Deep State (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

The New Normal

1 What I want to know is how did my son die? WHITE: Isaac was executed.
He was shot in the back of the head - [GUNSHOT.]
- WHITE: No! during a failed escaped attempt.
I know people - who can get us out of here, George.
- HIRSCH: There's a total of 15 million here.
33 payments were sanctioned around the date that Miller was released.
The first payments originated from a company here.
The source of the ransom, and it's this place? I've been accused of of harassment.
What's your take on Al Moctar? He's dedicated.
He's smart.
The air force that is my problem.
I can help you with that.
COLLINS: This is the long arm of KMPH.
They infiltrated the intelligence services to act on their behalf.
I made a deal with Max Easton, - Harry Clarke's father.
- I don't care what you've got to do issue a warrant just pick 'em up.
Harry, what are we gonna do? - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- AICHA: What is he doing? [SHOUTING IN TAMASHEQ.]
ANCHOR: Dramatic footage today posted online by Malian Separatists who have, for the first time, shot down a government air force fighter with a surface-to-air missile.
Rebels can be heard yelling, "Azawad," the name of the Northern Malian territory, which they - claim is - Daddy? Morning, sweetheart.
You hungry? Want me to make you a waffle or some eggs or something? What is it? Are you and Mommy getting divorced? Who told you that? Are you? Sit down.
Everything's gonna be all right.
We tell ourselves We're on the side of the angels And we tell ourselves We're the good guys But we know Our heads are in the sand We know Nothing ever changes The same people win The same people lose We know the fight is fixed The wars go on and on And we know.
No! No! - No! No! - Shh! Shh! - [MUFFLED SCREAMING.]
: No! No! - Shh! - Shh - [SCREAMING.]
- No! - [GUNSHOT.]
- No! No! [SCREAMING.]
No! No! No! [SCREAMING.]
LEYLA: Aicha! No, no, no, no, no! [SHOUTING CONTINUING.]
The Americans are playing you.
AICHA: Who cares? You know what I did today? I declared our independence.
Only because they let you.
Because it suits their purpose.
There has been no assault by American forces since you took this town, am I right? - Why do you think that is? - [AICHA CONTINUES TRANSLATING.]
Or because it's in their interest to let you hold it.
How long after we left you two years ago did you start receiving arms? And what did they give you? Let me guess FIM 92s.
The same missiles they gave the Taliban to shoot down Soviet helicopters.
The difference is this time it's not the CIA that's supplying the arms, it's a corporation called KMPH.
You think I care whose weapons I use? You're their patsy, their errand boy.
They built you up as an excuse to bring in American troops, and when they no longer need you, your supply of arms will be switched off as soon as it was turned on.
You give us your contact who supplied the arms.
We follow the trail back to KMPH, get the truth out there.
An American company profiting from dead American soldiers.
That's something even this White House can't ignore.
Undermines their whole purpose for being here.
Maybe they draw down their troops.
Maybe they withdraw altogether.
Yeah, well, I ran out of road.
Hey, now, look, I never said when they would cut you off.
Only that they will.
AICHA: you will be hanging from that scaffold out there.
All of you.
George? - George? - Huh? Oh, sorry, sorry.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Family okay? Uh, you said it was urgent? Yes.
Um I need a favor.
A subject in London.
- Malian opposition leader needs a bit of hand-holding.
Take him to Kempton Park or whatever it is - you usually do with them.
- Yambo Kanté.
Why are we courting him? - Useful.
- What's he doing in the UK? Financial irregularities.
You know how it works, George he's a potential asset.
- We just need - We? Uh Uh who is "we"? Because I'm-I'm just a little bit confused here.
- Okay.
- We the U.
, we the CIA or we the Daughters of the American Revolution? - Maybe just keep your voice down.
- Who paid the ransom? - Nathan didn't tell you? - No.
No, he didn't.
You're alive.
Let's just be thankful.
It wasn't aid money, was it? You need answers.
This is not the moment.
I was this close to getting a bullet.
I don't have the capacity to play games.
- Let's just order.
- Where did the money come from? 18 words I know by heart.
You'll know them, too, I'll bet.
The assessed intelligence has proved beyond doubt That Saddam Hussein continues in his efforts to create nuclear weapons.
Doesn't it make you embarrassed? The system's cracking.
It's not fit for purpose.
Overworked, undervalued.
The intelligence service is falling apart.
- Hmm.
- 9/11, Afghanistan, New Delhi the CIA missed all of them.
Someone had to do something.
Someone? I can sleep easy, I really can, knowing I don't have to rely upon a broken-down machine.
You have your own intelligence capability.
There's more than one way to get things done around here.
- Why am I here again? - Charm offensive.
- George White to see Mr.
- Go straight inside.
KANTE: And you were there? WHITE: No, no, not Magdalen.
What's your son studying? Economics.
He has an accent now.
Two years, and he talks like an English prince.
Couple of things we need to iron out.
Thank you.
Men's business.
Yes, of course.
Dan Lotz here to see Yambo Kanté.
GUARD: Of course.
Go right through, sir.
- LOTZ: Gentlemen.
WALLACE: You're going to have to do this in a courtroom.
Get used to saying it out loud.
Learn to be dispassionate.
- I need to hear it from you, Gina.
- Yeah.
Uh her name is Lauren Hansen.
Uh I see her at the gym sometimes.
You've shared a changing room.
You've been naked in each other's presence.
It was a gym, for Christ's sake.
And what does she say happened? GINA: I marked her down, a couple of essays.
I told her that she needed to spend some extra time working to get her grades back up.
Time with you? Well, obviously, you know, I-I didn't mean You offered her private coaching.
I never intended You know, I-I didn't mean WALLACE: What exactly did you say to her? I said that we - should meet after class.
- So you invited her - to your home.
- No.
Jesus! I know the rules, you know.
I'm not stupid.
- Gina.
- The letter says that I came on to her.
That is bullshit.
There's no way that that happened.
And why would she lie about it? GINA: I don't know.
You find anything? Yeah.
The funeral store's owned by Belcap International.
They used the funeral home as a write-off.
And Belcap in turn is owned by Seracom.
- I know them.
- Big portfolio.
Transport, health care, justice, hotels, security, clothing you name it.
They even have a chain of Christian bookshops.
- Any government contracts? - Yeah, a ton.
JESSICA: But none of that linked to Mali or the CIA or the Department of Defense or Nathan Miller.
So why was Miller's ransom paid out of one of their assets? I don't know.
It's a dead end.
I'm sorry.
Helen, could you give us a minute? Sure.
What happened? You look terrible.
Pack it up.
- The desk? - The whole thing.
We're done.
We're getting nowhere.
Maybe there is nothing to get to.
I fucked my own career for this, my wife's career.
What are you talking about, Meaghan? Pack it up, all of it.
They win.
General Kouyate.
REPORTER: military aircraft are bringing in equipment to fight Islamic militia in North Africa.
REPORTER 2: On the main airfield, in the capital of Bamako, a huge operation is underway.
Meanwhile, the police are being stretched to breaking point as civil unrest, riots and violent protests continue throughout Bamako in opposition to President Diabate's - failing regime.
- This is the tipping point.
This administration has lost control.
It's time.
I say when it's time.
Do I need to remind you? You're absolutely right, General.
My apologies.
This is your show now.
Yambo Kanté is on a flight from London.
It's time to welcome him home.
: Two miles from target.
DRONE PILOT 2: All cameras checked.
Laser sensor check.
We still have two Hellfire missiles.
Do you see it? That's a negative, sir.
Not yet.
SOLDIER: Right over there.
We have a confirmed sighting of Al Moctar.
I just received the go on a kill strike.
That him? MAN [OVER RADIO.]
: We have confirmation from the source, sir.
That is Al Moctar.
Is that it? - That's it.
- Take out the target.
Rifle, rifle, rifle, weapon away.
Cleared to engage.
Engage now.
DRONE OPERATOR: Free in three, two What the fuck just happened? We just lost signal, sir.
- We've lost it.
- The connection? DRONE OPERATOR: No, sir.
The drone.
- We've lost the drone, sir.
- What the fuck do you mean we lost the drone? How did that happen? Their drone is destroyed, sir.
Nice work.
That was too close.
I thought you were supposed to be - leading them away from Al Moctar.
- I was.
It was third-party Intel.
We keep Al Moctar in play until the new president is sworn in.
I'm aware of the plan, Nate.
Well, then I shouldn't have to remind you of it, should I? What did Kingsley say? [SIGHS.]
I'm seeing him again this afternoon.
What does that mean for me? I don't know.
Amanda, honestly, I don't know.
You know horses, Miller? Well, my uncle used to have a few on his farm, but they didn't look anything like this, if that's what you're asking.
Used them for breeding stock.
The beginnings of the modern dynasty.
Bred for speed.
Sir, did you talk to Kingsley? You think you'd be here if I did? Mali's merely a prototype.
If this thing works there, we roll it out across Africa.
This is about the wars we're gonna be fighting in ten, 20 years' time.
Do you have any idea how much that's worth? Well, the bill for Afghanistan is currently running at $1.
7 trillion.
Now you multiply that across a continent.
So, given the stakes, I've decided to give you a chance to put some flesh on the bones of that audacious proposal of yours.
Well We mothball KMPH until the scandal passes.
We restructure our corporate architecture, bury all of our assets, cauterize any possible link to the boardroom.
- You talking about a garage sale? - No, sir, I'm not.
We keep it all in the family.
Munitions, construction, support services.
We bury all of our companies deep inside new holdings.
And if that's not enough? We sell off any contracts connected to the Mali operation to other companies of which you were a non-executive director.
That way, if this tape does come out if KMPH does go down the program is protected.
It continues.
What about Kingsley? Kingsley will survive, sir.
There are so many scandals these days, it's hard to tell them apart.
The new normal.
And Amanda Jones? I think that she is still a valuable asset to us inside the agency, sir.
I think we should do everything that we can to protect her.
I'll be in touch.
Sole meunièreis good here.
Brown butter and shrimps.
I buried him.
You see these, uh, these blisters? They haven't really healed.
Have you ever dug a grave in the sand, Marcus? I'm sorry, George.
We did everything we could.
Did you? Hmm.
No one took it lightly.
Well, that's good to hear.
Because, for a while there, it looked like you'd fucking well forgotten all about us.
Or I followed protocol.
Things were taken out of my hands.
Oh, it was just following orders.
You've heard of shock, George.
And it's understandable that you're What? Anxious? Depressed? An embarrassment? All right, I get it.
Now, I know you're upset about Thomas Turner.
His name is Isaac Turner.
- Sorry.
- Say it.
- George.
- Say his name, Marcus.
Just say his name.
- Isaac Turner.
You were supposed to have his back, Marcus.
You were supposed to have his fucking back! Enjoy your sole.
JONES: Hey, George.
You told me you can sleep at night.
Yes, that is what I said, and I meant it.
I'm in.
Azawad! Azawad! General Kouyate, sir.
I see you have a new shadow.
This can't go on.
Al Moctar is advancing in the north.
We are struggling to control the streets here in Bamako.
We continue the fight.
I'm sorry to have to inform you you no longer have the support of your generals.
Then I will replace them.
All of them.
KOUYATE: In that case, sir, I cannot guarantee your safety.
The West are happy to promote democracy until the leaders we elect start thinking for ourselves.
So, I ask you, what is my sin? That I did business with Beijing and not Washington? We can offer you safe passage out of the country, sir.
If you leave now.
Who have you chosen to replace me? Why didn't you tell us what happened to you? Would it have made a difference? He still would have come back here.
I'm sorry.
Really? If that was true, we wouldn't be here.
You'd be on a plane to England, wouldn't you? And I'd be back home with my brother and sister.
Do you think they're going for the arms? [SPEAKS TAMASHEQ.]
Aicha, get in the car.
Let her go! Let her go! Let her go! Harry, no! No! [SCREAMING.]
SECRETARY: Senator, where are you going? You can't just walk in here.
I'm sorry, Mr.
I tried to stop her.
It's all right, Sally.
Why don't you, uh, take a seat.
You represent Lauren Hansen, who has filed what we both know to be a baseless claim of harassment against my wife.
Look, I'm I'm not permitted to discuss my client's matters with third parties.
I'm sorry.
- How much are they paying her? - Excuse me? More to the point how much are they paying you? I have no idea what you're talking about, Senator.
Course you don't.
Tell them to call off their dogs.
I'm throwing in the towel.
They won't get any more trouble from me.
And tell that cunt to go join another gym.
- Smells good.
- Braised rabbit, marjoram and hazelnuts.
Vintage? The complaint's been withdrawn.
That's great news.
Just like that, you know, the girl admitted that she just made it up so she could get back at me for marking her down.
I didn't-I didn't do anything, Meg.
I know you didn't.
I never doubted you.
Not for a moment.
Thank you.
- Thank you for your support, for believing me What is it? Oh, Gina.
What? This was me.
Uh, I don't understand.
- What do you mean? - I'm working on something.
I can't go into details.
I was treading on some toes.
This was their way of warning me to back off.
- Jesus.
- I told them I'd drop it.
That's why the complaint was withdrawn.
W-Who? - I can't tell you that.
- But you-you can't you-you can't cave.
You can't back down.
It's done.
Wasn't gonna see them destroy your career.
You did that for me? Course.
There was never any doubt.
I love you so much.
You know that? [SNIFFLES.]
So, I thought it was time to move out of that hotel and get my own place.
Hey, this is mine.
Come over here.
Guess what's down here.
Your room, for whenever you stay over with me.
I tried to make it like your room at home.
But it isn't home.
I'm doing the best that I can, Katie.
I know you are, Daddy.
I've got to take this.
It's okay.
I'm gonna go ahead with your recommendations.
Neutralize the threat of the tape.
Kingsley's out.
And what about Amanda Jones? Next time we speak, you're gonna tell me that Harry Clarke and Leyla Toumi have been dealt with.
There's someone here to see you, sir.
In the study.
Thank you, Maggie.
Hope you don't mind.
The maid let me in.
Charming woman.
What's this, late 1800s? My wife found it.
In Holt, Norfolk.
In England.
I have great affection for you, William.
So I'm gonna be honest with you.
I know you lied.
About Tehran.
Oh, Hal And I know about the Collins tape.
Hell, why didn't you come to me? 20 years, we've worked together.
I was ashamed.
Of being played.
There'll be an investigation.
Of course, we'll cloak our assets, make sure the Mali operation isn't affected, as far as possible.
But we'll have to offer you up.
You might have to do a little time.
Now, I'm gonna make that as comfortable as I can.
And you keep to the script, there's gonna be a respectable nest egg waiting for you when you come out.
Who was it? Miller? [SCOFFS.]
Ungrateful son of a bitch.
You leave Miller alone, you hear? Otherwise you're gonna find yourself without any friends.
AICHA: There's been a coup in the capital.
Yambo Kanté, puppet of the West.
Be my guess [TRANSLATES.]
They'll wait for him to be sworn in and then they'll come for you.
Offer up your head for the new president.
AICHA: Look at them.
They're itching for the Americans to arrive.
What will you do? [TRANSLATES.]
Issouf who was your contact for the arms deal? [AICHA TRANSLATES.]
I will not bow before imperialism and colonialism.
I will restore the dignity of Malian people.
I will defend the territorial integrity of our country.
And I alone can do that.
The election will take place as soon as the situation has settled down in the country.
Meanwhile, I will hunt down Issouf Al Moctar.
- People of Mali - Our troops are on the move to Temera.
You can see it in their eyes.
The moment he's sworn in, you can begin your strike on Al Moctar's forces.
: Issouf Al Moctar will be brought to justice.
You can see it in their eyes.
I There's too many.
What? Birds of North America.
I'm supposed to do a project on them, but there's just too many.
Well, you know how - we're gonna do this? - How? Bird by bird.
- [SIGHS.]
- What's your favorite color? Mm green.
: Oh-ho-ho-ho.
Uh give me a green bird.
This is who I dealt with.
- South African.
Didn't know his name.
Musa was the name we used for deliveries.
Here's where you can find him.
What about you? [TRANSLATES.]
AICHA: We're going to the desert.
Live to fight another day.
Our time will come.
ANCHOR: We'll be sure to keep an eye on your selected stocks.
Breaking news concerning Kingsley, Merchant, Proctor, Hall one of America's biggest companies.
Now, over to Karen.
And in a move that took analysts by surprise, KMPH is selling service contracts to provide U.
military with meals during the current military operation in Mali to its rival, Seracom.
You still have those boxes? Yeah, they're right here.
Seracom paid Miller's ransom, - right? - Right.
Well I just found a link between them and our military operations in Mali.
Unpack those boxes.
This isn't over.