Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Dee and the Magical Gemstone

[magical jingles playing]
Once upon a time, there was a princess.
[gasps] A strong princess. Ha!
-Who protected the kingdom from
-[Grandma] Dee. Will you please come here?
-A giant bowling ball! I like that.
-[Grandma] Dee.
Please come here. Dee.
[panting] Oh, did you hear me calling you?
Hold on a second.
Oh no no no, no no no no no no no! Ugh!
[gasps] Grandma! You okay?
Dorothy Demetrice Dionne Davis.
I needed your help carrying these books,
but you weren't listening to me.
Aw! I'm really sorry, Grandma.
I was so busy writing my story.
[chuckles] I forgive you,
but you should listen to me.
-It's important to give me respect.
-You deserve respect, Grandma.
We all do, including you,
and it's okay to ask for it.
Come on now.
Say it with me. I deserve respect.
I deserve respect.
I deserve to be given space,
and I deserve to be listened to.
I deserve to be given space,
and I deserve to be listened to.
I deserve to be treated kindly.
I deserve to be treated kindly.
We all deserve respect.
-Aah! My key! Time to go to Oz.
-[magical jingles]
-Dee and her friends
-And you ♪
-Unlocked somewhere new
-Come through ♪
-Take a leap, Oz is waiting for you
-Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-[whimsical music playing]
-Whoa! [grunts]
I must've tripped over this rock.
[magical twinkling]
Aah! Wait a second. Rocks don't twinkle.
This isn't a rock.
It looks like some kind of
[gasps] gemstone!
Ooh! I'm so happy I found you! Huh?
You turned orange.
-Hey! I'm bouncing over here.
-How rude.
-[magical whizzing]
-The gemstone changed color again to red.
Right when I felt frustrated.
I think this gemstone changes color
to match my feelings. It's magic.
[Dee chuckling]
And orange means happy.
I gotta show it to my friends.
Look out, world, I'm on my way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in my way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
Seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
I know the way ♪
The places I'll go
The highs, the lows ♪
My glow will lead the way ♪
Follow your heart, the tiniest spark
We'll journey to that place ♪
I'll show all my friends
My shiny new gem ♪
Seems like magic to me ♪
My feelings it shows
With every bright glow ♪
Just wait till my friends see ♪
[chuckling all together]
Guess what I found!
A bright, shining, magical gemstone!
-A gemstone?
Dee, where'd you get that?
I found it on the way to school.
And the best part is
it changes color to match how I feel.
And I'm feeling happy!
-Oz-mazing! ♪
-Ooh! I wanna see. Hmm!
Ooh! Uh Huh.
The gemstone didn't show my mood,
but I have so many feelings.
-Let me try again.
-Why is the gemstone turning red?
Lion! That wasn't very nice.
You took it without asking.
Oh! Maybe it's red
'cause you feel frustrated?
-[Dee] It shows how I'm feeling.
-No. I feel happy.
-The sun is shining. I'm happy happy.
-Can I say something, please?
Is the gemstone broken?
-Is there a button you
-I was trying to talk
-Work, gem.
-Hope she kept the receipt.
The mood gemstone turned red
because I'm frustrated!
-How come?
Because you took that gemstone
out of my hand without asking.
And then you didn't listen to how I felt.
You need to give me respect.
-What's that?
My grandma says respect is
when you treat others kindly,
listen to them, and give them their space.
It's how you treat a friend,
and it's how we work together.
We all deserve respect.
Sorry, Dee. I wanted to get my paws
on the gemstone so bad,
but I should've given you respect.
-Us too.
-Yeah. We're sorry.
It's okay. We're besties.
To Oz Mountain and back.
-Wonderful morning, students.
-Miss Emerald! Look! Dee found a gemstone!
[gasps] That's the most wonderful,
whimsical discovery I've ever seen.
This gemstone?
Yes. That's one of four magical gemstones
that've been missing from Oz
for as long as I can remember.
-And having it's a good thing?
-It's better than good, honey.
Ah! The magic of this gemstone
can help save Oz.
-Save Oz?
Let me tell you a story.
Actually, I'll sing you a story instead.
-More fun that way.
-[record scrubbing]
Oz is more wonderful, amazing
Than you know ♪
You ain't heard nothing yet
Listen to this flow ♪
Gather round now
I'm 'bout to tell you how it goes ♪
You should know
There are four gemstones ♪
One, two, three, four.
They're scattered over Oz
We need to find 'em ♪
Once we find all four
We can combine 'em ♪
Into something so amazing
We thought we'd never have ♪
Part bridge, part train
Part rocket, all magic ♪
-Part bridge.
-Part train?
Part rocket?
-All magic.
-[Miss EMerald] That's right.
It's a magical ride that'll connect
all the different lands in Oz,
and it's called the Gemstone Loop.
You can help save all of Oz
You'll create the Gemstone Loop for Oz ♪
Da ra ra da da ra da ♪
If you can find the magic gems
You'll bring together everyone in Oz ♪
Da ra ra da da ra da ♪
-What's a Gemstone Loop?
-What do you do with it?
You can travel in and out
And up and down and through ♪
Everywhere in Oz
Magically from end to end ♪
And with it
Everyone in Oz Can make new friends ♪
Wow. We've gotta build the Gemstone Loop.
I wanna find all the gems right now.
I love that energy, Dee.
I know you can find them,
but you gotta do it together.
Teamwork, it makes the thing work
You'll find the gems if you all search ♪
You all wanna make the world better ♪
But you can't do it alone
Gotta do it together ♪
We can help save all of Oz
We'll create the Gemstone Loop for Oz ♪
-La la la la la la la
-Da da da da da da da da da da! ♪
If we can find the magic gems
We'll bring together everyone in Oz ♪
La la la la la la la ♪
You can! A-ha! ♪
Let's work together to build
the Gemstone Loop. How do we start?
First, I'll need to make a machine
to help us control the gem's power.
Tin, Westyn, I'll need your help.
Dee, you found the gemstone.
Until the machine is ready,
I need you to keep it safe.
I know I can do it, Miss Emerald.
Who's with me?
-I'm in!
-We got this!
Nobody's getting their hands
on this gemstone.
[Stuffley] A thingamabob here
and a whirligig there.
A-ha! Yes! Finished. Whoop-dee-doo!
[beeping] Setting name to "Whoop-Dee-Doo."
Ugh! That's just a thing people say,
not a name.
-Come on. Let me fix that.
-No. I am Whoop-Dee-Doo.
[speaking Spanish] Me llamo Whoop-Dee-Doo.
[speaking French]
Je m'appelle Whoop-Dee-Doo.
Whoop-Dee-Doo ♪
All right, that's it.
I'm resetting you right now.
[aggressive whirring]
Aah! Oh! I didn't know you had an alarm.
Please! Make it stop.
-Fine. I'll call you Whoop-Dee-Doo.
-[whirring stops]
[pings] What can I do for you today?
Hmm! Find me one
of Oz's magical gemstones.
[Stuffley] Plant. Ozberry.
Come on. My nose?
[gasps] There's the gemstone.
[Stuffley exhales sharply, grunts]
But those friends have it.
If I could get that gemstone,
I could have its magic all for myself.
[adventurous music playing]
-Ooooh! ♪
I'm the teddy coming for the gemstones
It's all about me ♪
It's all about him
Stuffley ♪
I'm gonna take that gem
and make it my own ♪
Y'all gonna see
It's all about me ♪
Stuffley ♪
I'm the baddest little bear in all of Oz
I deserve everything that is and was ♪
Dee and her friends?
I ain't worried ♪
Gonna get my little paws
On all those gems ♪
Stuffley is the baddest teddy bear
In Oz ♪
-Stuffley, Stuffley, Stuffley, Stuffley
-That sounds so good ♪
The moment that they look away
I'll flutter right into the place ♪
I'll take their gem, no time to waste
Whoop-Dee-Doo, don't that sound great? ♪
-[Whoop-Dee-Doo snoring]
-[Stuffley] Ahhh! Whoop-Dee-Doo!
Wh What? Sorry, I was rebooting.
What were you saying?
Ahem! I said
Hey, yeah! ♪
Stuffley is the baddest teddy bear
In Oz ♪
I'm the baddest ♪
-Stuffley ♪
Wake up, Whoop-Dee-Doo! C'mon now.
Stuffley ♪
Ooh! I'm gonna go take that gemstone
from Dee and her friends.
[sinister laughter]
[Dee] All right!
We gotta keep this gemstone safe
till Miss Emerald's done with the machine.
-Let me
-Gimme space!
-with my wand.
-[Dee] We need to work together. [grunts]
-Excuse me.
I'll never get that gemstone
with Dee and her friends
working together to protect it.
Hmm, actually
If only those friends
weren't getting along.
It is so funny
you should mention that because
It'd be so much easier
to take the gemstone
-Look, I'm trying to show you
-if they weren't working as a team.
[shouts] Oh, look at them! Look at them!
-No way!
-I can keep it safe.
Ooh! The friends are arguing.
They stopped working together,
which means this is my chance.
That is what I've been trying to tell you.
-[Lion] My turn.
-No, no, no! Don't!
We've got to respect each other.
[all grunting]
[Dee] Stuffley.
-[Stuffley] Ha!
-[all gasp]
-It's mine! All mine.
-We gotta stop that bear. Get back here.
Yaaaa! Hide!
[all panting]
-Where'd he go?
-[sarcastic laughter]
-[Lion] There he is.
-Get back here.
-We're gonna catch you, Stuffley.
-You can't catch me.
[Eastyn] You terrible teddy!
-[patriotic music playing]
-[Eastyn] Come on.
-[all] Woo-hoo!
[sarcastic laughter]
[Lion] Give us that. It's our gemstone.
-Catch it, Whoop. Ugh!
-I got it. I got it!
I don't got it.
-[all] Hey!
-[Scarecrow] Mine.
-[Eastyn] Let me have it.
-[Lion] No, me.
-Oh no!
[sinister laughter]
Say goodbye to your gemstone. Ha ha!
Oh no! Now, we'll never be able to build
the Gemstone Loop!
We can't give up. We gotta follow Stuffley
and get the gem back.
-[all] Yeah!
-Let's do it!
Aah! Looks like they're going that way
towards the Ozicle Cave.
Then so are we.
[suspenseful jingles playing]
[Dee] Wow!
[shivering] It's cold in here.
Glad I wore my fur today.
Ooh! Hey!
-[Scarecrow] Be careful, everyone!
[all screaming] Whoa!
[ice squeaking]
Ahhh! Phew.
We have to find a way across this ice.
It's the only way to get the gem back.
But it's too slippery to walk.
-Hmm! What if we work together
-I know what to do!
I can use my wand
to grab onto a high-up ozicle.
Then we can swing across.
But Eastyn,
you're the only one with a wand.
We'll need a plan
that'll work for everyone.
Er That's an okay idea, Eastyn,
but it's not my great idea.
So we can make straw sleds, right?
-[ice squeaking]
-[Scarecrow] Whoa!
And then we use them
to slide across the ice.
Um, Scarecrow,
would you please move a little?
Like I was saying, straw sleds.
But we don't even have
enough straw for four sleds.
Which means we gotta swing together.
-That doesn't make any
-[Lion] No, no!
No to the straw sleds. No to swinging.
The answer is my loudness.
I'll yell so loud
that someone will come and help us.
Stop. We need to give each other respect.
You gotta be loud, just like me ♪
Roar! [echoing]
The ice is cracking!
-[Scarecrow] Wow!
-[Dee] Oh no!
[all gasp]
Now we're trapped.
How did this happen?
I know how. We weren't working together.
You were all just shouting your ideas
that only worked for yourselves.
We need to listen,
give space, and be kind to each other.
We all deserve respect.
[soul music playing]
-Know what I need and who I am
-Who I am ♪
And that's not the way
you treat a friend ♪
Treat a friend ♪
-You have to show your friends you care
-Show you care ♪
Step up and always be there ♪
Value each other, listen what we say ♪
Give each other space
You know that is the way ♪
-We need respect, y'all
-We need respect ♪
-Respect your friends, y'all
-Respect your friends ♪
To get off this ice,
we're gonna have to listen to each other
and work together.
We all deserve respect.
-[Lion] Yeah!
-Come on, guys!
Hmm! Maybe we can use these ice chunks?
-Aah! We could throw them.
-Right at those ozicles up there.
So they fall and make a bridge.
Great idea.
[soul music continues]
-[Lion] Yeah, Dee.
-We need respect, y'all
-We need respect ♪
-Respect your friends, y'all
-Respect your friends ♪
-We all deserve respect now
-Ah ah ah ♪
-That's the way it should be
-Ah ah ah ♪
-The way I want to be treated
-Ah ah ah ♪
Is how you should be treated by me ♪
-Grandma told me what to do
-What to do ♪
Give people the respect
you want them to give to you.
-Everybody deserves respect ♪
And we don't expect anything less ♪
Value each other, listen what we say ♪
Give each other space
You know that is the way ♪
-We need respect, y'all
-We need respect ♪
-Respect your friends, y'all
-Respect your friends ♪
-We need respect, y'all
-We need respect ♪
-Respect your friends, y'all
-Respect your friends ♪
-[Dee] We did it! Yeah!
-[all] Woo-hoo!
Now come on. We gotta keep going.
Oz needs us to get that gemstone back.
-[Eastyn] Let's do it.
[sinister laughter]
[mockingly] Finally! I got the gemstone!
With it, I can rule all of Oz!
-Whoo! I'm one terrible teddy.
-Just one question, Mr. Stuffley.
What do you want to do
once you rule all of Oz?
-I uh Well
-Never thought you'd get this far, huh?
Um No! I'm just thinking
of something extra terrible to do.
Like um I'm gonna take
all the rubber duckies just for me.
Rubber duckies?
That doesn't seem very terrible.
Look in there. The gemstone.
Mr. Stuffley, might I suggest you use
this gemstone to take all of Oz's magic?
Ooh! Now that I have this gemstone,
I can take all of Oz's magic
and get more rubber duckies.
-[all gasp]
-[Dee] Oh no.
If he takes the magic from the gemstone,
he's gonna ruin Oz.
And we'll never be able to build
the Gemstone Loop.
Wait a sec.
[Stuffley babbling]
I might know a way
for us to stop Stuffley.
If we all work together.
Ooh! Tell us, Dee! Tell us!
Sorry. I meant tell us, Dee.
Okay, here's the plan.
[Stuffley] Whoo!
I can practically feel the magic already.
Right, Mr. Ducklesworth?
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[grunting] Ha!
Lion, you're up.
Hm! What was that roar?
Eastyn, swing us in three two one.
-[Eastyn] Woo-hoo!
-[all] Yeah!
Hm now now I know I heard something.
-Scarecrow, your turn.
-Ooh! Ha!
Whoo! Ha!
[Dee] Hurry, Scarecrow.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Scarecrow] Whoa!
Aah! Another ducky!
Look, Mr. Ducklesworth, a friend.
[Stuffley] Ooh! Look at all the duckies!
I'll name you Quigley.
And you can be Quinta.
And you definitely look like a Quigglebum.
-[Scarecrow gasps]
Say hi to Quigglebum, everybody.
-The gemstone!
-What're we gonna do?
I got this.
-[gasps silently]
-[bleeping, snoring]
[magical twinkling]
[gasps] Oh no!
Did you hear something, Whoop-Dee-Doo?
[bleeps] Perhaps it was one
of your duckies?
I thought I heard someone
right over there.
-Hey! Now where's my gem?
-We did it!
-All right.
Go, Dee. Your plan was amazing, Dee.
[Eastyn] Now let's get outta here.
What What? My gemstone!
Oh, Mr. Stuffley, did you see this?
[Dee] Dear Stuffley,
me and my friends took
the gemstone back where it belongs,
to the Wonderful School of Oz
to help build the Gemstone Loop.
To help everyone.
[angrily] Aah! Those kids!
[Dee] We deserve your respect,
and Oz does too.
Have a very Ozzy day.
Dorothy Demetrice Dionne Davis.
[Miss Emerald] Just gotta press this,
calibrate that. There.
That oughta do it. All done.
[all] Miss Emerald.
-We have the gemstone!
-We did it.
Just in time.
'Cause this Gemstone Loop Machine
is ready to rock. [chuckles]
-The gemstone goes right there.
-You got this.
Go, Dee.
We're one step closer to building
the Gemstone Loop and saving Oz.
[magical electronic whirring]
-[all gasp excitedly]
-[ethereal music playing]
[magical cock-a-doodle-doo]
I'm so proud of you. Wonderful job.
Thank you, Miss Emerald.
And now you just have to find
the three other gemstones.
Wow. Three more gemstones?
Do you really think we can do it?
Of course I do, honey.
Your journey's only just begun.
Yeah, we got this.
-[Eastyn] I'm in!
-[all chuckling]
[magical, ethereal jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful and you glow
Dee's got the key and we're all heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends
Hold on, here we go ♪
I know you know the song
So everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Yeah, yeah
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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