Designated Survivor (2016) s02e22 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Designated Survivor" Chelsea.
842 Hammersmith Lane.
Apartment 6B.
That's the address of my daughter, Amy, in London.
'Cause if I'm dead, Valeria will come for her to close the loop.
Please protect my daughter.
Going after both political parties? A former President? If you really think that's what's best for this country, you shouldn't be sitting in that chair.
But I am.
You deployed Hannah Wells to find dirt on a man you knew was a political opponent.
She conducted warrantless searches.
Unlawful surveillance.
Where the hell is this going? I have probable cause to believe you were part of a criminal conspiracy.
Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for president of this great nation.
Last place in the world I want to go tonight is my own home.
- So crash on my couch.
- Yeah? I will go get your stuff.
Kendra, you need to be under 24-hour protection.
You can't go home.
Uh, I'm f-fine, Mr.
You didn't have to come.
My chief of staff gets shot, the only place I'm going is the hospital.
The bullet just grazed me.
It was 13 stitches.
13 too many.
[SIGHS] What happened to the shooter? Fred Archer.
We took him out.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] If something had happened to you, I It didn't.
Did West bring charges against Moss? No.
Emily, I don't want you worrying about anything except getting better, okay? [DOOR CLOSES] Let's get started.
All right, here's the list of charges against you that I've referred to the attorney general.
Burglary, witness tampering, obstruction of government proceedings.
The President didn't do any of those things.
No, but Hannah Wells did on the President's behalf, which makes him a coconspirator.
RAYMOND: And based on Mr.
West's findings, I have probable cause to file charges against you, sir.
Nothing will come of those charges, Mr.
Attorney General.
Because Hannah Wells was not acting at my direction.
The basis of liability is that you granted her authority.
Well, even if you could make that dubious case, there's no model for charging a sitting president with a crime.
Which is why it's in the best interests of the country to find a political solution to the problem.
And it's why I've asked Senators Feller and Crowell to join me.
TOM: Ray, I'm gonna stop you right there.
I'm not resigning.
No, sir, we have a different proposition in mind.
One that won't plunge the country into crisis.
Announce that you're not standing for re-election.
You can finish out your term.
And Attorney General Beckett will decline to file charges.
Well, the attorney general works for me, so I'm specifically interested in his explanation for colluding with Congress.
Sir, if I bring charges against you, it will precipitate a constitutional crisis, and I don't think that's good for the country.
Yes, but your solution clears the playing field for my opponents.
Isn't that right, Senators? So you can back the candidates you want.
President, the media is gonna get ahold of this.
I can't sit on it.
Now, I intend to file charges tomorrow.
I need your decision by the end of the day.
24 hours ago, they wanted me to run.
- Now they want me to run away.
- They're political animals.
The attorney general is tougher to explain.
Well, not to me.
The first sign of trouble, he betrays you.
I'm not happy with what Ray did, but the truth is, he just found an imperfect solution to a complicated problem.
- The one he's offering isn't it.
- Agreed.
But in the end, he's doing what he thinks is right.
I can't blame him for that.
Kendra, we're gonna need to find another fix.
I'll see if there's a way to head this off at the pass.
You're meeting with the Fed chairman later this morning, then the NIH update.
Judge Putnam's memorial is this afternoon.
[SIGHS] Send my deepest regrets, but we've got too many fires to put out today.
Including Taurasi's referendum on independence.
When are Seth and Lyor having their meeting with the governor? They landed in Taurasi a couple hours ago.
They should be sitting with the governor just about now.
I'll get you an update.
HABALO: Lyor, you and Seth have come a long way on behalf of your President, and I appreciate that.
I don't think you do, Governor.
America's close relationship with Taurasi goes back nearly 80 years.
And in that time, we've given you airstrips, access to our harbors.
In exchange for billions in aid, military protection.
And we are grateful.
But it's 2018.
The Taurasi people don't want to be a fiefdom anymore.
They want economic independence, which is why they democratically voted to sever official ties with your country.
Per your constitution, that vote is ineffective without your signature.
And why should I withhold it? Because, Governor, the vote was skewed by millions of dollars in TV ads that America's enemies poured into your market.
Look, we get how going it alone is enticing.
We do.
But ask Great Britain how Brexit has worked out for them.
If Taurasi leaves, it could be the first domino to fall.
Mm-hmm, Guam, American Samoa, the Marianas could follow.
All of which are of critical strategic importance to the U.
Look, if we can't talk the governor down, Kirkman's legacy could be presiding over the gradual dismantling of the American empire.
Gradual dismantling isn't what I'm worried about today.
Let's close this deal and get back to the Alamo.
They need reinforcements even if I don't.
Lyor, I'm not a reinforcement.
I worked for Senator Perez.
He's the head of the International Development Committee.
I know the region.
Okay, look, we've got some time.
I'm gonna hit the coffee shop down the street.
Hey, you should kick that habit like I did.
You know, caffeine makes a person irritable and anxious.
Ow! Son of a bitch.
Is that a tsetse fly? - [INSECT BUZZES] - Um, see you later.
- Hey.
Do you have any idea how the President can fight these criminal charges? The President's best bet is to assert executive privilege to quash the indictment.
But the attorney general would just appeal, and the case would be stuck in the courts.
It would cripple the administration's credibility.
We need to convince the A.
that Hannah wasn't acting at the President's behest.
She needs to give us an affidavit now.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Why not? Hannah is loyal to the President.
She can attest truthfully that he never directed her to commit a crime.
She went off the grid.
I can't get ahold of her.
I'm looking for Amy Bleecker.
Amy's not here.
[SIGHS] Do you know where she went? We just broke for our spring hiatus.
She should be back next week.
You don't have an address for her, do you? No, we're not really close.
What about a phone number? She doesn't have a mobile.
So a 16-year-old who goes to a fancy school doesn't have a phone, her roommate has no clue how to get in touch with her, and she has a bed that looks like it's never been slept in.
I don't think Amy gone.
I think that you're Amy, and you live here alone.
Dad, I would've come to you.
Come on.
Let me see it.
[CHUCKLES] Congratulations.
Your first choice.
[CHUCKLES] My first choice was any school in Hawaii, but I figure I can learn to surf during a gap year.
You go to Georgetown, you can open up a surfing school.
Let's celebrate.
Dinner wherever you want.
Let's take Air Force One to Italy and get some real pizza.
How about Bertelli's on Connecticut, and we shoot the moon? - Can I get a beer? - No.
But I'm really proud of you.
- Come here.
- [LAUGHS] Sorry to interrupt, Leo.
President, you're needed in Command Ops.
My son just got into Georgetown.
MAN: Ten-hut! General, what's going on? Sir, the NEIC detected a massive 8.
2 earthquake in a subduction zone 15 miles off the coast of Taurasi, - triggering a tsunami.
- And we didn't have enough time to evacuate the coastline, sir.
- Aaron, reach out to Seth and Lyor.
- Yes, sir.
- [BEEPING] - Oh, my God.
- You guys, check it out.
- What's up, man? - Geez.
What is that? - That's crazy.
Look at that.
MAN: That's not good.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] Neither one is answering, sir.
Senators, hundreds are dead in Taurasi, thousands more missing, including two of my senior staff.
We need to get a handle on this before it becomes a full-blown humanitarian crisis.
FELLER: And we're sympathetic.
There are 1,500 American tourists who should be evacuated immediately.
The Eighth Fleet is 100 miles out.
They're moving in to pick them up.
But there are also 800,000 civilians locals Who need fresh water, food, medical supplies.
All of which they should've thought about before cutting ties with us.
They haven't formally done that.
Point is, if they want out of our sphere of influence, they can't slither back in when it suits them.
With all due respect, Senator, this nation has a noble history of helping people when they're in trouble.
Children are dying, and we can stop it.
Go ahead.
[CLEARS THROAT] We can authorize a supplemental aid package of $3 million.
That's a few dollars a person.
It's cosmetic.
We'll talk to Appropriations over the next few days, see what we can come up with.
Best we can do, sir.
Thank you.
[DOOR OPENS] Emily, what the hell are you doing back so soon? My job, sir.
I'm fine.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - [SIGHS] They don't want to reward a renegade province, sir.
That's part of it.
- The other part's political.
You're the savior of Taurasi, you get a P.
It reduces the pressure on you to take the attorney general's deal.
T-The senators want as much leverage over you as they can get.
Well, I'm not gonna play politics with these people's lives.
How much support do we have in Congress for an aid package? Some, but not enough to overcome party leadership.
Then ask Kendra if we can circumvent the Congress with an executive order.
Yes, sir.
Have we heard from Seth or Lyor? The wave took down the cell towers, and providers are working to restore service.
We're turning over every stone to find them.
That kid clocked me.
- Like father, like daughter.
- Well, she's scared.
She's probably figured out her father isn't who he said he was, which means I could be anybody.
Look, I promised Damian that I would look after his daughter, make sure she was safe from Valeria, and that's what I'm gonna do.
Did a name search.
She's the only Amy Bleecker under 30 in the Greater London area.
All right, well, she has to have a place to go.
What about credit-card activity? Repeated purchases of an Oyster card - at the South Burnley tube.
- Okay.
I got an address for a Paul Bleecker in the neighborhood.
That's Damian's pseudonym.
Send me the details.
On the way.
The President's got half the police force on the island looking for Seth and Lyor.
[SIGHS] I've left voicemails.
I've e-mailed their accounts.
You should be home resting.
Kendra, the President's political future hangs in the balance.
Thousands of people may die because Congress would rather play politics than send aid, and Seth and Lyor are missing.
I don't think today is the day to binge-watch "Top Chef.
" Okay.
I've checked with our constitutional-law experts.
A multibillion-dollar foreign-aid project is likely presidential overreach.
Yeah, because Congress has budgetary authority.
We need a workaround.
Yes, but the President has access to a lot of discretionary funds, right? FEMA, DoD.
Yeah, he can temporarily reallocate the money.
I'll get the OMB director on it now.
Thank you.
Amy, we need to talk, okay? I'm not going to hurt you.
Amy! Amy! Amy, stop! Come any closer, and I'll scream! Your dad, he liked black tea in the morning.
He used to sweeten it with marmalade.
The only jokes he told were knock-knock jokes Bad ones.
And when he laughed, his, um His left eyebrow would Would go up.
I cared about him, too.
Amy, someone is trying to hurt you.
I'm not going to let that happen.
Will you come with me? TOM: Lyor, thank God you're okay.
What's it like on the ground there? [SIGHS] Bad, sir.
Uh, dozens of hotels were demolished.
Our consulate's gone.
People were swept out to sea.
Tell the governor we're gonna do absolutely everything we can.
As soon as our ships dock, they'll start unloading medical supplies.
- I already have, sir.
- But we have a problem.
We're in a fight over further aid.
I think we need to take this public.
And I agree, but I'd like Seth's input on this.
Seth is still missing, sir.
What? He left the hotel right before the wave hit.
I can't find him.
Your father had something someone else wanted Something they think you might have.
- What is it? - I don't know.
Like you saw, there's nothing in his apartment.
That's why I'm asking you to take me to his personal storage.
My dad wasn't in the foreign service, was he? No.
Can you tell me what he did? No.
That's okay.
I already know.
He did what you do.
Governor, what's the latest? Hundreds dead, Mr.
Many unaccounted for.
Most of the island is without electricity, including our hospitals.
The provisions your navy off-loaded were not enough.
I understand.
Congress has approved a provisional aid package of $3 million.
I can get that to you immediately.
$3 million? That's not aid, that's tokenism.
Sir, I realize how hypocritical I must sound now, but Taurasi needs America's help.
Governor, I need you to trust me.
I'm gonna do everything I can.
[SIGHS] Lyor, have you heard from Seth? Not yet.
The operative word being "yet.
" - Keep looking.
- Yes, sir.
Kendra says Congress just got an injunction to stop the President's executive order.
Well, she needs to make an immediate appeal.
She is.
Circuit affirmed.
- She's appealing to the Supreme Court.
- Okay, good.
- Have you reached out to our allies? - I have, sir, but they're saying Taurasi's an American territory and that the richest country in the world can take care of its own.
Call in favors, beg if you have to, but we need the international community to step up.
Yes, sir.
[DOOR OPENS] My dad kept a safe here.
And you're sure you know the combination? If I didn't, can't you just whip out your liquid nitrogen? Yeah, sure, it's in my shoe, next to my ray gun.
Damn it.
Amy, what was in here? I have no idea.
You have no idea? You knew where this was.
You had the combination to the safe.
You never came here when your dad was traveling? How do I know this isn't some long con? - Some what? - You gain my trust, get me to lead to what you're looking for, then you kill me.
[SIGHS] Amy do you want to know what's difficult about what I do, about what your dad did? Sometimes you need to take what you think you know, throw it out the window, and follow your instincts because your life depends on it.
[SIGHS] Good luck.
It was a list of names.
Five pages.
Is there a copy? No.
[SIGHS] Then that doesn't do us any good.
"Mark Abercrombie, 2642 Drury Lane, Apartment 12D, Staffordshire, England.
David Appel, 161 Rue Etoile, Unit 3, La-Celle-Saint-Cloud, France.
- Anne Avondale" - Wait a minute.
You memorized the whole list? Yes.
Why? I can't help it.
I have a photographic memory.
Hang on to that photo.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
If this is a bad time, I can come back.
Come on in.
I appreciate it.
What's up? I was hoping for a little college advice.
Georgetown, my alma mater.
I'm gonna have to give you the skinny on all the dorms.
Actually, it's about Stanford.
I got in there, too.
That's amazing.
Not really.
My dad doesn't know I applied.
So talk to him.
That's easy.
"Hey, Dad, I know you have a few things on your plate, but I want to move 3,000 miles away and go to a college you don't even know I applied to.
" Just like that.
He's not gonna like it.
And what he's not gonna like most is that I didn't tell him.
And we're gonna get into this big argument, and I'm thinking he has enough stuff to worry about today.
He doesn't worry about anything as much as he worries about you.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Just start with the unvarnished truth.
That's usually what works best with him.
You got this.
My contact at the Supreme Court says they're not likely to hear the appeal.
That's 'cause it's a political hot potato.
[SIGHS] Where you going? REPORTER: Hundreds are dead, and hundreds more remain missing as the death toll continues to climb, hours after a devastating tsunami hit I have the chief justice for you.
- I'll take it.
- No, sir, he's here.
Send him in.
[TV MUTES] Peter, what a surprise.
Good to see you.
[SIGHS] I'm afraid it's not a social call, Mr.
We missed you at Judge Putnam's memorial today.
Unfortunately, there was too much work here to get away.
I'm glad Emily was able to make it in your stead.
I'm not glad she took the occasion to try to influence our calendar.
Excuse me? Your executive order, which has been enjoined by the lower courts.
The White House wants us to hear the case.
That's correct.
And you think it's appropriate for your chief of staff to corner me about it? Of course not.
Good, because I should hardly have to lecture the President about separation of powers.
She didn't do this at my request.
I find that hard to believe.
However, I accept full responsibility for her actions.
Having said that, did she discuss substance? No.
But at the Supreme Court, procedure is substance.
You influence the outcome of a case by merely getting it on the calendar.
It was an ex parte communication, and you should fire her.
Damn it.
[INTERCOM BEEPS] Get me Emily Rhodes now.
Emily, how many times has the chief justice visited the White House? Never, sir.
Right, for the same reasons that I don't visit his chambers, because of the appearance of impropriety.
I wasn't try to I didn't The walls are closing in on us, sir.
Leadership is conspiring.
People are dying.
- Seth is missing.
- Emily, I understand, but I'm facing a potential constitutional crisis because of these pending charges.
I cannot afford another one because you want to influence the judiciary.
- Yes, sir.
- The Supreme Court denied our petition.
Our judicial option is gone.
Well, I didn't expect them to wade into this political crisis.
What other options do we have to get this aid to Taurasi? There's only one left A unilateral exercise of presidential authority.
In defiance of Congress and the courts.
You go that route, you don't have to worry about criminal charges.
You'll have to worry about impeachment.
I took the liberty of ordering us a bottle of wine.
I assume you like Bordeaux.
When my billings are up, sure.
[CHUCKLES] I'm a busy man these days, Mr.
Let me get right to the point.
I would like to hire you as a senior adviser.
For your presidential campaign? Yes.
You are an asset, and I need assets.
Why, that's very kind, sir, but I'm quite happy in private practice.
Oh, I have no doubt you are happy.
But, one way or another, there is going to be a changing of the guard soon, which might affect your clientele.
Sir, what are we talking about here? We're talking about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.
The A.
appointed you to look into me, and instead, you found misconduct on the part of the President.
Do you know what I call that? No.
Sir, I wasn't trying to be flexible.
I was trying to be a prosecutor.
Following my mandate.
You need justification for pursuing the President.
I had justification, sir.
It's called facts and the law.
I, uh, ordered us a couple of rib eyes.
Thank you.
Well, let's dig in.
And then we'll talk about your future, huh? It's a knock list The names and addresses of every British agent posted at home and abroad.
What was Damian doing with it? My guess what you think a Russian spy was doing.
And if Valeria gives it to Moscow Yeah, they would forgive her for moonlighting for Dax Minter.
Except Valeria has one big loose end.
She's afraid the kid knows about the list, too.
If Amy talks to British intelligence MI6 will scramble its assets, making the list worthless.
If Valeria wants to save herself She has to kill Amy.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] - We got to move now.
- Why? Because there is a bigger price on your head than I thought.
Let's go.
LYOR: Excuse me.
Have you seen this guy with the beard? No? [CHAINSAW WHIRRING] Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me.
Have you seen this man? Have you seen this guy? - No.
- You're sure? [SEA GULLS SQUAWKING] Seth.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
SETH: Lyor! Seth.
- Hey! - Lyor! Hey! No, no, don't do that.
I'm so glad you're okay, man.
Me?! I thought you were dead! No, I-I lucked out.
I was waiting in line for my cappuccino, and, uh, the guy in front of me got a phone call from his brother.
He's a pilot.
He warned us.
I-I saw the tsunami hit from the roof.
You were on the roof? Yeah, um, and then I-I met a cop who had a motorboat.
He gave me a tour of the damage.
We need to talk to the President.
He was on the roof.
[CHICKENS CLUCKING, CHAINSAW WHIRRING] I toured the southern part of the island.
There's massive looting, rioting.
I mean, it's a virtual war zone.
Yes, we lack the police force to come to grips with this sort of chaos, which is why we're begging America for its help.
As soon as you sign the referendum.
President, I have no intention of signing that.
Now more than ever, we need to be a U.
Governor, Congress refuses to help.
The courts have struck down my executive order.
My hands are tied.
And right now, you're the only one who can untie them.
I don't understand.
The key is what Seth said War zone.
Eight years ago, Congress passed a broad Authorization for the Use of Military Force AUMF.
So, if Taurasi's not a protectorate We can help you.
We need to create, at least on paper, a state of potential conflict.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Seth, I can't even begin to tell you how relieved we are that you're okay.
I can't imagine what you've been through.
SETH: Thank you, sir.
- Godspeed.
- [BEEPS] Respectfully, sir, this is beneath you.
TOM: Excuse me, Senator? Protecting our nation from its sworn enemies is beneath me? But, sir, that's not what you're doing.
As the courts have affirmed, Congress has the power of the purse.
This isn't a budgetary issue.
This is the proper exercise of the AUMF.
$3 billion? And And none of this is military.
You're dispatching food, medicine, generators.
The express terms of the AUMF do not restrict the type of aid.
The President can provide tanks, syringes, money, showgirls.
And there's unconstitutional about any of it.
Being hailed as Taurasi's savior isn't going to stop the attorney general from bringing charges, sir.
That's what you don't understand, Senator.
I'm not doing this to be expedient.
I'm doing this because it's the right thing.
And what you don't understand, sir, is that your definition of "right" often entails expedience.
That's why you're in trouble.
TOM: Hey.
Come on in.
Sit down.
First, I want to say congratulations.
Stanford is fantastic.
It is.
Second thing Why didn't you tell me? I'd already applied when Mom died.
I didn't know how to bring it up.
Well, I wish you had.
I've known for months.
I keep forgetting you're pretty well-informed.
The President of Stanford is on my Council of Economic Advisers.
She called me to tell me how thrilled she was that you had applied.
Why didn't you say something? 'Cause I wanted it to come from you.
I'm sorry.
You've got a pretty big choice to make.
What are you gonna do? The decision's made.
I can't leave you.
You're all alone.
No, I'm not.
You are.
I live under the same roof, and I barely see you as it is.
Okay, I'll do better.
You can't do better if I'm on the other side of the country.
I-I mean, you can, but you don't even know how to Skype.
I'll get someone to help me.
I'm the President.
Look I want to be there for you and Penny.
Isn't that a good thing? No.
I don't understand.
You will when you have your own children.
All you'll want for them is for their dreams to come true.
This is what I want.
This is what your mother would've wanted.
This has been a terrible year.
I don't think I would've gotten through it without you.
But we both made it.
Yeah, we did.
You've got your mother's strength.
She would be so proud of you right now.
I'm proud.
- What are you doing? - Telling the world you're home.
Why? If this woman's after me, we need to get out of here now.
And then what? I know her.
She won't stop until she finds you.
She killed my dad.
Didn't she? [SPOON'S "DON'T MAKE ME A TARGET" PLAYS] Here come the man from the stars - We don't know why he go so far - Yeah.
She's not hunting you anymore.
We're hunting her.
Stay away from the windows, lock the door, and do not answer it, no matter what.
When you reach back in his mind Feels like he's breaking the law And there's something back there he got That nobody knows [EXHALES SHARPLY] - [DOOR OPENS] - Mr.
I just got word.
Aid is being flown into the crisis zone as we speak.
Good work, sir.
For all of us.
I'm going to need to address the nation before these charges become public.
I anticipated that, and I spoke with the networks, blocked out time.
That's why you're such a great chief of staff.
[SIGHS] I don't think I've been a great chief of staff, sir.
I don't think I've even been a good one.
[SIGHS] My resignation.
Emily, these have been a very tough couple days.
It's not that.
Then talk to me, because I don't want to lose you.
All day, everyone has been telling me to go home, and I can't.
I can't take a day off.
Because this is your home.
And I've lost my way.
- No, you haven't.
- I have.
Look, you're under a lot of stress.
- We'll lighten your workload.
- It's not the workload.
Then what is it? I told Chuck Russink that he didn't need a warrant to get a reporter's phone records, and now I'm confronting a Supreme Court justice - for a case - Emily, this happens to all of us.
- You're holding on too tight.
- I am.
And that doesn't help you.
It hurts you.
If I don't walk away, I'm afraid I might do something that you can't take back.
Sir, I have Ethan West for you.
Okay, thank you.
You will always have a seat next to me, Emily.
West, I don't have time for you right now.
President, this will just take a moment.
Uh President Moss offered me a job today.
Good for you.
I'm not gonna take it.
He thinks I'm somebody I'm not.
Well, I know exactly what you are.
A good lawyer who'll do anything to help his clients win? If you're here to deliver some kind of mission statement, please No, more of a realization.
See, Moss is working with Congress, who are working with your A.
Everyone's working an angle.
And you're just realizing that now? How long have you been in Washington? Long enough to recognize someone who's not working an angle.
And that's you.
You You don't scheme.
You serve.
Well, my days of service may be done soon.
That's 'cause you don't compromise.
But there is some value in not compromising.
What's this? Something you gave to me, and I'm giving it back.
Hope it helps.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] [EXTREME MUSIC'S "JUKEBOX DISEASE" PLAYS] There's places to go with faces I know And this noise that's in my mind A casual drink I'm trying to sink But the noise is in my mind Aah! [BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Aah! [GRUNTS] I'm taking you in.
No, you're not.
You're a former FBI agent in England, with no authority to do anything.
Tell it to the judge.
I will.
And do you know what he will say? That I have diplomatic immunity.
Not with me.
[GRUNTS] Do svidaniya.
[WATER SPLASHES] Governor, I am privileged to finally tell you, relief is on its way.
[SIGHS] Thank you, sir.
We've also deployed 5,000 American troops to help you keep the peace.
I am grateful, as I expect our people to be when they vote on a new referendum to restore our status as a protectorate, which I expect to pass overwhelmingly.
Thank you, Mr.
And you are our President.
Thank you, Governor.
- Talk to you soon.
- [TV SHUTS OFF] - Great work, Aaron.
- Mr.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
[SIGHS] Our flight doesn't leave for a few hours.
We're gonna have to watch the President's address here.
What do you think he's gonna say? I don't know.
He's playing this one pretty close to the vest.
You know, um, when the tsunami hit, um I was worried about you, man.
I was worried about you, too.
And worried you weren't gonna find a biscotti for a cappuccino, that is.
[CHUCKLES] But you seem to have come through it all right You know, near-death experience.
Think of the stories you'll be able to tell your grandkids, you know, about your view from the roof.
[CHUCKLES] I'll go check on our flight.
What's that man's name? Why? Because he saved my family, carried my grandchildren to the roof.
His name's Seth and he's my friend.
Hey, taxi! AMY: That's not how you do it! It's actually against the law to yell "taxi" at a moving car.
They won't stop.
You just got to look for the light, and then stick your arm out.
What are you doing here? I knew what flight you were on because of your calendar.
Which is on my phone.
Which I hacked into when you were in the bathroom.
[CHUCKLES] You still haven't answered my question.
My dad, he was the only family I had, my only relative.
Oh, no way.
There's nothing here for me, Hannah.
Nobody will look out for me now.
You looked out for me.
Oh, man.
Look, I'm not your mother and I'm not your big sister and I'm not your friend.
Okay? You do what I say, when I say it, or I ship you back here in a crate.
This is a terrible idea.
MOSS: I feel for Taurasi.
But we have a constitution checks and balances, separation of powers.
Tom Kirkman has tried to end-run it all.
Five-minute warning, sir.
- That's not a President.
- Thank you, Mike.
That's an emperor.
[TV SHUTS OFF] You've had my back a lot over these last couple years.
Yes, sir.
You know, if this is the end of the road, Mike Then it's been an honor, sir.
The honor is all mine.
Let's do this.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Good evening, my fellow Americans.
I am speaking to you tonight because this is a critical time in my administration A time when I must address the future of my presidency.
TOM: Open it.
It's blank.
That is correct.
I have no terms.
You see, if I can't convince the people that I've been working with that based on everything that I've done, I have earned the right to remain president, I don't want the job.
I have no terms.
[CHUCKLES] I will continue to speak the truth, to work for all of you, without compromise, without fear, without terms, because that's what the American people deserve.
Oh, my God.
He can't do it now.
We're not prepared.
Someone who puts them first, who won't quit until the job is finished, which is why I'm announcing my candidacy for re-election to the office of President as an independent free from the constraints of party politics.
Thank you for this time.
God bless you.
And God bless these United States of America.
What just happened? Well, it looks like our boy threw down the gauntlet.
And guess who picked it up? [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] HANNAH: Emily? What the hell? Mr.
President, I have the attorney general for you.
Thank you, Janet.
Attorney General, this is the President.