Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s10e03 Episode Script

Breakaway: Part 1

I guess I'll confide now too tired to hide how hard I fell for you Hey, rock star.
Walk me to class? Tinsley.
I've heard about you.
Wow, I'm famous.
And yet you're here looking for a friend.
you're fresh meat.
Everyone's talking about the coynes.
I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
Well, we coynes aren't as interesting as you think.
Really? Then what's your sister doing up on the roof? Up on the roof again, fi? I thought we were done with the theatrics.
Is everything okay? It's bobby.
He's not very nice.
I told you he was a player.
Well, it's not just that.
He hurt me.
On the stairs.
Are you sure? What, you think I'd lie about that? Of course not.
All I wanted was a normal year.
You want me to talk to him? We can't let him get away with this, fiona.
You're right.
No, I'll deal with it.
I just need you to do one thing first.
What? Get off the roof.
whatever it takes I know I can make it through if I hold out I know I can make it through ooooh-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh be the best the best that I can be whatever it takes ♪ I know I can make it ♪ ♪ I can make it ♪ I can make it through whatever, whatever whatever it takes I know I can make it through I know it's not your fight to win it's mine to lose or watch unfold it's all I can do to keep my head on straight why is it me against the world? why do you feel the need to help me when you know I'm better off alone? I didn't know what I was thinking Hey! You see this crap? Did you do this to my sister? Your sister is a nutjob! This is all over twitter! It's fake! Why should I believe you, huh?! Look, she saw tinsley flirting with me, And you know what tinsley's like, And she lost it! you of all people should know She'd do anything to get her way.
Tell her she got her wish.
We're done! Oh, he was pissed! Where's your black eye? Look.
Is that the same eye as in the picture? There's hardly a bruise.
So I enhanced it a teeny bit.
The magic of hollywood.
You just trashed a guy's reputation, fiona! I just showed everyone who the real bobby beckonridge is! What? You think I'm lying?! How many schools are you gonna turn into nightmares for us Before you learn? Declan! Take the pictures down! So, what do you think? That if sav wins the presidency, My parents will expect me to solve world hunger! No pressure.
Uh, no, I meant of me, sans glasses.
Okay wow! Where have you been hiding those big blue eyes? Right? Now everyone's gonna get to see them all the time! Well, it's about time you got contacts.
Even better? Tomorrow I'm getting surgery.
Really? Aren't you too young for that? Well, I'm gonna be part of a study.
They haven't changed in two years, So they can make an exception.
That's amazing! You're gonna be a whole new clare.
My parents think it'll help with my confidence, Like I need the help.
Will it hurt? Uh, they'll be sore, But I'll be back here the next day.
Well, between that and your new hair, You'll have guys fighting over you.
Alli and clare: Hey, come back tomorrow.
I'm unleashing the holographic buttons, Limited edition.
Thank you.
Hey, man, need any help? Yeah, yeah, sure! Grab a shirt.
Oh, and hey, I still owe you that coffee.
Aw, forget it.
Anything for the next prez.
Is it my policy on taco tuesdays or-? Dude, I love tacos.
You know, a lot of teen dads would just bolt, But not you.
How do you know about the baby? Some dorks in the computer lab had it up on some blog.
I-I thought- I thought everyone knew.
Yeah, they do now.
I'll be right back.
Hey, uh, the burnouts want more buttons.
Bigger problems.
Everyone knows you're pregnant.
Oh, is that all? I mean, um, that's horrible.
We need to do some major damage control.
This is all my fault.
I am so sorry that I put you through this.
Um Holly j: And that should take sav out of the race.
Next stop president, then scholarships, Then you and I making out in the student lounge at yale.
I can't wait till we both escape high school drama.
Holly j: Fiona, again? She told everyone that bobby beat her up.
Why?! 'cause the sky was blue today? I'm so sick of her lies.
Holly j: What if she wasn't lying? She seemed pretty unhinged when we skyped yesterday.
And those pictures Yeah, it proves she's a great make-up artist.
Holly j: I know she does crazy stuff, But maybe this is a cry for help.
Or a cry for attention.
Either way, she's your sister And you should be there for her.
Maybe your parents won't find out? Um, it's on a blog.
And those three w's? They stand for world wide web! Meaning that as in everyone in the world can read it! All right, let's think, um Okay, we'll, uh We'll tell your parents first, then mine, And if we survive that, we'll find a place to live, Plan the wedding The wedding? Yeah, I just thought you might like that, A nice wedding, share some vows.
You deserve it.
Sav Right, sorry.
Uh, focus.
Okay, they'll- they'll be home any minute.
What do we say? That it's a lie.
The whole pregnancy, it's a lie.
W-wha Really? How could you-? It was holly j's idea.
It was supposed to stop you from running.
Why would you go along with something like that?! Because you dumped me after prom And I spent all summer crying over it.
So I was crapping my pants for nothing? I wanted to come clean, But I was worried that you would hate me.
And I really don't want you to hate me.
Not again.
I guess that's kind of sweet.
Yeah, just like you.
You're a good guy and a great leader, Which is why you should be degrassi's president.
But people think I'm gonna be a dad.
How am I supposed to win now? fiona! Good, you're here.
go away, declan.
No, I'm sorry I got mad.
Just tell me what happened and I'll believe you.
The stairs? He grabbed me, pulled me down.
I shouldn't have doubted you.
Can I blame you? Can I blame anyone? I just wanted to start fresh this year, be happy, But I guess I'm not the kind of person who can be happy.
Well, I've seen you happy.
Not since degrassi.
I just needed someone to listen to me.
Holly j was asking about you.
She did? I told her you were having a hard time Adjusting to vanderbilt.
What did she say? She said I should be there for you.
She's always so good about these kind of things.
I miss her.
Listen, we should mobilize And tell mom and dad and press charges.
You mean involve the cops? No, page six'll be all over it.
I guess we can kiss that drama-free year goodbye, huh? Can we give it some time? A day? Sure.
We'll tell mom and dad tomorrow.
Hi, I'd like to book a flight.
So, good old reliable holly j? I don't know.
Change is always good.
Might have to go with sav.
Speaking of change, What do you think of clare's new hair? Whatever she wants to change is no concern of mine.
Well, that's not all she's changing.
Oh yeah? Trust me.
She's going from 2d to 3d.
Kc, she's getting a boob job.
no way.
I heard her bragging to alli.
I mean she looks good the way she is.
I thought it was no concern of yours.
You have been looking at her! Not like that, jenna, but still I wonder what they'll be like? I gotta tell the guys.
Kc! What's going on here? Assault? over there.
Oh, sav got anya pregnant And now he's some type of hero or something.
That doesn't make any sense! You have to tell everyone the truth.
Sav's scoring the sympathy vote.
Can you believe it? Benedict arnold! You've switched sides! If you don't come clean, I will.
And then I'll tell everyone it was your idea And sav knew nothing about it.
You wouldn't dare.
I need to protect my family.
You don't have a family! If anybody finds that out you'll be in big trouble.
Hey, what's that? Oh, I'm trying to decide whether these girls Are hot or not.
Let me see.
You do realize those images make girls feel insecure With the bodies they were given, So they go out and spend money on useless solutions.
you're one to talk.
And what is that supposed to mean? You're getting surgery to change your looks, Aren't you, clare bear? Okay Who's for dodgeball? Great, I'll probably lose another contact.
Jenna, you can have yours done too.
I'm sorry, clare.
I'm happy with what god gave me.
Announcer: Are you team sinclair or team bhandari? Presidential candidates holly j and sav Will duke it out for you votes today in the caf.
Don't miss the debate.
Fiona?! Surprise! Holly j: So you just hopped on a plane? It wasn't hard.
Aren't you happy to see me? Yeah, of course.
It's just surprising.
Where are you staying? Hotel room downtown.
Mom's account.
And she's cool with that? Let's just say I know how to get my way.
You mean by not telling her.
Well, it's not exactly running away If you tell your mom where you're going.
Okay, I'll tell declan.
So you are running away from something.
Declan told me he was waiting for the word To tear bobby's head off.
Let's talk about something more interesting, Like why your head's plastered everywhere.
Yeah, I'm in the middle of a losing bid For student council president.
Losing? How? You're clearly the best.
Right, and if the student body weren't all morons They'd recognize that.
So long scholarships, So long life with declan.
So you're giving up? It doesn't sound like the holly j sinclair I know.
Come on, let's pound the pavement, Shake hands, kiss babies.
All that's left is the debate.
I'm so screwed.
Not yet.
Let's go prep.
You sure? It'll be the perfect distraction.
Plus, you can't go down without a fight.
I want to run, but I don't know where I want to fly So, if you vote for sav your year will be fab! No, no, no, no, no.
You are in so much trouble.
Not now.
When mom and dad find out that you knocked up anya, I'll be able to get away with anything.
Life is gonna be awesome.
Best news ever! You told everyone that you're not pregnant? Better! Thanks to fake baby bhandari We're up in the polls.
It's fake? You guys are so weird.
Anya, there is no baby.
No one needs to know that.
So I should lie? No, you just don't Tell the truth.
I want to win the election because I deserve it.
This is holly j's lie.
If it helps you beat her, isn't that fair? Clare! The surgery, you don't need to do it.
It's really none of your business.
You're so young.
Maybe they'll improve on their own.
Just give it a few years.
They're not gonna change anymore, jenna.
Surgery's the only option.
Clare! Please listen! You don't need to alter your body Just to get attention.
Okay, you know, You lost your chance to tell me what to do with my body When you stole my boyfriend.
I am getting the procedure, And I hope all the guys love it.
Let the debate begin! And here are your two candidates: Holly j sinclair And sav bhandari! All right, your first question is: What part of school do you feel is the most important? Oh yeah.
Which I plan to provide Like, all the time.
Holly j: Academics.
We're here to learn.
A sinclair student council will offer A battle of the bands, huge pep rallies, A senior sleep-over.
Community mentors.
You'd be connected to people Currently doing your dream job to ask for advice A school channel on "youtube".
Holly j: I've done this before.
I know what it takes.
Sav? I'm sorry, but he's just not ready.
A few students: Male student: Yeah, holly! Yeah! Female student: Oh, come on.
Well, have experience balancing a lot of things.
Uh, just this week I balanced school work With my campaign.
Mid-wife appointments, Baby books, And my campaign never missed a beat.
So, yeah, I think I can handle being president.
A few students: All right! Yeah! Vote sav! Vote sav! Vote sav! Ms.
Oh: Everybody into the gym to cast your ballots.
You were amazing! Ugh! Why didn't I just fake my own pregnancy? You could have had twins.
Hey, I appreciate the support, But maybe it's time to talk about Why you're really at degrassi.
I told you.
I just Needed a break from the city.
That's not what declan said.
You told him I was here? Holly j: You said he already knew.
oh, thank god! So you ratted me out?! I thought you were my friend.
I am.
We have to talk.
Our society become more connected I'm sure you all take it for granted.
Media is everywhere.
Simpson: Attention students! Ms.
Oh: Oh, and so is the principal.
Simpson: I have the results of the election.
Students: (murmur in anticipation) Mr.
Simpson: And your new student president is Wow, surprise.
(uneasy chuckle) Uh, by only 17 votes, Sav bhandari.
(chuckles awkwardly) Congratulations! Good job! Good job! (excited claps) yes, we did it! I am so proud of you! (laughing happily) Sav: I couldn't have done it without you.
Simpson: Lots of work to do, sav, Starting with the procedures and practices.
Sav: (chuckling) okay, I'll see you later! Holly j: Well, this is all your fault.
Sav didn't win the election Because people think I'm pregnant.
He won because you think you're better than everyone.
That's not true.
Okay, people like me.
Then why didn't they vote for you? (surprised gasp) Lara: These are very serious accusations.
Why didn't you tell me? I tried.
I just didn't want to disappoint you again.
(sighing heavily) sweetheart.
There's something wrong with me, mom.
Everyone knows it.
And no amount of therapy is gonna change that.
Therapy is supposed to help you.
You don't have to prove anything to anyone else.
I'll just never be the normal daughter that you want.
Oh, fifi.
We love you just the way you are! What? A high-maintenance drama queen? A sensitive, passionate, Sometimes misunderstood young woman With a lot of pressures in her life.
You must have been worried.
Fortunately, You didn't cover your tracks very well.
(small chuckle) Well, I guess on some level I wanted you to come for me.
Next time let's have this conversation Before we get on a plane.
Now What are we gonna do about bobby? What? No, mom, I don't wanna.
I mean, bobby's- A beckonridge? I don't care.
Nobody hurts my daughter.
When we get back to new york we're gonna talk to a lawyer.
A lawyer? Why?! To press charges.
We We can't let that bastard get away with it, can we? (emotional exhale) Mom, please don't make me go back there.
it the last day on earth in my dreams in my dream