Deception (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

You're the Bad Guy

The effort to rush Lyritrol to market, trial results were altered.
Lives were lost.
Is this why Vivian was murdered? No.
What you have destroyed today you'll never get back.
How did he get this alleged evidence? We need to find out who's on your side.
Isn't there a person you can talk to, find out what she's really been doing for the last ten years? I've got the person who knows her best.
Isn't this the best surprise? Mom! He doesn't trust me.
That's why he's gonna ask you a bunch of questions.
He's gonna try to catch me in a lie.
What's your opening offer gonna be when you make your bid for Bowers? Will he find something that will affect the merger? How do you know about the kids? I never published that information.
I think Audrey Cruz may have killed your sister.
I need a bone marrow transplant.
You're my best chance.
What murder weapon? We found a golf club near the body.
- Kimberly Yaeger? - You made a bad deal.
Good luck with your death.
I need Wyatt to stay in jail.
Either I get your signature on the consent form or Robert will learn how you'll always be wet for Wyatt.
You still love him, don't you? Okay, I'm in.
You're worried we're gonna get caught, aren't you? My mom is down the hall.
Edward keeps texting me.
He's been texting all morning.
I have to see what he wants Mmhmm.
But I promise this to you again.
And I am gonna hold you to that.
I promise to God, Nichole, you have five seconds.
Before I'm deported.
I know, I know.
Just listen.
Audrey Cruz bought a one-way ticket to Morocco yesterday.
- How do you know that? - It doesn't matter.
Why is this chick so eager to leave town and not come back? This hoochie from Kirschner-Sims starts dating Julian right as his father's company goes down in flames, and now her company's billion-dollar drug gets to market first? That can't be a coincidence.
She has to know something.
There's a story here.
All right, thank you, Nichole.
I'll take it from here.
Audrey's about to disappear.
Nichole, we will take it from here.
If we need your help, we'll let you know.
What are we doing down here? Shh! I need talk to you.
I gotta go see will.
So do you think that you can just avoid Robert until I get back? I can handle Robert.
What I wanna know is what Julian was doing coming out of your room this morning.
What do you think he was doing? Well, I mean what? My contact just fell out! Okay, just don't step on it.
We're gonna find it.
Why don't you just wear glasses? Well, because I still care about my appearance.
Does will know what you're doing? No, obviously.
Well, he deserves better than that.
Can you please mind your business? Well, I would love to, but I was yanked out of my nice apartment by Robert Bowers, and now I'm back in this house of horrors.
And I have your contact lens.
- Great.
- You are welcome.
Well, whatever you can live with, Joanna, but I'm telling you this thing with Julian doesn't have legs.
It can't.
It's not in his nature.
Look at this.
You think Mia might've lost this down here? Who knows? This whole family sheds jewelry like dog fur.
I miss Vivian all the time, and ever since she died, everybody's gone crazy.
Um I'm sorry.
Why are we filming this? I find the tapes helpful.
Do you, like, look at them alone late at night? - You're angry.
- No.
I'm just asking because it seems a little creepy.
And, yeah, okay, I am a little angry.
My sister was murdered, and then it turned out that she was my mother, and now my rapist father wants my bone marrow, so, yeah, I'm a little mad and a little confused.
Maybe if you work through the anger, you can have some clarity on some issues.
What is your obsession with anger? Oh, my God.
Maybe you could just tell me what was going on with my sister when she died.
You were her therapist.
You were in her head.
You knew how she felt about my father.
- You know I can't do that.
- Why not? She's dead.
I'm alive, and I need help.
Help me.
I'm sorry, Mia.
But if we focus on you I don't wanna focus on me.
Thank you.
Wait, wait.
So you're saying Audrey put a hit out on someone? Russian mob.
We believe they also killed your sister and a reporter by the name of Remy Colville who started to uncover the truth.
Okay, so all those test subjects that died, none of that was true? Kirschner-Sims made the whole thing up to discredit Lyritrol and beat us to market.
And now, Frank Drexler gets to strong-arm dad into a merger.
I got played.
I should've never released those test results.
I believed them when I read 'em.
At least you weren't banging the person behind the entire thing.
When are you gonna arrest Audrey? We're building the case, but this thing has to be airtight.
Is there anything I can do to help? I was hoping you'd ask that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Hey, I'm looking for Will.
- Have you seen him? - Yeah.
He's with Julian and Edward Bowers who are both here right now.
- Julian's here right now? - Yes.
We couldn't get a search warrant for Audrey Cruz's place, so we had to go to plan "B.
" - What's plan "B"? - I'll let will tell you.
Okay, so we put a wire on Julian.
We have him checking Audrey's place to see if he can find the burner phone that she called the Russians on.
- This is crazy.
- I know.
But we don't have any time.
He's our only in.
You said she's leaving town.
Look, Joanna.
We're almost there, all right? Once we're done with this, you know, maybe we can figure this out, figure out us.
Will, I slept with Julian.
And I wish I could say that it was a mistake and that it didn't mean anything, but then I'd be lying.
You're off the case.
- Will, I wanna finish this.
- Too bad.
Because your feelings are hurt? Feelings? Who gives a crap about my feelings, Joanna? But, no, yeah, my feelings are hurt.
You have no objectivity, your testimony is completely compromised, and you're fired.
And, you know, I'm just curious.
How's this gonna work when you tell your boyfriend you've been lying to him this whole time? If you don't agree to this merger, we'll do it the hard way.
Your people won't be protected.
You really are the village idiot, Frank.
Ah, here we go.
To think you could pull this off, it takes a really special kind of stupid.
Does Bowers make a drug that treats delusions? 'Cause you really should try that.
Oh, wait might kill ya.
Never mind.
We both know Kirschner-Sims' fingerprints are all over this! How long do you think it'll take me to collect enough shares for a hostile grab? I guess we'll find out.
Gentlemen, will you please excuse us so I can speak to my client in private? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Talk some sense into him.
Robert, what are you doing? A merger was our best option.
Tom, this whole thing is a setup.
We both know you've engaged in some questionable moves in the past.
Now you're out of options.
Take the golden parachute, I beg you.
- Frank.
- Yeah? You know my assistant Joanna, don't you? Never saw her before in my life.
Really? Go screw yourself.
Why do you think I would know Frank Drexler? You seem like kindred spirits.
I'll be going out for lunch.
It was fantastic.
Robert Bowers melted down.
Frank, I need to get away for a while.
Can you cut me my bonus check? Not until Robert Bowers agrees to the merger.
So where you gonna go? This is the bank account where you can deposit the check.
You seem nervous.
That makes me nervous.
No, I'm, just I'm tired.
This hasn't been easy.
This was your plan, Audrey.
Foolproof isn't that what you told me? Well, it got complicated.
There's a reporter, Remy Colville, who has some information he plans to make public.
That can't happen.
And you want me get rid of information or reporter? Both.
I need this merger to go through.
I'm not interested in complications.
So are we buttoned up? It's taken care of.
I want that money by the end of the day.
Hey, so you busy tonight? I'd love to see you.
Yeah, I'd love to see you too.
There's something I need to talk to you about.
I could swing by after work.
I'll see you then.
- I wanna strangle her.
- Yeah, I know the feeling.
But sometimes we need to restrain ourselves.
So if she's convicted of a contract killing, that's the death penalty, right? Look, Julian, we just need the phone, okay? When you go in there, you see it, if you can grab it, great.
If not I want her to look me in the eye and confess to killing Vivian.
Listen, you're not a professional, okay? Just focus on the phone.
Then why am I wearing a wire? Because that's how a sting works.
Do you have a problem with me? Nah, man.
You're the coolest guy ever.
Audrey Cruz is dangerous.
The wire is for your protection.
Good to know you have my back.
I'm worried about you, darling.
I wish you'd talk to me.
You've been through so many emotional traumas.
Can we pick one and talk about it? I miss Vivian.
Wish I could just have Five minutes with her.
Mom? Excuse me for just a minute.
Wyatt, what are you doing here? Are you surprised to see me after you planted that bag of dope? What are you talking about? Okay, we'll pretend And lucky for me, your friend Haverstock pulled some strings.
Yeah? I told you I'm fine.
But how can you be fine? Have you spoken to your father? Not yet.
- I'm getting on a plane.
- No.
Why? Because you need somebody in your corner.
Honey, you're gonna go over to your father's house and fall on the sword, and he's gonna twist it.
Maybe I deserve that.
I don't like the way that sounds.
Sam, I'm fine.
Stay where you are.
He can't do anything to me.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Joanna.
- Don't hang up.
Why would Audrey kill Vivian? Look, what are you doing? Just give Robert your two weeks' notice and head back to San Francisco.
Listen, I know you don't wanna talk to me right now, but just hear me out.
If Vivian was the messenger in Audrey's plan, why would she kill her? 'Cause the plan backfired.
Vivian found out she was being used? Maybe Remy Colville told her.
Look, how about I just ask Audrey when she's in the box? I get a lot of requests for this room.
People are really weird like that.
Here it is.
This is where Vivian Bowers died.
She used to come here all the time when she was on a bender.
I'll leave you to it.
You know I love you, right? Dude, is this emo overload like a side effect of your sobriety? You are such a smartass.
I get it from you.
Hey, sweet thing.
We're having a little soiree down the hall.
You wanna join us? Sure.
You have really nice hands, little doll hands.
How old are you? Wow.
Me too.
That's awesome.
Um, you mm? What is this? Heroin.
Like, Taliban-grade.
Excuse me.
You okay? Is my dad being a jerk again? Well, he's on the warpath, that's for sure.
Well, he might be getting some good news real soon.
Really? What? I will tell you all about it tonight, I promise.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Hello? What? Okay, okay.
Don't move, don't move.
I'm on my way.
Why the gloomy snout, Jane? You're in billable territory here.
We have to make a formal announcement about your illness.
I just got off the phone with the chief of staff.
Why do bad things happen to good people? Come on, Dwight.
You have to put your estate in order.
Everything goes to Mia Bowers.
You let Wyatt out.
I told you, if I didn't get what I wanted, I would get him paroled.
I'm a man of my word.
Put him back! What? Who am I? The cat in the hat? He is not thing one and thing two.
I can't just put him back in a box.
You know what, maybe we should wait just to see if he does any violence to you.
You're the worst man in the world.
No, that's your husband.
You know, I'd love to talk to you about this for hours, but I'm kind of busy planning my death.
Beverly, it's Robert.
I was hoping I could take you to lunch.
What are you reading? Just a romance.
Terry McMillan.
Living vicariously, I see.
You never did have a man in your life, did you, Beverly? What do you want, Robert? I want to know what your daughter is really doing here.
I'm not sure I follow.
We could do this, or I could remind you of the part you played in the first Mrs.
Bowers' death.
You could still go to prison, you know.
I have Alzheimer's, Robert.
In six months, I may not even know my name.
Do you think I'll really give a crap where I am? You know, I always wondered what it must've felt like for you living with Catherine's death on your hands.
I certainly didn't have the strength to be the one to do it.
Oh, but you sure did profit from it, didn't you? If her family ever catches wind of anything, it could be very bad for you.
Her sister still sends me Christmas cards, you know? How nice.
Edward is waiting for you, sir.
You'd better go.
Nothing's more important than family.
Isn't that what you always say? Why didn't the FBI tell me about this? I didn't wanna tip off Audrey and Frank.
And, yet, here you are.
Seems they made the same mistake I did.
Your sister does the FBI believe Audrey had her killed too? Yeah.
Look, don't do this Kirschner-Sims merger.
Wait this thing out.
Of course I'm not merging with Kirschner-Sims.
I didn't get where I am by believing every stupid thing people say.
Well, I was just trying to keep you in the loop.
Excuse me, Edward, did you just think I was going to welcome you back into the family? No, I figured you'd be a dick about it.
Wanna hear me say, "I'm sorry"? I am sorry.
I was wrong.
You ruined my reputation, and you nearly destroyed my company, and you come in here with "I'm sorry"? Well, I'm sorry, dad.
I don't know what to say.
I worked with you for 20 years.
Wasn't too hard to believe.
So I'm the bad guy.
Edward, I have something for you.
What is it? You know what this is.
I got it from Haverstock.
So, here.
Wear it around your neck Murderer.
You're the bad guy, Edward, not me.
You always have been.
Hey, get off of her! Get off of her.
- Hey, you want in on this? - Hey! No, I decided to stay.
Come on.
Hey, wait, she decided to stay.
Hey! She's 16! And you're disgusting.
You know what? I'm keeping this, pervert.
If you try anything, you touch another young girl, I know where you live.
Let's go.
Hey, let me call you back.
Can you call before coming by? Is that too much to ask? I have another solve for you.
Kimberly Yaeger.
That's the murder weapon.
My father made a deal and suppressed the evidence.
I found out about it a couple weeks ago.
- You been drinking? - Yeah.
I've got a couple scotches in me.
So what? Look, if you turn this in, I have to put you into custody.
You know that, right? I'm a lawyer.
You don't have to explain the law to me.
NYPD is gonna party like it's new year's Eve.
I know.
You can kiss a fair trial good-bye, Edward.
I know.
Look Are you gonna arrest me or do I have to hit you with it? This is who I am, will.
Let's go.
Turn around.
Let's go.
- All right.
- Oh.
Here, drink some water.
Thank you.
Not fun to be you right now.
So is this about Kyle? What happened today? I went to go see Vivian's shrink, and he told me that I was an angry person which really pissed me off So then I accidentally did heroin.
I thought it was coke.
As I say that, I realize that it's not a very good excuse, but Vivian had a shrink? Yeah, Dr.
That should've been my first clue.
God, I wish I could talk to her.
What would you ask her? Just say it.
Um Should I let Haverstock die? Or should I give him my bone marrow? Is he a bad guy, or did she really love him? And how bad does someone have to be in order to let them die? I just want her to tell me what to do.
I'll tell you what she'd say.
Give him the bone marrow.
Save his life And then don't ever think about him again.
How do you know? Because she'd see that it's eating you alive.
You're a good person, Mia.
Just do it and don't look back.
It's not a hard decision.
I'm glad you're here.
Hey, I think you might've lost this in the wine cellar.
Oh, no.
This was Vivian's.
She bought this after she'd been clean for 30 days.
She was really proud.
Hi, Detective Gabe Denton, yes.
Yes, I know.
Where's agent Moreno? Special agent Moreno is busy at the moment.
Oh, I see.
Well, maybe you can help me.
- Okay.
- I asked about you.
Lieutenant Brauch speaks very highly of your work, the geiger case in particular.
You've made quite a name for yourself, impressed all the right people.
Well, you don't make Detective this young sitting on your hands.
No, you don't.
Listen, is there a place we could speak privately? Um, yeah, sure.
Doctor-patient confidentiality doesn't hold after a patient's death.
You know that.
So why didn't you contact the police after she was murdered? Can you imagine how my clients would feel if I just handed over their private sessions? Those DVDs are a firsthand account of her life before she died.
So you can give them to me now, or I can drag you in front of a grand jury.
Of course I was going to hand them over.
I was just I was just waiting for my book deal to close.
- Hey, you! - Audrey Cruz, right? I'm Nichole.
I'm doing an expose on the whole Lyritrol thing.
Bowers cancer drug, killed a bunch of people? What a sick apartment.
Does Kirschner-Sims pay for this? Man, I picked the wrong career.
Just stop.
Who are you again? Sorry.
Nichole Frishette, writer.
Used to work with Remy Colville.
Did he ever interview you? No.
Well, Remy was working on this Lyritrol story until he got murdered.
Seemed to think there was something more to it than just bad test results.
Really? Like, what? I'm not sure exactly.
I was hoping your Kirschner-Sims perspective might help me figure it out.
Do you mind answering a few questions about Frank Drexler? Sure.
Hey there, gorgeous.
I planted the heroin.
I was afraid of what might happen if you got out.
Guess we're finding out right now.
I'm not leaving my family.
I can't.
I don't want to.
Here's the here's the money I was saving for us.
$3 million.
Take it.
I followed you in the papers, Sofia.
All that money? I knew it'd be hard to give up.
I just Never thought you'd turn on me like you did.
Yeah, I was wrong.
I regret it.
Start a new life, Wyatt.
I read that you named your daughter Mia And that was the name that we had picked out for our little girl.
It would've all been different.
Would it? You think if your daddy hadn't have beat that baby out of you, you'd be satisfied living in a tract home? Or you really think that you could live like that? I don't know.
But I know I loved you.
That I do know.
Hi, kid.
You don't look good.
- An evaporating gene pool.
- Yeah.
So I'm gonna give you my bone marrow.
You're g oh, my God.
I'm overwhelmed.
Well, I'm not doing it because I love you or because I think that your life is so important that the earth will perish if it ends.
I'm doing it because I can't imagine going through the rest of my life knowing that I could've saved another human being, anyone, and didn't.
So Oh, but I'm gonna wait a couple days 'cause I accidentally did heroin today.
You are a pure soul.
Maybe I get it from Vivian.
I dreamt that I brought Justin Timberlake home for dinner because we're writing a children's book together.
Don't laugh.
Maybe it means something.
How was your week? Good.
I feel strong.
And I'm going to a meeting every day like a good little 12-stepper.
I totally forgot you were coming over.
How about we go out? Crap, Richie Rich might not even get in the door.
Come on, Julian.
Get inside.
Come on.
I'll buy you a drink.
- Let's just stay in.
- Okay, one drink.
Then have to finish packing.
Where are you going? That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Everything's been so crazy.
I need to get away.
Where to? Morocco.
You wanna come? So she kills his sister then she takes him on an island vacation? Morocco's not an island.
I'm not really sure this is the best time for me to be leaving the country.
Oh, it's the perfect time.
Everything's fallen apart here.
Let's get away, see if we really have something together.
Are you bleeding? I must've sliced my hand cutting those limes.
Julian, Julian, wait.
There's stop.
It's nothing.
It's not what you think.
What's in there, Audrey? Julian, you have to trust me on this.
Julian, don't! Who is she? What the hell did you do? You don't understand.
This whole thing has spun so out of control.
- We gotta go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on a second.
She's about to confess.
She's about to kill his ass! Julian, I know it looks bad, but it was self-defense.
What about Vivian and Ben? I couldn't risk him exposing me.
I would have been - how many people did you kill? - Oh, God! This whole thing got out of hand.
No one was supposed to die.
We have to get her to a hospital now.
Of course, whatever she needs.
Aah! - You killed my sister! - Julian! Julian! Julian, come on! It's not worth it! Come on! Gun! Gabe! She was going for her gun.
Gun? What gun, Gabe? Blowing the whistle on Lyritrol, severing all these ties it's just scary.
What are you scared of, Vivian? Just say it.
There's nothing here.
The thing that I'm most afraid of is telling Haverstock that it's over.
I didn't know, I she's your murderer.
What are you thinking, Vivian? Sometimes I think he'd kill me before he'd let me go.
Heard you needed some money on your books, Eddie.
So your brother's a little banged up, but he's gonna be fine.
Audrey Cruz, on the other hand, is dead.
We got everything we needed from her computer.
But that's not really why I'm here.
There were no fingerprints on that golf club, Eddie.
There was some blood residue, but it wasn't Kimberly Yaeger's blood.
It was animal blood.
So whoever told you that that golf club proved that you were a murderer, they lied.
I don't know what happened that night, and neither do you.
There were over 200 people at that party, so put it behind you, man.
Come on.
Go home.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself, Eddie.
You better be at the airport.
Vivian was still seeing Haverstock when she died.
Joanna, don't do this.
Look, I'm watching her therapy sessions right now.
Her shrink taped them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, where'd you get your hands on those? Haverstock knew about Ben, about their kid.
He knew that Vivian was in love with somebody else.
- I don't care.
- Okay, all I'm saying is maybe Haverstock killed Vivian because he knew that she was gonna leave him for Ben.
Joanna, Audrey Cruz confessed.
It's on the wire.
We got it.
It's done.
Okay, but did she say Vivian? Did she confess to killing Vivian? I'm closing the case, Joanna.
- Will, answer the question! - Joanna did Audrey Cruz confess to killing Vivian Bowers? Just go home.
Moreno, every news outfit is trying to find you.
You just closed a career case, you lucky bastard.
What's on your mind? Where to begin? Well, I handed over that golf club you gave my father, and I turned myself in for the murder of Kimberly Yaeger.
Look at you going all-in.
Yeah, I was ready to pay for my crime.
Want a drink? No.
Turns out my fingerprints weren't on it.
And the blood residue? From an animal.
Well, that must be a burden lifted.
Yeah, what'd you do, club a raccoon to death? All right, look, I had to protect myself.
That doesn't mean you didn't do it.
Can you imagine what my sister's life would've been like if she'd been allowed to talk about what happened between you two? If you hadn't used me to blackmail my father? Now, listen, look.
I have leukemia.
Yeah, you've got bigger problems than that.
Aah! Aah! Press charges.
I dare you.
Is the reporter gonna be okay? Yeah.
May even win a pulitzer out of the whole thing.
I just can't believe it was her that killed Vivian.
How did I let her into my life? Everyone makes mistakes.
Well, at least the other piece of good news is I think I can trust my father again.
For a minute there, he was looking like a pretty dark dude.
She's dead? Yup.
If Audrey killed my daughter, I'd want her dead too.
I have to ask How did I know you wouldn't arrest me for soliciting a murder for hire? Yeah, that.
An even money bet.
Either you'd share my vision of justice Or not.