Detective Conan (1996) s01e18 Episode Script

A June Bride Murder Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE My name's Conan Edogawa! High school student Shin'ichi was forced to take a drug that shrunk him.
Although smaller, my mind remains that of a sharp detective! Today's case involves a June bride dressed in white! Even with her happiness about to crumble, there's always only one truth! hyakunen-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in 100 years Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" When told to cry, I laughed instead nake to iwarete boku wa waratta Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto The first end of the century in a long, long time hisakata-buri no seikimatsu We're leaping into a wide open world hiroi sekai e tobidashite-yuku Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) The things I tried to understand as a child kodomo no koro ni wakarikaketeta-koto ga THE HIGH-LOWS Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima THE HIGH-LOWS Ending Theme "Step by Step" (Mercury Music Entertainment) Opening Theme "Mune ga doki-doki" (Kitty Enterprises) ZIGGY Juichi Morishige Juichi Morishige ZIGGY Performed by Lyrics Music Arrangement remain a mystery even as an adult otona ni natte wakaranai mama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Associate Producer Satoshi Kojima Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) I'm neither a hotshot nor especially great eraku mo nai shi rippa de mo nai Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Director Kenji Kodama All I understand is the pounding of my heart wakatteru no wa mune no doki-doki It's neither an answer nor the truth kotae de mo nai hontou de mo nai Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Kazuhiko Yagiuchi (Tokyo Movie) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) All I have faith in is the pounding of my heart shinjiteru no wa mune no doki-doki Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie That, and nothing else mune no doki-doki dake A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE ride M ne Bride Murder The June Bride Murder Case The June Bride Murder Case The June Bride Murder Case The June Bride Murder Case The June Bride Murder Case The June Bride Murder Case Today, a middle school teacher that Ran and I had is getting married.
But I'm definitely not here for her sake.
I just wanted to see the wacko who's marrying her.
Matsumoto-sensei I haven't seen her since we graduated! Maybe we'll get to hear her amazing singing voice at the reception! Oh yeah, what about you-know-who? You know, the kid who would always get yelled at being off key in her music class Oh, Shin'ichi? I called him but he said wouldn't go even if his life depended on it.
So you brought this kid with you instead of Mr.
Tone-Deaf? Yep! He insisted on coming! Excuse me for being tone-deaf! That lousy woman did nothing but torture me for three full years! Oh! Mouri-san and Suzuki-san! Well? Does it look good on me? Y-You look beautiful! S-She does "Waiting Room" Aw, Kudo-kun can't make it? How I wanted to show off this dress in front of that impertinent brat! She hasn't changed at all on the inside Oh? Have we met before, little boy? N-No! Okay! Look this way, you two! We're in charge of the video for today! Make sure the kiss scene is a really great one! Leave it to me! I bought you your warm lemon tea, Sayuri! Thank you! Come to think of it, she was always drinking lemon tea.
Even during class Wait! Your lipstick will come off if you drink it like that.
There you go! Thanks.
Kazumi I'm sorry About Toshihiko-san What are you talking about at a time like this? You better be ready! I'm gonna tell everyone at the reception that your new hubby used to be my boyfriend! Kazumi Just kidding! See you in a little bit! She never stops teasing me Who was that? A bad friend of mine from college.
I have another can, would one of you like it? I'll take it! What do you think you're doing?! Ran! Beat this gorilla's brains out! Oh? If it isn't Ran-kun! Inspector Megure! What are you doing here? Who in their right mind would miss their boss's daughter's wedding? Boss? That's right.
He's the police superintendent—and my father! Your father? You can go now.
Yes, sir! Please forgive us! Don't worry about it, you two! It's his fault for looking so scary! Anyway, Sayuri, are you really sure you want to marry him? I have young men with plenty of backbone working for me! Dad! What are you saying at a time like this?! Very well.
Really now! You always have to treat me like a child, don't you?! You are a child.
You still drink this sugary rubbish So what?! I like it! Anyway, how about saying something?! Look at what your daughter is wearing! You're beautiful.
Though not nearly as beautiful as your dead mother.
Can't you ever give a normal compliment?! What beautiful roses! Thank you, Umemiya-kun.
Who's he? You don't remember? That's Umemiya-san— he was one year ahead of us.
Lemon tea suits you well, Sensei.
Thank you! Today is a real disappointment for me.
I always believed that only I could ever make you happy.
Umemiya-kun See you.
What a conceited jerk.
Oh no! The battery's almost out! No way! Wasn't there an electronics store near here? I'll be back soon! Wait for me! Geez, you'd think to at least check that before leaving the house You look exactly like Shin'ichi Kudo Just looking at your face makes me want to pinch you! Hey now! After all, Kudo-kun looked just like my very first boyfriend His family ran the neighborhood candy store, and whenever someone was bullying me, he'd always come to my rescue! He would always secretly steal my favorite drink from his own store and give it to me Warm lemon tea! Unable to forget those memories, I still drink it all the time.
It's like it gives me courage.
So he was the reason I was tormented for three long years? So does he still live there? No.
One day, he suddenly moved away, and I've never seen him since.
But there's more to this story Hey, what're you being so shy about? You're the groom! Toshihiko-san! You look stunning, Sayuri! This is just our little secret, okay? Huh? Are you still drinking this cheap filth? Y-Yes You're the successor to the Takasugi Group! Oh! You're one of those Suzuki plutocrats! You know him? I see him at parties all the time.
He's indecisive and undependable, and people say that the Takasugi family's going to end with him Where did that come from all of a sudden? But she's with him, so I think he'll be all right Sorry to interrupt, but it's almost time for the ceremony.
Right! Go on ahead, Toshihiko-san.
Don't worry, I'll be there soon! Oh, okay So, how's the bride? Way to go! What was that sound?! It came from her room! Sensei! Sensei! S— It would seem that sodium hydroxide was mixed in with the lemon tea.
So she drank it and then— Huh? There's something floating in the lemon tea.
It's a capsule! What?! I see.
So the perpetrator filled this capsule with sodium hydroxide, then slipped it into the lemon tea.
If so, then it would take time for the poison to be released, making it impossible to determine when the crime was committed.
In other words, any one of you six who entered her room could have poisoned the tea! You can't be serious! Does that make me a suspect too?! Of course.
There are capsules that dissolve in hot water in only a few minutes' time.
Okay! Have the capsule analyzed at once! Say.
How come you're not counting him? I'm pretty sure he entered the room too Come now, a police superintendent would never poison his own daughter.
No, the boy's right.
I'm a suspect just as much as the others.
Y-You do have a point Come to think of it, we were recording a video! What?! You're right! Did we leave it on when we left?! The crime might've been caught on film! There you go! You still drink this sugary rubbish That only I could ever make you happy.
Are you still drinking this cheap filth? It looks like the actual poisoning wasn't caught on tape.
Though the video shows that nearly everyone touched the can at least once.
Meaning that everyone had the chance to poison the drink.
They're still watching it I wonder if Sensei's surgery is over Poisoning her favorite lemon tea how horrible! Lemon tea, huh Every time Sayuri drinks it, I'm reminded of a little girl I liked a lot a long time ago She always drank it with such happiness, but I never even knew her name Wait, he couldn't be Inspector.
The results of the analysis have come back.
First, assuming the capsule was added to the lemon tea, it would apparently take 15 to 16 minutes for it to dissolve.
In other words, the poison was added at least 15 minutes before she collapsed.
It was 1:46 when Ran-kun called the police.
Assuming she collapsed to the floor one minute earlier, then that means the poison was added before 1:30.
It was exactly 1:30 when Superintendent Matsumoto left.
What?! Which rules out both the groom and myself.
We came to see Sensei after he did.
We found something strange about the poisoned can The superintendent's fingerprints aren't anywhere on it! You fool! What are you talking about?! As you can clearly see I had the can in my hand! Did you make a thorough check? Yes That's strange Oh no! The battery's almost out! No way! Really strange Wait a minute! When Sonoko left she didn't have her can with her! Where in the world did it go? What?! Don't tell me that she drank from— Say, mister.
Were the superintendent's fingerprints the only ones missing? No, that Umemiya person's weren't on it either.
I figured as much! In that case, where did that capsule come from? That's it! I've figured it out the culprit's intention! I know the truth behind that capsule! Inspector.
I found this in a trashcan in the hallway.
A glass jar That looks like sodium hydroxide inside it.
Sodium hydroxide?! This could be the container the perpetrator used when poisoning the tea! There's no doubt about it.
Sodium hydroxide is a dangerous chemical that absorbs water in the air and turns into a liquid in mere minutes! Okay.
Send this for analysis too.
I've figured it out! It was that bastard who smeared her dress with blood! Inspector Megure! We want to see Sensei at the hospital right away! Hold on a little longer! We're not finished with our investigation! Old man Mouri isn't around today, so I'll need a pinch hitter! Now to match this voice changer to Sonoko's voice Sonoko? What's the matter? I figured out who poisoned Matsumoto-sensei's lemon tea.
You have, Sonoko-kun?! You said that the perpetrator put the poison capsule in her tea Yes, because it would take 15 to 16 minutes for the capsule to dissolve.
That's assuming the poison was really in that capsule.
All we're sure of is that the capsule was floating in the poisoned lemon tea.
So you're saying that the culprit— Yes.
The poison and the capsule were added in separately, to fool us into thinking that the poison was added at least 15 minutes prior.
If that's true, then you two could have done it as well! Hold on.
Everything she's saying is pure conjecture.
It really might have been a poison capsule.
There is proof! In the video that Ran taped.
Take a close look at the can of lemon tea on the screen.
No way! The labels are facing different directions! Ran.
Do you remember where I put my lemon tea when this happened? Yeah You were in a hurry so you put it on the table— It couldn't be! Was that your can?! That's right.
The reason it looks like there's only one can is because the two cans are perfectly lined up! She took my can, which just happened to be in front! As proof of this, the poisoned can was devoid of the fingerprints of the superintendent and Umemiya-san, even though they clearly had held the can earlier.
I'd bet that my fingerprints are on it, though.
She's exactly right! Which means— —that some time between her taking the wrong can and collapsing someone put the poison and the capsule in separately.
And the only ones with her at the time were Conan-kun and Takasugi-san, not to mention me and Ran.
Excluding Conan-kun, when Ran and I returned from buying batteries, Takasugi-san was holding the can and then she took it from him, so it would've been impossible for me or Ran to poison it! So he's the only one left?! No.
There's one other person.
Sensei herself! Suicide?! But if she did mix the poison in to kill herself, she would've added it shortly before collapsing to the floor.
And to do that, she would need two things.
An airtight container and a desiccant! It takes only a few minutes for sodium hydroxide to turn to liquid when exposed to the air.
She was in this room the entire time, so she would have needed a container to safely store it in.
But the container was found in a trashcan in the hallway.
Which is proof that someone other than Sensei brought the poison into this room.
In other words, the only one who could've slipped the poison into the lemon tea was you, Takasugi-san! Toshihiko! How could you?! Why? Why'd you do that to my daughter?! If you wanna know so badly, then I'll tell you! It all started 20 years ago! When a car that you were chasing ran over my mother! Mom! Mom! My mother was still alive at the time She could've survived if you had rushed her to the hospital in your car! But instead— You're in the way! Get out of here! died, lying on the street.
From that day forth, I never once forgot your cruel, heartless face! Is he telling the truth, superintendent? Yes.
I didn't see her; she was obscured by the car's shadow.
Later on, I learned of the accident and rushed to his house, but he had already moved out.
My mother was the only family I had.
I was adopted by the Takasugi family as they had no children of their own.
Then seven years ago, Kazumi brought a girl with her! Yes! The instant I learned that she was your daughter, my nearly-forgotten flames of revenge roared back to life! Then why didn't you kill me?! If you died, you wouldn't get to experience how heartbreaking it is to lose someone dear to you! She was one stupid girl, though! She had no clue I was getting close to her to get revenge! Though I'm sure being the heir to the Takasugi fortune was— You're the one who doesn't have a clue, Toshihiko! Kazumi Sayuri knew everything! Even about the accident No, you're lying! She'd never marry me if she knew who I really was! You still don't get it, even after seeing all that lemon tea she drinks?! You're the first boyfriend that she's always been thinking about for the past 20 years! Sayuri kept talking about how much you looked like him, so I did some investigating and found out.
She was really worried, even after she accepted your proposal She didn't know what to do to earn your forgiveness Even so, you went and— Don't tell me she saw him poison the drink?! She knew it was poisoned?! Don't worry, I'll be there soon! Sensei Superintendent! We just received word from the hospital! She's been upgraded to stable condition! - This is great! - Hurray! Just my imagination Playing with threads around my finger while drinking lukewarm tea samekaketa koucha nominagara yubi ni karamu ito o asobase Let's walk lightly to the bossa nova rhythm bossa nova no rhythm de keikai ni arukou puzzle no piece wa te no naka sa The puzzle pieces are in my hands That's right sou sa Ah-Ah-Ah- I'll be in the same place next week but with different clothes raishuu mo ore wa chigau fuku de onaji basho ni iru sa Step by step, there's no reason to be anxious Step by Step aseru-koto nante nai no sa Case by case, I don't care if you laugh Case by Case warawareta-tte kamawanai kazoekirenu hibi no mukou ni aitsu ga matte-iru kara Beyond the countless days, she's waiting for me I gotta go my own way Two months later, Sensei checked out of the hospital.
It's great that you got to leave the hospital earlier than expected! And I hear that Toshihiko-san's sentence was reduced Well, I did drink the poison of my own free will But in the end, it looks like I only succeeded in getting him in trouble I bet he hates me now Cheer up! In celebration of leaving the hospital, I'll buy a drink for you! Really?! In that case lemon tea it is! It's important to cherish memories of the past! Really now! If you keep this up, you'll never get married! But she was married three years later Married to the one she had thought about for 20 long years, of course.
NEXT EPISODE Next episode's hint right after this! Nothing of the sort! There's no way you could possibly be the murderer! Why not? You were the one who just explained why she couldn't have done it! That's it! Now I get it! This is an alibi trick involving elevators! The Elevator Murder Case Next Conan: Next Conan's Hint: Bouquet Look forward to the next episode It's another match with a culprit and trick next time!