Deception (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Code Act

Previously on "Deception" You'll want to see this.
This USB contains footage of the night of Jonathan's accident.
The video on this drive will exonerate him.
Help me and it's yours.
What are you willing to do for your brother? You helped to steal a diamond worth millions.
Made a lot of mistakes.
But I didn't do that.
My ID card got stolen.
Someone used it to break into the evidence lockup.
Who could've stolen your ID? There's a saying in magic we magicians guard an empty safe.
Which is true.
The only thing inside our safe is, well, magic.
And as everyone knows, that's not real.
Box 3626.
Is that correct? Yes.
Now, where is my key? How do we guard an empty safe? First, we tell a story about what's inside a great treasure, this fantastic thing that you know isn't there.
The fact that it's all a trick, that our safe is empty, nobody cares.
- They came for the magic.
- What's happening?! Gasoline! In the real world, what's in the safe matters.
Some hold treasure, others secrets while a few contain dangers - just waiting to burn us.
- No! No! You can do this.
Tell him the truth.
I got doughnuts.
Hey, Dina.
Come in.
Did you sleep at all? Maybe.
No, I don't think I did.
What's all this? Everywhere I've been, everyone I've been in contact with in the last few days.
OPR investigators are thorough, and I can't leave anything out.
OPR? Office of Professional Responsibility.
But everybody knows that you didn't steal the Lynx Diamond.
My badge was used.
Yeah, about that, um I know you took it.
I just can't figure out why.
I was trying to help Jonathan get the redacted files.
Someone stole it from me.
You did it for Jonathan.
What were in the files? Were we hiding something? Nothing.
The Mystery Woman used you and Jonathan, and now she's got the Lynx Diamond, and I'll probably get suspended.
- But you didn't do anything.
- It doesn't matter.
I'm an FBI agent, and my badge was used in the commission of a major crime.
It might as well have been my gun I-I mean, I'm I wouldn't have ever done this if I had known that that, um It was wrong, okay? It was wrong.
And I'm so sorry, Mike.
The boys are up.
You should go.
Dina took Mike's badge for you, didn't she? The FBI know? No.
had a guard on the inside.
And I played right into her hands again.
And Dina got hurt 'cause of it.
Maybe we just got what we deserved.
Don't go there.
We don't You don't deserve this, Johnny, and I will do whatever it takes to get her.
You know that.
Play another one, Cam.
That tune's getting old.
How many times have you told me you'll get me out of here? All right.
I have a great rendition of "I promise you'll get your life back.
" Which life is that? I didn't exist, remember? There's no life out there for me.
Dina was the last of it.
And now she's gone, too.
Well, now who's recycling old material? It's gonna be different, Johnny.
You just have to trust me.
Trust the FBI.
We do this together.
There's nothing we won't do for you.
Let me guess.
It's Kay.
You got to go work a case.
It's a bank heist.
You gonna be okay with that? I'll be fine.
Sorry I'm late.
Had to give a statement about Mike to the OPR.
- How'd that go? - Can't tell.
Those guys are hard to read.
You okay? What is it? Nothing.
What is it? When I was a kid, my dad and I were held up in a bank robbery.
Now, remember, Cameron every thief in town knows performers are flush with cash on Monday morning.
Deposit the take, safer you make.
At least one of my sons is listening to me.
You say it all the time.
Oh, yeah? What else do I say all the time? "You don't play Vegas.
Vegas plays you," "First dollar is the only dollar," and "Agents are for suckers.
" That's right.
I'm good.
Everybody on the floor! Now! - Did you hear me? - Wait! Wait.
We have $3,112.
And, uh, a dollar and 16 cents in change.
You could go.
Hurting anyone's reckless, stupid.
At least let my boy go.
Dad! Guess I have some psychological scarring.
I can handle this.
Nah, I'm fine.
Victim was Priscilla Howe, 80 years old.
Fire broke out, she got trapped behind an emergency door.
By the time the fire department got here, she was dead.
Was it a bank rob or a fire? Both.
Once they put out the fire, they realized one box was missing.
Whose box? It was registered to a dummy account, but the Bank Robbery Task Force linked it to a William Archer.
William Archer.
Let me guess billionaire racecar driver.
International jewel thief and bank robber.
Even better.
William pulled off elaborate heists from the '80s to the early aughts.
Went quiet around 2007.
All right, so the thieves filled the boxes with accelerant, they start the fire to clear the room, give themselves more time to work on the Butler-Riley lock.
Which makes sense, because I need at least 30 minutes to pick one of those, and I'm one of the best.
30 minutes? Nobody would've survived 10 in here with a fire like that.
Generally, that is true, but nowadays, all you need is an oxygen supply and some kind of protection, like a an asbestos suit or a fire-retardant gel.
We used the gel in our show, and it smelled terrible.
Pretty much exactly like that.
That was the victim's? She got trapped in here on purpose in order to steal the box.
Hey, this is Daniels.
Get me a location on the coroner's team and the victim's body.
She may not be dead.
This was her, Kay.
We're clear.
Ditch the van.
Cameron was there.
Find what you were looking for? Not yet.
NYPD found the real coroners unconscious about a mile away from the bank.
Their attackers match your description - of Tallis and Dekker.
- Yeah.
This was her the Mystery Woman.
There have been similar heists across Europe.
Every bank they hit held a safety-deposit box for William Archer.
All right.
So, we know M.
's after all the items in this photo the book, the watch, the violin, the Lynx Diamond so maybe William stole something in this photo and she thinks he hid it in one of his boxes.
There's one more box registered to William Archer.
It's here in New York.
That's her next target.
That's where we'll catch her.
The Mystery Woman knows we're onto her.
She'll come prepared.
We have to assume she's already staked out the bank tellers.
You go about your regular bank procedures.
Um, please check your name tags, and remember your new names.
And don't forget to smile.
Customers, make sure to circulate.
And remember, our target is a master of deception.
The slightest head turn, curious glance, it'll give us away.
Gentlemen, I realize you're not FBI agents, but our target will notice if we swapped you out with our people.
We got it act like it's a regular Tuesday.
How you doing? Gunter's almost done with the door.
Once you ID M.
, hit this button, it locks the door.
If she tries to run, it sends 700 volts - through whoever touches it.
- 700 Gunter, wouldn't that kill her? Eh, probably.
But I don't see the problem.
We need her alive to exonerate Jonathan.
Well, I'll lower it to 650.
Just make sure he doesn't kill her.
- Relax, I got it.
- Thanks.
Hey, they need you in the safe-deposit room.
How you holding up? Oh, yeah, no, I'm good.
I love banks and all this.
It's great.
You talk to Jonathan? No.
If this doesn't work out, I, uh don't want to let him down again.
He's not in the best place.
What happened? Nothing.
Just, uh Did I make a mistake at the auction house? I mean, if I just handed over the Lynx Diamond, he'd be free.
Where's the diamond? Did you get it? I didn't.
I mean, I had it in my hand.
If I'd just given it to her, then Why didn't you? To help your brother, you have to betray your partner? She believed me, trusted me.
And he's your brother.
It was the right move.
She would've betrayed you just the same.
Besides, if you'd stolen the Lynx, I would've tracked you down, thrown your ass in prison.
987, William's last box.
Okay, question would you have to hunt me down and haul my ass to prison for breaking into one small safety-deposit box? Yes.
Good thing I have a search warrant.
Now get crackin'.
Any sign of the Mystery Woman? Negative.
Lobby all clear.
Keep your eyes open.
So, um, I hear that Mike's under investigation.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's just a formality, though, right? I mean, we all know that he didn't steal the diamond.
FBI agents have to be beyond reproach.
At best, they cite him for failure to protect his property.
At worst, they fire him, never works in law enforcement again.
And And if someone were to sort of come forward - or just confess - Oh, they won't.
Just stealing a badge is 15 years.
Something's wrong.
Be patient, Cameron.
We're on her schedule now.
No, no, no.
There's a vibration.
I can feel it.
These walls are steel and cement.
There shouldn't be a I feel it, too.
What was that? It's stronger here.
This is, uh She's not breaking into the bank.
She's breaking in next door.
Got it! What the hell was that?! Drilled through the basement, pulled William's box straight out of the wall.
All agents, the subject has the box and is on the move.
Cordon off the area nobody in or out! Cameron, wait! There's an entrance to the building's basement 200 feet down.
She's there.
She's right there! Wait! Cameron, it's live! - It's live! - Cameron! Cameron! You okay, son? Can't even do a packet shot.
First trick my dad taught me.
Your system took 400 volts of electricity.
Give yourself some time.
We'll get her.
Now you're playing the greatest hits.
- What? - Nothing.
Just Maybe there are some people who just get away with everything.
You know? Too smart, too cunning, they just always win.
I mean, if it wasn't for some random security guard, I'd be dead.
She'd have gotten away with that.
You done? Look, feeling bad for yourself and your brother, that's fine on your own time but not here in this room, not while there's still agents working this.
Don't be.
You just cracked the case.
This footage is from the first bank, the one that burned.
That's the same security guard walking the Mystery Woman to her box.
He was at both banks.
He's working with her.
Kay, you're amazing.
Olivier Scott, 56, bank guard and sole resident of a $4-million townhouse.
His first year as bank guard, 2007.
It's him, right? Olivier is William Archer.
Pulls his last job in '07, then retires to New York, gets a job the last place anyone would look.
Fits the profile.
But why would he need to steal his own safety-deposit boxes and work with the Mystery Woman? I mean, what does he have to do with this lost fortune - and your great-grandfather? - I don't know, okay? It's just a working theory right now.
I'll figure out the details.
Now, wait, someone's here.
Scott, we're with the FBI.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
And thank you for saving my life.
Sure, sure, one second.
Great, George, got it.
Look, can you order from the place for me? Yeah, 352-1625.
Kafta kebab, pita, hummus, chicken-breast skewers.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Of course, please, come in.
Great place, right? Rich uncle.
How's the hand? It's getting better, thanks.
How many, uh, banks do you work for, Mr.
Scott? I don't work for the banks.
I work for Secure Branch, the firm that hires guards out to the banks.
And you were also on duty at First National - when the fire happened? - Yes.
That's true.
It's been a heck of a week.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind? It wasn't Orient takeout.
He was sending a message.
Great, George, got it "Great, George, got it" three G's in a row.
That's the on phrase for a code act.
The way the Davenport Brothers communicated onstage.
You watched my history of magic special.
There was nothing else on.
What did he say? Third letter in "kafta," fifth in "kebab," second in "pita," so on.
"FBI here.
" Move! You're not gonna shoot me.
You just saved my life.
- Stop! - Get out of the way.
You could've let me die holding that door, but you didn't.
- Why? - Drop the gun.
Kick it to me.
Come on.
We know a Mystery Woman wants something out of one of your boxes.
We just don't know what.
- Talk to us, William.
- I'm not William.
Well, who are you, then? I didn't know you were gonna be there, Cameron.
I never would've helped her if I had known.
Stay down! Don't move.
This is Daniels.
I need an ambulance to 57 Josslyn.
I'm sorry.
At least let my boy go.
Dad! It was you.
I didn't want you to be there.
It was his plan.
- Now! I said everybody - Wait! Wait.
We have $3,112.
"Wait, wait, we.
" He was starting the code act.
He was He was telling you something.
You could go.
Hurting anyone's reckless, stupid.
At least let my boy go.
Get that guy's gun.
" Undercover guard.
He was He was warning you.
He was He was working with you.
Your father was William Archer.
Dad was William Archer.
It's insane.
Dad was a magician, not an international bank robber.
There's no way he could've hidden that from us.
Really? He hid me from the world for 20 years.
Look at this.
These dates William Archer's bank robberies across Europe they're all within 30 miles of each of our tour dates.
And William disappeared in 2007, the same year dad died.
- What's funny? - All of it.
He called himself William Archer.
His signature trick.
Catching the arrow.
A reverse William Tell.
You firing an arrow at him.
How'd I miss all this, Johnny? You didn't want to see it.
Our entire childhood, all of it was just a lie.
Dad locked you in a box.
He denied my existence.
You think the whole time he was secretly a good guy? He wasn't, Cam.
But you already knew that.
We're gonna have a toast.
Give old short stuff some.
To crummy fathers.
To crummy fathers! Mm-hmm! You know, I think dad wanted me and Johnny to be so perfect 'cause he was he was such a piece of crap.
Makes sense.
Parents always push their insecurities onto their kids.
That's why my dad made me study ballroom dancing for 12 years.
I think we'll just let that be.
Your father's actions don't define you, Cam.
You're a good man.
And none of this changes that.
Gunter's right.
To good men.
To good men.
To you, Johnny, and Mike.
And to Mike.
- Yeah.
- To Mike.
Oh, well, now, this is amazing.
All this work, all this genius to find me.
I need your help.
I can get you out of here, Jonathan.
Give you your freedom.
Which is more than Cameron was going to do.
What are you talking about? What wouldn't Cameron do? So sorry.
It was me.
'Twas I.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? I, uh, um I just I needed to speak to Deakins.
She's gone for the day.
What's up? Mm.
It could can wait.
What's all this? In the '90s, William Archer pulled off three jobs in a single day.
We never caught him.
17th of June, 1992.
Let me guess Sebastian was somewhere performing nearby? Wowing audiences with "Death Catch.
" And I have a theory for how he pulled off all three jobs.
All three banks were located directly above subway stations.
Perfect escape.
Except the tunnels didn't intersect.
I can't figure out how he had enough time to make it from one bank to another.
You need an older subway map.
1924, the original subway.
Now, many of the stations and lines, they've been abandoned, but it doesn't mean that they're not still there.
These three tunnels did intersect.
- How did you know that? - Uh, Cameron.
He wanted to make a moving subway car disappear for an ABC special, so he had us research every inch of the subway system.
The station where the tunnels intersect.
It's not far from the Archive.
You're lying.
All Cam had to do was give me the Lynx Diamond, and you would've been freed.
It was an easy choice.
'Course, I didn't realize that I was forcing him to make a different choice.
Between you and Kay.
He chose her over you.
Just like your father chose Cameron over you.
I know what that feels like.
That pain.
Jonathan, I didn't take your life.
I freed you from it.
And now I'm gonna give you what you deserve.
Your inheritance.
My what? In 1906, these billionaires hired your great-grandfather to hide parts of their fortunes to avoid the new inheritance tax.
You're with the IRS.
- Figures.
- Hardly.
Now, that fortune is still out there.
Just waiting for us.
I'm looking for a partner.
A partner? Really? You don't trust me.
I get that.
Shoot me in the head and spend the rest of your life in prison or find the ultimate fortune.
Choice is yours.
So what do you say? Just five more minutes.
Time to wake up, Cameron.
How'd you get in here? Had a little help.
All right.
So, you expect me to believe that Johnny is working with you.
Ask him yourself.
There's no way out, Cam.
You have to help her here.
She already won.
Why are you doing this, Johnny? The reason, ultimately? She told me everything.
You could've gotten me out of here just by handing over the Lynx Diamond, but you couldn't betray Kay.
Oh, Johnny.
You said over and over you'd do anything to get me out.
I trusted you, and you just abandoned me in here! Everything I have done for the past year Okay, listen.
Do family therapy on your own time.
I've been halfway around the world, collecting every piece of your great-grandfather's puzzle, but I still need the pen.
Now, I assumed Sebastian had hid it in one of his safety-deposit boxes, but truth is, it wasn't passed down to him, was it? It was passed down to you.
So where is the pen? I have no idea.
But while I have you, how'd you know my dad was William Archer? I worked for him.
Worked for him? - Wait.
What? - No.
No, no.
Where is the pen? Unless you want me to wait for one of your little friends to come back.
Yeah? Maybe one of them knows.
- Give her the damn pen!! - Mnh! All right.
This line used to service three stations in Brooklyn.
Craftsmanship's amazing.
Ugh! This is where alligators flushed down toilets - come to live.
- As long as there's no rats.
Oh, God.
Enough, guys! We are working here.
Kay, what are you thinking? Well, Sebastian could've easily used these tunnels to get around the police.
He was smart.
Sebastian was a genius.
Never worked with him.
Rumor has it he was difficult.
Come on, guys.
The Archive should be this way.
Thank you.
Got what you wanted.
Happy treasure hunting.
Please let me know where you and Johnny are registered so I can send you something nice.
I'm not done with you yet.
Well, I am done with me, so good night.
- Come on.
- Unh! Up.
Up, up, up, up, up.
- You, open it.
- What, the trunk? Sorry, lady, you got the wrong twin.
Dad only taught Johnny how to open that and made him swear never to tell me the secret, so Just another stellar bit of parenting by Sebastian Black.
You said you didn't care.
Of course I cared.
See the clock on the shelf? Combination is whatever the clock says now hours, minutes, seconds.
Oh, come on.
You serious? It's empty.
What I want isn't in the trunk.
It's under it.
Johnny, there's a staircase.
You know about this? No.
Cam, you want to tell me what's happening? Johnny, the creepy staircase leads to a creepy room, and your creepy lady friend is opening her box of creepy stuff.
This is a lock your great-grandfather designed.
Now, in order to open the vault all five men had to bring their artifacts together.
So no one could come here alone and clean the others out.
So why didn't they come back together? Why abandon all the money? Infighting.
Alistair used time itself to steal the fortunes he was hired to protect.
It's brilliant.
All right.
Your turn.
Place it.
Why do I get the feeling this is a trap? Why do you think I brought you? This is a test only Alistair could pass.
Or perhaps his heir.
It's him.
The man sitting at the desk.
It's an original automaton.
That is very cool.
He's a machine.
It's an early form of robotics.
He's built to follow a predetermined set of operations.
- You mansplaining? - Hmm? I know what it is.
The magician Robert-Houdin perfected them in the late 19th century.
There's one key left Alistair's pen.
Bet my life it goes in the automaton's hand.
Well, technically, you're betting my life, but thanks.
Go give it to him.
I think he's connected to the tiles.
Oh! Cam, you all right? Yeah.
Why? Suddenly remember we're brothers? I'm not gonna let you die.
I'll be the judge of that.
All right, so he's triggered by the tiles.
The question is which are the dangerous ones? Well, each one has a stencil heart, club, spade, diamond.
There has to be a pattern.
There is.
It's just not the suits.
They're different textures.
Some are smooth others rough.
The way a magician roughs his aces.
You know, so he can find them without looking.
Thank you.
Cam, take off your shoes.
Why didn't you ever do that magic special, the one with the train? Were still designing the trick when Jonathan was arrested.
We might return to it when he gets out.
You think you'll all go back to magic? We're hardly cut out for fighting crime.
I don't know.
I'd hire you.
Ohh! Maybe just you.
There are more rough than there are smooth, so I'm guessing Okay.
Smooth, good.
Rough, bad.
Cam, remember, the closer you get to the automaton, the less time you have to react to it.
What happened? It's okay.
He's still alive.
Be careful.
Or what? My brother will stab me in the back? My father will turn out to be an international bank robber? Or, oh, I don't know, if I'm not careful, maybe a beautiful psychopath whose name I don't even know will risk my life in a room beneath my family's archives.
I would like everyone to know I am still a little drunk.
Screw careful.
What? Be careful.
Too much coffee? You electrocuted me.
What's it writing? It's drawing a map.
A map? Of course.
This isn't the vault.
This is where he hid the map.
We're close, Jonathan.
Was it worth it? All the people you killed, all the lives you've destroyed? I'm not sure.
I'll let you know when I'm finished.
Bring me the map.
You don't get to win.
When was this ever about winning? Come on.
I need this.
I lost everything.
You can give it to me, or I can take it off your corpse.
I'm the one with the gun, Cam.
But I have this.
Looks like you're trapped.
You should know by now.
I always have an out.
When did you have time to steal my bullets? Oh, no.
I didn't.
No, that was me.
You've been working together.
There's no way out, Cam.
You have to help her here.
Johnny can be kind of a jerk sometimes, but he wouldn't sell me out for a few trillion dollars.
It was in the first thing he told me.
Three H's the on phrase.
She's already won.
One the first letter in every word.
Johnny, why are you doing this? The reason, ultimately? She told me everything.
He even told me how to disarm you.
Although I could've figured that out for myself.
You don't get to win.
Come on.
I need this.
I lost everything.
You were using a code act? Duh.
Although I was kind of surprised you didn't catch on.
It was pretty ham-fisted.
- Hey! - But it worked.
So, I'm gonna go get the FBI and a whole bunch of cops and we'll get you out of here.
You just You stay put.
All right.
Don't move! That was a gunshot.
There's someone in that tunnel.
Cameron, what's happening? I once heard a rumor that you can catch a bullet.
FBI! Stay where you are! Don't come any closer, Kay.
I've got your partner, and I will kill him if I have to.
Drop the gun.
Oh, really? 'Cause I think you know how this is gonna go.
I'm gonna leave here with him, and there is nothing you can do.
Where are your shoes? What? You shot me! I shot her more.
What? Nice work, Kay.
You have ruined everything, Cameron.
Ow! You have the right to remain silent.
You are under arrest.
We got her, Johnny.
Can't believe it's over.
We got her.
You know I expect front-row tickets to your big comeback show.
My show? Hmm.
Of course.
When we started out, didn't you hate magic? It's grown on me.
There's no reason I can't come and help out every now and then, right? I thought you were only working with the FBI to help Jonathan.
It's grown on me.
What are you doing here? I need to talk to Deakins.
I'm gonna tell her.
Turn around and leave, please.
- The investigation's closed.
- No, no, I I The FBI gave me a loss-of-pay sanction and a note on my record, which is quite generous, actually.
But if someone were to contradict my testimony, I would get fired, and they would get thrown in jail.
It's done, Dina.
We're done, too.
I'd say we have you on a dozen federal charges.
Conspiracy, grand theft, smuggling stolen goods across international borders, not to mention murder.
- Can't forget that one.
- No, we won't.
But I'd like to start with Jonathan Black.
I know you have evidence to prove he's innocent.
I want it.
You're not leaving this room until Jonathan is free.