Deception (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Getting Away Clean

1 Previously on "Deception" You've been helping the FBI solve crimes.
I want you to help me commit one.
What are you willing to do to save your brother? Anything.
Cameron, you helped to steal a diamond worth millions.
You're in a lot of trouble.
I made a lot of mistakes.
But I didn't do that.
So you think Mystery Woman has gone to great lengths to recreate this exact moment.
My guess is whatever she's up to, the answer's in this photo.
CAMERON: Here's the thing about a city.
It's like an audience a fragile family of strangers held together by a simple, unspoken agreement.
We all have a role to play, from the paramedics who save us to the bartender who listens to our worries, to lovers Good evening.
- who remind us what that felt like.
- [Woman laughs] We trust everyone to play their part.
And when someone breaks that trust Have a good night, Jerry.
well, that role falls to someone who protects and serves.
They help make things right.
And I look through them streets and find you.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.
Where you been at, huh? Been trying to get ahold of you.
So where you been at, man?! Mission at the park? Just Just Just let me out, man.
I'll keep quiet, I promise.
That's not what I'm trying to hear.
That's not what I wanna hear, man! No! [Groans] - Freeze! - [Gasps] Get on the ground! [Grunts] MAN: [Distorted] Officer [Echoing] you all right? That was one hell of a fall.
You hit your head pretty good.
[Normal voice] That's not a suggestion, you know? Who are you? I work here? You been drinking, Officer? Th-That's not mine.
A man was killed here tonight! I saw it! [Chuckles] Okay, well, I had the caution sign out, so don't sue me.
I saw it.
Cameron, you can't be here.
Deakins revoked your access, remember? Can you believe that? They also took away my observer badge and gave me this crappy visitor one instead.
It's temporary.
I have to give this back? What are you doing here? I don't know, just thought I could smooth things over, get the team re-instated.
What's with these new cases, by the way? They're not cases.
They're crackpot reports.
And thanks to you, Deakins has us clearing them until your little diamond heist blows over.
Oh, she's blaming you for what I did? That's not fair.
You worked with an international criminal behind our backs.
She doesn't trust you.
Now, would you please go, before I get in any more trouble? Okay.
Oh, w-what you're saying is if we clear these cases, we get you out of the Deakins doghouse, we can get back to work? Oh, I'll be out of the doghouse, but there is no way - that you are coming back - Okay, cool, because look.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn yeah.
A cop witnesses a murder in a bodega.
He passes out, he wakes up, and the evidence has all vanished.
That screams deception, am I right? Cameron go home.
Okay, going home.
[Buzzer] MAN: Yo, the rat is here! Yeah, ya punk! [Indistinct shouting] The hell's this? Welcome back.
[Keys jingle] You didn't save me any eggs? Me and Dina had eggs, but we're a team.
We do things together.
Well, not things-things.
It's not my fault Cameron only asked me to help.
He got kidnapped by you-know-who.
- He - Gunter, do you remember the last time Cameron did a show without all three of us? Maybe he did it to protect you.
I don't know.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know, say something, tell us, be cool? Not likely.
Seen the way he dresses? Like a break-dancing lawn jockey.
[Laughs] Working on the big mystery why is Cameron's great-grandfather in a photo with those rich guys, and why is the Mystery Woman obsessed with recreating? - Dina? - Yes? Those men were ruthless into dark deeds like our Mystery Woman.
Cameron's great-grandfather was a magician, not Voldemort.
He was probably performing for them.
Well, Alistair Black was not a performer.
He was a builder.
But he didn't just build tricks.
I heard he made hidden passages, secret chambers for his mistresses and victims.
JORDAN: Victims? Like "Special Victims Unit" victims? Gunter? Do you think that Alistair was making secret things for those men? Yes, Dina, I do.
Question is what and where? I'm gonna find out both.
Alone! Excuse me, Officer.
That's not a crosswalk, pal.
Oh, yeah.
No, sorry.
Just, uh you don't know who I am? No, who are you? Oh.
Well, uh, name's Cameron.
I'm, uh, FBI official observer, technically.
What's that, like a junior detective or something? I was wondering if you wanted to talk to us about this bodega murder case that you filed with us.
What's there to talk about? You guys didn't believe me.
I believe you.
I mean, I don't think that what you saw is impossible.
And even if it was, impossible's my middle name.
People like that line.
So, this kid shoots the clerk right in front of you.
Before you can do anything, everything goes black.
That right? Yeah, someone knocks me out.
I come to, the dead clerk's gone.
There's another clerk there calling me crazy.
No mess, no body, no nothing.
I was standing here.
The perp was here, and the clerk was shot right here.
[Gasps] No one was shot, Mrs.
You ain't gotta - [Door closes] - Thanks.
Take it easy.
That camera got me coming in, and that camera's busted.
There's no clear view from the door, and the place is spotless.
- Whoever did this was good.
- [Scoffs] All right, so, clerk's standing here and he got shot, right? So his blood would spatter right here.
You said this happened what, three days ago? Yeah.
All these packing dates are exactly the same, and fresh.
What kind of cost-conscious bodega switches out an entire deli case at the same time? And what are the odds somebody bought 'em all? I'm starting to get the feeling someone bought it, all right.
And they restocked this entire case in order to finish cleaning.
"End and clean" in magic refers to the final move where you ditch the evidence of the trick.
What? I mean, uh, in crime fighting.
It's a new FBI terminology, which, uh, we use to you know, I'm just gonna demonstrate.
May I? Thanks.
Ace of Spades, eh? You gotta pay for those now.
You know that, right? Yeah, sure.
Now, it looks to you like I just tore that up, right? But in fact, what I did was I replaced it.
Now you're doing card tricks? Yeah, it's a you know, forget it.
The real question is, what happened to the deli products that this stuff replaced? Maybe they're in the trash.
[Door opens] Stop! Stop! FBI! Stop! Stop the truck! Stop the truck! Maslin! I saw the clerk throw a bag in here.
Don't touch that.
Found it.
Exhibit A blood-covered cold cuts.
You were right, Officer Maslin.
There was a murder.
We got a case.
What is that? American.
It could be cheddar.
Also evidence! Which is why I wrote "evidence" on it.
Cameron, how is it we are up to our necks with crackpots, and yet you are the most annoying thing about this job? I don't know, guess you're lucky.
So, I happened by the bodega where this alleged murder took place.
Looks like this cop, Maslin, he's not making it up.
You found this cheese digging through a garbage truck? Sure, but the blood on it will match the victim, I guarantee it.
This is a real case.
You can trust me.
We need more than a gut feeling, like a body to match this blood which came from a trash can, so it could've come from anywhere.
W Plus, this is PD's case, not the Bureau's.
All right.
Look, you guys are in trouble because of me.
I just just wanted to help.
I'll stop.
But if you get the chance, this cop, Maslin, he's a good guy.
I believe him.
All right.
I'll see what we can find out.
What's that? Alistair Black's ledger of all the tricks he ever built.
If he made one for one of the men in the photo, it should be here.
We should check the plans for project number 617.
Alistair built it for Houdini took 12 years.
And how long have you been here? 20 minutes.
What could've taken 12 years to build? Trust! Trust takes a long time to build.
Okay, okay.
Can you take your messy little investigation elsewhere, please? What's the occasion? I am having a companion over for dinner.
A date! With who? The first domesticated man I've ever dated.
Sounds like Mike.
I promised him a home-cooked meal.
And I don't have a working oven in my place Because you can't cook, so you got him takeout from Trubiano's.
A harmless deception, Jordan.
Now, both of you, go.
Please? That's deceit, but in a fun way.
You should be taking notes.
And I'm headed down to Alistair's deep storage room alone! 6 [Drawer squeaks] Mm.
[Drawer squeaks] [Clanging] [Chuckles] one [Clanging] seven.
[Drawer squeaks] [Clanging] [Machinery creaking and whirring] What are you hiding, Alistair? [Door opens] [Door creaking] [Door slams] Let me out of here! [Knocking] Jordan? What the hell? What is this? [Echoing] Aah! MASLIN: Hey.
Just wanted to let you know I've been reassigned, but you got some actual special agents on your case now, so that's good for you.
Come here, come here.
That's my captain.
I told you, she doesn't believe me.
Check this out.
I've been looking at mug shots for hours, cross-references those with narcotic files, and I got him.
Who? The perp from the bodega Alex Boyd.
He was busted three months ago for dealing in Prospect Park.
This makes sense.
He mentioned a park before he shot the clerk.
Maybe that's his territory.
- I - Okay, look, look.
Cameron, I know it's thin, but it's all we got to go on.
We gotta get down there.
I just told you, I'm not on the case anymore.
Cameron, we gotta find this guy.
We gotta shake him down, see who he works for.
Look, Maslin, I can't go.
I can't do this alone.
This is my shot to prove that I still got it and I ain't crazy.
All right.
Okay, but there's a right way to do this and a wrong way.
I need to call my team.
[Telephone ringing] [Ringing] No answer from Officer Maslin.
What do you have? A body was found in Rockaway Inlet matches the description of the victim Maslin described.
MIKE: Kid's name was Tommy Ramos, new to the neighborhood and the job, which explains why Maslin had never seen him before.
And his DNA matches the blood Cameron found.
Cameron? Cameron found the evidence that led to the body.
I discouraged him, but It's Cameron.
I get it.
He just wanted to redeem himself, prove he can still help us.
Nothing makes me angrier than corrupt cops even our magician.
Elevate to a full investigation.
I'll alert the PD brass.
And tell Mr.
Black I'd like to speak to him ASAP.
[Buzzer] Got a book for ya.
Didn't order a book.
Somebody sent you one.
I'm starting to sense a theme here.
Lots of rumors about you.
Word is you're a snitch for the feds.
Well, that's not true.
Rumors are dangerous in here.
I have access to anything you need.
Shiv, blades, mace.
Why do you want to help me? I know what it feels like to be scared.
And 'cause a man's gotta eat.
$20 now, $20 on delivery.
I'll get you a list.
Oh, give me some of those nature magazines before you go.
CAMERON: We've been here awhile, and there's still no sign of Boyd.
Yeah, you're right.
This guy's not gonna show.
Hey, are you are you Cameron Black? [Laughing] What are you hanging around here for? Do you guys need some drugs? I'm kind of busy right now, so Dude, I-I-I've seen all your specials, man.
You're, like, the greatest magician of all time.
Magician? Are you working on a new illusion, like, right now or something? Cameron Black, the Magician.
I thought I recognized you.
You don't work for the FBI! CAMERON: No, look FBI? Whoa.
[Stammers] I gotta, uh Maslin, I-I work with the FBI.
I mean, not technically right now.
Hey, Cameron, what's going on? - Hey.
- Is this the cop we're helping? Who's this guy now? Look, he's part of my team.
Your team? What, your magic team or your FBI team?! Well, both.
This is a big joke to you, isn't it? No.
No, Maslin, I'm helping you.
No, you're not.
You're playing me.
I used to be a real detective.
Now look at me.
I gotta go to work.
[Inhales sharply] Damn, you're on fire today.
Dina, Gunter, that guy literally everyone hates you.
So, what do we do now? We go talk to him.
Who's that? It's the killer.
[Groans] Jordan? Jordan? [Inhales sharply] This Alex guy's a popular drug dealer.
So, Maslin's plan was to wait till he ran out of drugs and then follow him to his supplier.
But given the fact this guy's a murderer, that could get us killed.
Jordan! [Indistinct conversation] Please tell me you didn't just buy drugs off him.
Are you crazy? Of course not.
I stole drugs from him.
[Inhales sharply] - I think I saw a narc over there.
- What are you talking about? - Yeah, over there, at the light.
- What are you talking about?! Aw, man, I think he left.
I think he left.
Oh, we're good, we're good.
We're good.
All he had on him probably $1,000 worth of Molly, I'm guessing.
[Grunts] Watch out.
He should be leaving to resupply in three, two - All right, come on.
Let's follow him.
- Wait, Jordan.
Feel like it is my duty to be the adult in the park and ask the question, what would an FBI agent do? He'd call his partner call Kay.
[Cellphone ringing] - Cameron.
- Kay, it's me.
I'm with Jordan.
We're in Prospect Park.
It's him? Put him on speaker.
CAMERON: Just won about a gram's worth of Molly.
Or is it ecstasy? I don't know the difference.
- JORDAN: They're the same thing.
- All right.
Well, it's not as much as you'd think it would be.
Anyway Mr.
Black, you're on speakerphone.
Uh, first of all, good to hear ya on the phone.
- It's been awhile.
- Hey, Cameron, what's going on? I Okay.
So, Maslin and I found the bodega killer.
His name's Alex Boyd.
He's a drug dealer in Prospect Park.
Right now, he's on the move.
He's headed south towards Parkside.
But don't worry, we are absolutely not following him.
Yes, you are.
Follow him now.
I Sorry, you kind of cracked up there.
It sounded like you said, "Follow him.
" Keep your distance and do not engage.
Agent Daniels will meet you.
[Cellphone beeps] Yeah, she totally hung up on me.
Come on.
This smells amazing.
[Laughs] Are you sure you're not Italian? Oh, aren't we all, just a little? Um, would you like some bread? Sure.
It's garlic bread, yeah.
My boys would love this.
I mean, they're just stuck eating my same three recipes, - heavy rotation all the time.
- [Laughs] And they would love this place, especially my little guy, Jamie.
Loves magic.
Maybe you should bring them by some time.
That'd be nice.
[Soft music playing] [Metal clanging] [Muffled metal clanging] You hear that? Uh, yeah, it's just the building settling in, old plumbing.
This old place makes all sorts of weird noises at night.
The only person who really knew how to maintain it was Jonathan.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought him up.
Oh, it's okay.
It's never easy when something ends.
Even though life goes on, I believe a little part of everyone stays with us.
Makes us who are, going forward.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Muffled metal clanging] You sure it's just the plumbing? [Machinery creaking] [Electricity buzzing] Bloody hell.
[Phonograph clicks, whirs] ALISTAIR: What you search for, you will never find.
Give up, or discover my horrible gift for you.
[Creaking, clanging] - [Box creaks] - Oh! See the truth.
[Electricity crackling] - Oh! - And run.
I ain't got it.
What do you mean, you ain't got it? Something happened.
I think I got pick-pocketed.
Yeah, well, you lose the product, you pay for the product.
You hear me? I haven't got time for this! Get me my money.
[Gun cocks] What's up? Freeze, FBI! [Ladder clanging] - [Gunshot] - [Grunts] [Groaning] Hey, great entrance! How long you been up there? KAY: The drug dealer lawyered up fast, just like the clerk both afraid to talk.
But we need the man in the car.
I'm guessing he's in charge.
You found a body.
We'll take over and find out who did it.
What is it, Captain? Why didn't the NYPD investigate? There's something you should know about Officer Maslin.
Besides being an alcoholic, he was once investigated for racketeering when he was a narcotics detective.
Internal couldn't prove it, but if I were a betting woman, I'd say Maslin is involved somehow.
Look, I'm sorry I lied to you.
But the FBI's all over this.
We got Boyd.
I can ID his boss.
We got a ton of drugs.
I don't know what the etiquette is of disposing of those, but Hey, thanks, Cameron.
I'm sorry I bailed in the park.
I shouldn't have left you there without backup.
You're a good cop, man.
And you're a pretty good magician.
- I checked you out on the computer.
- Pretty good? - Come on, name two magicians - MAN: Hey, Maslin! - currently living that are still - MASLIN: [Chuckling] Hey, look who it is! - Hey.
- So giving to the boxing league this year, Mazzy? - Yeah, sure.
- All right, good man.
Who's your friend? Cameron Black Magician Cameron Black.
All right.
Detective Leo Baker He's one of the good ones.
Don't let this get around, Leo, but, uh, Cam's also with the FBI.
FBI? Oh, that's very interesting.
All right.
Well, I'll see you around, Mr.
Take care, pal! You, too! Detective Leo Baker, narcotics, decorated five times.
Arrested both Alex Boyd and Tommy Ramos in the past, but released both with only warnings.
In exchange for letting them go, they start working for him.
Pushing drugs seized from Baker's busts back onto the street.
CAMERON: There's no way that Baker's working alone.
In my humble opinion.
You think Cameron's right? I'm not sure.
But I do know we can't trust anybody in that precinct till we get in and see for ourselves.
You and Alvarez run point.
Well-done, Cam.
Did you hear that? She just called me Cam.
[Laughs] That is my first official "Cam.
" I have had some "Camerons" before, but [Laughs] Baker's operation's going down.
We are back! We are not back, Cameron.
Y-You heard Deakins, I mean At the auction house, you went behind my back and you helped the Mystery Woman.
You kept me in the dark, and you almost It was really bad.
Whoa, wait.
Y-You're saying this this whole thing wasn't about Deakins? You don't trust me? No.
I don't trust you.
Hey, where you been? What's What's going on? You don't want to know.
Did you find Alistair's trick? 617, you know, uh, the mystery of the picture and all that? No.
But I found a message direct from Alistair Black himself.
Direct from Hell.
[Laughs] Hey, dude, you're you're actually scaring me.
Whatever the Mystery Woman wants, he's protecting it from beyond the grave! Okay, uh, Gunter, I I had some pills in my jacket.
You didn't You didn't take them, did you? Dude, I found straps on his workbench straps to hold a man down.
Now, if Cameron finds them, he's gonna try and figure this all out.
He's gonna get himself killed.
Now, listen.
I forgive you for keeping your secret, but you've gotta help me keep mine.
Look, but this could help us figure out the Mystery Woman's plan why why she framed Jonathan.
No, we have to tell Cameron! It won't lead to anything good.
Listen, you were right.
Alistair wasn't Voldemort.
He was worse, much worse.
The rumors? They're real.
Okay, what do you mean, real? Dark deeds, mate! Dark deeds.
MAN: If you're looking for "Chicken Soup for the Soul," it's checked out all 92 copies.
Oh, that's a shame.
Could've read it twice while I was waiting for you.
Not my only client, my boy.
I gotta admit, couldn't figure out what you plan on building with this.
Sure you don't wanna go with the coffee-creamer flamethrower? It's my specialty.
I design my own tricks.
It's your money.
You pay well, kid.
But someone else paid even more.
[Grunts] [Grunts] Tell whoever put a price on my head it's not gonna be that easy.
Captain Clark, this precinct is officially under FBI investigation.
You can't be serious.
What for? We have reason to believe some of your officers are involved in criminal activities.
Well, that's vague.
You're raiding my precinct, and you're not telling me why? With all due respect, Captain, that's all we can say at this time.
Let's go.
[Siren wails] Clear! BAKER: Oh, looks like we got us a party here.
We need to look into your bags.
By all means.
Pardon the dirty socks.
Guys do fluff and fold, by any chance? Maybe after you finish your little goose chase, you'd like to, uh, come down to the gym with us for a few rounds, Agent.
I'm more of an MMA guy.
Nothing on Baker, and the evidence-locker inventory squares up with the records.
My guess is they skimmed the drugs before the got logged in.
Well, everything seems clean.
Not completely.
Officer Maslin, we need a word with you.
We found the drugs in your desk.
They're not mine, I'm telling you! What about the racketeering charges? I didn't do anything wrong.
I didn't do anything wrong then, I didn't do anything wrong now! I'm being set up.
I mean, you see that, don't you? I see a cop who is in a lot of trouble, who has struggled with addiction.
Hey, I-I used to be on the other side of that glass, you know.
I was a respected detective.
[Scoffs] Two different rooms.
It's two different rooms it's just two different worlds.
In there, you're trusted.
In here, nobody believes you.
[Voice breaking] You know what landed me in this room? People.
They're always fake to me.
Yeah, I was a drunk.
I was never a criminal.
And I got sober.
But still, they see what they wanna see.
I was a good cop.
KAY: This doesn't feel like Maslin to me.
I think Baker's setting him up.
Maybe, but Cameron's ID isn't enough - and Baker's squeaky clean.
- Too clean.
The only narcotics in his desk was a prescription for oxy he had filled out after shoulder surgery last month, and it all checked out.
MIKE: What is it? Who boxes right after shoulder surgery? The gloves.
What if they're moving out the drugs inside the boxing gloves? Oh, we gotta go back.
Uh, we just conducted a high-profile raid on them and got nothing.
We can't go back.
The FBI's not going to do anything to help Maslin.
If that is the case, his life is ruined.
Maslin's gonna take the fall for Baker.
But if we can devise a deception to get into the precinct, we can get this guy.
Sorry, man, no dice.
Not again.
Maslin's a good guy.
All right, sure, he made some mistakes.
But doesn't he deserve a second chance? Sounds remarkably like you're talking about yourself.
GUNTER: He's always talking about himself.
I'm talking about all of us.
This is our chance to prove to the FBI they need the deception group.
Look, I I know my judgement's been a little questionable lately.
But Maslin's being framed just like Johnny was, and we can do something about it if we work as a team.
Dude, even if we were onboard, there's someone else you'd have to convince first.
He's right.
You can't do this without Kay.
Without her, you're on your own.
[Sirens wailing] Freeze, dirtbag.
You're gonna die screaming.
[Cell door clangs shut] [Keys jingle] [Lighter clicking] [Lighter clicking] [Flames roaring] [Man screaming] Breaking into a police detective's car not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you? - [Grunts] Okay.
- You know caught your show in Vegas a few years back.
So we're not taking any chances.
Detective Baker will be here soon.
He's got some questions for you.
He's gonna want to take his time.
What the hell were you thinking? That I'd get away with it? This is so far beyond! You're screwed, Cameron, and I can't get you out of it this time.
Oh, Kay, you gotta do something.
I'm already persona non grata with the DA after the warrant.
You're stuck here.
Can you give us a sec? [Door closes] Seriously? Oscar-worthy, can I just say? I-I genuinely thought I was gonna spend the night in jail.
You still may.
The night is young, so move.
This plan of yours this is genius.
So much better than the deception I was thinking of.
Mine did have a helicopter.
But if this FBI thing doesn't work out, you'll make one heck of an illusionist.
You're clear this way.
Watch out.
Baker's men are on high alert.
- [Door closes] - DINA: Cameron, darling? Follow my instructions, and don't you dare go off-script.
I say we go semi-gloss.
Semi-gloss a ceiling? You're dumber than an Eskimo in Speedos, son! - Fellas, what's this all about? - He's got it.
W-We're here to paint the east wing.
Nobody told me about any work order.
Well, well.
I told him, phone ahead and confirm.
But does he listen? Yeah, I went to art school, not secretarial school! Take it up with Janice in the office, all right? All right, all right, all right.
Go ahead, do what you gotta do.
Nicely done, boys.
System's a go.
Now, be careful out there, okay? MIKE: The locker room is on the second floor, Cameron, 56 feet from the stairwell on the left.
Got it.
Deception's a go.
Not quite as romantic, but, uh, will you consider this our second date? Um, Mike, I I really need to confess something.
The dinner was Trubiano's.
[Laughs] I just I really wanted to impress you.
Next time, don't worry about that.
You impress me every day.
Very sweet, you two.
Now, where the hell are we going? I'm sorry.
Um, you're nearly there.
It's the second right.
Okay, Baker's locker is number 22.
[Camera shutter clicks] We're in business, guys.
Found the drugs.
[Camera shutter clicks] [Locker clanging] Whoa, there's a whole lot.
Okay, Cameron? - [Camera shutter clicks] - You need to get out of there, now.
[Grunts] [Grunts] Somebody sound the alarm! [Alarm buzzing] Some kind of break room.
Talk to me, Dina.
It's like a maze in here.
I I said left! Left, and then right! Where are you now? I'm somewhere near the holding cells.
I'm seriously lost, Dina.
- Go right! - There's two rights! Second right.
Dina, I'm sending you the pictures now.
[Cellphone clicking] [Door opens] Congrats.
You picked the exact wrong room to hide in soundproof, no cameras, no recording devices.
Nobody to see what happens next.
Why don't you hand me that phone? [Cellphone shatters] All right, so, guess we're done here.
We're far from done.
Well, you just destroyed all the evidence.
I mean, what evidence, right? I didn't see anything, so you can just let me go.
You're an escaped prisoner loose in the precinct.
You stole my weapon, locked us in this room.
There was a struggle.
[Gun cocks] I shot you in self-defense.
All right, well, that's one option.
But Maslin's on to you, man.
He's gonna talk.
Yeah, well, I'll take care of Maslin.
But you're right.
I should've killed him that night in the bodega.
Damn loyalty to a brother in blue got the best of me.
Oh, right, so you just ruined his life instead.
That's your version of integrity? I always felt sorry for the lush.
And he repays me by nosing around where he doesn't belong? Also known as, doing his job.
Or digging his grave, just like you.
Any last words? Bravo.
Come again? Well, I just gotta hand it to you.
The trick was impressive.
Convincing Maslin that he never saw what he saw? It's not bad.
But a master of deception like you should know sometimes what you see on the outside isn't really what's happening on the inside.
[Camera shutter clicks] We chose this room on purpose a place you feel safe that nobody was watching.
So you think you turned on the light, but in fact, you powered up a projector.
And this is just the image of an empty room.
KAY: And that was the screen you projected it on.
Detective you're under arrest.
And now we're done.
[Cheers and applause] All right, all right, knock it off.
I just wanna thank you guys for helping me bring down Baker and his men, and for helping me get my gold shield back and helping me get my life back.
To Detective Maslin! ALL: Cheers! Salud.
[Laughter] Hi.
- Sorry we're late.
- It's okay.
Come here, I want you to meet the boys.
- Boys? - Hmm? I want you to meet my friend Dina.
This is Jamie and Diego.
- Hi.
- My boys.
So, I think I've officially run out of ways to apologize.
- [Laughs] - So I just Are we good, you and I? I mean, or just close to I mean, a little good? [Chuckles] I wasn't completely honest with you, either.
I was mad, but I was also Seeing you almost suffocate in that vault, it really scared me.
I'm not so good at being scared.
But you're scary all the time.
This was different.
[Silverware clanging] Guys? I have something I wanna say.
[Sighs] An illusionist's only as good as his team his whole team.
We're a family, and I'm sorry that I divided us.
So from now on, no more secrets.
I promise.
What? What is it? [Silverware clangs] Mike and I are officially dating.
[Clears throat] I still have $1,000 worth of illegal drugs hidden on my body.
I found a secret death trap in the archive of illusions.
And your great grandfather has threatened to kill anybody who goes looking for whatever the Mystery Woman's looking for.
Happy? - [Cellphone vibrating] - Sorry, mate.
Johnny? Cam, someone's been murdered, and everyone here thinks I did it.