Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


It’s a bomb! I found an explosive! Please evacuate! It’s a bomb! Please back away! A bomb has been found! - Please evacuate! - Evacuate the area! - This way.
- Please evacuate.
- Please evacuate! - Evacuate the area! We fear there might be a second explosion.
Yes, sir.
Based on Article 26, Paragraph 1 of the Government Organization Act, you have been entrusted with all the authority and duties of the President of the Republic of Korea.
Pardon? From this moment forward, you are now the acting president.
Your term has already begun, President Park.
It's a claymore.
What? It looks like a standard claymore on the outside, but it's not a simple claymore.
It's a type of explosive often spotted in terrorist attacks in Algeria and Syria.
Everyone’s waiting for you.
We have no time to talk about what measures we should take right now! We’re at war right now! Do you not know what that means? CURRENT STATUS OF YEOUIDO SITE OF INCIDEN We shouldn’t react emotionally.
We need to figure out what happened first.
It’s too soon to call it a war and make rash judgments.
And who will make that decision? Our commander-in-chief isn't here.
I will now deactivate the explosive.
This is the NSC, the National Security Council.
The final decisions on matters of national security, unification, and diplomacy are made here.
You, sir, the acting president, are the current chief of the NSC.
If a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula now, it'll be World War III! Even if it means World War IV, we must do what we must do! - That's irresponsible! - Should we sit back and watch? - You can't be so emotional - The acting president is here! We must think about our people! Being bullheaded isn't a solution.
Whom are you calling bullheaded? Sir.
This is Acting President Park Mu-jin.
DAY 60: COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF EPISODE 2 The bomb has been deactivated.
We believe the bombers used an explosive demolition technique to blow up the National Assembly Building.
- "Explosive demolition"? - That's correct.
You place the explosives on the pillars or the walls in advance.
Using the weight of the building itself, the explosives are detonated.
In 5 to 15 seconds, these explosives can destroy large buildings.
Most importantly, a relatively small amount of explosives is sufficient.
- It could've been difficult to spot - Next.
Therefore, the amount of explosives used was Enough with that.
Sir? Tell me the most crucial piece of information.
Don't you know what I want to know? So? Was it North Korea or not? We're not sure about that yet, sir.
If it was, the military will take over.
If it wasn't, it'll go to the police.
Shouldn't this be your number one focus? Wow, our deputy commissioner general is very straightforward.
You're no-nonsense.
The president, prime minister, ministers, and assemblymen, over 100 high-ranking government officials, lost their lives at the same time in an attack.
Is this the right time to discuss jurisdictions? You're right.
Over 100 high-ranking government officials were massacred.
And in the center of Seoul, the nation's capital.
The people will probably question who did this.
And they'll wonder who will take responsibility for this.
Do you know why? Because they're anxious.
The commissioner general needs something to say to the people to save face.
Did you say that you're from the Terrorism Task Force? What's your take on this? Who did it? Who planted these explosives in the National Assembly Building? They're explosives used in prior terrorist attacks.
They're the same explosives North Korea has been exporting to its allies.
It's them.
Are they seriously trying to start a war? They want to start a war! This isn't a terrorist attack! This is a declaration of war! This is a preemptive attack! "A declaration of war"? Look.
No movements have been spotted in their camps.
All their missile launchers are in place.
Does it seem like they're preparing for a war? North Korea has made an announcement.
A disaster has occurred in South Korea with the destruction of its National Assembly Building.
The US and the hostile forces are planning something wicked by pointing their fingers at North Korea.
Such a scheme They're strongly asserting that they have nothing to do with this.
This is the first time they responded immediately to the public sentiment in South Korea.
They were about to establish diplomatic relations with us.
They're determined to be acknowledged as a "normal" country.
Didn't you hear them? They were preparing for the peace treaty.
Think about this logically.
"Logically"? My logic tells me that a mad dog should be beaten and that provocation should be punished.
"'Normal' country," you say? North Korea is finally showing their true colors.
Since the US isn't listening to them, they used us as a sacrificial lamb! They're saying, "Look! We can do anything!" We need to make a decision! We should attack the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun or cross the demarcation line! Better yet, we must destroy their nuclear facilities.
That way, they won't be able to start a war with us since we're stronger than they are! Is it even possible to make such a decision? Whether it be attacking the Kumsusan Palace or crossing the demarcation line, we do not have wartime control.
Our country is protected by its alliance with the US.
It's a pride of our military.
If we don't show our determination and will to fight immediately and the power of our military, which is stronger than North Korea's, we may be subjected to an even bigger attack.
During the September 11 attacks, the terrorists' second target was the Pentagon.
Did you all forget that? Request the ROK-US Combined Forces Command to declare DEFCON 3.
Furthermore, our military should prepare for combat.
Are you insisting on waging a war on the Korean Peninsula? It's very reckless to conclude North Korea was responsible based on one bomb that was found! Then who was it? We are a divided country.
Our main adversary is situated right above us.
If it wasn't them, then who was it? Will you only believe it if it reads "Made in North Korea" on the explosives? North Korea? Does that even make sense? Hold on.
How could you defend them in this situation? Something must be wrong with the NSC! What did you say? Are you done? - Then how am I to understand - Come on.
- your reaction? - How could you say that? Did I say something wrong? Then should we just sit still and take it? - Think about our people! - I explained the situation.
Why are you being so pigheaded? - What are you afraid of? - Our security and the lives of our people are at risk! I'm just asking you to be more careful! You can chew with your gums if you have no teeth, and the acting president can fill in if there's no president, but if you have no toilet paper, you're in trouble.
You went through so much today.
You should be happy.
Starting tomorrow, we'll have an acting president.
It wasn't just the National Assembly Building.
The Blue House was hit with a bomb too.
That acting president's nickname was Cinderella.
It's obvious.
He probably brown-nosed politicians and became a minister through nepotism.
Just because he was lucky enough to survive this attack, he's become the head honcho of Korea.
He has only six months of experience in politics, and all he did was measure fine dust levels.
What could he possibly do against North Korea? Actually, I'm scared he might do something.
Don't you agree? Everyone says that you're so lucky.
The point I'm trying to make is that you're very lucky when it comes to your career.
I'm sorry, sir.
To be frank, I was a bit concerned after reading your resume.
I apologize.
You simply made a quick judgment with the given data.
It's an understandable survival instinct.
After all, this is an emergency situation.
I'll be waiting for your call.
Excuse me.
Is the chief presidential secretary still in there? What happens if I step down as acting president? I'm unqualified.
If you're talking about competence, there was only one person who was qualified.
And today, we lost him.
But - I'm sure you know as well.
- Is this because of what happened today? Your termination had no legal effect.
MINISTER PARK MU-JIN There was no time to process it.
But if you resign, your current position will be vacant.
The only individuals who can succeed are ministers and cabinet members.
Who could've ever imagined that such a disaster would occur? Then what happens after I resign? Authority does not permit vacancy.
The clearest and obvious power will take control.
PAST PRESIDENTS - Are you talking about a military coup? - We've experienced such coups several times in the past.
We have a problem.
That's a Sawagiri vessel.
It's Japan's Self-Defense Forces' Aegis destroyer.
Japan seems to have concluded that a war is imminent.
But still.
How dare they trespass into our waters without informing us? It's a good opportunity for them.
Prime Minister Aso's approval rating hit rock-bottom after the scandal.
It's good for them if we have problems.
Even better if their Self-Defense Forces can intervene.
Leadership during a national crisis.
We've done that before as well.
This is because they have no respect for our military.
It's obvious.
Japan has provoked us, and yet, we're just watching.
Does that make sense? We cannot prevent a war unless we're prepared to fight one.
But our acting president doesn't even realize something that simple.
Our nation pretty much doesn't have a commander-in-chief right now.
There will be no commander-in-chief either, if you resign right now.
You should talk with the Japanese ambassador.
If we don't solve this vessel issue by daybreak, things will get more complicated.
Their Self-Defense Forces pretty much announced that a war is imminent.
When morning comes, the stock markets will be shaken up.
The foreigners in this country will look for tickets to go back home.
If that happens, we won't be able to calm the people down.
We're running out of time, sir.
Do you still think you're unqualified? I'm not asking you to exercise presidential powers.
I'm asking you to perform your duty as a citizen.
You were chosen as the acting president based on this country's constitution.
Aren't you tired? It won't take long.
This way.
JAPANESE AMBASSADOR TO KOREA KENTO KIMURA Prime Minister Aso sends his deepest condolences.
Unfortunately, you are not here to relay your condolences.
You have been summoned because a Sawagiri vessel has trespassed into Korea's waters.
We did not trespass into Korean waters.
This is an act of self-defense.
"An act of self-defense"? COMMANDER OF CFC BROWN BELL My fellow Koreans, Dokdo is our land.
Dokdo is a historical land that was the first to get absorbed by Japan during the pillage.
It was conquered by Japan during the Russo-Japanese War "Statement to the Nation.
" "Emergency Statement.
" "Statement.
" UPRIGHT SOCIETY OPENING STATEMEN FIRST ORAL STATEMENT AT BLUE HOUSE For this upcoming Statement to the Nation, I think it's of the utmost importance for me to soothe their financial anxiety.
However, if I don't do it right, I could aggravate their anxiety instead.
So I think Hey, Kim Nam-wook! - Yes, sir.
- How could you snore in front of the president? Is this your way of protesting? Are you saying you're fed up with this old fogy? No, sir.
I had so much work yesterday, so I couldn't listen to your wise - Whine? What did you say? - Your wise - I mean, wise - You need to enunciate.
Your wise words.
- Again.
- Wise words, sir.
- Are you sure about that? - Yes, sir.
That's fine.
Oh, right.
Let me restart the camera.
- Sure.
- We don't want that recorded.
- It's difficult, isn't it? - No, sir.
I'm sorry.
Well I was - Here.
- It's okay.
Well I heard that you were preparing the Statement to the Nation.
As the speechwriter in charge, I will be writing the speech myself.
You don't need to worry, sir.
Secretary Han asked me to make sure you are comfortable.
Would you like to get some sleep? Should I prepare a bed for you? No, thanks.
I'm good.
All right, then.
The Blue House staff and I will take care of everything.
All you have to do sir, is just sit there.
That way, this nation can maintain at least a bit of constitutional order.
It’s me.
How is Si-jin? What did the doctor say? There seems to have been some internal bleeding in her brain, but they were able to stop it.
Now, we are waiting for Si-jin to regain consciousness.
I have Si-jin’s hair tie.
She’ll look for it when she wakes up.
Tell her I’ll give it to her when she comes to me, so she should wake up soon and hurry over.
Si-jin will be fine.
I’ll worry about her.
You have so many other things to worry about now.
We won’t be able to go home for a while.
I’m sorry I put you through this.
Do you really think I mind? You You could have been there when it happened.
At least we're still together.
Is it true that a North Korean submarine vanished? A North-Korean Romeo-class submarine left from Shinpo Base and didn't return.
It’s a submarine built to transport nuclear warheads.
They advertised how it demonstrates their top-class technology.
Do you understand now why Japan dispatched the Aegis to the East Sea? why Japan dispatched the Aegis to the East Sea? You should have discussed it with our government first if Japan is our ally.
Are you concerned about Korea Passing? Are you concerned about Korea Passing? South Korea has failed to protect its own president.
Why would Japan discuss national security with such a nation? South Korea has failed to protect its own president.
Why would Japan discuss national security with such a nation? Are you kidding Let him speak.
Do you mean you will join us as we prepare for war? Where’s President Park now? Must we really consent to DEFCON 2? If it’s true that North Korea’s sub has moved south, yes.
This is crazy.
This is exactly what the American hard-liners wanted.
Just think about it.
To President Reynold, a provocation from the North is a disaster.
His re-election is coming up soon.
I bet he’ll choose the most aggressive military action to show that they won’t be strong-armed by North Korea.
It’ll be more than what the hard-liners wanted.
A DEFCON was declared only twice in Korean history.
The Panmunjeom axe murder incident in 1976 and the Rangoon bombing in 1983.
The US Army had to control the situation in case Korean soldiers retaliated.
At levels over DEFCON 3, the operation authority goes to the Combined Forces Command.
And it’s the same now.
The US just wants to have control over Korea.
It's too dangerous when there is tension between the North and South like now.
Is the hotline still silent? We can't seem to reach them.
There’s no response to the fax we sent about the hotline either.
It’s the same situation with the military communications line.
They’re not sending or receiving any transmissions, both land and maritime.
This is obviously a refusal to talk.
They’re like teenagers, locking their door whenever something happens.
If it’s true that the submarine moved south, then it could already be in front of Jinhae Naval Base by now.
We can’t make hasty conclusions.
From the North’s point of view, stationing the Japanese Aegis is a provocation by the South Korea-US-Japan alliance.
For the North, refusing to communicate is the strongest option for protesting.
June 1996, vice-ministerial level talks between the two Koreas and the first battle at Baengnyeong.
June 2010, the Inter-Korean Summit and the Asan warship explosion.
March 2012, an Inter-Korea Summit Agreement, and the second battle at Baengnyeong broke out.
And today, March 4th, 2019, the National Assembly Building, the assassination of the president and government officials.
Don’t you get it? North Korea has always mocked the government’s Sunshine Policy.
And always with the same method.
Do you still want to believe - that they’re capable of communication? - We don’t just believe it.
We know it.
We know that they need rice as much as we need peace.
Peace isn’t something you beg for with money.
It’s something you protect with your blood.
Your amateurish concept of security and your fantasy of reunification cost you your boss.
And our military lost our commander-in-chief.
We don’t have time, President Park.
Give your consent to announce DEFCON 2.
DEFCON 2 Are you saying you’re certain that North Korea is preparing for war? Do you think any enemy will ever let you know for certain? If we fear the North, it’s not because of their nukes or their missiles.
It means we can never know them.
Just like the submarine.
You got information on the submarine, right? So what are the facts? Did it move south? Is it provocation? Just a drill? Or is it That won't make any difference.
Pardon? Do you know why the government is like this today? Well It’s because the arrogant president made our military and your intelligence service powerless for the sake of peace.
I will never go back to those days.
Don't you agree? I'm against this.
The moment President Park consents to DEFCON 2, the leadership of this nation will go over to the military and intelligence since it means we’re in a quasi-state of war.
Then regaining that power will be impossible, sir.
You really are young.
You have the strength to think about the future.
You should’ve gone to the hospital or taken a sick leave.
It’s not too late.
Do you really think I could go to the hospital? That would be shameless of me.
This is so unfair.
I can't stand it.
Every step of the way for the past two years to reach the peace treaty has been difficult.
We had to worry about upsetting the US.
and pacifying the brazen North.
We never got to eat peacefully with our families or take a vacation.
We worked so hard to get this far.
How could it all go up in smoke like this? We still have time.
We’ll have to check the situation up north as soon as possible.
Whether we use the intelligence from China or from third countries Mr.
Can you connect me directly without going through NIS? All right, sir.
Contact the Chunchugwan and issue a press embargo.
Once the citizens start panicking, we may not have any other choice.
Let's just think about one thing for now.
Peace on the Korean Peninsula was the president’s last unfinished work.
The submarine, sir.
Do you really think North Korea is preparing for an attack? It wasn't caught on radar or in satellite photos, so it means it’s been underwater this whole time.
It’s probably targeting Jinhae Naval Base, right? - Then, by now - By now, they should rise at least to raise their periscope.
If it left Shinpo Base on February 24th and maintained an average speed of 15 knots It's been nine days, so How did they get oxygen inside the submarine? They would have vaporized liquid oxygen, right? Yes.
If it’s a diesel engine, then they’d use lithium batteries.
What do you think? Well - Sir.
- Yes? I studied liberal arts.
Oh, I see.
Is it that hard to understand? It’s North Korea we're talking about.
Even if they're starving, they'll commandeer all the fishing boats to build submarines.
Why are you talking about college majors? What did you just say? I was talking to Mr.
No, the fishing boats.
You said they commandeered all the fishing boats.
Well, it's obvious.
Why else would there be no fishing boats when it’s halfbeak season? Are you sure? Do you have proof? Is that data reliable? It’s where I was born and raised.
There, even if you’ve just scattered your father's ashes in the sea, you have to go fishing the next day because that's your livelihood.
Kim is a North Korean defector whom President Yang selected through special employment to be a speechwriter.
I need a favor.
Out of the way.
How do you feel? Are you okay? I will do my best to help you.
Doctor, how is he? He's losing a lot of blood.
We'll do our best to help you.
I'm so sorry.
About the press interview, would you like to do the photo shoot first or the interview? The reporters are waiting.
I’m going to turn on my phone as soon as I leave the hospital.
If I see a single picture of me here on TV, online, or in any paper, you're fired.
Oh, no.
It must hurt a lot Stop making them stand here.
Feed them and send them back.
- Can I help? - The tent bar doesn't take credit cards.
Are you okay? Oh, my.
You will be okay soon.
She was trying her best.
She wanted to get you more coverage and brought all the reporters who were by the National Assembly Building.
There was a bombing during the president's speech at the National Assembly that I was boycotting.
That alone stops me from being free of any moral responsibility.
The injured are in the lobby because the ER is full.
How could she bring cameras here? Do you think people would view me favorably? I'm sure she just wanted to show people that you’re the first politician to rush to the scene.
TV stations aren't the only ones with cameras anymore.
Come over here.
Please come help.
Out of the way! Where does it hurt the most? #YUN CHAN-GYEONG Hang in there.
#SHINING LEADERSHIP SHE WAS THE FIRST CONGRESSWOMAN TO COME Where does it hurt the most? It looks like you hurt your head badly.
Could you come over here? Just one second.
Are you okay? Could you call a doctor? - Please hurry - Hello? What? To the Blue House.
Yes, ma'am.
I’m sorry to keep you waiting.
It’s okay.
We're in a time of emergency.
Please have a seat.
So the Japanese ambassador was summoned? I heard that the commander of the Combined Forces Command was here too.
What’s going on, Secretary Han? Who told you? Was it the reporters? Or a Blue House staff member? Does that matter? I won't use this to politically attack the president.
President Yang’s administration was terminated today anyway.
That Sunshine Policy you people worshiped so dearly - also came to an end.
- Ms.
Korea has no president, prime minister, or a speaker of the National Assembly right now.
I’m not just an opposition party leader.
I’m a representative of the National Assembly.
No, the citizens.
I can’t be excluded in such a situation involving national security.
I’m saying I’ll share the responsibility.
I’m suggesting a coalition with our party.
It sounds like you’re telling us to throw in the towel.
Thank you for understanding so quickly.
Although our president is gone, we have our acting president, and until the next election, this is still the Yang Jin-man administration.
We’re responsible for this nation’s security.
And we’re going to carry out our responsibilities to the fullest.
It’s March.
The nights are still long.
If it turns out to be true that the North Korean submarine has moved south, I'm sure the people will not wait out the 60-day term of the acting president.
Would they entrust their lives and property with the acting president, who has no experience in politics or with national security other than his military service? In a quasi-state of war like now? It’ll be an especially long night for you.
YEOMINGWAN 1 Here's the data on the marine ecosystem on the eastern coast.
MARINE ECOSYSTEM AND LITHIUM POISONING We found fish with lithium poisoning in the East Sea.
The report came into our ministry on March 2nd.
That's after the submarine disappeared.
Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Lithium Batteries.
It’s the North Korean submarine’s power source.
The vanished fishing boats, fish with lithium poisoning, the lithium-battery-powered sub.
Do you get what this all means? Ms.
Jeong? Please excuse me.
What about the intelligence in China? They had a mass replacement recently.
So it'll be a bit difficult.
How much time do we have? Commander Brown wants us to declare DEFCON 2 before sunrise.
Do you plan to consent to DEFCON 2? What happens if the submarine sank and didn't infiltrate our waters? What if the submarine is drifting in our waters due to defects? Is that true? What’s the source of that information? It's still just a theory.
I’ll need to check a few things.
So, you’re saying you’ll risk the people’s lives and safety on something uncertain that hasn’t even been confirmed? It left Shinpo Base on February 24th.
If it maintained an average speed of 15 knots per hour, since it’s been nine days, it would be somewhere in our waters.
Probably around here.
The last satellite photo of it above water was on March 2nd.
So the oxygen inside the submarine after 69 hours is Stop.
If you’re going to talk about stuff like data and the ethics of scientists, stop.
This isn’t the school or lab where you were before.
Their families are waiting.
The submarine crew’s families must be waiting for them.
None of them would’ve imagined that the day they left home would be the last.
The window of time to save the crew is almost up.
They have 69 hours to breathe with the oxygen inside the submarine, and it’s almost over.
Let me ask you one thing.
What if it didn't sink and did infiltrate our waters? Then they’re just our enemies that could threaten the safety of five million people.
Am I wrong? Give consent to declare DEFCON 2.
- But, Mr.
Han - You promised to let me and the Blue House staff take care of everything that happens here.
I will not gamble with this nation's security.
Are you planning to do what Secretary Han said? I have no choice.
Didn't you think the submarine sank? For now, it's just a hypothesis that hasn't been proved yet.
It is not data.
No, I'll do it.
You should get used to it.
It's protocol.
It's a bit too much.
Of course.
Thank you.
I was told a protocol administrator is like a traffic light.
"The Republic of Korea is still doing well.
So, no one can mistreat us.
" I must have wanted to send out that signal through you, Mr.
I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.
That's a good expression, that a protocol administrator is like a traffic light.
The chief secretary of Presidential Protocol always said that.
Did I meet him today? He was accompanying the president at the National Assembly today.
He went instead of me because I wanted to go to Panmunjom.
Today, we are standing here because we survived by chance.
Because it's old.
Secretary Choi.
- No - No, please.
How could you leave us like this? COME BACK ALIVE PLEASE FIND MY BROTHER DAE-HYUN HURRY HOME! Please send him back to us.
Please don't go.
Is anyone there? Do you hear me? Please answer me! Are there any survivors? Anyone? Do you hear me? What do you think the possibility is? For there to be survivors in this situation.
Do you have statistics or examples from other countries? What I want to believe in isn't probabilities, but a miracle.
I heard the NIS director was on the list of the deceased.
Life is so unpredictable.
If it were a normal administrative speech by the president, the NIS Director would have no reason to be there.
He decided only yesterday morning to attend because it was regarding the Inter-Korean Peace Agreement.
I need to ask for a favor.
That isn't a favor.
It's an illegal act.
So, you're asking me to pull up the list of people Agent Kim met and called before going to the National Assembly Building and the work he was doing.
Do you know what they call it in two words? Illegal surveillance.
What century do you live in? I don't do anything that's out of trend.
Kim Jun-o is an agent with Espionage Team Two.
He has no reason to attend the State of the Nation Address.
But he was there right at that time, and took the subway instead of driving as usual, and he was alone.
I just want to know the reason.
I want to know the reason too.
Why you are reporting to people directly without my knowing? Na-gyeong, when matters are as pressing as this, it's better to unify the channels.
If you report to my superiors without going through me I was just going to tell you.
Is that so? Then go ahead and tell me.
North Korea is acting weird.
What's new about that? Are you telling me the sun rises in the east? They are always acting weird.
Look at this.
Is this normal? They're too quiet.
They are way too quiet to assume North Korea did this to provoke us.
None of the diplomats in other countries had their families take shelter or return to their home country.
Security hasn't been heightened at the border of China, nor were any unusual activities detected.
You're the one that said the bomb found at the site was made in North Korea.
It was a dud.
What if someone orchestrated it to make us suspect North Korea? Who would do that? Do you approve of DEFCON 2? What happens after that? NORTH KOREA'S MAIN NUCLEAR FACILITIES It's called the Bloody Nose Strategy.
It is a restricted and precise preemptive strike to display superior military strength and intimidate them.
NORTH KOREA BOMBING SIMULATION As commander-in-chief of the ROK military SINUIJU, PYONGYANG, PREDICTED LOCATION - Sir? - It's strange.
The submarine moved south, but instead of defending our seas, we're hitting North Korea's nuclear facilities first? We're incapacitating their nuclear facilities, so North Korea cannot provoke us again.
It's just one of the options.
It won't affect the South.
If they are capable of thinking reasonably, they won't start a full-scale war against the US.
So, you're saying this will only be successful under the assumption that North Korea is reasonable and rational.
Does North Korea seem like such a country to you, General Lee? Approve to increase to DEFCON 2.
The North Korean submarine may not have infiltrated our waters.
- Wait - We learned that the marine ecosystem along the submarine routes has been polluted by lithium.
It is highly likely they drifted south due to faulty batteries.
Can you prove that? How could anyone prove that? How would you prove it when it isn't caught on satellites or sonars? Unless North Korea admits it, we won't be able to prove it.
Then we have no choice.
North Korea will have to confirm it.
You're defying Washington.
You have put the Korean-US alliance at risk because of a guess.
It's my duty to report We will abide by President Reynold's decision.
Tell him this.
Don't leave a single word out.
The acting president is carrying out his job well as commander-in-chief of the ROK.
We have operational authority in times of peace.
The moment you go through that door, you'll be the only one doubting the Korea-US alliance.
North Korea has shut down all communication channels.
You know they haven't responded to not only the communication lines, but also the hotline.
Why did they shut off the hotline if the submarine really sank? They may be poor, but they have self-respect.
North Korea has been able to last this long because of their pride in independent national defense like nuclear or war arms technology.
They probably don't want the whole world to know the submarine the VIP is most proud of sank due to a defect, especially not South Korea and the US.
Then there is nothing we can do.
North Korea won't suddenly swallow their pride and admit it.
Didn't you say there was a defect in the submarine? Then why did you tell North Korea it is drifting after hitting a rock? Someone told me that they may be poor, but that doesn't mean they don't have self-respect.
Now, do we just have to wait for North Korea to reply through the hotline? "After communicating through fax or phone, we are to reply through a direct call between the leaders within 10 minutes.
" That's the rule of operation of the hotline set by both Koreas.
If we don't get a reply within 10 minutes, we can assume North Korea has no intention of communicating with South Korea.
This won't work.
I think we need a different plan.
Where is Secretary Han? Maritime rescue? Yes, North Korea is asking China and Russia for a rescue team, but it doesn't seem to be going well.
I see.
Then it's true that the submarine sank.
Thank you.
I have something to tell you.
- Yes? - The submarine Secretary Han! Secretary Han! - He fainted.
- Guards! Guards! Secretary Han.
Wake up.
- Wake up, Secretary Han! - Emergency! Get him on my back.
Secretary Han.
Move out of the way.
Secretary Han.
I approve it.
I initiate DEFCON 2 on the Korean Peninsula.
DEFCON 2 has been declared for the entire military.
DEFCON 2 has been declared for the entire military! DEFCON has been declared.
All troops get ready for combat.
Go! What did you say? Mr.
North Korea has issued Level 2 Combat Readiness.
I know.
Get them ready now.
Call Washington and upgrade to DEFCON 1.
Bloody Nose.
It's time for that strategy.
This is the Blue House.
President has to answer.
This is Park Mu-jin, the acting president.
Did you say you have the coordinates to the current location of our submarine? CALL OFF LEVEL 2 COMBAT READINESS Will you call off Level 2 Combat Readiness? Then I'll send you the submarine's coordinates.
The South breached the ceasefire agreement first.
You called in Japan's Maritime Self-defense Force and went into combat readiness with the US.
It was the South, not us.
Why would we lift combat readiness first? Is it because of the US? Because they have wartime authority, not the South? NO NEGOTIATIONS WITHOUT AN ANSWER It's because we aren't the US.
The US doesn't want peace on the Korean Peninsula as much as we do.
The crew of the submarine are still alive, but the window of opportunity may close if you wait any longer.
Isn't it the nation's duty to save its people's lives? Today, we failed to do so.
However, you still have a chance.
Look! North Korean combat planes are moving! What did I tell you? They used this conversation to take advantage of us! We gave North Korea time to attack us! No, we didn't.
The combat planes are turning around.
The fighter jets heading toward the MDL turned around and are going back! Okay, good.
The North has lifted its combat readiness.
President Park Please.
Right, of course.
These are the coordinates to where the submarine drifted.
Please lower our state to DEFCON 4.
We are now at DEFCON 4.
It's time to keep your promise.
Will you remove the Sawagiri fleet from Korean waters? It's just a cramp.
SINUIJU PEACE AND PROSPERITY Is it being sent to NDFC? A photo or video of the explosion would help, but I doubt there’s any.
Still, you never know.
They could find a lead in one of these devices.
I don't know how much forensics can recover, but still.
Do we have consent from all the victims' families? There are some from missing persons who haven't been confirmed dead or alive.
I'll wrap up things here and send the evidence to NDFC.
You should grab some breakfast.
Are you sure? Let's go then.
We'll see you later.
Happy birthday, dear Na-gyeong Happy birthday to you Then, 121225.
Okay, 190330.
WEDDING OF KIM JUN-O AND HAN NA-GYEONG Hey, 122937 Han Na-gyeong! Right, 122937.
You finally ended up in a hospital.
I don't know whether to be relieved or worried, but you were treated in time, which prevented a cerebral infarction.
You should take this opportunity to rest for a few days.
The doctor said to avoid exhaustion and stress.
It won't be possible at the Blue House.
No, it won't be possible until I die.
Why? What now? Secretary Han.
Call President Park.
I need to see him.
Thankfully, your theory of the submarine sinking was right.
Thank you.
I never expected you to take my side in front of Commander Bell.
Well, a greenhorn in politics who has mostly worked in academia his whole life was about to compromise the alliance between South Korea and the US.
I couldn't just sit back and watch that happen.
The person in the most danger today inside the bunker wasn’t Commander Bell or Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Lee.
Acting President Park Mu-jin.
It was you.
What if North Korea kept refusing to answer the hotline? What were you going to do? Did you even think of what could have happened? That position doesn’t require someone who will be a hero and save the world by some fluke.
Do not assume that luck is always on your side.
Today's the last day that luck will be on your side.
TO ACTING PRESIDENT PARK MU-JIN The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has successfully rescued the entire crew of the submarine.
The entire crew of 28 members have been safely returned to their families.
As a fellow compatriot, I send my deepest condolences for your devastating tragedy.
THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA Hello? Si-jin's awake! Her test results came back clean too.
You don't have to worry now.
Hey, Si-jin, is that you? Daddy, do you have my hair tie? Daddy? Why aren't you answering me? Yes.
Daddy? Daddy, I miss you.
Okay, my baby Sir? This Oh, right.
It's a better look.
Of course.
My fellow Koreans, hello.
I am Acting President Park Mu-jin.
It's not that he never wanted power.
President Park just never had a chance.
Will you be the same even after you witness the world shifting by your word? Power, you say? That has nothing to do with me.
The bombers detonated the bombs using the building's internet cable lines.
There has been an act of violence in the Bogil district.
I plan on fulfilling my civic responsibility and returning to academia after 60 days.
Subtitle translation by Soo-ji Kim