Deep State (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

A Kind of Warfare

1 My name is Max William Easton.
I'm a British intelligence officer.
You said it's done.
That whatever shady bullshit you were involved in in London is over.
Then you come running in with a screwdriver and you lock your children in the bathroom! Cooper and Toumi have popped up in Beirut.
We need you to go in and clean up the mess.
Find them.
Deal with them.
Find Said.
Deal with him as well.
Ali Ardavan.
Major financier of the nuclear weapons program.
Our next target.
I found the source of the breach.
Burnett Hanson.
Ardavan was a client there.
Harry is using Burnett Hanson as a misdirect.
Burnett Hanson is not the breach.
Harry is.
SAID: How long have you been passing intelligence to Tehran? HARRY: What, are you joking? Where's Said? Huh? Why did he kill Harry? Said didn't kill Harry.
Harry's here.
In Beirut.
Said, please! WHITE: We're giving you the opportunity to make this right.
Isn't that what you'd want? Why all of them? Why not just Said? It's what Langley wants.
(gunshots reverberate) (Harry hyperventilates) Give me your hand.
Give me your fucking hand.
(Harry winces) Slumped.
Two in the head.
(click) Now get out of the car.
You're gonna disappear for good.
Anyone finds out you're alive, we're both dead.
I was doing my job and now there's a fucking kill order on me! (gasping) Ohh What did White tell you? That I was the breach? - And you believe that? - You're alive, aren't you? What are they covering up, Said? You don't know, do you? Find your way across the border to Ashgabat.
Lose yourself.
And you're just fine with this? Don't make me regret not killing you, Harry.
(panting) Said? Thank you.
(lighter clicks) (glass shattering) (flames crackling) - (phone bleeps) - (he grunts) (keypad tapping) (phone rings) Yes? WHITE: We've had a complication in Tehran.
Care to expand? One of our team has done some digging on Ardavan.
He's followed the trail .
to Burnett Hanson.
- WOMAN: What? - I've dealt with it.
(whispers) Dealt with it, how? He's down.
"He"? Weren't there five of them out there? Yes.
How do you know they haven't talked to each other? How do you know he hasn't shared what he found out? Are you willing to take that risk, George .
stake your life on it? No, I didn't think so.
They have to go.
All of them.
Do you have someone who can clean up or do you want me to send one of mine? No, no.
I have someone.
- He's - I don't need to know.
Just make sure he's reliable and you can control him.
MAN: You may find yourself in another part of the world .
living in a beautiful house .
with a beautiful wife .
and you may ask yourself: "How do I work this?" "This is not my beautiful house.
" "This is not my beautiful wife.
" You may ask yourself: "Well .
how did I get here?" Where's Harry? Is he alive? Cooper! (pounding) (pounding continues) (microwave beeps and dings) (clattering) (gas hissing) (electrical crackling) (small explosions) - (explosion) - Aargh! (clattering and shouting) (birds squawking) (keys rattling) (water splashing) My name is Max William Easton.
I'm a British Intelligence officer.
- (phone rings) - My last ass (phone ringing) (ringing stops) (phone rings again) (beep) - Max? - Anna? - It's not a good time now.
- I just wanted to hear your voice.
- How's your cold? - What? You said you were coming down with a cold.
Erm yeah, it's it's it's fine.
I'm fine.
Well, you don't sound it.
- How's Beirut? - Same as ever.
You've been there before? Couple of times.
It's neutral ground for old clients.
So did you find it, the money? - Are you coming home? - Soon.
I promise.
Anna, what's up? Nothing.
I have to go.
Lola just came down.
Oh, can you put her on? Lola? She went to the bathroom.
I really have to go.
I love you.
My last assignment was the assassination of Dr.
Marcus Reynolds, the British government scientist.
(she howls) (birds calling) (Anna continues howling) Four dead Iranian nuclear scientists in the last two weeks.
Are you gonna tell me this was the Israelis? No, sir.
Since Stuxnet, we're more careful which operations we share with them.
- This was us.
- Sounds like mission creep.
Our brief was to contain Iran's nuclear weapons program Your brief was to identify and report back.
The administration's current approach is to safeguard diplomatic stability with Iran.
Perhaps you'd like to enlighten me as to how dead scientists turning up on the streets of Iran is furthering that aim? Are we containing the regime, or aren't we? Excuse me? I'm just not clear what the objective is here, Mr.
That makes two of us.
You're supposed to be gathering credible intelligence upon which this administration can make an informed choice, not wreaking havoc in the Iranian capital.
We believed there to be an active threat, sir.
Let me ask you, do you think the security of the Republic should be underpinned by something more than your belief? I'm minded to recommend shutting this operation down.
Isn't Cyber Command a more effective way of achieving our goals, in any case? With respect, Mr.
Chairman, some of us believe in good old-fashioned analogue tradecraft.
Boots on the ground.
If you wish us to support further operations, we need to move beyond mere belief.
Is Tehran in breach of the nuclear deal, or isn't it? Cold hard facts, not supposition, are what is required here, Ms.
JONES: Fucking suits.
(laughs) Why do you always have to antagonize them? Do you think they would talk to you like that? They're a bunch of corpulent, flatulent misogynists, John.
Don't you dare defend them! You heard what he said.
Go get more evidence.
Otherwise they're gonna shut us down.
(phone rings) Give me some good news.
MAX: Cooper's off the table.
I knew you still had it in you.
Leyla? She got picked up by police in Petro Trad square.
We'll find out which station she's been taken to.
I'll call the embassy and see if we can get you in there.
- Mm.
- What? I want Harry's body repatriated.
That might be tricky, Max.
I'll do my best.
Well, if anyone can do it, you can.
I think you've got more faith in me than I have in myself these days.
Let's see how long that lasts.
Finish the job, Max.
And then go home, see your family while you still can.
(bleeping) MAX: Olivia, if you're watching this, you'll know what to do with it.
My name is Max William Easton.
(low chatter) News on Toumi? Yes, we trawled police comms.
Leyla Toumi is being detained at Tareek El-Tafilah Station, the Mazraa quarter.
WHITE: Alright, let's get Max in there.
I'll contact his usual pickup point.
I want everybody on this.
Where's Walker? I was under the command of George White at The Section.
Not disturbing you, am I? We need you out here.
What is it? Nothing.
Out here.
Since the Omar tip-off, Ardavan's stepped up his security.
He flies to Beirut the third Sunday of every month.
(door opens) Hey, Said.
Salam, chetori? Chetori? Salam.
- Where the hell have you been? - Where's Harry? Harry's dead.
London told us to pick up Omar, interrogate him - And you didn't tell us? - You're on Ardavan.
We still need to know.
You need to know what I decide to tell you.
We drove to Omar's apartment and we waited for him.
Then he shows up and he walks straight towards the car.
Pulls a gun.
And shoots Harry in the head.
I'm sorry.
Alright, er .
did you get him? Said, answer the fucking question! Did you get Omar? No.
He got away.
I got out, I chased him but he had his exit planned.
- He's gone to ground.
- Well, then, we're screwed.
No, not yet.
We'll put the word out, we'll find him.
Where's the body? By the time I returned to the car, police were crawling all over the place.
- So you just left it there? - I didn't have a choice.
- I have to get it back.
- Leyla, he is gone! His body is lying on some fucking Tehran police slab! Now, our orders are we take out Omar and Ardavan and then we get out of here.
Unless you're willing to defy those orders? (traffic passing by) - I should never have asked you to take - To what? Spy on him? - Yeah, it wasn't like that.
- Yeah? So what was it like? Why the constant questions? - Special treatment? - He was here because of me.
His father and I, we were friends, and he walked out on him.
And you were a good substitute, huh? Apparently not.
(she sniffles) I should have been there.
- This is not on you.
- No.
It's on you.
This whole fucking shambles is on you.
- Leyla, if - Get Let's get this over with.
Hm? And then I'm out.
And I never have to look at you again.
(horns toot in distance) (vegetation rustling) (he gulps drink) Ah.
(engine roaring) (brakes hiss) (muffled singing) Said turned on him.
He killed him.
(heavy breathing) Shukran.
As-Salamu Alaykum.
Alaykumu As-Salam.
Henry Adams.
Attaché to the British Embassy.
I'm here to collect Leyla Toumi.
Can I speak to your commanding officer, please? - Yeah, have a seat.
- Thank you.
(door opens) Sir.
I'm sorry, but there is no one here by that name.
- She's here.
I know she's here.
- No, sir, she's not.
- I literally just saw her - No sir you did not.
(car horns tooting nearby) (ringing tone) (phone rings) Do you have her? She switched custody.
Handed over to the ISF.
You know what that means: Salim Baraket.
- (typing) - Baraket? Baraket's no longer head of the ISF.
He's semi-retired.
They're phasing out the old guard.
Except we never do fucking retire, do we, George? Baraket told me never to set foot in Beirut again.
He knows I'm in town, must have his dogs on me.
But now Baraket's got bait, all he has to do is sit back and wait for me to come to him.
That's a bad idea, Max.
You walk in there, with your history, you know exactly what will happen.
Why, you got a better move? Raid the vaults.
Find me something on him.
Make it good if you want me to walk out again.
(gun clicks) (muffled speech) (knock on door) My name is Max William Easton.
I'm a British Intelligence officer.
My last assignment was the assassination of Dr.
Marcus Reynolds, the British government scientist and UN weapons inspector (taps phone number) (ringing tone) She just played the tape for her brother.
What's the order? Did you speak to White yet? Just sit tight.
I'll call you back.
So we are looking into some compromising intel on Baraket from 2005.
Did you find anything on Baraket, anything we can use? Uh Good God, man, please tell me you have something.
What the hell have you been doing? I'll get onto it right away, sir.
(door blind clatters) (phone buzzes) I spoke to White.
This needs to be contained.
You're gonna need a strong stomach for this one.
- Am I clear? - And the children? Nothing left behind.
For what it's worth, I don't think Dr.
Reynolds deserved to die .
if anyone ever does.
I don't know.
(he sighs) (machinery whirs) (gives order in local language) Max, Max, Max.
What are you doing here, Max? I told you what would happen if you ever came back.
The ISF's holding one of ours; a British national, an asset.
The Section wants her back.
- How much? - We both know you took her.
How much are they prepared to pay? Nothing.
Argh! (Max gasps) (he grunts) I warned you what would happen if you returned.
If this was about me, why did you take our asset? Well, if you're after her, means she's valuable.
A man's got a right to make a living.
Hm? So .
fish hooks, shark line, gutting knives.
No reason we should make this quick, right? - I have a confession.
- I'm not a priest.
Left jacket pocket.
When I was stationed here, I have to say, you were a generous host.
You gave me access to your work, maybe more than you knew.
Long time ago.
- Memory fades.
- Records remain.
21st July, 2005.
The government motorcade bombing.
Twenty people died, including your Prime Minister.
Everyone pointed the finger at Syria.
But you and I both know that couldn't have happened without information from insiders, high up in Lebanese intelligence.
What some people might call traitors.
The code is 1834.
Take a look.
If the communiqués don't bury you, the Damascus meeting with Syrian intelligence two days before the bomb certainly will.
If I don't get out of here alive, all of that gets leaked.
It's just a click of a button.
You once told me, if you had to run, you'd seek sanctuary in Syria.
Is that right? Well, that doesn't seem like such a safe haven now.
You're gonna take me to Leyla Toumi.
(speaks local language) It'll be returned to you when you leave.
(door clicks unlocked) (keys rattling) Sit down.
This man is here to collect you.
You are to be released into his custody and escorted back to the UK.
- This man? - Yeah.
This man is here to kill me.
Leave me alone with him and you'll be testifying as to why a British citizen was murdered on your watch.
I need to talk to you about Harry.
Say what you like, I'm not going anywhere with you.
"Love is a kind of warfare.
" Your ring.
It's written on the inside.
It's Ovid.
I know because I had it engraved there.
I'm his father.
Would you give us a moment? (door is locked) He obviously gave it to you.
His mother gave it to him.
And I gave it to her.
Long time ago.
So, take it back.
You're about to be processed by the Ministry of the Int I heard what happened to Cooper.
Your doing? So, who sent you? White? And you're to do the same for me? Maybe.
Or maybe things have changed.
White told me Harry was dead.
- Cooper told me he was alive.
- A dying man will say anything.
Is he alive? I have every reason to tell you what you want to hear, it keeps me breathing.
But how can you know I'm telling you the truth? - Harry said you were dead.
- Yet here I am.
So, you might not be who you say you are.
I guess you'll just have to take that chance.
Because I suspect, like me, you want answers too.
And because maybe you love him too.
Leyla, you're on a list no one has ever survived.
I am your one chance to get off it.
Now, you can either trust me, come with me, or you trust them and you stay here.
Your choice.
(gun cartridge clicks) I'll be seeing you, Max.
Now, White told me you all mutinied, you all turned on each other.
That Said killed Harry.
Or had him killed.
- That's not what happened.
- No? - Then, what happened? - If I tell you, what then? I don't know.
The only thing I'm absolutely certain of, is what's gonna happen if you don't.
(gun clicks) What happened in Tehran, Leyla? COOPER: You with me, honey? - LEYLA: Two blocks away.
- Fifty meters.
Omar's cab is passing me now.
- Lost him.
- I'm on it.
(Omar breathes rapidly) Why am I on the kill list? What? - (gunshot) - (Omar screams) (yelling) - I don't know, I swear! - Why were you meeting Ardavan? I went there to warn him.
He was never supposed to be on the list.
But he was financing the program.
(panting) That's what they told you.
- So what's the truth? - Speak to Ardavan.
He knows.
- Knows what? - What they're really doing out here.
What you're really doing! So where's Ardavan now? I don't know.
I got him a passport.
And the name on the passport? - Er Darius Darius Kazim! - Where's he fucking gone, Omar? We need to move! (explosion and clattering) (alarms blaring) (screaming) (exhales) So he is alive.
Where is he now? He's after a man called Ali Ardavan.
- So you don't know where he is? - I know how to find him.
- How? - Ardavan was on our list.
When Harry started looking into him, he ended up with an order on himself.
- The Section ordered Harry dead? - White.
Said couldn't carry it out.
- Does White know? - No.
Said lied to him.
Took off.
If we find Ardavan, we find Harry.
Will Daddy be home on Saturday? I want him to take me to the climbing wall.
He always takes me.
- Promise? - Promis.
(insects chirping) (Lola screams) - Lola? - Maman.
(low chatter) Walker (phone buzzes) Chut.
C'était un rêve.
(whispers) Allez, viens.
Viens avec moi.
On y va.
I never sanctioned an op in St.
I know you've got an asset in play.
You start talking! - She knows everything.
- Who knows what? The wife.
Max made a tape, an insurance policy, about the Reynolds hit.
He named you.
The wife watched it.
- I was doing you a favor.
- What's the action? - What's the fucking action? - Wet work.
I sent Laurence in.
- You treacherous little prick.
- Because you keep me blind.
You always have, standing on my fucking shoulders! You're finished.
Get out of my sight.
Maman? (car bleeps) Laurence, this is George White.
(car engine starts) Show's over.
I repeat, abort.
(car speeds away) (insects buzzing) Who's furthest? Oh, no.
(he sighs) (phone ringing) I've come to recognize the sound of a single malt being poured 3,000 miles away.
I reactivated an old asset to sort out this fiasco in Tehran.
I thought I had enough leverage on him and it turns out he has the same on me.
On us, actually.
Go on.
The Marcus Reynolds job.
Tell me you have this ring-fenced.
He made a confession, of sorts.
- It's a tape.
- Christ! His wife has seen it.
So has her brother.
But they are contained? Walker acted rashly, without my authorization.
She got spooked.
She fled.
- I'm getting on a plane.
- No.
You don't have to do that.
If this spreads, I burn right along with you, so forgive me if I don't trust you to deal with it alone.
MAX: You step out of line, for one hair, out of place, you understand me? - You didn't need to come.
- Yes, I did.
I needed to look you in the eye and make sure you weren't gonna fuck this up for all of us.
And if they order us to finish the job on Harry? Then we finish it.