Defying Gravity s01e04 Episode Script


Previously on Defying Gravity - Sharon, come in.
- Donner! - Sharon, you copy? - Donner? - Launch now, Donner! - Forgive me.
I know, Donner and I coming on board last minute - is a little awkward.
- Not for me.
Just remember how much I love you.
I think the obvious question is simply what the hell happened? One minute we're on the mission.
The next minute we're off.
Something is happening and I need to know why.
Paula Puke.
Queen of the upchuck.
Mistress of heave.
It's talking to her again.
My withdrawl symptoms are under control, doctor.
So, what are you doing there.
You're on the rabbit embryos? You're changing the subject.
And Ajay? Will he be coming back to the floor? Goss wants to do a thorough psych eval.
- And if he passes? - He won't pass, Rollie.
Defying Gravity Season 1 Episode 4 - H2IK - chamallow35, motherfracker, aydin1954 Ajay once told me that the idea of a man knowing everything about something is folly.
His word, not mine.
He said that man by his very nature is dependent on other man.
We need each other to survive.
- I can get it.
- I got it.
- I can get it.
- I can get it too.
The problem is getting anybody to admit that.
- You must be feeling better.
- I'm starving.
I've got lot of catching up to do.
My space classroom, the lander GNC - You know if you need some help - Steven.
I can count on this fork more than you.
As a species we pride ourselves on being self efficient.
No form 24 today.
Do you guys know what to do? Why ask a stranger for directions? We'd rather stay stubborn and lost.
- How many times have you been back.
- Three.
And all I see is a storm.
So how does it make you feel? What do you mean? I mean how does it make you feel? Afraid, alone? What's your response to it? I'm just trying to help you through this.
Eve, all I see is a storm.
I'm in a Martian storm.
Good morning Frenchy.
You look way to good to be in withdrawl I'm switching med patches as we speek.
I think I'm through the worst of it.
- You look awful.
- Not getting a whole lot of sleep.
Wanna talk about it? I know a good shrink.
As long as his office is in six million kilometers away.
Well, you don't possess the luck.
- How's Ted? - He's distant.
But he's doing his job.
Whatever Rollie said to him did the trick.
Maybe you should talk to Rollie.
Ajay is still on med watch, Donner.
He'll come on the floor when he's cleared.
You're on the floor, Rollie.
I didn't need a psych eval, he did.
That simple.
Strikes me as damn stupid have me up here running system checks without the engineer who helped design it.
- Point taken.
- It better not be one of Goss's games.
No, it's not, Donner.
- Smells like it.
- It's not.
So how come I haven't heard from Ajay? He has restricted access until he's cleared.
Roger that.
I run the check alone.
Didn't expect to see you so soon.
Didn't expect to be back so soon.
I'll have the chicken curry.
Lemonade? No, I think I'll have a beer.
The nuclear reactor on the Antares will power four redundant electrical subsystems.
Now, on the Mars mission they were primarily solar so this is a big improvement.
For safety reasons, each of the subsystems is discretly located on the ship.
- Sharma, you have your hand in the air.
- Yes.
You need the exercise or you have a question? Your information is actually out of date.
There's three subsystems now.
Budget cuts.
- I'm sorry? - The change is very recent.
My sponsoring company designed it.
I was on the team.
Oh wow, then we're very fortunate to have you here, aren't we? I don't know what the hell I'm doing up here flapping my gums when we have the designer in the house.
- Donner.
- Come on, Sharma.
You know everything? Why don't you get your ass up here and share it with us? Dude, those are some large, heavy man balls you got swinging down there.
Dude, no, man.
In class.
You made him look like a chump.
Takes a pair to do that.
Especially when he's on the rag.
Rag? What do you mean? - You don't know what today is? - What? It's the fifth anniversary of the Mars disaster today, man.
Look at him.
Donner is ready to take that bag out.
Good on you, man.
Rubbing his face in the shortcomings.
He needed it.
I'm cramped.
I gotta go take a steam.
Life on the ship is an adjustment for everyone.
Close quarters, the distance from Earth The responsibility we have to help our fellow crew members.
One of the biggest adjustments we make is to the lack of gravity.
Just ask your host, Paula Puke.
Stop! Here in our quarters, we have natural gravity caused by the centrifugal force of our spinning rotors.
But in the rest of the ship we create artificial gravity with magnetism and our grav suits.
Jorge from la esquela guevera in Santiago,Chile asked: Why our hair doesn't fly? Una excellente pregunta Jorge.
Let's find out.
What do you have in your hands, Zoe? This nano spray.
We use it on our hair and non standard clothing to make it slightly magnetic.
Can you show us how it works? Sure.
You just give your hair a couple of good shoots and voila! Porcupine head.
You are so funny.
OK, who just turned off the lights? Its either Wass or Was that the ship or the camera? The ship.
Flight, we have a primary subsystem electrical failure.
Donner, tell me that's you running a system check.
Negative, Mike.
I'm trying to get it back up now.
Looks like a short or a bus failure.
- Can you bypass it? - No, that's not working.
I'm gonna have to go back and take a look.
In the meantime, you guys better start looking for Ajay.
We're not wasting time looking for Ajay, people.
Start looking for solutions.
I hear they put that on the menu just for you.
It's an astronaut bar.
They like to keep us happy.
I've had that curry.
You can't be that happy.
It's not exactly like home, is it? Right, yes.
And now that you have so subtly reminded me that we used to be subjects of the same crown you should sit and we should talk because we share the bond of flag and curry.
- That was not a sincere offer.
- I'm aware of that.
Can I have one of what he's having? So, do you know what I did before I was assigned here? I watched you every night on the evening news.
Heady time ruined by single act of hubris.
Yes, the lesson is that journalists shouldn't make up their stories.
And, of course, astronauts shouldn't really go on unauthorized space walks.
I was fixing the shield.
I exposed to crocked politician, Ajay.
It doesn't matter, Mr.
That's my point exactly, isn't it? Here we are, you and I.
Both exiled from what should be doing.
Seeking some kind of redemption.
Maybe we should be helping each other.
Oh, thanks.
Looks just how I remember.
Oh, I understand, having a bit of a power problem on the Antares this morning It's a shame they are not consulting you, really.
Ya know, with your a - Excuse me.
- Yeah, of course.
- I've got to go to the men's room.
- Right.
Mhm, God.
Just like I remember.
Do you got any mango chutney? Or anything Just a Ajay? - Anyone left in their bay? - No.
What are you doing? I'm try to figure out why anyone would think that Scott Summers is a better leader than Jean Gray.
I mean, the Cyclops alone I like your hair.
It reminds me of my mum.
What? - There's something wrong.
- I know, look at her.
We were using a magnet - That's good.
- We are going to flight deck, now.
You know.
Come on.
Lets go.
Whats the point? It's just a bus failure.
Donner's probably got it under control.
Flight its not s bus failure.
And all ?break circles? are checked out.
I will look at the nodes.
I'm gonna have look up in the node, its the only place where the electrical subsystems What are you doing? You try to find the problem and I try to find your sex drive.
Its been missing since you got here.
Seriously, no.
Don't you want to try the weightless? Damn it! Do you have to leave a mark? - Always? - I just marked my territory.
Your territory's got some work to do.
Flight, we are going off gravity in sector four.
See? You worry too much.
- So? - H2IK.
And H2IK is bad? H2IK could be as bad as it gets.
Sector four, going back on grav.
Returning gravity I think they worried just enough.
Too much.
And thats why nobody likes you.
You are swimming in the sea of self-delusion, Wass.
OK, if I'm swimming in it, you're drowning in it.
What was that? I think its the rotor arm.
This rotor arm? Yea.
This rotor arm.
All right.
What we know is that failure is inconsistent.
Bridges all over the subsystems And its somehow related to mag grav in our sector four.
The mag grav checkups are nominal.
So, its related, but not connected.
I need to look at the code, as well as diagrams and run a full system check.
Go to work, people.
They got it covered.
You got to get to the hospital.
They should've operate the day Rollie and Ajay came home.
Did we really think it was gonna get rid off the plaque? Its changing the crew genes.
Everything is possible.
Doesn't give us permission to be negligent.
Thanks for calling.
Most guys would've have called the producers first.
So, how do you know I didn't? And I expect a little quid pro quo here of course.
Of course.
Hi, Ajay.
How are you? I'm fine.
I'll be fine.
Tell me about the electrical problem on Antares.
After you come on the surgery Ajay.
It's just a glitch.
How bad is he? He's in the surgery.
But the good news is that they don't have to replace the valve.
What about Rollie? He'll have the same plaque procedure this afternoon, no one's taking any chances.
Look, this is emotional for all of us.
OK? But lets not lose focus on the ship.
Worst case? Beside, no Ajay to get us out of this? Progressive Overload? Leading to the system may shut down Like a New England blackouts last year.
- Well, is a long shot - I don't understand, systems are redundant.
Can we switch from one subsystem to the other? Yea, the ship is programmed to do that automatically.
And its been trying, but this is somehow bridging system.
I am going to check the exterior panels for damage EVA? I'm in.
Donner only.
You and Zoe can prep him and help with egress and the ingress.
I'll be on the flight deck monitoring.
If this shut down is systemic, we can loose power in the labs.
I have embryos that can freeze.
Then, all of you should secure, you can and work in teams.
Wass and Paula coming down? He didn't want to leave.
She stayed with him.
It's getting really cold in here, Wass.
- This is stupid.
- You gonna be fine.
Any minute the rotor arm will - Just twist and grab on - I know how to do it! There is gravity on the flight deck.
And heat.
- Then go ahead and leave.
- I'm really going.
So, really go then! Fine, I'm leaving.
- Do you have a rash, Donner? - I don't think so.
It is really red behind you Are those teeth marks? I think Ted sent you down here to keep an eye on us.
- What's the word for that? - Chaperone.
The word is chaperone.
It's not necessary.
- Then Zoe can go.
- No, Zoe'll stay.
I'm only because Ted assign me.
Not because I want to.
This gotta be hell on him.
You know, on both of them.
I can't imagine flipping that switch leaving two people behind.
- Donner was sleeping with her.
- What? - With whom? - Sharon Lois.
Big romance.
That why he wants Jenny off the Askins Too much potential drama.
Donner? Hi I didn't mean anything in classroom today.
I mean I wasn't trying to shove you off or anything I just thought that was the most resent information You know, when I worked for the company, there was always this pressure whenever the supervisor came around, having to know absolutely everything about absolutely everything.
Which is, obviously, impossible.
My team came up with the code.
In case one person got stock, someone could come and relive them.
We called it H2IK sequence.
What is the H2IK sequence? Means "Hell If I Know" H2IK is "Hell I Hey, Sharma? Yea.
Know then to shut up.
Conventional wisdom says is forbidden to ask, but I am a shrink, so Wanna talk about it? Wanna talk about those beauty marks? It's the simple Cardio Cat (Cardiac Catheterization).
They break up the plaque sonicly and then suck it up.
He'll be able to walk off of table.
Ev? You all right? Yea.
I just a hate that.
Its probably just the boys down at the mission control playing with mag grav.
I bet they are laughing at us right now.
You be all right if we I can menage if you can.
I'll see you in a bit.
Flight deck, I'm ready to egress.
Copy that, Donner.
You are go for a walk.
- This is one hell of a backyard we got, Ted.
- Roger that.
We know its connected to the mag grav switches in out sector four.
We knew that three hours ago.
And everything we to pin-point it seams to be making it worse.
Look, I just told the President of US that we got this cleared up by tomorrow morning.
Don't make a liar out of me.
All right, I'm proceeding to the exterior magnets manuals You know that the three are gonna be up here together for over a six years.
Right? And I know that you and Donner, are going to screw, knock boots What ever It's a red blooded guy and you're throwing yourself at him.
I don't have to throw myself at him, we've been sleeping together for years.
You have.
And with a little room I can handle it.
- Up here - Up here, down there, we are going to do it, whether you like it or not.
Of course.
Just don't flouted at me.
Don't scar his body with little intimacies for me to see.
Could you do that for me, Nadia? Because, he is all yours.
We're not competing.
We're never been competing.
I'm a friend with benefits to Donner, nothing more.
The person you've been competing with is Sharon Lois.
Ted, I'm looking at pristine panels.
Roger that.
They look as good as the day they were installed.
I see no damage to the ship at all.
She is beautiful.
You should come in.
Roger that.
Heading back to the lock now.
Exactly, how long are we suppose to overlook the obvious possibility? Do you honestly think after all these years in the direction that so clearly pushed us in Beta simply wants to strand our spacecraft? Nothing else makes sense.
Something will.
Your guys just have to find it.
And, what is Williams doing down here? 'Quid pro quo' for setting Ajay and Rollie.
The press is all over this electrical glitch, anyway.
He's just getting a better view.
Donner, are you coming in? Donner, do you copy? What is he doing? Donner, do you have a problem? Come back to me.
Do you people mind if I join you? William Trevor, British television news.
We know who you are.
Yea, sure.
Cop a squat.
Thanks very much.
So, I'm sure you are here for the show, are you? Actually, we are little unsure what we doing here.
Besides from the fact that is the anniversary of the Mars mission That's exactly the point, isn't it? Tonight we get to be witness to a prolonged torture disguised as tradition.
Tree single malts, Tom.
Your finest isley (whisky made on Islay, Scottish island).
And kill the music.
Why aren't they saying anything? They will.
Someone will.
There is no greater calling than to be an explorer.
No greater ambition than to stretch the knowledge and rich the mankind.
And there is glory in success but it rides on the back of personal sacrifice.
And it is that sacrifice, that we salute here tonight.
We raise our glasses, to two explorers who gave their lives who reached as far as man has ever reached and paid the ultimate price.
They were friends.
They were colleagues.
And they were true heroes.
Sharon Lois and Jeff Walker.
You inspire us.
You humble us.
And you will never be forgotten.
OK? What just happened there? Am I clueless? That goes without saying.
I don't think anyone could've said anything that would've made Donner feel better.
Thats not the point, Ajay.
Goss just made Donner and Ted toast their own failure.
Toast killing the woman he loved.
So, when why do it? Why shove up at all? That's the question, isn't it? Why allow Goss to tortured you year after year? Easy.
Goss picks the crews.
You'll do it to fly.
Donner, my man, this is better be a joke.
Talk to me.
(I miss you) Do you copy? I can go out.
Help him back in.
No one else leaves this ship.
Talk to me, Donner.
Donner, what the hell are you doing? Donner, you're outside of your flight plan.
Get back to the ship now! Flight, we just lost Donner.
Where does he thinks he is going? I have no idea.
Antares, this is Flight.
Get him back on the ship.
Maddux, you need to talk to me.
What ever you think you're doing, stop it! We need you back on the ship.
Donner, this is Zoe.
Do you read? Damn it, Donner! (I love you) I need you Donner.
Stop! Donner? (I love you) I need you to come back to me.
- Zoe? - Donner, do you copy? Yea, I hear you, Z.
- You took off on us there, mad man.
- Roger that.
I though I saw something come off the ship.
I'm headed back to the airlock now.
We copy.
Men only listen when they want to.
You saw something come off the ship? Yea.
What something? What come off the ship? Like panel or something.
I do not know.
You chased after it? Yea.
Chased after it Why?! Could you two stop, please? Donner's in, that's that matters.
Ah, terrific.
Mission control, Are you guys playing with me down there? Guys? Mission control, are you on com? Ted? OK, that's a third stage failure.
Half of the coms are down.
We can start thinking about progressive blackout.
We're gonna need to call some outside help from a contractors.
How about some inside help? Ajay Sharma should be sufficiently recovered by now.
Your 'Quid pro quo' just expired, Trevor.
I'll have a guard escort you back to Press Forum.
Over the half of the ship is out.
They're not telling me a squad.
Telling you anything? Not enough.
We need Ajay.
Yes, we need Ajay.
- You should be conscious now.
- You know how Goss feels.
Screw Goss! It's our ship.
It's his command.
It's our ship, Ted.
You enjoyed the show? Takes a particular kind of jackass That he is.
You know, I understand the whole Isolated, I can do anything, that astronaut part of you.
I really do.
But it doesn't unman you to need someone else, in certain times.
I just really don't think you should be alone tonight.
You are right.
Good night.
Calliope, this is Zeus.
We are showing that dust is breaching the thruster control.
The storm is on the rise.
We're losing our launch window.
Copy that, Zeus.
Yea, it's looking bad down here.
- How far out are we? - One hundred meters.
We're holding.
(Transmission lost) Hey, brother.
There are 3 things.
Burn that damn recording we never gonna toast again and from now on, we never spend this anniversary alone.
Yes, your command, but its our ship.
We want Ajay.
He's not healthy.
Yea, neither is the ship.
If he's conscious, he'll wanna help save it.
What do you have to lose? Mike.
Get the schematics, the tests and an uplink to the hospital Right away, Sir.
- Look who came back.
- I never left.
I was in my quarters.
Do you have any sweaters? Yea, lower left pit.
- You don't have to do this, you know? - Yea, Wass.
I really do.
Why? I mean, why help me after the whole Paula Puke business.
Is it the whole Jesus said "turn the other cheek" thing? No.
Its not because of the whole Jesus thing.
Than, why? Its because you'll freeze to death, if I don't.
Yea, that's a good point.
Evram? Evram? Are you here? Evram? No! Evram.
Evram, you OK? You OK.
I got you.
I got you.
You OK.
I got you.
Be here.
Be right here with me.
Its OK.
I got you.
Hey, buddy.
Gave us a little bit of scare there.
Well, at least surgical is more astute than diagnostic.
Listen, we are on the spot up here.
Kinda hopin you have a can of monkey grease laying around for a squeaky door.
I've seen a 15:00 briefs.
Is there anything you can add to them? No.
That's about it.
Did gotta chance to take a look? Yea.
And? From what I have here, It looks to me like H2IK sequence.
H2IK, huh? You sure? Positive.
Starts it from beginning and work your way trough it.
Its the only way to complete the sequence.
Roger that.
Thats what we'll do.
We'll start to work on that sequence from the beginning.
All right.
You get better, Ajay.
Demand sponge bath from the nurses.
You deserve it.
Fix it, Donner.
H2IK? Yea.
It stands for "Hell If I Know" He didn't know what it is.
Its time, Wass.
We have to get out of here.
Come on! What are you so afraid for? I'm not af People are just wired differently.
OK? And maybe, we don't necessarily like the way we're wired, but thats the way it is.
Wanting to be different is just a waste of time.
So Why bother? Thats all you getting.
What happened, Evram? Where were you? The war.
Lights triggered it.
Post traumatic stress syndrome? And this never happened during training? I've been medicating for alcohol withdraw.
I think these patches are bad.
Does Claire know? Of course, she knows.
We'll just keep it between you and me than.
So he had no idea? None.
I didn't want to burn him with Goss anymore.
We can always turn around.
Not an option.
Why? Why continue on a dead ship? We can direct the board and be home in a month.
I'm just saying.
No, there is a solution, alright? To every problem, there is a solution.
We just have to go back and work it from the beginning.
It's not software.
Ted ran through everything in the mainframe.
It has to be hardware.
It has to be a short (short-circuit).
It can't be a simple short.
This entire ship is polymer coated to avoid that exact thing.
They wrench in the circuits and that's it.
What is it? The mag-grav.
We already looked here.
What is it? The short seams to go on and off with the mag-grav.
And it's jumping subsystems like it's moving, right? So? So, have you ever heard one of those stories about a doctor who sews up the patient but he accidentally leaves a clamp in somebody's chest.
Like in the Dark Ages.
Well, if the circuit housing in the isolations is too tin and for some reason there's a wire piece astray conducted metal you'll end up with all kinds of problems.
How much do you weight? You're a moron.
A wrench? Just a wrench? First, it's assembly wrench but yea big straddled on all three bust lines.
Mag-grav kept shifting around and that's what kept me from seeing in the first place.
Well good thinking Donner.
That didn't come from me.
Okay? If Ajay haven't head me run that H2IK sequence, I would never found it.
We need Ajay on the floor Mike.
- Listen, I'm not prepared to - We need Ajay.
Put him back on the floor as soon as he's healthy, Mike.
Don't test us.
In Hall's thruster xenon gas is injected into the chamber where is passed trough the Hall current and stripped off electrons.
- Yes? - What's a Hall current? That's a good question.
That's the Hall current right there.
It's a current and it was first discovered by a guy named Hall back in theuh, I believe it was in the 1800s.
And Hall, who is also an early pioneer of the H2IK sequence Yes? Sorry.
Is that Edwin Hall? Was it his sequence that showed that when electric and magnetic fields are set perpendicular to each other inside a conductor that an electric field flows in a direction perpendicular to both fields.
Exactly right.
That's the Hall current.
Answer your question? - Yeah.
- Ok.
Moving on.
Like it or not man by his very nature is dependent on other men.
We call ourselves explorers.
Ajay, we're reinstating you.
Welcome back to the floor.
But what are we without the support of our brothers? I mean, how far do we really get if we try to do everything alone? When the simplest, smallest thing, can bring the whole world around you ran into a halt.
I want peace of mind.
Donner? The guys whipped out some dinner in quarters.
I want to rely my brother.
I'll be right down.
And know he'll find the wrench, if I don't.
by Dobrivoje, Siban