Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e08 Episode Script

Dirt Off Your Shoulder: Part 1

You're really milking that limp.
My foot is still broken, and I'd call it more of a strut.
Don't look now, but your ex is on the prowl.
I'd say "run", but I'll be fine.
Clare Edwards.
I was hoping to run into you.
I got a job on the school paper.
But that's not what I wanted to tell you.
Whoa, sounds serious.
I have to write an article on the school play.
And you need to interview the playwright.
If you say no, I'll understand.
I'll give you a killer article.
Thanks, Eli.
Well played.
Thanks to your magic pills? They're my anti-anxiety meds.
Yeah, so what exactly is wrong with you again? The doctors haven't figured that out yet.
But until they do, I have these.
I can handle anything.
Even a head to head with the ex? Clare rejected me, so I'm gonna get over her.
How? The play's the thing! All I have to do is deliver a hit.
Whatever it takes I know I can make it through and if I hold out I know I can make it through Be the best the best that I can be whatever it takes I know I can make it I can make it ♪ I can make it through ♪ ♪ I can make it through ♪ I can make it through I can make it whatever it takes I know I can make it through You know ma, my birthday's coming soon.
And I was thinking you, me, and pa We could celebrate! We'll see.
In a few months, I leave for university.
Are you gonna freeze me out until I go? Freeze you out? Where do you get these ideas? There must be something I can do.
Andopolous' daughter would like to talk to you about sports scholarships.
But I told her that you're probably too busy.
No, no, I'd love to talk to her.
I'll set something up for tonight.
Tonight? She's a good looking girl, that Athena.
Unless you have plans.
I'll cancel them.
You're a good boy, Riley.
Anything for you, Ma.
Dawes: Conflict! All great stories are born of conflict.
The higher the stakes, the greater the drama.
Now I want you to divide into groups, discuss, what were their goals? Frau director, I've got ideas for casting, picture this: Heather Poulette as the troll queen.
Cart before horse, Goldsworthy.
You pitched a concept.
Costumes, casting, craft services, we can't move forward 'til we have the script.
Which will be exactly the same as the concept I pitched.
About the concept.
I have a few concerns.
Whoa, we are not tweaking the concept, it's perfect! Honestly, a post apocalyptic play about the last man on earth searching for a reason to go on? It's a rumination on the human condition! A parable for loneliness in the modern era! It's depressing.
That's one opinion.
Let's see what Dawes thinks.
Take him? I'm late for school.
I reek like fermented spit up! Just let me take a shower.
Need help? I'm pretty good with a scrub brush, you know.
Very funny.
Five minutes.
It's great you're off tonight.
Your mom's working her usual Tuesday double shift, so at last we'll have some alone time! We can finally get through all that laundry.
I can't tonight, work.
I thought you had Tuesdays off.
Yeah, but the other dishwasher's sick.
We need the money, right? I'm alone all day, why not all night, too? Then our hero, hoping that he's not the only voice left in the universe, waits.
He bites the last remaining apple, watching as it slowly, slowly, browns.
Lights fade out The end.
- It's bleak.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's dreary.
- Oh, yeah.
It's not Your strongest work.
It's a rumination on the human condition! True, but um, it lacks the nuance that I've come to expect from you.
What does Clare think of this concept? I wouldn't know.
We broke up.
Oh, that-that's too bad.
Eli I'm over it.
Maybe you could find someone else to brainstorm a new concept with? - A new concept?! - Yeah.
I'm halfway through the script! You know what they say, writing is rewriting.
Godspeed, Eli.
Hey, did you get my text? Simpson's health initiative? Pretty sweet he came to us to get the whole school exercising! Yeah, the only student to ever get a sports scholarship, and the handsomest kicker on the football team.
Who else would he go to? Good point, but How exactly do we get everybody doing 10,000 steps a day? Beats me! How about uh we brainstorm tonight at my place? UhYeah, I can't tonight.
But we had plans to hang out.
My mom asked me for a favour.
She's talking to you again? In full sentences for the first time since I tried coming out to her.
Well, I guess I can't be that mad at you then, for ditching me.
I'll make it up to you! Yeah.
And now, a special dedication to my co-host Dave Turner, who's at home with the sniffles.
Get well, big guy.
Sorry dude, I'd love to help, but radio's a cruel mistress.
Who else am I supposed to brainstorm ideas for the play with? Clare.
The interview! Oh, I'm so not ready! Uh, didn't you already take one of those today? I can take up to three a day.
And right now, I need one.
Don't worry, you thrive under pressure.
Just make it up.
Ready for our interview? Of course! Let's get started.
Should we go somewhere? Uh, why don't we do it right here? Adam: I'm on air in two minutes.
Make it quick.
So What's the play about? It's um, suspenseful.
Uh, tear jerking.
Uh, dazzling.
I'm sure it is, but I really need to report what the play is about.
Like plot, storyline? And I'd love to share that with you, but I-I really have to get back to writing.
Um, Fiona's really impatient for a first draft, so we'll-we'll talk later.
whoa I'm still gonna find you I'm still thinking about what went wrong Two waters.
Thank you.
Hey, lighten up there, partner! Jenna wanted me to get a job, but now that I have one, she complains I'm working all the time.
It's like I can't do anything right.
Well, I can't fix that problem, but I can take your mind off it.
How? By playing a little game.
Look at that couple over there.
It's a first date.
They met online, he does not look anything like his profile pic, but she's farsighted, so it might work out.
Your turn.
Juan: KC! It's piling up back there! KC: Yeah, I'm on it.
Thank you.
So I'm thinking of t.
Some day.
They have a really great swim program.
Have you considered schools South of the border? I hear they're competitive.
Hey, I got in.
Cute, and modest.
I should've agreed to this set up ages ago.
I should've known.
What? This is a date, isn't it? Oh your mom didn't tell you? I hope you don't mind.
To be honest, things with me are a little Complicated right now.
You're in a relationship.
You might want to pass on that info to your mom.
So, what's so complicated with the girlfriend? Can you keep a secret from our families? My lips are sealed.
My girlfriend is a boyfriend.
You're gay? And you haven't come out? I tried to, to my mom.
But ever since then, we've barely spoken.
Traditional parents? They just don't get it.
I don't wanna spend the last few months before college fighting with them.
My folks wouldn't even let me look at a boy 'til I turned sixteen.
So what'd you do? I'd introduce boyfriends as study buddies.
They'd come over, do homework, hang out in my room.
And your folks never caught on? They see what they wanna see.
I'm their obedient daughter.
And I'm their straight sports star.
Best of both worlds, right? Where you going, dish pig? Home.
Stay a bit.
Can't, I've got lots to take care of.
Little secret.
Once we close, this place? Ours! Plug it in, crank it up! What are you doing? You're always in such a rush to get home, you miss the after hour clean up party.
Come on, get over here, and dance! Okay, maybe for just a little bit.
Get loose everybody on the floor get loose leave your trouble at the door get loose There was a house halfway 'round the world and I was invited in for a small taste of gin there was a hall with a thousand birds long but the biggest one of them all was in a cage too small I asked the caretaker 'cause he was the maker he looked at me and laughed took another sip from his glass and said open up your ears and hearts you put a big bird in a small cage and he'll sing you a song that we all love to sing along to the sound of the bird that mourns bah bah-bah-bah Rise from the dead, kiddo.
What time is it? Bullfrog: Time to get at 'er, head to school.
You look green.
Is everything all right? Everything's scrambled.
I-I-I've been trying to write, and I can't.
I'm in a creative slump! Maybe you should limit your stresses right now.
You want me to quit the play? Would it be the end of the world? I'm a writer, dad! It's the only thing that matters to me right now.
Look, Eli.
When I got the call that you crashed Morty, it hit me.
I might lose you.
And I would do anything to never get that call again.
There'll be time for writing when you're better.
Stavros: Mrs.
Andopolous talked my ear off all night! You made a big impression on her daughter! Athena's a really nice girl, and smart.
And easy on the eyes! Yep, she's quite a looker.
I talked your father.
It turns out he could make it to a birthday dinner.
Uh, maybe you could invite a friend, we'll make it a party.
I love you, ma! Thanks! Don't let the boys at school hear you say that.
My letter of resignation.
Funny! Does it look like I'm joking? I'm sorry, is this 'cause I passed on your rotting apple idea? Look, I just broke up with my ex.
It's the best I've got.
I will never understand the power Clare Edwards has over men.
Look, I thought you wanted this.
I do, I just Can't do it.
Not right now.
I'm sorry.
Then I guess I'll just have to find someone else to write it.
You mentioned Clare.
She writes, yes? Uh, well um Let's not do anything drastic! I mean It's just words.
Right, so how hard could it be? I knew you'd come around.
So remember, no deadline extensions, tick tock! Someone came home late last night.
Yeah, I-I didn't want to wake you, and Tyson was totally out.
Poor guy, work must've been busy.
Yeah, it was It was crazy.
Lots of dishes, then? KC: Sort of.
There were "sort of" a lot of dishes? Doesn't sound that crazy.
There was music, dancing.
Dancing? With who? KC: Nobody! You-you kinda had to be there.
Sounds like you'd rather be at work with "nobody," than at home with me.
Why, because I have five minutes of fun after a long day, or is that not allowed? I-I gotta go.
Oh, that's right.
Civics class may break out into a dance party.
Our health is our passion, Degrassi! Sign up for a healthy living activity today! And then it hit me, what about an intramural dodge ball tournament? Totally fun, anyone can do it, people would get 10,000 steps, easy! Simpson will love it.
So, how was last night? Last night? You know, with your mom? The reason you bailed on our movie plans? Oh, right.
She had some stuff I had to lift.
And then we talked, yeah, it was good.
Yeah? You talked? Well, not about that, just birthday stuff.
So do you think you'll have that talk again? Maybe with your dad? Maybe After my birthday.
Right, baby steps.
I need to do some thinking.
Save my spot? I might be a while.
Yeah, okay.
Got a spot? Aren't you supposed to be on the radio? Nah, I'm too stuffed up.
What's with the homework? Lunch time's for lunch.
I've gotta manage my days better.
School work at school, work at work, and Jenna at home.
Whew! Full schedule.
You're making time for yourself though, right? You know, time for fun? You remember fun, right? Work is fun.
Is that weird? You wash dishes, right? Yeah.
Yeah, that's weird.
I had so much fun at work last night.
Me too.
Aren't you glad you decided to stay? Get loose Dave: Oh Work, huh? Okay.
Leave your trouble at the door get loose like you've never done before get loose feel the music in your soul and get loose Come on.
Just keep it together.
Uh Ms.
oh's coming! Hide the evidence! - How? - Uh I got it! What happened? What do you think happened? I tripped over a loose cord, this place is a death trap! Are you all right? I'll be okay.
My nose just hurts a little.
Let's get you to the nurse's office.
You know you have to tell me if you wanna play hide and seek, right? You'd know all about hiding.
Whoa, did I do something? Be honest, Riley.
Are you cheating on me? What is your problem? You stole my phone? Yeah, check your texts.
It sounds like your mystery date is down for round two.
Unless this is from your mom.
Hey, hold up! How's your nose? It's fine, but I might need a smelling nose dog for a while.
They have those, right? I really don't think so.
Could You smell for me? Quick question.
Who are you? Imogen Moreno, pleased to meet you.
Likewise, but Who are you? Oh, nobody really.
I've been going to Degrassi for a couple of years now.
You're Eli Goldsworthy.
Dated Clare Edwards last semester, crashed your hearse into a wall for her.
And you're an amazing writer.
Yeah, that last part, the writer part? Might not be so true anymore.
Hence the computer vandalism.
Hold this for a second? O-kay So what meds are you taking? I saw your vial.
Uh nothing, just anti-anxiety stuff.
Ah, that's what could be dulling you out.
They can make it hard to concentrate sometimes.
Really? They can do that? Absolutely.
Hey, who's your friend? Whoa! Uh, what happened to your nose? No need to worry, Adam Torres.
Eli Goldsworthy just punched me in the face! Don't provoke him, he's an animal! I did not hit her.
That girl is psycho.