Designated Survivor (2016) s01e21 Episode Script

Brace for Impact

1 Previously on "Designated Survivor" Abe Leonard asserts Al-Sakar was not responsible for the attack of the Capitol.
The jackals are at the door, Mr.
I think we're really close to cracking this thing.
Your lead investigator is missing.
The man who tried to kill you is still alive.
And the mole in the White House remains unknown.
I am relieving you of your command, effective immediately.
- What? - General, you are fired.
[Silenced gunshots] You kill my family I kill yours.
Jason It's all working.
Everyone's focused on the FBI, not us.
Where is Hannah? On assignment.
I want every container opened and searched.
[Timer beeping] [Gasps] - Get your hands behind your head! - Hands behind your head! On the ground right now! Hands above your head! Get on your knees! - You don't understand! - Now! On the ground! Put your hands where I can see them! Get on the ground! Do it! - Okay.
- Get on your knees! I said get on the ground! I'm not gonna ask you again! Get back, or I'll detonate it! Get back, or I'll blow it! Put your guns down! I mean it! - Stop.
Nobody fires.
- Get back! [Breathing heavily] Get back! [Engine starts] - [Engine revs] - Go, go! Go back! Up the stairs! - Get out of the way! - [People screaming] [Tires screeching] [Horn honking] [Horns blaring] [Tires screeching] [Horn blares] Come on! [Tires screeching] [Engine revs] [Grunting] [Gasps] [Panting] - Freeze! Let me see your hands! - Hold it right there! Mr.
What have you got? The FBI has her in custody.
I want to talk to her as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
[Police radio chatter] I already told you I had nothing to do with this.
I woke up in the back of the van What about the schematics we found in your apartment The structural blueprints to the garage? You parked your van right under a load-bearing beam, which is exactly where you'd want to park if you want to take the building down.
Thank God you're okay.
Get those cuffs off her right now.
She's a lead suspect in a terrorist attack.
- The hell she is.
Let her go.
- Under whose authority? The president of the United States.
- [Chuckling] Yeah, right.
- [Cellphone rings] He wants her in his office ASAP.
Dan, I got the White House on the line.
You were saying? [Indistinct talking] You all right? They killed Jason.
All right, we have to tell the president what we know.
[Helicopter blades whirring] [Sighs] They wanted to blame me for an attack, so they planted evidence in my apartment.
They called the FBI, said that I'd be in the garage with a bomb.
Foerstel: We're interrogating the suspects that we arrested on the freighter.
They're giving up Intel on the cells.
What about Lloyd? The only link that we've managed to find is between the ship and a defunct subsidiary of Browning Reed.
It's not a smoking gun.
So what? You need to bring that bastard in, Tom.
I agree, sir.
Foerstel: There's no point in bringing him in today if we have to let him out tomorrow.
We need to play this the same way that we did MacLeish.
Well, look how that turned out.
Sir? I agree with them.
Especially given the fact that we don't know who the traitor is in the White House.
Bring him in.
Hannah: Our target is Patrick Lloyd.
We believe that he is responsible for the bombing on our Capitol.
He currently resides on a 100-acre horse farm west of Warrenton, Virginia.
We should assume he is heavily armed.
[Gun cocks] He killed our friends, and he killed our leaders.
We will take him alive, and we will make him pay for everything he took from us.
Is everyone clear on that? - Yes.
- Yes.
All right.
Let's move out.
[Thud] [Siren wailing] Is there an FBI conspiracy in the Kirkman Administration? It's very concerning, Nate Very concerning.
I mean, what we now know, it casts doubt on everything the president has ever told us.
How are we supposed to trust him? - [Remote clicks] - Come in.
What have you got? So far, we've identified cells in Montana, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New Mexico.
Now, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force on Domestic Threats is moving teams into position so we can coordinate the raids, not tip them off.
You know, I read their "manifesto.
" It was ridiculous.
They use just the right amount of historical quotes to try and make themselves sound legitimate.
They're not political.
This is a power grab An attempted coup.
Where are we at with Lloyd? Tactical team's en route.
We'll have him in custody within the hour.
I want updates as soon as they come in.
Yes, sir.
- Great work, Director Foerstel.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
[Door opens, closes] Nate: That's an excellent argument, Senator Bowman, but I'm sure my next guest will probably disagree Recent White House chief of staff Aaron Shore.
Thank you, Nate.
So, what do you say to all the Americans out there who are worried about a government conspiracy? I'd say that President Kirkman is probably the most honest man I've ever met.
And I think you and Senator Bowman are both trying to score political points over matters of national security.
Are you saying this story isn't true, then, Mr.
Shore? I'm saying I haven't been fully briefed, and neither has the senator, so neither one of us should be making any kind of accusations.
Well, the fact remains If these are matters of national security, the president should just say so.
But so far, he's said nothing.
That's a disservice.
Knowing the president as well as I do I'm sure if he's holding on to any kind of secret, it's for the safety of the American people.
If anyone is doing a disservice here, it's you.
Stay tuned tomorrow, folks.
This story's not going anywhere.
[Engines revving] - Moore.
- It's Wells.
You have eyes on Lloyd? Yeah, he's still in the house.
All right, good.
Hold your position.
We're en route.
[Beep] [Keyboard clacking] [Cellphone vibrates] - Agent: Agent Wells! - Perimeter's locked down.
All clear here.
I want a list of every plane, truck, car, ship, helicopter, registered to Browning Reed or their subsidiaries, and I want it tracked now.
That means FAA, - it means state DMV, - Agent Wells! It means ATL, law enforcement.
Whatever you have to do, you get it done.
- Agent Wells.
- Yeah.
Virginia highway patrol said they spotted a vehicle registered to Lloyd driving south on the interstate.
Open the walkie.
Agent: Agent Wells! I got a Patrick Lloyd sighting at a traffic stop in Chesapeake.
TSA says they got eyes on him over at Raleigh-Durham International.
They're now saying his credit card was just used at a bus station in Pittsburgh.
I got a hit on his ATM card In Plano, Texas.
Shell game.
Damn it! Everyone's asking when the next briefing is.
Well, until I can give them something more than a "No comment," I'm gonna stay away from the press for as long as possible.
How's that working out for you? And I'm gonna start locking my office door.
Oh, that's not gonna slow me down.
Trust me.
What do you want, Abe? A White House comment.
I already gave your story a "No comment.
" Haven't we done this before? I feel like it's, like, "Groundhog Day" with you.
Al-Sakar was yesterday's story.
I'm talking about tomorrow's edition.
A "No comment" is not gonna cut it this time.
It's a good movie, though.
Major flag for you, sir.
What is it? Abe Leonard is running a story claiming that FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood was arrested in the Oval for the murder of Majid Nassar.
He says the White House covered it up.
I mean, how do you want to respond to this? Tell Mr.
Leonard I want to see him.
Sorry? Set up a meeting Face-to-face.
Thank you.
[Sirens wailing] Emily: I can't get through to him.
He's needs to address the Abe Leonard story.
I know you want Tom to behave like a politician, but that's just not who he is, Emily.
He is the president of the United States, Alex.
He needs to defend the office.
Yes, I know, and he will In his own way.
How long are you in town for? I miss our lunches.
I got to head back tonight.
I'm just gonna grab a bite with a friend at The Hay-Adams.
And, Emily? It's gonna be okay.
[Sighs] How did he get by us? Don't know.
The working theory is that the traitor tipped him off.
And, unfortunately, we're still no closer to finding him.
We need to freeze his assets Bleed the son of a bitch dry.
Contact Treasury.
We'll have an executive order drafted.
- Both: Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Every president has a defining crisis.
You, Tom, have had several.
[Chuckles] But you are going to weather this.
Because one way or another, it's all coming to an end.
And in the meantime? Brace for impact.
[Scoffs] Well, at least I'm getting better at that.
[Indistinct talking] [Beep] [Keyboard clacking] [Alarm beeping] [Dialing] [Ringing] Ritter.
It's Chuck.
Get to Hannah's office now.
What is it? Okay, remember the hack that was used to deliver the Majid Nassar video? Yeah.
That attack destroyed half the computers in the West Wing.
Also left behind a serious digital footprint.
Now, working under the assumption that our traitor was responsible for that hack, as well, I've been keeping an eye out for that same code in case it was used again.
[Keyboard clacking] Our traitor just accessed SIPRNET.
The Pentagon? What for? I don't know.
He's not in the mainframes.
Looks like he just wanted to create an I.
An I.
for who? Sir? Aaron Shore.
Thank you, Ava.
Great to see you again.
- You as well, sir.
- Please.
I saw you on television earlier.
I really appreciated what you had to say.
You know I'll always protect you, sir.
I know, which is why I've asked you here.
What I'm about to tell you is strictly classified.
We know that there's a traitor in the White House.
We haven't been able to identify him, but we know he was involved in the Capitol bombing and was instrumental in having me appointed as the Designated Survivor.
You were part of President Richmond's staff.
Do you have any idea who this could be? So, it wasn't Langdon? Langdon's in custody.
The person we're looking for is actively destroying evidence of the conspiracy.
I know this is a lot to take in.
But I would like you to go back over your records, see if anything stands out.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Aaron, we don't have a lot of time.
I'll get right to it, sir.
[Engine revs] Ritter: He created an I.
for Lozano to access the Pentagon.
What? You need to alert Pentagon Force Protection right now.
It's already done.
We've sent over his picture.
They're locking the building down now.
Yeah, but the Pentagon's 583 acres.
That gives him plenty of places to hide.
[Indistinct talking on P.
A] [Indistinct talking] [Beep] [Door opens] Mr.
Tom Kirkman.
Thank you.
So, Seth told me about the story you wanted to run.
President, if you think you're gonna get me to back down, you're wasting your time.
And you can send all the goons you want, but I'm not staying silent.
Well, I don't know exactly what you're talking about.
I haven't sent anyone anywhere.
In fact, I've been perfectly clear with the FBI I will not tolerate any intimidation of the press.
Besides, apparently, if I want, I can just throw you in jail.
[Chuckles] Are you threatening me? [Chuckles] No.
The opposite.
I'm trying to tell you that I won't do that.
I'm not gonna try and make you do anything.
I am asking you please, just hold your story.
Are you saying it's wrong? It's incomplete.
Well how about you fill in the blanks for me? [Chuckles] I wish I could.
Unfortunately, it's a matter of national security.
Can I ask you a question, Mr.
President? Yeah.
If you were sitting on a story about a government cover-up, would you trust a word the president said? [Laughs] Maybe not.
But do you honestly believe if a president was involved in a cover-up that he'd be stupid enough to sit across from a journalist such as yourself? My favorite president is Franklin Roosevelt.
I wanted to show you something.
When do you think this picture was taken? Uh oh I expect during the war.
Any idea when it was published? Just after the president passed away.
You see, during the war, there was an understanding It was more important to project American strength than describe the president's frailties.
The press had the photos, but they chose not to use them.
Now, you might not think that we're in a war, but I promise you that we are, and if you publish that article, it's going to make it that much more difficult for us to win.
Now, I honestly wish I could tell you what I know, but I can't.
So here we are.
You're gonna have to make a choice Whether you believe me or not.
[Sighs] General Cochrane.
You're not the cable repairman.
[Chuckles] How are you handling retirement? It's not retirement.
It's house arrest.
Well, you didn't leave Kirkman a choice there.
I don't blame Kirkman.
He did what he had to do.
Well, that's quite the reversal.
Opinions change.
[Inhales deeply] What are you doing here, Aaron? There's a traitor in the White House.
And I'm looking into anyone with high-level access who had any involvement in choosing the Designated Survivor.
That's not a long list.
Can you help? Why me? You served eight years in the White House NSC, military office, Joint Chiefs.
No one knows more about security access than you do.
[Telephone ringing] [Indistinct talking] I need these systems back online right away.
Pentagon Force Protection.
This is Powell.
This is FBI Agent Hannah Wells.
Have you found Lozano yet? No.
And we're having trouble with our security system.
All of our surveillance cameras are being scrambled somehow.
But we're working on it.
[Beeping] Let me tell you something about the man you're looking for.
Before the CIA, he worked for the Pentagon for two years in the Counterintelligence Field Activities Office.
He knows every single corner of that building.
You need to get those cameras up and running.
We have to find him.
[Beep] [Beep] Aaron: I met with General Cochrane.
He helped me put together this list of staffers inside of the Richmond Administration that fit the criteria we're talking about High-level access, involvement in choosing the Designated Survivor.
Great work.
Get these to Agent Ritter as quickly as possible.
Yes, sir.
Uh Mr.
President, I do have to say I couldn't have done this without the general's help.
I don't think he had anything to do with the attack.
Neither do I.
[Car door closes, engine starts] [Engine revving] [Tires squealing] Hannah: In pursuit of suspect, heading towards Georgetown Rail Yard.
Send backup.
[Engine revving] [Tires screeching] [Tires screeching] [Tires screeching] [Grunting] [Hurried footsteps] [Gasps] [Plastic crinkles] [Wheezing] [Coughs] [Panting] [Gurgling] [Strained] It's not over.
No victory without sacrifice.
[Breathing heavily] [Gulps] [Groans] [Gasps] Hey, Dennis! Uh I think Dennis stepped away.
[Scoffs] You know, as far as gatekeepers go, there's a lot to be desired here.
I think maybe it's time to trade up, Seth.
You know, you should just move in at this point.
I prefer the view from my side of the street.
What do you want, Abe? Look I want you to tell the president I thought long and hard about what he said to me.
I'm going to honor his request.
But not indefinitely.
I'm speechless.
I don't know what to say.
Not the best quality for a press secretary.
[Scoffs] Uh Well, l-let me just say "thank you.
" That'll work.
Don't think for a second I'm going soft here.
I'll still be kicking your ass all over the schoolyard.
You know where to find me.
[Sighs] Hannah.
Hey, Chuck.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
[Gasps] Can I get you a - hospital? - [Chuckles] Or something? They already checked me out.
Did you guys find out why Lozano was at the Pentagon yet? Hopefully, we'll get answers soon.
Do you want me to stay? No.
No, Foerstel needs you.
But check in as soon as you can.
Hey, before I forget I wasn't you know, snooping around or anything, but you got about a thousand unread emails.
[Scoffs] Yeah, I've been busy.
There's one from Jason Atwood.
I thought you'd like to know.
Thank you.
[Door closes] [Beep] Whitaker: The operation is still viable.
Right now, I'm brooming any connection between you, Browning Reed, and the Capitol mission.
Lloyd: Then I want to know why there were two federal investigators on my property.
Don't worry about it.
I'm on it.
Soon, there'll be no paper trail whatsoever.
And Agent Wells is contained.
Everything is proceeding as planned.
And you're sure that the FBI has no idea what's coming? - We have operational control.
- Good.
Just make sure that the narrative is what we want it to be.
We are so close.
We might not have the presidency, but you can be damn sure that before long, we will have the country.
Can I have a word, please? - [Knock on door] - Jason: Come in.
Deputy Director Atwood? I'm Agent Hannah Wells.
Yes from Chicago.
Agent Merritt tells me to tell you that he's still very pissed at you.
Sir, Agent Merritt and I didn't always see eye-to-eye.
He also tells me that you disobeyed practically every order he gave you.
No, sir only the orders worth disobeying.
He also says that you were one of the best agents he's ever had Which is why he's mad at you for leaving.
Well, like I was saying, he was a-a great boss.
Agent Wells in all honesty, will you cause me any trouble? Probably, sir.
Welcome to D.
[Sobbing] Lloyd: We are so close.
We might not have the presidency, but you can be damn sure that before long, we will have the country.
And that's it.
That's everything.
I am very sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long.
But I didn't feel like I had any other choice.
I hope you can forgive me.
I understand, Mr.
Same here, sir.
So, Whitaker made you Designated Survivor? Yes, as Homeland Security Advisor, he was well-positioned to carry out a number of operations for Lloyd.
Where's Lloyd now? We're still searching for him.
But as the most wanted man on the planet, it's just a matter of time.
In the meantime, the FBI raided cells from his organization across the country.
They've arrested over 200 people, seizing firearms, bomb-making materials, including explosives The same kind that were used at the Capitol bombing.
Seth it's time to tell the American people the truth.
Absolutely I'll inform the networks, make sure they clear some time.
I don't want to speak from the Oval.
I want to address Congress A joint session.
Thank you all of you.
For everything.
Let's get back to work.
Yes, sir.
Aaron, can I borrow you for a moment? Sir? What are your plans? [Chuckles] I'm still figuring that out.
I'd like you back here at the White House.
This is where you belong.
I appreciate the gesture, Mr.
President, but my position's been filled.
And Emily's doing a fantastic job.
I couldn't agree with you more.
We'll find you another position.
Frankly, sir, none exist.
Then I'll make one up.
Aaron, I want you here.
I'll draft you if I have to.
But I won't take "No" for an answer.
What do you say to that? I say I serve at the pleasure of the president.
'Cause legally, I actually don't think I can draft you.
[Both laugh] Welcome back.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
You ready for tonight? Happy with your speech? I better be.
I wrote it myself this time.
[ Laughs ] Well, I'm proud of you, son.
And I'm going to be even prouder when I watch you from my seat tonight.
I wanted to talk to you about that.
This is gonna be the first time since the attack that the entire government will be under the same roof.
Now I have to make a decision Who to leave behind.
I can't think of anyone I would want more to be my Designated Survivor than you.
You know, I used to think that being Designated Survivor was a punishment A joke.
[Chuckles] Me too.
[Sighs] Not anymore.
No, not anymore.
It would be my honor, Mr.
Thank you.
[Applause] Ladies and gentlemen, members of Congress, my fellow Americans.
At the very beginning of my presidency, in the shadow of that terrible, fateful night, I spoke to you, and I promised absolute transparency, absolute truth.
I betrayed that pledge in an effort to protect an ongoing investigation by the FBI and the Secret Service.
But tonight, I speak to you with a lightened heart because I can finally tell you the truth about what really happened to us.
A recent article written by one of our nation's most respected journalists was correct Al-Sakar did not attack our Capitol.
- [Murmuring] - Even though at the time, overwhelming evidence suggested just that.
We can tell you now, with absolute certainty, that this horrific act was carried out by a domestic terror group, led by a man named Patrick Lloyd.
Lloyd and his followers believed that American greatness was in its decline and that somehow, we were no longer heirs to the generations that pushed back the tide of fascism, put men on the moon, and relegated the Berlin Wall to the pages of history.
In short, these people believed that our best days were behind us and that they, themselves, knew better how to remake our country.
They were wrong In every possible way.
They debased the American Dream and disrespected the incredible sacrifices made by so many to build and sustain our nation.
And even though the fabric of America may have been frayed by their violence and hatred, I stand here rejoicing in the fact that it was never torn.
In a time of unprecedented fear, we did not abandon one another.
Nor did we abandon our ideals, our sense of community, our commonalities.
From the first responders who answered the call, racing into the flames when tragedy struck, to the men and women who fulfilled their civic duties by casting their ballots even under the threat of attack, our better angels have shined through.
Now, I know that there are times when our country appears to be divided, but I have seen the one thing that will bind us together forever Love.
Love of country, love of hope, love of dreams, love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I am a husband, I am a father, and I am a son of this nation, and never before have I been more proud, more optimistic.
[Cheering] And I do not need you to tell me that you feel the same way, too, because I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your hearts.
As Saint Paul admonished us, "Let us not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
" You see, America is not just simply a country, nor is it the sum of its 50 states.
It's an idea A bold and righteous idea, a guiding light that can never be extinguished.
So let us say to the rest of the world We welcome your friendship and extend an open hand to anyone who wants to make lives freer and better.
And to those who oppose us, I can only simply warn you Your days are numbered, for our time has come! [Loud cheering] I say again, our time has come.
And to the American people, let me say that it has been the privilege of my lifetime to serve you, and I promise to continue serving until I am asked of service no more.
[Cheering] Thank you for the honor.
God bless you.
And God bless these United States of America.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you very much.
Hey! Daddy! Little pea! Oh, my gosh! What are you doing here? - Leo! - Mom brought us.
I couldn't keep them away any longer.
Oh, my gosh.
I missed you so much.
You look so pretty.
Ritter: Excuse me, sir.
What is it, Mike? You're needed in Command Ops right away.
[Sighs] I promise I'll be right back, okay? - I love you.
- I love you, too, sweetheart.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
- Kirkman: At ease.
- Yes, sir.
What's going on? Sir, we know what Lozano was accessing at the Pentagon.
He hacked the Defense Department's most highly classified server.
What does that mean? Foerstel: It means every single aspect of our country's defense superstructure is now vulnerable Troop movements, Intel on our nuclear arsenal, identities of our covert assets.
Oh, my God.
We think that Lozano sent the data to Patrick Lloyd.
Lloyd could hold us to ransom, sell off the information in pieces to the highest bidder, even militarize the Intel himself.
Are we any closer to finding him? No, sir.
He has the resources to get himself anywhere in the world without setting off any trip wires.