Designated Survivor (2016) s02e20 Episode Script

Bad Reception

1 Previously on "Designated Survivor" But your claim that Andrea Frost is responsible for all these hackings and murder.
This conclusion is a product of months of painstaking work.
Dax, I asked you here because I think you're an excellent judge of character.
Andrea Frost.
Do you think she's capable of sabotage? You don't get to be the first female tech billionaire without a ruthless streak.
You are not just a saboteur, Dr.
You are a murderer.
If you ever slander me in public again, I promise you this will be your last act working for the government or anyone else.
TOM: Your actions constitute rank insubordination, which I cannot accept.
President Agent Wells, you've been terminated effective immediately.
TOM: Senator, good to see you.
Thank you very much for coming.
- WOMAN: Hello, Mr.
- Hi.
Emily, remind me again exactly what we're doing here? The White House equinox reception is a rite of passage, sir.
We're celebrating renewal.
What exactly are we renewing? Our fiscal bonds, sir.
The Beltway's biggest donors are here.
People who will donate liberally to your most cherished causes.
President, the Bultani ambassador's here.
Okay, thank you, Aaron.
Excuse us.
Ah, Mr.
President, the people of Bultan wish you a very Mr.
Ambassador, why don't we dispense with the pleasantries and get to the point? Matthew Jennings needs to be released from jail and allowed to come home now.
Young man committed a crime.
Yes, he has.
He drew a smiley face on the side of a building.
Ambassador, he's a teenager who is now facing 10 years in prison.
My country takes enforcement of its laws very seriously.
You and I both know this has nothing to do with your laws and everything to do with the Pulu Islands.
A territory our countries share sovereignty over.
Which means that the exploitation of the oil reserves Is subject to bilateral approval.
Which we're not going to give.
So now you're using an innocent teenager as some kind of leverage.
Ambassador, we're not going to allow the desecration of one of the last pristine places on Earth.
Not desecration, Mr.
And not innocent, but guilty, as a Bultani court found.
The trial lasted less than 15 minutes.
Well, our justice system is very efficient.
Which is why sentence will be passed as early as tomorrow.
Gentlemen, selamat malam.
Emily Rhodes, meet Steven Flannery, - my first boss.
- It's a pleasure.
The pleasure is all mine.
I'm a big fan of your work at the Zeno Institute.
Oh, thank you.
We have a lot of great lawyers.
Unfortunately, there aren't many Kendras out there.
Or Steven Flannerys, - which is why we wanted to talk to you.
- I'm sorry? Cyrus Gladwell from the D.
Circuit passed away last week.
And his death leaves the most important appellate court in the land with an empty chair.
The President needs someone whose brilliance and moral clarity will lead the way.
Someone like you.
Uh, I-I'm flattered.
Uh, but I'm a teacher now, Kendra.
I'm I'm an activist.
"We must meet the challenge, rather than wish it were not before us.
" Justice Brennan.
You used to have that inscription framed on your wall.
- I still do.
- [CHUCKLES] Judges don't just shape our laws, they shape our values.
I know you believe that because you said it to me years ago.
The President believes it, too.
And he's asking you to meet the challenge.
I may have been too good a mentor.
You're very persuasive.
So that's a yes? [SIGHS] If the President truly wants me to serve, I will.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] That's Benjamin Harrelson.
CEO of ClimateKind.
Thank you.
Benjamin, it's been too long.
President, it's an honor.
I trust that the shrimp have been sustainably farmed this year, unlike last? I have to be honest, I haven't checked.
But I promise I'll get someone to look in on it.
Try the hormone-free cheese puffs.
They're great.
Enjoy your night.
You throw a hell of a party on the taxpayers' dime.
West, I don't recall seeing you on the guest list.
I'm representing the family of Matthew Jennings.
Since when? Since I saw his poor mother on the news last week.
I was moved.
- Oh, yeah, moved right into the spotlight.
- Lyor.
I'm doing this out of concern for an innocent kid.
Please tell Ms.
Jennings we're doing everything we can to bring her son home.
Yeah, it seems like you're burning the midnight oil.
DAX: It's a little odd to have the FBI pay me a visit, Agent Wells.
Former FBI, actually.
The President just terminated me.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'd be happy to put you in touch with my head of security to see if we're hiring.
Oh, no, I'm not I'm not looking for a job.
I'm looking to protect the President.
The President who just fired you? Yes.
Because I believe he's being misled by a woman named Andrea Frost.
I think you know the name.
I do.
Have you shared your suspicions with your former boss? - It's why I don't have a job.
- Mm.
The President has a blind spot where his friends are concerned.
An allegiance that sometimes clouds his judgment.
Then what do you need from me? Have lunch with her.
Why? Her place is 43 minutes from the Old Ebbitt Grill.
Which will give you time to break into her house to search for evidence.
Yeah, I can't be complicit with that.
I thought you were loyal to the President.
I am, but I'd rather not be an accomplice to a burglary.
There are other people Dr.
Frost would meet with.
Why'd you come to me? Because they don't have the President's best interests at heart.
Ambassador, I'm not gonna talk about the Pulu Islands any further this evening.
There is no need, sir.
I appreciate the compromise.
Excuse me? Agreeing on the offshore exploration of the Pulu Islands allows our country to share in billions of revenue.
I believe the Prime Minister is pleased and your Mr.
Jennings will soon be home.
Ambassador, who approached you with this compromise? Your emissary.
West, you do know that misrepresenting yourself as an agent of the U.
government is a federal crime? I didn't do that.
So you're saying that you did not promise Ambassador Dhawan concessions for the release of Matthew Jennings? Absolutely not.
I might have implied that you would consider a deal.
[SCOFFS] Well, that's a crime, too.
Not from where I sit.
From where I sit, Matthew Jennings is a scared 17-year-old kid And you think I'm not aware of that? You may not be aware that our interests aren't exactly in line.
I'm sorry.
I don't follow.
You have all kinds of things you have to consider Politics, diplomacy.
I have one.
That kid.
I want to get him home.
And you can put me in jail if you want to.
I look good in orange.
I just spoke with the President, and he wants us to disabuse Ambassador Dhawan of any notion of a quid pro quo.
- Oh, there's gonna be a fallout.
- It doesn't matter.
Matthew Jennings' release must be unconditional.
[CROWD GASPS] [GLASS SHATTERS] - Oh, my God! - Call 911.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] There's no pulse.
Get me the President.
This is absurd.
The Ambassador has a heart attack and dies in the White House, and the Bultani Prime Minister is blaming us? Well, yeah, they're using his death for diplomatic advantage.
- You think? - They might be able to do that for a while.
Preliminary indications are Ambassador Dhawan was poisoned.
The M.
is still examining the toxin.
- Are you serious? An unsolved murder of a Bultani diplomat on U.
soil is not gonna help bilateral relations.
Or Matthew Jennings.
His sentencing is today.
If this is true, it's on us to find the murderer, Mike.
- Yes, sir.
- Emily.
I'm in touch with Matthew Jennings' mother, Kristin.
Okay, good.
I want to talk to her.
Let's get to it.
AARON: We're sitting on a diplomatic powder keg.
So we need to keep this in-house, Mike.
I spoke to D.
They'll defer to us unless we send up a flare.
You're gonna need a running buddy on this.
Someone from the FBI.
I got just the guy in mind.
[SPEAKING BULTANESE] You just said, "I wish you lentils.
" Oh.
I meant, "I wish you justice.
" We know that matters to the Bultani people.
That's what we're trying to get for your friend, the late Ambassador Dhawan.
There were no threats.
At least, not at the embassy.
But Dhawan was hardly ever there.
Where was he? At his horse farm in Potomac.
The ambassador lived a lavish lifestyle unbecoming of a diplomat.
How lavish? He liked money.
And he had a talent for losing it.
KRISTIN: Matthew was in Bultan on a music exchange.
He plays the trumpet.
Jennings, Matthew made a mistake.
But what they're threatening him with is unacceptable.
Exactly, which is why we got to get him out of there soon as we can.
I've made a personal plea to the Prime Minister.
What did he say? He said he would consider it.
But unfortunately, right now, tensions are high between both our countries.
In the meantime, sir, is there anything we can offer them to grease the wheels of Matthew's release? Negotiations for the return of U.
citizens are classified.
I can't elaborate on that any further.
My son is my best friend.
He's all I've got.
Jennings, I care more about my children than anything in the world.
I can only imagine what you're going through.
But you're gonna have to trust me.
- [INHALES SHARPLY] - I promise you.
I give you my word.
We are gonna do absolutely everything we can to bring your son home.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] The President is committed to bringing Matthew Jennings home.
Is his release tied to the unsolved murder - of the Bultani ambassador? - No.
- Is it tied to the Pulu Islands? - No.
Because I have it on authority from Ethan West that if the U.
softens its stance on oil exploration Ethan West has no authority, and the President will not be held to ransom.
Maybe too late for ransom anyway.
Bultan just sentenced the kid to 20 years hard labor.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] 20 years hard labor? You can't be serious.
I'm sorry you are disappointed with the sentence.
We were disappointed in the crime.
But perhaps we can reach an accommodation.
Prime Minister, I will not allow this nation to be extorted.
It's not about extortion.
It's about a mutual benefit.
A protected habitat That could yield billions.
That may not mean much to you.
But Bultan is drowning in debt.
Matthew Jennings is not the solution to your problems.
No, sir.
Oil is.
I can help the young man, if you help me.
The prison he's being sent to I wouldn't wish him to spend one day there.
I would like to talk to him first, see how he's been treated.
I will arrange it.
Sir, if we give in to blackmail, we set a bad precedent.
Respectfully, sir, all to get one kid back? Matthew Jennings won't survive 20 days in that prison, let alone 20 years.
If there's something we can do to help him, we're damn well gonna do it.
CHUCK: Some spread.
RITTER: The Ambassador clearly liked the good life.
It's a beautiful tree.
Well, not if you have allergies.
That thing must be a nightmare in the summer.
Get it on the truck.
Secret Service.
What are you doing? Getting my money back.
Ambassador Dhawan was in hock to me for about $2 million.
Which he invested in horses.
How long you been trying to collect? About a year.
He was trying to sell the farm, but he couldn't.
That's surprising.
It's a beautiful property.
I wonder what the problem is.
All I know is he's been in debt for a couple years.
Now, if you don't mind, I have to go convince someone this tub of glue is Secretariat.
KENDRA: So, where are we on Flannery's vetting for the judgeship? Flannery's vetting file is clean as a whistle.
Except for one blip.
A 2008 sexual discrimination suit filed by a female associate.
Flannery and his then firm were the named defendants.
But the case was dismissed with prejudice at the discovery phase.
So what's the problem? The GOP.
They control Judiciary.
And they will look for any excuse to disqualify a progressive icon like Flannery.
We need to get in front of this.
The complainant is Kaitlin Corday.
I worked with her at the Sentinel a few years ago.
Let me reach out, see if she can give us the lowdown.
The reservation is under Minter.
HANNAH: How much time do we have? The restaurant's reservation system indicates Minter's party has checked in.
So you've got two hours.
The control box is on the side of the house.
Good news is I've bypassed a door that won't trip the alarm.
What's the bad news? It's on the roof.
[DEVICE BEEPING] [RAPID BEEPING] Hey, Chuck, I'm getting an EMF spike.
There's a lot of power coming from this closet.
It's gotta be a false wall.
You're right.
[BEEPING RAPIDLY] I'm going in.
Watch yourself.
Copy that.
The EMF meter is off the charts.
This place is drawing more power than a small city.
Chuck, I don't see any cameras.
I'm gonna link you in with my phone.
This looks like mission control at NASA.
So that's how the hacking's done.
Satellite telemetry.
TOM: How are they treating you, son? Fine, sir.
I'm just sorry I'm causing everyone so much trouble.
I know you are.
You need to know that we're doing absolutely everything we can to bring you home.
If you could, uh, just tell my mom that I'm okay.
Of course I will.
Hopefully, you'll be seeing her really soon.
Look, I I know they're blackmailing you.
And And I don't want to be used that way.
So, promise me you won't let them get Matthew.
Matthew! Son of a bitch.
[INTERCOM BEEPS] Get me Prime Minister Khallou immediately.
President, the papers for the oil exploration deal have been drawn up.
Secretary Krantz is waiting for your approval.
Delay it.
Emily, get Secretary Krantz to draw up sanctions against Bultan.
We're gonna raise the heat.
You were both right.
So is this kid.
We're gonna find a way to bring him home without rolling over.
HANNAH: I think I finally found the access point to the main server.
CHUCK: Just get in there, Hannah.
Time's wasting.
Yeah, I'm working on it.
On the double, please.
Because this is burglary.
Digital theft.
Yeah, just watch my back.
They just paid the check, meaning you have a half-hour.
Well, then you better get going.
I got something.
It's on a sub-server.
The Turing source code.
Our hacking proof.
[KEYBOARD KEYS CLACKING] I'm pulling up the relevant database, but I can't copy it remotely.
Alright, I'm on it.
It's nice to hear from you, Seth.
It's been a long time.
Yep, since our days at the Sentinel.
And, uh, I'd love to catch up, but I'm afraid this is, um This is all business.
We're considering Steven Flannery for a position, and I wanted to ask you about the claim you filed against him.
It's all in the past.
Yes, but the past informs the present.
It was sexual discrimination? Yes.
Failure to promote.
I was passed over.
What was your relationship? He was partner.
Asked me out right before my review.
I said no.
- And he retaliated.
- Well, not to my face, but he was a big player at Whitney Irvington.
The court said that you couldn't state a claim.
He shouldn't have hit on me.
He was a partner.
- I wanted to be one.
- I understand.
I'm I'm trying to ascertain if he did anything else.
He was perfectly lovely.
Until the day I was shown the door.
So you had no proof.
And I wasn't gonna get any from the old-boy's club.
It's the reason I left the law and became a journalist.
Nobody keeps the real story from me anymore.
Why are we even talking about this? Kaitlin Corday is disgruntled because she was passed over.
There's nothing there.
Well, except bad judgment on Flannery's part.
Look, Flannery is a leading light for women's rights Reproductive rights, equal pay.
And he's your rabbi.
I wouldn't vouch for him if I didn't believe in his virtue.
No one's questioning his virtues, Kendra.
We're talking about his vices.
Asking a co-worker out? Alright, look, Kendra's got a point.
It sounds like there's nothing here but an indiscretion.
Which shouldn't be reason enough to torpedo him.
I will float a trial balloon about his candidacy.
Legal, media, political circles.
No red flags come back, we'll bring him to the President.
Thank you.
Hannah, unless a meteor hits it, the car's two minutes out.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] We have enough.
Get out of there.
Do you know exactly where the source code is on this database? - No.
- Okay, then we're getting it all.
Subject is in the driveway.
Hannah, get out! [DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE] We got it.
Go! Subject entering house.
[DOOR OPENS] Hey, Emily.
Do you have a second? Sure.
Look, in the interest of full disclosure, I should let you know that Flannery and I had a brief thing 10 years ago.
How brief? It was one evening.
We were on a case in Boise.
I was a junior associate.
He was a newly minted partner.
We won big.
Had a few French 75s.
And he invited me back to his room.
- Consensual? - Absolutely.
We never even discussed it.
And he's had my back ever since.
And you kept a lid on this because I didn't want to seem biased.
I'm not.
But in light of everything, I didn't want to whitewash misconduct.
It doesn't sound like there's any misconduct to whitewash.
No, he's he's great.
I just I don't know if I should steer his candidacy.
I disagree.
You hooked the fish.
You reel him in.
Emily, if I was If I was too defensive earlier You weren't.
You were being fair then, and you're being fair now.
[DOOR CLOSES] I pulled up Dhawan's financials.
His farm was worth enough to cover his debt easy.
Then why couldn't he sell it? He was in litigation with a company called Royal Oak LLC.
Seemed to involve his house.
- I'm trying to get the filings.
- Good.
And I just got the full tox screen back from the M.
Dhawan was poisoned with ricin, which takes six to eight hours to kill.
Meaning he wasn't poisoned here.
So we got to find out where Dhawan was before he keeled over.
Circuit? Yes.
Assuming I'm confirmed, I'll need interns, and I think that you would be perfect.
She is a comer, that one.
The vetting's coming along nicely.
Still a few more T's to cross and I's to dot, but we're hoping to get your name to the President - by the end of the day.
- That's great.
You know, it took some time to get my head around it, but I think you're right I could do some real good - from the bench.
- Yes, you can.
Stay close.
We'll be in touch.
Oh, Sasha, can you please show Mr.
Flannery out? Hey, Steve Flannery.
I know.
Sasha Dixon.
It's an honor.
Oh, thank you.
LYOR: Hey.
So we all buttoned up? Just about.
Um, I want to double-check something, though.
Could your people dig a little more into Flannery for me? They pulled everything on their record.
This wouldn't be on the record.
What are you hoping to find? Nothing.
You said you wanted to talk to me about ClimateKind? Yeah, but first we need to show you something.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] CHUCK: We retraced the ambassador's steps over the last 24 hours.
That's Ambassador Dhawan yesterday at a café.
And that's you swapping out his drink and poisoning him.
[CHUCKLES] Are you mad? That's not me.
Looks like your ring.
It's an Eastlake University ring.
A lot of people have the same one.
Yes, but not people involved in protracted litigation over the removal of a giant oak tree that straddles the property line between your house and Ambassador Dhawan's.
What are you talking about? The tree's root system destroyed the ambassador's plumbing.
It's why he couldn't sell the house.
Unless he got the tree removed.
Your loan-out, Royal Oak LLC, got injunctions, until Dhawan finally got a court order to take the tree down.
And with Bultan in the news, you figured now was the time to kill the ambassador, right? Because there'd be multiple suspects.
But in the end, there was only one.
Your tree.
Your ring.
Your drink.
Your ass.
Thank you, Julie.
Where are we at with the kid? Solving the murder of Ambassador Dhawan relieved the pressure on the Prime Minister.
Put him in a place where we could negotiate.
- Okay, good.
- Yeah, except his office just released a statement saying he won't.
Why not? I thought we floated a six-month jail sentence in exchange for limited drilling rights.
- That's a nonstarter? - It is, because Ethan West is on a rampage.
CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera.
What the hell's he saying? He's saying that the Prime Minister is Stalin.
That, uh, you're in bed with the devil.
That both countries are corrupt.
Get the son of a bitch in here.
I need to talk to him.
Arrest him if you have to.
TOM: Mr.
West, there is a difference between an adversary and an enemy.
When you sabotaged my negotiation, you crossed the line.
I was just trying to do what's best for Matthew Jennings.
Well, thanks to you And your overreach He's now looking at 20 years.
I couldn't figure out why you became involved in this case in the first place, so I had my people look into it.
They brought me this file.
Why didn't you tell me that you knew the young man's aunt? You went to college with Allie Jennings, is that correct? Yes.
And she was murdered in 1988.
What does that have to do with you? Everything.
I was supposed to meet Allie that night for a drink.
But I-I I got sidetracked.
And I stood her up.
The file said she was found stabbed to death outside a bar.
At 2:00 in the morning.
Waiting for me.
Her sister didn't didn't know about the connection.
But I-I-I heard about the case and I reached out.
So this is your effort to make some kind of amends.
What happened to Kristin Jennings' sister is my fault.
No, it isn't.
Yeah, it is.
And it's why I want to get her son back.
Not in a year.
Not in six months.
Not in a week.
West, all you're doing right now is getting in the way.
If you want to help the Jennings, you want to help that young man, you need to work with me.
Another complaint? Yes.
For retaliatory dismissal.
It was settled out with a confidentiality agreement.
But it can still come to light, right? It's unlikely.
This is subterranean.
It's core-of-the-earth stuff.
Judiciary will not trip to it.
Who was the complainant? A 26-year-old paralegal named Jane Quincy.
But two lawsuits and decades of practice isn't disqualifying.
When you work in the legal profession, the people you rub shoulders with tend to be a little litigious.
Look, he'll sail through confirmation.
But it's your call.
I'll tell him.
- Hey.
- Hey, Kendra.
I'm so sorry I couldn't get back to the White House.
It's been a crazy day.
No problem.
- Please.
- Thanks.
So, I've been looking at the D.
Circuit's docket for the upcoming calendar.
You're right So many crucial cases.
MAN: And your drinks.
Oh, thank you.
I got you a French 75.
I haven't had one of these since Boise, right? I thought this was a night for celebration.
President, I will keep this short.
West has humiliated me.
Made me look like I'm colluding with a country that kills our ambassadors.
Well, he hasn't done me many favors, either.
Sir, I need you to know I had nothing to do with that.
It doesn't matter.
Because now we have a new deal.
Bultan gets unrestricted exploration rights on the Pulu Islands.
No profit sharing.
And no sanctions.
And if I don't agree with that? Matthew Jennings does 20 years.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
I believe that Mr.
West has a different perspective on the issue.
Hi, Mr.
Prime Minister.
He has discovered something unusual in the Pulu Island habitat.
You've destroyed it Strip-mining, dumping, air pollution.
West also happens to be one of the world's most renowned toxic-tort lawyers.
He plans to file suit against your country in every international tribunal.
I plan on making it my life's mission to sue your country.
I think we're both aware of what Mr.
West is capable of.
This mission of his is going to cost your country billions and billions of dollars.
Don't just take his word for it.
Google me.
Look at my verdicts.
Sir, I think you have an opportunity here to show the rest of the world the depth of your compassion, your humanity.
What do you want, Mr.
President? Mr.
Jennings' freedom.
And the mining? I'm afraid that's been taken off the table.
But the United States government will be more than happy to pay for the damage caused by the graffiti.
And in order for you to save face, Mr.
Jennings will wash the graffiti off the wall himself in front of cameras.
Now, if there's nothing else to discuss, I believe our business is done.
The FAA will contact you as soon as his flight is in the air.
Then you can call his mother.
President, I-I can't thank you enough for helping me make this right.
Everyone deserves a second chance, Mr.
How you doing? Good.
Then bad.
Then good again.
I had to pull the offer, Em.
Did you give him a reason? I said the GOP was playing hardball, we didn't have the votes.
He was disappointed.
It was your call.
Yeah, and I'm not sure it was the right one.
These two cases are ambiguous.
I-I saw Steven Flannery today.
On the make as usual.
And I just It It made me wonder if, that time in Boise, I was coerced.
Were you? At the time, I didn't think so.
Now I'm not so sure.
His approval meant so much to me.
[CHUCKLES] It still does.
And I think he He knows that and And he uses it, and that is manipulative and and wrong.
But he's also done so much good, you know? You're wondering if that cancels out By suspicions of a guy who may be nothing but a flirt.
Sometimes all you have is your gut.
Good night, Kendra.
Thank you, Mike.
Thank you for coming.
Have a seat.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Of course.
Did you speak to Agent Hannah Wells about Dr.
Frost? Yes.
Uh, she asked for my help.
She's a tenacious investigator and insists that Dr.
Frost is responsible for the cyber attacks that have crippled my administration.
I know.
She told me.
She's wrong.
During my 25th Amendment hearing, Dr.
Frost was questioned about a conversation, a private conversation, that we had right here in this office.
Agent Wells thought she leaked that conversation to Ethan West in In an effort to undermine me because that's what the hacker would've done.
You never know what people are capable of.
So I had the Secret Service sweep my office for bugs, and they found one thing.
Zero to 60 in 3 flat, carbon-neutral, 400 miles to a charge, rolling off the assembly lines this spring.
Inside the car you gave me.
Needless to say, I was speechless because I couldn't believe that a man who I considered to be one of my closest friends could possibly have hacked the power grid, - NASA - Tom.
Released a video of me confronting the man who killed my wife! Speechless doesn't even come close to covering this.
Why the hell would you do this to me? You know the greatest curse facing this country right now? Government interference.
What the hell are you talking about? Free enterprise? The promise of America? A promise that's been strangled by red tape, a bureaucracy that prevents innovation, stifles human progress.
So you attack our institutions, undermine them, in the hopes, while the country's distracted, you could build your empire without scrutiny?! You make it sound like I'm some kind of Bond villain.
I-I'm not.
Then what the hell are you? Do you know the societal good my companies can do if they are left to flourish without antitrust investigations? And I'm not talking about money.
I'm talking about freedom.
The greatest right we have as Americans is the right to be left alone.
Trust me, I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure you're left alone.
Agent Wells? So you're back in the President's good graces.
I was never out.
I broke into your house while you were at lunch with Frost.
You staged her firing? Yes.
Because I knew you'd be listening.
And I knew, when she talked to you about Dr.
Andrea Frost, you'd take the bait.
Because just like every other coward you need someone to blame everything else on.
Get him out of my sight.
[DOOR CLOSES] You did okay out there today, rook.
I'm better in here, though.
You're definitely better off not working for someone who got fired.
Because if Hannah was really gone, you'd be, too.
How long did you know? From the jump.
I'm Secret Service.
There's nothing that goes on in this building that I don't know about.
I'll remember that.
Remember this, too I got a lot of respect for Hannah, and I think it's great how you look out for her, but you got to look out for yourself, as well.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Looks like you pulled this off.
Yes, we did.
Dax Minter has been arrested, and he's being charged as we speak, thanks in large part to you.
Are you alright? I know he was your best friend.
[SCOFFS] Alex was my best friend.
But he and I were close, and for a long time, he was one of those rare people that you didn't have to explain anything to or pull out all the old stories for because he was there.
Tom, I'm so sorry.
Me too.
I'm just gonna have to accept that he's not the same person now, not the one who was my friend.
I just wish I knew what had turned him.
Anyway, I would never have gotten through these last few months without your incredible friendship and support.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry that you got pulled into all of this.
I'm not.
I made a friend, a good one.
[SIGHS] One that I'm gonna miss.
Tom, um [CLEARS THROAT] I'm moving to San Francisco.
San Francisco? Why? Well, Apache's acquiring another aerospace company, and it's a big play for us.
I need to be there for the transition and close to the Cabernet.
[LAUGHS] Makes sense on both counts.
Tom, listen, I-I want to say something because [SIGHS] I think we share a connection.
[SIGHS] You lost your wife, I lost my husband, and they will always hold a place in our hearts.
Yes, they will.
But I-I I think part of getting through this is is making room in your heart for someone else, and I wish that for you someday.
I wish that for you, too.
Bye, Tom.
I prefer "till I see you again.
" Till I see you again.
Come here.
You go get 'em out there, Andrea.
I found something on Minter's drive.
A large payment right after Damian was killed to a company called Smith & Johnson Holdings.
The killer for hire didn't even try to make it sound legit.
Is there a name on the filing paperwork? No, just a business address 2500 D Street Northwest.
- It's in D.
- Wait.
I know that address.
Who's it belong to? No one.
That's the point.
It's It's an old empty office building.
Dummy corps will pay to register their business addresses there so they can stay off the grid.
That's good.
If there's a payment, there's got to be a money trail.
And the person who made the payment is someone who would want to cover their tracks.
So they went there and paid building management in cash.
That's my guess.
Can you get into the business security system? - Already on it.
- Alright, good.
Look for the, um, day that the company was registered because that's when the payment would've been made.
Got it.
Stop it there.
- Valeria Poriskova? - Wait.
How the hell did Dax Minter link up with Valeria? Minter knew that I was on the hacking investigation.
So to close the loop, he tried to get rid of me and make it look like Frost did it.
And who better to hire than a Russian agent who you've been clashing with who wants you dead anyway? Except Valeria missed me and killed Damian.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [SIGHS] You know, what you're looking for isn't in there.
I think you know where you can take your self-help advice.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] Hannah, I can't let you hunt down Valeria.
Alright, Dax Minter's behind bars.
The hacking's done.
We're repairing relations with Russia.
It's over.
Not for me, it isn't.
There are things that I have to do, Aaron, that I cannot do working for the White House.
I mean, think, Hannah.
You lay those down, you may not get them back.
Bye, Aaron.