Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e11 Episode Script

Paper Planes: Part 2

Good morning, Haslett University girl.
Well, I didn't get in yet.
It's just an interview.
How did the essay go last night? Great.
I got a lot done.
I didn't know The Dot was open so late.
Uh, yeah, there was a bunch of us there working.
Really? Yeah, really.
Well, don't dilly dally.
You're gonna make me late for work.
Anya, I'm leaving.
You better be following me out the door! Yeah, I'll be right there.
Owen, wait up! I can't, the team's waitin'.
Okay, last night was bad.
I didn't like us fighting like that, but you said some mean things and I didn't know what else to do.
So you got all coked up and grinded with another dude in front of my face? Sorry.
I wasn't myself last night.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You're not the sweet, cute girl I thought you were.
Are we breaking up? Okay, maybe we can talk when you get back.
Good luck on your tournament.
The tipping point? Any good? I like it, yeah.
Were you out again last night? Um, no.
I was prepping for my interview.
Those things can be killer.
My Yale interview was by far the hardest 45 minutes of my life.
I perspired.
You mean, you don't just show up and go, "here I am! Checked out your website, love your school!" Not at all.
Since you've read every university prep book in existence, would you mind coaching me? Of course.
Thank you.
A male was seen in the girls' change room yesterday.
Police are investigating the incident--- It's probably the perv who's been stealing girls' underwear.
Gross! I hope they catch the creep.
Imagine it's some flasher?! Even worse? It could be a student.
It could be anyone in the school.
Look, I don't want to talk to you.
You think it was me? Okay, who else is sneaking around stealing--- Stealing girls' underwear? I have an alibi.
I was in the computer lab after school, working on the app, okay? Ask Mr.
Simpson, check my logins.
Okay, if you're lying--- Hannah's waiting.
Let's go present.
How many of you have spent hours agonizing over what to wear? We have a solution to your problem.
Our touch app is called "Dress Match".
Users snap pictures of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories using their camera phone.
In the data entry field, you type in how you're feeling or where you're going.
The algorithm computes and you have an outfit! That's an advanced algorithm, guys.
All thanks to Connor.
Then he deserves a round of applause.
Welcome to your interview, Anya! Thank you! Can I get you a coffee or a tea? Don't ask if they want anything.
I'm being polite! You'll be in their office, not a cafe! Sit.
Okay 'kay Where do you see yourself in ten years? Jeez, I don't know.
Um, I wanted to be a vet, but those programs are impossible to get into with my GPA.
I gave up that dream, so--- Happy? Maybe you need a card to play.
Schools look for all kinds of diversity.
Talk about my dyslexia? That's really good! And how I helped my mom through cancer.
That's amazing, Anya! So do you see yourself as more of a leader or a follower? Follower.
But I'm trying to lead more in my own life, do my own thing, you know? It's important to have a path.
What do you want to get out of your degree? I would like to help people and make the world a better place.
You gotta think university, not Miss Universe pageant.
Be specific.
I love being hands-on, and I like working with people.
Okay, well, you're applying for a minor in English.
What's your favourite book? A book.
Any book.
Do magazines count? Okay, we are going to the National App Championships! I must be dreaming.
You're not, it's real! I'm going to go work out bugs in the code.
I'll see you guys later.
Okay, see ya later, you ultimate programmer! Hey, can I see that for a second? Um--- My nanima knit that for me.
Cute! But how did it get in here? I left it in the locker room during the beach volleyball thing.
The guy in the locker room.
Feeling ready? I think so.
You'll do great.
Can you come to the interview with me and keep me company? Like that won't be weird? No, it won't be weird at all! Honey! They need to see how bright and independent you are.
You can do this, you silly goose.
Yeah, I don't think I can.
I can't hear you.
What is wrong with me, mom? I used to be so confident.
Nothing is wrong with you.
You called this school and got the interview all on your own! You can do anything, as long as you want it badly enough.
Oeuf-a-la-coq for breakfast? Sounds delicious! Don't get excited.
It's just a soft-boiled egg.
Hey, since we're bed-bug free, how about we celebrate tonight? Just you and me, some cheap champagne? Champagne.
I know you're underage, but just a little something to wet our lips.
You've never tried it.
I'm sorry, I assumed with European Chateaux and all.
Oh, I've tried it.
It's just--- I like you so much.
I fell for you like the first time I saw you.
I just don't want to mess it up.
I'm falling for you, too--- So hard it's crazy.
But if you wanna take things slow--- Charlie, I'm done with slow.
Hi, uh--- Uh, my name's Anya MacPherson.
I know.
Copy of your transcript? Oh, uh, I emailed it over with my application.
We expect you to bring one with you.
Now, officially, we're all filled up, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
I'll get your transcript.
Don't touch anything.
And then I was in this larping phase - live action role-playing.
I led my faction to victory.
It actually requires a lot of leadership and imagination.
Are you okay? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I talk really fast when I'm nervous.
Actually, it's a bad habit.
It's my worst quality.
If you were to ask me what my worst quality is--- I would say talks fast when nervous.
I'll cross that off my list.
You applied for liberal arts.
Where do you see this taking you? Um--- a PhD? I mean, my PhD.
with a period, not a question mark.
I see myself as a Professor; that's my path.
What challenges have you overcome? Um--- I struggle with dyslexia.
And yeah, that's tough.
I mean, people judge me, but I fight that.
I want to be an example for students, a trailblazer.
Your transcript is average, at best, especially this last term.
Well, I spent every minute with my mom when she was battling cancer, and I got to learn a lot about the medical community, and the experience made me stronger.
Outside of academia, any interests? I like books.
Uh---The tipping point? Excellent read.
I'd highly recommend it.
Sounds like you juggle a lot.
That's me.
Your basic high school over-achiever.
I can't talk for long, I have to work on my app.
Close the door.
Students have brought to my attention that you were in the girls' change room.
I wasn't.
It was someone else.
We have proof, Connor.
Alli recognized her clothes in the app.
Okay, fine.
It was me.
But I didn't mean to do anything wrong.
Connor, you pushed Alli over.
I didn't! I went in the change room to take pictures of clothes for the app.
She got in my way, that's it.
Students and faculty have been reporting missing underwear.
I stopped, I promise! So it was you? Do you have any idea what a crisis you've caused for this school?! I'm worried about you, Connor.
And I've been so busy that I haven't been around lately, so this is partly my fault.
Can I go work on my app now? No, no, no.
We're not done talking.
Can I go work on my app now!? Can I go work on my app?! Can I go work on my app?! Let me go work on my app! Calm down, calm down.
Calm down.
Just take a seat, okay? I'm sorry I yelled.
Dawes: The Meisner technique.
Known for it's intense repetition exercises, and the goal of the exercise is truth.
Someone's glowing.
Charlie and I took the next step.
You finally got to know each other? Quite intimately.
Details, please.
As if.
I like her so much.
So why the angst? She wants to celebrate being bed-bug free tonight with sparkling wine.
Minor problem for an alcoholic.
It's the one thing I didn't tell her.
I'm going against everything my rehab sponsor advises.
So tell her.
If she likes you enough, she'll deal.
Not everyone's a desperate romantic like you, Mr.
I-write-plays- for-my-exes.
What if I scare her off? You want me to write a play for her? I didn't think it would hurt anyone.
I mean, I like looking at girls' underwear.
I know it's wrong.
Well, no.
You're expressing very normal teen hormones.
So then? But in an unacceptable manner.
Then what should I do? Well, there's lots of ways that teen boys deal with their hormones.
But it's harder for me because I have Aspergers? That's why we think it'd be best if you entered an academic behavioral program during your suspension from Degrassi.
I'm being suspended? Yeah, buddy.
Regular school means regular consequences.
When you return, you'll be better equipped to deal with your feelings.
If you can find two numbers that you add together to get B, and multiply together to get C, then it's factorable.
Get it? Haslett U should've gotten back to me by now.
They said they'd let me know by end of day.
Well, it's not the end of day yet.
Well, what if I wrote the wrong number down or they called the home line and the message got erased? Anya, relax.
You said it went well.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
Okay, well, if they haven't called me back tonight, I will stop by his office in the morning.
Are you sure that's a good idea? Yeah, it shows initiative.
I need this.
It's my last hope of having a bright future, like yourself.
Anya, you're gonna have a bright future as long as you stay on track.
Like now.
Is this factorable or not? Sure.
How are we gonna win the app challenge? Who am I gonna talk Comic-Con with? You have Hannah.
It's not the same.
Oh, come on, Wes, don't be sad.
You know I didn't mean to do anything wrong.
I know.
You were curious, and yeah, girls are confusing - for me, too.
And that's why I'm looking forward to the program I'm going to.
It'll help me deal better with these situations.
The source code - everything you'll need to win the app championship.
I can't take it.
It's your work.
I did it for us.
Now, I'm off to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Star trek.
Will I ever see you again? I'll be back.
You made dinner?! I told you, we're celebrating! I know it's not the expensive kind that you're probably used to, but it'll do.
I don't want this to change.
Why would it? Because--- I'm an alcoholic.
Recovering alcoholic.
I haven't had a drink in weeks - months! Okay, this is heavy.
You're seventeen.
When did you---? So you can't be around alcohol ever? No, I can! I'm doing great! I mean, I can have a sip right now and it wouldn't even affect me.
Oh my God.
I have to go call my mom.
Coutanche? I'm Anya.
Do you remember me? I brought you a coffee.
Do we have an appointment? No.
But I thought I would check in because I hadn't heard back yet, and you said end of day and--- it's tomorrow, so--- Anya MacPherson.
Well, since you're here, I'll give you the news - and it's not good.
What?! No, I thought the interview went well.
In person, you're completely different than the person depicted in your admissions essay.
You were erratic, you were all over the place.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were on drugs.
I wasn't.
Please, I really need this.
I'm sorry.
Do you really want to be the person who ruins my entire life? Anya, I didn't blow the interview, you did.
Thank you for your time.
Anya? Uh, yeah.
Are you crying? You can't be so hard on yourself.
Open up.
Just a sec.
Oh, I thought you would've outgrown this old thing by now.
Does it still have the sand in it? Uh, why wouldn't it? Hey, you know what? Your dad and I were talking and we're thinking that maybe not getting into Haslett U wasn't the worst thing.
I mean.
We put so much pressure on you to go into an academic program.
Maybe that wasn't the right choice for you.
There are so many other options.
Do we really have to talk about it? I thought you might want to.
Well, I don't.
And I'm going out tonight.
On a school night? I thought we'd sit down and figure out what you want to do with your life.
I don't care.
Anya, you're not leaving this house.
Watch me! Thank-you.
How ya feeling? Talking it out with my therapist helped.
What did she say? That I'm not ready to be around alcohol.
Like, at all.
That means I can't either.
Charlie, I can't ask you to change.
You're in college; it's part of your social life.
Yet you waited until I moved in to tell me--- Until I let myself get close to you.
The fact that I didn't tell you sooner shows that I'm not ready to be in a relationship.
I can feel it myself, I'm not.
I guess I'll be moving out? I'm really sorry.
Won't be the first time I show up at my mother's doorstep.
She always loves that.
I really wanted us to work.
Will you be okay? I'm a big girl, Fiona.
Tuxedo pants and I always land on our feet.
See ya later, Fiona.