Death In Paradise (2011) s09e08 Episode Script

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Yeah, well, that week, or the next one would work for us, Henry.
Yes, it would be a real treat to see you.
Livvie? She'll be delighted.
Look, I tell you what.
You just let us know when you know, OK? Yeah, yeah, too long.
OK, bye.
Livvie? You ready for the beach? Livvie! Are you there, love? Two ticks.
Ah, you'll never guess.
That was Henry.
Henry Adams on the phone.
He's doing Troilus at the National, poor sod, and he's thinking about coming out for a visit when the run ends.
Marvellous! We haven't seen him for ages.
Yes! Yes, that's what he said.
So, are we off? - Are you sure it's not too choppy? - No.
It's absolutely fine.
Once you've cooked the sauce down and it's all hot and tasty, that's when you add the shrimp.
Cook it for two minutes, not a second more.
- You got that, Archie? - Add shrimp.
Two minutes.
No more.
You sure you can remember that? - You don't want me to write it down? - It's all up here.
Don't you worry.
You have to get this right, you know? I think I should just stay and cook it myself.
- That way, there'd be no mistakes.
- No.
No way.
That wasn't part of the deal.
Was that a gun? I think it came from the beach.
- Olivia?! - Precious! We're coming to you! - Liv, what's happened? - I don't know.
Bob said he saw someone, a man, in the woods.
And then there was a bang.
I think he's been shot, Archie I think he might be dead.
Phone the police.
Then get Liv back to the house.
OK? So, whatever happens today, Madeleine, I cannot miss my doctor's appointment this evening.
Ah, yes.
It's your last one, no? Yes, it's the big one.
Should finally get the all-clear to fly home.
If the stars align, I might even make quiz night at the Snooty Fox next week.
That'll cheer the lads up.
They've lost three in a row since I've been here.
Right, so, where's the crime scene? Through there.
I think I might just You know, since I've lived on the island, not one insect has crawled up my leg and bitten me.
Yeah, well, they're a tenacious bunch, the old arthropods and arachnids.
You know, a cockroach can survive for a week after its head's been cut off.
- Did you know that? - Can we go now? Yes.
Oh, er, actually, I might just Everything takes so much time with you.
You know what? I'm gonna go ahead, OK? Oh, sorry.
I can cream up on the way.
Sir! Afternoon, JP, Ruby.
Afternoon, Inspector Parker.
Oh, you-you've missed a bit.
Just right there, on your nose.
Ah, always the nose.
So who's our victim? Robert Garwood, aged 54.
He's been a resident on Saint Marie since 2009.
He and his wife Olivia were taking their early-morning swim just after ten when, apparently, Mr Garwood saw a man lurking in the trees.
And that's when a gunshot was fired, sir, and the victim fell to the ground.
And what about the wife, Olivia.
Did she catch a glimpse of the assailant? Er, no, sir.
She's unsighted.
Was anything heard? The man who fired, did he say something? According to the victim's wife, no.
The killer appears to have kept their distance, arrived, fired the fatal shot and then left again back through the woods.
And the shot fired, from that distance, straight through the hear, extremely accurate.
A swift and brutal murder.
They knew what they were doing.
- We need to search those woods.
- Yes, Sarge.
And I noticed some houses further down the street.
Can you Can you ask them if they saw anything suspicious this morning? On it, sir.
Can you search through the victim's things, see if that turns anything up? - Sure.
- I'll go talk to our witness.
This is Olivia and Precious.
Detective Inspector Parker.
Good afternoon.
Er, are you Olivia Reeves? Yes.
The Olivia Reeves, you're the famous actress? I was a famous actress.
I've been retired many years since.
Well, may I say, it's a real honour to meet you.
I'm sorry it's under such tragic circumstances.
Er, so Archie, you're Mr Garwood's son, yes? - Yes.
- And Miss Abellard.
Precious Abellard.
I drive the taxi.
And Precious has become a really good friend over the years.
And you two were both at the house when the shot was fired? We were.
- And Miss Reeves - Olivia, please.
Er, Olivia you were on your own on the beach with Mr Garwood - when the gun was fired? - Yes.
He said he saw someone, a man, loitering in the woods, yes? That's right.
We'd been for our swim and we were just drying off.
When Robert spotted whoever it was, straight away there was a loud bang.
And that came from the woods? I'm sure it did, yes.
When I heard Bob drop to the ground, well, the only thing I could think of was to get back here, phone for help.
That's when we found Olivia.
- Olivia! - Precious! We're coming to you! And you two didn't see anyone else running from the beach? No-one.
Can anyone think of anyone who would want to do this to Mr Garwood? Of course not.
Dad wasn't a criminal.
He He wasn't in any trouble.
Miss Reeves? You don't agree? Robert and I had been drifting apart for quite a few years.
I felt there were things he wasn't telling me.
- What kind of things? - He'd go places without me.
Meet people.
It was almost like he was up to something.
Well, I understand this is extremely hard for you all.
I'll leave you with some time alone - if you don't mind me having a look around? - Of course.
I cannot believe I've just met Olivia Reeves.
My mum is going to be so jealous.
- Was she a good actress? - Was she a good actress? Yes, she was great.
Very respected.
She did it all theatre, film, TV.
So, the victim's computer and tablet.
I'll go through them back at the station.
Ah, mobile phone, as well.
Thank you.
Looks like Olivia and Robert were sleeping in separate bedrooms.
She did say they'd drifted apart in recent years.
Oh Take a look at this bolt.
It was recently put on.
But why? Who was Olivia trying to keep out? Sir? Sarge? I think I've got something.
So, I spoke to an elderly couple who live about half a mile down the road, and they mentioned that an ambulance came to this address a few months ago.
Oh? Did they say why it was called? Well, I got Anton to phone the team on shift and they remembered the incident very well.
Olivia Reeves made the call because she had consumed an amount of manchineel fruit.
- Thank you.
- Manchineel? It grows near the beach.
It's a very toxic fruit.
The whole tree is toxic.
You see, Miss Reeves was rushed to A&E because she had to get her stomach pumped.
Can it be fatal? It can be, but you have to have an awful lot to die.
And Miss Reeves, well, she's not young, so she's more at risk.
- Poor Olivia! - The interesting thing is this, sir.
The paramedics said that while Olivia was being stretchered into the ambulance, she wanted nothing to do with her husband, you know, saying he should stay away.
Let me come with you to the hospital.
I don't want you anywhere near me! Not after what happened! She was shouting! I know exactly what I'm saying!! Basically acting like the whole thing was his fault.
According to the ambulance crew that day, you were very angry with Mr Garwood about it.
- They said you blamed him for the poisoning.
- Oh, nonsense.
I was angry, yes, with myself, for being so bloody careless.
Bob had nothing to do with it, he was just the poor bugger who got it in the neck.
This island it really likes to trip one up from time to time.
It certainly does that.
You don't like Saint Marie? Well, let's just say I'm really looking forward to going home.
Look, Miss Reeves, it's not just that incident that's come to our attention.
There's also the bolt on your bedroom door, looks like it's been recently added.
You think I was afraid that Bob posed some sort of a threat to me? Well Did he? No, Inspector Parker, no.
I arranged to have it put on after he moved into the other room.
I've been blind for 15 years, but that sense of vulnerability one can feel Well it can creep up.
I'm sorry I had to ask.
Well, she certainly sounds like she's telling the truth.
Yes, but you said that she was a good actress, so she could be lying.
She certainly could.
And there's something definitely not right about that marriage.
The bolt on the door and the poisoning incident, next thing, he's lying dead on a beach with a bullet in his heart.
Is that just supposed to be a coincidence? At the same time, do we honestly believe that a 73-year-old blind woman could shoot her husband with such accuracy? But, sir, we did a thorough search of the woods surrounding the crime scene.
And the only footprints left were those from the victim and the three witnesses.
Yeah, plus none of the neighbours saw or heard anyone suspicious.
So, there's absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever that there was anyone else on or near the beach this morning, when Robert Garwood was shot.
Apart from Olivia Reeves.
Apart from Olivia Reeves.
La vache! It's my doctor's appointment.
I'd better get a move on.
Er, right Well, let's see what the postmortem nd ballistics reports have to say tomorrow.
And we'll need a full background check of the victim and anyone close to him.
Sarge, JP, anyone fancy a drink at Catherine's bar? I can't I've got my sergeant's exam in the morning.
So better do some last-minute revision.
Ooh! I forgot about that.
Well, you'd better pass, JP, otherwise I'll be very disappointed.
- That's very encouraging, Ruby, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, er, and while I think about it, JP, Ruby, perhaps you could head down to the harbour tomorrow? There's a possibility that someone was out on a boat near the crime scene at the time of the shooting and, if there was, maybe they can confirm whether or not Olivia was alone on the beach with Robert this morning.
Morning, Commissioner.
Sit down, Officer Hooper.
You have two hours and 30 minutes to complete the paper.
If you need a break to go to the bathroom, you must inform the examination moderator.
Sorry, that would be Me.
Of course, it's you.
You may begin Now.
Well, I appreciate you talking with me.
Thank you.
Morning, Inspector.
How was your evening? Good, thanks.
Great, actually.
I've been given the all-clear regarding the DVT.
So the upshot is I'm allowed to fly back to England.
Not not until we've solved the case, obviously, but, er But, yeah, finally, I'm gonna get to go back home.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
I'm sure you, for one, will be delighted to see the back of me and my funny ways.
No! It's been a very interesting experience.
That's a very good way of describing it.
- For both of us.
- Yeah.
I feel like I want to do something for everyone, to say thanks for putting up with me these last few weeks, so I was thinking maybe a drinks party at my place, if you're free this evening? Well, er, yeah.
I think so.
Great! I'll invite the others.
- Cool.
- Great.
Meanwhile, we have work to do.
So First of all, I've just had a rather enlightening call with the lab.
Results indicate that the bullet we recovered from the victim's body was fired from a distance of 20 feet.
Now, I think that means we can reasonably exclude Olivia Reeves as the killer, because Well, for a blind woman to fire a gun from a distance of 20 feet and hit the target straight through the heart with a single bullet is - It's close to impossible.
- Exactly! But if it's not her, then who is our murderer? And, more to the point, how did they manage to disappear from the crime scene without leaving a single trace of evidence? Well, I've been looking into our victim's background.
There you go.
So, before he moved here, Robert Garwood was working as an actor.
Never had that many jobs, though.
He met Olivia working with her in a play in London in 1993.
Yeah, and, about eight years later, she was diagnosed with a rare eye disease.
Robert doesn't have any criminal record, but there's someone very close to him who does.
- His son, Archie.
- Oh? 11 separate charges.
Drunk and disorderly, aggravated assault I just spoke with his probation officer.
In her words, he hated his dad.
When Bob and I first got together, he was still with his then fiancee.
She'd just given birth to Archie.
It was all a bloody mess.
I should've known better, but easier said than done, when you're falling in love with someone.
- So Archie was raised by his mother? - Yes.
Bob was never really interested in being a dad.
He was too wrapped up in himself.
So Archie didn't see much of him, then? Didn't spend much time with him? Very rarely.
It takes its toll on a boy, you know? Archie could never settle to anything.
Schools, jobs, friendships, relationships.
His default setting was destruct.
If you're intent on dissecting my life's failures, I'd much rather be involved in the process if no-one minds.
That's not what we were doing, Archie.
And I can only assume that, as it's my dysfunctional childhood you're discussing, that you're wondering if it wasn't me that killed Dad? We're just trying to get an understanding of your father's personal relationships.
I'll take that as a yes, then.
You know, six weeks ago, when I came here, it was with the sole purpose of resolving some of the issues between my dad and I.
And we were making progress.
We were finally getting on, the two of us, enjoying each other's company.
And that is all I have ever wanted.
So, please tell me, why would I kill him, just as we were starting to repair our relationship? And you didn't take your boat anywhere near Floral Cove? Not yesterday.
I was out that way the day before, but nothing was biting, you know? So I thought I'd try a different patch, further to the east.
- Sorry I can't help you much.
- Oh, that's OK, Mr Gerard.
I mean, if you hear anything else, you know where we are.
Don't you worry, Officer, I'll be straight over your way.
Oh, my goodness, JP, I've been thinking about you all morning, sending you nothing but positive vibrations.
So, how did it go? It was hard, you know? Like, really hard.
Plus, your uncle kept watching me the whole time, like I was going to cheat, or something.
I think he was trying to play some mind-game to put me off.
I don't know.
Well, you know, I've got a good feeling in my bones that you're gonna ace this, JP.
And when I get a feeling in my bones, well, I'm always right.
Sergeant Hooper! So, erm, how are we doing over here? OK, so I spoke with all the fishermen, and no-one saw a thing.
- There's no other intel on the system at all? - Not that I can find.
Oh, we should ask JP, he's been here the longest.
- What's that, Sarge? - We thought there might be a possible lead if we could find out where the assailant acquired their weapon.
Well, the only person we know who dealt in handguns - is a man called Darrius Powell - Oh, Darrius! Well, he's a lickle wretch, if ever there was one, but he's in prison again.
Still, sir, I could pay him a visit tomorrow morning, see if he knows whether anybody else has taken over.
- Yeah, if you could, JP, thanks.
- All right.
How about you, sir? How are you getting on here? Had any major breakthroughs yet? Not yet, Ruby, I'm sorry to say.
We're as baffled as we were this morning.
The only person we can place on the beach at the time of the murder - Is Olivia Reeves.
- Yeah.
- Miss Reeves, right? - Who is this? You don't know me, but, er I know about you.
What you did.
Down on that beach yesterday morning.
What is this? Who are you? I was in my boat.
A few hundred yards out to sea.
And I saw you arguing with your husband.
You blame me for everything! Then I saw you take that gun from out your bag Where the hell did you get that? And I saw you fire it and shoot him dead.
You coming, Liv? Dinner's ready.
Coming! Not here.
Not now.
I'll meet you on the beach in an hour.
So Please, help yourselves.
We've got crisps, cheese and tomato sandwiches and mini sausages.
I thought it best to keep everything covered, to stop any foreign bodies gaining access.
- Foreign bodies, sir? - You know, sand, insects.
I brought a little contribution myself.
Fried fishcakes.
- Yes, sir! - A local speciality.
How lovely.
Thank you.
- Would you warm them in the oven for me? - Sure.
Well, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm hungry.
If you could just make sure that you fold everything back properly once you've taken something, that would be great.
Just to be safe.
Er, yes, sir.
Sandwiches served with sausages, so very English.
Commissioner! What a surprise! - Uncle Selly! - Selwyn! I really didn't think you were gonna come.
I wouldn't miss your leaving party, Inspector.
Not for the world.
Yes, well, as soon as the case is solved, sir, I'll be out of your hair.
And, erm, precisely how long do you think that might be? Just so I know.
Well, we only actually have one viable suspect, sir.
But she's blind, so we don't think she could have done it.
So, you have no real suspects at all? The cops have already been asking round and I didn't say a word.
I figure you had your reasons for what you did and I don't care to know.
But I reckon me keeping quiet for you has got to be worth something.
How much? 10,000 And your indiscretion stays between just you and me.
OK but you can't come back asking for more, this is a one-off payment because, remember, I still have that gun, and I'm not afraid to use it.
Looks like we have a deal.
He probably hasn't even marked your exam paper yet.
Then again, maybe he has, and you've failed and he doesn't want to spoil the party by telling you.
Only joking, JP! You're so paranoid! I made them especially mild, just for you.
- Oh, yes! - I know how you suffer.
Ooh, I like this one.
Neville, just eat the thing! Mm! Oh, that That is spicy.
Oh, that's spicy! That's hot! Agh! I put hardly any spice in at all! Sir, I've come to the conclusion it's officially time to dance! I'm really not much of a dancer, I'm afraid, Ruby.
Ah, well, neither's JP, so you're in really good company.
Your neck is very red and blotchy.
I just ate some spicy food, sir.
This happens.
It'll be all right.
Oh Sarge, we're dancing! Come on, Catherine! And you, Sarge! Give us your phone, please.
Uncle Selly, will you take a photo of us, please? Yes.
Are you OK? You've been here on your own for quite a while now.
Just waiting for the antihistamines to kick in.
I'm still quite red and blotchy.
Oh, it's hardly noticeable.
You know, I think I may be a little drunk, DS Dumas.
Oh, it's probably the rum.
It's kind of strong stuff here.
You know, I never stay up late drinking rum back home.
Or dance to reggae music on sandy beaches.
- Why not? - Because my life, Madeleine, is quite boring.
It's very boring, actually.
When you have issues like I have, it becomes easier just to play it safe all the time.
Until you end up spending every day of your life just avoiding everything, really.
This is the first time I've been abroad since I was a teenager.
And are you happy, living like that? Honestly? I was.
I was.
Well, at least I thought I was.
Lately, I've started to worry that I'm gonna wake up when I'm 90 and regret every single second I just made do with my life.
Sarge! Your taxi's here! I think your taxi may be here.
Are you sure? Well, have a great night, and thank you for the party.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Morning.
- Morning, JP, Madeleine.
- Morning, sir.
- JP's been to the prison this morning.
- Did you speak to your contact? - Yes, sir.
So, five weeks ago, Darrius said word had reached him that a woman was asking around, wanting to get hold of a gun, but Darrius couldn't help them out.
So she was given a contact to approach on Guadeloupe.
So our killer may have travelled to Guadeloupe to acquire the weapon? One step ahead of you, sir.
We stopped off at Immigration and got a list of everyone who travelled from here to Guadeloupe in the last six weeks.
Good work.
- Oh, morning, sir.
- Morning, Ruby.
The victim's financial records came through.
Eight months ago, Olivia and Robert's joint account was put solely in Miss Reeves' name, and, since then, she's been paying Robert a small monthly allowance.
I guess it's all part of their gradual separation.
Makes you wonder, though, doesn't it? Separate beds.
Separate bank accounts.
Their relationship was so clearly over.
What's he still doing there? Er, sir? So, Precious Abellard took a 9am ferry to Guadeloupe four weeks ago and returned an hour-and-a-quarter later.
- That's a quick turnaround.
- Yeah.
Evidence-wise, it's still only circumstantial.
Might be enough for a search warrant, though.
What do you think I'm hiding here? Miss Abellard, can you tell us why you went to Guadeloupe on the 23rd of last month? Oh, erm, I took a customer there and I dropped him off.
Yeah, see, we know that that's a lie.
We just called your boss and he told us you called in sick that day.
So it wasn't a taxi fare you took.
It's time to step aside, Miss Abellard.
Could I have the keys to your vehicle, please? Er, yeah, of course.
This is a double-action revolver.
Now, when we send this to the lab, they'll be able to work out if the bullet that killed Robert was fired from this exact gun.
With that in mind, is there anything you'd like to tell us? It's the gun that was used to shoot Mr Garwood.
But I didn't fire it.
So who did? Miss Reeves.
Then why did we find it in the back of your taxi? That morning, on the beach, after she shot him, she gave it to me and told me to hide it.
Please! OK, OK.
She was scared.
Of her husband? Was he violent towards her? Not violent.
He tormented her, took advantage of her blindness.
- Poisoned her.
- You know about that? It was getting out of hand.
She was fearing for her life, so So she asked you to get a gun for her.
I never thought she'd actually need to use it.
We need to arrest Olivia Reeves.
It's all there, I assure you.
- You expecting anyone? - No.
You set me up.
You went and gone and set me up.
No, I didn't.
What's going on? It's the police! Hello! I'm Detective Inspector Neville Parker.
And you are? His name's Finlay Gerard, sir.
He's a local fisherman.
You said you knew nothing about the shooting the other day, so how come you're here now, Finlay? I'm just paying my respects.
Ain't that right? What's in the envelope, Mr Gerard? There's nothing in it.
Then you won't mind us taking a look at it.
- Stay back, OK?! - OK, OK.
Now don't do anything stupid, Mr Gerard.
- What's happening? - It's OK, Miss Reeves.
You ain't taking my money.
I'll kill you before you take it.
DS Dumas, why don't you take a step back? Give Mr Gerard some space.
I think I've got this, sir.
You're basically a superhero! Finlay Gerard, we are arresting you for threatening a police officer and obstructing an investigation.
I'm afraid we'll have to take you to the station too, Miss Reeves.
We know it was you that shot Robert.
You know, one of the things I couldn't understand about this case was why Robert hadn't just left you.
By your own admission, you'd grown estranged over the last few years.
Living separate lives.
As far as I can see, the only thing keeping him here was the monthly allowance you were paying him.
But now I think I know.
Robert couldn't leave you because he had nowhere to go.
There was no life for him left in the UK.
His career had fizzled out years ago.
Not that it had really taken off in the first place.
They say acting can be a cruel business, and they're right.
Bob was brilliant.
But it never happened for him.
The big break never came.
And he never got over it? He buried the disappointment for many years.
Dedicated himself to being my husband.
No easy task, let me tell you, even before I lost my sight.
But the trouble with burying feelings like that is that they never really go away.
They just fester and turn into something darker.
Resentment? This is why he started treating you the way he did? That morning, on the beach, when we went for our swim - Are we off, then? - By that time, his behaviour was so erratic I was taking the gun with me everywhere and then, when we were in the sea It's too rough, Bob! I want to go back to shore.
No, no, it's not that bad! Robert insisted that we go out further.
And then he just left me.
I don't know how far out we were.
100 metres, maybe more.
But I became disoriented.
I couldn't find my way back.
I kept calling out for him to help me Bob! .
but he didn't respond.
He'd left me out there to drown.
I was so scared.
But, suddenly, thankfully, I felt something beneath my feet, the seabed.
And I managed to find my way back to shore.
I told you you'd be all right.
And I knew then that Bob wanted me dead, and if I didn't do something to stop him he would make sure it happened.
So I took the gun.
You left me in the water.
You knew it was too rough.
- Where the hell did you get that? - I walked straight up to him You left me to drown.
Oh, shut up! You're acting like a crazy old bi and shot him.
You walked up to him? - How close, exactly? - As close as I could get.
I made sure I could feel him in front of me.
But we have a ballistics report that says the shot was fired from 20 feet.
Then your report is wrong.
Mr Garwood saw a strange man lurking in the trees.
Results indicate that the bullet we recovered from the victim's body was fired from a distance of 20 feet.
Sir? I've just taken Finlay Gerard's statement, and he can confirm exactly what Olivia Reeves told us.
Thank you, Ruby.
There's no concrete evidence whatsoever that there was anyone else on or near the beach this morning when Robert Garwood was shot.
That report has to be right.
JP? JP, can you chase the lab for the results on the gun we found in the back of Precious Abellard's taxi? - Will do, sir.
- What do you have in mind? I'm not sure yet, Madeleine, but there's a significant disparity between our suspected killer's statement and the scientific evidence, and that cannot be ignored.
Commissioner! - Afternoon.
- Inspector.
I hear Olivia Reeves has confessed to murder.
Er, well, yes.
She's in the cells, but Then the investigation is complete, which means you can make the evening flight home.
The thing is, sir, I'm not entirely convinced it was Miss Reeves that did it.
But she confessed.
You just said so.
Yeah, I know.
But, er, do you have any other theories on who it might be if it wasn't her? Well, sir, I don't quite yet know who else could have done it.
Or indeed how, for that matter.
Or, to tell the truth, why.
Inspector, you have three hours left on this island.
I suggest you clear this mess up.
Sir, ballistic reports have come back for the gun Olivia used to shoot Robert.
It wasn't? Look striation marks on the bullet recovered from Robert Garwood's body are not a match for the gun.
So Olivia's gun didn't fire the bullet that killed Mr Garwood? No, but where's the gun that did? And more to the point, who fired it? I knew we had this all wrong.
So what do we do now? JP, the guy that Precious bought the gun from, did you notify the Guadeloupe police? Yeah, I believe they already made the arrest, sir.
I need you to get the boat over there right now and speak to him.
Find out who else he sold a gun to in Saint Marie in the last month.
I'm on it, sir.
While JP's on that, I want us to revisit the murder scene.
Now, if there was a second gun, there must have been a second killer.
Do you think we should let him know that he's forgotten to put his sunscreen on? Well, I don't think it's the best moment to mention it.
"the shot fired from this distance," "through the heart, extremely accurate.
" "A swift and brutal murder.
" "They knew what they were doing.
" Of course they did! They knew exactly what they were doing.
I need you to hide this for me.
He tormented her.
Took advantage of her blindness.
I walked straight up to him and shot him.
We were finally getting on, the two of us, enjoying each other's company.
Robert couldn't leave you, because he had nowhere to go.
- Yes! - You got it, sir? Yes, Madeleine, I've got it! I've got it with knobs on! JP, tell me what you know, but I reckon I can already guess! Well, this has been quite some case, I don't mind admitting, and, up until about 30 minutes ago, we were convinced we had Robert Garwood's murderer locked up safely behind bars.
But we were wrong, because despite all the evidence seeming to point at it being Olivia Reeves who shot her husband, including her own confession, it wasn't in fact her.
Please, Inspector, I loaded that gun with bullets myself.
I pulled the trigger.
I heard it.
I felt it.
I did it! All of that is absolutely true, but you're not aware of one small detail.
The bullet that you fired was a blank.
- A blank? - A dummy.
You didn't fire your bullet into Robert's heart.
Because while you were out at sea, struggling to get back to the shore, Robert sees his opportunity.
He took your gun and emptied out the real bullets and replaced them with one single blank.
And, then, when you fired the gun yes, he did fall to the ground as if dead, but - He was pretending.
- No, no, no, he's dead.
The paramedics said he was shot in the heart.
And they were right.
He was shot in the heart, but not by Olivia Reeves, because only about a minute after Olivia fired that blank, Robert was shot with a real bullet by his own son.
- Isn't that right, Archie? - What? No.
That That's insane.
All right.
We'll start from the beginning.
In recent years, your father, Robert Garwood, had become a bitter, unhappy, angry man.
The resentment he'd grown to feel towards his wife had led him into tormenting her and bullying her.
Almost killing her, which is why Olivia felt that she needed to protect herself.
So, she asked her friend Precious to acquire a gun for her, correct? Yeah.
But there's one part of this story of which both Olivia and Precious, I now believe, were unaware.
Which is that Robert knew you, Olivia, were in possession of this gun.
I've no idea how he found out, maybe he overheard you two in conversation, or maybe he came across it, hidden in a bag, but what I do believe is that he knew that you feared for your life and had the means to shoot him.
So he came up with a plan using this information to his own ends.
Which is why Robert Garwood acquired a second gun.
It had to be the exact make and calibre as the one Olivia had.
And, also, very importantly, a silencer to attach to it.
But why? I don't understand.
Because the plan that morning was for Robert Garwood to fake an attempt on his life.
Now, in order to do that, he had to provoke Olivia into firing this gun at him.
That's why he abandoned her at sea, so that she was scared, vulnerable and angry, and then when she came back to shore, he goaded her and goaded her, so that she would shoot him, which she did, but only with the blank that was pre-loaded into this gun.
Which, of course, caused Robert no harm, but left Olivia convinced that she had killed him.
Olivia then fled the beach, leaving Robert, unbeknownst to her, still very much alive.
Then, when Archie and Precious discovered Olivia only a few moments later, Archie contrived for an unwitting Precious to escort Olivia back to the house.
But why? So that you would then be alone on the beach with your father, because the plan, as previously arranged by you both, was for you to use the second, silenced gun to shoot Robert but not to kill him, only to wound him.
This is rubbish.
You can't prove any of this.
Well, we can.
We have an officer over on Guadeloupe.
He spoke with the man who sold the gun to Precious.
The same man sold your father the exact matching gun.
He was very helpful.
He even confirmed that a young man accompanied Robert Garwood when they met here in Saint Marie to buy the weapon.
The officer even showed him a photo, and he positively identified the young man as you, Archie.
Now, I don't know what the full, exact plan was, but I would guess, if everything went as Robert intended, that he would be wounded and Olivia would be convinced that she'd fired the shot, which meant that she would then have to admit to trying to kill him, admit to attempted murder, which meant she'd go to prison for the rest of her life, and then Robert could just do whatever he wanted.
Right, Archie? Dad said he'd divorce her and take whatever money he could.
That he'd return to England and use whatever press attention he got from Livvie's attempted murder to kick-start his career somehow.
Right, so Robert bought the gun and gave it to Archie with a single plan to frame Olivia for attempted murder and reap the rewards.
So, what went wrong? Well, Archie, when you arrived on that beach three days ago, you had something very different in mind.
You raised the gun fired it from 20 feet but instead of wounding him, as planned, you shot him dead.
Dad's never given a damn about me.
Not once.
He's never shown me any love.
Any care.
And yet you came out here hoping, even after all these years, that maybe, just maybe, he might have changed.
And then he asked you to help him frame Olivia for attempted murder and reap the rewards with him.
You knew then that he hadn't changed at all.
He'd only even invited you out here for his own selfish reasons, to help him with his plan.
That's when you realised that the one man whose love you'd longed for all these years would only ever, ever be interested in himself.
And that's why you killed him.
So, we're heading back to the station now.
And I'll call you the taxi to take you to the airport.
It'll be here any minute.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, and have a safe flight, sir.
Thank you, Ruby.
Thank you.
And good luck with everything.
Thanks, Madeleine.
You too.
It's been, er Well For us, too.
Let's go.
Bye! You're sad, aren't you? Inspector? There's something I've been wondering ever since we met.
About me? About what you said about how this island trips you up.
Well, you moved here just after you lost your sight, didn't you? I did.
But, surely, after what happened to you, it would have been easier to just stay where you were, stay somewhere familiar and safe? Yes, I could have stayed in London and gone on working to some extent, but I don't know.
Something in me wanted a fresh start.
And I thought if I can never see the sun again then I want to feel it.
And so I came here.
Going home it scares me.
- I thought it was what you wanted? - Well, it was.
But then I drank rum and danced on a beach.
Then stay.
That scares me even more.
And there's my taxi.
Good afternoon, Officer Hooper.
Afternoon, Commissioner.
Now that the case is over, I expect you'd like to know how you performed in your sergeant's examination.
Er, yes I would, sir.
So How do you think you did? Er, well, erm OK, well, I thought it was tough, you know? Like, really tough.
Er, so I kinda guess not that great? Interesting.
Because since the Saint Marie Police Force was founded, you have scored the highest mark of any officer on this island.
What did you just say, sir? You passed with flying colours.
But I'm curious to know why you believed you might have failed.
I don't know.
I mean I just did.
You are an outstanding officer, JP, and you will make an outstanding sergeant.
Everyone can see that except, it seems, you.
A sergeant is nothing without confidence.
So I want you to promise me that, from now on, you'll start believing in yourself, a little more.
- To Sergeant Hooper.
- Thank you! - To Sergeant Hooper! - Thank you very much.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, and farewell to DI Neville Parker.
Neville! What are you doing here? That's a very good question.
Why don't we go and, erm Yeah.
We probably should, yeah.
Everyone, look who's back.
Inspector, why are you not on an aeroplane? Erm, in many ways, sir, I've been asking myself the same question.
Go on.
Well, my mother always says sometimes you have to break something before you can begin to fix it, and I know it's going to be hard and I'm probably going to look a mess, and I'm sure I'm going to feel dreadful all the time, but I'm fed up with living life the way I have to, rather than the way I want to.
- So, you want to stay? - Oh, please, God, no.
Well, what I'm trying to say is I'd love to be your DI, permanently, if you'll have me? Oh, we would love for you to be our new DI.
Wouldn't we, Uncle Selly? He's an excellent detective, as you said yourself.
I suppose.
As no-one more suitable has presented themselves we could put you on some sort of rolling contract.
If we must.
So, er, welcome back to paradise, sir! Let's have a celebration drink! Er, actually, Catherine, erm, that's very kind, but, er, I really should call my super and let her know that I won't be coming back, and, erm, I have to get to the pharmacy, pick up a few bits and bobs.
Bit of a busy bee all round, really.
So, erm, I'll see you all tomorrow morning.
OK? - See you! - All right, sir! Catherine A very large rum, if I may.
Look out!
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