Deep State (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Tomorrow's Victory

1 TOUMI: Joseph Damba was selling arms to Issouf Al Moctar.
- There's evidence.
- SISSOKO: She has Damba on tape? Aicha has copies, text messages.
NATHAN: The interpreter was she wounded? DAMBA: They killed one of my soldiers, Corporal Keita, and then they took her.
They know what she knows.
NATHAN: If word gets out that Aicha's alive, people start asking questions, and where does that leave us? If I know Aicha, she will not leave this city without her brother and her sister.
TOUMI: You find those kids, we give you the evidence, and you decide for yourself.
- Ooh, oh! - Where are those children? SULLIVAN (OVER PHONE): I'll be requesting the agency turn over all and any unseen intelligence on the interpreter to the committee.
We need alignment.
Just wind your neck in a little.
I won't be standing for reelection.
NATHAN: She's controllable.
Damba has me nervous.
WHITE: No! You didn't have to fucking kill him, you bastard.
I've got fuck all to give them.
(SPEAKS TAMASHEQ) We tell ourselves We're on the side of the angels And we tell ourselves We're the good guys But we know Our heads are in the sand We know Nothing ever changes The same people win The same people lose We know the fight is fixed The wars go on and on And we know.
I can't.
We do one each.
I do the boy.
Sit there.
(TV PLAYS INDISTINCTLY) Sonata? Hey! - ALI: Where are the guards? - They left.
They couldn't go through with it.
With what? (PHONE RINGING) - It's her.
- Hello? SISSOKO (OVER PHONE): I, uh, have them.
Come to my house, hmm? Put them on the phone.
Here, Seydou.
Here, talk to the lady.
Hello? - Seydou? - SEYDOU: Who's this? (CHUCKLES) It's me, you idiot.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Aicha? Seydou, it it's so good to hear your voice.
- Aicha.
- Aicha Aicha? Sonata! They said you were dead.
Me? Oh.
I'm invincible.
Are you okay? Where are you? Hey, hey.
Look, here's my address.
- Come to my house.
- Okay, I We shouldn't go to her house.
She's got my brother and sister.
Yeah, the perfect bait.
If you go there, she's got everything she wants: you and the evidence.
I'll risk it.
Aicha, we'll get them back.
All I'm saying let's do this on our terms.
Where's the recording of Damba? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Oh, shit.
I just, uh I just had the most terrible dream.
I threw away my entire career.
- What the fuck did I do? - I have no idea.
- Oh - You didn't think to mention it to me? Not a word.
How long were you planning this? I wasn't.
Oh, God.
You know what my mom used to say? "Today's pain is tomorrow's triumph.
" Feels like that should be the other way around.
"Yesterday's triumph is today's pain.
" - GINA: Morning, Jess.
- Your office mail.
GINA: Help yourself to some co JESSICA: Have you seen the press? Unanimous verdict: you're out of your mind.
- Any positives? - Some fringe lunatics who want to burn down the Republic are proclaiming you a prophet.
- It felt right in the moment.
- You sound like the president.
This is why you have a team, Meaghan.
Who are all right now thinking what the hell they're gonna be doing in November.
Can I blame the meds? You're not on any meds.
You want to change your mind? Yes.
No, I - I don't know.
If a man can come back from a pussy tape.
Your campaign will now be all about your mental toughness.
Mental health.
We'll find an issue you're so fired up about, you're determined to stay and fight for.
SULLIVAN: Is this the extra Intel I requested? - Are you listening? - SULLIVAN: I've already had this.
JESSICA: What do you mean? This Mali report I've already had it.
- What? - SULLIVAN: Wait a minute.
Look, this section was almost all redacted.
Look at this.
This was prepared by Elliot Taylor.
Maybe this is the missing piece.
Get me on a plane to London.
So I'm guessing that's a no on changing your mind.
I don't want to be on the inside pissing out.
I want to be on the outside pissing in.
- JESSICA: LBJ, right? - SULLIVAN: Right.
- He had a dick.
You try pee standing, you'll ruin your shoes.
Black saloon approaching, it's unaccompanied.
Aicha! Aicha! - Aicha! - Oh! Let me look at you, let me look at you.
HARRY: Recording's on there.
AICHA: I missed you so much.
Police jeep.
Two of them.
You fucking set us up.
- I-I told no one.
- Let her go.
Get him to hand them over, because I'm not fucking joking.
Hand them over! Okay, get in the car.
Aicha, go, go.
(GRUNTS) (CHILDREN SCREAMING) - AICHA: We're okay, we're okay.
- Throw out your weapons.
- AICHA: We're okay.
- Out of the car.
- Show your hands.
- Out! Hands up! You are under arrest for the murder of Corporal Keita.
SISSOKO: Stop! Stop! These people are under my protection.
OFFICER: These people are wanted for murder.
This is Aicha Konaté.
She is a key witness in a corruption investigation.
If you arrest her, I will have all of you on corruption charges.
You know who I am, right? OFFICER: Take her.
Take her.
It is them we want.
Come, inside.
(WHISTLES) - This is for Corporal Keita.
- (GRUNTING) The man you shot and killed.
This is for his family.
This is for his children.
Nobody knew we were meeting them there.
Maybe they are bugging the house.
Let's get it swept.
(DEVICE WHINING) DAMBA (ON TAPE): Yeah and we have, uh, how many Stingers? MAN: Eight.
You can get them through? DAMBA: Hmm.
Well, I can get them through the port, but, uh, can you get them to Al Moctar? MAN: Yeah, I can do that.
Who's the other voice? I don't know.
I wasn't in the room.
The meeting had finished.
Damba didn't know the tape was still running? - No.
- MCKAY: Excuse me.
So, we found these.
They're French-made, commonly used by the gendarmerie.
- One of them was in your car.
- Of course.
Why wouldn't they bug the anti-corruption minister? Well, you're-you're all clean now.
Did you know Bintou? I think we probably been in the same room once or twice.
She loved working for you.
Thought she was going to make a difference.
I should have never taken this to her.
I promise you, if it is within my power I will find the people who killed her.
I don't care about the people who killed her.
It's the people who ordered it.
You know, it's likely it was Damba.
Hmm? He's already dead.
You know it doesn't stop there.
You never told me how you ended up with Al Moctar.
Harry and Leyla recruited me to translate for them.
And they were leading the mission? No, it was some guy called Miller.
Nathan Miller? Yeah.
Why? You know him? You looking for company? No offense, but I'm okay.
Thank you.
Last drink before I pack up.
Care to join me? Clark and Toumi have just been picked up by local police.
They're gonna be charged with the death of that soldier.
And Aicha, right now, is with Sissoko.
You seem remarkably calm.
Well, even if Aicha goes public with what she has, it still doesn't come back to us.
Damba's gone.
Trail ends with him.
- What about Clarke and Toumi? - They're civilians.
They were here helping out a friend, then they broke the law.
- Let them rot.
- If we get involved, it's only gonna complicate matters.
I might have that drink.
One more of those, please.
(CHUCKLES) You know, every Friday night my old man would come home smelling of cheap perfume.
It's one of my earliest memories.
Later, I I figured out that he would go to this massage parlor over on Franklin.
Every Friday.
Same time.
Did your mom know? Thanks.
I don't know how she couldn't.
He didn't try to hide it.
But she never said a word.
I confronted him once, when he was older.
He hit me.
70 years old.
He could still pack a punch.
Quite a story.
What time's our flight? You're not leaving, Amanda.
What? I thought you spoke to Kingsley.
He wants you to be our eyes on the ground when the troops roll in.
(SIGHS) But you are leaving.
He wants me back in D.
What, have you come to gloat? SISSOKO: This wasn't me.
If anyone lays another finger on you, they will find themselves in one of their own cells.
What did you do with Aicha? Right now she's at my house having something to eat.
She's worried about you, but apart from that, she's she's all right, she's fine.
Tell me about this mission in the north two years ago.
Don't know what you're talking about.
SISSOKO: The president is my friend.
Maybe I can get you out of here, even though you put a gun to my head.
So what do you know about Nathan Miller? Miller? What is his relationship with Al Moctar? Why do you want to know about Nathan Miller? He's here, isn't he? He's in Mali? Is he involved in the troop deal? Tell me what you know and I'll get you out of here.
- Isn't this terrible? - (SISSOKO SIGHS) I know you and Damba didn't always see eye to eye, but I know you had respect for him.
Can we talk alone, please? DAMBA (ON TAPE): Yeah, and we have, uh, how many Stingers? MAN: Eight.
You can get them through? DAMBA: Hmm.
Well, I can get them through the port, but, uh, can you get them to Al Moctar? MAN: Yeah, I can do that.
To think I was shedding tears for that bastard.
Miller was here.
Two years ago, leading an Intel mission.
He met Al Moctar.
Maybe he was working with Damba.
The U.
has wanted a base here for years.
A new foothold in Africa.
The troop deal.
They are playing you.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - Amanda? - Yeah.
Turn on the TV.
DIABATE (ON TV): We have to ask ourselves, when our country is under attack, who can best defend it? Troops familiar with the terrain and the people of Mali? Or forces from thousands of miles away, who present a target and bring conflict into our capital itself? The fuck is he talking about? - Us.
- I have spoken this morning He's not signing the deal.
NATHAN: You got to be kidding me.
This was in the bag.
What the fuck happened?! (SIGHS) The palace is on lockdown.
Yes, I-I understand that.
We were here earlier.
You were the guy who let us through.
Nobody goes in.
We were with the president.
We need to talk to him, okay? Will you just tell him that it's Nathan Miller and Amanda Jones? Again.
- Please? - (PHONE VIBRATES) Morning, sir.
Listen, before you say anything, this is just a temporary delay.
We're at the presidential palace now.
KINGSLEY: Is it possible it's not gonna happen? Because from where I'm standing, it looks like the president just ruled out the deal.
Okay, it's just domestic politics.
It's nothing for you to lose sleep over.
You know what, Nathan? I don't sleep much these days.
You bring this in or I'll cut you loose.
And then maybe you'll be safer staying in Mali.
I need to find out why this fucking deal is stalled.
This is the head of every Whitehall mandarin dithering over the ransom.
Weighing up whether it reflects badly on them.
Or not thinking about it at all.
But looking at porn on their fucking phone.
Instead of doing their fucking job and getting my people out of here.
I ever tell you about Khaladiya? If this is gonna be a stiff upper lip story, really, I'm not in the mood.
We were reinforcing a platoon, taking on an insurgent position on the edge of town.
Two armored personnel carriers.
Damn things didn't run in 35 degrees, let alone 50.
Only, this day it was hotter than usual.
The lead vehicle just stopped.
Worst possible spot.
Middle of the fucking avenue.
Snipers on every balcony.
We asked for permission to withdraw.
You know what they said? Not unless you bring back that other APC.
You know who came to our rescue? Mount Rock.
Private sector.
State of the art equipment.
I know people who can get us out of here, George.
But if they do, nobody can ever know about it.
(GUNS COCKING) There is something seriously wrong in Mali when the anti-corruption minister is springing the foreign killers of a Malian soldier from jail.
I have the president's authority to take these two friends of our government to a place of safety.
This is an order to release these prisoners from police custody.
We are the army.
I am well aware of that, General.
Then, Madam, you will be aware that these people have killed one of my men.
And consequently, this now falls under my jurisdiction.
(SPEAKS FRENCH) (CHUCKLES) Now, if President Diabate has got a problem with this, tell him he can take it up with me.
(HARRY GRUNTS) I should have just left you alone.
I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) You didn't drag me into this, Leyla.
(GRUNTING) It was my choice.
Do you remember that day on the beach in Skye? You made me get in the sea.
(CHUCKLES) Thought I was gonna die of cold.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) Yet you were only in for about five seconds.
I should never have left you.
I woke up and you were gone.
No phone call.
Just like my dad.
You were my one good thing and I fucked it up.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
Take me back to that beach.
Elliot Taylor? Meaghan Sullivan.
I already told you.
I have nothing to say.
I've just flown all the way here from Washington.
You can't be in here.
Will you just look at this report on your Mali debrief? I don't want to subpoena you, but I will if I have to.
I think you might have a job with that, given that you were released from the Intelligence Committee - three days ago.
- (LAUGHS) How English of you to be so polite.
I wasn't released.
I was kicked out.
Let me guess.
For being stubborn.
You were released too, weren't you? - I resigned.
- Bullshit.
They kicked you out.
Now you talk while a bunch of kids check their Instafeeds.
They fucked you just like they fucked me and they're winning, Elliot.
They're winning.
This is just a debrief of the mission.
There's nothing sensitive here.
What? At Isaac Turner's memorial, I spoke to his father.
He told me Turner died in a failed escape.
But I debriefed everyone.
There was no failed escape.
So where'd he get that idea from? TAYLOR: Thank you for seeing us, Mr.
We appreciate it.
My, uh, my nephew did three tours of Afghanistan.
Must be handy for you.
When it comes to election time.
What war are you wanting to start now? Actually, I'm trying to stop one.
So if I look up your voting record, you'll be that rare dove? Mr.
At the memorial, you mentioned a failed escape attempt.
I did.
Where did you hear about that? George White.
He was right here, told me all about it.
Ask him.
I would, but I'm afraid he's no longer around.
I'm sorry to make you go through it all again, but could you tell us what happened out there? SULLIVAN: So, George White told Mr.
Turner they didn't escape.
But when you debriefed them, they told you they did? Every one of them.
Why would you tell the parents of a guy that died that his death achieved nothing if he actually helped four colleagues escape? You wouldn't.
White definitely wouldn't.
So maybe they never escaped.
Then how did they get out of there? Somebody paid a ransom.
Well, it wasn't us.
Well, whoever it was, maybe that's what they don't want me finding out.
Tell him to get us out of here.
I'm afraid I can't speak right now.
(SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) MAN: You really think this administration isn't itching rewrite the anti-trust laws? (PHONE RINGS) Excuse me.
I need $50 million right away.
You really don't do foreplay, do you? It's ransom for Miller.
I didn't think even he was worth that much.
There's five of them.
Need to ransom all five? It's what Miller wants.
- How fast can you get this done? - Assuming Kingsley says yes, do you have the details? - A bank account in Guernsey.
- Guernsey.
I thought it was just a herd of cows on a grassy rock.
Just send the money, Martin.
Sissoko went to see Clarke and Toumi in prison.
- Before the deal was called off? - Yes.
I'm going to find Harry Clarke.
See exactly what that son of a bitch told her.
I thought you didn't want to drag them into this.
That's when we had a deal.
- You coming? - I think I might just sit this one out.
Why? Clarke won't talk if I'm there.
It didn't end well between us.
- Wow, you look like I feel.
- Jesus.
What the fuck are you doing here? I heard you were in trouble.
(SPEAKING FRENCH) (SOLDIER SPEAKS FRENCH) I guess we couldn't stay away from Mali, huh? - What's not to love? - (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
I thought we were up shit creek two years ago.
But this how the fuck did you get into this mess? Just helping an old friend.
Aicha, right? No good deed goes unpunished.
What did you tell Sissoko? What are you doing in Mali, Nathan? You know I'm not gonna tell you that.
Just tell me what you told her and maybe I can get you out of here.
Did you know they were gonna target Aicha? Did you order it? (SIGHS) - Harry, don't help him! - NATHAN: Come on, man.
I am offering you a chance to get out of this hellhole.
What do you want? I've lost the president's ear.
I just need something to get it back.
Yeah, we give you what you want, how do we know you won't - just leave us here? - You don't.
But if you don't give me something, I am definitely going to fucking leave you here.
Harry, give me something.
HARRY: Get us on a fucking plane.
Sissoko's the roadblock.
She told the president I was here two years ago.
Told him about the mission, Al Moctar, all of it.
It's why he's not signing.
We need to loosen her hold on the president and weaken him in the process.
And how do we do that? We leak the tape and we frame Sissoko.
REPORTER (ON TV): Breaking news now, as a leaked recording of recently deceased minister Joseph Damba has come to light.
DAMBA (ON TV): Yeah, and we have, uh, how many Stingers? MAN (ON TV): Eight.
- You can get them through? - DAMBA: Hmm.
Well, I can get them through the port, but, uh, - can you get them to Al Moctar? - Yeah, I can do that.
REPORTER: The tape was leaked from the office of Minister Aminata Sissoko, and concerns are growing over her role in the death of Joseph Damba, killed in a car bomb earlier this weak.
This reaction from President Diabate in the last few minutes.
Like all loyal Malians, I have been deeply disturbed by these revelations.
Let me tell you now that I've asked Madame Sissoko to leave the cabinet and to make herself available to the inquiry into how it is that members of Mali's government have been aiding and arming our enemies.
(REPORTERS CLAMORING) AMERICAN REPORTER: In the last 24 hours, riots have broken out in Bamako as people take to the streets in the Malian capital in protest against the news that members of President Diabate's government have been involved in selling arms to the Al Moctar militia.
This violent reaction to the leaked tape has forced President Diabate into a tight corner.
He is now expected to sign the American troop deal, widely seen as a way of shoring up his faltering government.
You have won, Mr.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Come in, it's open.
You're starting early.
Drowning my sorrows.
You get to leave.
(CHUCKLES) You want one? No.
No, no, I'm-I'm okay.
I got to hand it to you, though we got there.
Took a few detours.
Yeah, but we got there.
Yes, we did.
You gonna be okay? I'll do what has to be done.
That's the job, right? - That is the J-O-B.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What about Clarke and Toumi? I made a deal.
I see no reason not to keep it.
What? What if they keep digging? Well, why would they? Aicha's safe.
Damba is gone.
They got no skin in the game.
There's a plane waiting to take you to Dakar.
And from there, to Brize Norton.
Now, if you're smart, you'll put all this behind you.
Who knows maybe one day you'll buy me a pint of warm beer.
Clean yourself up.
(SHOUTING IN TAMASHEQ) (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) What are you doing? (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) AICHA: I have money to spend now.
(AL MOCTAR CONTINUING) I need someone who can speak English.
- It's the language of arms deals.
- NATHAN: Oh, come on, man.
Come on, you can find somebody else.
That's not what we agreed to.
Just let her go, man.
(SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) The deal was I let you escape.
I have.
But without transportation, you will die.
She is the price for your transportation.
- (SIGHS) - No! We are not going without her! Okay, we are not going without her! Leyla, come here.
Come on, come on.
- Please let her go.
- Okay, get in the truck.
I am not leaving without her! - We are not leaving with - (SPEAKING TAMASHEQ) - Leyla, get in the fucking truck! - (SHOUTING) - No! - Leyla, please.
None of us are okay, thanks to you.
You have fucked us all.
Welcome to the new Afghanistan.
Only you get to fly out of here and leave us to the mess you have created.
I just have to know one thing.
Were you in on it with Miller and Jones all along, huh? What did you say? Oh, you have played me, I get that.
I just want to know for my own sanity.
- Amanda Jones? - You know what? I don't know what I expected from you.
She's here.
She's a fucking part of this.
Of course she is.
Let's get on this plane, Harry.
Listen to me.
You crawl back under that rock.
I'm gonna crawl under there with you, okay? Anywhere you want to go.
Just get on the plane, Harry.
Harry! Harry, what are you doing?