Detective Conan (1996) s01e14 Episode Script

The Mysterious Shooting Message

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE My name's Conan Edogawa! High school student Shin'ichi was forced to take a drug that shrunk him.
Although smaller, my mind remains that of a sharp detective! Today's case is a code! A deep meaning behind regular numbers! I'll have to change my way of looking at things! There's always only one truth! hyakunen-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in 100 years Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" nake to iwarete boku wa waratta When told to cry, I laughed instead Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto hisakata-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in a long, long time hiroi sekai e tobidashite-yuku We're leaping into a wide open world Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) kodomo no koro ni wakarikaketeta-koto ga The things I tried to understand as a child Performed by Lyrics Music Arrangement Ending Theme "Step by Step" (Mercury Music Entertainment) Opening Theme "Mune ga doki-doki" (Kitty Enterprises) THE HIGH-LOWS Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima THE HIGH-LOWS ZIGGY Juichi Morishige Juichi Morishige ZIGGY otona ni natte wakaranai mama remain a mystery even as an adult Associate Producer Satoshi Kojima Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka I'm neither a hotshot nor especially great eraku mo nai shi rippa de mo nai Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Director Kenji Kodama wakatteru no wa mune no doki-doki All I understand is the pounding of my heart kotae de mo nai hontou de mo nai It's neither an answer nor the truth Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Kazuhiko Yagiuchi (Tokyo Movie) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) shinjiteru no wa mune no doki-doki All I have faith in is the pounding of my heart Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie mune no doki-doki dake That, and nothing else A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Sniper rious Sniper Mess Mysterious Sniper Message C The Mysterious Sniper Message Case The Mysterious Sniper Message Case The Mysterious Sniper Message Case The Mysterious Sniper Message Case The Mysterious Sniper Message Case There's some! Now! Got 'em! They got away again We sure caught a lot! Yeah Genta-kun was right— this is a good spot for fishing! I'm hungry.
What time is it? It's exactly 1:00.
What do you say we have lunch? Hey, what's that? Looks like a remote-controlled boat.
Where's it being controlled from? A rifle! Up there! There are people on the building across the river! Come on, Conan! Let me see! There's nobody up there Did this guy really shoot it with a rifle?! Dang! He shot the balloon from way up here?! He's really good if he did! Maybe he was doing target practice? That, or he was being tested Tested? Against his own will.
Against his own will?! Two other guys were pointing handguns at him! You serious?! What are you doing? Looking for any sort of evidence What's with those numbers? I'm guessing it's a message the rifle shooter left for me.
Message? Yes.
He seemed to notice me when I saw him through the binoculars.
But what in the world could these numbers mean? At any rate, we need to tell Inspector Megure about this! Are you certain that he hit it from here? Yeah.
I didn't see him shoot, but I saw him holding the rifle.
And then you found that calculator left behind? Say, Inspector.
Do you think that maybe he was kidnapped and then brought here? It did look like he was forced to shoot against his own will We haven't received any such reports And I don't see any signs of them being here, either What? Then look harder! Like across the river, or in it! The bullet has to be there somewhere! Yeah! That radio-controlled boat might be— Unfortunately, this is Golden Week.
Most of our investigators are out on holiday leave! But I'll tell you what.
I'll at least check out that calculator.
How's that? Well, I'll see you later.
Give Mouri-kun my regards! He doesn't believe us one bit! "Romantic dream trip aboard the Heisei Expressway"?! All they did was steal an old photo! It's hopeless! I can't figure this out! Of course you can't.
There is no message.
Someone just forgot their calculator, that's all.
I can't believe you called Inspector Megure out there during Golden Week! Dad! Say, if that person really was forced to do target practice and then left you a message, all I can think of is The time or place where the real shooting will take place, or the victim's name Or a hint about where he's being held.
People play code games on their pagers all the time! Number games! So since 3135134 can also be read as a couple of Japanese names, that means the victims are going to be 31-san and 51-san? Sure, whatever.
Say, 162 might be an apartment or hotel room number! Or maybe a road? Like Route 162, you know?! So then what's the 3135134 stand for? Maybe it was to camouflage the 162 in case the bad guys found the calculator.
I see.
Come to think of it, the river was shaped like a road And the flow of the river resembles a flow of cars.
Route 162 Kyoto! Too far.
It would at least have to be in the Tokyo region.
It would have to be a primary municipal highway.
Here it is! Saitama Prefectural Route 162! You found it, Conan-kun! Here it is, Dad! You can take us tomorrow! Take you? What now?! Why did I have to rent a car and drive you around again?! Because we don't have licenses! Hey, he's a detective, right? So why doesn't he have a car of his own? He can't afford one! It sounds like he doesn't usually drive much.
We'd better put our seatbelts on! Hey, you! I'll have you know— Keep your eyes on the road! The curves are shaped differently.
This isn't the place! This isn't it! This isn't it either! Doesn't look like this is it either This isn't it.
Why don't you give up already? You're crazy if you think the shape of the river will match a street.
What? You were the one who said the river flowed like a flow of cars! Did I now? No more curves to check, I take it? I'll just turn around up here and— Under construction Stop the car! Conan-kun? Aha! This building's on Route 162 too! This is the place! You're right! It's definitely it! Way to go, Conan! What? You found it?! Conan-kun wants you to tell Inspector Megure.
Why me? Because you have a good track record, plus he trusts you! A good track record? You sure know about hard-to-understand things! Oh well, guess I'll give him a ring! Megure here— Oh, Mouri-kun! Perfect timing! Come to the police headquarters right away! And bring Conan-kun with you! There is only one reason why I've asked you to come here.
We've learned that one of our officers on vacation and his girlfriend have gone missing.
This man.
This is the guy, Inspector! I thought so.
The fingerprints on the calculator matched his when we checked.
His name is Koichi Yamabe.
He used to be an Olympic marksman.
A marksman?! The kidnappers probably took Yamabe and his girlfriend, Eri-san, and are threatening to kill her if he doesn't shoot someone for them.
So what Conan-kun and the others saw was target practice for that? Looks like your deductions hit the mark! But our hands are still tied since we don't know the most important facts: when and where it will happen We know where! Come again?! Yes, it's very similar, indeed.
It looks like this is the place.
Excellent work! Um, don't forget that I was the one who drove them here! But we still don't know when the attack will be Yes, that's too bad It was around 1 PM when the balloon burst, right? Is that so? Then 1:00 must be the time of the attack! But on what day? They're keeping two people captive! They don't have time to waste! The sniper attack will probably be tomorrow! Good thinking, Mouri-kun! Let's make preparations at once! What's the matter, Conan-kun? Oh, nothing Does this 162 really refer to Route 162? If it were me, I would make sure to put the place and time in the message Which means No No matter how I look at it, the 3135134 still makes no sense! Alright now.
Don't make a move until I give the order.
Roger that! Understood! We have police snipers and a helicopter on standby at the river.
All preparations are complete.
If the sniper's going to strike at 1:00, then the criminals should appear by 12:00 at the latest.
One hour left But would you mind explaining why— They insisted on coming along! You guys aren't to leave this van! Well?! We know! M-My ears Thirty minutes left Something's not right! Why aren't they showing up?! Maybe Conan-kun is wrong? What?! Of course he isn't! No, that has to be it! It was a mistake to listen to some stupid kid! Dad! Let's see It was 3135134162, right? Mitsuhiko! Let me see that! Okay That's it! Now I see! You have it upside-down, Conan-kun Oh, wow! You can read the numbers even when you flip the calculator over! Cool! What nonsense is this now? See! 162 becomes 291! And the rest looks like English letters! Let me see that.
They are readable Heisei E? Wait, I could swear I've seen that somewhere before It was in the magazine you were looking at yesterday! The Heisei Express! Wait, then that means this message was meant to be read upside-down! Meaning that the 162 actually means the 29th at 1:00! What?! Yamabe-san must have realized this upside-down trick where he was being held and tried to leave us this message when he got the chance! Inspector! Hurry! The helicopter! Oh, right! Heisei Express will be departing from Platform 2 shortly.
Thank you! Excuse me! Yes? Sit down before the train starts, Daddy! OK, I will It's going just as we planned.
He's sitting in the very front of the first car! It's time.
Huh? Where's Conan-kun?! Eh?! Don't tell me he's— What? When did you get in here?! It doesn't matter! We won't make it in time if we don't hurry! Fine, whatever.
Put this on! Too big! There's the Kanetsu Line! OK! Follow the tracks north! Three minutes left We still haven't found a curve that looks like the river! Here it comes.
Try any funny business and the girl's dead.
One minute left! Inspector! There! There they are! Get us lower! W-What the Who cares! Just shoot it down! Bastard! Stop or she's dead! Don't shoot! You might hit Yamabe! Yes, sir! There's no wind! The helicopter's speed is 5 meters per second! Medium setting should do the trick! Distance: 30 meters! Go! Got 'im! What're you doing?! That's dangerous! Damn it! Damn you! It's all over! Give yourself up! Koichi-san! Eri! What a stroke of luck that this helmet just happened to hit him! Here you are.
Don't drop it on the way back, now! I won't! Man, was that close You're OK! That's great! Hey, Conan! That wasn't fair, you get all the fun! It isn't nice to hog all the glory! Conan-kun! Sorry! Huh? Conan! No more sneaking off without permission! He got you that time! Why, you little Just my imagination Playing with threads around my finger while drinking lukewarm tea samekaketa koucha nominagara yubi ni karamu ito o asobase Let's walk lightly to the bossa nova rhythm bossa nova no rhythm de keikai ni arukou The puzzle pieces are in my hands puzzle no piece wa te no naka sa That's right sou sa Ah-Ah-Ah- I'll be in the same place next week but with different clothes raishuu mo ore wa chigau fuku de onaji basho ni iru sa Step by Step aseru-koto nante nai no sa Step by step, there's no reason to be anxious Case by case, I don't care if you laugh Case by Case warawareta-tte kamawanai kazoekirenu hibi no mukou ni aitsu ga matte-iru kara Beyond the countless days, she's waiting for me I gotta go my own way The men we arrested were former members of the Oni Tora crime ring.
Last year, the leader and various high-ranking officials in the ring were all put behind bars by a skilled public prosecutor.
The remaining members were forced to disband.
So it was that prosecutor they were after? He was on his way home from a trip with his family.
Revenge was their motive.
But you did a spectacular job, Mouri-kun! I don't think I did— —that bad, myself! They're acting like he solved it all by himself.
But I'm sure he'll take us on vacation somewhere now! Where would you want to go, Conan-kun? That's easy! An amusement park! Boy, it sure is hard to constantly act like a kid! Next episode's hint right after this! NEXT EPISODE It's a dead body! It's gone! The corpse is gone! It's disappeared! That's impossible! Let's go, everyone.
Wait, Inspector! We really saw— I was a fool to believe you! No, the body is here! The Missing Corpse Murder Case Next Conan: Next Conan's Hint: Answering Machine Phone Look forward to the next episode Don't let the next episode's trick knock you off your feet!