Death Note: New Generation (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Mishima, Chapitre 1: Rebirth

Your real name is Mishima Tsukuru? No.
Are you the person who killed Soichiro Yagami? Yes.
What do you know about the Death Note? Nothing.
You can not know what I was thinking.
Welcome to the Kira investigation division.
What is a Death Note? A weapon of mass destruction that was terrible.
This is the first time I heard about Death Note.
Timing & Upload by tech217 The world criminals have disappeared one by one because someone named Kira 10 years ago.
Light Yagami sentenced to death for killing criminals one by one with a cruel.
With an obsession to create a peaceful world without crime.
He did this by using Death Note, just by writing the name of a person.
Like the God of Death.
He started doing by hacking the account of his father who was the head of police.
He can punish the perpetrators impunity with ease.
He is Kira.
No, rather Light Yagami Then, one year ago this disaster begins.
- Well goodness, that there is no end.
- Ahh, I want to get a drink.
Maybe we'll finish the other half.
Are you kidding? What do you want to go for a drink after this? Only the best wines that can relieve fatigue? Patients with heart failure.
A heart attack? His name is also accident.
But where are you going to report the incident? Small Public Health Department.
Well, is there any point in reporting it there? I have no idea.
The temperature in this room is very hot.
AC was broken.
We would have been dead if its middle of summer.
Well since we're still alive lets have a Meeting.
What is there to talk about? There is something that will be reported by Mishima-kun.
Come on! They listen to me! Misa Amane we know often eat chips with 5 variants of this flavor.
Instructions regarding the woman's contained on the chips.
relationship? The chips that are standard apple chips.
Oh, I see? Light Yagami seems also often eat these foods.
Looks like she was still obsessed with Light Yagami.
Oh Although I do not want to say but what this information is absolutely trustworthy? One again, there are things that are always done by Yagami Light or Kira in action.
That is always bringing apples in large quantities.
Although he will not be able to eat it all.
Most likely that eating apples is the Shinigami Ryuk.
Death Note Otaku.
Processing Factory Ota report, A man named Gozu Shinya died of heart failure.
Gozu Shinya is it possible? The perpetrator makes the victims of bullying committed suicide 13 years ago? It's you know.
I've given the victim would be killed Kira if he is still alive.
So Kira is still alive? Light Yagami is dead, it is likely he is alive 50%.
Maybe it will happen again.
- Start inquiry! - Good.
What did you bring the record? Not a problem? Why? Let's go.
Good, 1 double package.
Please, thank you very much.
- As usual.
- Good Please, thank you very much.
Who was one.
Kanda-san to this day no one package of fried fish.
In total 600 yen.
- This.
- Thank you very much.
What You Kanda-san? About the death of Gozu-san, can you tell us more details? How Long At that time we were working together.
Then we plan to go for a drink afterwards.
Suddenly he was lying.
What is the condition Gozu-san at the time? He was healthy.
At least he is completely healthy before he died.
Oh, I see.
Narase-san I heard that this was the work of Kira, is that correct? Why do you think so? He used to have a criminal record is it not? And I saw some news about the rise in internet Kira.
We only investigate if this was really an accident or not.
Is it done? I have lunch first.
Good, thank you very much.
Excuse me, what I could have asked for a short time? What is wrong? Whether buying their own lunch is a system here? Well, the company did not provide lunch daily.
What Gozu-san also bought in the shop? Well, he also bought there.
Oh, I see.
Thank you very much.
My stomach is hungry because you're talking about lunch.
Hah? What is this? Take a look at this.
Their in the corpse autopsy of Gozu-san.
Matsuda, how about the Kira investigation? What have you discovered? Gozu ever become a criminal.
I suspect that his death has something to do with the events of Kira.
Only with that information? I also thought that this has to do with Kira.
Mishima, explain.
The dead man was a criminal.
Although it is unclear whether the culprit is Kira, but all the evidence leads there.
This flower is found around the scene.
Despite this very beautiful flower, But with the right dose, These flowers can be dangerous.
These flowers can paralyze the body in the long run.
With so autopsies usually already missed.
We perform an autopsy and investigating the sub-toxic substances that exist in the body of the victim.
- Narase.
- Good.
It is a provider of employee photos lunch, Natsugawa Rokuro.
Natsugawa is a friend who frequently bullied Gozu while still in school.
So there is a possibility that food eaten Gozu been poisoned.
One more thing, Natsugawa hate Gozu and often wished that Gozu sentenced to death.
You've heard the results of our investigation.
- Set Natsugawa as the main suspect.
- Good.
We have been caught.
Very fast.
You acknowledge that you are a killer Gozu? Is Gozu a very important person? So you all, Conduct an investigation like this.
Though I was very hurt by Gozu.
Gozu have killed my friend Yamazato-kun with bullying.
Whether revenge is the motive of this murder? It was not revenge! But karma.
Initially Gozu just bothers me.
Yamazato-kun wants to protect.
And he replaced me for bullied.
And then he was killed.
The assassin Gozu, actually not sentenced to death.
And she lived happily.
What do you think the guys in the factory meeting was an opportunity? Yes.
Gozu already do not recognize myself anymore.
I'm sure he also had forgotten Yamazato-kun.
People like that do not deserve to live.
Gozu-san has been undergoing rehabilitation so that he can live a normal life.
you do not have the right to do that.
This is the justice created by mankind, life isn't fair.
What do you imitate Kira? Yeah right.
Kira will immediately kill Gozu.
I just replace Kira.
Natsugawa Rokuro.
you were arrested on murder charges Gozu Shinya.
"Those who poisoned lunches taken inspiration from Kira.
" "The perpetrator poison him three hours before the incident.
" "Gozu Shinya had been killed by poison the food was laid out in his lunch.
" "The culprit is the person who set up the picnic lunch," "Natsugawa Rokuro, 28 years.
" "Motif conducted by Natsugawa.
" "Similar things happened in 2006, namely during the incident Kira.
" "What in the name of justice.
" "At our request, Natsugawa declared that Gozu did not deserve to live.
" "Natsugawa claims that Gozu provoked him at school.
" "And he blames him for the suicide of a close friend, even though Gozu was never convicted of the incident.
" - What about Natsugawa file has been sent? - Should have been.
If you're not there we probably would not have found the culprit.
You are truly disciples Soichiro Yagami.
When you've entered, you greatly admire Yagami-san is not it? I also admire Yagami-san.
This Note.
The boss wants to promote you.
What do you say? Time in this department also is one of the relics Yagami-san.
Oh so.
- Makisa-san.
- What? There was something odd about the state of Natsugawa.
What? I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
Natsugawa suddenly started talking about the Death Note.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
It was like he was being manipulated.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
I'm Kira.
The one who woke the Death Note.
You all are not going to win against Kira.
Death Note can control someone's death.
It looks like the owner ordered him to repeat the words.
owners must be hiding somewhere.
Natsugawa died, the cause of heart attacks.
Since then, everything began to change.
"Frightening news of a new series of deaths.
" "There have been several Mysterious Deaths.
" "There have been seven cases of myocardial infarction so far.
" "Presumably this chain of death was the work of Kira.
" Worlds back covered with fear.
"The suspect died premises unnatural" Those who believe in the resurrection Shinigami Kira was excited.
A few months later, the country has terjatu in fear.
The Department Kira Investigation will be officially renamed as Department of Prevention Death Note.
The head office will be restructured.
So we'll be able to investigate big cases? Before that we have been destroyed by Shinigami.
And now the government has been aware of the dangers of dealing with the Death Note.
Death of a chain that continuously occur, Surely all this is caused by Kira successor.
We are all responsible for finding a successor holder's Death Note.
Eventually it starts again.
- Are you afraid? - N- No.
As long as there Mishima all will be fine.
Yes, Death Note Otaku? I told you I'm not otaku.
Mishima, we believe in you.
To you this is just a permualaan alone.
I'll try to uncover all of these things right away.