Deep State (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

White Noise

1 My name is Max William Easton.
I'm a British Intelligence officer.
SAID: There's no point taking out their scientists if we don't take out the financiers.
Once we get to the truth, you can help us get it out there.
Angus, it's Olivia.
I've got something.
Can I come in? MAX: Kahani walked Ardavan into an ambush.
Clearly, he's no lawyer.
- Maybe he's Agency.
- Who sent him? - Oh! - [GRUNTING] [BEEPING] I found this on White's phone.
Maybe it's not a phone number.
Stay with me, you bastard.
JONES: Ashkan Davoud, a scientist with detailed knowledge Detailed knowledge of what we believe to be Tehran's reactivated program.
There is no such program.
Everything you're gonna say is in here.
What evidence would you have to back up your claim? JONES: They're gonna want verification.
There's no silver bullet.
Intelligence that helps them complete the picture.
Soil samples, air, water.
Whoever we send out there, they can't come back.
So, how are you doing, Jordan? Like a guy with only the gym to occupy him.
- Adjusting okay? - Mary Anne and I have another baby on the way, so there's that.
Could do without the fan club, though.
Don't deserve it.
Don't like celebrity, huh? It's just kind of weird being praised for something I don't even do anymore.
What would you say if I told you we had a mission? One that could amount to plenty, change everything? I guess I'd repeat the words my shrink keeps telling me.
"Change is good.
Change keeps us alive.
" You may find yourself In another part of the world Living in a beautiful house With a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself "How do I work this?" This is not my beautiful house This is not my beautiful wife And you may ask yourself "Well" "How did I get here?" - Did he give you anything? - No.
- Nothing.
- [PHONE RINGS] George? Who was it? Agency, most likely.
They'll come looking for him.
- How long do you think we have? - I don't know.
If this isn't a phone number, we need to find out what it is.
The fire alarm was a feint, which means they probably snatched White on his way to the school, so start at the school, move out from there.
Anything that we think we can use, okay? - Call on White's line.
- Thanks.
Hello? JONES: Who is this? Elliot Taylor.
Where's George White? Listen to me.
This is Amanda Jones.
You better tell me what the fuck is going on over there, and think twice before you lie to me.
I can't get them to work as coordinates.
IP address? It's a call sign.
You substitute a letter for the first number in each of the batches.
November, seven, one, four, X-Ray, Yankee, Yankee, nine, zero, zero, golf.
It's an aircraft call sign.
Maybe White organized a flight for Davoud.
Yeah, that's possible.
What do you mean, possible? Have a bit of faith in your old man.
Kahani's dead.
What happened? He knew I was onto him.
He came after me.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- You sure? I'm fine, Harry.
Okay, I'm just I'm here with Max now.
I'm putting you on speaker.
Kahani's dead.
- What? - Where are you now? In his house.
I found two phones hidden.
A message came up on one of them.
"Operation Green Light.
Thursday, 1:00 a.
" "Confirm.
" Number's blocked.
- Did you check the phone history? - I did.
Every time Kahani received a message on one phone, he'd send the exact same message via the second phone to another blocked number.
So he was a bridge? Yeah, between who? I'm on it.
I'm coming out there.
I don't need you to look after me.
I know you don't need looking after, Leyla.
- Just - Harry.
I'm fine.
Okay? - I've got to go.
- Of course.
She wouldn't be in this shit if it wasn't for me, - and - You absolutely have to go.
I'll stay here, keep on the call signs, see where it leads.
I've never been much good at this.
We never really got a chance, did we? To what? To Hey.
I've got something for you.
You'll need to rally the troops.
Thank God.
Been sort of praying for some action over here, ma'am.
It's not that kind of action.
Not yet, anyway.
I made coffee.
Yes, please.
How are the girls? Asleep.
Chloe won't stop talking about him.
Her new big brother.
It's incredible how fast kids adjust, accept things, anything, as normal.
I can't.
I know.
What's out there in the barn? All the things I can't ask.
Who was he? The man in the video.
The man you killed.
He was a scientist.
He worked for the British government.
Did you know him? Not personally, no.
They wanted him silenced.
I silenced him.
How many? How many have you silenced? You don't know? Of course you know.
You never questioned it? Not at first.
I believed what they told me.
That we were making a difference.
Making the world a safer place.
And did you? No.
Not really.
Blood begets blood, they say, and it never ends.
That's why I left.
But you didn't.
Did you? Leave? I'm gonna fix this, Anna.
This whole mess, I'm gonna fix it.
I promise.
So that you and the girls are safe.
JONES: Operation Green Light will commence at 0100 hours.
OUR TARGET: the Alin power plant.
We'll get you as close as we can to carry out meaningful tests.
We know there is no silver bullet here.
We just need anything that can corroborate Davoud's testimony soil samples, air, water.
I was on the IAEA inspection team.
That's why we picked you, Ms.
De Silva.
Alin was never on itinerary.
Because it is a conventional power plant.
We believe the Iranians are adapting this facility and using it to skirt the provisions of the deal.
Can we get our inspectors in there? We've requested access to the site.
It's been denied by Tehran.
Look I will be straight with you.
This is a high-risk operation.
If any of you choose not to go, no one in this room will think any worse of you.
Rest assured we're placing you in the best possible hands.
Major Franklin.
Thank you.
I know you're nervous.
We'll get you in, and then we'll bring you home again.
All right? [KNOCKING] Mama? I have so much love for you.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] We got an accident report.
This is where the collision happened.
- CCTV? - None.
Okay, check all the houses on the street.
See if any of them have a home security cam.
WOMAN: Elliot, this is Seth Pullman.
You're Elliot? - I am.
- I was expecting a man.
Well, you got me.
Amanda Jones sent me to assist you in the search for George White.
We can manage.
Thank you.
I don't have a choice, do I? I prefer not to think of it in those terms.
[KNOCKING] You didn't need to come.
Huh? What was that? How was the six-hour flight? Yeah, it was all right.
Uh, watched a film, the food was actually half decent.
You're thirsty? You want some coffee? Something to eat? Yeah, coffee would be great.
So where is he? Ah.
So, what you got? Kahani had our kill list.
Was he Agency? I don't know.
Come look at this.
- This is our original list, right? - Mm-hmm.
Every single one of these CVs in our briefing papers.
And? They were a lie.
They made out the scientists to be much higher up the chain than they were.
See these? These are their original CVs.
All right, how'd you know? I went through Kahani's files.
Remember Ahmadi, the last guy on our list? - Yeah.
- I went to see his widow.
His files were doctored.
All of them were.
Why? I don't know.
Kahani had everything.
He had everything on us.
Maybe Kahani wasn't Agency.
Maybe he was Tehran.
If that's true, then that means the Iranians knew we were here.
Yeah, maybe they gave us the kill list.
Maybe we took out everyone the regime wanted us to.
Uh, who's this? Reza Esfahani.
He works at the Ministry of Defense.
He links everyone on the kill list.
I found a picture of him in Ahmadi's apartment.
He's the one thing they have in common.
And you think he's the source of the kill list? Maybe.
Maybe he's on one end of these messages.
He gave the list to Kahani, who passed it on to someone on our side.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Okay, he's leaving.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - You see him? - Got him.
Come on.
[PHONE BEEPS] Now we find out who's on the other end of those messages.
Got him? We got him.
He's back at work.
Anything useful? Not yet.
[ESFAHANI SPEAKING FARSI IN OFFICE] We caught this on a home-security cam.
- ELLIOT: We get a plate? - SITA: We did.
Tracked the car all the way to here.
Two miles south of Epsom.
PULLMAN: And then? And then it disappears.
Maybe they switched cars.
Or changed plates.
What are they doing? You can't do that.
- Is he dead? - He's dead, but I didn't kill him.
He did it himself.
I don't believe you.
So don't believe me.
Look at me.
He came after my kids.
My children.
I mean, did you know about that? Were you okay with that? I saw them at The Section removing the hard drives.
They looked like Agency.
They had that arrogance, you know.
Is this what you worked so hard for, made all those sacrifices for to be their lapdogs? Don't tell me it doesn't piss you off.
I saw you.
It's over, Elliot.
George knew it.
You know it.
Were you the contact for that flight? Was Ashkan Davoud on that plane? I don't know.
Washington said they took him from Iran.
Was he here all along? You know, right? I arranged the pickup.
- That's all.
- From where? From where? 147 Chartley Street.
Next to the railway.
Thank you.
Salaam alaikum.
Wa alaikum as-salaam, brother.
How can I help you? Uh, I'm looking for a friend of mine Ashkan Davoud.
Do you know him? - Sorry.
- Okay, thank you.
No problem.
All right, so, six hours out from whatever the fuck.
Operation Green Light is, and he's getting worked up over stationery.
We need to light a fire.
[SPEAKS FARSI] MAN: We're on foot.
Be at the border in about five hours.
Tehran connection playing ball? Like he was one of us.
Operation Green Light is all set.
What is it? Surely there's another way.
We're sending them off into the desert like goddamn heroes.
That's exactly what they are.
There's no other way as effective as this.
This goes right to the gut.
We control the evidence.
We can make it say anything we want.
Evidence? War is built on emotion.
You know that better than anyone.
Facts are white noise.
Hello, there.
Sorry to interrupt.
Do you know this man? Please, he's in trouble.
I'm trying to help him.
You recognize him? I've seen him.
He prays with Bijan.
Bijan who? Bijan Pouran.
Do you know where I can find him? He lives on the Mozart Estate.
Okay, thank you.
Nice walk? Where'd you go? I've been in the archives.
You've been at the river.
We tracked your phone.
I don't have to answer to you.
No, you don't.
Which is why I called your chief's office.
That is what you call him, isn't it? Your boss.
The chief? They're coming down to talk to you.
You do know the penalties for passing on classified intelligence? Maybe you and Snowden can shack up in Moscow.
Now I'm gonna ask you this just once.
What were you doing? MAX: You know who Ashkam Davoud is? OLIVIA: The whistle blower.
Why? Washington said they extracted him from Iran, right? - Right.
-What if I can prove they were lying? - Can you? - Not yet, but if I could? Then I could run with that.
Okay, thanks.
[KNOCKING] Bijan Pouran? I'm not immigration.
Not police.
You can talk to me now, or talk to them later.
Excuse me.
Sir, have you seen this man? He was here, wasn't he? Ashkam Davoud.
They took him from London, didn't they? Not Iran.
You're not in trouble, Bijan.
I can help you.
I can get you money, papers.
Bijan I just need you to confirm that.
Then I can help you.
Yes, he was here.
Thank you.
- [PHONE RINGS] - It is? Uh Oh.
Hi? Davoud was taken from London.
I've got the proof.
I can bring it to you.
- Just meet me in the usual place.
- [KNOCKING] It hasn't been usual for over ten years.
- [MUFFLED GUNSHOTS] - [GRUNTS] [MUFFLED GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] You're telling me Max Easton just disappeared? Yes, sir.
You people are fucking amateurs.
Sorry, this just came in.
What now? - I think I might have something.
- Well? Yesterday, Olivia Clarke slipped her tail.
Max's ex-wife.
And why am I only hearing about this now? It wasn't processed correctly.
This place really is a finely-tuned machine.
Pull up her phone calls.
Yes, sir.
You don't call me.
Our friend is dead.
Are you there? Was it you? [QUIETLY]: Use your head.
Why would we do that? Are we still clear on Operation Green Light? Yes.
Then we proceed.
You don't ever call me again.
HARRY: Get a voice trace.
TOUMI: Too faint.
But it was American it must be the other end of the chain.
Yeah, maybe, but it still gives us nothing.
- [KNOCKING] - Yeah? We have a problem.
We have a sandstorm incoming.
Going to make the landing site unsafe.
How wide? It's localized, about two klicks across.
Should we abort? Recon gave us two possible landing sites.
There's an area closer to the power plant.
Greater risk.
And that airspace isn't cleared.
Leave that to me.
[PHONE RINGS] Now you're calling me? I have no choice.
Our bridge is gone.
We have a new landing site 32, 38, 50 North.
45, 25, 22 East.
32, 38, 50 North.
45, 25, 22 East.
Confirm? Confirmed.
HARRY: Near the border, just outside the town of Mehran.
What's that? Some kind of installation.
- The Alin power plant.
- All right, let's go.
[GRUNTS] He used to fly his kite here.
The yellow two-string with the red tail? He spent hours flying that thing.
He was out here all winter till his hands were numb.
You were right here.
The whole time.
Wouldn't let him out of your sight.
Where's this proof, then? It's gone.
[SNIFFS] Every time I get a handle on this thing, it just it slips through my fingers.
Then why are you here? Can you run the story? Can you speak to your editor? Would you do that for me? I tried.
I already spoke to him.
I told him I might have something.
He wants corroboration, Max.
He doesn't want alternative facts, - he wants the good old-fashioned ones.
- When? - When what? - When did you speak to him? Yesterday.
After you spoke to me? After you left the house? Yes.
Where, Liv? Where were you when you spoke to him? While I was driving away Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! Sir? We have it.
She called her editor three hours after she slipped the net.
Hi, Angus, it's Olivia.
I've got something.
Can I come in? "'I don't much care where, ' said Alice.
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go.
' said the Cat.
" - [PHONE VIBRATING] - "'So long as I get somewhere.
'" - Where was she? - Right here.
Five miles from where the car was found.
- Get a team down there.
- Yes, sir.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
[NOAH CHORTLES] The garden of England.
MAX: Where are you? Why didn't you answer the phone? I was putting the children to bed.
You need to take the girls, you need to get out of there now.
- Max.
- I'm on my way.
Go to the woods behind the house, Head south.
- Someone's here.
- Go.
Someone's here.
- Please.
- [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOTS] Give me the gun.
- I can't.
- Anna.
We have to go.
- We have to get going.
- I I can't.
I can't do it.
You can.
Anna, now.
Understand? We have to go.
Chloe, come on.
Come on.
All right, this'll do.
Okay, change into your uniforms.
The coordinates are right down there.
Prelims here.
We'll take the rest of the material to the lab.
Jesus Christ, it's a fucking ambush.
Get us back online, now! All right.
Let's move out.
TOUMI: He's American.
He's American.
Who were those people? What the fuck just happened? Quds Force.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
Forces were fired upon by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
REPORTER 2: We can now confirm none of our brave men and women have survived what appears to be an ambush by Iranian forces.
REPORTER 3: They were apparently escorting a group of international scientists who were there to verify whether Tehran is in breach of the nuclear deal.
HAWES [ON TV]: I want to be very clear about this.
Major Jordan Franklin is a goddamn American hero.
This cannot be allowed to stand.
This cannot be allowed to go unanswered.
We have to respond.
ANCHOR: A military response? If necessary, yes.
NEWSCASTER: Even if that means war? Even if that means war.