Detective Conan (1996) s01e16 Episode Script

The Antique Collector Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE My name's Conan Edogawa! High school student Shin'ichi was shrunken by a mysterious organization! If they found out that Shin'ichi and Conan are the same person, everyone close to me would be in danger! I can't even tell Ran, my childhood friend, or her detective father, Kogoro! There's only one truth again today! The first end of the century in 100 years hyakunen-buri no seikimatsu Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" nake to iwarete boku wa waratta When told to cry, I laughed instead Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani hisakata-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in a long, long time We're leaping into a wide open world hiroi sekai e tobidashite-yuku Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) The things I tried to understand as a child kodomo no koro ni wakarikaketeta-koto ga Ending Theme "Step by Step" (Mercury Music Entertainment) Performed by Lyrics Music Arrangement Opening Theme "Mune ga doki-doki" (Kitty Enterprises) ZIGGY Juichi Morishige Juichi Morishige ZIGGY THE HIGH-LOWS Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima THE HIGH-LOWS otona ni natte wakaranai mama remain a mystery even as an adult Associate Producer Satoshi Kojima Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka I'm neither a hotshot nor especially great eraku mo nai shi rippa de mo nai Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Director Kenji Kodama All I understand is the pounding of my heart wakatteru no wa mune no doki-doki kotae de mo nai hontou de mo nai It's neither an answer nor the truth Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Kazuhiko Yagiuchi (Tokyo Movie) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) shinjiteru no wa mune no doki-doki All I have faith in is the pounding of my heart Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie That, and nothing else mune no doki-doki dake A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE ntique Collector M The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case The Antique Collector Murder Case There's no doubt about it.
Your wife is cheating on you.
I knew it! Have a look at the mole under her eye.
This woman is none other than your wife, Ineko Maru-san! It jumped again! How long is Kogoro going to make us wait? He said he was going to take us out to eat for once, but then he had to stop by this place first What detective in their right mind would bring a kid along when informing someone about their spouse's affair? A visitor? Who in blazes is this man?! I don't know that yet A visitor? Hey! Get the door! Is anyone there?! Oh, that's right I asked the housekeepers to waste time outside since you were coming.
Excuse me while I see my visitor to the cottage.
I will return soon! Certainly.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Let's go to the cottage.
That's annoying! What's that old man doing, anyway?! He probably can't hear it because he's in the cottage! What the hell?! What is it? Did you hear anything strange just now? No, not really Hey, isn't he taking kind of long? Yeah, he sure is What could he be doing? Huh? They hung up? They hung up after one ring Where in the world is he?! It's been two hours now! Another single ring! What's going on? I've had enough! I'm going to the cottage! Man, am I hungry What the What is it?! Who are you people?! No, who are you?! We're the housekeepers here! What is all this ruckus? Madam! Just what is happening here? I found this man snooping around inside the house! A thief?! No! I'm a detective! I was hired by this house's owner! A detective?! What business does a detective have here?! You should ask your husband directly Where is my husband? He went over to the cottage and hasn't come back Go bring my husband here.
Yes, Madam! So how much did you find out? I'll pay you twice as much as he is! Just keep my affair a secret! Um, Miss! What is it?! My husband! Ran! Call the police! Right! The victim is Denjiro Maru, 51 years old.
This house's owner Your husband practiced Iai swordsmanship, is that right? Yes.
He was a 3rd-degree master.
He must have been rather skilled, then Was this really his sword? Yes.
He kept it as a decoration in the alcove.
From the condition of this room, it appears he and the murderer had quite the swordfight.
Which means that the killer must have been an expert swordsman as well.
Is this the victim's organizer? It's filled with appointments Conan-kun.
You're certain you saw the visitor, right? Yes.
But just his legs.
Let's see here.
Today, he was to meet Kogoro Mouri, Yuji Suwa, Ikuya Hatano, and Makoto Akutsu These four people.
Inspector! We found a suspicious man! What?! This man was prowling about in front of the house! I'm not suspicious! Oh! Dr.
Hatano! Hatano? This Ikuya Hatano-san? Yes! He's my husband's doctor! He gives him health checkups every week.
His doctor, eh Let go! Let go, I say! Do you have any idea who I am?! I'm Akutsu-sensei, the great engraver! Akutsu? Makoto Akutsu? So 3 of the 4 people from his organizer are here.
I've got it! The killer would be the person who had already been here! And that person would be the last one to show up: Yuji Suwa-san! "Case Closed" What's this about me, now? I am Suwa.
What exactly is all the commotion here about? What's with this boy? You're getting in the way again?! You're a swordsman, aren't you, mister? How did you know that, my boy? Your left hand.
My left hand? See that small scar between your thumb and index finger? People who practice swordsmanship often cut themselves there when sheathing their swords! So that's why I figured you were into swords.
Is he right? Yes, though I acquired this scar when I was still inexperienced So you really are the culprit, then! Culprit?! What are you talking about? H-How did this happen?! Are you implying that I did this?! It's obvious when you look at this place! The killer was clearly a skilled swordsman! In other words, you! You've got it all wrong! I'm only here to pay back Maru-san the 5 million yen he lent me! You're here to pay off a debt? Here is the money, as you can see.
The murder took place between 3 and 5 o'clock.
Where were you during that time? I believe I was meditating alone at my dojo Is there anyone who can verify this? N-No.
Suspicious Hey, that's not right! Not right? The way he's holding his sword it's backwards! She's right! Look at that picture! The corpse's hands are holding it the wrong way! So does that mean someone put the sword in his hands afterwards?! Plus, regardless of how much they may have fought, it's still unnatural for the walls and ceiling to be cut this badly! Ah! So the killer tried to frame Suwa-san by cutting up everything in the room with a sword? But the killer made a mistake by messing up the corpse's grip on the sword! Akutsu-san! What about you? I borrowed money from Maru-san too 10 million yen Did you come to pay him back? No, I needed more time, so I came to ask for an extension Where were you between 3:00 and 5:00? I was by myself at my studio.
So you don't have an alibi, do you? What did you come here for? Who, me? Of course.
The victim planned to see you today, too.
You can't be serious! I simply came to report about something he hired me to look in to.
To see if his wife was cheating on him or not.
She was cheating on her husband?! Geez! Detectives aren't supposed to tell people about their cases! Where were you when the murder took place? Let me think I saw a movie in Ginza at 3:00 Huh? This man smells different I often see movies there It's a woman's perfume Wait, I just smelled this somewhere before Stop that, Conan-kun! It's rude to sniff at people like that! I wasn't doing anything! It's her smell! Does that mean You smell just like the doctor does! He's right.
It's the same perfume.
Do you wear women's perfume? No I know! Don't tell me you're the one she's been seeing on the side?! It's true! I'll confess now that there's no point in hiding it, but I've been secretly seeing Dr.
Hatano! What?! But we're innocent! We were both at the Beika Hotel from afternoon until evening! Are you sure the two of you didn't arrange to say the same story?! What?! Whatever the case, excluding old man Kogoro, none of the three visitors have alibis! Who did it?! Hey! Not you again! This is Hatano.
Are you there, Maru-san? Oh, well.
Anyway, I'll be there at 5:00, as we agreed.
Call taken at 4:38.
This is Suwa.
I was planning to be there at 6:00 but I think I may arrive early.
I've made arrangements for next month's level examinations.
I'll give you the details at a later time.
Call taken at 4:41.
I see.
Hatano was scheduled for 5:00.
Suwa-san was set for 6:00 but called ahead and arrived at 5:00, correct? Yes.
I left a message on the answering machine too! Are you sure? I'm not lying! I said I was going to be a little late but that I would pay him back! I also told him that I would kill him if he sold it! You would kill him?! Well, yeah, he threatened me.
He said he would sell the carving I lent him if I didn't pay him back! What kind of carving? That dragon.
There's something strange about that carving! That's great! You weren't damaged one bit! Good for you, mister! You're so lucky! It's a miracle that your carving was the only thing unharmed in this room! Aha, I've got it figured out now Akutsu-san.
You are the killer! What?! You killed Maru-san, and tried to put the blame on Suwa-san.
But you made a couple mistakes.
First, you made the corpse hold the sword the wrong way.
Second, you couldn't damage the dragon carving.
It looks like you didn't mind killing someone, but couldn't bear to bring harm to your precious carving! This is just a coincidence! Then why did you lie about leaving a message on his answering machine?! I didn't lie! I really did leave a message! Come to think of it, the phone rang three times! The second and third times, it stopped ringing right away, but the first time it kept ringing over and over! Say, mister! Did anything seem strange when you called? Like maybe nobody would pick up, or something? Now that you mention it, I left it ringing for a long time.
Just when I thought I finally got through, I got his answering machine.
Our answering machine is set to take messages after 10 rings.
See? What did I tell you? What time did you call? It was shortly before our appointment, so it was before 4:00.
You probably heard the phone ringing when you were killing Maru-san! So that's why you're giving us this nonsense! No! I really did leave a message! How odd! If he was the murderer, then why would he concoct a lie that people would see through right away? But there's no message from him on the answering machine Wait a second! Now that I think about it, there is someone who left a strange message! One that nobody would normally leave If so, then the killer is Miss.
Is there anything of value in here? Yes, there's a safe key in one of the drawers! It's gone! The safe key is gone! What?! So it was you! Huh? Here it is.
In a different drawer.
Miss But that's strange! My husband always kept it in this one! These drawers! None of the large sword cuts are connected! Say, is there an instant camera in the house anywhere? Yes That inspector says he'd like to borrow it.
OK, I'll go get it! What part of "get out of here" don't you understand?! Damn it! Oh well.
At least I got my picture.
Here it is! All I do now is cut out the drawers with sword cuts that don't connect Aha! So I was right! I've solved this mystery! At any rate, I'll have to take you down to the station.
What?! Come now, there's no use in denying it! Shut up! I didn't do it! What's he doing? Well, let's go.
Not so fast.
Mouri-kun I've figured it out for sure this time, Inspector.
Figured out who did it, that is.
Who?! The murderer is you, Suwa-san! Hey now, Suwa-san practices swordsmanship! He wouldn't have made the corpse hold the sword incorrectly That's why we were so easily fooled which is exactly what Suwa-san wanted! What? To make himself look suspicious, he put sword cuts all over the room and then put the sword in the victim's hands.
But he provided himself with an escape route by making the victim hold the sword incorrectly.
By doing this, he made it look like someone had tried to frame him, and thus he was able to remove himself of any suspicion.
Do you really intend to accuse me of this with nothing but conjecture? He has a point, Mouri-kun! And besides, how do you explain the dragon carving?! You were the one who just accused Akutsu-san of being the murderer! I was lying Lying?! Suwa-san purposely left it unharmed in order to make Akutsu-san look suspicious! Nonsense.
This is the first time we've met.
How would I have known the dragon belonged to him? The answering machine.
The phone call that Akutsu-san swore he made My guess is that you heard it while committing the murder.
If you sell the dragon carving I left with you, I swear I'll kill you! So you probably came up with a plan on the spot to frame Akutsu-san.
But Akutsu-san's message wasn't on the tape! That's because Suwa-san rewound the tape and recorded his own message over the first one! But Dr.
Hatano could have done that too.
No In your message, you confessed that you, yourself, were the murderer! What?! You left a message that you would arrive earlier than planned.
Don't you find that strange? Going early to someone's house even though you know they're not home? You said that because you knew that Maru-san was here, in the cottage, as a corpse! Maru-san said he was meeting someone between 4:00 and 5:00, so he asked me to come at any time other than that.
So I figured that coming before our appointed 6:00 was fine with him.
Do you still suspect me now? I don't suspect you of killing him.
I am certain of it! What?! There is definitive proof in this room that you are the murderer! W-Where?! The real reason for cutting up the room was to conceal something! To conceal something? The marks on the drawers.
Take a close look at the cut marks.
Some of them aren't connected.
You're right! The drawers were switched around purposely by the killer.
To put them back as they were, take the drawer on the top row, second from the left, and switch it with the rightmost drawer of the same row.
Next, take the leftmost drawer of the next row down and switch it with the leftmost drawer of the fifth row.
The second row, second column and the rightmost drawer of the same row.
third row, second column and the rightmost drawer of the fourth row.
Finally, fifth row, second column and the fourth row, third column from the left.
W-What is this?! "Suwa"?! My guess is that while Suwa-san was busy erasing Akutsu-san's message, the victim wrote this with his sword.
Having realized this, you switched the drawers around and put your own cut marks on them to make the letters illegible.
But the drawers would stand out as the only things damaged, so you cut up everything else in the room too.
All to conceal the victim's dying message to us, which he had written on the drawers! But why? You had the money to pay off your debt! Because of a sword.
A sword? The one the victim was holding? No, not that dull excuse for a sword.
The sword that I left with him as collateral The family sword that has been passed down for generations the Kikuchiyo.
He had the nerve to— Oh, that sword? I sold it.
It didn't go for very much, though.
Let's consider the money I received for it as the interest on your loan.
Before I knew it, I had struck him down with the sword.
Just like this! The rest happened just as you said.
Even so, the fact that you didn't even flinch when I attacked You are indeed an extraordinary detective, Mouri Kogoro-dono.
It would seem that my greatest mistake was not realizing that you were here.
Just my imagination samekaketa koucha nominagara yubi ni karamu ito o asobase Playing with threads around my finger while drinking lukewarm tea bossa nova no rhythm de keikai ni arukou Let's walk lightly to the bossa nova rhythm The puzzle pieces are in my hands puzzle no piece wa te no naka sa sou sa Ah-Ah-Ah- That's right raishuu mo ore wa chigau fuku de onaji basho ni iru sa I'll be in the same place next week but with different clothes Step by step, there's no reason to be anxious Step by Step aseru-koto nante nai no sa Case by Case warawareta-tte kamawanai Case by case, I don't care if you laugh Beyond the countless days, she's waiting for me kazoekirenu hibi no mukou ni aitsu ga matte-iru kara I gotta go my own way That was amazing, Dad! I've changed my opinion of you again! Oh? There's something on your head Blood! It's blood! I'm bleeding! Incidentally, the old man's injury turned out to be a 3-millimeter scratch.
Next episode's hint right after this! NEXT EPISODE Conan and the others are at the department store.
It's a gang of thieves! Genta-kun isn't back yet Make me some food, already! Is this the investigation section? Could you get Inspector Megure? We're surrounded! A thief gang in the department store? Don't tell me that those kids are Next Conan: The Department Store Hijacking Case Next Conan's Hint: Elevator girl ELEVATOR GIRL Look forward to the next episode Next time, it's an eerie department store late at night!