Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e00 Episode Script

The prequel: Dee & Friends in Oz, The Movie

[introductory, ethereal jingles playing]
[whimsical, classical music playing]
[girl narrating]
Once upon a time, there lived a girl,
a girl who dreamed of journeying
to a magical land.
A girl who wanted to be a hero.
[grunting repeatedly]
-[suitcases pop]
I'm okay.
[girl narrating]
But you're probably wondering.
How do I know all of this?
-[whimsical music playing]
-'Cause that girl is me. Dee Davis.
I'm just a regular girl
In this regular world ♪
But I can open a door
To so much more ♪
When I just take a look
In Grandma's books ♪
Mmm ♪
In books, heroes are brave
Always there to save the day ♪
Think what I would do
Oh, if I could be one too ♪
Maybe I could be the hero
If I could write my own story ♪
[upbeat music playing]
Well, maybe then
The hero could be me ♪
I don't know. Could it?
Wouldn't it be special ♪
If I could make magic? ♪
If a hero could be
An ordinary kid like me ♪
-Could it be me?
-Could it be Dee? ♪
-Could it be me?
-Could it be Dee? ♪
Could a hero be an ordinary, regular,
Everyday kid like me? ♪
-Could it ever be me?
-Could it be Dee? ♪
-Regular kid like me!
-Could it be Dee? ♪
To write the story
So differently ♪
If a hero could be
A regular kid like me ♪
Could it be me? ♪
[gentle piano music playing]
[gentle dinging]
So, Dee, what do you think of
your bedroom for the summer?
[excitedly] I love it, Grandma!
Well, good.
I know you might miss home a little bit,
but summer with Grandma is gonna be
all about slumber parties
and banana pudding
and skipping rocks and
And reading!
Ha! I shoulda known.
What are we reading today?
A book about a magical land called Oz.
And, Grandma, Oz got drama.
Ooh! Do tell.
Once, there was a land called Oz
that was filled with magic.
See? The magic powered everything.
The trees, the birds, the flowers.
Everyone shared Oz's magic,
and everyone was happy.
Well, not everyone.
[Grandma] Ooh, tell it all, child.
[Dee] There was one person
who didn't wanna share the magic.
She wanted it all for herself.
So she took all the magic
from Oz, forever.
The end.
Wait, that's it?
Yep. Can you believe it?
That's where the story ends.
No hero, no nothing.
[sighs] This book needs a better ending.
Someone needs to save Oz.
[Grandma] Why not you?
But how? [sighs]
I'm not a hero. I'm just a regular kid.
None of these stories have heroes like me.
Dee, you can rewrite
any story you want with a new ending.
A kid like you is exactly
the kind of hero this world needs.
-You think so?
-[Grandma chuckles]
I know so. Look out, world,
Dee's on her way.
Ain't gonna let nobody get in my way.
But, even if I could be the hero,
Oz isn't real.
Well, you never know.
Oz could be realer than you think.
[inhales sharply] Oz.
[magical flute jingles playing]
[magical jingles continue]
[Dee gasps]
A key?
[gasps] A magic key?
[chamber music playing]
[gasps surprisingly]
Am I really seeing this?
Am Am I really doing this?
-Look out, world. I'm on my way!
-[trumpet march playing]
[exciting music playing]
-[music stops abruptly]
-[Dee chuckles] I'm okay. I
I got a feeling
I'm not at Grandma's anymore.
[inspirational music playing]
[gasps] My clothes.
Where'd all this color come from?
-Where am I?
You're here.
Where's here?
Oz! ♪
Oh! Oops.
Hi, I'm Ozzo.
I'm Ozzelle.
Hello, I'm Ozzie.
I'm Dee. So, you're telling me,
this is the place from my book?
Oz is real? Magic is real?
-[Ozzie] Uh-huh.
-Welcome to Oz, Dee!
-It don't get more magic than this.
Dee, look inside ♪
-It's so fly
-Here in Oz ♪
-Come on in
-Don't be shy ♪
You won't believe your eyes ♪
-There's magic all around
-So much magic in the sound ♪
-Think you've seen it all
-You might be surprised ♪
So many ways and wonders
For you to discover ♪
This place is full of colors ♪
Let's take a look inside
It's Ozzerific, so terrific ♪
Full of magic?
Here in Oz! ♪
[all] Yeah!
That's the magic of Oz! ♪
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh! ♪
Magic makes the flowers bloom
And the birds woo-hoo ♪
Tell me, have you ever seen
A magic bunch of dancing trees? ♪
Magic makes colors bright
And Squirligigs fly ♪
-You think you've seen it all
-But you might be surprised ♪
This place is full of colors ♪
You won't believe your eyes
It's Ozzerific, so terrific ♪
-Full of magic
-Here in Oz, yeah ♪
That's the magic of Oz ♪
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh! ♪
And we haven't told you
about Miss Emerald yet.
Oh, yeah.
-Miss Emerald.
-Miss Emerald.
-Miss Emerald.
-Miss Emerald?
-Yeah, it's Miss Emerald!
Oz ♪
All the colors you can see ♪
That's the magic of Oz ♪
Today, I'm opening a school
for kids from everywhere in Oz.
Here, they'll learn
to use Oz's magic for good.
Because magic is for everyone.
Magic is for Oz.
The magic we all use
We use it together ♪
The magic of this place
Just makes Oz better ♪
That's the magic of Oz ♪
I can't believe it. I'm really here.
I'm in Oz, and it's magical!
[music distorts]
What? What's happening?
[sighs] Not everything is
so wonderful in Oz.
Miss Emerald has a sister.
[trembling] Miss Ruby.
[sinful magical music playing]
Argh! Aw!
My sister thinks
she's gonna open up our castle
and make it a school
for everyone in Oz to share magic.
[yells] Aw! Think again, Emerald!
[choo choo]
Ooh! You bought a vacuum
from the Oz Shopping Network.
No, Stuffley, it's not a vacuum.
It's the plan.
What plan again?
Ugh! The plan to suck up all of the color
and magic in Oz for me and only me.
Ahh! Yep! Uh-huh. I totally gotcha.
So to do that you're gonna vacuum?
Yes! I I mean, no.
[inhales sharply]
I'm going to use this Color Contraption
to suck the magical color
out of the oceans, the trees, the sky.
[yells] The umbrellas!
The The sandwiches!
-The The rubber duckies!
-[gasps] Not the duckies!
And when I have all the magic,
I'll have the power to control everyone,
so I can rule over all of Oz.
And the first thing I'm gonna do
is close my sister's precious school.
With the pull of a lever
On this machine ♪
I'll take all the color
And you know what that means ♪
I can make all the magic of Oz
Become mine, ha ha! ♪
What I want, I can get
And I'm getting it all ♪
The magic of everything
Every tree, short and tall ♪
I'll take the magic from Oz ♪
-The magic is all for me
-'Cause the magic of Oz ♪
Is the magic of Oz ♪
-I'll take all the magic from Oz
-That's the magic of Oz ♪
-[laughs hysterically]
-[Stuffley] Ugh!
-What? Was that laugh not scary?
-I mean meh.
Well, how about this?
-[sinful laughter]
Ho ho ho!
I think that one is Santa Claus.
[Emerald gasps] Ha! Ruby? Stuffley?
You're trying to take all the magic in Oz?
Sister, remember the magic is for Oz ♪
Aw! You're exhausting.
Ruby, listen to me.
-You're stealing all the magic
-Oh, you're so dramatic ♪
I can't believe I'm hearing this.
Ruby, are you serious?
[mockingly] "Ruby, are you serious?"
Does this magic look serious?
-[yells] Ruby!
-Don't look so serious.
Think of Oz
And all it is and ever was ♪
All the magic
that it gives to everyone ♪
The magic is all for me
For me, for me ♪
The magic is all for Oz ♪
I don't care. I don't share.
Oz is mine. Magic's mine.
Everything's mine. Even you.
-The magic is all for me
-The magic is all for Oz ♪
[Miss Emerald] No, no! Open this door!
How can I stop Ruby
from taking all the magic?
[ringing signal]
-[rattling signal]
-[Miss Emerald] Ha!
Maybe this girl could help.
She's from a faraway place
called New Jersey.
And she has The Key.
Oh, but there's not much time.
Hm! [inhales sharply]
[magical whirring]
[sinister laughter]
[gasps] Miss Emerald.
Miss Emerald? Is it really you?
Mm-hmm. It's really me.
The question is who are you?
Oh, uh Well, I'm Dee.
I'm seven years old.
I love reading and cats,
and I'm a Bumble Bee Scout with 17 badges.
I like to skip rocks and dance and swim
Um, sorry. What was the question again?
It's so wonderful to meet you, Dee.
That key you have is important.
I need you to bring it here to me
at the Wonderful School of Oz.
It's the only way to save me and save Oz.
Me? Save you? Save Oz?
But I'm just a regular kid.
-A regular kid can be a hero.
-I don't know, Miss Emerald.
You don't have to do it alone, Dee.
There are friends out there who can help.
Someone who is an adventurer.
Someone who thinks differently.
And someone who is brave.
Where are they? Who are they?
You'll know 'em when you meet 'em.
Now go on, follow this Green Glow
[echoing] Green Glow!
Look out, world, I'm on my way.
[exciting music playing]
Look out, world, I'm on my way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in my way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
We'll seize the day ♪
All my friends on the journey
Wonder what awaits ♪
The places we'll go
The highs, the lows ♪
My glow will lead the way ♪
Follow your heart, the tiniest spark
We'll journey to this place ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
♪No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
-Oh Dee, I hope you get here in time.
-[Stuffley gasps]
What? Miss Emerald
has someone trying to help her?
Miss Ruby! Guess what?
Miss Emerald has a helper.
[gasps] A knight?
A A bodybuilder? An astronaut?
Ugh. A kid.
My sister thinks
some little kid can help her?
Ha! Yeah, right. Go stop her, Stuffley.
Don't let her get near this school.
[squeaks, whooshing]
You got it. [sinister laughter]
[Dee] What kind of place is this?
This is
Oz! ♪
Silly, we already sang that song.
This is Tinland.
Oh! That explains all the tin.
Everything's made of metal.
I wonder who lives here.
here and tighten this.
Ah! Finished.
-Now I can vroom, vroom, vroom.
-[car thuds, whirs]
But I wish I could drive outta here
to a real adventure.
Wanna drive my car
Through Tinland's gates ♪
There's an adventure out there
And it's mine to take ♪
I've been hoping to get going
I've got dreams to make ♪
I wanna zoom towards adventure
And I don't wanna wait ♪
I wanna bust through those doors
But no one's gone before ♪
Could this be that day? ♪
What if I was the first?
I won't go in reverse ♪
Adventure awaits for me ♪
Could it ever be?
Could it ever be me? ♪
Regular kid like me
To write this story so differently ♪
And maybe I'll find a way
To make inventions that play ♪
A part in saving the day ♪
Could a kid like me
Be what the world needs? ♪
Could it be me? ♪
[gentle piano music playing]
-[gasps] Wow! Who Who are you?
I'm Dee. And you're?
Me? I'm Tin.
Looks like your car wants to go, go, go.
-Hah! Yeah. I know the feeling.
-Where'd you get it?
I made it myself.
But it only goes backwards.
That's so cool.
Really? Thanks.
How'd you end up in Tinland?
I'm on my way to the Wonderful School
of Oz to bring Miss Emerald this key.
She needs it to stop
her mean old sister, Miss Ruby,
who's trying to take
all of the magic in Oz.
Our magic? Um, Dee,
the School of Oz is a long way away.
Are you sure
you can get there all on your own?
Miss Emerald told me to find someone
who loves adventure.
She said they could help me get
to the Wonderful School of Oz. [exhales]
Do you know any adventurers?
Hm! [gasps]
The Green Glow! I gotta follow it.
It's heading past The Clocktower.
Come on. I know the way.
[sinister laughter]
I know how to stop that kid.
I'll close this gate.
This is gonna be so easy.
[grunts] Easy.
[panting, grunting]
-[gasps, pants]
See? Easy.
-[gate clanging, whirring]
-[Stuffley laughing mockingly]
Someone's closing the gate.
We won't get through.
If we don't get through,
we'll lose the glow. What do we do?
Oh! I think I have an idea.
I need this and that.
Ahh! Ready for an adventure, Dee?
[giggling] Of course I am.
-[engine revs]
-[tires squeal]
-We're going the wrong way.
-Then let's turn this thing around.
[Tin] Whoa! [laughter]
Yeah! Watch out! To your left.
[Tin] Dee, the other left.
-Excuse us.
The gate's almost closed.
I don't know if we're gonna make it.
[Tin grunting]
-[tires squeal]
-[both] Ooh!
-[both grunting]
-[Dee] Wow!
-We did it!
That was the most amazing adventure ever!
Oh! Adventure! Tin, I think you might be
the adventurer Miss Emerald told me about.
Me? The adventurer? Me, the adventurer!
-Come on, we gotta follow that glow.
-[engine revs]
[Tin] The bridge is up.
We can't go any farther.
We can't stop now.
Miss Emerald is counting on us.
If I can hit that lever,
it'll lower the bridge,
and we can go across.
But it's so far.
It is.
But I know I can do it.
[deep breath]
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[Dee] Yes!
-[Tin] Wow! Are you magic or something?
I'm just a regular kid.
But I am kinda awesome at skipping rocks.
Now come on. Let's go.
Look out, world. We're on our way.
It's so beautiful here.
This is Strawland,
where all Oz's fruits and veggies grow.
I wonder if we can find someone here
who thinks differently.
-Miss Emerald said they could help us.
-[Tin gasps]
These Ozberries, they're losing magic.
Without magic, Oz's food won't grow.
We can't let that happen.
We gotta stop Miss Ruby.
Come on. Let's follow that glow.
[Tin] Yeah.
[castanets music playing]
I like this new way to sit. [chuckles]
It helps me think.
Huh? Mm-hmm.
Wish I had some friends
Who would be around ♪
If I'm thinking upright
Or I'm upside down ♪
Got a brain I know
Thinks differently ♪
I wanna find some friends
Who like that about me ♪
I'm thinking of more
'Cause that's what brains are for ♪
Seeing the world my way ♪
I can't wait till I find
A place for my mind ♪
Where I can think just like me ♪
Could it ever be?
Could it ever be me? ♪
Regular kid like me
To write this story so differently ♪
And maybe I'll find a way
To let thinking differently play ♪
A part in saving the day ♪
Could a kid like me be
What the world needs ♪
Could it be me? ♪
[soft country music playing]
[Tin gasps] That's a scarecrow.
What's a scare-crow?
[Tin] I don't know actually. Maybe it's
some sorta scary tin-eating bird?
He don't look so scary.
Ha! And he doesn't
really look like a bird.
-Hi, I'm Scarecrow.
-[Tin gasps] Ahh!
[all shouting] Ahh!
Oof! [sighs]
You're a um, scare [gulps] crow?
Uh-huh! Scarecrow. Nice to meet ya.
-[giggling] I'm Dee.
-And I'm Tin.
[chuckles] Welcome to Strawland.
Ah! The Green Glow. We have to follow it
to get to Miss Emerald
and bring her this key.
If we don't,
Strawland will lose its magic.
And so will all of Oz.
[Dee] Oh no!
But Miss Emerald said
somebody here could help.
-Someone who thinks differently.
-Know anyone like that?
Mmm. Thinking, thinking
[gasps] No time to think.
There goes the glow.
It's heading through Strawland.
I can show you the way. Come on.
[Dee] Let's do this.
[Tin] Yeah!
[Stuffley] Those kids thought
they were so smart getting past my gate.
But I know I can stop them this time
with a little magic.
[suspenseful music escalating]
[sinister laughter] Wow!
This magic got umph. Yeah!
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[sinister laughter]
This hay bale maze should stop them.
[sinister laughter]
[inhales sharply]
-[Scarecrow] Oh no.
-[Tin] Ahhh!
[gasps] Uh-oh!
[Stuffley trembling] I'm okay.
-I've never seen this maze before.
-We have to get through it.
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[Dee panting]
Let's try this way.
[Scarecrow panting]
There's no way
you're getting out of this maze.
[all panting]
No matter what we do, we just end up
back at the beginning of the maze.
There's no way through.
Maybe we gotta think differently.
[Scarecrow grunts]
[Scarecrow] The hay bales, they're moving.
That's why we can't find
the end of the maze,
'cause the maze is changing around
to stop us.
Then, what can we do to get through?
Aah! We gotta go over.
And I think I know just how to do it.
[exciting music playing]
[Scarecrow grunting]
-[chuckles] So cool.
-[Tin] Wow.
-[both grunting, panting]
-[Dee] Aha!
-[Dee] The Green Glow!
-Come on. This way!
What? You can't do that. That's not fair.
Only I'm allowed to be not fair.
[all grunting, panting]
Dee, watch out!
Scarecrow, this way!
[Scarecrow] Ahhh!
[all gasping, grunting]
[Scarecrow] Whoa! Oh. Yay!
[Tin] Awesome!
[all gasping, chuckling]
[Scarecrow] Woo-hoo!
-[Dee] Wow!
-[all chuckling]
[-Scarecrow] Woo-hoo!
-[Tin] Woo-hoo! Yeah!
[all chuckling]
No, no, no! They did it again! I
-[Stuffley grunts]
I'm okay.
-Great idea, Scarecrow.
[gasps] Aah!
I think you're the person
Miss Emerald was talking about.
You're the someone who thinks differently.
Yeah. The special way you think saved us.
I guess I do think
a little differently, huh?
Aah! The Green Glow!
[playful music playing]
You got this, Dee. Go with the glow.
[Miss Ruby] Oh, Emerald.
Thought you'd wanna see this.
[Miss Emerald] No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
[Miss Ruby] Say goodbye
to your precious green.
-You'll never get away with this.
-Who's gonna stop me?
That kid?
I sent Stuffley to deal with her.
Soon, Oz is gonna be mine, mine, mine.
Now, all I've gotta do is sit back
and let the magic come rollin' in.
-[sharp squeak]
-Ahhh! What in the Huh?
You won't be laughing
when I close your precious school.
[grunts] Face it, sis. I've already won.
[sinister laughter]
It's not over as long as Dee
and her friends are out there.
Wow. I've never been to Oz Forest.
Aah! That's Miss Emerald!
Dee. Tin. Scarecrow.
I don't have much time.
Ruby is taking all the green magic,
including this glow.
[Dee gasps]
[tree gasps]
The color in the forest.
Pretty soon, it'll be gone.
I have to warn you.
Someone's in the forest,
and they're coming to stop you.
It's Stuf coming try stop you!
Miss Emerald, we can't hear you.
This is not good.
What's coming to stop us?
-[all] Ahhh!
Wanna be so brave
Nothing can stop me ♪
Be the courageous lion
That I'm s'posed to be ♪
But I'm always so scared
Of everything ♪
I'm such a fraidy-cat
And I don't want that ♪
Wish I could step up and say
Fear, just get out of my way ♪
I'm not afraid to be me ♪
And the world will have found
The bravest lion around ♪
As brave as my roar sounds ♪
Roar! ♪
Could it ever be me? ♪
Regular kid like me
To write this story so differently ♪
And maybe I'll find a way
To have my bravery play ♪
A part in saving the day ♪
Could a kid like me be
What the world needs ♪
Could it be me? ♪
-[gentle piano music playing]
-[sighs sadly]
I wonder if I'll ever be as brave as my
[deep breath] roar.
[gasps] What was that?
There they are, those kids.
I gotta stop them, once and for all.
[whooshing, rattling]
Ha! I'll trap them with this.
Uh-oh! [grunts]
I'm gonna need a new plan.
[Stuffley shouting] Help, help!
-[Dee] Huh?
-[all] What was that?
[Dee gasps]
[Stuffley trembling] Help, help!
-[all grunting]
Thank you for rescuing me.
[whining] What kinda terrible,
horrible meanie would set up
a trap like this?
I don't know. But you're safe now.
My name's Dee,
and that's Tin and Scarecrow.
-Hiya. What's your name?
My name's, um
Tree. Brick. Rubber Ducky.
That's right. Tree Brick Rubber Ducky.
Nice to meet ya, Tree Brick Rubber Ducky.
Aah! The Green Glow!
We're following it
to bring this key to Miss Emerald.
Really? I had no idea you were
on such an important journey.
Aha! And Miss Emerald said we're gonna
meet someone brave who can help us.
Brave? Why, that's me.
Whoo! My name is Sir Bravely the Brave.
I thought your name was
Tree Brick Rubber Ducky.
Um, well, erm i i it's a nickname.
It kinda sounds like you're the one
Miss Emerald told me about.
It really does, doesn't it?
And my bravery is telling me
we should go this way,
bravely through the flowers.
-Well, all right.
-Let's go.
[sinister laughter]
I've got you now!
What do you mean,
Tree Brick Rubber Ducky the Brave?
The name actually is Stuffley,
and Miss Ruby sent me.
The flowers.
Oh no!
[sinister laughter]
And now that you're trapped
in these flowers,
nothing'll stop Miss Ruby
from getting all the magic in Oz.
[sinister laughter]
We gotta follow the Green Glow.
-[Tin] But these flowers are in the way.
Maybe we can think differently again
and go over the flowers.
-[Dee] Yes!
-[Tin] Awesome. [grunts]
But how do we get across?
I have an idea. Scarecrow,
can you make a long piece of straw rope?
Roger that.
-Dee, think you can skip another rock?
-[synthesizer music playing]
-[Tin grunts] Ha!
Can you skip all the way to that far tree?
-[drumming playing]
-[Tin] Woo! Yee-haw!
-Great aim, Dee.
Now we've got a zip line, so let's zip.
-Great idea, Tin.
Three, two, one.
[Dee yelling, chuckling]
-[Tin] Whoa! Ho ho!
-[Scarecrow yelling] This is awesome!
[sinister laughter]
-I stopped those kids for good. Huh?
-[all] Bye-bye, Stuffley.
[Stuffley yells] No, it can't be.
-[exciting music playing]
-We're doing it! Woo-hoo!
[screams] What is that?
[kids laughing]
Roar! You dropped your, uh thingy!
I have to get it back
to whoever dropped it.
But what if they don't like lions?
What if I get lost?
You can do this, Lion. You can be brave.
[deep breath]
[all chuckling]
-[Dee] Whoa!
[water splashing]
[gentle music playing]
Oh! A gemstone beach.
[Lion] Roar!
That roar is back, and it's catching up!
[Lion] Roar!
-[Scarecrow] Run!
-[Tin] I'm trying!
[all] Huh?
Um, I think this thingy is yours.
Aah! The Key!
Oh, is that what it is?
I've been using it to comb my mane.
This key is gonna save Oz.
I don't know
what would've happened if I lost it.
-Thanks for finding us.
-That was really brave.
Ooh! Brave.
I think you're the brave friend
Miss Emerald was talking about.
Me? Brave? Stop it. How brave we talking?
-The bravest in Oz.
-And the surrounding metropolitan area.
Oh! The glow. It's back.
Miss Emerald? Are you there?
[distorted] We to stop Ruby
Save Oz! Cross ocean!
Oh no.
The glow. It's gone for good.
Without Miss Emerald and the glow,
we don't know where to go or what to do.
Yeah, we do. We have to get to
the Wonderful School of Oz.
-We need to cross that ocean.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa!
That whole big ocean? I can't get wet.
My mama says I'm not waterproof.
I just got my mane done.
My straw is stinky when wet.
We can't give up now.
Dee, we're just kids.
You really think we can cross an ocean,
save Miss Emerald,
and stop Miss Ruby all by ourselves?
[sad music playing]
[Dee sighs]
I think we can write
a new ending to this story.
One where kids like us are the heroes.
Dee is right.
We have to be brave,
even if it is kinda scary.
Maybe we're exactly
the kind of heroes Oz needs.
-That's right!
We can be the heroes!
And I think I see a way
for us to get across the ocean.
[Dee] Aah! A boat!
Why, hello there.
Wow, I've never met a talking boat before.
Well, you have now. Hop in.
We need to get to Miss Emerald's school.
Think you can take us?
I'll getcha there
in two shakes of a boat's sail.
Next stop, the Wonderful School of Oz!
Miss Emerald, here we come!
Look out, world, I'm on my way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in my way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
Seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
And I know the way ♪
The places we'll go
The highs, the lows ♪
My glow will lead the way ♪
Follow your heart, the tiniest spark
We'll journey to that place ♪
We can do anything
We can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
We know we're on our way ♪
We can do anything
We can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
We know we're on our ♪
Oh no! The ocean. It's losing its blue.
And, Dee, so are you.
-[all gasp]
-[Boat grunts]
Ooh, it is getting harder
to move down here.
-We're almost there, Boat.
-[Lion] Go, Boat!
-[Dee] You can do it, Boat!
-[Tin] Yeah!
-[Lion] We did it!
-Woo-hoo. Thank you, Boat.
Now go on. Go save Oz!
-Let's do this.
-Come on.
[magical whizzing]
Hi, Miss Ruby.
So, some news. I didn't stop the kid,
and she's on her way here right now.
What did you say?
Um, I said, "Those kids made it
all the way here."
[all panting]
[Miss Emerald laughs] They did it!
That little girl and her friends?
Sister, dear,
there's no way a kid like her
can be the hero in this story.
And just to be sure
[Miss Ruby] Ha! [sinister laughter]
Your school is now closed for good!
The doors
They're locked. What are we gonna do?
[Dee] Hm!
Aah! The Key!
-[magical, ethereal music playing]
[all] Wow!
-Come on.
-[Lion] Go, Dee!
[Dee] Miss Emerald?
Dee! You're here!
It's really you.
You're even more sparkly in person.
-Thanks, honey. I moisturize.
-Here's your key back.
Glad we could return it to you,
so it can save Oz.
I didn't need a key. I needed you.
But The Key opened the lock and saved you.
No, honey. You opened the lock.
And you saved me.
Any old person could have found that key.
But I needed a hero like you.
You're the one rewriting this story
with a better ending.
[gentle piano music playing]
-Thanks, Miss Emerald.
-[door creaks, opens]
But you're too late.
This story's already finished.
And then Miss Ruby took all the magic
and ruled over Oz forever
and ever and ever.
The end!
And no one, especially not some kid,
is gonna be the hero of this story.
Ruby, what are you doing?
That's too much power.
You can't do this.
Things just got
a lot less wonderful around here.
Now, time to finish getting
all the magic in Oz.
Ooh! My best scary laugh yet.
-[grunts] We're trapped.
-What do we do?
Oz has never been in this much trouble.
And with all that magic,
Miss Ruby is too powerful.
[kids sigh softly]
It's not over.
I can rewrite this story
with a new ending.
A kid like me is exactly
the kind of hero this world needs.
We're feeling low, feeling lost
Feeling like the story's done ♪
But don't go stopping now
Just look at how far we've come ♪
We feel afraid
But we've felt that before ♪
Got knocked down
But got up off the floor ♪
Can't let the fear of failing
Make our hearts unsure ♪
I walked through Oz without a clue
Till you showed me the way, it's true ♪
'Cause this story needs me and you
And you and you and you ♪
When you believe ♪
Nothing is as hard as it may seem ♪
Dee, what do you mean?
When you believe ♪
We are the heroes that we need ♪
Nothing is as hard as it may seem ♪
Now where my heroes at?
We can save Oz if we try ♪
[all] Yeah!
'Cause we got what we need inside ♪
Brave, smart, and adventurous ♪
Our hearts will be our guide
'Cause we believe ♪
Nothing is as hard as it may seem ♪
-Now you've got it.
-[all] We've got it.
-'Cause we believe
-We believe ♪
We are the heroes that we need ♪
We'll be the heroes that we need ♪
We may not have magic.
We may just be regular kids.
But regular kids can be heroes.
We don't need magic to beat this box.
Pick a side, everyone.
Get ready to push. Three, two, one
[all grunting]
Come on.
[Miss Emerald] Ah!
-[Miss Emerald] Ha ha ha!
-Yeah! We did it!
-[Scarecrow] Woo-hoo!
-We did it!
[Miss Emerald] Yay!
You are some hero, Dee.
Thanks, Miss Emerald.
[sinister laughter]
Those kids thought they could stop me.
But now I got more color
than a box of crayons.
And who gon' check me?
With all this magic,
I'm the baddest,
the powerfulest, the most magical!
I won! The end! No happily ever after!
I wouldn't close the book just yet.
'Cause I'm writing
a new ending to this story.
-One where kids like us are the heroes.
-[Tin] Woo-hoo!
-Wha What are you doing?
The magic of Oz is for everyone,
not just you.
I may be just a kid, but even I know that.
[suspenseful music playing]
[machine whistles, clangs]
No! This can't be!
That magic is supposed to be all for me!
Come on, Stuffley! Scoop it up.
-We're losing magic over here.
-You got it, Miss
-What's happening?
[both screaming]
[Miss Ruby] Ooh! Oh! Ahhh!
[kids] Woo!
-[all] Yeah!
-[Dee] We did it, guys.
We saved the day ♪
La la la la la la ♪
The trouble has gone away
The magic is here to stay ♪
Now we're on track
The magic is back ♪
Round of applause
'Cause we just saved Oz ♪
The color will stay
'Cause magic returned to Oz today ♪
Well, aren't you a Grumpy Goo.
You just need a song.
Look out, world, I'm on my way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in my way ♪
[both] No!
The flowers are red ♪
The water is blue ♪
The colors are back because of you ♪
-The greatest heroes
-There ever was ♪
You found the magic of Oz ♪
Tell 'em what ya did.
We saved the day ♪
La la la la la la ♪
Now we can cheer hooray
The color is here to stay ♪
-Yes! We did it!
-We did it, guys!
Now that the color's returned to Oz,
I can finally open the school.
But wait. I need you.
-Say what?
Would you four like to be
the very first students
at the Wonderful School of Oz?
-Of course.
You know it, Miss Emerald.
Then now, I can finally say
the Wonderful School of Oz is open!
We changed how
This story ends ♪
And we also made
Some new friends ♪
-And now we are the heroes
-We can be the heroes ♪
We saved the day ♪
La la la la la la ♪
-The trouble has gone away
-Woo-hoo-hoo! ♪
The color is here to stay
We saved the day ♪
Yes, you did ♪
Now we can cheer hooray
The magic is here to stay ♪
Here to stay ♪
That's the magic of ♪
Oz ♪
-The end.
-Come on.
-No way.
-Wait. Already?
-That can't be the end.
-I gotta hear more.
I've never heard a story
where a kid like me was the hero before.
-We're the heroes.
Yep, we are.
Kids like us are exactly
the kind of heroes this world needs.
And the good news is
I think Dee'll be writing
lots more stories soon.
I think so too.
[magical jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make some new ones too ♪
-This story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful and you glow
Dee's got the key and we're heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends, hold on
Here we go ♪
I know you know the song
So everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz
-Yeah, yeah ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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