Death Note (Anime Series) (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Within the spreading darkness I pledged a vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it I'm going to change The future that the forbidden fruit foretells I'm going to change the dream into reality The ending that everybody wants.
Within the spreading darkness I pledged our vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it Someday I'll show you A bright and ideal world.
Members of the ICPO I am L.
Regardless of how many suspects there are, there's a strong possibility they're Japanese.
Kira, I have a pretty good idea behind your motive and why you're doing this.
But what you're doing isevil! W-Why that! Try and kill me! - I am justice! - What's going on?! - I'm saving the meek that fear evil! - This is unreal! I'm the man who will become the god of the ideal, new world! - I will definitely find you and finish you! - I will definitely find you and finish you! I am - justice! - justice! Serial Murder Special Investigations Headquarters All right then, let's start with the tip-line reports first.
Until now, there have been about the murders from telephone calls, etc.
Most of them are from curious members of the public But there are fourteen people who say that they either "know the killer" or "have seen the killer.
" Each account was followed up and recorded carefully.
But no one had information that hasn't already been released to the public.
There are also 21 people who claim they are Kira.
We didn't want to rule out any possibilities So all 21 people were put on record and filed.
Next up: victims.
Sir! Upon further investigation, we have confirmed that information of the heart attack victims was, in fact, publicly available in Japan prior to their deaths.
Also Concerning L's request that we investigate the times of death for each victim We found they occurred between 4 p.
until 2 a.
on weekdays Japan's time.
Furthermore, we have a great variation of times on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
That is extremely interesting.
Judging from those times of death the culprit may be a student.
I have other grounds for this belief.
Drawing from the fact that the perpetrator is only killing criminals, he's probably driven by his own idealistic sense of justice.
He may even be trying to become a god.
You could say that he has a very childish mentality.
I can't believe that This is just a mere possibility.
But please get rid of the stereotype that the culprit couldn't be a student.
Considering various possibilities is the shortest route to arresting Kira.
Please continue your investigative report.
Y-Yes Has anyone else noticed anything? Um, yes What is it, Matsuda? Umm I'm in no way saying this to give credit to Kira's actions butfor the past few days, worldwide and especially in Japan the number of violent crimes more serious than robbery has dropped drastically.
Well I suppose that's to be expected Anything else? L, that about sums up our investigative report for today.
Thank you, everyone.
I feel as if we're closing in on the culprit.
Still, I'd like to make another request.
I want the teams investigating the victims, news and internet to examine once more how the victims' identities were made public in Japan.
I want to know if pictures of the victims' faces were shown.
I leave it to you.
Chief You seem very tired Thanks I've been pulling all-nighters lately.
What I said about crimes dropping drastically Now that I think about it, everyone knows already.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about? Keep speaking the truth Especially when it's about things people hesitate to bring up.
However, if you had gone on to say that we should commend Kira for admirably reducing crime rates, now that might have been a problem.
I-Impossible! Support that killer? I'm just kidding.
Just as I expected, Light! Hey! Did you understand any of that by yourself? Huh? Yeah, kind of Oh, it seems like Dad's home.
Welcome home, Dear.
He's home early! Hey! At least figure out the last problem by yourself.
I will after dinner! Really Helping your little sister do her homework you sure have confidence.
There's one thing that gives me confidence to fight the police if they move against me.
Welcome homeDad.
Good to be home.
Light, how are your studies? Hmm? They're okay.
He's at the top of his grade as usual.
Yes, my wonderful big brother! Yes, my wonderful son! Dad, you seem a bit tired.
Yeah I can't tell you any details, but this current case is very difficult.
I see Your father is one of the police That must be the reason why you're so confident.
I can hack into my father's computer from my own without leaving a trace.
I can always keep track of the investigative situation.
Here it is.
The police are beginning to suspect that the culprit is a student.
Light, doesn't that mean you're in trouble? If the cause of death is written within it will happen.
If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
Is that right, Ryuk? Yeah, so? In other words, if I write "heart attack" as the cause of death, I can write down the circumstance and time of death.
Looks like I may be able to provide you a little bit more entertainment, Ryuk.
Number 148, what's wrong?! Serial Murder Special Investigation Headquarters What?! T-There were another Yes.
The day before, there were another 23 victims.
One at every hour The fact that this has continued for two weekdays straight Means our sketch of the culprit has become doubtful.
No, anyone could skip school for two days That's not it! It does appear less likely now that the culprit's a student But that's not the message Kira's trying to send! Why one every hour? And why are all the victims in prisons, where they can be easily be found? Kira is trying to say that he can freely control the time of death.
But something's not right As soon as we began to suspect that Kira was a student, the timing of the killings changed as if to contradict our theory.
Is it a coincidence? No, the timing is too convenient Does that mean that Kira knows what the police know? This is obviously a direct challenge from him! L is probably panicking by now.
I still have fifty criminals left especially for times like this.
Oh Now, L should be starting to suspect someone involved with the police.
Kira has found a way to obtain information from the task force headquarters.
I cannot ignore this fact.
What is Kira's real objective? What is he trying to do? But I don't get it.
By getting rid of the student theory, aren't you at a bigger disadvantage if L thinks you're connected to the police? My reason is It's in order to find L and finish him off.
What do you mean? In human society, there are only a few people who actually trust each other.
That's true even among police.
In particular, L and the police don't trust each other at all.
Could you trust someone whose name and face you don't know? When L discovers that the findings from the investigation were leaked he's bound to search for leads on me within the police force.
When he does, it's only a matter of time before the police get really mad.
On the surface, L and the police are working together to try to catch me.
But in reality L is investigating the police and the police will start investigating L.
I'm not the one who's going to find L.
The police will track him down.
And I will eliminate him! Serial Murder Special Investigations Headquarters What is this?! Letter of resignation As you see, these are our letters of resignation.
Transfer us to a different case.
If you can't, we will quit the police force.
B-But why? Why? Because we value our lives, sir.
By L's deduction, Kira can kill people indirectly through supernatural powers, right? If I were Kira, I would try to kill anyone who tried to catch me.
That's because he'll be executed if he gets caught.
Earlier, in that media stunt, L challenged Kira.
"Try and kill me," he said.
But L never showed his face or revealed his name.
Just recently, L ordered us to find out if the victims' faces and names were broadcast in Japan.
That's right! All the victims were those whose faces were broadcast to the Japanese public! We unlike someone we know, we carry around our personal identification as well as our photos in our police IDs.
We don't hide our faces, we're out in the open! We could be killed at any time by Kira This is why we wish to be removed from our post.
Excuse us.
H-Hey! You! Wait a second! Here's the solution to this problem.
Take x squared equalslarge x.
You can think of large x's quadratic equation as the multiple of two integers.
We had the FBI come to Japan four days ago.
They are currently investigating the police involved.
This is the list, isn't it? There are 141 people within the police force alone who have access to classified information on the Kira investigation.
But one of the 141 people or someone close to them Kira is definitely among them! Soichiro Yagami (48) DOB 7/12/59 Detective Superintendent, NPA Head of Special Investigations Serial Murder Case Sachiko Yagami (41) DOB 10/10/66 Housewife Light Yagami (17) DOB 2/28/89 High School Student Light, you gotta second? Didn't I tell you not to talk to me as much as possible when we're outside? How many times do I have to tell you? Well then, I'll just talk.
Cover your ears if you don't want to hear.
I don't have anything against you, Light.
I think the notebook couldn't have been picked up by a better person.
And I have to stick around with you until the notebook is finished or you are.
But I'm not on your side or L's side.
Ryuk, I knew that much already.
That's why I'll never say anything about whether what you're doing is right or wrong.
But I'm going to say this as your roommate.
What's wrong, Ryuk? Why are you telling me this all of a sudden? This isn't like you.
I'm going to tell you this, not because I'm an ally of Kira, but because it's creeping me out Get to the point already Someone's been following you all this time.
He's been getting on my nerves.
He can't see me, but because I'm always hovering behind you, I feel like I'm being watched.
That's a problem.
Ryuk, I'll be sure to finish him off.
Who in the world could he be? Does that mean that L has begun to suspect the police? He must need quite a large number of people to investigate them.
Even if he had there is no chance that I'd be suspected of being Kira.
I should only look like a regular high school student.
But, if I leave it alone for several months, that possibility won't remain at zero.
I must learn my tracker's name.
When I find that out, I can get rid of him Light I'll let you in on something good There are two big differences between Shinigami and humans who have a Death Note.
Do you know why Shinigami have to write peoples' names in the Death Note? Why would I know that? You're really talkative today, Ryuk.
It's because Shinigami receive the human's remaining life span from them.
You get their remaining life span? Let's say that there's a person who will live 'til 60 in the Human World.
You write that he'll die at forty in the Death Note.
Sixty minus forty equals twenty.
Those twenty years in the Human World are added on to a Shinigami's life span.
As long as we don't slack off, even if we're shot in the head or stabbed in the heart with a knife, Shinigami will not die.
But, no matter how many names you write in the Death Note, your life span will not lengthen.
That's the difference between Shinigami and humans who have a Death Note.
Hmm To humans, that's very kind of the Shinigami.
That's kinda interesting.
Our second difference is of probably more interest to you.
Instead of lengthening life, it's about cutting it short.
Cutting it short? When a Shinigami sees a person's face, they know their name.
Do you know why? In a Shinigami's eyes a human's name and life span can be seen above a person's head.
Nameand life span? Of course, in my eyes, I can see your name and life span right now.
If I convert it to human time, I'll know how many years it is.
Of course, I wouldn't tell you even if you stretched my mouth open Even if my mouth is stretched out as it is.
Shinigami never have problems knowing the names of the people they kill.
They also know how much life they're going to receive.
Our eyes are different.
That's the crucial difference between you and me.
Shinigami can also turn the eyes of whoever picked up their Death Note into Shinigami eyes.
But only if a deal is made, one that's been with us since ancient times.
A deal? The price for a Shinigami's eyes is half of that person's remaining life span.
Half of my remaining life span Yeah.
In other words, if you were to live another 50 years, you'll have 25 years.
If it was one year more, you'll have half a year.
And since you're neither Kira's ally nor L's, you won't tell me the name of someone I want to kill, even if you see their name.
In other words I can't get your help.
Is that what you're trying to say? Yeah.
It's also part of the Shinigami code.
I'll say this once more.
Give me half your remaining life and I'll give you the Shinigami eyes.
If I do that I'll know everyone's name.
It means that it'll be easier to use the Death Note.
So Light, what'll it be? I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away everything that I didn't need I'm holding these feelings that I can't give up in my heart Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice In between reality and my ideal I can't hold back the flooding impulses Because I have a strong desire to accomplish [deceit] [fear] [vanity] [melancholy] I'm not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions I'm a trickster who doesn't know solitude Who knew Death Note would carry out everything written in it so accurately? L D O Y O U K N O W Exactly 11:45.
Wanted Criminal Kiichiro Osoreda Everything is going according to plan.
The Death Note never fails.