Delete (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


Are you hungry, ma'am?
I got you some fruit too.
Thank you very much, Nicha.
You've already been generous enough
to let me sleep here.
There was no need to bring me food.
Is everything okay, Orn?
You've been here a few days now.
A fight with my boyfriend.
It must have been quite serious
for you to stay here with your mother.
I'm always here for you, Orn.
Any time. I hope you know that.
- Thank you, Nicha.
- Any time, I mean it.
You're a good daughter.
Not many people take care of their parents
with Alzheimer's like you do.
You take care of yourself, okay?
Try and eat something, Mom.
I realized
I never really wanted much in life.
I thought that all I wanted
was you, me, and Aim, together.
That was enough to make me happy.
But now, you can't remember me,
and Aim's going to leave me.
I don't have anyone left, Mom.
Why are you crying?
There now,
why don't you have something to eat?
What took you so long?
Sorry. I thought you were at the farm.
- I'm on my way now.
- Hmm.
I'm heading off to work..
What's wrong with the toilet?
It's all clogged up.
What is it? Is something wrong?
Something was clogging it.
I flushed it down.
Mr. Too asked me to be
your new driver, Miss Lilly.
You remember what I said?
We have to act like nothing happened.
Nobody knows about this phone.
Aim? What's the matter?
We're being followed.
I think he knows about us.
I don't care anymore.
I just want to get it over with.
I'm worried, Lilly, that he might hurt you
if you go back home.
Don't worry.
I still have the phone on me.
I've been waiting for you.
We need to talk.
About what?
Thank you.
Hey, Lilly!
Yeah! Whoo!
Whoo, whoo!
Talk to me about your kids.
I want to know
You and Lilly
should think about it. You guys
stay in the countryside,
or else visit the islands
- I can't remember
- We should rent a cabin!
Barely. Nothing is ever gonna
Yeah, right
they get any bigger, they
I'm going to the bathroom.
Happy birthday, Lilly.
June, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
for what I said to you the other day.
Can you please forgive me?
I'd like for us to be friends again.
Can I ask you something?
If you're seeing someone else,
why are you here?
Why don't you go live with him?
I don't understand.
What are you talking about?
Can you stop lying?
We all know about your affair.
This is what I don't get.
Why is he throwing you a party,
when he knows about your affair?
Too should have kicked you out long ago.
I saw a Land Rover parked
at the checkpoint. Was that your car?
- Okay, we're off.
- Okay.
- Bye-bye.
- See ya.
- Good night.
- Later.
- Bye, Lilly.
- Thanks for coming.
Come with me.
I really hope you like him.
I got him as a gift for you.
I know you're having an affair, Lilly.
It's true, then?
So what are you gonna do now?
Everything we've been through!
And you still ask me a question like that?
I understand, Lilly.
Since we lost the baby,
it hasn't been easy.
I know how you feel.
I know my face reminds you of our baby.
I get it. I feel the same.
But don't you remember
the happy times we had?
I want things like they were before.
Don't do something that you'll regret.
I want you back.
Please, Lilly.
I'm pregnant with Aim's child.
You have reached
the voicemail of
The judicial system
has not been able to shed light
on lawyer Somchai's disappearance.
However, in the last few years,
the case has made Thai police
focus more efforts
on solving missing persons cases.
Next on the news,
at about 5:00 a.m. this morning,
the Saraburi Police
were notified by local residents
about a black Mercedes
abandoned next to the train tracks.
The doors to the car were found wide open,
and no occupants
and no one in the nearby vicinity.
Upon further inspection,
the police can now confirm
that the car belongs
to Madam Lalita Wongroongroj,
otherwise known locally as Lilly,
the wife of well-known socialite Too,
Mr Thiti Wongroongroj,
owner of the famous Roongroj Farm.
Police have been in contact
with Lalita's family,
however, no one can confirm
her current whereabouts.
And more importantly, no one has yet
been able to make contact with her.
Thiti Wongroongroj, Lilly's husband,
has filed an official missing persons
report with the Saraburi Police.
Authorities are asking that anyone
who has information
concerning Lalita's whereabouts
immediately contact
the Saraburi Police Department.
we celebrated Lilly's birthday.
After the party, Lilly and I said goodbye
to our guests,
and then went to bed as usual.
But when I woke up this morning,
I saw that she was gone.
The security guard at the farm told me
he last saw Lilly driving away
shortly after midnight.
Do you have any idea
where she could have been going?
She didn't tell me anything.
However, I can say that
it is highly unusual
for Lilly to leave the farm alone
at night, without me.
When the police unit arrived
on-site and inspected the automobile,
they discovered the door
on the driver's side of the car wide open.
Upon further examination,
the car was found to be undamaged,
and with no obvious signs of forced entry.
A sum of money was found inside,
as well as other valuables,
which were all accounted for.
We discovered one other item.
On the ground next to the car,
we found Mrs. Wongroongroj's cell phone.
Unfortunately, it was too damaged
for us to retrieve any useful data.
Mr. Too, do you know if Lilly
had problems with anyone recently?
Sorry, Mr. Too?
Do you know if Lilly
had problems with anyone recently?
Not that I'm aware of.
What are you doing here?
I didn't think
this was your kind of story.
Well, just like everyone else,
I heard the news on TV.
As you know,
I had already worked with Lilly,
and was concerned, so I dropped by.
I was wondering when
you were gonna come see me at the farm,
for your research.
I haven't decided yet.
Well, in that case,
let's say sometime this week maybe?
You sure it's a good time?
You mean with my wife's disappearance?
Well, I was thinking that
focusing my attention on other matters
might help me find peace of mind.
But if it's too inconvenient for you,
I understand.
Some other time, then.
I don't expect you to
disappear any time soon.
I'll see you soon, then.
How about tomorrow?
Is this Mr. Thee,
the owner of the farm?
That's correct.
This way, please.
You may have a seat.
Mr. Too is busy.
He'll be with you shortly.
I couldn't find the bathroom,
so I came upstairs to look for one.
The farm was my father's dream.
Everything you see, he built himself.
When he was young,
this was just a small farm.
He would do anything
to protect this farm.
And what about Lilly?
What do I write about her disappearance?
Where are we going?
This way.
I bought this pony
as a birthday gift for Lilly.
But she hasn't had a chance
to ride him yet,
because of what just happened to her.
We used to go riding a lot together.
And now we barely see each other.
Do you know why?
No, I don't.
She's having an affair.
And now she's disappeared.
I'm really worried about her.
Because I learned
that she's pregnant.
You didn't know?
You should see the look on your face.
Why don't I take your picture?
Where's Lilly?
What the fuck did you do to her?
Did you delete her?
Where's the damn phone?
Delete her?
- What the fuck are you saying?
- What?
Where did you take her?
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