Detective Conan (1996) s01e25 Episode Script

The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE My name's Conan Edogawa! High school student Shin'ichi was forced to take a drug that shrunk him! Although smaller, my mind remains that of a sharp detective! Today's is a ransom case! Money won't buy love! Even if the evidence is underwater, there's always only one truth! The first end of the century in 100 years hyakunen-buri no seikimatsu Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" nake to iwarete boku wa waratta When told to cry, I laughed instead Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo hisakata-buri no seikimatsu The first end of the century in a long, long time hiroi sekai e tobidashite-yuku We're leaping into a wide open world Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Directors of Photography Hironobu Horikoshi Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) The things I tried to understand as a child kodomo no koro ni wakarikaketeta-koto ga Ending Theme "Step by Step" (Mercury Music Entertainment) THE HIGH-LOWS Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima Hiroto Komoto/Masatoshi Mashima THE HIGH-LOWS Opening Theme "Mune ga doki-doki" (Kitty Enterprises) ZIGGY Juichi Morishige Juichi Morishige ZIGGY Performed by Lyrics Music Arrangement otona ni natte wakaranai mama remain a mystery even as an adult Editor Teramitsu Okada (JAY FILM) Associate Producer Satoshi Kojima Color Key Reiko Hirayama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka eraku mo nai shi rippa de mo nai I'm neither a hotshot nor especially great Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Director Kenji Kodama All I understand is the pounding of my heart wakatteru no wa mune no doki-doki It's neither an answer nor the truth kotae de mo nai hontou de mo nai Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Kazuhiko Yagiuchi (Tokyo Movie) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) shinjiteru no wa mune no doki-doki All I have faith in is the pounding of my heart Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie mune no doki-doki dake That, and nothing else A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Rans Fake Ransom C The Fake Ransom Case The Fake Ransom Case The Fake Ransom Case The Fake Ransom Case The Fake Ransom Case The Fake Ransom Case It's almost time.
Don't push it, now.
The hostage's safety is the most important.
I can hardly believe this is Mr.
Takei's daughter Hello?! Do you have the money? I do! Let Naoko go! Hold on.
I'll let you see her.
The kidnapper's showed up in a minivan, Inspector! It stopped nearby! Naoko! I'll bring the money now.
There are policemen hiding here.
The deal is off.
Wait! They're running away! Let's go! The car never braked and flew right into the water.
So you were classmates with the kidnapped Naoko Takei? Yes.
Naoko Takei She always looked so lonely But there's no way she could've survived this Inspector! We couldn't find her body at the river bottom either.
The river runs fast in this area, so she may have been taken downstream Oh no! What do you mean, her body?! I left everything up to you because I thought I could trust the police! And then you screwed everything up! Give her back! Give Naoko back! If the minivan fell front-first, then why is only the side window broken? A hammer! Conan! Not again! Sorry! You lousy kid! I can no longer trust the police! So I would like you to catch the one responsible.
My secretary Hanai-kun will give you the details.
I'm Akiko Hanai.
Could you explain the circumstances under which she was kidnapped? Circumstances? Naoko-chan and I were supposed to see a movie that day, so I went to meet her.
But hours passed and she never showed up.
So you grew worried and contacted the police? No.
I realized it was a kidnapping when the kidnapper called my cell phone.
The kidnapper warned you not to tell the police, I assume? I immediately told Mr.
Takei It was all my fault.
If only I hadn't suggested seeing a movie! Ran.
Do you have any ideas about who the kidnapper may be? I wouldn't have hired you if I did! Then let me put it another way.
Do you know anyone who may hold a grudge against you? Pardon my rudeness, but you are an infamous corporate raider.
Are you sure you haven't made a lot of enemies in your time? The old man's finally getting better at this! I don't remember every single thing! Listen! Business is war! The losers are the ones at fault! Got that?! Ugh! He backs down too easy! Akiko-san's room was on the second floor, right? Well? How's Akiko-san? Dad Naoko really thought of Akiko-san as an older sister.
She said that she was also like a mother to her, since her real mother had died when she was young.
Akiko-san! Hey Oh, it's you two Are you alright? We called out to you a couple times I'm sorry.
I damaged my hearing a bit Huh? She's— Have you given up on Naoko-chan too? She's alive! I just know it! But they've looked this hard and still haven't found her She's probably— That poor woman That's it! Ran-neechan! Let's take a look over there! What for? Somebody might've seen it! That day? Did anything out of the ordinary happen? You can say that.
The police asked us to help with their investigation.
All the ships in this area helped 'em.
All of them? Yeah.
It's the sailors' code to work together when something happens.
Not that guy with the speedboat, though Speedboat? Yeah, it almost ran straight into my boat, here Probably some rich guy who goes around sailing with other rich guys.
What kind of speedboat was it?! Is this the speedboat he was talking about? Conan-kun! Don't get on without permission! Diving equipment? Both the kidnapper and Naoko Takei may still be alive! That was no accident— the kidnapper drove off on purpose.
As a means of escape! The kidnapper broke the side window with a hammer that was placed in the car in advance, swam underwater to the opposite shore, and got into a waiting speedboat! The culprit then escaped while the police were focusing their attention on the minivan.
Why would they do that? Probably to confuse the police into thinking that both kidnapper and the hostage had died.
There could be other reasons, too The only thing I don't understand is about the hostage, Naoko Takei.
Her body hasn't turned up.
We only found enough scuba diving equipment for one person.
How did the kidnapper get her out of the sunken car? Or was she never in it at all? No, she was seen inside it! Conan-kun! Ran-neechan! Did you find anything out? According to the manager here, the boat's owner simply abandoned it and it hasn't been used since.
Maybe that man mistook it for another boat That can't be! But how do I prove this! The investigation is cancelled?! What for? What's going on?! Don't look at me.
He was the one who decided to cancel it! I'd like to know why, myself! Rich people are stingy, after all.
He probably regrets wasting money on his dead daughter now.
No! She's not dead at all! And how do you know that? Um, well I think so too! I don't want to believe that Naoko's dead! Ugh.
Kids can be so pampered sometimes.
It's obvious once you think about it with a cool head.
Given the circumstances, neither the hostage nor the kidnapper can possibly be alive.
But! But you know, by doing this, he's basically insulting your reputation as a great detective.
You have a point there! Alright, then! Leave! My daughter—Naoko—is dead! There's no bringing her back now! But! This is what you want, isn't it?! Your cancellation fee.
Take it and get out! I don't want your lousy money! You can keep it! Ran! Let's go! Damn it! That old fogy really knows how to piss me off! Oh, I just remembered What? I promised to meet my friends See ya! Bah.
That spoiled little kid has it easy.
His attitude changed too quickly! Leave! There's no mistake about it! The kidnapper must've contacted him! Are you just going to let Naoko-chan die?! Mr.
Takei! If you don't really gather all the money this time, she might be killed! But we don't even know if she's alive or not— Mr.
Takei! Have a look for yourself! Even in the picture the kidnapper sent us, the newspaper has yesterday's date! I thought so.
Naoko-chan believes with all her heart that you'll save her! Mr.
Takei! If I gather the 500 million now and then lose it in another stupid mistake, my latest business deal will go up in smoke! Don't you see?! Money or Naoko-chan? Which is more important?! Naoko, of course! But if this deal falls through, my company will go— —bankrupt.
There's no question about that.
Who cares about the company? It won't replace Naoko-chan's life! But I built this company with my own two hands! Yeah, by sucking the lifeblood out of other people! Shut up! Corporate raiding is a perfectly legitimate business! Weak people lose! And the losers have no one to blame but themselves! That damn old man! Who's there?! Why, you little! Conan-kun! I was looking for the bathroom— This is private property, boy! Please don't tell anyone about this, Conan-kun.
If the police found out, Naoko-chan would be killed for sure this time! Okay.
We can't afford to let him leave here for a while! Lock him in your room or something! Sorry about this, Conan-kun.
Try to endure it for a short while.
Once the deal is over, I promise we'll let you out.
Say, what did the kidnapper tell you guys? The same as before.
"Prepare 500 million yen by tomorrow.
" Are you going to pay? You saw what kind of person Mr.
Takei is He'll get the money if Naoko-san is important to him, right? Money is the only thing important to him! What's wrong? I had a younger brother named Masahito.
"Had"? Yes.
He died, four years ago.
No, he was murdered.
He was still about your age.
I'm sorry.
Let me hold you for a while.
I'll bring some dinner later.
Do you think you can fool the kidnapper with these wads of cash made out of newspaper? Quiet.
This is the only choice left! Conan-kun! What are you doing?! Let's go! Now that I think about it, nobody's actually seen Naoko Takei's face! Her mouth was taped and she had a blindfold on there was no way to see her face clearly! The kidnapper was the only person ever inside the minivan! Yes! One person played the role of two! Nobody once doubted that it was Naoko.
It's not unreasonable—she was far away, and everyone just assumed it was her.
There are policemen hiding here.
The deal is off.
The kidnapper was completely aware of what the police were up to! It's only natural! The kidnapper was always right by Takei-san, after all! The diving watch mark on her arm Her tan line from wearing a wetsuit And then what she did that one time! An ear-unplugging technique that every diver knows about! She must've injured her ears when she suddenly entered the water! What's going on?! It's long past our agreed time! The kidnapper is here.
Has been for a while.
What are you doing, you idiot?! You made me sprain my ankle! That's nothing.
Compared to the pain you gave my family, anyway.
Come again?! You don't remember this place? These are the remains of a company that you took hostile control over.
What?! You don't mean that you're— That's right! I'm the daughter of the former company director here.
My father killed himself, and he took his wife and son with him Leaving only me behind I was a college student at the time.
I was taken in by some relatives, changed my last name, and then joined your company.
To wait for a chance to get revenge, of course.
If you had loved Naoko-chan enough to simply get the money ready, I had intended to let you live! What are you planning to do?! Have you die.
Gasoline?! This is bad! Wait, I apologize! I'll pay as much as you want! Just don't do it! Take your money with you to hell.
No! Don't do it! Conan-kun! There's no value in killing that man! There's no value in letting him live! It's my duty to rid the world of him! Do you want Naoko-san to think the same way about you?! That man is her only family! You should know more than anyone else the pain of having your entire family die! Even if you did get revenge, I don't think your brother would be happy.
Conan-kun Masahito Just my imagination Playing with threads around my finger while drinking lukewarm tea samekaketa koucha nominagara yubi ni karamu ito o asobase bossa nova no rhythm de keikai ni arukou Let's walk lightly to the bossa nova rhythm puzzle no piece wa te no naka sa The puzzle pieces are in my hands sou sa Ah-Ah-Ah- That's right raishuu mo ore wa chigau fuku de onaji basho ni iru sa I'll be in the same place next week but with different clothes Step by Step aseru-koto nante nai no sa Step by step, there's no reason to be anxious Case by Case warawareta-tte kamawanai Case by case, I don't care if you laugh kazoekirenu hibi no mukou ni aitsu ga matte-iru kara Beyond the countless days, she's waiting for me I gotta go my own way Naoko Takei was being held in the basement of the old factory.
She was rescued safely.
Apparently, she was somewhat aware of the situation when she was first confined.
Naoko! You're safe! Akiko-san! Akiko-san! I'm so sorry I got you involved, Naoko-chan.
Thank you! NEXT EPISODE Next episode's hint right after this! We still can't say anything for sure.
If he really attacked for no reason as she says, then he'll probably have to be put to sleep.
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