Death In Paradise (2011) s08e05 Episode Script

Beyond the Shining Sea (1)

If I'd known you wanted me to work on my day off, I wouldn't have come.
And what have you done? Fridge, ice machine, decorations.
The decking and the chairs could do with a wipe, though.
By the way, you look sexy as hell in those gloves.
What? See how I've still got it? Really? Florence! Yeah? Nothing.
Is it OK if I go now? I need to get ready.
You need your other half to help you get changed? He's only getting in my way.
No, you keep him here.
I'm picking Nelly up on the way, and my mum will be at the house.
What's it like to be popular? Bye! All right, see you later! Enjoy! Bye! Hey, Tiana.
Girl, you should've been here five minutes ago.
We've got plenty of time.
Ha! That's all right for you, you're the festival queen, and I'm the maid smelling of fish.
I need longer to get ready! You don't smell of fish.
SNIFFS OK, I lied.
LAUGHS Table seven.
Thank you.
Oh, you made it! Yes! I'll get you a drink, sir.
Hey! Jack, good to see you, man.
Yeah, my first Mahi Mahi festival.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Well, I'll warn you, it goes on late and has been known to get a bit messy.
Oh, well, in that case LAUGHS It's only a week to the wedding.
Shouldn't you be pacing yourself? I'll tell you what, I'll stay two drinks behind you.
There you go.
My beautiful daughter is getting ready to be Mama D'Mer.
Turn around, show us.
Hm, not bad.
Considering what you had to work with! You look beautiful.
The tradition is Mama D'Mer will make an offering to the ocean in return for the mahi-mahi fish.
That seems fair.
What's in this offering? Bread, flowers and rum.
Of course! Not much happens out here that doesn't involve rum.
You're good? I'm good.
So, Mama D'Mer, you got everything? Um, no sneaky swigs on the way.
Good luck, girl.
Bye! Bye! She's coming! Hey! Tiana! Tiana! Tiana! Go on.
Go on, Tiana! Go on, Ti! Tiana! Oh, look at my baby! She get off all right? Yeah, everything all good.
Go on, Ti! Something's wrong.
What's happening? Nelly.
Come on, Harrison! Harrison! Come on, come on.
Tiana? Tiana? Ti! Tiana! Tiana.
Ti What's happening? Tiana! Ti! Tiana! GASPS Tiana.
Tiana No, no, no, no, no, no She can't be much older than my Siobhan.
It makes no sense.
Every person in this village loved her.
They all watched her grow up.
She was the girlfriend of Patrice's mate.
Harrison, stop! Poor fella.
You don't want to see her like that! Well, it looks like she was killed by a single stab wound.
The blade is wide, too.
Maybe an inch in diameter.
We've cleared the area, sir.
OK, Ruby.
When you're finished documenting the scene, gather her immediate family and friends.
We need to talk to them.
Yes, sir.
Just so you know, sir, Tiana's mother appears to have gone.
And she was here when the boat arrived, but hasn't been seen since.
Really? Well, I'm sure she was distraught.
See if you can track her down.
You said Mama D'Mer offers the ocean rum, bread and flowers in exchange for fish.
Well, we've got the rum and the flowers, but no bread.
That's odd.
Do you think Tiana could have thrown it in to the sea? Well, usually, they wait until the boat is around the headland, where everyone can see.
Well, if she didn't throw it out of the boat, where is it? Please, come in and take a seat.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
All of you.
Sir, this is Harrison Green, Tiana's boyfriend, and Ellen Dubois.
She was Tiana's best friend.
So, Nelly, it was you who saw Tiana off on her boat from beyond the headland? We got ready at her house, then I drove her to the old jetty.
And you actually saw her set off on the boat?Yes.
She was fine.
She waved and started heading out to sea.
Was anyone else there? No, it was just us.
I can show you.
I've been filming the whole day.
It's on my phone.
It is.
Your phone says 5.
How long would it take her to get around the headland by boat? Since the tide was against her a little bit three minutes, maybe.
And did you see anybody else in the water? Other boats, swimmers, maybe? No.
We'll need to keep this for a while.
And, Harrison, yourself and Tiana, had you been together long? I've known her all my life.
Um, grew up together.
It was only ever her.
She worked for you, Patrice, at the bar? Evenings and weekends.
I mean, she started here when she was, what, 17? Customers loved her.
She made more in tips than she did wages.
Did any of you notice anything unusual over the last few days? She was the same as always.
Well, I feel I've troubled you more than enough for now.
Oh, one more thing.
Um Who packed Tiana's bag? The offerings for the sea.
She did it here, at the bar.
And is there any way she might have forgotten to put the bread in? I mean, is that a possibility? No, I gave her the bread from my kitchen, and the bottle of rum.
Someone must have taken it out, then.
Well, if it was not there, then I guess so.
Thank you for your time.
About everything.
Well, we've seen the video Nelly took of Tiana leaving at 5.
Let's have a look at the video I took.
Right, there she is, rounding the headland, at, what, 5.
50? Nelly has her leaving at 5.
47, that'sthree minutes.
That's not an awful lot of time to make it around the bay.
So how did whoever killed Tiana manage to board a boat mid-journey and stab her? Well, there were no other boats or swimmers in the water on any of the footage we've got.
And if it only took three minutes, there wasn't time for Tiana to stop off somewhere on the way.
So, how? Oh!It's OK.
You don't have to put up your hand.
But what about a diver? Now, Nelly said there were no other boats or swimmers, but she wouldn't have seen a diver because they go under the water.
So I would like to propose that a diver was waiting.
He saw the boat go over him, swam to the surface, grabbed the side of the boat, stabbed Tiana and then dived back down to the murky depths from whence he came.
It is the only explanation.
But the boat was bone-dry.
If someone climbed on board from the sea, it would've been wet.
PHONE RINGS What happened out there? JP? Yes, we're on our way.
He's found Louise Palmer.
She's drunk.
She wanted more, but I refused to serve her.
Why? We were good friends once.
But when she found out her husband was having an affair, she started to drink.
I thought she was getting some help.
Louise is a recovering alcoholic.
And you know her well? We lost touch, until she came in this week.
Any reason for losing touch? I run a bar Mrs Palmer? Louise SOBS:I'm sorry I'm so sorry! Oh, now, what have you got to be sorry for? We can't speak to her like this.
JP, take her home, please.
Yes, sir.
All right, Mrs Palmer, I'm just going to lift you up here.
All right.
Oops, sorry.
OK, come along.
Catherine, you said you hadn't seen her until this week, not today.
She was here last Friday.
Was she? And how did she seem? Not good.
She'd obviously been drinking again, and I had to call Tiana to come and pick her up.
Come on, Mama, come on.
I know you're leaving me.
Yeah, well, it can't come soon enough.
And I thought you loved me! It's OK.
I'll take her home.
I'm sorry! Have you any idea what they were arguing about? No.
But Tiana is Louise's life.
She'd never hurt her.
Well, Florence, what do you think? Um Well, you look very smart.
Well, I didn't want to let the side down at your wedding.
Oh, I called the Belle Mer harbour master first thing this morning, asked him to check his radar logs.
He confirmed there were no other vessels in the vicinity at the time the victim's boat left the jetty and headed for the harbour.
So Ow! Sorry, Inspector.
It seems to be a new thing to have here - acupuncture, with a free suit thrown in.
You all done? Yeah.
Morning, Ruby.
BOTH:Morning, sir.
Excellent, you've got the board ready.
Yeah, Ruby did it.
She came in early.
Very early.
So, I have a photo of Patrice.
I mean, usually, I'd put it up on the board, but under the circumstances, I Florence, should we include your fiance as a possible murder suspect? I think I can vouch for him.
So, what have we got here? Tiana Palmer, only 22.
Born and raised in Belle Mer.
Well, not born here, but she was raised here.
Bradley and Louise Palmer adopted her when she was two.
Adopted? Her birth parents around? No, she came from an orphanage on the south side of the island.
A very popular girl, by all accounts.
No obvious reason why anyone would want to harm her.
OK, well, let's start with the people closest to her.
OK, Harrison Green, Tiana's boyfriend.
Age 26.
Lives at home with his parents and runs a family business.
Pretty much the only water-taxi in Belle Mer.
Harrison and Tiana grew up on the same road together.
Their families are really close.
I ran a finance check.
Harrison's private accounts aren't too healthy.
Direct debit payments to two credit cards.
I'm just waiting for details on those.
He was helping out at Patrice's bar the whole time, wasn't he? I think so, but I can check with Patrice.
OK, next we have Ellen.
Nelly Dubois.
Tiana's best friend.
21 years old.
One of four children, but the only girl.
The Dubois family have had fishing boats there for over nine generations, and Nelly recently set up her own fishing boat.
I think she's in stiff competition with her brothers.
Well, she was the last person to see Tiana Palmer alive.
And the victim's mother.
Louise Palmer, recovering alcoholic.
I've heard Harrison talk about her.
Very protective about Tiana.
Yet we know from Catherine she had a fight with Tiana just last Friday.
Might help to know what that was all about.
These people were all on that harbour-side, so would've had to leave and come back as the body was discovered.
OK Let's make sure they're all accounted for between, say, 5.
30 and 6pm.
Um, sir, I checked Tiana's financial records, and she had savings, but last week she paid 300 to Paradise Homes, a local letting agency.
Now, I called them this morning, and they said that it was 50% of a deposit.
So Tiana was leaving her mum's house.
It looks like it.
What did Catherine hear Tiana say to Louise? "It can't come soon enough.
" Maybe that was it.
They were arguing about Tiana moving out.
Well, we should speak to her mum first.
Hopefully, she'll have sobered up.
JP, you and Ruby come too.
See if you can find anything in Tiana's room while we're there.
BOTH:Yes, sir.
I don't normally drink.
I'm an alcoholic.
But I guess you already know that.
Well, it's not our place to judge you, Louise.
But I do need to ask you about last Friday.
We spoke to Catherine.
She told us about the argument you had with Tiana.
It was about Tiana moving out, yeah? SOBS:I didn't want her to go.
Course you didn't.
Once they go, they never come back, do they? So you were angry that she was leaving? I try real hard but that night I had a drink.
And I'm not nice when I'm drunk.
Did you hit her? I thought you loved me! She knew how sorry I was, how ashamed.
Was she still planning to move out? Yes.
And why shouldn't she? She and Harrison were a lovely couple.
Why? Should there be? No OK, question.
On a scale of one to 100, how wrong is it to lust over a murder victim's boyfriend? 20? 30? He is a murder suspect, and you are a police officer.
OK, 45? SIGHS:But have you seen his thighs, though, JP? I mean, you could crack a coconut between them.
Let's just concentrate on doing the work, OK? Oh, I know, we've got to be professional.
Excuse me for sharing.
What are you doing now, Ruby? She was a girl who lived with her mother.
You have to hide things.
It's a phone number.
Could be important.
So could these.
You know who she is? Great, thanks.
Tiana died within minutes from a single stab wound, probably from a knife like that.
COMPUTER BEEPS Oh, the Harrison Green credit card reports JP asked for.
Both maxed out.
So, he'd reached his overdraft.
His cards were maxed out.
Not a great time to put a deposit on a new house.
These look like mostly ATM cash withdrawals.
Why did he need so much cash? I don't know.
We could ask him.
Unless he's got something to hide, in which case, we might just get a pack of lies.
But maybe someone else might know what's going on in his life.
Who? His best friend.
All right, lads.
Yourselves? Up to mischief? Ha-ha! Hey, you finished early.
I need to talk to you about Harrison.
You've known him since you were children, right? We went to school together.
I can't remember a time I didn't know him.
So he confides in you? Sometimes.
Look, what is this? Is he in trouble?No, no, it's just routine, I promise.
We just need to build a picture of everyone who knew Tiana.
Has hehas he talked to you about the business? Um, a bit.
I mean, I know things weren't great, but he'll get through it.
He also used his ATM card to take out a lot of cash.
Have you any idea why? Wait, you go through his private accounts? Well, it's a murder inquiry, Patrice.
We go through everything.
Well, I don't know why he's been taking the money out.
Is that it? Grilling over? One last thing.
The day of the festival, can you remember seeing Harrison between 5.
30 and six? Thanks, fellas.
See you Thursday.
All right, bye.
Oh, my dominoes gang.
How did you get on? Patrice confirmed Harrison has a few money worries.
He also said that he can't say for sure he saw him on the harbour-side between 5.
30 and six.
Well, I think I might have an idea about his money troubles.
Oh? My guys think he owes money to a local loan shark.
We've been trying to find Pee-wee Paul for nearly three months.
There's a Guadeloupe arrest warrant out for him, for ABH at a house party.
So Pee-wee's a bit of a slippery customer, is he? Lots of people owe him money, so he has plenty of places to hide.
Well, he may know something we don't, so let's see if we can track him down.
Any joy with that phone number you found in the victim's room? Er, yes, it's the number for the Maritime Authority Office, but I can't get through to them at the moment.
What do they do? Oh, they license the fishing boats, monitor their catches, make sure the boats are seaworthy.
And why would Tiana have their number in her bedroom? Keep trying, JP.
Who is this? Oh, so I checked with Louise, and it's Tiana Palmer's birth mother, Marie Forrest.
It was with Tiana when she was left at the orphanage.
And has she been in touch since then?No.
OK, where were we? Right, what about her computer? Not much here either.
I mean, she deleted all of her history.
But I did find one weird thing, though.
Oh? Well, she e-mailed herself a lot of photos on Saturday.
What of? Well, that's the thing.
There were a lot of selfies, but right in the middle, there were photos of the harbour at Belle Mer.
Who takes snaps of somewhere they've lived for the whole of their life? Well, that's what I thought.
Well, let's just add that to the list of things in this case that don't make any sense.
SOBS And you're sure you've never seen this man before, no? OK.
SIGHS All right.
This is ridiculous, Ruby.
How can no-one have seen Pee-wee? Well, if he knows there's a warrant out for his arrest, he's not going to make himself easy to find.
Yeah, but the man's a loan shark.
Surely someone hates him enough to give him up, no? EXHALES DEEPLY So you still got the hots for our murder suspect? No.
And before you say it, JP, I know that it's not professional, but not everyone can be perfect like you, can we? EXHALES DEEPLY Well CLEARS THROA what if I was to say that I met my Rosey while on duty and working a case? No! WHISPERS:No way.
It's very, very true.
I mean, I originally did know her from school, but I don't even think she noticed me back then.
Until all these years later, she sees you in your police uniform, and all her bells started ringing It's just sweet, JP.
But that's not my point, Ruby.
The thing is, it's not about us being perfect.
You see, all the other stuff, they're going to crop up.
But when we're working, we concentrate more on the job.
I always knew you had a naughty side to you, JP.
Dating a suspect in a murder case, look at you! Bad man! All right! SHE LAUGHS Yes, sire.
LAUGHS Having fun? Oh, yeah, they're a lovely bunch.
Give you their last penny, soon as it's stolen off of somebody else.
And did they knew where Pee-wee was? Oh, yes.
Odile! How the devil are you? You'll be back at the bingo on Saturday?Yes, of course.
Great! Hit me.
Go on, then.
Go on.
You'll be Pee-wee, I assume.
Get the money! MEN SHOU Good job I was the under-nines cross-country champion.
HE PANTS HEAVILY Agh! PHONE VIBRATES Sarge? PANTING Are you running? Stay where you are! I think he must be coming your way.
Look! That isn't a man, that's a mountain! SIGHS All right.
Pee-wee! Stop! We just want to chat! Hey, hey, hey.
OK, wait, stop.
Stop, stop! Agh! Come on, get up! YELLS Aaah! Hang on, girl! Hang on! Help me, I can't get off! Hey, put her down! No, no, no, no! Ruby! Are you OK? Ruby's fine, but I don't think he can swim.
Stop! SNIFFLES What we have here, Pee-wee, is a simple choice.
Be charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer or a bacon sandwich.
Now, how about you tell me everything you know about Harrison Green? Deal.
Oh, is there any chance that Louise can get Tiana's tips? She needs all the help she can get.
I mean, I wouldn't ask, but No, of course.
But they wouldn't be that much help, it was only 10.
Ten?! Oh, she said she had over 650 the day before she died.
This makes 650! PATRICE CHUCKLES It's your smile, gold-plated.
OK, leave it with me, I'll tell the Inspector.
OK? Morning.
BOTH: Morning, Sarge.
Sir, according to Patrice, Tiana had over 600 in her tips box.
And how much did we find in her locker?About ten and some coins.
Well, now, that makes what I just heard even MORE interesting.
Harrison Green has just paid Pee-wee an instalment of 600.
Apparently, he's got a gambling problem.
He's an addict.
Harrison? A gambler? What, you didn't know that? No, I didn't, and I don't think Patrice does either.
Yeah, not a very successful one.
That's why he has so many credit cards.
Wait till you hear this.
Last week, he bet his family's water-taxi business, and he lost it! Pee-wee bailed him out for a price, now he's in it up to his neck.
You think Harrison stole from Tiana.
Well, we should ask him, don't you think? She said if I didn't tell her the truth, we were finished.
So? I told her everything.
And did you tell her that you almost gambled away your family's business? We spoke to Pee-wee.
Like I said I told her everything.
We spent all night talking about it.
She forgave me.
Said we'd face everything together.
Like a real couple.
She told me to keep the tips that I'd taken from her.
Told me to use them towards paying for the half of the house.
Which you haven't actually done yet.
We were going to go in together the day after the festival.
Harrison, is there anyone who can verify exactly where you were between 5.
30 and 6pm on the day Tiana was killed? Yes.
Well, now, to be fair Patrice says he thinks you were at the bar but he didn't actually see you there.
You think I killed her? SIGHS No.
No, I don't.
But it's our job to find out what happened to her.
I loved her.
You know that, Florence.
You OK? What did they want? They think I killed her.
What?! Don't be ridiculous! And you know what? It didn't help you saying you never saw me here when she was getting on the boat.
You know I was here! No, no, no, it wasn't like that.
Oh, no? Then how come it feels like I got you on one side and your girlfriend on the other? I feel terrible.
You mustn't, Florence, you're doing your best.
We're trying to be as thorough as we can.
We owe it to poor Tiana.
Any news? Nothing new, sir.
Well, maybe we should look at the videos again.
So, this was taken at 5.
We can see Tiana, clearly alive.
The bay's completely empty, nothing in sight.
Not a boat nor man.
Your video was taken at 5.
She's a slumped forward there, look.
So she's already been stabbed before she came into view.
It must've taken everything she had to steer herself around the headland to try and get some help.
So She left the jetty here to start her journey.
By the time she gets here, only three minutes later, she's been stabbed.
Despite there being clearly no other boats in the area and not a single person in the water.
And no time for her to stop on the way.
So just how the hell did our killer do it? And, lest we forget, why was the loaf of bread taken from her bag? Was it the killer who took it? I can't think why anyone else would steal it.
But why would they take it? Souvenir? I assume we all agree this wasn't some bizarre bread robbery that went wrong.
Argh! I give up! Ah, now, don't say that, Ruby.
We never give up.
No, the photos that she took at the harbour.
I mean, they're just so out of place.
Look at this.
Lobster pot? Florence, your dad's a fisherman.
Anything special from these photos you can see? Hmm.
It's a trawling net.
A bottom trawler.
You see those wheels? They drag the net across the seabed, smashing coral, destroying everything in its path.
It's illegal.
And what happens if you're caught using one of these? Huge fine, prison in some cases, but either way, they'd never be able to fish again.
So if somebody was illegal trawling, and Tiana became aware of it.
And that's why she had the number for the Maritime Authority.
Yes, JP.
And killing someone to save yourself from prison, well, that's a better motive than we have so far.
The last person to see the victim alive runs her own fishing boat.
Nelly Dubois.
OK, well, thank you very much.
Well, how'd you get on? JP was amazing.
I swear, he morphed into, like, Denzel Washington or something.
Even I believed him.
Chief, I just told her that we had reports of someone using a bottom trawler on the reef, and so, could she keep an eye out for us? She acted like she was horrified.
See you.
Oh! She's on the move.
JP, Ruby, you check the hut.
Florence and I will follow her.
Hello, Nelly.
Look, it's not what looks like.
Looks like you're using an illegal trawling net to catch fish.
SIGHS OK, so it is what it looks like.
So, why do it? Look, I come from a fishing family.
You know, my dad fishes, my three brothers fish, my five uncles fish, and all I've ever heard is that it's a man's job.
You know, that girls should be in the kitchen, you know, cooking the fish, not out on the water catching them.
And you thought you'd prove them wrong.
I DID prove them wrong.
Just until the last couple of months, when my catches started to drop.
I was coming home empty and having to watch them coming back bursting at the seams.
It must be extra hard being a woman working on your own.
It's no harder for me than anyone else.
I had a run of bad luck, that's all.
How did you know? A photo Tiana took.
Tiana knew? She didn't speak to you about it? No.
No, she never said anything.
Hold on, you you can't think I had anything to do with her death.
Well, if she did know about it and she reported you, you could have gone to prison.
And brought shame on the rest of your family.
Quite a motive.
SIGHS What a day.
I think I need a very cold beer.
What's happened? Is this what it's going to be like being married to a police officer? Harrison told me what you said to him.
That I said I couldn't vouch for him.
I was doing my job.
What, by using the things I told you in confidence? No, no, you didn't tell me "in confidence".
It wasn't pillow talk, OK? I was interviewing you about a murder, the murder of someone you cared about! He thinks I betrayed him! Did you tell me the truth? Of course.
Then how can that be wrong? Harrison is not a killer.
I've known him all my life.
There isn't a violent bone in his body.
He's good.
He's kind, gentle.
You can't seriously think he killed Tiana.
Right now? I don't know.
There you are.
A month before Kathleen and I got married, we nearly split up.
It was her birthday, you see.
I had forgotten to get her a birthday present.
Well, I didn't forget exactly.
I was on a murder inquiry in Reading, at a motorway service station.
Well, there wasn't much choice.
What did you get her? A get well card, um, a toy monkey - yes - and a neck cushion.
And she wasn't pleased? No, she was apoplectic.
And the funny thing is, it wasn't the presents so much.
The thing that upset her was where I bought them.
That I wouldn't stop working for five minutes and put her first.
She thought that was a sign, you see, that the job I do would always be more important to me than her.
I'm sure that wasn't true.
We stayed up until sunrise just talking.
And by the end of it, we knew each other a lot better than we ever did before.
Patrice must be worried sick about Harrison, that's all.
He'll sleep on it and see he's being unreasonable.
And what if he doesn't? Well, then you have to stay up until sunrise talking about it until he does! Yeah.
Well, I think I'm not cut out to be married.
No-one's cut out to be married.
You sort of have to just bend yourself into shape.
Yeah, but, hm I like my independence.
Yeah, but you can still be independent, just with somebody else.
But I'm happy being single.
Good! How can you be happy being married if you're not happy being single? What?! Sorry, but what does that mean? I have no idea.
It's the beer talking.
Do you love Patrice? Yes, I do.
Can you imagine a life that doesn't include Patrice? No.
Well, there you go.
From such a little thing - acorn - does the mighty oak of marriage grow.
The mighty oak of marriage? Yeah.
Life's not something to be scared of or worried about.
It's something you grab with both hands.
Which kind of answers my next question.
Which is? To refill or to call a cab? No contest.
Thank you.
To grabbing life with both hands.
Ah, cheers.
GROANS Are you suffering? No, I'm fine.
Just someone's taken all the liquid out of my body.
Well, I got you a hot sweet coffee, and Catherine has made you a bacon sandwich with brown sauce, whatever that is.
Well, bless her, but I don't think I'm ready for food just yet.
Morning! Morning, sir.
All right.
Is he all right? I think he's a little hungover.
If you guys could take over until my face stops hurting OK, so our victim is Tiana Palmer, murdered on the sea while playing Mama D'Mer at the Belle Mer Mahi Mahi festival.
Tiana Palmer was last seen alive at 5.
47pm, leaving the old jetty, which was close to the Belle Mer headland.
She was next seen at 5.
50, as she rounded the headland.
In the three minutes it took for her to reach that point, she was stabbed once, in the chest here, yet we have no idea how our killer managed to somehow board her moving boat out at sea and commit the murder.
JACK GROANS Sir? Any thoughts happening over there? What? Yes.
Yes, I do have a thought.
I am thinking I will chance my arm with that bacon sandwich, if you don't mind.
Thank you, Florence.
Er what's happened to Inspector Mooney? He's frozen into a statue.
Sir, are you OK? All comes down to the bread.
On the bacon sandwich? No, the bread in Tiana's bag.
Or rather the bread that WASN'T in Tiana's bag.
But if someone gave her some bread, like you gave me this bacon butty, Florence, well, then she'd have to take it, because Tiana didn't have any bread.
Mama D'Mer! You got everything? We've got the rum and the flowers, but no bread.
That's odd.
And, well, THAT'S how she was killed! They just needed the opportunity, that's all.
It's on my phone.
But she wouldn't do it herself, why would she? OK, Nelly's phone, have we still got it? Er, yes! Here.
Right under our noses all the time.
Ruby, I need you to do some fingerprint checking for me.
Quick as you can, please.
JP, where are the photos you took of Tiana's bedroom? Ah.
Yep, right here, sir.
Of course.
Of course! Look how tidy it is.
Florence, round them up, will you? And, Ruby, meet us there, at Patrice's bar, as soon as you're done.
Yes, sir.
Wait! Has anyone got any paracetamol? This case has been a bundle of conundrums since the very start.
A murder taking place on a boat impossible to get to without being seen, a boat impossible to reach from the sea without it getting wet, and all happening in an impossibly tiny window of opportunity.
The biggest conundrum of all - the murder of someone who everyone loved.
Genuinely loved.
But there's Tiana's mother, who thinks she's about to lose her daughter, driven to the brink by the fear of abandonment.
And her best friend, guilty of illegal trawling, devastating the ocean floor, something she knew Tiana would find unforgivable.
In fact, it was something we now know she was about to report.
And her boyfriend.
Her childhood sweetheart.
The man who stole money from her to help clear his gambling debts.
I told you already.
Tiana and I, we talked about it.
We sorted it out.
Oh, yes, that's right.
You told Florence here that you were about to move in together.
Yes, the day after she was Mama D'Mer, we were going to put everything else behind us.
Well, now, you see, I think that's half true.
I think Tiana had put everything behind her, and I think she finished with you when she found out about your gambling and that you'd stolen money from her.
Rubbish! You have no idea what you're talking about.
My officers checked her bedroom.
And I've just studied the photographs - there isn't a single shoe out of place.
It certainly doesn't look like the kind of room that someone was planning to move out of a day later.
The simple truth is Tiana realised she didn't know the man she was about to move in with.
And relationships were strained to breaking point with her mother, so she had no-one to confide in.
Patrice, you were a good boss, but she knew how close you were to Harrison.
She couldn't talk to you either.
I don't have to listen to this.
Er, yes, you do.
But her big day was coming.
She was going to be Mama D'Mer at the Mahi Mahi festival.
And I think she told you that you'd keep all this to yourselves, all your guilty secrets, and she wouldn't tell anyone until after the event.
And that's why you had to kill her.
Because you knew on the following day you'd lose everything.
This is ridiculous! How could he possibly have done it?! Hear me out, Patrice, please.
How indeed? Well, first of all, no-one knows how long a journey by sea will take better than a water-taxi driver.
You even helpfully told us how long it would take.
The tide was against her a little bit.
Three minutes, maybe.
Which means there was no time to do it.
It was impossible!True.
Or at least that's what you wanted us to think.
But in the end, there's only one solution.
It didn't only happen in three minutes.
You bought yourself the extra five minutes you needed by changing the clock on Nelly's phone so it would look like the video was recorded later than it was.
Now, I'm not sure when you did this, but Nelly often leaves her bag unattended, and I've just checked her phone - it's still running five minutes fast.
Right under our noses all the time.
You forgot to wipe your fingerprints off Nelly's phone.
Is there any reason why his fingerprints should be on your phone, Nelly? No.
Well, that's wasn't the only thing you did to prepare, was it? On the day of the festival, you had to remove a loaf of bread from Tiana's bag, the one she was using for Mama D'Mer.
I think you slipped away from the bar at the exact moment you knew that Nelly here would be seeing Tiana on her way.
And as soon as Nelly was out of sight, you called Tiana back to the shore.
But you needed a reason, a pretext.
Tiana! You forgot the bread! Tiana! Now, the video on Nelly's phone, it showed her leaving at 5.
47, but in fact, because you changed the time on her phone, it was really only 5.
That's how you bought yourself the time you needed to commit murder.
Ah! You stabbed her.
But you didn't quite kill her.
She got away.
She knew she needed to get to where there were people.
And I believe that she used every last bit of energy she had to make her way around that headland, where she thought someone might be able to help her.
Meanwhile, you had to ensure that you were at the harbour-side when the boat came in, whatever happened.
And you acted as if nothing had happened.
My baby! She get off all right? Yeah, everything all good.
Go on, Ti! As she died, you thought your secrets would die with her, that your family would never discover you destroyed the business through your gambling addiction and that you were a thief, and you'd get to play the grieving boyfriend instead of having the humiliation of being dumped by the village girl who everyone loved.
Tell him it's not true.
Tell him! You don't understand.
JP, if you could do the honours, please.
Harrison Green, I'm arresting you for the murder of Tiana Palmer.
You don't have to say anything, but it may harm your defence I don't know what to do, he's so upset.
Well, you just go to him, Florence.
We'll deal with this, OK? Thank you.
Just listen to me, please.
Look, I know he didn't do this.
We need to do something! Do you know what's been going on? Then we need to talk.
Yeah, I know it.
20 minutes.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Look I'm sorry.
I know this isn't your fault.
Well, can we talk about this? Yes.
Justnot right now.
There's something I need to do.
What? I'll tell you later.
Nelly, could I borrow a truck? It won't be long.
PHONE RINGS Sir, I have just heard Patrice talking on the phone to someone about Harrison.
He's arranged to meet them.
I think something's going on.
I'm following Patrice in his car, and we are heading north, out of Belle Mer.
Please, please call me.
Patrice? Patrice! It's me! Look, whatever it is, I can help, OK? Just Just talk to me.
Do you know something about Harrison? METALLIC CLANG GUNSHO Agh! Agh! GROANS HYPERVENTILATES Patrice BANG