Detective Conan (1996) s01e10 Episode Script

The Case of the Blackmailed Pro Soccer Player

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE My name's Shin'ichi Kudo.
I was a famous high school detective that solved countless difficult cases! But one day some organization forced me to take a pill that shrunk me and turned me into Conan Edogawa! Although small, my mind is the same! I hide my identity, but I'm a great detective! For every case, there is always only one truth! The first end of the century in 100 years hyakunen-buri no seikimatsu Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" When told to cry, I laughed instead nake to iwarete boku wa waratta Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani hisakata-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in a long, long time We're leaping into a wide open world hiroi sekai e tobidashite-yuku Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takashi Nomura Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) The things I tried to understand as a child kodomo no koro ni wakarikaketeta-koto ga otona ni natte wakaranai mama remain a mystery even as an adult Opening Theme "Mune ga doki-doki" (Kitty Enterprises) Performed by Lyrics Music Arrangement THE HIGH-LOWS Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima THE HIGH-LOWS Ending Theme "Step by Step" (Mercury Music Entertainment) ZIGGY Juichi Morishige Juichi Morishige ZIGGY I'm neither a hotshot nor especially great eraku mo nai shi rippa de mo nai Associate Producer Satoshi Kojima Color Key Reiko Hirayama Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Director Kenji Kodama wakatteru no wa mune no doki-doki All I understand is the pounding of my heart It's neither an answer nor the truth kotae de mo nai hontou de mo nai Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Kazuhiko Yagiuchi (Tokyo Movie) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) All I have faith in is the pounding of my heart shinjiteru no wa mune no doki-doki Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie That, and nothing else mune no doki-doki dake A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Player Soccer Player Black Pro Soccer Player Blackmail C The Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case The Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case The Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case The Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case The Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case Hey, Conan! Are you looking forward to tonight's game? The soccer game.
Oh, the Sunday Cup finals Who do you think'll win? That's obvious! The Tokyo Spirits, because they got Hide! He's scored goals in 17 games in a row! Hide's good, but I like Naoki better! But Naoki hurt himself practicing a while back, so he won't be able to play today.
I think the offense and defense of Ramusu's Big Osaka team is better! Soccer, eh? "Mouri Detective Agency" Why aren't you going in? You need help from the detective agency, right? My name is Ryoko Akagi.
There's someone I'd like you to find.
He suddenly disappeared, and I didn't know what else to do This is a picture of him.
We were seeing each other! You were seeing Shin'ichi?! Yes.
Don't tell me that Shin'ichi was actually— I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding! Maybe it's someone who looks like him! There's no mistake! I've even kissed him! K-Kissed?! That's a lie So he told you he was working on a case, when he was actually fooling around with some other girls.
I'm telling you, this is just a big— You be quiet! I can't live without Shin'ichi-san! I can't keep on like this! Sorry, but I've never seen you before in my life.
What's this girl's deal?! Was kissing really as far as you two went? Or did you go even farther?! Yeah, did you? I can't answer questions like that! Hello, Mouri Detective Agency.
Oh, Shin'ichi! Perfect! Dr.
Agasa! About the new gadget I gave you this morning, the battery— Sure thing! I'll pass the message on to her! Bye, Shin'ichi-niichan! Was that Shin'ichi on the phone?! Yeah.
He said he'd call Ryoko-san later, so don't worry about him.
I'll get to see Shin'ichi-san?! I'm so glad! Anyway, let's go to her house! What for? Shin'ichi might show up there.
We'll all go together, and then I can teach him a lesson! You don't mind, do you, Ryoko-san? Not at all! I'll pass.
I don't care about some kids' sordid love lives.
I'll pass too Maybe I will go Come on in.
The lock has marks on it from being tampered with Only men's and children's shoes No girls live here.
This isn't right.
Who exactly is she? Huh? Where was the tea again? Found it! Spoons Teapot Tell me, Akagi-san.
How long have you been seeing Shin'ichi? As his childhood friend, I just have to know.
Akagi-san? Ryoko Akagi-san! Yes? What did you say? Who does she think she is, ignoring me like that?! Doesn't like talking to me, huh?! Looks like I need to delve a little deeper into this.
"Mamoru" Mamoru? What the heck happened in here?! .
Beika Elementary School ——————— Class 2-1 ——————— Mamoru Akagi Mamoru? It would seem that this is this boy's room.
Who's the person with him? I've seen him somewhere before The National Sports Stadium is really livening up as the championship match of the Sunday Cup continues! The game remains tied at 0.
Will the Tokyo Spirits be the first to score? Or will it be Big Osaka?! What's with suddenly switching the TV on?! Does she hate the idea of talking to me that much?! Oh, you're watching soccer? That's right! Ryoko-san insisted on watching it! Didn't you? Yes Oh! Another bad kick by Hide! Is 19-year old Hideo Akagi starting to show signs of age?! Akagi?! Aha! That picture was of Hide— Hideo Akagi from the Tokyo Spirits! So then Mamoru Akagi, the boy in the picture, is his little brother? Come to think of it, the magazines said that his parents died 2 years ago and that he lives with his brother now.
Which means that she really doesn't live here at all! Then why is she here? And why use a fake name?! Oh no! Hide missed another kick! He's really out of form today! Strange Why did he make such a simple mistake? It seemed almost intentional Oh no! Don't tell me this is actually! I'll use the gizmo the Doc gave me this morning This is my latest invention, the Mobile Boxed Lunch Fax Machine! Latest invention? Yeah, right.
All he did was shove a fax machine inside a boxed lunch.
Yes?! Hello.
Shin'ichi-san? Shin'ichi-san, right?! Um, I— It's a kidnapping, isn't it? The one kidnapped was Mamoru Akagi-kun.
He's the younger brother of Hideo Akagi, who's playing on TV right now.
The kidnapper's demand was that he lose the game on purpose.
You said that you were going out with me because you wanted to get in contact with me as quickly as possible.
I assume that the kidnapper threatened to kill Mamoru-kun if you got the police or any detectives involved.
The reason you used the false name of Ryoko Akagi was because you didn't want to raise suspicion from the others.
You wanted to bring me to the Akagi home and then tell me what was really going on there.
and then tell me what was really going on there.
Isn't that right? Yes! But how did you know he was kidnapped? You haven't even come here yet Oh, uh, that's because I'm a great detective! Please write down the details about Mamoru-kun's kidnapping and fax them to me.
The number is Got it! What's the deal?! That's Shin'ichi on the phone, isn't it? I'm so happy! Shin'ichi-san understood what I wanted What the What's she crying about?! Where are you?! Come here and explain yourself, Shin'ichi! I could swear I just Shin'ichi! I'm hearing my voice from the other phone! Oh, crap! Which means Shin'ichi's inside this apartment! Perfect! Here it comes! Let's see "I found out Mamoru-chan was kidnapped when I came to make him breakfast this morning.
" "I'm sending the kidnapper's letter that was on the table along with the letter the kidnapper made Mamoru-chan write.
" These? "Bring Mamoru back to life.
" A strange message for someone asking for help.
What are these marks? Shin'ichi! Where are you? Show yourself! Shin'ichi! Ran might actually be more difficult to handle than this case! Hide sets up the shot! Oh no! He's kicked the ball too far! Has he made another bad kick?! No! Luckily, Takeda is there to receive it! He fakes and shoots! Goal! Now that's the Hide we know! A brilliant play that broke through the opponent's defense! You broke our agreement.
Consider your brother as good as gone.
"You broke our agreement.
Consider your brother as good as gone.
" Oh no! It's too late! Mamoru-chan! This is bad! Mamoru-kun is dead if I don't find the kidnapper soon! This was a 3rd grader that was kidnapped.
Even if he put up a real struggle, it's unnatural for his room to be this messed up! This is the Onimaru Quest game that came out yesterday But it's empty.
A kidnapped kid wouldn't take a game with him Come to think of it, Genta and Mitsuhiko mentioned something The hero actually dies during the game! Yeah! And you can't beat it without bringing him back to life! Bringing him back to life?! I wonder I was right! Mamoru-kun used his own name for the main character's name! The Mamoru in that letter meant the game's main character! Naoki? I know who Mamoru, Hideo, and Ryoko are, but who's this Naoki? One of Mamoru-kun's friends? Wait.
Hide and Naoki Hide's good, but I like Naoki better! Aha! Naoki Uemura, the one who joined the Spirits last year! And these two marks What if they were the "ki" in Naoki?! That's it! Yes? Hello?! I've found out where Mamoru-kun is, Ryoko-san.
Really, Shin'ichi-san?! Where is he?! But first, do you know a person named Naoki Uemura? Of course! He's Hideo-san's best friend; he lives real close by! Tell me, does he come by often to play with Mamoru-kun? Yes, Naoki-san knows a lot about video games But why do you ask? Mamoru-kun wasn't kidnapped! The scratches on the front door lock and the ransacked bedroom The culprit did these intentionally.
All to make it look like a sinister kidnapping.
Y-You can't be serious! The full message of Mamoru-kun's letter probably went like this: "I'm going to Naoki-niichan's house so he can bring Mamoru back to life.
" The kidnapper tore out and used only that one part of the message! T-Then you're saying the one who took him was That's right.
The one responsible is Naoki Uemura.
Most likely Mamoru-kun is at his house— I finally, finally found you, Shin'ichi! Shin'ichi! Come out! I know you're in there! I'm using the toilet right now; I can't just come out! Oh, really now? I see.
Tell me she's not going to use karate on the door! Wait, Ran-san! What do you want?! Shin'ichi-san says he wants to talk to you on the phone! If he needs to say something to me, he can say it right here! It's something important that I want only Ran to hear! that's what he said.
Something important? Only me? If you wanna give me more of your excuses, then fine.
So what do you wanna tell me, Shin'ichi?! Tell me, already! Shin'ichi! Stop! Conan-kun! Shin'ichi-niichan just ran outside! That loser! Where did Shin'ichi-san go? He said he was going to rescue Mamoru-kun Does that mean he went to Naoki-san's place? Naoki's? Is that where Shin'ichi ran off to?! You're showing me the way! Oh no! Another bad kick by Hide! What's happened to our gifted Hideo Akagi?! Mamoru! Yes? Who is it? It's Ryoko! Ryoko-chan?! What is it? I'm kind of— Just please open up! What's the matter? I'm sorry! Can you let me in?! No way.
My girlfriend's here right now.
I wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea.
Mamoru-chan! Mamoru-chan! If you're there, say something! Hey! You better knock that off— Move.
Shin'ichi! Come out right now! Mamoru-chan! Oh, Ryoko-neechan! Mamoru-chan! I told you not to leave the house without saying a word! But I wrote you a note.
Oh yeah! I finally beat the game thanks to Naoki-niichan! Really, Ryoko?! Is Mamoru really alright?! He is! Hey, what're you doing out there?! You're in big trouble if you lose! Mamoru Yo, Hide! Second half's about to start! Right! Goal! He's playing like the first half was all a ruse! Hideo Akagi is truly gifted! Gifted, eh? It's always the same.
Hideo's got a gift, while I'm a man of hard work.
Both his popularity and salary are higher than mine! Yet we had basically the same number of goals back in high school! I spent everyday rigorously training so that I could outdo him! And then I finally caught up to him! No, I surpassed him! Until he shattered my right leg during a practice match, that is.
That's right.
He intentionally went for my leg! He was afraid that I had outclassed him! It's put me on the sideline for 3 full months, all thanks to him! Impossible to try to surpass him now.
But I never had any intentions of hurting Mamoru.
After the match, I was going to return him to his house and then disappear somewhere.
I just wanted to get back at him! And the game is over! The Tokyo Spirits have won the Sunday Cup, 3 to 1! Hurray! Our game's over too.
Well, Ryoko-chan.
Call the police.
Tell them there was a kidnapping here.
Congratulations, Hide! Who would you like to dedicate this victory to the most? Well, I would like to dedicate it to my younger brother Mamoru, but I really have to give this one to Naoki instead.
My greatest rival, Naoki Uemura.
After he joined the team, I started scoring more! Come back soon, Naoki! I'll be waiting for you on the field! He's so stupid He hasn't even the slightest idea of what I've done He doesn't know a thing! Sorry to interrupt but where did you hide Shin'ichi?! Now that you mention it, we haven't seen him at all Want me to give him a call? A call? Uh oh! The cell phone's in my bag! I didn't always know it, he gave it to me today— Damn it! Of all times, why won't it open now?! It stopped I know you're there, Shin'ichi.
Oh, man! You're not getting away this time, Shin'ichi! What's the deal with that Ryoko girl?! What were you doing at her house?! I thought you were working on a difficult case! S-She was just— Liar! She was crying! She cried when you called her! I don't know what's going on anymore! I'm the one who wants to cry! Just come out and explain it all, Shin'ichi! S-Shin'ichi? Ran.
Listen to me.
I'm innocent.
So don't cry.
What's it matter to you? It's my own decision to cry if I want to! I don't like it when you cry.
Why Well, I have to get going! Wait! That's not an answer! Shin'ichi! Dr.
Agasa? Oh, Ran-kun! If you're looking for Shin'ichi, he ran off that way while blushing! Blushing? I don't like it when you cry.
What's the deal?! You said too much, Doc! Look who's talking, you little coward! Oh, shut up! Just my imagination samekaketa koucha nominagara yubi ni karamu ito o asobase Playing with threads around my finger while drinking lukewarm tea Let's walk lightly to the bossa nova rhythm bossa nova no rhythm de keikai ni arukou puzzle no piece wa te no naka sa The puzzle pieces are in my hands sou sa Ah-Ah-Ah- That's right raishuu mo ore wa chigau fuku de onaji basho ni iru sa I'll be in the same place next week but with different clothes Step by Step aseru-koto nante nai no sa Step by step, there's no reason to be anxious Case by case, I don't care if you laugh Case by Case warawareta-tte kamawanai Beyond the countless days, she's waiting for me kazoekirenu hibi no mukou ni aitsu ga matte-iru kara I gotta go my own way Truly, honestly?! Yes! Truly, honestly! I see.
No police were involved in this latest incident.
But Ran made Ryoko-san explain time after time and it took 3 full days for her to finally believe I was innocent.
APRIL 8, 7 PM NEXT EPISODE AIRING All 3 incidents up to now have occured next to the piano.
Who's there!? Wait! That's right! The murderer is in here.
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