Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Dee and the Do-Your-Best-Fest

[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
[Dee] A-ha. Gotcha.
[piano music playing]
[boy] Hi, Dee.
[Dee gasps]
-[Dee] Sorry, Quentin.
It's okay.
I'm still learning how to take pictures
with this camera. Say, "Cheese!"
-[camera twinkling]
-Cheese. What are you taking pictures for?
Back home, I'm a Bumblebee Scout.
I am brave. I am bold. I am a bumblebee.
[buzzing, chuckles]
We get badges when we do special things.
Here's my swimming badge,
my painting badge, my reading badge.
What's that one?
My badge badge for having the most badges.
Ooh! Very badge-y.
But today, I'm trying to be an explorer,
so I can get the explorer badge.
Explorers are great at finding things.
So to get this badge, I have to find
an animal I've never seen before
and then, take a picture of it.
Seen any new animals around here?
Nope. Maybe there's somewhere else
you can find a new animal.
[Dee] Hmm.
-[magical twinkling]
I can find a new animal
to take a picture of in Oz.
Sorry, Quentin. I gotta go.
-Bye, Dee.
-[magical whizzing]
-Dee and her friends
-And you ♪
-Unlocked somewhere new
-Come through ♪
-Take a leap, Oz is waiting for you
-Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
[joyful music playing]
What's going on?
[all cheering, laughing]
It's the day of the festival.
Welcome, everyone,
to the Wonderful School of Oz's
Do-Your-Best Fest.
[all cheering, applauding]
-Woohoo! Woohoo!
Today, everyone here
will get to come on up
and do your best
at something you love to do.
Oh yeah!
I'm gonna do my best to tap dance.
I'm gonna do my best to twirl.
I'll do my best triple-flip.
I'll do my best to make this plant grow.
[happy music playing]
Just do your best ♪
There's nobody perfect
But you're perfectly you ♪
When you do your bestest
It shines through ♪
When you're trying your best
You can forget the rest ♪
Your best is your best in Oz ♪
Sing it with me!
-Do your best, best in Oz
-Do your best ♪
Do your best, best in Oz ♪
Do your best, do your best
Do your best, don't stress ♪
Do your best, best in Oz ♪
I'll do a flip, triple-flip
And even if I slip ♪
I'll do my best, best in Oz ♪
[Miss Emerald] Go ahead.
A plant I'll grow, plant I'll grow
And if the flower never shows ♪
I'll do my best, best in Oz ♪
-[Scarecrow] Ooh!
-So beautiful.
I'll tap my feet ♪
You got this, Lion.
I'll twirl so sweet ♪
Careful, now.
Even if we lose the beat
We'll do our best, best in Oz ♪
We'll all try our best
And that's all we can do ♪
As long as we try
Then our best will shine through ♪
Here in Oz, just because you can try
There's a prize ♪
Do your best, best in Oz ♪
[all cheering]
I'll do my best for the festival too.
I'll take a picture of an animal
I've never seen before
and be an explorer.
How about this one? A frog.
A frog? I've seen more frogs
than I can count.
You've never seen a frog like this.
-The Giggly frog.
-[funny laughter]
It's impossible to see
the Giggly frog and not laugh.
That's why it's called a Giggly frog.
'Cause it makes you giggle.
If I can find it and take a picture of it,
I'll really be an explorer. Whoops.
Uh Even getting its picture taken
makes my plant get smaller.
Sorry, Westyn. Still getting
the hang of this thing. Say, "Cheese!"
Wait, what?
Here in Oz, we say "ozberries"
when we take pictures.
[chuckles] Okay, then. Say, "Ozberries!"
Hey, I think I blinked.
Hold on. Where's Tin?
[joyful music playing]
This is awesome.
It's my best invention yet.
Wheelie skates. They're working.
[yells] Wh Wh Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Woohoo, woohoo!
-Oh no. Tin.
-[Tin] Whoa!
-[Tin] Ahh!
-[Ozlings] Ahh!
[Tin] Ouch.
Uh Are you okay?
[grunts] Yeah. I'm okay.
[sighs deeply]
My invention was a big mistake.
Maybe I'm not an inventor after all.
[Miss Emerald]
Excuse me, Tin. What did you say?
I made a big mistake.
Yeah. I couldn't flip.
Maybe I'm not a gymnast.
Maybe I'm not a farmer.
Or a dancer.
I got news for all of you.
You are what you wanna be,
and you are not your mistakes.
Ever since I was a little old Emerald,
I wanted to be the best,
but I made some mistakes.
I fell down.
I turned around. I lost. I found.
I upside downed. Can I get a woohoo?
But then, I remembered
I'm not my mistakes.
I'm who I wanna be.
Ain't nothing wrong with trying
Fallin' while you're flyin' ♪
Makes no difference who you are
You just keep on rising ♪
You ain't your mistakes
It's your risk to take ♪
You might not be that good at first
But soon those things will change ♪
Can I get a woohoo? ♪
I am not my mistakes
I'm not my mistakes ♪
I am not my mistakes
I'm who I wanna be ♪
-[Tin sighs sadly]
-Brother Tin, you're still feeling down?
It's just How can I be something
if I'm not good at it?
Nobody's perfect the first time they try
or even the hundredth.
-Sometimes things go wrong,
so you just gotta fess up to the mess up
and remember that doesn't change
who you are inside.
You are who you wanna be,
and you are not your mistakes.
-Can I get a woohoo?
-[all] Woohoo!
I said, can I get a woohoo?
[all] Woohoo!
Ha ha! That's right, now.
-Are you trying it?
-We're trying it ♪
-Then you're being it
-We're being it ♪
-I know you're seeing it
-Seeing it ♪
-Just believe it
-Believe it ♪
-You're right, Miss Emerald.
-Now, sing it.
I am not my mistakes
I'm not mistakes ♪
You are not your mistakes
You're who you wanna be ♪
-As long as you have fun
-I am not my mistakes ♪
You can do whatever you want
-I am not my mistakes
-I am not my mistakes ♪
-I'm who I want to be
-I am not my mistakes ♪
I am who I want to ♪
Be ♪
Woo-hoo! ♪
[all cheering]
Now, everyone,
go get ready for the festival.
I believe in you.
[joyful music playing]
Look out, world, I'm on my way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in our way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
We'll seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
And I know the way ♪
Trying our best to do good at the fest
We know what we gotta do ♪
-Grow, please.
Say, "Ozberries!"
We know we'll see this through ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
[frog speaking froggish]
Giggly frog. Oh, Giggly frog,
where are you?
-Ooh! A Giggly frog.
W Whoa!
-Nope. My mistake. You're an Ozling.
-[grunts angrily]
Hmm. Grumpy Ozling. Come on, Dee,
the Do-Your-Best Fest starts soon.
All right, Giggly frog,
come on out and say, "Ozberries!"
-[dance music playing]
-[singing in froggish]
Okay, plants. I've gotta get you to grow
in time for the festival. Come on. Grow.
[Westyn] Ahem!
Now would be an excellent time
for you to grow, don't you think?
Argh! Please grow.
[singing in froggish]
Spin the sprocket.
Spin the sprocket. Spin the sprocket.
I finally finished
the best invention I've ever invented.
My robot dog.
Ahem. I said, "My robot dog."
Robot dog?
[sighs] He doesn't work.
Another mistake. Well, I'll keep trying.
[Miss Emerald] Hello, Ozians.
The Do-Your-Best Festival
begins soon, so get ready. [chuckles]
Almost out of time.
I gotta take a picture
of the Giggly frog for the festival,
or how can I call myself an explorer?
[singing in froggish]
Aah! Giggly frog? Is that you?
-[singing in froggish]
-Um. Ha? A-ha!
-[boinging continuously]
-[singing in froggish]
[sighs] I was so close,
but I made another mistake.
That's two whole mistakes.
Am I ever gonna get a picture? [sighs]
Gotta keep trying. It's the only way
to be an explorer and get my badge.
[grumbling] Please grow. Please?
I have tried water
and sun and plant food and
What else do you want? Aah!
Maybe magic?
These magic sparkles
do make things grow big and strong.
[magical twinkling]
But nothing is going to make
this flower grow.
[Miss Emerald] All right, everyone.
The festival is about to begin.
Come on back.
The Do-Your-Best Fest is starting,
and I've got, well, nothing.
-Ah! Now, which way is the way back?
-[magical twinkling]
[Westyn] W Was it that way?
Or is it this way?
[suspenseful music playing]
What What's going on?
Are Are you my flower?
Oh! Oh! I used too much magic.
I made a mistake.
[Westyn yells] Help!
[camera shutter clicking]
[Dee] Giggly frog? Giggly frog?
Where are you?
Aah! The peanut butter
and jelly sandwich Grandma packed for me.
I'll leave it here,
and when the Giggly frog comes to eat it,
I'll take the picture.
Aah! It's working.
The Giggly frog is coming.
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[Woohoo bird cooing]
Hey. That's a Woohoo bird.
How come my plan didn't work?
"Giggly frogs do not eat
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
but Woohoo birds do."
[gurgling joyfully]
[softly] Ahh! I keep messing up.
I've made three mistakes.
Grumpy Ozling, is that you laughing?
Why would Grumpy Ozling be laughing?
He never laughs. He only grumps.
Oh no.
He must have seen the Giggly frog,
and I missed it.
-[singing in froggish]
Is that? It can't be, but it's gotta be.
-[Dee laughing] It's the Giggly frog.
-[singing in froggish]
Gotta take a picture.
[laughing hysterically]
No. Come back.
Oh! I didn't get the picture.
That's my fourth mistake.
I keep making mistake after mistake.
Maybe I've made too many.
Maybe Maybe I'm not an explorer.
[magical twinkling]
I feel like no matter what I do ♪
I just make more mistakes ♪
Thought I was what I wanna be ♪
But maybe I don't have what it takes ♪
Thought I was an explorer ♪
That's what I wanna be ♪
But if I can't even take one pic ♪
Will that ever be me? ♪
I just keep making more mistakes ♪
That's all I seem to make ♪
Do I have what it takes? ♪
Am I not my mistakes? ♪
[ballad music playing]
I just need to put the widget here.
-Eh, try again.
-Wow, Tin.
I like how you keep on trying,
no matter what.
That's what inventors do.
No one's perfect
the first time they try something.
Or the hundredth time.
Sometimes, I feel like
if I'm not good at something,
I can't really be that thing.
I haven't gotten that Giggly frog photo.
I keep messing up.
I don't think I am an explorer.
Eh, my robot dog still doesn't work.
I know I've made a lot of mistakes,
but I am what I wanna be.
And I'm not my mistakes.
And you're not your mistakes either, Dee.
You're an explorer.
[exciting music playing]
It's like Miss Emerald said to me
We all make mistakes, you see ♪
But that don't mean that we can't be
All the things we wanna be ♪
Messing up should not stop you
We can do whatever we wanna do ♪
I am an inventor, take a look and see ♪
I'm not my mistakes,
I am who I wanna be ♪
I'm not my mistakes ♪
I'm who I wanna be ♪
Yes, I said I'm who I wanna be ♪
So, mistakes are okay?
-[Westyn yells] Over here!
-That sounds like Westyn.
-[Westyn yells] Help!
-[footsteps thudding]
What is that thing?
[Westyn] It's my Do-Your-Best Fest flower.
It may have grown
a tiny bit bigger than I planned.
Whoa, whoa!
We've gotta get you down.
Flower, you put my friend down,
or I'm gonna tell your mama.
All right, you got me.
I don't really know your mama.
We need a new plan.
[Dee gasps]
You get smaller when my camera flashes.
[Westyn groaning]
Tin, what are we gonna do?
We've gotta catch that flower.
Maybe my robot dog can help us.
Hmm. Oh!
What if I did this
and used this widget here, and
[Tin] All right. He's finished.
But, Robot dog, do you work?
[barks mechanically]
[exciting music playing]
Come on, Robot dog.
Let's see what you can do.
-[Dee] Woo!
-[both laughing]
When you scooped up our friend,
you made the mistake.
[Tin] Yeah!
[Dee] Woo!
Oh no. The flower is headed
right for the Do-Your-Best Fest.
-[Dee gasps]
-[Westyn] Whoa!
It's gonna ruin the whole festival.
We've gotta figure out a way to stop it,
and I've got a plan.
Let's see what this puppy can do.
[barking mechanically]
-[tires screeching]
[both chuckling]
Four, six, and twirl.
-[footsteps thudding]
-[Lion gasps] Ahh!
[Westyn] Look out! Evacuate!
Watch out! A giant flower?
-[all screaming]
-[Ozling] Oh no.
[Scarecrow gasps]
[all] Whoa!
[tires screeching]
Not so fast, Flower.
-[Lion] It's Dee.
-And Tin.
[Dee] Come on, Flower. Say, "Ozberries!"
[camera shutter clicking continuously]
[Westyn chuckles] It's working. Woo-hoo!
[tires screeching]
-[Lion] Yeah!
-[Dee] Gotcha.
Dee. [panting] You saved me.
-You saved the day, Dee.
-You rock, Dee.
That was oz-mazing.
You look like an explorer to me.
-And who's this little guy?
His name is
Uh! He doesn't have a name.
I'll name you Jabari.
Oh! Wait. I have two cousins named Jabari.
That might get confusing.
I think I'll call you Widget.
-Aw, shucks.
I can't wait to tell Jabari
and Jabari about you.
Wonderful job saving the day.
Now we can Oz-along with the festivities.
Let the Do-Your-Best Fest begin.
[everybody cheering, wooing]
The fest is starting. Sorry you didn't get
a picture of the Giggly frog.
Er, it's okay. I made a mistake
and didn't get the picture.
Oh, and then I made another mistake
and another mistake,
and I still didn't get the picture.
But now I know that messing up,
no matter how many times,
doesn't make me who I am.
It's like my friend, Tin, said to me
We all make mistakes, you see ♪
But that don't mean that we can't be
All the things we wanna be ♪
I'm not my mistakes
I am not my mistakes ♪
I am not my mistakes
I am not my mistakes ♪
I am not my mistakes
I am not my mistakes ♪
I am not my mistakes
I am not my mistakes ♪
I am not my mistakes ♪
I'm who I wanna be ♪
[everybody cheering, applauding]
[rock music playing]
[rock music stops]
[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful and you glow
Dee's got the key and we're heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends
Hold on, here we go ♪
I know you know the song
Everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Yeah, yeah
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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