Designated Survivor (2016) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [Applause] Richmond: There are times when we make history, and there are times when history makes us.
This is a crucial moment for our nation, and America's colors burn brightest when we meet challenges head on.
For far too long, the wealthiest 1% have seen their fortunes only grow while the rest of the nation lies in worry.
- That needs to change.
- [Applause] The question is, how do we pay for it? But the question is, how do we pay for it? Alex: It's not even in the vicinity of what we agreed on.
No! This is not a quid pro quo.
This is "You do what I say when I say it or you suffer the consequences.
" Uh, it's beyond bedti Penny, y-you need to go to sleep right now.
Let me talk to her.
No, you can't talk to Dad.
Let me talk to her.
Come on.
And not just here at home Hello? Penny: Hi, Daddy.
Who is this? It's Penny.
Penny who? Penny Kirkman, your daughter.
No, that's not possible.
My daughter's asleep, and I know that because I kissed her good night almost two hours ago.
When are you and Mommy coming home? It doesn't matter.
You're gonna be asleep by then, right? Right? She can't keep pulling this.
I've got an idea.
What if you go to bed right now and I let you stay up an extra hour tomorrow night so we can hang out? - Sound like a deal? - Deal.
That's my girl.
Give me a kiss.
[Smooches] Good night, Daddy.
Good night, little pea.
- [Beeps] - See? All good.
Not all good.
What do you mean, not all good? Tom, you can't do that.
You can't make promises that you won't be able to keep.
We're in Washington.
They're the only promises we're allowed to make.
[Chuckles] You know, you need to learn how to set some limits with her.
Because if not, she is gonna walk all over you.
I know.
You're right.
values that we hold dear, that represent who we are Here come the greatest hits.
to ensure you that the same American dream shared by our fathers, our mothers, and their fathers and [Static buzzing] That's weird.
- What is it? - It won't come back on.
- [Cellphone rings] - See if you can get it to work.
- Okay.
- [Beeps] Yeah.
- [Cellphone buzzing] - No, I know.
Ours just went black, too.
Tom! - Oh, my God! - I'll get back to you.
Secretary, you need to put the phone down.
- Mike, what the hell is going on? - I said put the phone down.
- Okay, okay.
- Ma'am, your phone.
We've lost contact with the Capitol.
We're sheltering in place until we know more.
I need your government-issued BlackBerry.
What? Man: Do you have any other devices on you? - Uh - Please, check your bag, ma'am.
But I But I I need Reporter: We are getting reports of some kind of explosion in or around the Capitol building.
Reporter #2: We are still Mr.
Secretary, get away from the window, now! Alex: Oh, my God.
Tom: I thought you said you were gonna get some sleep.
[Keyboard clacking] I'm okay.
National Sleep Foundation recommends seven hours to function as a normal human being.
A working mother only needs four.
Uh, correction Only gets four.
[Sighs] Hey.
[Clacking continues] No.
- I'm not doing anything.
- Tom, I have No.
Stop it.
I have work to do.
So do I, and it's a two-person job.
Come on.
You've always said you're always on my side.
That's all I want.
[Knock on door] - Mom! - No, no, no, no.
Go away! Penny: Dad! Get out here! I'm hungry! I want some breakfast! Leave us alone! You are not loved! [Laughs] [Knock on door] Please! - [Chuckles] No.
- Are you kidding? Okay.
You're gonna get what you deserve.
- I'm making breakfast.
- No.
No, no, no.
- Pancakes for everyone! - Please, no! Let me go, woman! Oh, God.
Okay, little pea.
How do you like your eggs? Scrambled or scrambled? Um, scrambled, please.
Scrambled eggs coming up for the beautiful girl sitting at the counter.
And there we go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Perfect timing.
What do you want? Uh He's making breakfast? Unfortunately.
Hey, I'm slaving over here.
I'll just get some toast.
Toast, toast.
That's made with bread, right? Come on.
You used to always laugh at my jokes.
I used to be nine.
Ah, the good ol' days.
Hey, I need you to watch your sister tonight, okay? Uh, no.
I can't do it.
I'm busy.
I know Watching your sister.
Come on.
It's a big night for me.
I've got the State of the Union.
Well, it is for me, too.
I told Caleb I'd help him out with something.
- With what? - It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter because I won't like it or doesn't matter 'cause I won't understand? Both.
Okay, now I really want to know.
He's laying down a new dubstep track, and I need to write a program for him.
- I understood "him.
" - [Chuckles] On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I embarrass you? - 11.
- Excellent.
Hey, you finish your English paper yet? - Uh, in theory.
- Finish it.
You can take them, right? I have to be at court by 9:00.
Yeah, I got them.
Bye, peanut.
- [Smooches] - Bye, Mommy.
Make us proud.
Reporter: immigration reform, but the sad truth of the matter is that Richmond can promise all he wants tonight This Congress isn't gonna lift a finger to help him.
Well, this can't be good if it won't even wait till I get to the office.
How about the end of days? I just spoke to Gillings at Cabinet Affairs.
He slipped me a final copy of Richmond's address and none, not a single one of our talking points are included.
You're kidding me.
Not even housing reform? All of it, everything you and I have worked our asses off on for months, gone.
Okay, okay.
Just get me a meeting with Langdon as soon as possible.
Already done.
We're going there now.
It's time to war up.
Easy, Hannibal.
We should also talk about leaking your plan to Politico - if this doesn't work.
- No, that'll backfire.
Maybe, but it'll be out there.
Tonight is about what's in the State of the Union, not what's not.
We can't just let the White House take an eraser to our entire domestic agenda.
You're the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
It's the President's domestic agenda, Em.
It's your domestic agenda, Mr.
Okay, and I'll make my argument for it.
Look, don't get me wrong.
I'm as mad as hell.
But at the end of the day, I'm not the President of the United States.
We should remember that.
All right.
Then let's go see the Chief of Staff.
[Telephones ringing] - Thank you very much.
- Thank you, sir.
Seth: We need to tell the American people how we're doing, and we need to get specific.
Langdon: Could one of you please find me something heavy to hit Mr.
Wright with? Thank you.
I'm telling you.
We need to take a look at the AB-33 section, okay? The message is muddled.
I wrote it, and I don't even know what it says.
That is the mark of a successful political speech.
Well done.
Now, go forth.
- Mr.
Secretary, welcome.
- Charlie.
I'm sure you remember Aaron Shore, my Deputy Chief of Staff.
- Aaron, good to see you.
- Mr.
Langdon: I'm gonna hazard a guess and say you're not here to discuss which color tie the President is wearing tonight.
[Chuckles] That is his call if he'll put back in the Secretary's housing initiatives.
These are programs that can help millions of low-income families.
No one's debating its value here, Emily.
Charlie, there's not a single mention of any of my programs in the speech tonight? - Not a one? - I know.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Secretary, but that's how it's gonna be.
The speech is locked.
Does the President value the Secretary's opinion, Charlie? Because right now, it's hard to tell.
Give us a moment.
I'll meet you outside.
[Door closes] What's going on, Charlie? Well, Tom, we were gonna wait till after the State of the Union to tell you this, but the President's looking to make a change.
He would like to offer you an ambassadorship to the International Civil Aviation Organization.
[Chuckles] Are you serious? Was the Chairman of the International House of Pancakes unavailable? Tom [Scoffs] Wow.
This is really not how I saw today going.
Uh The Civil Aviation Committee - Organization.
- Organization.
Is that even a real thing, Charlie? Of course it's a thing.
It's in Montreal.
It's under the U.
Look, it affords you the rank of ambassador with all the trimmings that go along with it.
Come on, Charlie.
We've done some good work here.
And we've got lots left to do, I mean I have supported this president above and beyond for his entire term.
Well, now it's about the second term.
And I serve at the pleasure of the President.
So do you, Tom.
Alex: Don't they realize what a huge asset you are for them? Langdon actually tried to pass it off as a promotion.
Uh, you can't take this lying down.
- How else do you want me to take it? - Fight.
Look, he appointed you, but he can't fire you.
You need to hold your ground.
What do you want me to do? Go to war with the President of the United States? The White House never respected you.
That's the real problem.
No, Alex.
The real problem is I didn't play Richmond's game all the time.
Oh, Tom, come on! It's called politics.
- And maybe if you did - What? I wouldn't be out of a job? Maybe, but then I'd be just like one of those guys, and when I got into this, we had a deal.
I wasn't gonna be one of those guys.
- I don't want to be - Tom, it's taken three years.
[Sighs] And we finally settled into Washington.
I love my job.
Penny loves her school.
Even Leo's making friends.
We can't do this to our family.
I know.
You're right.
Come here.
Come here.
I love you.
We'll make this work.
[Smooches] I'll commute.
What? So, you've made up your mind? You're stepping down? I told them I'd give them my decision tomorrow.
[Scoffs] Alex.
[Cellphone rings] Great.
Yeah? What's a designated survivor? Mr.
Secretary, we need to leave now.
- Tom! - Did you see that? - Tom! - Did you see that? motorcade to smoke out any ambush.
White House is secure.
Let's go.
[Sirens wailing] Mike, please, just tell us what you know.
Capitol's been attacked.
There's still no word on the President or his detail.
[Sighs] This is Ritter.
Oh, God.
Don't tell me that.
What is it? It's confirmed.
Eagle is gone.
- Congress, the Cabinet.
- Oh, oh, my God.
None of them made it.
Yes, sir.
I'll let him know.
Secretary, we're enacting continuity of government.
A D.
appellate judge will meet us at the White House.
Sir, you are now the President of the United States.
Reporter: Incredibly alarming live shot.
The United States Capitol Building in flames.
An explosion should I say an unconfirmed explosion Going off just moments ago during President Richmond's State of the Union address.
Reporter #2: Of course, we're reaching out - to all of our sources - [Ringing] Pick up.
Come on.
This is Scott.
I'm not available right now.
Please leave me a message after the beep.
[Cellphone beeps] Hey, it's me.
Call me when you get this.
I need to know you're okay.
[Beeps] [Cellphone rings] Hey, Scott? No, it's Doug.
I need you here right away.
Yes, sir.
I'm on my way.
[Sirens wailing] Ma'am We got to get our kids here.
We've already sent agents to bring them here.
[Muffled crying] Reporter:: We are still working to get all the information of exactly what happened Sir, please.
Sir, please.
Ma'am, please hold the Bible.
Just hold the Bible.
Thank you.
Sir, place your left hand on the Bible and repeat after me.
"I, Thomas Adam Kirkman, do solemnly swear" I, Thomas Adam Kirkman, do solemnly swear "that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States" that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States "and will, to the best of my ability" and will, to the best of my ability "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
" preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.
President, you're gonna have to come with me now.
Kirkman, the Secret Service will take you up to the residence now.
- Ma'am, please come with me.
- Mr.
- Right now.
- Please.
[Indistinct chatter] Aaron, where are we going? The Presidential Emergency Operations Center.
- [Beeping] - [Locks clanking] [Indistinct chatter, shouting] [Telephones ringing] Cochrane: every team we have worldwide.
I want every drone waiting on full staff - and deployable as soon as they get the order.
- Excuse me.
Can you do that? Well, get it done.
Excuse me.
[Chatter continues] Hey, hey! Hey! I need you all to be quiet right now.
Let's take a moment for our fallen friends, heroes one and all.
Thank you.
Maybe we should go around the table.
Where's the CIA director? We're still working to set up a secure comm.
The hell with secure comms.
We have to get him patched in now Cellphone, landline, Skype Whatever we got.
Who's got the networks? Okay, you tell them we'll be live in 60 minutes from the East Room, okay? Nobody talks to any press of any office or agency under threat of me ripping your insides out.
Do we know who's responsible for this? Still too early to determine.
We got to give them something, Karen.
The whole world is watching us right now.
We need to alert every one of our embassies to convey to each host nation that the U.
is on a war footing and now is not the time to test us.
Patch me into 24-hour watch at the Pentagon.
Inform the surviving joint chiefs we are going to DEFCON 2.
Man: You can't make that call.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is gone.
Woman: That doesn't give you any authority, Harris.
We're under attack.
What more authority do you want? Peter: Who do you think you are? I want the Air Force flying in 15 minutes.
Who are you to give me orders? Who are you to question them, Peter? I'm not gonna sit on my ass and hope for the best here.
[Speaks indistinctly] [Breathing shakily] [Retches] [Toilet flushes] Seth: Let it all out, man.
We're all feeling the same way tonight.
I thought I was alone.
Yeah, well, nothing is what it seems anymore.
You know, an hour ago, I was throwing back tequila, celebrating the three lines I got into a 10,000-word speech.
Swear to God, I don't know how the hell we're gonna get through this.
Same way we always do.
[Chuckles] Yeah, right.
Do you even know who's in charge right now? I'm asking, because I can't even remember his name.
Tom Kirkman.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's right.
The lowest rung on the ladder.
Did you know President Richmond fired him this morning? Now he's the President.
He's the one the country's gonna be turning to in our darkest hour.
Well, maybe he'll surprise you.
Yeah, you mean maybe he'll realize he has no business running the country? That he should just step aside, maybe let one of the generals take over or the CIA director, somebody who actually knows what the hell they're doing? [Water running] [Water stops] Fat chance of that happening.
Nobody around here ever gives up power.
Kirkland's a follower.
- [Toilet flushes] - We need a leader.
I'm telling you, man, I got half a mind to make a run to Canada.
You know what I'm saying? Oh.
Uh, Mr.
Do you really believe everything you just said? Uh, Mr.
President, let me explain.
What's your name? Seth Wright.
Seth Wright.
You're a speechwriter.
I saw you coming out of Charlie's office earlier this morning.
You were arguing about the President's address.
Uh, the AB-33 section.
[Chuckles] Housing reform.
You really think I should step down? I do.
You may be right.
But for now, I'm all you got, and you have exactly 52 minutes to write a speech convincing the American people that that's a good thing.
[Door opens, closes] [Sirens wailing] Alex: Penny! Mommy! [Smooches] [Sirens wailing] [Dog whines] [Indistinct chatter] [Dogs barking] [Helicopter blades whirring] Atwood: All right, listen up.
No one comes in or out without tin.
I want a secure perimeter, at least five blocks out.
I want TSA screening equipment installed now.
- Got it? - Yes, sir.
All right, back to work.
Hannah: You'll also want to send up thermo UAVs and air sniffers to look for anything biological or radiological in the area.
Hannah, you were supposed to report to HQ.
I was 10 blocks away.
[Sighs] Any survivors? No, not yet.
EMS is digging through the rubble.
Make sure that Haz-Mat knows Agent Wells, you're SIOC, okay, you're not a field agent.
I need you heading up a crisis team at the operations center.
Don't need me behind a computer.
You need me here.
- I worked both bomb sites - Hannah on the ground in Brussels and Paris.
I know what to look for.
Jason please, I need to be here.
[Shouting, sirens, helicopters in distance] Nolan.
Yes, Deputy Director? You're with Wells.
Anyone claiming responsibility? No, not yet.
All right, Eric, I want the license plates of every car parked in the next three blocks scanned.
If any of them are stolen or owned by anyone on a watch list, you tear that car apart.
Mark, bomb disposal techs, CSI, we catalog what we find and where we found it.
Let's move.
[Siren wailing] [Shouting in distance] [Dog barking] Reporter: Thomas Adam Kirkman was born December 29th, 1967, in Port Washington, New York.
Before being appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Kirkman worked in academia as an educator This is insane.
Guy's never been elected to anything.
He ran HUD.
They find affordable homes for people, which makes Kirkman a glorified real-estate agent.
He was next in the line of succession.
I'm sorry, but no one could have foreseen this.
Why the hell do you think there's a designated survivor, Nikki? Because this was foreseen.
Now shut up and let me work.
[Sirens wail in distance, helicopter blades whirring] Hey.
What are you doing out here? I just needed a minute.
How's Penny? Ah, God.
You know, I mean, just like everyone, I guess.
Is this even happening? What the hell am I doing here, Alex? I'm not the guy for this.
You want to quit? I know it's not the right thing to say, but I can't help but feel Like running for our lives.
Tom, maybe we should.
Look what happened tonight.
How many people We haven't even processed.
And our kids? Are we putting them in danger? I mean We're a target now.
Are they? - [Door opens] - I-I-I don't know - Mr.
- Yeah? You said Leo was at a friend's house tonight.
Yeah, Caleb West.
I just spoke to our agents at his residence and Leo wasn't there.
He never was.
What? Where is he? We don't know.
- [Phone ringing] - They're gonna find Leo.
Mike knows him.
Secret Service They're the best in the world at this.
[Door opens] I know.
This way, please.
Please give me a sec.
I got this.
After you.
This is Major Cameron.
Cameron: Mr.
President, this is the nuclear football.
It'll be with you whenever you leave the White House.
These are the launch codes, verification codes, a listing of every classified location capable of launching nuclear weapons.
In the event of an imminent strike, you can green-light it using this phone.
It works anywhere on Earth as well as beneath it.
Do you need my fingerprints or an eye scan or something? No, sir.
It's not like the movies.
It doesn't work that way.
[Exhales sharply] Of course.
President, the UN is in emergency session.
I have a three-page phone list with every one of our enemies calling to deny responsibility for the attack.
Cochrane: All US military bases are on full alert, and the USS Eisenhower is currently hard charging towards the Fifth Fleet stationed in the Persian Gulf.
I understand alerting our bases, but why are we "hard charging" a US aircraft carrier anywhere? Mr.
President, in the event of an attack An attack from who? Y-You just said all our enemies are denying responsibility.
Because all warfare is based on deception and there are still plenty we haven't heard from.
I just don't feel comfortable showing that kind of force yet.
With all due respect, sir, would you mind telling us when you do plan on being comfortable? You'll be the first to know, General.
Excuse me.
[Electronic music playing] Pleasure doing business with you.
Freedom take me tonight Staring up at the sky I'm heaven bound So, how many more bags you got? I just sold my last two.
Still got three left.
Save 'em.
We got to bounce anyway.
Screw that.
I came here to make money and have some fun.
- [Door slams open] - I'm up in the air Nothing's ever been so clear Yeah - Leo! - Get off me, man! Nothing's ever been so clear Mike? What are you doing here? [Sirens wailing] How'd you find me? Ritter: It wasn't easy.
We had to open up an ops center at NSA, run the phone records of all your friends and classmates through PRISM till we could piece together enough chatter keywords to trace your digital footprint to the club.
Really? No, Leo.
We pinged your phone.
You're not exactly a criminal mastermind.
I thought you were taking me home.
I am.
Reporter: Everyone is at a complete loss for words.
This is the most devastating attack on our country since 9/11.
And staffers at the White House are asking the same question as the rest of the country.
Who's behind this horrific act of terror? Look, can you please just check again? My name is Emily Rhodes.
I am Secretary Kirkman's Chief of Staff.
He was the designated survivor tonight.
Look, I already told you you're not on the cleared list.
I was just in there this morning.
Well, a lot's happened since then, in case you haven't noticed.
[Scoffs] Step back from the gate.
Reporter: Intelligence sources are being tight-lipped about what has happened at the Capitol today, but as of yet, no one has claimed responsibility and our nation remains on high alert.
Thank you for your prayers, Madam Prime Minister.
You, too.
Right, where were we? Uh, the presidential voice.
Which, apparently, I don't have.
You can defend my honor at any time.
I will when he says something I disagree with.
Okay, so, what do you think the presidential voice is? Uh, "All of us here know there is work to be done.
We have a responsibility to light the way for every American.
" Sounds good to me.
I imagine it would.
You said it two years ago in Atlanta at the Conference for the New Urbanism.
Sir, tonight, you're speaking to the world.
America doesn't need another friend right now.
You can't be relaxed or disarming.
That's gonna work anymore.
President, you need to be stronger than you've ever been before.
We all need that right now.
[Whispering indistinctly] What is it, Tom? I've got to go.
[Door opens] Just sit down.
[Door closes] It's okay.
We're all feeling it.
Thank you, ma'am.
Alex, please.
Uh, no, ma'am.
You're the First Lady.
No, no.
Please, sit down.
Sat imagery shows 10 Iranian Navy destroyers leaving Bandar Abbas port and taking up positions along the Strait of Hormuz.
The Strait of Hormuz is where 30% of the world's oil passes through.
I know what it is, Aaron.
President, this is a purposeful provocation by the Iranians to take advantage of the night's events and choke off the Western world's main supply of oil.
Just as we're on our knees, they're gonna step on our throat.
[Sighs] Aaron.
I finally got past the gate.
What's going on? I can't talk right now, Emily.
I need to get back to the PEOC.
- Is Tom gonna be in there? - Well, it is his meeting.
- Well, then I'm coming with you.
- [Chuckles] Sorry, Emily, but in there, it's code-word clearance only.
I've been with Secretary Kirkman's staff for three years.
It's President Kirkman now, and you're not authorized.
If you are choosing this moment for a pissing contest, Aaron That's my point, Emily.
This is no contest.
Now, if you'll excuse me President Kirkman needs people he knows by his side.
You and I have our differences.
I know.
And you don't want me in there.
But you also know better than anyone else why it is important that I am there for him right now.
How many more ways can I say this? In the morning, our economy is going to go over a cliff, and the Iranians are just seizing the moment.
What do you want me to do, General? Declare war? Why not? 40 minutes ago, they showed me the nuclear football.
I guess I've had it long enough to try it out.
We've just been attacked.
The world thinks it can test us right now, and a full, swift show of force is the only way to remind them that our flag is still flying strong tonight.
And all I'm saying is that I think there are different ways to show force.
What you need to understand is the Iranians respect only one course of action, and that is action.
This is not some consumer group waiting for a photo op with a figurehead.
[Chuckles] Figurehead.
Well, General, this figurehead paid attention during the Cabinet meetings, where we dealt with this very issue.
And the Iranians have tried to close off the Strait of Hormuz for the last 35 years, so I am having a difficult time believing that they just up and decided to do that tonight.
And how can you be so certain of that? [Sighs] When is the Iranian ambassador due to arrive? 15 minutes.
Okay, General.
You can scramble your bombers, but they are not to engage.
We are going to do this my way.
If it doesn't work, we'll try yours.
I know you're scared, peanut, but everything's gonna be okay.
But why are we here? 'Cause this, uh this is gonna be our new home.
But why? Because some bad people did something bad tonight, and it's Dad's job to make sure we're all safe.
Are you scared? [Chuckles] Yeah.
Is Daddy? Are you kidding? Dad's not scared of anything.
[Chuckles] [Indistinct chatter, sirens wailing] Hi.
This is Scott.
I'm not available right now.
Please leave me a message after the beep.
[Beep] It's me again.
Where are you? Please call me back and And tell me you're okay.
I love you.
Agent Wells.
I was looking for you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Did you lose someone? I think we all lost someone.
What do you got? I-I checked all the license plates in the area against every watch list.
Nothing so far.
All right, get in touch with the NSA.
Make sure that they know Man: We got something over here! - What do we got? - UXO! We got a UXO! Clear the perimeter! Atwood: All right.
Clear the area! We've got a bomb! Back up now! Clear the area now! [Dog barking, whimpering] Atwood: Perimeter is secure.
You may proceed.
Copy that.
All clear.
Open it up.
Removing the outer case.
What do you see? Wires to the fuze compartment, to the creep spring, to the detonator.
But no pressure plate.
It's clear.
Bomb's a dud.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Is he here? Yes, he's he's waiting just outside.
Send him in.
[Door opens] Mr.
- Mr.
- [Door closes] Mr.
Thank you.
Please, allow me to begin by extending to you and the American people my country's most sincere sympathies on this horrific tragedy.
If there is anything our people can do in response to this tremendous act of cowardice, rest assured, we will do it.
I appreciate that.
You can begin by removing your destroyers from the Strait of Hormuz.
President, excuse me, but I believe you have been misinformed.
Is that a fact? Yes.
We We have moved no such destroyers into the Strait of Hormuz.
My defense department has war-gamed this out.
They're waiting for me to give them the green light, which, I assure you, I will do unless you pull your destroyers back to Bandar Abbas within the next three hours.
President, I would Mr.
Ambassador, you may not know much about me, but what you should know is that I'm about as straight a shooter as you're gonna find in Washington.
So you should believe me when I tell you that I do not want, as my first act as Commander in Chief, to attack Iran.
But as both of us know, it's not always up to us how history plays itself out.
Now, I have chosen to believe that your country is not playing on our emotions tonight, but nevertheless, you will feel the full impact of them if you do not comply with my demands.
Ambassador, dock your destroyers or the lead story on the morning news will not be about the attack on our capital but the devastating attack on yours.
Please, Mr.
Ambassador, let's not get off on the wrong foot here tonight.
President, I will speak with my government.
Thank you, Mr.
Ambassador, this way.
Three hours.
[Door closes] [Sighs] [Indistinct chatter] Haven't seen one of those before.
It's a Soviet-era anti-tank mine.
There are still thousands of them in Afghanistan.
Jihadist terror groups have been using them for years as their primary IEDs.
Hannah, you hearing this? Agent Wells, the bomb is Is an unexploded munition you think was used by a Mideast terror group Either ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban To blow up our Capitol.
Yes, I heard you.
And that's one theory.
You got another one? [Sighs] All right.
In the weeks leading up to the big ones 9/11, Paris, Belgium The chatter we were getting was off the charts.
Something was coming, you know? We just didn't know what it was.
Do you know what I'm hearing now? Nothing.
No breaks in any of the routines of the mosques or camps we're inside, no one is relocated their wives or children in anticipation of our counterattacks.
It's business as usual.
That makes no sense.
So, you're saying the bomb isn't one of theirs.
I'm saying that if they did this, they'd be crowing right now.
There is a reason the people who did this are keeping silent about it.
And that is? [Sighs] You don't take credit for something until you're done, right? So, what if they're just getting started? I don't remember this suit.
I had to borrow it.
[Chuckles] You look the part.
I know this is gonna change everything for us, but I have to do it.
If I don't I just have to.
You still on my side? I'm always on your side Mr.
Something needs to be done, Aaron.
I think we're doing everything that's expected of us, Harris.
That's not what I'm talking about.
[Sirens wailing in distance] What exactly are you talking about here? Because if it's what I think it is, this conversation's going to be treading dangerously close to conspiracy to commit treason.
We have a Housing and Urban Development Secretary running the free world.
You call it treason.
I call it my civic responsibility.
You're talking about removing a sitting president.
An unelected president, yes.
Listen to me.
If the country's gonna survive, we need to act swiftly and definitively.
Tom Kirkman will not get us through this.
And let me guess You can? We're in a state of war.
Who would you rather have leading us? Seth: Uh, Mr.
Your glasses.
They're not very presidential, sir.
Thank you.
President, you're live in five, four, three My fellow Americans