Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e07 Episode Script

Basketball Diaries

Yeah! (WHISTLE BLOWS) Bring it in, guys.
Tomorrow's exhibition game is against Earl Grey.
You have to come out strong.
Play hard.
Now, my final cuts will be based on how you perform during that game.
Sorry, gentlemen.
I have 15 talented players here and only 12 spots.
(BELL RINGS) OK, you guys better get changed before you're late for home room.
Good job.
Dude, you heard Armstrong.
Home room calls.
Home room can wait.
I wanna try this one more time.
Jimmy, you burned up the floor this morning.
You're doing fine.
Fine?! I wanna do better than that.
From downtown, go, Jimmy! Oh, yeah! Who's the man? You're looking at him.
Degrassi Panthers Jimmy Brooks is on the prowl.
(Children sing) Whatever it takes I know I can make it through (Woman sings) Uh-huh, oh, yeah If I hold out If I do I know I can make it through Mmm Be the best The best that I can be Hear what I say to you Whatever it takes I can see, yeah I know I can make it I know, I know, I I know I can make it through.
Ms Kwan please.
Let me make the team first, then I'll give you my autograph.
How about you give me your English assignment instead? My assignment.
I wanted to talk to you about that.
Jimmy, I already gave you an extension.
You did read Chapter 8 for today, right? Of course.
I'm totally on top of the reading, it's just the actual work.
Jimmy, you're falling seriously behind.
I'm concerned you're not up to juggling academics and sports.
Ah, but juggling is a sport, Ms Kwan.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm fine.
Ashley, the bell's gonna ring any second.
Where is she? Well, there's a There's a little joke at the end.
I think you'll like it.
What I'd really like is for you to be on time, OK? (BELL RINGS) Good morning, Degrassi.
Tomorrow, morning announcements will be replaced by a very special afternoon pre-game screening as the Degrassi Panthers face off against Earl Grey in an exhibition match, so go, Panthers, go.
She's pretty suave-ay.
Got it together.
It's not "suave-ay'.
It's "suave'.
Television is so stressful.
Ashley doesn't seem stressed.
I know.
She's, like, better than the people on the news.
Calm, cool a total natural.
So, if you see the Earl Grey team holding lighters, it's 'cause they always lose their matches.
Have a great day, guys.
"Lose their matches.
" Not bad.
That's my joke.
I mean, I wrote it after I found it on the Net.
It's true, you know.
You do all the work and Ashley takes all the glory.
You should really talk to her.
Or quit.
Why spend more time at school than you already have to? You're going out for basketball.
My social worker says it's beneficial.
Personally, I couldn't give a rat's Class! Sorry for the delay.
It just makes me mad that people think Ashley's so funny and clever, when all she's doing is reading my words.
A monkey could do that.
Personally, I'd say it's time you asked Princess Ashley to share the air but hey, it's your career.
TEACHER: Alright, today we'll be exploring the fascinating world of HTML.
I've been reading your assignments well, those that have been handed in.
Your thoughts on Chapter 8 have been fascinating.
So let's open it up for discussion.
Jimmy? Oh er Chapter 8? It's great.
Just like the rest of the book.
Could you elaborate? For example, which character do you relate to? Well, that's that's a very interesting question, Ms Kwan Jimmy, it's not that hard.
OK, I associate most with, er the main character.
It's an ensemble piece.
Which main character? The Lord of the Flies who else? The Lord of the Flies is a severed pig's head resting on a stake.
You haven't read the book, have you? Busted! Total crash and burn.
I'm doomed, man.
Come on.
Ms Kwan can't stop you from playing.
She's an English teacher.
My English teacher, who's threatening to talk to my coach, who needs to cut three players.
Jimmy, you're a total natural.
Coach Armstrong's not gonna cut you.
Just try harder at school.
School that's my problem.
It's totally in the way.
(TIMER BEEPS) I concentrate on English, my playing is crap.
Concentrate on basketball and I don't have enough time to do my homework.
It's a no-win situation.
Got that right.
It's a catch-42.
Like you know.
You thought you were Lord of the Flies.
And now I've got Kwan on my back.
I'm bagged, man.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Since they upped my Ritalin, I'm like a complete zombie.
Yeah, but I've seen you when you don't take them.
Not pretty.
I know.
Don't call me Spinner for nothing.
Ashley, can I talk to you for a second? Now? Terri, save me a spot, OK? Sure.
How can I help you, Liberty? I want to read the announcements.
What?! I do all the writing.
It's only fair if I get to go on-air once in a while.
Liberty, you're a writer.
I'm a performer.
You're yin, I'm yang.
We're very different.
How? Just maybe next year, OK? Remember, follow through with the wrist, OK? Nice shot, Sean.
See how he uses his legs and not his hands? It's very important.
Jimmy, why don't you give it a go? Or you can keep reading if you want to.
Sorry, Coach.
Excellent technique, Jimmy.
But we're practising our shots, not our lay-ups.
Impress me more.
Give it another try.
(Speaks French) I've been told I have the perfect Parisian accent.
I just want to do it once.
Liberty, when I said "no' the last time, what didn't you understand? Give me a chance.
Come on! Why not? Because it's my job.
I'm going on strike.
No more research, no more writing, no more jokes.
I figure you can do it yourself.
Takes about, oh, an hour a day if you're fast.
Liberty, you're not playing fair.
I'm not playing fair? You're the one being greedy.
It's just I'm good at this.
Anyone can read a cue card.
A monkey could do your job! Fine.
Go ahead.
Tomorrow's pre-game announcements they're all yours.
Knock yourself out.
What's up, buddy? Hey, Sean.
Good work out there today.
You'll have no problems making the team.
I dunno about that.
Guess we'll see tomorrow.
"Don't know about that".
Coach loves him.
Sean probably made the team the minute he signed up.
Jimmy, Sean's a good player.
So am I.
And who's saying you're not? Coach Armstrong.
You saw him just now.
Tore my game apart.
He was just giving you pointers.
Hello I know how to shoot a basket.
And sorry, but lay-ups way more important than three-pointers.
Look, if you don't make the team which you will you can be my co-manager.
Thanks, but it's not the same.
Not much glory handing out towels and bottles of water.
Anyway, let's go catch a movie or something.
Get your mind off this.
Pulling an all-nighter.
(TIMER BEEPS) Got that assignment, remember? Wish there was a pill I could take one that'd boost me up.
You know, son drugs aren't the answer.
Just say no.
Pardon me? You asked who I related to in "Lord of the Flies'.
It was Ralph.
I'm wiped.
I've got nothing left for the game.
Man, you got your English assignment done.
Ms Kwan will get off your back now.
Doesn't help if I don't make the team.
(TIMER BEEPS) But you could help me, Spinner.
No way.
It's not like steroids.
I mean it's not illegal.
Of course it's not illegal.
Do you see me in jail? OK, guys.
Let's discuss the next chapter.
Please? I need it.
Look at me.
I'm half alive.
Jimmy it's my last pill.
I can't miss it.
Just this once.
A little energy boost.
This game's my last chance to prove myself to Armstrong.
Do I take it now? I guess.
Takes about an hour to kick in.
Yes, Jimmy? I need to use the washroom.
Did anyone take note of the shape of the island being mentioned once before? Jimmy! Good luck this afternoon with the game.
Th-thanks, Mr Raditch.
Go get 'em, son.
What happened to Ashley? GIRL: Liberty! We're on! She's doing a great job.
This is just sad! Um w-welcome to Degrassi's special pre-game announcements.
Today the Degrassi Panthers start a whole new reason season of basket.
Ball! Basketball.
Er by biting Earl Grey.
Er you can run but you can't hide, Earl G-Grey.
The prowl is on the Panth ers.
The Panthers are on the prowl.
This has been Liberty Van Zandt, filling in for Ashley Kerwin.
More like "Loser' Van Zandt.
Good job, Ash.
I'm impressed.
You totally set her up.
Somebody had a nutritious breakfast.
Yep, toast, cheese, eggs, bacon solid protein.
Lot of protein.
Brain food, man.
Brain food.
How you guys doing? You pumped? ALL: Yeah.
Huh? You know it, Coach! You know it! SPINNER: Come on, Jimmy! Show 'em what you got! Come on! Start this game! Come on! What's wrong with all of you?! Come on! Jimmy! Pass the ball! Jimmy! Come on, come on! What you doin'? Not bad for a first time.
Want to head over to the gym? That's her! Oh, my God! That's so funny! Liberty! SPINNER: Go, Jimmy! You the man! Yeah! Come on! (Sings) Go, Jimmy! Go, Jimmy! Go! Go! Go, Jimmy! Yeah, come on! Get past there! Pass it! Come on, Jimmy! Gavin, you're the team manager, not the head cheerleader.
Come on, Coach.
I was just giving Jimmy some mortal support.
Moral support.
You wanna show your support? Clean up this bench.
Bring it in, guys.
Good job.
Good job.
Half-time conference, locker room.
Let's go.
Good job, guys.
GIRL: Half-time.
22 to 24, Degrassi.
(QUIET SOBBING) Liberty? I know you're in here.
Liberty, come on.
What do you want? I just want to talk to you.
Why? To tell me I was horrible? Thanks.
I already figured it out.
You weren't great but you weren't completely horrible.
I wasn't? No, you just need a few pointers.
I've got a plan.
Trust me on this.
Listen up.
We're in the lead.
Stay with your man.
Keep up the pace.
Play like a team.
You hearing me, Jimmy? Loud and clear, Coachay! Loud and clear.
(HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS) Yo, Degrassi! Do you need some half-time entertainment? (All cheer) I hear you, brothers and sisters! Goodnight, Degrassi! What were you thinking? I don't know.
It was funny.
Funny? It wasn't funny.
It made us look like idiots! But, Mr Raditch, I Sit down! First no extracurricular activities until the end of the semester.
What? But, Mr Raditch No discussions.
Consider yourself lucky.
I could suspend you for this.
But, sir, it's it's medical.
Gavin You've been taking Ritalin for two years now.
You know what happens when you miss a pill.
Unless there's some other explanation.
I forgot.
OK? Fine.
You won't forget again.
Because you'll be taking your pills in front of my secretary.
What?! But, Mr Raditch Three times a day.
Mrs Smith? Could you come in here, please? And would you bring Mr Mason's file? Jimmy! Pass the ball! I'm open.
Pass it! Sean, pass the ball! Sean, I'm open! Sean! Yeah! Who's the man?! Who's the man?! Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Sean, are you OK? Is it your ankle? I want you to wiggle your toes for me.
GIRL: Degrassi wins, 39-37.
Degrassi rules! I bet we go all the way to the regionals.
But what was up with that Jimmy guy out there? He was like a lunatic.
Sports are not for the weak of heart.
Like you'd know.
And besides, that doesn't mean you get to injure people.
Oh, no! Way to go, Degrassi! Our team just kicked some serious Earl Grey butt.
Liberty said "butt'?! Just before the buzzer, he scored an awesome three-pointer winning the game 39 to 37.
She's actually doing OK.
Panthers, you're off to a sensational start.
This is Liberty Van Zandt, wrapping up today's special video coverage.
Thank you.
See? It's not so hard.
The trick is to remain calm, cool and sure of yourself.
You're pretty good at that already.
Thank you, Ashley.
You'll be even better when you read the announcements again next year, after I graduate.
JIMMY: Good game, good game.
Can I talk to you for a second? It's about this afternoon, out on the court.
You showboated.
You ball-hogged.
You blew plays.
You weren't a team player.
I know.
But you know what worries me? It's what you did to Sean.
You know, you almost broke his ankle out there.
That was an accident! Accident?! Come on, Jimmy.
You fouled your own player, deliberately.
You know we have a zero-tolerance policy for violence.
I It was stupid.
It'll never happen again.
I promise.
I can't take that chance.
Sorry, Jimmy.
You're cut.