Worldwide Express Delivery? Yes, very good.
Call them.
- See if there's anything waiting to be collected.
- Yes, Chief.
So what have we got so far? Ah, well, Robert Holt, 48.
Maverick and star of the British culinary scene.
Ran his first restaurant at the age of 21.
"At Le Calmar Saint-Marie, we don't serve food, "we serve up the Caribbean experience -- timeless ingredients, "memories, desires, aromas, textures, dreams.
" And a whole lump of cheese by the sound of it.
Yes, quite.
Oooh, desserts -- my favourite.
"Caribbean Shipwreck: praline and chocolate cliffs served on an "archipelago of burnt almonds in a lake of pawpaw-infused rose water".
Caribbean shipwreck! What the hell are you supposed to do with that, eat it or alert the coastguard? Oh, no, not you, madam! I wondered if you could help me.
Anouk Laban.
Robert's girlfriend for 11 years.
Former fashion model.
Who never graduated to wife.
Maybe everything's not a bed of pawpaw-infused rose water in that relationship.
Dexter Allen.
Sous chef and right-hand man.
Married with a child.
Been with Robert almost his entire career.
Yet never tried to set up on his own.
Why is that, I wonder? Matt Holt, son of the Great Man.
His mother was Robert's first, well, only wife.
Died in a car crash when Matt was ten years old.
Matt was a grade A student who dropped out of law school, avid amateur photographer, according to his social media.
And yet working as a pot wash for his old man? Interesting.
Now, she was very quiet.
Which can't be said for her tattoos.
The pastry chef, Kim Sweeney, a Londoner.
Got an apprenticeship in one of Robert's kitchens when she was 17.
Rose through the ranks in no time.
Let's try and look into her background.
Well, thank you very much, Ernestina! And yes, bye-bye.
Chief! There is indeed a package waiting to be picked up.
Special delivery from London.
I'm heading over there now.
I'll take over the footage.
Which leaves us with the man with no alibi, Gary Holt.
Well, he's a businessman all right.
Looks like he's got a string of failed ventures behind him.
Was just declared bankrupt and latest divorce recently out of court.
- Any trouble with the law? - Still checking.
Sounds like JP! JP, What news? Well, I asked everywhere.
Everyone's heard of Robert but no-one's met him.
Seems he really did keep himself to the restaurant and the villa.
But I do have this.
Two of the diners attempted to film Robert at work.
This is the footage.
No photographs! I'm sorry, I did say.
Well, I dare say, in the midst of a first night, someone sticking a camera in your face, well, I wouldn't like it either.
- Sir! - Yes.
- Gary Holt.
He's got a criminal record.
- Ah? - Spent two years at HMP Woodhill, serious assault outside a nightclub.
And listen to this.
Six weeks ago he's involved in a fight inside Robert's restaurant in London and was given a police caution.
No wonder Robert didn't want him around.
He sounds like a liability.
JP, let's start going through Robert's laptop.
E-mails, the lot.
See if there's any mention of Gary in there.
- Yes, Chief.
- I think it's time we paid the helpful brother a helpful visit.
- Ooh! What the?! - Potholes.
This is a great big piece of British engineering, Florence, it was built for potholes.
You don't need to avoid them.
So I will tell you something, though.
This was a very nasty assault that Gary went to prison for.
The guy was left for dead.
Now you see, the victim of the assault pointed the finger at Robert, not Gary.
Robert was charged but then Gary confessed.
And the CPS concluded that because the victim was drunk at the time of the assault they had to go with it and prosecuted Gary.
He was only 20 at the time.
So Gary took a hit for his brother? Yes, it would certainly look that way Whoa! You did say I don't have to avoid them.
Yes, I did.
I never need an excuse for a barbecue.
I was wondering when you might show up.
Let's start with the argument you had in the restaurant in London six weeks ago.
What was it about? Oh, you know, this and that.
Can't remember, really, had a few drinks Still, must've been serious if the police were called.
Well, we exchanged a few blows.
We both have a a very short fuse.
Yes, you've been through a rocky patch recently? Bankruptcy, divorce Was that what you argued over? Did you ask Robert for help? Did he refuse? After all you did for him? You, erm .
spent two years in prison.
Why did you confess to a crime you didn't commit? Who says I didn't commit it? Well, the entire investigative team by the looks of it.
Why did you take a charge for him? Hmm? All right, let's see.
How old must Robert have been at the time? Just about to go to catering school, right? Is that why? To spare his future? Now he's a very successful millionaire and you're So?! Well, you, you think I killed him over money?! Then how do you explain this? Yesterday, he transferred £20,000 into my account.
See, he may have been a lot of things but he was still my brother.
So, 11:30pm comes.
The staff leave in a taxi.
Confirmed by the taxi driver who saw Robert wave them off.
Now, Robert doesn't pull out the sofa bed but he does change because he put his chef's uniform in the washing machine.
So it looks like that's when the attacker came, seeing as the bed's not slept in.
And yet the only suspect with the opportunity, Gary, has no motive.
How are you getting on with the CCTV? Nearly done, since they entered the villa at 11:50pm, no movement at all.
JP, anything your end on Robert's finances? Yes, er, evidence of multiple bank accounts in multiple places.
While we're at it, can we run financial checks on the rest? - Chief.
- Ah, Dwayne.
You have been gone a long time.
Tell me about it.
I had to wait for ages.
Because of this! "For collection in person with ID only".
It was in a special pile, and the lovely Ernestina had to get special dispensation from her supervisor before I could leave.
Yes, I bet that took a while.
- Burbank & Co.
- That's his solicitor's firm.
Now I can see why they were for collection only.
Anouk Laban and Pierre Lovell, 10/01/2016.
She was having an affair? There's a letter here as well from the solicitor.
Pierre Lovell is a restaurateur.
He owns quite a few places in Paris, London and Beijing.
Listen to this.
"If an employee is seen or heard to "pass on future plans, recipes, techniques "then there is possibly a case for industrial espionage.
" Private investigators? I wouldn't have thought that was Elliot Burbank's style.
Pierre's an old friend.
I think Robert suspected it was more business than pleasure.
Industrial espionage? Please! That's Robert in a nutshell.
Always thinking people were trying to stab him in the back.
To be fair, someone did.
Well, it wasn't me! I had nothing to sell.
You were meeting a restaurateur.
Look, what was I supposed to be doing? I left an amazing career for Robert, I gave up the best years of my life.
But I have no legal right to anything here.
I mean, if we split up, I'd be left with nothing.
No, Pierre was just giving me some, some kindly advice.
So, Robert never wanted to get married? No.
Marriage was a complete no-no for him.
He once said once is enough.
That was fine, fine.
I did my best to keep him entertained but he had a very low boredom threshold.
He was a man at the end of the day.
Well, we're not all like that.
It was only a question of time before he shacked up with a younger model.
And then where would I be? And yet still you stayed with him? The option being .
what? Walk out with nothing? You know, it's very apt that he called his restaurant Le Calmar because he had his tentacles everywhere.
Knowing him, he'd make damn sure no-one could lay a hand on what was his.
Even from beyond the grave.
No, I'd never be so stupid as to attempt his murder.
Anyway, how could I? I was here all night.
It was quite a relationship.
He's looking to get rid of her, she knows he is, yet still holding on.
Still, if she got rid of him first, I reckon she'd still have a claim to some of his wealth.
But she couldn't have done it.
The taxi driver said specifically that he took them straight to the villa.
And I've looked at all the footage and there's no way anyone got out during the night! Where there's a motive there's a way.
Ah! How are you two getting on? Oh, I'm just going through the evidence bags from the villa.
Nothing so far.
Yes, I'm still trying to work out this financial maze.
I mean, this chef must have kept his accountant busy.
His bank accounts have bank accounts.
Sammy! Huh? You've found the phone?! Really? OK, thank you.
One of my informants has just come across somebody trying to sell what sounds like the chef's phone at the bus station.
- Said it sounded like a woman.
- Sounded like? They don't call him Blind Sammy for nothing, you know.
- You've got a blind informant? - Yes.
But he's got exceptional hearing.
Whatever works.
Let's go.
You need a phone? Hey! Chief! The kid! Oi! Hello.
I hear you've got a phone for sale.
- I told you, someone gave it to me.
- Who? - Can't remember.
- When? - Not sure.
You're in big trouble, you know Jackson.
What will your parents say about this? Not much.
They died when I was three.
My auntie looks after me.
But she's asleep because she works nights.
Wants me out of the house in the daytime.
Now listen, Jackson.
This is very serious.
A man has been murdered.
And this was his phone.
Now, for the last time, how did you get it? - Will I get into trouble? - Not if you tell the truth.
Well I was outside that new restaurant, the one with the octopus sign on it.
- When? - Yesterday morning.
And I was walking on the beach.
Sometimes people leave behind nice things, and these two men came and started fighting.
They were arguing and then the older man's phone fell out his pocket but he doesn't notice.
He's so angry he just pushed the other man and goes back in.
The other man gets up, looking really upset - and goes in right after him.
- So what were they arguing about? I didn't understand.
Something about girlfriends.
Girlfriends? Jackson, the man who lost his phone, was it him? Yeah.
And the man he was fighting with, him? No.
No? What about him? No.
It was him.
With the sad eyes.
Very little we can add to what we know about Matt already.
No criminal record.
Dropped out of law school despite his great grades, didn't pick up his place on a photography course.
Nothing from the villa either.
Meanwhile on his blog he posted a strange wish list.
Jewellery? Jackson said girlfriends were mentioned.
Does he have one? Doesn't look like it.
His online profile says single.
Doesn't take after his father, then.
Well, whatever they were arguing about, he never mentioned it.
There's only one way to find out why.
Back in the Jeep.
I should've said.
But I feel so awful about it.
That was the last time we spoke.
What were you arguing about? We hadn't been getting along for a while.
Since I dropped out of my law degree.
He wouldn't pay for me to go to photography school.
Said if I wanted to throw my life away then I'd have to pay for the privilege myself.
Yet still you chose to come work here as a pot wash? Why not just go somewhere else? Suppose I I thought I could change his mind.
But you didn't? That's what started it all -- we went for a swim, and then on the way back I said to him, "Why don't you pay for my course up front and I'll pay you back?" And then he let rip.
Called me a loser and a disappointment and .
it kind of went from there.
Wasn't exactly a match for him physically.
He knew that.
You were overheard having an argument about er, about girlfriends.
Girlfriends? I, er My dad's girlfriends I don't like the way he treats Anouk, that's all.
That scratch, nasty.
That happen in the? Ah, no, I get eczema when I get stressed.
What the hell is going on? Can I have a word, please? In private.
We were just trying to Trying to what?! Distress a kid who's just lost his father? Look, new evidence has come to light about an argument.
So they argued.
You show me a father and son who don't.
You need to lay off him.
He's more fragile than he looks.
We were just trying to Do you have anything tangible on him? No, of course you don't.
And you wouldn't either cos he was here all night.
So I think we're done here.
Don't you? Are we digging up everything we can about Robert and Dexter? Yep, I'm on it, Chief.
Thank you.
Dwayne, how we getting on with Robert Holt's mobile? Well, I'm going through his call register, nothing so far.
Calls to his lawyer, his bank, that sort of thing.
I think I'm going to take it home, this could take me all night.
Well, I would help you out but I've got a date with the Inspector.
Movie night.
Fancy joining us? You stick to your date and I'll stick to my data, thank you very much! That little Again! Jackson here? Can't we just watch it on the DVD player? No! We want to have the full, ah, big screen experience.
Ah, mmm yes erm Here.
Yes! Excellent, anyway, erm, right.
I think that's everything.
Now, the DVD player is hooked up to the computer.
Computer to the projector.
Projector to the battery which is charging in the extension cable.
Well, that's it.
Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats.
Camera toaster? Right, I think I know what I did wrong there.
She may be the beauty or the beast May be the famine Ah, yes, that's very good.
Very good.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Morning! So, how was the lesson? Well, actually it was rather fascinating, wasn't it, JP? - Er, yes.
- Conclusions? Well, erm, one, love can be found anywhere.
Er, two, you can't force it, it's spontaneous.
Wouldn't you say? Er, yes.
And three, once you have it it's forever.
- Yes! - Dwayne? OK.
He's onto something.
Look, these were all in his deleted messages file.
Robert's been texting Dexter the whole time they've been here.
Right, but Dexter's not been answering.
Look, "What have they got over in SH?" "SH comes highly recommended", "What's the weather like in SH" SH? You know, and if none of them have received a response, then what were they? Er, jokes? Taunts? And why delete them? Hang on, we found these in Dexter's bin.
Ticket stubs for the ferry to Sainte-Helene.
Well, it has to be that! Look, why don't we just go over to Saint-Helene - and see what we can dig up? - Yep, good idea.
If I tell you it won't be a surprise! Hang up, hang up the ph No, you hang I'll tell you what.
I'll hang up.
You're on duty, man! - Well, you're the one who put the fear of God in me.
- What? Yes, telling me I had to top her gestures.
Oh, so have you worked out how you are going to do that yet? - It's going to be amazing.
- Amazing, eh? Mmm-hmm.
So? Any luck? He said he was a bit of a regular on the evening ferry.
I found this, an interview in the Hackney Gazette.
"Local boy chosen as one of five culinary stars of tomorrow.
" He had just got his job at Robert's restaurant.
Yeah, look, "The plan is to stay here for a couple of years then "branch out on my own.
I'm not made to be number two.
" One of five chefs who won the coveted Stars Of Tomorrow.
Well, he was certainly was good enough.
So why hasn't he done it? There's nothing.
But there must've been a reason why he was here so often.
Oh, there was.
A certain bar.
- He was seen outside on quite a few nights.
- Yes? You've heard of Bastian's? Bastian's? The gay bar? He knew, didn't he? About Bastian's.
What didn't he know? There's not many gay bars on these islands.
How long did he know about you? He worked it out pretty soon after I joined his ranks.
See, he's very clever with people.
He works his way slowly and methodically into your confidence until he's got something on you.
And then .
crushes you.
We know he was taunting you, via text.
He never actually said anything.
Not openly, anyway.
But there were always these jibes, these suggestions.
Constant mentions of the boys I work with, of Emily.
He'd say he must call her for a chat.
It was just total and complete control at any price.
Man was a sociopath.
I do love them.
More than anything.
I mean, can you imagine the fallout, the hurt this would cause? They've done nothing wrong.
Is that why you stayed working for him? Did he threaten to "out" you? Vile, horrible man.
Don't be ridiculous.
It's a pretty powerful motive, Dexter.
I wish I had it in me.
Don't get me wrong, I won't be shedding tears over him, but I didn't kill him.
How could I anyway? I was in the villa the whole night.
So Robert exploited his brother's loyalty, tried to get rid of his partner, blackmailed his sous chef and tyrannised his son.
Yep, one by one he bullied and alienated everyone.
However, Matt, Anouk, Dexter and Kim were all at the villa and he'd just made his peace with Gary the day before.
So they couldn't do it and he had no reason to.
Oh, my Lord.
Wow, so, as well as the two accounts in Zurich, Robert had one in San Marino, one in the Cayman Islands and one in Liechtenstein.
- Liechtenstein?! - Novel choice.
Yes, but wait till you hear this.
Once a month £3,000 gets transferred to a building society account in England in the name of Kim Sweeney.
Is Kim available? She's not well.
She's been in bed all day.
We'll be very brief, I assure you, thank you.
Yeah, well, he helped me out.
My mum, she's got MS.
I thought I was going to have to pack it all in, to go and look after her so Robert was paying for nursing care, so I could, you know, carry on.
- Your birthday? - Yeah.
Five days ago.
"Hope you like your presents kiss kiss kiss" It's my friend, Ali, from London.
Anyway, you were saying? Was Robert that helpful to others, too? Because looking over his accounts, it doesn't seem so.
You sure he, erm expected nothing in return? It wasn't like that.
What was it like? He was an amazing man.
Working next to him, it was, it was inspiring.
He taught me everything I know.
I slept with him.
We had an affair.
Whatever you want to call it.
Maybe I did feel indebted.
I didn't know any better.
It just happened.
I knew it was never going to go anywhere.
Look, everyone in this business cops off with each other.
It's not rare.
The hours are long, you never get to meet anyone else.
- How long was the affair? - A while, on and off.
Then it just sort of fizzled out.
Fizzled out? That must've been difficult seeing as you worked so closely together? I always knew it wouldn't last.
Did Robert have the other half of that? - What? - The pendant? No, no my mum does.
Believe me the only person Robert was in love with was Robert.
Right, what do we know? Robert Holt was stabbed with his own knife the night before yesterday.
He was last seen at 11:30pm by his staff and a taxi driver.
And we know he let his attacker in, so he must've known them.
And we can't find anyone else he may have known on the island except these people.
He betrayed his brother, cheated on his partner, bullied his son, blackmailed his second-in-command and took liberties with the pastry chef.
Her story checks out, by the way.
Her mum is in a nursing home - and money goes from Kim's account every month to pay for it.
- Hmm.
Well, none of them will miss him, that's for sure.
And yet they were all in the villa at the time of the murder! - Apart from one, Gary.
- Who has no motive.
No, no, no, this is impossible.
I know it's right under our noses, I can smell it.
Sir, can I just put something out there? Maybe it was a robbery.
You know, maybe it was one of the diners and maybe they hid in the toilets till everyone was gone and And how did they get out after they killed him? OK, I mean, I haven't worked that out yet but, er, it can't be one of these.
It simply has to be Ah.
The coroners, this is their follow-up report.
Ah! Right! Um Cardiac arrest caused by stabbing straight to the heart, etc, etc.
Time of death inconclusive, please see appendix A below.
They haven't managed to narrow it down.
"Ambient temperature will make this a best guess, "based on available information.
"The time of death could realistically be any time "within a 24 hour period".
Yes, but seeing as he was last seen at 11:30pm Hang on.
No! How could I? I was here all night.
- Gordon Bennett! - Who? - Never mind! That's brilliant.
Where is the footage from the opening? Where's the footage? Yes! Yes! Oh, my word.
Oh, I can't believe it.
This knife has been sharpened with a bias to the right-hand side.
Oh, yes, that is very clever.
Sorry, I did say.
I never need an excuse for a barbecue.
- So what were they arguing about? - Something about girlfriends.
- Nearly nearly there! If only - What? Right.
I think I know what's going on.
Dwayne? We need the CCTV footage from the arrivals hall of the airport for last Friday.
Florence, JP, come with me.
Chief? I don't think there's anything here we can use.
Just keep looking.
- Sir? - Mmm-hmm? What's that? Bingo.
I think it's time we got everyone together.
Le Calmar.
The Squid.
Did you know that in 1998 marine biologists discovered a fascinating species of mollusc just off the coast of Indonesia? Yes, they called it the mimic octopus because it fools its predators by pretending to be something it's not.
Sometimes it pretends to be a lionfish, sometimes a sea snake.
It's very clever.
An impersonator! Who put those there? Very similar to what we have encountered here.
See, at first, it looked as if Robert Holt, uber-chef, huge talent, had been the victim of a botched burglary.
He wasn't.
He was murdered.
Murdered by someone he knew very well.
Murdered by someone here.
Now, here's the problem.
Four of you had a strong motive.
Anouk, a dead Robert could give you what a living Robert never would, financial security.
If we split up, I'd be left with nothing.
Matt Holt, you just wanted to follow your own path -- against your father's will.
Is that a reason to kill? Blood relatives have killed for less.
Now, Dexter Allen, you certainly had a motive for murder.
You were being blackmailed! A hugely talented chef in his own right.
Robert made sure that you'd never hop kitchen or set up on his own.
Then there's Kim, the pastry chef.
His one-time mistress.
Someone else Robert used and abused.
Gave her money and yet indulged in a highly inappropriate relationship.
The only thing is, she along with the rest of you, had an alibi.
You were all in the villa at the time of the murder.
In fact, the only person who wasn't in the villa was Gary Holt.
I mean, Gary certainly had the opportunity but, but where's the motive? I mean, after all, the day before he was killed, Robert gave him £20,000 so how do we make sense of all this? We're waiting to hear.
It's showtime.
Er, Dwayne.
Now, this is footage taken by one of the diners on the night of the soft opening.
Not the catchiest of titles, but there you go.
Now, it looks like we are watching Robert at work.
- We are.
- No, we're not.
If you could slow it down here, please, Dwayne.
And remember Robert is left-handed.
A left-handed person would place the condiments to the right of the dish and then lean over.
Putting the condiments to the left of the dish is exactly what a right-handed person would do.
You see? Dexter notices this and so moves the bowls to the right just as the pair of them become aware that they're being filmed.
I mean, naturally, at the best of times, Robert wouldn't like being filmed without prior notice.
But that's not the reason he panics here, no.
The reason is, Robert isn't Robert.
That's insane! This is Gary Holt coming through the airport, the day he arrived on the island.
All it required was a pair of glasses and Robert's trademark bandana, and Gary becomes Robert.
After all, apart from you lot, no-one at the soft opening would, at a fair distance, know any different.
Because by the time the diners sat down, Robert was already dead - .
in the freezer.
- That's crazy.
We all thought that Robert was killed on the night of the soft opening.
In fact, he was killed 12 hours before.
Now, you took a brazen risk but the rewards were high and it enabled you to shift the time of the murder and thereby give you all an alibi.
I mean, if we think that Robert's killed in the middle of the night, well, then you're all safely tucked up inside the villa, aren't you? And so Gary poses as Robert .
Dexter does all the cooking.
Gary then makes sure the taxi driver sees him go back inside, then he prepares the scene for the robbery gone wrong.
All it takes then is a shave and you are Gary again.
You know, this is ridiculous! What, what, I, I killed him and then impersonated him? It's funny you say that because er, er, er, you see, in my mind, once I worked out the how I then had to work out the who.
Now, there were two options.
Option one, you killed him.
But then, why would everyone else play along and conspire to protect you? I mean, after all, they hardly know you.
Which leads us to option two.
You and everyone else conspired to protect someone else, someone you all knew and empathised with, someone who had a very unfortunate roll of the dice so far.
It's a re-run of the past, Gary, but for your brother's son.
And what? We'd all just play along with it? Well, yes, you would.
Because you all hated Robert.
And you all felt empathy for Matt's plight.
This had nothing to do with your dad's plans for you, however much you hated them.
But it has everything to do with Kim.
The woman you are passionately in love with.
The woman who was your father's on and off mistress.
Me and Matt! Yes, of course.
I mean, a sensitive, clever, slightly lost young man, who falls for you so deeply that on your birthday he posts photos of all the things in the world he would have got you had he had his dad's wealth and power.
Or is it just a coincidence that those posts appear on the very day you turned 24? You know, maybe the affair did, as you say, fizzle out.
But even so.
I mean, Robert wouldn't tolerate his son muscling in on his property, would he? You see, that scratch has nothing to do with eczema.
Your dad did that, didn't he? When he tore the necklace off you in the fight you had.
Give me this! Give me this! And look at what we found in the ashes of Gary's barbecue.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, if you'll allow me.
Perfect fit.
We called and asked the nurses at your mum's nursing home.
Your mum knew nothing about a pendant.
Your dad must have outlined it in no uncertain terms .
you break up, or she's ruined.
That was his style.
I mean, he couldn't bear being number two to anyone.
So he knocks you down and humiliates you.
You've had enough! For years, you've watched him abuse everyone around him, mentally, financially, physically.
When will it stop?! Humiliated and reeling you follow him back into the restaurant.
You, you, you're blind with anger.
You, you, you grab a knife, find him in the freezer and you stab him in the back.
He turns round and you stab him again straight through the heart.
Don't say anything, Matt.
You realise what you've done.
You're horrified, you call your uncle and he arrives with all the team.
Oh, help! Help! You're probably all shocked but really is anyone grieving? Or did you all think he had it coming? And what is the point of wasting a young life, Matt's? Who's never hurt a fly in his life.
The conspiracy to cover up the murder begins.
This is what we do Robert is left in the freezer in his T-shirt and shorts.
Gary then goes back to the shack with your clothes, the broken pendant still in your pocket, and everything is burned.
You carry on with the soft opening as if nothing had happened, you then wait the night out and return to make sure the delivery man sees you enter and find Robert's body.
A clever, tight plan.
If it hadn't been for this .
surviving the flames.
You didn't know him.
He would have destroyed us both.
He treated everyone as if they were his own possession.
He didn't care for anyone.
So no-one cared for him.
You all did at some time.
Then he let you all down.
One by one.
So what will happen to us? Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice? But with a good lawyer, sensible judge.
As they say, everyone loves to see justice done on somebody else.
Make of that what you will.
Do you know what? If this all happened again, I don't I don't think anyone here would have acted any differently.
Wait, wait, wait.
OK, OK, OK! You're a real bad man, you know? - You're not too bad either for an old man.
- Hey.
How old are you? 60? 25 plus.
Yeah, 25 plus 35.
If I make a deal with you are you going to keep to it? - Depends.
- Don't be cheeky.
Now, I have a very good friend called Lennie.
He runs a youth basketball team.
They practice once a week on Tuesdays.
Now, if you promise to go to school every day, I might, and I mean just might, have a word with him.
I could pick you up afterwards, get you a hamburger, soda - Why? - Why what? Why you doing this all for me? Let's just say that someone did the same thing for me when I was your age.
And if they hadn't of done it, I wouldn't be around today doing the job I love.
So what you saying? Mmm? What is going to happen to the young generation? What is going to happen to the youth congregation? I can't help but feel sorry for him.
He's not even 21.
Well, there's lots of mitigating circumstances.
It wasn't pre-meditated.
And when the court take into account what we know about his father, well, it's the age-old question.
Why do some people have children? Oh, God, I hate this job.
- What on earth happened to you? - Old sports injury.
What? For real! Had a little predicament.
Had to get back into basketball.
They used to call me Shark Attack.
I was the Shaquille O'Neal of Saint-Marie, you know? Who used to call you that? Blind Sammy? Very funny.
I see there's trouble in paradise.
I don't think so but the Inspector does.
Yup, it's got all the hallmarks of a break-up chat.
I missed you so much last night.
I really did.
Yes, me too.
Yeah, but you know, what could I do? I couldn't just leave.
The Inspector was really getting into it, you know, putting on one DVD after another.
I just fell asleep! She's laughing.
But that's a good sign.
Er not always in my experience.
- Oh, God! - Oh, my God.
- No! I can feel those thrills walking over When you hold me I want to be bridesmaid.
- Congratulations.
- OK, I'll be best man.
Yeah, and I will do the catering! And I Oh.
What do you know? Our first wedding.
So, who's next in line? Hey! Don't look at me, you know! It's like you said, sir, love can be found anywhere.
It's very true.
But until then .
I guess you two will have to do.
To us! To us! And the Santa Ana silver.
There was nothing fair about what you did! - Get away from my boat! - A body has been found on Blue Bay Cove.
Do you mean, like, actual treasure.
- It's not the terminology we'd use.
- It's brilliant.
Barely a scratch on it.
It's virtually mint It's JP's stag do tonight.
I'll be around to pick you up at 6:00pm sharp.
I don't think I want to go to my stag do.