Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


As a candidate for a voter-nominated office, I solemnly declare and affirm that what I state shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
March 22, 2019.
Candidate Oh Yeong-seok.
" The confirmation hearing for the minister nominee is going well.
The nonparty cabinet is the result of a joint effort between the ruling and the opposition parties.
Most importantly, it shows the government's strong determination to ensure a fair, seamless presidential election, which will take place in 40 days.
CONFIRMATION HEARING WELL UNDERWAY When the cabinet reshuffle is completed, people will realize that President Park was like a relief pitcher who took the mound in the midst of a crisis.
President will outrank all other candidates by a wide margin.
A pitcher who takes the mound before he's warmed up is highly likely to get injured.
It'll only cut his career short.
To run for President, he'll have to resign from office at least 30 days prior to the election.
He can't run as a candidate this time.
As for the Acting President role, the newly appointed ministers can fill in.
Is President Park in agreement with you? Has he agreed to run for President? Would you consider running for President, sir? Not as the Acting President, but as the president of the Republic of Korea.
Do you think I'm suitable for that position? I think you can win.
As far as I know, you're the candidate who is most likely to win the election.
About the bomber, Myung Hae-joon Where is he now? I cannot disclose that information for national security's sake.
Are you sure that he's alive? What? That's Is the rumor true? Some are saying that the bomber, Myung Hae-joon, is dead.
- What? - He's dead? - Myung Hae-joon? - Seriously? Did something really happen? There's a witness who saw his corpse being transferred from the DSSC to the NFS.
- What? - To the National Forensic Service? We received a tip that one of the four corpses, which hasn't been collected by the bereaved, is Myung Hae-joon.
Is it true? Did he die during the interrogation? Was he tortured or abused in any way? - Please tell us.
- What happened to Myung Hae-joon? - Tell us.
- Is he dead? - Tell us the truth.
- Please make a comment.
- What happened during the interrogation? - Tell us the truth.
Myung Hae-joon During his interrogation, he was neither tortured nor abused in any way.
Are you saying he's alive? - Tell us.
- Is he alive? - Then where is he now? - Is he alive? Raising groundless speculations regarding him may pose a serious threat to national security.
I can't say anything else.
- Then is he alive? - He wasn't tortured at all? - Tell us the truth.
- Answer the question.
"Neither confirm nor deny.
" Their strategy is the Glomar response.
I have to say, the tip is quite detailed.
Well, the fact that they can't firmly deny the speculation means that it's true.
Right? Myung Hae-joon was murdered? By who? Well, we'll have to find out.
Hey, Sin-yeong.
You're no longer in the Blue House press corps.
I can't wait until they call me and tell me that dinner is ready.
I'm hungry, and I can already smell the food.
The reporters have caught on to it, so there will be all sorts of speculations regarding Myung Hae-joon.
Yes, probably.
I always thought freedom of the press would be guaranteed in the South, unlike the North, where I was born.
However, all I can do now is saying that we can't confirm it at the moment with a stern face in front of the press corps, who insist that the people have the right to know.
I'm an incompetent communications officer.
A press secretary who's a coward.
If we tell them the truth, will it help us catch the one behind Myung Hae-joon's murder? Broadcasting the details of our investigation in real time will only tell the bombers how they can flee.
Am I wrong? At the moment, national security matters more than the people's right to know.
It's for the public good.
You're able to judge situations quickly, and you can handle crises well.
Who can do a better job than you? Well I do have to say that you whine more than I thought you would.
What do you think of a man who likes to whine a little? Go on in.
The reporters aren't the only problem.
The opposition party will make a big fuss over it if it's made public.
You saw what Ms.
Yun did.
She won't even hesitate to get you impeached.
She'll launch a full-on political attack against you.
But this is about national security, which both she and the opposition party consider the number one priority.
It is also their favorite card because it can help them bring their supporters together.
Whether you want to take part in it or not, they're getting ready for the election.
It's like a black hole.
They'll turn every situation into a political strife.
In Ms.
Yun's eyes, the Blue House will look like a presidential candidate's campaign office.
Her competitor, whom she must beat at all costs.
Then our priority should be finding out who killed Myung Hae-joon.
To ensure national security as well as to win the political battle.
I'll contact the NIS right away to see if they've obtained any clues regarding the killer.
Na-gyeong! I found him.
Room 119.
I found him in the security footage from the camera in front of the air-raid shelter.
Do you see him? Zoom in on the face.
Look at my eyes.
I found him in the security footage recovered by the Digital Forensics Center.
And thanks to that, my eyes are all bloodshot now.
Don't you see it? Dedication isn't a virtue.
It's our duty.
Do you take classes or what? Who taught you to talk like a stuffy old man? Right here.
At 3:14 p.
It was right before the explosion.
This is him, right? Assemblyman Oh Yeong-seok.
Chairman and all members of the Committee.
I am here today to prove to you all that my capabilities and moral standards are well suited for the role of the Minister of National Defense.
We found it.
It's firm evidence that shows the bombers had designated Assemblyman Oh as a survivor before the attack.
Assemblyman Oh was caught on the camera in front of Room 119 at 3:14 p.
, which was right before the explosion.
We must report this to the Blue House immediately, before the confirmation hearing ends.
The DSSC, which is partially responsible for Myung Hae-joon's death, operates under National Defense.
If Oh Yeong-seok is appointed Minister of National Defense, he'll try to bury this case.
We were waiting for you, Agent Jeong.
How is the investigation going? Any progress? We found the killer, sir.
You found the killer? Who is it? Where is the killer now? Agent Jeong? Who is the person that killed Myung Hae-joon? It's me, sir.
I killed Myung Hae-joon.
What did you just say? I killed Myung Hae-joon, Mr.
DAY 42: DOUB EPISODE 8 State your team, name, and position.
I'm the chief of NIS' Counterterrorism Task Force, Jeong Han-mo.
You said Agent Jeong is well respected within the NIS, right? Yes, I'm sure he is.
From the Counterintelligence Task Force to the Counterterrorism Center, he's been on the so-called elite path at the NIS.
Then why do you think he did such a reckless thing? If he thought about the career he's built or his family even just once It couldn't have been an easy decision, considering his age and the fact that he has a family to support.
Why do you think Agent Jeong killed Myung Hae-joon? He deserved to die.
Our President and many innocent civilians lost their lives because of the attack, and yet he neither repented nor begged for forgiveness.
I I I did the best thing that I could do.
Something's wrong.
You know he'd never do something like that.
I'm his witness and his alibi, sir.
I was with Han-mo the whole time we were investigating Myung Hae-joon at the DSSC.
If it's actually true, there's no way I wouldn't know about it.
I'm just as frustrated as you are.
They're saying he has confessed to it! It's not like he was tortured or coerced.
He walked in there and confessed to the murder.
What else needs to be said? What are you doing now? Agent Han? From this moment forward, all the data regarding Myung Hae-joon case will be transferred to State Bureau of Investigation.
You can't just do that without any discussion You've been suspended, Agent Han.
Would you please come with us to the office? According to the regulation, there will be an interrogation to find out if you're Agent Jeong's accomplice.
Accomplice? Please cooperate.
Otherwise, we'll force you to.
Hey, don't forget to take things like USB sticks.
Get her! Get her! Agent Han! Stop! Stop there! Hey! Han Na-Gyeong! Damn it.
Hey, Han Na-Gyeong! Stop there right now! Hey, stop! Damn it! Stop, Han Na-Gyeong! Hey! Stop her! You stop there! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop the car! Damn it! You won't have to worry about being tracked for a while.
This is a stolen car that has been in the office parking lot for ages.
These are a copy of the things Han-mo tried to report to the Blue House.
Stop the car.
I'll go by myself from here.
If you're away for too long, you might get suspected too.
Promise me even if things go wrong, you won't mention my name during the interrogation.
What? I can't trust you.
Oh, well.
You might as well just make this work.
You must make this work.
Don't get caught and don't get hurt.
Be careful.
You defeated the North Korean army seven years ago at the Battle of Baengnyeong, right? That was the first battle we won ever since the Korean War.
Am I right? We did defeat the North Korean army, but we didn't win the Battle of Baengnyeong.
Fourteen members of my troupe lost their precious lives.
As the commander of the battle, I think about my responsibility for the defeat every single day.
Agent Han? You wanted me to call you once I was certain about the bomber.
Assemblyman Oh must not become the Minister of National Defense.
Are you saying he's unqualified somehow? Is this related to the blueprint of the National Assembly building? We'll talk about the details in person.
I'm on my way to the hearing.
- Here's the next question.
- Sir.
May I suggest we take a short break? Before we confirm the hearing report about Mr.
Oh, there's something I'd like to discuss with our party members.
Please, sir.
As Ms.
Yun suggested, we'll take a short break.
It's getting too late.
It's almost time.
Do you think it's reliable information? I proposed her a deal with the blueprint.
Usually, people would say yes even if they didn't mean it.
There's nothing to lose.
She got an offer from the opposing party when the administration is about to change.
But Agent Han turn the offer down.
I trust her.
AGENT HAN NA-GYEONG Please stay away.
There was an accident here.
- There's been an accident.
- Please step away.
Excuse me.
Have you heard from the informant yet? It's been an hour already.
We need to finish it up by today, ma'am.
She said he's unqualified for the position of Minister of National Defense.
Security is important now more than ever.
This is about appointing Minister of National Defense.
Please just trust me and give it some more time.
I trust you.
But will the other members trust you as well? You failed to scout Assemblyman Oh, and everyone in there knows that.
You were against establishing a nonparty cabinet too.
If it gets any more delayed, they will say things like you're trying to ruin the hearing and besmirch him out of personal reasons.
Ma'am, can you hear me? Ma'am.
Ma'am, please stay where you are.
You did great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll see you around.
Congratulations, Assemblyman Oh.
Your hard work didn't go unnoticed too.
You managed to survive not only on the battlefield but even a bombing.
That kind of luck never strikes a person even once, but it happened to you twice.
Luck? Do you believe you'll always be this lucky? At least for today, it seems like Lady Luck is on my side, not yours.
I'll see you then.
Assemblyman Oh's confirmation hearing just ended, sir.
His appointment was accepted without any specific hitches.
CERTIFICATE OF APPOINTMEN Is it too far into the night to meet Assemblyman Oh? What is it about? He was here on that day.
PERSONNEL FILE JEONG HAN-MO The day Agent Jeong came here to debrief me on the interrogation.
Something about him felt off.
Agent Jeong? Yes.
He said he had a lead on the Myung Hae-joon Case, but quickly changed his word.
It's as if he had become a different person.
I want to know if Mr.
Oh thinks the same way.
What's there to be curious about? The answer is clear as day.
A witness who holds the key to the investigation suddenly changes his or her statement? That only happens when someone who shouldn't hear it is present.
Who was in the room with you? Do you have any leads? Yes, I believe so.
This way.
I'm glad to hear that.
It's a relief.
I had no idea you'd be here too.
Make sure it's in line.
- Ms.
- Yes? No one will give you a merit badge for saving duct tape in the Blue House.
Don't you know that this is President Park's first time at an event like this? Look where you marked, for example.
All right.
One, two, three.
The spot I see you marked the right spot.
Secretary Cha, did you call for me? Gosh, look at the dust on your suit.
And who are you again? - Sorry? - Let me ask you all this.
Raise your hand if you heard me calling for him.
No? Ms.
Kim, you're doing a great job.
With a rating of 19.
8 percent, he's even ahead of Yun Chan-gyeong in the presidential race.
He's in second place right behind President Park.
He must've won over the public at his hearing yesterday.
His rating has been measured ever since he gave his eulogy, and it's been on the rise.
It's quite funny if you ask me.
The two with the highest approval ratings are both survivors of this recent attack.
It reflects how much the people were terrorized by it.
That fear had them make heroes out of the survivors.
It was one heck of a move to have Mr.
Oh join the nonparty cabinet.
I'm sure it'll immensely help President Park run the government.
Good job.
I had a tip that implied how Assemblyman Oh is unfit to be a minister.
The tip came from Agent Han Na-gyeong of the NIS Terrorism Task Force.
Please have a seat.
What disqualifies him of being appointed? What was the tip? I don't know yet.
She called me on the road and asked me to stall the hearing.
I haven't heard back from her even up until this moment though.
Around the same time, a big car accident occurred near where the hearing was being held.
Odd, right? However, no one with injuries from a car crash was admitted to any of the hospitals near the site.
Do you think that Agent Han was a victim of the accident? I don't think it was an accident.
Agent Han told me that she had definitive proof regarding the National Assembly Building bombing.
She was even adamant about Assemblyman Oh being unfit for Minister.
But then she disappeared without a single trace.
Do you suspect Assemblyman Oh? And you're suspecting me.
Oh has devoted his life to this country.
And you think I'm crossing into a dangerous territory by accusing him.
I'm here without any proof after all.
You must think it's to put a dent in your nonparty cabinet.
I didn't actually think you'd agree with me easily.
Why not? You're probably scared because I could be right.
It would be even scarier to admit that you were wrong in appointing him as Minister.
Aren't I right? Please take care of this.
You're actually more competent that I gave you credit for.
President Park has become a true politician.
Secretary Cha, call the NIS.
I need to verify something.
I heard that Agent Han found definitive proof regarding the National Assembly Building bombing.
Is this true? Sorry? What do you mean by definitive proof? Oh, I must apologize, sir.
Chief Jeong and Agent Han were asked to debrief you in person, - so I am not aware of all the findings - Agent Han.
Where is she right now? There's an issue with Agent Han at the moment.
The State Bureau of Investigation informed her that they'd be looking into her being Agent Jeong's accomplice.
She must've gotten scared because she's gone AWOL.
The agency is doing its best to locate her as we speak.
Please report back to me as soon as you find her.
I need to ask her something in person.
Yes, Mr.
Hey, you're up.
Drink this.
What happened? How did I get here? You took the words right out of my mouth.
I received a call.
They said you were in an accident and asked me for my address.
A call? From whom? Let's check the caller ID.
What's the number? It was from a payphone somewhere near the Seoul Metropolitan Council.
A payphone? Who could've been? The bell rang, so I opened the door.
You were the only one outside.
Don't you remember? Do you remember who it was? No.
YUN CHAN-GYEONG Why aren't you answering? The only person who knew I was headed to the hearing was Ms.
So the car accident wasn't random.
CALL HISTORY POWER OFF Ji-won, we can only trust each other right now.
What about the hearing? Was Assemblyman Oh's appointment approved? Congratulations.
I heard that your appointment was approved with a unanimous vote.
Thank you.
I'm guessing you didn't hear the news though.
The head of the congressional hearing informed me that Agent Han of the NIS tipped Ms.
Yun off about there being a reason for disqualification.
Although, it turned out to be nothing.
Why do you think Agent Han said so though? She's not exactly in a position to make false accusations like that.
Agent Han lost a loved one in the attack.
I was told she lost her fiancé during the National Assembly Building bombing.
He died while I lived.
She's been suspicious of my survival from the get-go.
No matter how many times it's explained, even though it's the truth, it'll be hard for her to accept.
I've been there myself.
After the Battle of Baengnyeong? Living in South Korea only ends in two ways.
You either become a victim one day or the bereaved.
That day at sea, I asked myself over and over again why those innocent young souls had to die.
I just couldn't accept the truth.
I couldn't believe it.
However, nobody gave me an answer.
The conservatives who uses national security to score votes took advantage of us, and the progressives who cry peace for their votes turned a blind eye.
Is that why you got into politics? I chose a path where I could find the answers myself.
And Agent Han is one of the people that I wish to speak for.
What time is the investiture for the new ministers? It's at 2 p.
, ma'am.
Will President Park appoint Assemblyman Oh as a minister? I don't know, but it feels like I'm being evaluated.
Excuse me? If he trusts me as a politician, he'll reconsider.
If he appoints Assemblyman Oh, won't that mean he doesn't trust me? I wonder what kind of choice President Park will make.
I've chosen to answer myself.
It's time to leave, sir.
The investiture will start soon.
You'd like to postpone the investiture? If you do that now, wouldn't the media come up with wild speculations? Rumors about your health, conflict within the Blue House, the Blue House playing a power game There will be various rumors.
Please help me out here.
I need time to verify the candidates.
I'll leave the media up to you.
Do you plan to withdraw Assemblyman Oh's nomination? You can't do that, sir.
Assemblyman Oh is a symbolic member of the nonparty cabinet.
Withdrawing for any reason, would only mean the Blue House failed in personnel verification.
The opposing party will use this as an excuse to annul the nonparty cabinet and say it was bad government.
You're the biggest threat to Assemblywoman Yun as a presidential candidate.
Other than Assemblywoman Yun's claim, we currently have no evidence on the suspicions of Assemblyman Oh, sir.
Assemblywoman Yun was trying to get you impeached just a few days ago.
She's a master in politics.
She may have other intentions, sir.
What should I do? Should I call the ceremony hall? It isn't too late yet.
Let me ask you one thing.
Isn't the hearing a verification process of candidates by the National Assembly? The opposing party asked for a verification, and I just faithfully complied to it.
Have I created a controversy that you have to object to? Then when you met with Assemblyman Oh, did you find him suspicious in any way? It's the opposite.
Then why are you taking such a big chance? Don't you see what Assemblywoman Yun wants? Assemblyman Oh is someone everyone I don't know what Assemblywoman Yun wants or what kind of person Assemblyman Oh is.
I want to trust them, but can't.
As for now, I don't even know whether they are friend or foe.
So I've decided to choose neither of them.
- Mr.
- What I believe in are the principles and system of our administration.
It's controlled our nation so far.
Until Assemblyman Oh is verified, I don't plan to appoint him Minister of National Defense.
The nonparty cabinet was a test to verify your administrative ability.
If you postpone the investiture and withdraw his nomination, that will clearly become your error and misadministration.
Your approval rating will definitely plunge.
Are you okay with that? You want me to be a presidential candidate? Yes.
I can't be the candidate that has a good chance of winning like you want me to be.
That's my answer.
Yes, sir.
I'll have the investiture postponed as you wish, sir.
What did he say? He just isn't used to this.
Taking chances on political matters or how the Blue House works.
He isn't used to it? The President isn't desperate enough.
I think every day that during the previous government, we should've used the power we had to fight and win against the opposing party or anyone that were against us by any means.
If we didn't give them an excuse or even the smallest reason to attack us, if we pushed back harder, if I just insisted to the President more strongly Then he wouldn't have been ridiculed throughout his entire term, nor would he have gone down in history so pathetically.
President Yang Jin-man was the kindest person I've ever met.
That's why we failed.
I really don't understand.
Why did Han-mo confess that he killed Myung Hae-joon? I need to ask around to find out what happened to Han-mo.
You can't be careless like that.
Don't you get it? We've all fallen into a trap.
Han-mo went to the Blue House to report Assemblyman Oh to higher authorities and got locked up as a murderer.
You almost died on your way to the hearing.
I followed your orders, and now I've been suspended indefinitely without pay.
I haven't even paid off my car yet.
Are you trying to make me feel bad? No, I'm not.
I'm saying an agent's commitment isn't a virtue, but an obligation.
It's what you said.
Something this cliche should be engraved in stone for the NIS.
Who in the world said that to you? The agent who trained me.
Kim Jun-o of Espionage Team Two.
This is Myung Hae-joon's killer.
Is he the one that attacked you yesterday? It's him.
Do you work out? You've lost weight.
Golf isn't much exercise.
I can't seem to lower my score.
It's always above 80.
Maybe I lost weight because I have much to worry about.
Two of my men I'm really sad, Mr.
Make sure I don't have to worry.
I told my men in the State Bureau of Investigation to find Na-gyeong.
The Blue House wasn't doing anything.
Would you like cuffs this time? You have to find her first.
Don't have others do it, but find her yourself.
Outsourcing causes problems.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Kim? You need to learn how to wait after giving orders for your men to grow.
Is that how the VIP taught you? He trusts you too much.
Those that are in charge of state affairs don't even meet.
We don't know each other's names or faces.
How will we get anything done without being connected? Isn't it better not to know for everyone? Did I keep you waiting? They must get chatty with age.
Director Ji seemed to be hoping you'd meet with him.
He works in the shadows but wants to stand in the light? Silent commitment.
I wonder why people engrave that on stone when they can't live up to it.
President Park seems to be looking for Agent Han.
Director Ji will take care of her, so the investiture for the Minister of National Defense goes smoothly.
Is the investiture that important? I think we got everything we needed during the hearing.
I saw that your approval rating soared after the hearing, and you are up there with President Park.
Now, everyone will move with the presidential election in mind, including Assemblywoman Yun and the Blue House.
Those people How great a world are they trying to create? If we could change the world with an election, humans would have done everything to get rid of elections.
And a long time ago at that.
Don't you agree? That's why elections are like Santa Claus to adults.
It's a lie we want to believe in.
Don't you think you can give people their gift? President Park won't be registered as a presidential candidate.
What should we tell the press about the postponement? Let's say it's a problem in administrative procedure.
It's a first with an acting president.
Whom do you have in mind? The presidential candidate registration is in 10 days.
President Park turned you down.
But I'm sure someone new will show up as the presidential candidate.
Good luck! Nothing in this house is off the record nor do embargoes work.
- Is this true? - Please answer us! What is it? Who could it have been? Why bother now? It's a scandal regarding Yang Jin-man's ministers.
Why would they release a scandal about those who are already dead? Why do you think they tipped off the press? How is the press responding? So you're saying that the same tip was given to Joongang Daily, the public TV, and the news channel, right? That's an internal document with the Blue House's mark on it.
Was there a whistle-blower? Who was it? Do you have no clue either? Even Jang-hyun, the chief of the Blue House, had no idea either.
Based on the tip, I'm certain it was a whistle-blower.
The tip is JANG GUN-HO'S INVOLVEMENT IN CORRUPTION I can't believe them.
"Jang Gun-ho, Former Minister of National Defense's Involvement in Corruption.
Choi Jong-bok, Former Minister of Construction and Transportation's Investment in Real Estate.
Park Ji-yoon, former Minister of Gender Equality and Family's husband's sex scandal.
" Also, "Former" Was the Chief Office already aware of this? It is our duty to monitor our public officials.
We now know that the tip wasn't fake.
So now, we need to know who released these documents to the press.
This was top secret information that only the Chief Office knew about.
So? Are you accusing me? Just be blatant and tell me that you're suspecting me.
Don't beat around the bush.
It feels like crap.
This is a logical inference.
You've done this before.
If that's the case, you're not that innocent either.
Remember Myung Hae-joon's video? In order to gain political wins, there's nothing you can't do.
I'm sorry to interrupt your passionate debate, but this is odd.
This tip has all the big and small issues regarding Yang Jin-man's men.
But why isn't there anything about Mr.
President? Not even one bit.
The anonymous whistle-blower has claimed that they also have scandals related to Acting President Park Mu-jin.
They weren't after Yang Jin-man's cabinet.
President Park was their target.
Why did they reveal scandals regarding the cabinet? They've all passed away.
Because the scandals were proven to be true.
They're warning all of us that President Park's scandal is also true.
They also have scandals related to Acting President Park Mu-jin.
If this information proves to be true, it is likely to cause a great commotion.
Is there anything you can think of? Whether it's related to your work or your private life.
What kind of information do you think the informant has? He was evaluated during the hearing, and he had the best reputation in Sejong.
Since he's always been at school, it can't be anything too serious, right? If it's related to school, it could be his thesis, position, or research funds.
If it's his ministry, collusion with the local government? - Come on.
- Come on.
What? It's better to predict such things before they hit you.
But it's best to prevent them.
"Collusion with the local government"? Why are you writing that down? If you tell us first, it'll be better.
If we make a move first, we can prevent this from blowing up.
In addition, the whistle-blower stated that they will release the scandals related to President Park Mu-jin tomorrow.
Will you please tell us? The public is in commotion about how President Park's scandals will affect this country.
Someone who has claimed to know about his scandals appeared.
This is ridiculous.
Is this true? Agent Han is not someone who would commit such a crime.
Am I to push them into the gates of hell so that I can be commended? I wonder how Mu-jin will react once he finds out that he was a part of the bombing.
Subtitle translation by Liya Choi