Deep State (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Hard Sun

1 NATHAN: Take out the translator all we asked you to do.
DAMBA: Aicha is out of the picture.
She's not going to be a problem for us anymore.
Leyla, please help me.
We have no idea what happened to her since we left.
You mean since we abandoned her? - We need a translator.
- For what? Uh, we're meeting a guide at Bourem, and he only speaks Tamasheq.
Why are you resisting the terms of an agreement that we have all spent months drawing up? Not resisting.
SULLIVAN: There's chatter detailed in your own submissions dated third May.
Which would mean the attack wasn't spontaneous and the information you gave the committee was incorrect.
TOUMI: Aicha gave her something.
We find out what was going on, maybe we find Aicha.
Who did you talk to about Aicha's friend at the bar? - You spoke to McKay? Anyone else? - No, no.
It was just McKay.
TOUMI: He's involved.
He sent his goons after me.
Hold your fire.
(REPEATS PHRASE) Go get Aicha.
(SPEAKING FRENCH) All right, he's clean.
HARRY: There's nothing in here.
Come here.
What's his name? What's he doing here? (AICHA SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) His name is Yahir.
Comes here every week for petrol.
- Why were you driving so fast? - (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) He says, "You think that was fast?" Fast & Furious.
You like movies, huh? So he's a boy racer.
- Does he know what happened here? - (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) AICHA: No, the last time I was here was a week ago.
Everything seemed fine.
He says he's not surprised.
What's that supposed to mean? AICHA: This is a smuggling route.
Drugs, weapons, people.
Outsiders use this land for their dirty business.
(YAHIR CONTINUES SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) His homeland is nothing but a dumping ground.
A trash can where anything dirty can be thrown.
Give him his gasoline.
Let him go home.
That guy who died? Brahim Dayak.
He was our guide.
That doesn't help.
(SIGHS) (QUIET CHATTER) (LAUGHTER) (YAHIR SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) (ENGINES REVVING) We tell ourselves We're on the side of the angels And we tell ourselves We're the good guys But we know Our heads are in the sand We know Nothing ever changes The same people win The same people lose We know the fight is fixed The wars go on and on And we know.
- It'll pass.
- I'll be five minutes.
Harry, I'm fine! Okay, well, then we need to get you out of here.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm gonna pay your boss a visit.
I'm gonna see who he talked to and what he knows about Aicha.
- Leyla, please.
- I know, I'm a, I'm a pain in the ass.
Yeah, you think? I'm not abandoning her for a second time.
You keep telling yourself that.
What is that supposed to mean? - You're not here for her.
- Oh, you think I'm here for you? No, I think you got bored, Leyla.
They put you in a suit in that job back home, yeah? I wish I'd seen that.
Bet you do.
Do you know what? Don't worry.
You don't need to come with me.
Well, I can't exactly go back to my house.
Can I? Or my job.
You fucked that up for me.
Yeah, well, maybe you can find another rock to crawl under.
- Ah, that was bitchy.
- (HARRY SCOFFS) (LAUGHS): Wow, I can be a bitch.
- SISSOKO: Miss Jones.
- Minister.
Welcome to Mali.
- Please, sit.
- Thank you.
I see they sent the assistant.
Well, I do have some experience in the field.
Kabul, Baghdad, Tripoli.
The holy trinity.
I know all about you, Mr.
Well, in that case, call me Nate.
I'm afraid you've had a wasted trip Nate.
I made my position perfectly clear in Washington.
We were hoping that we would see the president.
We need to get this troop deal signed.
Then perhaps your president should have sent the Secretary of State, or even the Deputy Secretary.
We are not picky.
- We know our place.
- NATHAN: I'm sorry.
Uh have I done something to offend you? Not at all.
Everywhere American or French, British or Russian for that matter I am not singling you out, you understand everywhere your troops go in this never-ending, self-generating war on terror, it just seems to get worse.
Oil on the barbecue.
You get to excuse my French fuck up my country, and then you leave.
Or you don't.
You stay for years, decades.
And I still can't decide which is worse.
I do hope you will forgive my honesty.
We wouldn't have it any other way.
We're never gonna get anywhere while she has the president's ear.
Why do you keep doing this? You can read in silence, you know.
You could coast it.
Retire, be a grandee, make a fortune speaking to Wall Street.
This is why I hired you, right? For these little pep talks? You want to know why I do this? Country before party.
Used to be a badge of honor.
Now it gets you thrown under the bus.
The interpreter's vetting papers were signed by a Nathan Miller.
Why do I know that name? JESSICA: Former CIA, retired two years ago.
Runs his own private security consultancy.
His wife runs an NGO.
Chicken Soup for the Soul.
He does a lot of work for the agency.
Which means the government pays him twice as much for doing the same job he did before he left.
Oh, you'll never guess where he is now.
- Mali? - Hole in one.
What's he doing there? NATHAN: How tight is Sissoko's hold on the president? DAMBA: Like a noose.
(RELAXING MUSIC PLAYING, QUIET CHATTER) You know, we were at high school together.
Same class: me, the president and her.
That's a hell of a class photo.
We were friends, me and Aminata, until I sat behind her in a algebra exam.
I tried to copy her, she saw me, huddled over her paper like this.
(BOTH LAUGH) Well, I could see how that would ruin a friendship.
You never cheat at school, Nathan? You know, honestly, I don't remember.
But I did let my friends copy my homework.
This is what the interpreter had.
So do you think we're gonna get this deal over the line - with Sissoko in place? - I'm working on it.
Like you were working on the interpreter? Her body never made it to the morgue, did it, Joseph? Is she still out there? We're looking for her.
I have my best people on it.
Same people you used to make her disappear? I told you not to go in heavy-handed.
And I don't appreciate you telling me how to do my job.
Yeah, well, here's something you'll like even less.
There's a former MI6 officer here looking for her.
Leyla Toumi.
You knew that, didn't you? - I tried to have her picked up.
- What do you mean you tried? - She fled.
- She fled where? She's receiving help from a former colleague of hers, Harry Clarke.
How could you fuck this up so badly?! You know why people hate America so much? Give me a reason I've never heard before.
People hate America so much, Nathan, because you are so indescribably arrogant.
I hear that every single time I turn on CNN.
- Give me another reason.
- What a little humility could achieve.
You want to know the truth, Joseph? Americans don't fucking care what you think anymore.
We never did; we were just better at hiding it.
Consider this.
I'm the only person who knows what you are really doing here in Mali.
Why would you want to piss me off? You know what, you're absolutely right.
It's not my place to tell you how to do your job.
This is your country, and I need to learn how to respect that.
You want some dessert? (SETS EMERGENCY BRAKE) (TURNS OFF ENGINE) (REMOVES BOTTLE CAP) (BOTTLE OPENER CLATTERS) (CLEARS THROAT, COUGHS) I always did fantasize about being alone with you.
Slightly different circumstances, maybe.
I'm sorry about this, Adam.
I tried to talk her out of it, but you know what she's like.
(EXHALES) Who did you talk to about Bintou Cissé? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You're an ungrateful little prick, you know that? - Yeah, I know.
- She's got you tied - by the balls, doesn't she? - You know, actually, believe it or not, mate I'm doing this for me.
- Call it therapy.
- Who did you talk to, Adam? - Fuck you.
- I did tell her.
She said you'd talk; I said, "No way.
Adam's too proud.
He needs motivating.
" Hmm.
Well, I refer you to my previous answer.
"My dearest Tina" That is the name of your ex, right? The one who fucked your best friend, broke your heart.
The reason why you came out here.
The one you don't stop fucking going on about.
"My dearest Tina, "you know the saddest feeling in the world? "When you sit down to write the final words "you'll write on this Earth, the final things you'll say, "and you've got no one to say them to.
"I wished I'd known how hard it was to undo things, how difficult it is to fix mistakes.
" This actually reads better than I thought.
"But those mistakes we make, "we carry them with us every day, until the weight of them crushes us.
" And so it goes.
A whistle-stop tour of your greatest hits.
Gambling debts, underage girls, the shame, so on and so forth.
A man takes a long look at himself out here under the hot sun.
What happens when he doesn't like what he sees? (CHUCKLING) Who did you talk to, Adam? (CHUCKLING) Oh, Christ, Harry.
You don't have the balls.
I was five years older than you when I came to Africa, you know that? Couldn't believe the money you could make.
The more this place gets fucked up, the richer you get.
It's like a finely tuned looting machine.
Six months, I'd have enough to set me up back home.
Open a pub, maybe, somewhere up on the Suffolk Coast.
That was 15 years ago.
Not just about the money, is it, Harry? That's not the only thing keeping you here.
It's the not going back.
Not thinking about things, things you've done, things you regret, things you can't take back.
I know you, Harry.
I get you.
We're the same you and me.
Now, fucking cut me down.
Sometimes, Adam I'm worse.
TOUMI: What the fuck?! - (CHOKING) - He's suffocating! Stop kicking! Will you help me?! Stop kicking! (CONTINUES CHOKING) Harry, help me! (GASPING BREATHS) (COUGHS) (PANTING) Who did you talk to about Bintou Cissé, Adam? (COUGHING) (PANTING HEAVILY) Joseph Damba.
Who? - Joseph Damba.
- And who's he? He's, um he's in the government.
- He's a min a minister for transport.
- Why is he interested in Cissé? - I don't know.
- Oh, don't make me do it again! I don't know! For Christ's sake, I don't know! He-he asked me to keep an eye on Aicha Konaté! That's all I know! Leyla shows up, starts asking questions; I told him.
Why? Because you need to keep Damba sweet.
- Government contract.
- There was a sighting of her.
I gave Damba some of my men to help for the search.
- Where was the sighting? - In Missira.
It was an Internet cafe.
She broke in.
The, um the owner called the police.
By the time we came, she-she'd gone.
(MCKAY GROANS) (PANTING) - What the fuck is wrong with you? - You wanted answers.
- I got answers.
- Last time I saw anything like that was when your father stuck a petrol pump down a woman's throat! That's nowhere near the same fucking thing Yes, it is! (TOUMI PANTING) We can't leave him alive.
He'll come after us.
We're not in the service anymore, Harry! No one's gonna clean up after us.
No one is gonna make this disappear.
EVIE (OVER PHONE): And we got our parts for the play.
- Oh, you did? - Yeah.
I'm gonna be the Scarecrow.
(LAUGHS): Honey, that's great! I cannot wait to see this.
Do you think they're gonna have to stuff straw in your ears? (GIGGLES) I hope not.
That would be too itchy.
I love you, kiddo.
Can you put Daddy back on? - I miss you, Mom.
- I miss you, too, sweetie.
I'll be home soon.
Daddy, Mom wants you! Thanks, sweetie.
- Hey.
- When's Bea picking her up? - She's not.
- What do you mean? Amanda Ed, what do you mean she's not picking her up? She's staying here.
- (KNOCKING) - That is not what we agreed.
Amanda, why should our daughter be staying - with the nanny when you're away? - Because that is - that is what gives her consistency.
- Consistency.
How's she supposed to have any consistency when you're away, for what, a day, a week? Bea is perfectly capable of looking after her.
Don't you think don't you think our daughter deserves a little more than "perfectly capable"? She is not gonna live with you and Kaylee.
And there we have it.
That's what this is really about: Kaylee.
Maybe I would feel differently if she wasn't still a child herself.
Jesus, you had to go there, didn't you? I got to go.
We are not done here.
Tell me again why the U.
government doesn't pay for marriage counseling.
(QUIETLY): Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I've been there.
I mean what am I saying? I'm I'm there.
Sometimes I'd rather sit through a Senate hearing than talk to my ex on the phone.
I hear that disappointment in her voice, you know, when I tell her I can't be home.
(SIGHS): Oh, fuck.
Sometimes I just don't know what the fuck I'm doing here anymore.
You can leave anytime, Amanda.
You really think either of us has that choice? Yeah.
I got a call from Sullivan.
She wants me on a video link, before the committee.
It can't wait? Apparently not.
Should we be worried? Not about Sullivan.
She's controllable.
It's Joseph Damba that has me nervous.
I think he'll flip on us the moment it suits him.
WHITE: What do you want to do? (SIGHS) I think we should get out of here.
Head back to Bamako.
I'll call Langley, see if they want us to abort or take another run at this thing.
What about her? (SIGHS) I guess we'll take her home.
Let's go.
No sudden movements.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You English? - Yeah.
You support? (CHUCKLES) Tottenham.
- Ah.
(CHUCKLES) - (CHUCKLES) Hey, you're doing well.
I miss Wenger.
Really, my friend? Seven FA Cups.
Three league titles.
Eh, all right, all right, all right.
Don't remind me.
Have you seen this girl? Hey, we're her friends.
Okay, listen.
Please watch this.
- Look at her.
- AICHA: Leyla.
(PANTING) Look at her.
Please help me.
(PANTING) Help me.
Anything you could tell us would really help.
- I'm heading to - MAN: Qui est là? I didn't mean to chase her away.
That's your voice in the video? She broke in in the middle of the night.
When she saw me, she ran.
- Do you know where she went? - Down to the market.
That's all I know.
All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
In here.
MCKAY: Aw, fu - Adam.
- Yeah.
- You okay? - (CLEARS THROAT) No, I'm not okay, Nathan.
I'm pretty far from fucking okay! Hey, your colleagues did this.
- They were former colleagues.
- Yeah, bastards fucking strung me up.
Locked me in the panic room.
What did you tell 'em? I had a fucking noose around my neck, Nathan.
What do you think I told them? Fucking everything.
Did you tell them that the interpreter was seen? Yeah, that's what fucking "everything" means, Nathan! DAMBA: I'm going to spread the net out wider army, police.
- I'll round them up.
- Yeah, and, when you do, I want fucking first crack at that bitch.
- Can I, can I talk to you for a second? - (GROANS) Christ.
Please? What happens if she doesn't get picked up by one of our own people? She's supposed to be dead, Joseph.
I'm going to do this my way.
Okay, fine.
Fine, but it's your fucking neck on the line.
You want my suggestion? Respectfully.
Get your guys to find Harry Clarke.
He'll stand out in this city.
You follow him to Aicha.
If I know him, he'll find her.
Okay? You stated it's possible the interpreter was a member of the Al Moctar terror network.
We are looking into that possibility, yes.
And yet, two years ago, you signed off on her vetting papers? Can I remind the good senator that Mr.
Miller is not on trial here.
How thorough was the vetting? Well, no offense, Senator, but, in the field, you don't always have as much time as you would like to follow through on everything.
You have to make decisions quickly.
So, not that thorough.
SHELBY: For the record, there's no suggestion that Mr.
Miller executed his tasks in anything less than the professional capacity - required of him.
- You mentioned in your opening statement that the mission failed.
It did.
As you're well aware, Senator, we were kidnapped by members of the Al Moctar network.
And you managed to escape? We did.
And then what happened? And then we came home.
With nothing to show for it? Well, things go wrong, Senator.
Sometimes we have to adapt.
Thank you, Mr.
I'll try to keep that valuable life lesson in mind.
(CLEARS THROAT) This committee thanks you for your time, Mr.
I'm well aware you are incredibly busy.
Thank you, Mr.
SULLIVAN: One more question.
Yes? What are you doing in Mali? I'm consulting with the CIA, working on the advise-and-assist missions, which I think that you will agree, Senator, is in all of our best interests.
Thank you very much.
(EXHALES) Still easier than talking to your ex? (CHUCKLES) There's only one way to get this deal over the line.
(GOAT BLEATS) (SPEAKING FRENCH): (SPEAKS TAMASHEQ) He says you have come to steal from under our feet.
(SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) He says the only reason the West has ever been interested in Africa is resources.
(AICHA CONTINUES TRANSLATING QUIETLY) (CONTINUES SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) He says, even though you are here to steal from him, he wishes you no harm.
(KNOCKING) Lottie, will you get that? Lottie? (KNOCKING) (SIGHS) I won't be a moment, sweetie.
- Nathan.
- Dan.
- Not disturbing you, am I? - (CHUCKLES) Are you kidding me? (CHUCKLES) Not at all.
Come in.
Come in.
I, uh, I thought our business had concluded.
Don't get me wrong, Nate.
I'm delighted it hasn't.
So, what can I do for you? I need something that does this.
And I need the components traceable back to Libya.
- You want me to put it together for you? - No.
You know I prefer to do that myself.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) My men will find Clarke and Toumi.
I told you on the phone.
I have every faith in you, Joseph.
This is your show.
DAMBA: So what are you doing here? There's something else we wanted your help with.
I need you to put a police van inside this checkpoint.
To do what, exactly? The president's not gonna sign a deal right now, Joseph.
Yeah, he's not gonna sign it.
Not unless he feels Al Moctar breathing down his neck.
Who is the president's closest ally? Aminata Sissoko.
We have to bring the threat to his front door, Joseph.
There has to be another way.
This is the only way.
We're gonna get you out of this.
I promise.
He's right, Al Moctar, about you people stealing our resources.
How may I direct your call? WHITE: Elliot, this is George Parker.
I'm afraid there's been a development.
- Richard.
How have you been keeping? - What's up? - Excuse me? Whenever you ask that question, something's always up.
Ah, I'm not that transparent, am I? I can see right through you to the other side.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) All right.
You got me.
(KEYS CLACKING) Richard Hawes offered me Chair of Ethics.
Uh, just now? I was on my way back from the bathroom.
(SCOFFS) But what about Peterson? - Stepping aside.
- Wow.
Well, I suppose, congratulations.
Don't sound too excited.
You always wanted a chair.
Make my father proud, if he was still talking to me.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I'll be honest, I was flattered.
A reward for my decades of experience, my extraordinary track record, my tenaciousness, my dedication.
But even before he opened his mouth, I knew it was a sweet, fat carrot he was about to dangle in front of me.
They tried the stick.
Now it's the carrot.
God, they want me to back off this whole Mali thing.
So, what are you gonna do? Gonna think about it.
- Really? - What? I don't get to sell out my principles like everybody else? John? Senator.
Been a while.
- How's retirement treating you? - (SIGHS) I'm bored out of my brains, tell you the truth.
I never understood that, you retiring when you did.
Were you forced out? - Straight to the point.
- (LAUGHS) Did you expect anything else? No, Meaghan.
I wasn't forced out.
Didn't care for the politics.
It's all got so ugly.
Your people poisoned the well.
- My people? - Your party.
Wish I could disagree with you.
I wanted to ask you about an operation in Mali.
Two years ago.
Well, then, invite me to the committee.
About time I had an outing to the Hill.
Rather not.
I'm getting a lot of pushback on this one.
I can't help you.
You miss it that much, I'll buy you lunch at Fiola.
Make you feel like you belong again.
I'll take you up on that, but I still can't help you.
Nathan Miller ran that op.
Him and Amanda Jones.
You must have been kept in the loop, surely.
I don't even know if it was really their show.
Care to expand? Let's just say they have so many private contractors running around the Agency that sometimes it's hard to figure out who is running things.
All I know is that it was being coordinated out of The Section.
What's that? That was an Anglo-American setup over in London.
- It's shuttered now.
- How come I never heard of it? Because it was outside your reach.
Maybe that's why they used it.
(BUSY CHATTER) I met a-a little girl today, and she was about your age.
How old are you? Nine and a half.
(CHUCKLES) Nine and a half.
Just making sure.
And guess what she was doing.
I don't know what she was doing.
Playing the piano.
(CHUCKLES) Does she play as well as me? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
But she did like to practice.
Daddy, don't start.
Are you gonna come live with us again, Daddy? I hope so.
Your mother and I will sort things out.
You promise? Well, I-I can't promise that, but I can promise that I will do my very best.
How's your day going? Oh, my day.
My day.
Let me see.
Uh, it would be better if you were here.
Tell me about your day.
What did you do? - Well, Amy talked to me at school.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - Really? - She was just talking about stuff.
- Sweetheart? - She just said Hold on one second.
Don't-don't go anywhere, okay? Okay.
We found them.
Clarke and Toumi.
My men are watching them - right now.
- That's good news.
Won't be long before we find the interpreter.
I told you, didn't I? To leave it to me.
- (PIANO PLAYING GENTLY) - Yeah, you sure did, Joseph.
You sure did.
I'll call you when we find her.
Yeah, you do that.
She's at the local police station.
Do you think she's in there? Let's go and find out.
(TIRES SCREECH) (ENGINE STARTS) Where are you taking me? Jesus, he's gonna fucking shoot her! It's okay.
I got you.